Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Nautanki Times#1-Ishq Aur Junoon Ki Anokhi Dastaan

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It's time to fall in love again with the King and Queen themselves...
because...after nearly 5 months... Vivian and Drashti... a.k.a Vishti... are back on-screen together... as damsel Girl-Next-Door Madhubala Shamsher Mallick and Superstar Rishabh Kundra...with a new show..and new concept!

New concept...and so a new start for a Forum as lovely as Madhubala Forum... as lively as Madhubala Forum... with members as loving as Madhubala herself...and the cool dude as RK!!!

Let us commence...our weekly presentation...our NL...!!!

Nautanki Times #1
Ishq Aur Junoon Ki Annokhi Daastan

..: About Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon :..
By- deboleena.manna

Madhubala is a story of a girl who was born on a film set and has since then grown up in that environment. A common girl with no ambitions, devoid of glamour, Madhu is happy as a beautician but everything changes when she meets RK, a leading superstar. On the other side RK who is a leading superstar of the Film Industry is a mix combination of Nagative n Positive. He is a gray shaded charachter,a rich spoiled brat.Madhubala's Father Balraj wants to kill her n her sister Trishna and mother PadminiShamsher Malik, a Stunt Artist and his sister Roma a junior actor help them n gave them shelter and also save their lives from Balraj. Trishna wants to be a top actress in RK's film.We also have a charachter named Mukund Dixit who is a selsman and have soft feeling for Madhu and Madhu also start to feel for him.In the last weeks track we saw that someone hit Mukund with his cr and Madhu is the eye witness and then we saw the entry of inspector Pradhan.we came to know that the man who hit Mukund is none other then RK.Now the fight begins between RK and Madhu.Now what will happen when they come face to face?to know that please keep watching Madhubala.Smile

..: Theme of the Week :..
By: deboleena.manna

Dhamaka #1
toba tera jalwa toba tera gussa
Tera emotional atyachar...D'oh
m sure Muku bhi yehi soch raha hoga Madhu ka gussa dekh k..bapre kya gussa hai..LOL...but Muku bhi kam nehi hai..gussa usne bhi dikhaya..but bechare ka accident ho gaya..jiska eye witness bana madhu..
Dhamaka #2
Dekho wo aa gaya..wo aa gaya..jiska mujhe..m sry jisk hame tha intezar jiske liye hum the bekarar wo aa ki sari ladkiya 3 weeks se isi ka intezar kar rahi thi n dill me yehi gana ga rahi thi.."1 2 3...4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13..tera karu din gin gin k intezar aja piya ayi bahar.."..n finaly he made his entry this week..who is he?he is none other then RK aka Vivian Dsena...bande ne bohot intezar karaya..ab agar aur ek week wait karata na to forum k ladkiya use kidnape kar k le ate..LOL
Dhamaka #3
hilaaa ye kya ho raha hai..Shocked..Muku n Madhu no..they start to feel for each other...are RK jaldi apne Madho ko bachao Muku se...
Dhamaka #4
Pradhan ki to ho gayi tai tai fish..Madhu n RK dono hi uska BBB nikalte hai..Madhu se baat karne jata hai to use uska gussa jhelna parta hai n RK se baat karne jata hai wo uska pasina nikal deta hai...bechara Pradhan...LOL
Dhamaka #5
are bap re..RK n Madhu ek dusre se milne se pehle hi unke bich me fight suru ho gaya..Shocked..ab jab dono face to face ayenge to tab kya hoga?ShockedConfused

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..: Characters in Madhubala- EIEJ :..

The Chaudarys down at Motihari:

Balraj Chaudhary
The one and only son of the Choudharians and is hunger to have a son and will go to any extend to have a one which resulted in him murdering his first wife who gave birth to a girl. Now he's married to Padmini Choudhary who is expecting. He's ruthless in the sense that he would play aim and shoot game with his daughter with apple placed on her head. His ruthlessness reach new height when he comes to know that his wife Padmini is carrying a girl and not a boy. He reaches Mumbai searching Padmini after she elopes with her daughter Trishna and a conceived child. He almost traces Padmini and intends to take her to Motihari when Padmini cheats him with the help of Mallick and Roma and Balraj returns considering Padmini and the two children- dead.

Badi Chaudharain
The LADY of Chaudhary household who keeps Padmini on danke-ki-chot. She is desperate on having an heir for their khandaan and plans a murder for Padmini in case she delivers a girl. She is elated on Padmini's death

The Mallicks and Mumbai- Chaul:

A fun-filled character full of life. She's a chu;buli woman who loves to live life to the fullest. She's a junior artist and aspires to become an actress but destiny doesn't play its role and she's left to being a junior artist only. She ends up seeing her dreams through the eyes of her Heroine,Trishna.  The sole aim fo her life is to now see Trishna become a famous bollywood actress.

