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Love -Devotion Obsession and confusion

manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 12:46pm | IP Logged

Hola FriendsHug'.I know ..I knowCry..I have been completely MIA due to various other priorities but missed you all too'OuchHave been really following the show'Just could not come to the forum..So hope you all bear with my super laziness ..But here finally I have something to say'Embarrassed

Well lots have been going in the story with the new promo  and the mystery of Reva Manzil .

About Love ..Vikram and Sugni


Yesterday the twig was brown and bare;
To-day the glint of green is there;
Tomorrow will be leaflets spare;
I know no thing so wondrous fair,
No miracle so strangely rare.
I wonder what will next be there!
~L.H. Bailey 


The darkness of the night had always been a part of her life,Her life full of struggles and ,her life devoid of sunshine..But like the first droplets of rain promising to satiate the thirst of her parched heart walked in Tvs .Making her believe in miracles..Making her believe in love..Slowly and steadily her heart echoed with his resonance..Her mind danced to his tunes and her heart rekindled with warmth of seduction and her eyes started dreaming BIG.Amidst all this one   actually was left wondering ..whether it's a miracle or something more  that was masked beneath the many layers of the ENIGMA named Vikram.From day one..It has been speculated and analysed that Vikram is being too good to be true..and then we have other people who believe his love to be true'We argued..we speculated but my question here is what is LOVE'.?

Love is in the core of the human being ,the formidable creation of the Almighty,enriched by compassion and vibrating emotions.Love is like a pure drop of rain,untainted and unalloyed by the malices and dirt of the world .Love transcends all boundaries ,all petty loyalties of caste creed and nationality'Love is a sunshine amidst the bewildering torments of adverse fortune ,a tear drop showering mercy ,a joy for the sorrow..AGREED Vikram was all that.Standing majestically with her through thick and thin like a strong pillar of support.Love is doubly blessed as it blesses the one who gives it and receive it.

But ABOVE ALL Love is the guiding lamp in the darkness of despair ..a burning lamp which leads you through the darkness..BUT WHAT IF THE ONE WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE LAMP ULTIMATELY LEADS TO DARKNESS.Ouch

We might argue that all his manipulation is just an eagerness to be accepted as a lover ..But then my Question is Why do we see him trying to bridge the physical distance between both of them every now and then'No I certainly do not say he is lusting her,..But if we see it might not be TRUE love either..because we often confuse love with physical need ,care with trade ,emotions with calculations and then finally end up blaming the ENIGMATIC nature of love.

In TRUE love the concept of ' I' changes with you..Love involves transcending one's own self .In true love there are no barriers'A relationship has to be transparent so transparent so that one can see through the other one .It should be that TRANSPARENT.No matter whatever circumstances ..In love TRUTH and TRUST are the ones which have to be the KEY WORDS.

We do see that TVS a calm ,composed manipulating human being falls in the charms of someone in whom he sees life metaphorically .But then every step he takes ..every move he makes did appear a step by step manipulation by TVS..

Lets go and rewind 'Yes he holds hands and accepts in front of everyone that he cares a hoot for the society and will MARRY her at the RIGHT time..But then did we not see such Rebellious streaks in Vikram right from the day he entered the village.His way of dealing with situations have always been like that.Whether with JT or with others..One is left wondering why did he not tell the TRUTH'.?

Whatever be the circumstances ,whatever situations'TRUTH is a  MUST in the relationship which is lacking.

A scene which makes me draw such strong conclusion is when Vikram talks to Adi about love while playing chess .The calm demeanour and the contemplation send shivers down my spine.So we might end up arguing ..He loves her .and has gave her sufficient respect in front of everyone'But I would again say that we can compare Vikram to a mirage in the desert..which promises and gives the illusion of water ..But the moment you approach closer you end up realising that its just a myth and the satiety promised in the name of an oasis is just a mirage..Shining briliiantly..Luring 'Promising '.

(I am reminded of a scene with Adi when Sugni unknowingly takes water from Adi'Ahhh I loved the symbolism..So is Adi really going to be an oasis for Sugni..We are yet to see)

As I see it 'TVS had indeed fallen for Sugni 'but equating his love with TRUE love would not be fair enough'WHY ?coz No matter whatever justification he gives LIE IS A LIE'..

The episode does begin with Vikram standing up for Sugni and then walking hand in hand with her..

Ahh Thank God the SPUNK in their relationship is back as Sugni retaliates , "Kya keh rahi hai dhadkan'."

