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We present to you the 6th Edition of Our PV Chronicles.Big smile Hope you will have a nice time & Do leave in Your Comments, Suggestions & Feedbacks and Hope we continue this every week Embarrassed

Weekly Summary
18th June to 22nd June

Yash wishes Palak on her birthday and gives blessings. When Yash asks Palak what gift she wanted, Palak replies that Aarti was supposed to give her the gift. Yash is left puzzled. Yash questions Palak what has she demanded from Aarti but Palak refuses to reveal the truth.

In the school, Palak apologizes to her classmates for behaving rudely with them. She requests them to be her friends. Palak gets happy when Ansh offers to become her best friend. She further gets happy when her classmates forgive her and accept her as their friend. Palak invites her friends for her birthday bash. 

Aarti requests Yash to cancel his meeting and help her in making arrangements for the party. Yash refuses to cancel his meeting, however, Aarti convinces him.

On the occasion of her birthday, Palak distributes gifts to children from an orphanage along with Aarti. Yash recollects how Arpita to used to organize the event similarly.

Yash panics when it starts raining heavily. He sees Aarti leaving the house in a hurry. He stops Aarti and enquires. Aarti replies that she was going out to bring Palak's birthday cake. Yash recollects the incident wherein Arpita had met with an accident when she had gone to pick up Palak's birthday cake during heavy rains. Yash sternly asks Aarti not to step out of the house and assures to bring the cake before the party.

Aarti is apprehensive and worries if she would ever be able to takeover Arpita's persona in Yash, Palak and Payal's life.

Surajpratap return home from Delhi after his meeting. Yash enquires with Surajpratap about his meeting. 

Palak dresses up for the party and comes to Surajpratap and Gayatri's room to show them her dress. Palak gets excited when she learns that her school friends had come for the party. 

During the party, Arpita's mother eats chocolate fudge and realizes that it tasted similar to what Arpita used to prepare. Arpita's mother enquires with Gayatri whether Aarti had prepared the fudge. Yash intervenes and tells Arpita's mother that he had ordered the fudge. 

Shobha overhears their conversation and rushes to Aarti's room. She requests Aarti to change her decision of taking over Arpita's persona in Yash, Palak and Payal's life. Aarti, however, remain determined. 

Palak's friends ask her to cut the cake but Palak refuses as she was waiting for Arpita to attend the party. 

Meanwhile, Aarti dresses up as Arpita. She seeks Arpita's blessings to help her win Palak and Payal's heart. 

After Yash tastes the fudge, he too realizes that the fudge tasted similar to what Arpita used to prepare. He calls up the store from where he had ordered the fudge. To his surprise, he learns that someone from his family had cancelled the order. 

After some time, Surajpratap asks Palak to cut the cake but she refuses and states that she was waiting for Aarti. 
Meanwhile Aarti arrives. The family gets surprised to see Aarti dressed up like Arpita. Shobha fears that Yash would get furious and never allow Aarti to takeover Arpita's position. She prays to God to help Aarti in her plan.

The Scindia family celebrates Palak's birthday. After the cake cutting ceremony, Surajpratap asks Vidhi and Aarti to make arrangements for the dinner.

Aarti is about to go into the kitchen when Yash calls out to her as Arpita. Gayatri gets surprised to see change in Yash's behavior towards Aarti.

Yash, however, gets furious when he realizes that Aarti had worn Arpita's sari and jewelry. He questions Aarti how dare she used Arpita's belongings. Pankaj tries to clam down Yash but fails. Yash adds that he cannot tolerate anybody using Arpita's belongings. He further adds that Aarti would never be able to takeover Arpita's persona in his life.

A furious Palak intervenes and accuses Aarti for lying to her that she would bring Arpita home for the party. Palak announces that she would never talk to Aarti in the future.

Yash fumes with anger on learning about Aarti's false assurance to Palak. When Yash confronts Aarti about it, she replies that she had no intentions to hurt Palak, instead wanted Palak and Payal to accept her as their mother.

Yash refuses to believe Aarti when she states that she wanted to make Palak happy on her birthday. Yash regrets giving Aarti a chance to reunite with him.

After the guests leave, Surajpratap supports Aarti. He tries to convince Yash that Aarti had no intention to hurt him or Palak. He asks Yash to forgive Aarti but he refuses. Ansh tries to cheer up Aarti and assures to convince Yash to forgive her. Aarti feels happy when Payal addresses her as 'Mother'. Payal too tries to cheer up Aarti.

