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Monday 2nd July 2012  Episode - 713

paattu paadavaa
paarththu azhugavaa
update ezhudhavaa
ezhundhu Odavaa...

Opens with AC SR warning Shanthi on the computer screen  not to get involved in Amudha & Bell case.  Media and Commissioner are the audience with Omni & Shanthi on the sidelines.  AC SR busy accepting her faults, saying she did all that because if truth about Murthy comes out her image would get a beating (how on earth would that happen).  The media questions the Commissioner who has suspended AC SR, departmental enquiry is on.  They do not have any objections on the bail plea of Bell & Amudha.  Law will take its own course.(diplomavaa mastersaa??) He praises Omni for single handedly bringing out AC SR's misdemeanor to light.  Shanthi remembers setting up the scene to record her meeting with AC SR.  Shanthi too is praised and thanked by the Commissioner for fighting for truth although it was her husband who was murdered.  The Commissioner thanks the media and leaves.  Then CM is interviewed, who goes on to say how she believed the law will help those in the right (yaarum left la nikkaadheengappaa)  that was why she asked Bell & Amudha to surrender.  On ACSR's suspension it was her own doing not CM's.  Then a lecture on the responsibilities of the media is preached.    

Sun TV news broadcasts the news of AC SR' suspension, (vangaLukku naattula nadakkira mukiyamaana vishayam oNNum kidaikkaadhO) Commissioners praise, CM's interview.  Black is mighty thrilled, another fellow whom Black calls machchaan is also happy.  Vadai & Art have an odd expression on their faces.  Bharathi happily watching with her feeding bottle.  An unhappy Sethappu are the audience.  Black calls Art (and I heard it as KalavaaNi) and praises his akka sky high.  Wants Art to make payasam to celebrate his akka's victory.  The machchaan called Sundar also wants paal payasam to celebrate Amudha coming out (they act as if she has been acquitted) Black has found company in CM pugazh group.  The new member being Sundar.  Vadai is asked permission to make paal payasam (nalla vELai avara seyya sollala) Art goes in and brings payasam in a jiffy.  (paal payasam in a jiffy eppadi tasty-aa irukkum)  Black and Sundar gleefully take it.  Vadai insists that he is taking to celebrate Amudha's coming out.  The diabetic seththappu takes after advice being doled out on taking an extra pill (veLangidum) 

Art wants to go and meet Amudha the next day.  Sundar wants to go and meet Vasu , for he would be very happy.  Art is proud that her aNNi did what she said she would.  Black raises his hand asking why this sudden paasamaan relationship.  Sethappu and Vadai stop Black from hammering Art.  Black asks sethappu where was he when Vadai raised his hands on CM and her brothers questioned it.  Black further goes on to ask Art of whatever she spoke when CM came to see Bharathi.  aNNi is next to a mother, Black wants to know how she wronged Art.  The dialgoues of Black continues- asking how come Amudha was right while CM was wrong.  Vadai stops Black.  Says it was her own doing and undoing.  His ballooned ego just would not accept.  

Sethappu advices Vadai - Black is trying to bring CM into the family citing Amudha.  Be careful.  Neither will CM come like that nor will Black do such jigripugri.  Art realises her mistake says sorry to Black.  Sundar asks Vadai to accompany him to Vasu's house.  Visagam bent on getting Vasu remarried.  Vadai would not come and beg Visagam, he would rather have Amudha as vaazhavetti in his house (ivarum vaazhamaattaaru aduthavangaLayum vaazha vida maattaaru) Vadai reel Ottufies Visagam's actions, leaves for his room.  Art comes to Sundar and requests him to do something for Amudha.  Sundar accepts to visit Vasu.  

Poetry gets down from the auto infront of her house.  Calls the Sarojakka passing by, gives her the newspaper and tells that her husband and Amudha have no illicit relationship - Commissioner of Police's statement.  Then she goes to another Devika to give him another paper.  oorla irukkira ellaa akkas get a free copy of the newspaper.  One Ambujam akka says she saw the television and Chellamah's interview.  Amudha and Poetry should build a temple for CM.  Poetry continues her lecture on Amudha's action and leaves.

Black, Art and Sundar visit the maama's house who welcomes them.  Calls for Visagam who comes and stares at the trio.



Updates by Shree


Karuppu,kalavani and thaadi brother comes to meet visagam(vasu's mom)...Her brother welcomes them and kootam comes inside...Visagam face thiruppings and asusual asks edhukku vandheenga?...Thaadi bro says why r u talking like this we all know that there is no thappana relationship b/w amudha and Bell...appuram enna?...Kalavani and karuppu tells visagam to forgive amudha and accept her..

