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29th Jun WU- Indu Sanchi escape together!

lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 June 2012 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Indu angrily slaps his palms into a 'namaste 'You came here...I'm grateful to you for please leave from here...' 
He shows her the way to the door. She tries convincing him that she'd come there to help him, but he is not to be swayed. He screams animatedly 'If you knew I was innocent then why didn't you tell me? You insulted me... when I requested for help, you accused me...and now you are going on and on...'
'I've already apologised for my mistakes...' Sanchi pleads 'Please help me...I have to bring Swetha's culprits to justice...and then you have to prove yourself innocent too right?'
Just then  Sanchi gets a call from her mom and through it learns that the police had arrested her father. 
Sanchi becomes furious with Indu and starts blaming HIM for all of HER misfortunes. Indu argues back stating that SHE was the root cause of all the troubles in HIS life. 
A frustrated Sanchi decides to give her dad a call, lest the police wondered if she was also involved with Indu in the case.  
When Tarachand receives the call in the station, the inspector realizes that it was Sanchi speaking. Snatching the phone from the father, he orders Sanchi to reveal her whereabouts intimidatingly 'You'll be in grave trouble if you don't, Sanchi!' 
Sanchi starts stammering, wondering what to say.

Indu, who'd been pacing nervously behind her all the while, suddenly realizes that it was the police inspector on the phone. Worried about the repercussions of her actions, he springs forth and grabs the phone to cut it off 'Are you mad? Do you want to get the police here? Is this also another scheme of yours to trap me? This is a plot of your's, isn't it?'
She tries convincing him that she wanted to help both him and Swetha, but he doesn't believe her. He questions bitterly ''Then why are you busy speaking over the phone instead of telling me the truth...' he pauses with a pained stare 'At this moment I feel really vulnerable and agitated... no one's helping me... neither my mama..nor Guruji'
The vexed man turns away helplessly.
Watching his desperation, Sanchi ultimately comes out with the ugly reality 'Have you ever thought why they don't want to help you? Its because they WANT to see you behind bars for life! But, you refuse to believe anything I say.'
The truth that she had just uttered manages to thoroughly shatter the lone man from top to toe. He turns to her, his words failing him 'W...W...What you trying to say Sanchi Mathur?'
She proceeds to update him on everything that had transpired in the Swetha Jha case - everything that she had seen, heard and deduced!
Indu Singh trembles in contempt - his eyes now bloodshot red, reflecting the rage he felt at being cheated by his own! 

However, even before he was allowed to regroup himself from the shocking nature of the revelation, the pair are alerted by the sirens of the police approaching their hideout.  
Indu takes Sanchi to task ' called your father... the call has been tapped... and now the police are here.' 
Just then, Guddu and his friends barge into the room, informing the two that they had to escape that instant.
Sanchi looks on with a guilty frown. Suddenly, Indu takes her by surprise when he grabs her by her wrist to nudge her along, but she refuses to yield. 
'What are you doing Sanchi...' he frets 'The police will come here...and think that you are involved with me too... and then arrest you...'
'But why would I be arrested...' she refutes with genuine concern 'Why would you be arrested too? Just let them know that you have done nothing wrong... and it is all Shukla's doing'
Indu becomes exasperated 'The most important thing is that we don't have what you've come here for - PROOF! We have nothing against Shukla and the police will never listen to us...'
She looks on unhappily 'Yes you are right...but...'
'You argue a lot all of that later on in the station...but now come with me...'
Even before she could spring up another argument, Indu grabs sanchi by his palm and runs outside to where the bikes were parked. His friends jump onto other bikes and leave from the scene immediately. Having thundered into the den, the police men spot them fleeing and hasten their strides to reach the accused culprits.  

Donning his helmet, Indu hops onto his bike with no time to waste. Kick-starting the vehicle, he prods Sanchi to sit behind him 'I'm used to going to jail, but you aren' just sit now..' 
Sanchi looks around hesitantly. She eventually succumbs to the overwhelming nature of the moment. Gracefully seating herself behind Indu, the anxious girl holds on to the handle. Indu instantly accelerates the bike, keeping a good distance from the police who'd begun to chase them.  