Pankaj believes that Aarti had not committed any mistake by trying to takeover Arpita's persona in Yash, Palak and Payal's life. He tries to explain this to Surajpratap and Gayatri. Surajpratap too agrees with Pankaj. He is also impressed by Aarti's efforts to make Palak and Payal to accept her as their mother. Gayatri too supports Aarti but feels sad as Aarti could not succeed. Meanwhile, Yash arrives and overhears their conversation.

Surajpratap, Pankaj and Gayatri get shocked when Yash expresses desire to commemorate Arpita's death anniversary the following day. Surajpratap does not approve of this and asks Yash to change his decision as he was remarried to Aarti. Surajpratap tries to explain to Yash that as per their customs, he should not commemorate Arpita's death anniversary after his second marriage. Yash refuses to accept the customs and remains determined. However, Surajpratap asserts that he would never allow Yash to conduct the shraddh in the Scindia Mansion.

Vidhi holds herself responsible for the commotion that took place in the house during Palak's birthday bash. She apologizes to Aarti for advising her to takeover Arpita's position in the house.

Aarti gets emotional seeing Palak feel Yash.

Aarti decides to apologize to Yash but is confident that he would never forgive her. After Yash comes to his room, Aarti tries to talk to him but he does not pay heed to her and goes to sleep.

Aarti learns from Maya that Yash had stepped out of the house to commemorate Arpita's death anniversary. Vidhi tries to stop Maya from revealing the details to Aarti but fails. Aarti asserts that she had no problem with Yash's decision of conducting Arpita's shraddh much to Maya's dismay. 

Maya mocks Aarti saying thatYash had not yet accepted her as his wife. Aarti gets furious when Maya questions her about her relationship with Yash. Aarti smartly replies that she and Yash were bound in a strong relationship as they were parents to each other's children. She explains that she was Palak and Payal's mother, while Yash was Ansh's father. 

Aarti enquires with Pratik and Vidhi about Arpita's likes and dislikes. Pratik mentions that Arpita liked to see Yash happy and with a smile on his face. Vidhi adds that Yash was a cheerful and playful person but became serious and somber after Arpita's death.  

Aarti believes that Arpita's soul would truly rest in peace only after she saw Yash happy again. 

Undeterred by the opposition at home, Yash performs Arpita's shraddh. He gets surprised when he sees Aarti holding an umbrella over the havan to save it from the heavy rain that starts at that time. Aarti asks Yash to complete the rituals and assures to protect the havan from the rain. 

Maya gets furious when she sees Aarti help Yash accomplish his wish. Maya feels jealous as Aarti being a widow was remarried to Yash. She is determined to create problems for Aarti.

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Scene othe Week

This week the best scene came on Friday's episode when Yash is performing the Shradh puja of Arpita and it starts raining heavily but Aarti comes in with the umbrella to make sure the shradh puja havan fire does not go off in rain and she covers Yash as well as the havan fire with umbrella so that Arpita's shradh is completed successfully
Aarti stands like Yash's pillar of support while Yash successfully does the shradh of Arpita in rain ClapClapClap...if Aarti had not come with that umbrella to become a protective shield for Yash during the shradh of Arpita , then even Yash knows that the whole Shradh would hv been left incomplete Smile...So in a way its Aarti who makes sure Arpita's shradh puja becomes successful in the hands of Yash by giving complete support to him in that same rain which is forever playing a connecting factor in Yash's life StarStarStarStar...Today Arpita actually gets a closure because she died in rain and today Yash performs Shradh puja with Aarti's help in same rainSmile...
I must admit visually the episode looked quite appealing with brilliant camerawork the way rain was captured along with Yash doing the puja while Aarti is his protective shield holding the umbrella ... brillaint execution ..top notch direction ... GC-KS complimented each other like a dream StarStarStarStar

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Best Dressed of the Week

This week Best dressed character of the week goes to the little Angel Palak who was dressed up in a pink frock for her birthday and looked like a real pari in that pink frock along with those angelic wings and a princess crown on her head EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Biggest Disappointment of the Week

Biggest disappointment of the week is jointly shared by our lead couple,Yash and Aarti. I know the general consensus is against Yash,but I am including Aarti too. Yash of course for being completely self involved and oblivious to others feelings,shouting on Aarti in front of all guests after coming out from self induced delusion,pushing her physicallyOuch, and basically disrespecting her in worst way.
And Aarti for hatching this brilliant scheme,that you can bring back the dead by dressing like her,making a false promise to a child, using Arpita's clothes and jewellery without asking Yash about it, and being completely insensitive as to how Yash would react...