It is both intriguing and interesting that ever since the very beginning TVS is actually putting his thoughts in her mind Telling her about love..Telling her about the steps to fall in love..telling her how her heart would beat faster'.When someone is in REAL love you don't have to make them realise'They know..But Sugni's blind trust partly stems from the fact that she considers him as Bhagwaan for him (I loved the way How CV's this time made her stop uttering the word bhagwaan coz we know that TVS is not exactly the bhagwaan she had imagined him to be '.DANGEROUS HINT)


Devotion and obsession-What is love

Sugni agreeing to do raai was a little OTT melodramatic but the reasons were quite BELIEVABLE'

Raai is a beautiful traditional folk form which started with the concept of  "Rihaai" Meaning liberation .It is the liberation of your soul from the fulminating covering of your body and reaching out the highest levels of exultation by the soulful communion with the Almighty.So her logic was believable and it's a misnomer or myth that Raai is only performed for prostitution.In MP Raai still exists and ppl formally train in these traditional folk forms'But I really loved the wonderful symbolism here..Sugni's and selfless love can really be equated to devotion of her lord..TVS appeared in her life as an avatar of Sita maiyya after she prays to her'.and he stood up for her like God does for us '.

"No more noisy ,loudy words from me such is my masters will .Henceforth I deal in whispers.The speech of my heart will be carried on in the murmurings of a song"

Sugni does agrees to do Raai  not please Thakurs but as a part of devotion and reverence to the one who she believes to be her LORD.

There is also an interesting  symbolism with the lyrics of the song'.

"Nachuu tumhari dhun main magan'"

Sugni's mind and body does reverberate and dances to the tunes of Vikram .

"Aiso rang rang mohe rangrezwa'"

Vikram has indeed coloured and moulded Sugni in his coours'."

"Dikhun na kisi ko main tere siwa'."

Vikram indeed does not want anyone to lay his eyes on Sugni'which is clearly evident from his lashing out at the Thakurs'While Sugni has the highest level of devotion..Why does the roar of Vikram does give me an opinion that His love will be obsessive .He had surely fallen for her but POSSESION of this untamed spirit has been a part of his obsession..A part of his GAME''.

Though a prey to circumstances himself helplessly falling for a girl who made him go weak on his knees ..Yet he chooses her as his prey..PARADOX Isn't it?But then that's what makes the show interesting'..

Its never been about Vikram being her price charming..It has been about Vikram trying to hold on to her ..trying to trap her with him ..but in the END TRURTH ALONE SHALL TRIUMPH and she might slip out of his hands'leaving him obsessed ..trying to trap her..IF Vikram is like a mirage in the desert for Sugni..Similarly Sugni is like the sand for him..The more he tries to tighten his fist the more she will slip out of his hands.NO matter how much he tries to water the Sand with his love so that it sticks to his hands but ultimately sunshine and hope will dry it making her slip from his hands again'

I will like to draw your attention to a very strong dialogue abot Thakur's promise being Brahma ka likha hua'I have this strong inkling that the statement in itself was clear enough to potray his DETERMINATION to POSSESS Sugni'The arrogance,the pride and the determination was wonderfully done by Varun hats off'

Ahhh these two'.They are a sheer bliss to watch

Vikram and Adi'..

Since day ONE there has been very storng comparisons and contrasts between these two..If we see Vikram as a calm ,composed ,a vanquisher ..then on the other hand we see Adi who is judgemental arrogant yet at times appears as a sweet caring person when it comes to his family..If we see Vikram focussed we see Adi as a clueless person'.With a common thread both promising something to people who are so closely interwoven ..One promise to Gulabiya and anotherto Sugni 'we are yet to see how these two stand together or against each other'.

One possibility might be that Sugni will be the common thread to induce a change in these two strikingly different personalities switching positions yet against each other..A calm ,conniving Thakur metamorphosing into a madly obsessed person and Adi slowly shedding all his prejudices and finally emerging as a strong determined person'

Personally That would be one helluva TWIST '..But If ONLY ADI COULD ACT!

I also noticed one more interesting aspect that there is definitely something lacking in ADI-AMRITA relationship..Neither they have romance nor sweetness'..But you really have to give it to Amrita coz she not only speaks what's in her heart but she is also not afraid to express her love..

I loved how she danced with Sugni which makes me again EMPHASIZE on the fact that Raai is NOT EQUAL TO PROSTITUTION '..

Spurned Thakur wives'.

I was wondering about the fact that why do we see such a biased view of all the thakurains..who blame the bednis for all the wrath in their lives yet always forcing them to please the Thakurs..Contemplation led to me to stress on certain points..The jealousy stems from their helplessness to eradicate the system and the venom spewing losse talks and prejudice is simply due the fact that they had been trained to believe so ever since childhood.It is veey similar to the fact that woman are trained to believe ever since childhood that pati is parmeshwar and like the bediya women are trained to lure Thakurs..The problem does not lie with people but the problem lies with the system'So Sugni does have the courage to FIGHT the system and not people'.

Once the SYSTEM is changed the mindset of pppl will definitely change..No I am certainly not supporting the EVIL talks of those women..But we are what society teaches us to be..So to change the society as a whole one has to come up with strong examples defying social norms'.