Watching the officials charging behind them, the righteous girl tries counselling Indu 'We shouldn't be doing this ... we shouldn't be running away from the police like this... we are committing yet another crime...'
Glancing sideways, Indu reminds his passenger 'If we get caught by the police we will definitely be branded's better we escape for now...' 

The police and motorbike chase continues for a long while. The vehicles pass through long roads surrounded by mountainous forests - Indu eventually decides to take a detour to lose the following jeep. He swerves his vehicle into the rugged muddy paths of the forest. Once the rocky pathways become too rough to steer a vehicle, Indu stops his vehicle and parks it to a side. Getting off the motorbike, the two escapees decide to continue the rest of their journey on foot. 

Constantly holding her hand to lead her along, Indu tags the less agile Sanchi through steep routes, riddled overgrowth and jagged rockery. Confident that they had lost the police by then, the duo trek through narrow tunnels, thickets and woodlands. With the sun now setting, the feebler Sanchi eventually yields to her weariness. 
Gasping for breath, the worn out girl requests the young rogue to halt. Flopping on the ground, she whines 'I am tired...and feeling very thirsty too...please stop...'
Pausing his strides, Indu turns to look at her with a cynical frown 'Fine...I'll dig a well here for your sake...'  he continues to advice her with genuine earnest 'Please do some exercise henceforth...then you'll be fit and fine like me... if one just eats a lot and works out less, this is how you'll suffer!'
Irked by his insinuation, Sanchi stands up to yell at him 'Shut up! Firstly thirst, then tiredness and now your nonsense - wonder how am I going to keep up?'

Continuing their journey in silence for a short while longer, the weary pair ultimately reach a beautiful clearing. Stumbling across a a semi-built mansion in such a desolate spot, Sanchi is pleasantly surprised 'Wow! A dwelling here? At least our fate is with us now...we have a place to rest for the night...'
Moving towards the structure in awe, Indu asks her to wait behind while he proceeds to investigate. Casually swinging a twig in his hand, he takes a thorough look around. Once satisfied that it was indeed empty, he instructs Sanchi to join him. 
Opening the rickety wooden door, Sanchi is appalled by how dingy and dusty the abandoned place was. She once again requests Indu to hunt for some water and the gallant man proceeds towards the eerie kitchen to make a search for her. However, the dysfunctional kitchen had nothing apart from a host of muddy empty vessels. 

'What do I do? I'm so thirsty... it's will I survive?' a parched Sanchi moans under her breath
'Oh oh...tch tch...' Leaning against the wooden door, Indu smiles at her mockingly. Gesturing with his twig, he says 'I'll dig a well..and now water will start oozing out and then you'll get water to drink...'
'Stop taunting me...its because of you that I'm reduced to this state've gotten yourself into trouble and dragged me down too...'
He mutters a retort 'As far I know, our scriptures say that wherever the husband leads, the wife follows!'
'I'm NOT your you understand that...' she pauses irately 'Ever since you've entered my life, I've been fronting problems...if you hadn't come into my life, I would never have faced this day' 
'As though I'm leading a very rosy life after having met you...'
'WOW! Well said! Like I'm living in peace ever since I've met you...' 
He takes the twig and circles it around the profile of her face 'If I wasn't trapped here, I wouldn't be forced to stare at your face, or to hear your annoying voice now...'
They both continue throwing each other gibes and insults, before the exhausted duo eventually decide to give up the brawl for the time being. While Indu drops down at a corner in the small room, Sanchi gazes out through the rusted grills of the window. 
Following a brief spell of silence, Indu looks up at his sulking partner and asks her softly 'So, what do we do about the proof?'
She reproaches him 'Why? Did you plan something while running away...I don't have anything up my sleeve as of now'
She sits down sadly, while he stares at her, letting out a tired sigh. 

Tiwari and Shukla try all they could to brainwash the inspector into believing that Sanchi and Indu were very dangerous.  The inspector assures the visitors that he was trying everything to get the couple arrested, including tapping all of the family members' phones. However, the officer begins suspecting Tiwari and Shukla's eagerness in having the two culprits caught. 
Not wanting to rouse further suspicion, Tiwari requests the inspector to keep him informed of any developments in the case and then the two vile men leave the station. 