Visagam says i dont want to talk abt amudha...and i will not accept her...Visagam continues...CM came yesterday...ella kashtathayum sonna...u all cheated chellamma...Karuppu,thaadi and kalavani thalai kuninju standing...visagam says ok ok...for chellamma...i'll accept amudha...U ppl go and take care of chellamma...Visagam leaves...Karuppu group happy...

Mamaji says vasu loves amudha so dont worry...Visagam brings coffee and then praises chellamma...Kalavani says i'll talk to my annan and will try to unite them...Visagam happy...

CM house...some people talking to Av...tells him to be happy now...Bell nalla paiyyan nnu sollitanga...CM comes and makkal wishes her...Av asks sorry to CM...CM says becoz of her appa AV naan idha saadhichen...Av again asks sorry...and then says thanks...CM says some soozhchi is there in beach's death...AV tells her to stay away from that matter...

CM says no...I'll not leave this matter...SR and sneha are koottu kalavanis...AV says tomorrow beach kku 16th day kaaariyam...u have to come there...That makkal will shout at u...but nee varaum...enakaga and for beach...AV crying...

Pearl's house...AV comes and pearl asks why late...AV says i went to meet CM...pearl says ok...Pearl calls valliammaia nd tells her to give food AV...Inside valli-solai room...valli karichu kotting pearl...says naandhaan ellam velaiyum pannanum...but property ellam pearl kku dhaan poganum...

Solai tells her to mainatin porumai...sneha careful...Valli says we will wait till tomorrow...namakku property illainna we will escape from this house...i cant vadichu kootufuy anymore for this family...

Sneha and thavasi...Thavasi says he is worried abt thw will...Sneha says cool appa cool...we have to thattufy chaing chakk to pearl...appodhaan proerty namakku kedaikkum...Thavasi says no...u should not do anything like that...nee nallarukanum...thats all i want...Sneha smiles..



Updates by Selva

Wednesday July 04,2012

The scene opens with 16th day ritual for beach. Aiyar is setting everything and Valli helps him.AV,Thavasi,MA mom and Dad,Solai and Lawyer are present. MA in her room sitting sad. Sneha asks her to come out to start the rituals. MA comes out. Aiyar asking for everyones presence. Lawyer asks him to wait for CM. But Sneha tells all family members related to beach are present and they can start. AV comes and sits and do the rituals. MA starts to cry. Sneha consoles her. AV and Solai goes to terrace and keep the food for crows. Eventhough there are more crows flying but none is ready to take the food. AV is depressed on seeing this and Solai consoles him.

On the other end CM giving Annadhanam to orphan children in an orphanage. The children prays for Beach soul to rest in peace and thanks CM.CM prays for him with tears. They start eating the food. As soon as they start one crow comes and takes the food what AV has kept. AV happy.
Now its time to read Beach's Will. Everyone is eager to hear especially Valli and Sneha. MA stands silent. Lawyer starts reading. Its states that MA and kutti Rathna is real vaarisu for this Will and it will go to them only. Sneha and Valli shocked. MA mom and dad are happy. The lawyer reads further that Beach has kept CM as guardian till Rathna becomes major. He has taken this decision as he has tortured CM till this time and also CM is an honest woman. If CM wants to do anything to other brothers,she can do as per her wish. All present there are shocked. they starts to scold CM that she has planned everything and made Beach to write the Will like this. MA's mom scolds Beach by not trusting MA but CM. MA in thoughts. Sneha yetthi vitting MA that CM planned and did like this.Thavasi asks her to be calm but she doesn't budge and shouts on CM. MA asks AV to call CM to come here soon.
AV calls CM and asks her to come. CM hesitates and tells she is having urgent work. AV forces her to come soon as the things are going wrong here and cuts the call. All waiting for CM now. Kavi also joins the crowd. Sneha confronts CM for making them wait as she has all powers now. CM comes and asks whats happening. AV tells everyone here are blaming CM. Sneha scolds her for acting like without knowing anything. MA stops Sneha. But Sneha keeps on scolding CM. AV inturn scolds her not to blame CM for everything. Sneha scolds him also by pointing his hand on him. CM becomes furious and shouts on her to stop pointing her hand against her father.

Screen Freezes...


Updates by Nithya

Thursday July 5th Updates


MA's home.. Will is read.. All are kadu kadu.. CM is summoned.. Everyone taunts her for brainwashing Beach and getting the property written on her name.. AV supports CM.. But venom spitting continues.. CM cries in front of Beach's photo saying anna I know you have done his after a lot of thinking but I ma sorry I cannot accept this.. Sneha appreciates CM for superb acting.. CM signs  blank papers and asks the lawyer to re-write all the property on MA's name.. All are relieved.. AV pleads CM not do so it.. But CM is adamant.. Sneha asks the lawyer to rewrite the papers ASAP..