I wish TVS could have been one..But ALAS he is not''


1.Can someone Please change Adi the actor..His character has so much to perform but sadly he TERRIBLY FAILS'I personally LUBB Adi the character but the actor just SLEEPWALKS (Can't believe I  am talking like this about my POPAT ) .He is given lots of key scenes but every time time he is like CHALO SCENE PANTI JALDI FINISH KARO''

2.I liked the Raai sequences but I am certainly not VERY IMPRESSED with it'I being formally trained in Raai and other folk forms in MP like Phaag Gedi and bhagauriaya'I can say that though the Raai was seductively done but what they missed were two crucial aspects..

   a.The classic Raai ghumar which is really fast and resembles the scattering of Raai seeds from a plate

b.They failed to create the Raai ambience coz'The three instruments which alos form a part of the dance dholka,manjira and mashaal were missing..But then I guess I am being more judegemental'But guys Again Raai is not only done by the  BEDIYA Community but is also performed in concerts and happy festivals and occasions as a part of celebration.

3.The CREEPY mamas and their expressions are hilarious

4.I am MEGA impressed by everyone 'Specially Varun Gulki and Narayani..If Adi could Act'..I would be calling this show a TRUE MASTERPIECE..

Ahhh If anyone did Survive the post then CHIP IN GUYSLOL




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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Fab post ... I loved the information you gave about the Raai dance form..never did connect with the mustard seeds until you said so. LOL

Thank god .. I thought I was the only one who found the actor playing Adi lackluster...Next to VB, Guki & NS ..he does seem to stand out like a sore thumb .. He really has to work hard and improve a lot.  

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 1:43pm | IP Logged

Good to see u back piu.. missed u

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namitagloryz Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Very insightful post. Continue to enlighten us, dear friend.

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Gewels Senior Member

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Thank u thank u for articulating what i have long felt! TVS and that amazing scene when he was talking to Adi - i too felt that here was a master explaining his views on women & love-all the while glancing at Sugni's photo. He is all about possession, even though he calls it love. Adi is not in love with Amu-he feels he should be in love, so he is in love. His hatred of Sugni is far more powerful an emotion than any feeling he has 4 his betrothed-that much is obvious. I am interested in seeing exactly how far TVS is prepared to go to get Sugni. Your sand analogy deserves an award! Excellent post!

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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Hi Piyu, one heck of a title and thread ! StarBig smile Before I give very brief comments below, hats off to you for educating us about the significance of Rai dance! ClapBig smile
Ok, I've to admit that I read mainly the salient features and already impressed with your creative writing ! That said, this serial does present us viewers with a myriad of emotions, situations, mystery, more drama and what your title signifies. With every new epi we find ourselves scratching our heads, confused, uncertain as to what next is going to be in store. While tomorrow epi may unlock the mystery of RM (Reva Manzil), fact remains that none of us had any clue whatsoever just 2-3 days ago that CVs, writers will come up with something like this, akin to a horror movie of sorts, which hardly seems connected to an otherwise societal family backdrop of PSH.
What I am finding hard to fathom for a few days now is ~~ how can someone of the dignity and stature of TVS can stoop to lying like this in the face of an open VACHAN (more than once Shocked)  to everyone including Gulab and Sug of course. He is not only going to shatter everyone's trust in him, but what a betrayal to Sug and a viewer like me, because we put such people on a pedestal in our own real life only to discover HOW TERRIBLY WE HAVE BEEN WRONGED Angry
And what's even more odd is that I have taken this story so personally that even now hoping that TVS had good reason to lie to them and will eventually disclose "why" he had to resort to that.Confused Bcoz a Thakur never breaks his promise. (I remember even today in the greatest classic of our times Mughal-e-Azam when Ajeet (Durjan) chhati dhok kar Dilip Kumar ko kehta hai ~ agar akbar-e-azam ki sena lakho ki hai to ek Thakur ka vachan bhi uss se koi kam nahi (paraphrasing), when they were talking about how Madhubala can be protected by a single Thakur against a huge army of zill-e-ilahi.
So, in other words, me still giving TVS benefit of the doubt. Besides, a person's character cannot change overnight, nor can his, IMO... 
Oh, my sentiments exactly and worded by you so beautifully !
I will like to draw your attention to a very strong dialogue about Thakur's promise being Brahma ka likha hua'I have this strong inkling that the statement in itself was clear enough to potray his DETERMINATION to POSSESS Sugni'The arrogance, the pride and the determination was wonderfully done by Varun hats off !
And I strongly believe that upcoming epis will bring about a major transformation, a metamorphosis in Sug and even a deeper faith in her Mai and how she has been protecting her all along by warning her every step of the way not to put total trust in TVS. After all, she's been there done that and so has become worldly-wise.

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
Piu what a mega post and like your POV and your argument will reply later as I am just floored with it Clap

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ShellJA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 8:31pm | IP Logged
Piu!  Welcome back.  Excellent post.  Will try to comment more later.

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