Forest dwelling
Worried that his daughter was in trouble with Indu, Tarachand attempts to call his daughter. Watching the number on her phone, a relieved Sanchi picks it up. Not realizing what she was saying or doing, she replies happily 'Papa I'm absolutely all right..I'm with Indu Singh!' (OH DID I JUST MELT HERE!)
Even before the father could react to his daughter's startling confession, Indu grabs the phone from Sanchi and cuts it once again. 
Sanchi becomes indignant 'How dare you do father must be so worried for me...'
He darts her an annoyed frown in rebuttal 'Do you ever use your brains? Even last time the police were alerted, because you called your you want to send me to prison once again...don't take me for a ride Sanchi...' 
Sanchi looks on helplessly, as he continues chiding her. Picking out his phone from his jeans, he holds it up for her to see. He points to the button 'Listen...I'm explaining everything to you in an amiable manner phone is switched off...I'm not a fool... you are so intelligent, then why behave foolishly...the police need but a minute to trace us here...' he pauses to lower the irritation in his voice 'If you want to award Swetha justice and help me...then please don't switch on the phone till our problems have been ironed out...' when she doesn't respond, he asks her once again 'Dear wife, have you understood what I'm trying to say?'
Watching her silence, he shakes his head unhappily 'You only use your brains for studying Sanchi, for nothing else...initially only I was you've been trapped let's co-operate and assist each other to solve this case...only then will both you and I be benefited...'

She stares on in mild annoyance, having little left to say!

Sanchi is all alone in that rickety mansion at night - she is waiting for Indu to come. He'd probably stepped out to get something. Sanchi wonders if Indu had deserted her and she walks around to investigate. 

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Faayey Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2012 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Thanks for the lovely update!!!

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Posted: 29 June 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged

Thanks for the wonderfully detailed update Shraddha. Makes it all the more enjoyable to watch it later.


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Rashmi04 IF-Dazzler

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Lashy thanks for the update..
To see Indu and sanchi together for longer duration was the best part. It was so romantic indu holding sanchi s hand through out in the jungle.
Indu thrice reminded sanchi that she is Mrs indu singh and only once sanchi confronted . I think she is getting used to ... sanchi you better ..Wink
Very balanced episode . Justified and  mild arguments between the two.
Poor sanchi was thirsty and Indu  was on a mocking trip. Silly
I was wondering if sanchi and indu will open an account in facebook what will they put in Relationship status ROFL

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lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 June 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rashsharma40

Lashy thanks for the update..
To see Indu and sanchi together for longer duration was the best part. It was so romantic indu holding sanchi s hand through out in the jungle.
Indu thrice reminded sanchi that she is Mrs indu singh and only once sanchi confronted . I think she is getting used to ... sanchi you better ..Wink
Very balanced episode . Justified and  mild arguments between the two.
Poor sanchi was thirsty and Indu  was on a mocking trip. Silly
I was wondering if sanchi and indu will open an account in facebook what will they put in Relationship status ROFL 

yes jo hamein romantic lagaa unko nahin.. he was constantly holding her hand... leading her around..helping her up and all...but both of them never acknowledged it even once...LOL i know in reality during police chases, we don't stand to wonder who's giving us his hand.. par these serials/movies had made us prone to search for romance everywhere 

Looking at him today, I wonder if this is the same Indu who used to treasure even a smile from sanchi lol...but its ok i like his indifference...though i hoped he'd have given her a better reply for her water query second time around... 

even from the SBS segments i don't see any romance door door se bhi LOL...they are constantly fighting/arguing... only more like adversaries than enemies.. 

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thanks  alot  for  the  update  :)  x

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Posted: 29 June 2012 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Lashy SBS segment mein ... if you see their interview they were not disclosing to the interviewer anything ...
I am sure we will see some light moments  on Monday and tuesday .
But thanks god their was no hatred .

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Thanks for the update.Smile
Whew, so glad they are now working together, this will bring them closer and sanchi will start to see indu as he really is and vice versa.
I knew the conflict was coming and that it would be indu who needed I can start watching again!Big smile...yes, couldn't bear to watch those mind numbing episode, but I only hope the Cvs don't mess this up!WinkLOL

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