Sneha and Thavasi burning that they did not get any property.. Thavasi says all our acting and scarf ices have become futile.. Lets pack our bags and leave.. Sneha says no way.. I walked into this home after so many sacrifices only to destroy all of them and I will not walks our without achieving my goal.. Thavasi fears what if Kamini reveals the truth about this baby.. Sneha says that is what I want.. Juts wait and watch..


Kamini arrives at MA's home.. Only Sneha and MA around.. Sneha signals Kamini to start the act.. Kamini says I am a child kidnapper.. Now I have reformed and I want to wash off my sins.. Hence I have come here.. MA is clueless.. Kamini explains : The baby at your home is the one I kidnapped from RR hospital and dropped at a mariamman temple in the fear of being caught by the police.. Sneha fakes saying how do we believe you.. Kamini says I know the biological mother.. She had delivered twins and this baby is one of the twin.. She is desperate to know about her other child.. So please give this baby to me. I want to return it to its mother and wash off my sins.. MA faints.. Sneha helps her to wake up.. MA polambufies I cannot let Ratna go off my life.. But Kamini wants to do justice to the biological mom .. Sneha takes MA aside and explains what if Kamini goes to biological mom and takes police support to get the baby back.. We need to save Ratna.. Lets meet that mother and explain her that she already has a baby and plead her to give our Ratna in adoption to us .. This way we can set things right legally also.. MA agrees.. The duo go to Kamini and explain their plan.. Kamini agrees to take them to the biological mother..




Updates by Swash

6th Juy, 2012…Friday episode  717

RS Garments – Chellams calls the GM and says their company has rec'd the best exporter award and wants to give an increment of 10% to all employeed and auditor comes and tells her that AK's son, Suresh was cheated by his brother in law and is without any business or college. She is stunned after hearing that all company properties are coming to public auction and that they have heavily borrowed and this auditor says that company's auditor also helped that brother in law to cheat.

Chellams says even this is AK's and Suresh has equal rights and please ask him to come. in fact, you shd have informed me of this long time back and wants him to bring Suresh here.


Kamini takes Snake and MA to show the real mother of Ratna and MA wonders that this is chellams area and Snake acts and says if only chellams knows the real mom then she would give the kid to the real mom.  Finally, Kamini says chellams is the biological mother and that I kidnapped that baby when she delivered twins. Snake pretends to be shocked.  MA is stunned…

Snake somehow brings MA home and says all sothu is in Ratna's name and even if snake and MA are not bothered abt sothu, many lives depends on ratna staying with them. MA wants to hand over ratna to chellams and feels that it is right. Snake says vadamalai will create trouble but MA still feels chellams shd be informed.  Snake tells her that they cannot give Ratna and that she will take care so chellams never asks for her back. She has one kid and even if we give this, vadamalai will snatch her away and chellams will be left without her too. You are the mom and she has to stay with you and you must not lose her too. MA is brainwashed….  Kamini and snake are pleased.

Suresh comes to see chellams and she hands over RS garments and says they shd stop his other company from being sold. She says he has to prove the trust his dad placed in him and asks him to succeed and says that AK helped her in need and it is now her turn to help him and hands over the administration of this garments business. Suresh is shocked and accepts. She says that she has other business. But he wants her guidance. She accepts and she makes him sit in her chair..  she gets a call, is shocked, rushes to the hospital and finds kamini surrounded by life support.. drama part…..????


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Thanks Shreenithi & Selva

Pearl reaching middle street is the next project.  Then we can have Garden by the middle street (hai  idhu enga ooru Gardens by the bay maadhri irukku) Vadai in the hole, Seththappukku aappu, but idhellaam eppO?

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thanks for updsates..the only sweet thing in this serial is paayasam.. so everyone get sweet paayasam after long dialogue. Now with that same energy thet start fight. Confused Sneha looks like Athi from kolangal serial, why she shout all the time?

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Thanks a lot guys for the update or rather writing up the painful "CM puraanam".

Originally posted by eclat

Thanks Shreenithi & Selva

Pearl reaching middle street is the next project.  Then we can have Garden by the middle street (hai  idhu enga ooru Gardens by the bay maadhri irukku) Vadai in the hole, Seththappukku aappu, but idhellaam eppO?

Good question elcat!  Idhellam eppO eppO eppO???   Nadakkum aana nadakkaadhu!

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Thank you for the updates everyone.
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Thanks Nithya

Nobody seems to have even turned to look around.  How can everyone be so self centered.  God Help us...

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Thank you so much Swash..

CM earns goes to heights.. gives away the earned name, fame and property to someone and walks off.. starts from scratch again in some unknown field.. succeeds and again the cycle repeats... ennagada..
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Thanks Swash2

CM are you some Midas re-incarnated, that whatever you touch becomes gold in a jiffy?  
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