A kind-hearted man who cannot stand negativity and is always ready to fight for justice. He believes in everyone's welfare and is a very loving man. He loves his sister Roma very much and considers Padmini, Trishna and Madhubala as part of his famly, a very loving father to Madhubala and Trishna. A selfless man devoted to his family.

A saleman belonging to a middle-class family who earns his loving by selling products of different companies. Feels discriminated among his cousins because they are more successful than him. Hei is the target of his father's criticism who doesn't leave a single chane to criticise him and make him realise that hoe thoroughly unsuccessful he is. He has a liking towards Madhubala.

She ran away from Motihari and came to Mumbai where she gave birth to Madhubala. She is a doting mother to Trishna and Madhu and Junior Artist.

She is Madhu's elder sister...and Padmini's step daughter. She is an aspiring actress and wants to fulfill Roma's dream. She leaves no stone unturned to get a break.

The Male and the Female Protagonists:

Madhubala Shamsher Mallick a simple girl-next-door...born on sets of a Film and grows to be immensely beautiful... Angelic... She is a parlour-girl and has no ambitions to become a Top-rated Actress... But her life takes a 180 degrees turn when she accidently meets the Superstar RK...who changes her life forever... She is drawn to the alluring Bollywood where she never intended to be.

Superstar Rishabh Kundra

The Superstar of this Era, and heartthrob of millions of girls across the country. He is a rich spoilt brat...who has no care for human lives and crushes Mukund nearly to death. This incident takes him to the beautiful Madhu, with whom he feels certain vibes. He changes her life forever.

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..: Highlights of the Week :..
by _Aanchal_

Picture of the Week

RK's entry has to be the highlight of the week Tongue

Siggy of the Week

By : rockstarmaaneet

Icon Animated

by: Phoenix.Xeelan

Icon Non Animated


by- akki-rockstar

..: Ratings of the Weeks :..
by --Shivu--

This week was full of Makkhi-Madhu scenes where Madhu is realizing she has a special place for Mukku in her life. From saving his life-to shaving him-to fighting a case for him- for visiting him daily...
On the other side...there was a big Dhamaka...with Rishabh's Entry!!!
There was also growing enmity b/w RK and Madhu

I would personally give it this rating-

StarStar + StarStar 1/2

The first 2 stars for Madhu-MukundAngry
and then 2 for RK's EntryDay Dreaming
and then last 1/2 for the Dhishum-Dhishum b/w Trishna-MadhuLOL

So final ratings...!




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..: Team NautankiTimes :..

Let me introduce you to the Newsletter Team of Madhubala Forum

Story So Far = SuperStarQasim  (Back-Up is ..tora.tangled. )
Most Romantic Moment =  ..tora.tangled. (Back-Up:  leverne )
Scene of the Week = jigyasa28  (Back-Up:  leverne and  princess163 )
Worst Scene of the Week = lovelygeet24x7  (Back-Up: kirti_fiji)
Character of the Week = princess163 (Back-Up: jigyasa28)
Worst Character of the Week = Phoenix.Xeelan
Hilarious Moment of the Week = lovelygeet24x7 (Back-Up: -DamnedDrooler- and Armu4eva)
Stupidest Moment of the Week = Armu4eva
Fashion Icon of the Week =  -DamnedDrooler-  (Back-Up: x.Maaneet4eva.x)
Fashion Disaster of the Week = Phoenix.Xeelan (Back-Up: Xx-Shama-xX  )
Picture of the Week = harshdb  (Back-Up: _Aanchal_)
Siggy of the Week = SilentPrincess (Back-Up: _Aanchal and harshdb)
Icon of the Week (Animated) = _Aanchal_  (Back Up: yoga23priya and Baki) 
Icon of the Week (Non-Animated) = _Aanchal_ (Back Up: yoga23priya)
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Banners: _Aanchal_
Logos: -Stutz-

We i.e me and Dimple...along with our team...will present the Newsletter weekly... every Monday or Sunday alternately by me and Dimple! Please drop in to give your opinion and participate in the NL activities as much as you can! We ensure you total paisa-wasool entertainment from Nautanki Times!

Announcement for Nautanki Times Team

 You all have been sent the buddy requests from NautankiTimes Account, ensure you guys have accepted it.

 From this week... that is from 7th July, all the entries must reach this account till Saturday Midnight or Max Sunday, 12:00 noon IST.

 Any person who is unable to send the Section within the prescribed time for 3 consecutive weeks... will be called off from the NL Team and the Back-Up will take over.

   If for any particular edition, some volunteer is unable to do the section...PM me the reason atleast 4 days back so that the back-up can take over.

Any queries... feel free to PM me!!


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Note: Team... I don't want any slackening from the Nautanki Times#2. From the team...I hope you all had a good time going thru the introductory Issue of the NL... Please Post in your Suggestions and Queries!!!


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awesome job shivu.. Hug... feb thread made by you... 

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wow!! this thread is amazing!!
good job shivu,, am sure it ll rock!!

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Awsum Thread ShivuHug
Gr8 JobThumbs Up

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