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Best Picture Of The Week



Dialogue of the Week


Male: Yash

"Ye Aartiji hain. Arpita nahin hain. AARTIJI HAIN YE!"

Even though it was said in extreme anger and frustration at Aarti, this dialogue was the nail in the coffin on Aarti's strange, strange plan of becoming Arpita. Through his rage and feelings of betrayal. Yash finally restored Aarti's identity back to her, the identity that had been swinging in the balance ever since she was given the name "Arpita" by Yash's family members. Though it was a highly tragic scene in the Yash-Aarti relationship, this definition became clear.

Female: Payal

"Haan mummy, aap rona nahin. Mummy aap roegi to main bhi roungi. Rona mat."

This dialogue was so unexpected and so much the sweeter for it! We were all so focused on Palak, assuming that when she accepted Aarti Payal would too but this was a pleasant surprise for the audience last week. Although Aarti did not succeed in winning the trust and love of Yash and Palak (though methinks they are just in denial), she did win one little Scindia over. This little surprise moment of joy that came our way made me also think about Payal's character and how even more than Palak, she has been neglected because while Yash and Palak share their grief, she bears no part in that. She is happy to have a cheerful parent and sibling in Aarti and Ansh with whom she can be herself and be a child. This dialogue, as well as the one with her asking Aarti to eat, I am sure brought a smile to every viewer's face! 

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The Most Romantic Moment Of The Week...
In this week of Punar Vivah,the most romantic moment is where Aarti enter Payal briday party and start singing Chanda Chamke with the kids and Yashjoins in and also start singing and dance with her and then he kiss Aarti hands..
Although, he was hallucinating about Arpita,it was the most romantic moment as we get to see both Aarti& Aprita and Yash Scindia in his romantic mood...Wink



The Best Performance Of The Week...
In this week of Punar Vivah,The best performance was by Aarti& Yash...
Aarti did well this week,Her intention of being arpita just to get a little bit of love from Palak& Payal was not wrong.Yash daughters alway thinks of her as their step mom and she wants them to accept her as their mother...Her entry dress as Arpita was beautiful..Despite being Aarti she is ready to change herself as arpita,just to get a bit of love from everyone.. She couldnt have been anybetter in this week Punar Vivah...Kratika did an awesome job...
Yash was also great,but he kinda went a little over board pushing the table down, and saying he woould never forgive Aarti.(I am still wondering was he going to hit Aarti when he walked up towards her and Pankaj stopped himConfused)...But above all..,he was good.His anger was totally justify,as Aarti added salt on his wound...He loves his wife so much and he lost her,he pulled his self together and learn to live without her,but with her memories.He made himself clear, he doesnt want anyone taking Arpita place...,Gurmeet was excellent this week,he protray the chacarter of Yash well as the man who loves his wife so much although she is death...
Yash& Aarti did a superb job in this week of Punar Vivah.

Funniest Scene Of The Week


Hmmm there was no such funny scene in this week Ermm

*The End... We'll be Back Soon with another Issue of PV Chronicles. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

PS: We need a Volunteer for if anyone interested then please PM me

*Weekly Summary: ME
*Scene of the week/Best dressed of the week: Jyo
*Biggest disappointed of the week:enchanted

*MRMOTW/bpotw: Amanda_18
*FSOTW: maneet_forever9

Guys volunteer for 

1.     Blooper of the week
2.     Siggie Of the week/ Avi of the week : SylvaniaLUX
3.     Filler Episode/ Most boring / irritating character or scene
4.     Funny/comedy scene : Amanda_18
5.     Most Unexpected / Hatke / Hated reaction by a character in the week 
6.     Most Shocking scene 
7.     Ishhh / Most drool-worthy  / Hottie  look off the week Tongue :  -scarlett- 
8 .    Awww / heartmelting moment of the week  : Allbut1
9.   OMG...What were they thinking ? moment of the week
10. Prediction of the week: Amanda_18

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Nice Natasha...Clap
I will also do the funny comdey scene..and Prediction of the week..,
I will PM you later...Smile

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Very nice Natasha and everyone!

I didn't do a funny scene since I didn't find anything funny, but there will be one for this weekSmile

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just superb
Clap       Clap    Clap

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