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E&A#1LastUpdate+Reqs&NOTEPG140[CLOSED] (Page 143)

Reenatyzed IF-Addictz

Joined: 01 November 2010
Posts: 61192

Posted: 17 November 2012 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
wow congratss for finishing this gallery
eagerly waiting for next year so that u will open a new shop
really i will miss u till then

now lets chat about creations

ok AnSh avis r so good saved that shiv's dream dance avi
will use that soon

others are also so good and great 

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-Ursh- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 01 December 2010
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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 12:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonu-monu

Sonu-Monu (Sonu) Sonu- This girl :) shes amazing I can't express how great she is.  she has Given Me Advice/Support & been there to read my Pms when I have been upset. She came to this shop randomly ( I remember these things LOLLOL) & We started chatting...Shes so Geniune Loving Kind person and Always Comments on my Updates even If she hates the ActorsEmbarrassedLOLI mean thats a true Friend man. I really wish we could talk more But I think time difference couldn't permit us to chat all the time I love you yaar! Thank you for Always being there and commenting on the Gallery  with amazing input Means so much to me you don't even know =D,Looking forward to getting to know you better aswellHug  We are somehow going to Keep In touchWink

Are you trying to make me cry...? congrats you won Cryyour beautiful words make me cry i dont know this sweet kind words i  deserve or nt but seriously  1000 hugs for this sweeties message  Hug is means alott for me EmbarrassedLove yaHeart
oh yes i still remember how we start talking  you know i  usually stalking your gallery but always thought you BV forum member  maybe our mind are alike or nt but  when i talk to you recognize you ,the cutee sweetest  person :)Tongue
haha LOL aww now you knowing me so well Actors should thank  to you to fall in like theme :PLOLLOL
yeh i know honey this Time difference killing Ouchdont worry we soon continue our chat in FB ...!Embarrassed

thank you once again for lovly words LOVE YAAA <3 Tongue

okay now back to biggies update
Big smileTongueTongue

 awww :D I just wanted to share to everyone that your amazing yaar, &  I mean that.Hug Aww you stalked the gallery? haha Well Me glad you Commented otherwise How would I have met you Embarrassed

BV creations part of your update without them creations your update not completed hai na..
very beautiful avis especial the text btw whats then nick name huh..? :DBig smile

yes nowadays thats a normal thing Bv Ka creationsLOL

Prishna avis nicee i like this guy he cutee 

Yes Thank you He is Cute!LOL

Giaa Manek no comments sorry yar i have no idea why i hate her alott i cant tolerate her even...sorry Giaa fans ..

teek HaiLOL

awww now you come to my most fav pair NMEmbarrassed
awww i still remember this scene  my little dolly rocked in that scene she coping so well ..even when she coping renu acting ahh she damn amazing  amazing

awww yes it was amazing scene!

aww thanks to god finally you realised KKK an amazing TC :PLOL
there is no doubt how AWESOME he is  <3Embarrassed
this confess scene is one of my fav kunal expresstions kill any one so easily Megha looks so beautiful with open hair & hug was out of d world <3 Embarrassed
loving d coloring & text alott is come out very nicly :D aww ::)
Big smile

Thank you Sonu! I loved this scene too & Really Happy how they came out!Embarrassed

Nivren avis nice you know i watch few' epi;s  of this show Chaand Chupa Badal Mein but suddenly leaved ..:OOuchmaybe am bored with it :PLOL

Thank you! CCBM was my Fav show at the time it aired hahaLOL

Kesar/Gulaal aww awesome drama i follow this show on YT amazing story beautiful story by all of cast especial girl acting  no words she damn Good :DBig smileClap
loving both avis :DEmbarrassed

OMG yeah Manasi Parekh was and always been amazing yaar this story was out the world glad you liked!Embarrassed

haha LOL babe i dont know abt other's but me always ready to seen Maaneet stuffBig smile

kurbaan ho Avis come out so beautifully i loved each&every avis i'll sure okay :DEmbarrassed
these two ahhh

Thanksss! Maaneet rock 

aww now Hot avis time :P
they are king of romance :)))))))))))

kill me babe this Fawad Icon Awww..my eyes freezed on him  oh no i cant see else's hunk :P coloring  awesome am died in his this stylepose  thank you jaan for make icon on him again Love ya <3

AWw Made for you in mind yaar always glad u loved it :DEmbarrassed

awww another cutee hunk icons awww loving all 3 kunal icons alott coloring super amazing in every icons coloring is different  i am luving ur new coloring ...&
 love the blending HOtness ahaan  <3 Big smile

Thanksss Youuu!Embarrassed I knew you would like these tooo

Ansh/Shiv siggies pretty cuteee but this one damn HOT this show never be in hot list but you put them couple  in hot list :PLOLgood going coloring text fab fab fab :DBig smileOMG me never thought ever i comment abt them awwLOLBig smilebut srsly i loved this one alottt Tongue

Ansh are HOT!LOLLOLLOL well Thanks yaar I liked how that one came out too !

Meghan siggys are simply gorgeous gorgeousss am lost somewher ahhh its damn B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L your coloring & the blending freaking Good i loved this rain scene missing them badly :((((

sec one MM siggy too niceee <3 

Aww thanks Glad you liked the coloring and blendingEmbarrassed

fawad sigg so adorableee...oh  shit no no my room temperature getting Hot & Hot HOTDeadBlushing
BlushingBlushingafter seen Fawad siggyBlushingBlushing <3 ahhh very classy&styling loving ittt <3

Ahahaha Room Temp 100 Degree Above!!!! IN that pics Fawad look HottieeeWink

oh Whoo loving it Kunal birthdat siggy too cuteeeSmile


aww 3 Karan's in one siggy nice very nicly done :DEmbarrassed
aww KSG&DD siggy  too cutee so true them friends ship forever fabulous honey :DSmile

hey aww am like KT & DD eyes wpla part its hard to edit na...?
mindblowing done :D
Big smile

Thanks for liking the Requests!<3 yesh eyes hard to edit haha

OMG again my tune :P:))) am bushingEmbarrassed :P

huh what are you saying you Wasn't  happy okay what ever Ouch but am damn damn Happy with these two FM siggies <3

its freaking gorgeousss both siiggies coloring n effect,fabulous style..it came out lovely
marvelous work on them yar .. me sinply loving ittt...

sec one  totally out of the worlddd the blending is so  flawless and gorgeous colouring <33

WEll as long as your happy with that yaar thats all that matters k!HeartHug

everything is STUNNING :DBig smileClap

you always impressed me with your Amazing work yar hats of to you is looks easy but i know  its not easy to makes thank you so mucg for making amazing creations for us Love ya babe Embarrassed

keep rocking & your new gallery not coming in 2013 i want to see your gallery next month...got it..!


Again Sonu yaar your Comments are one in a million! you take so much time to comment like these Wowww! I LOVE YOUHeart
Thanks for thinking I am great creator that means so much yaar really...I will KIT with you! Once you made my day!Hug 
MY comments in RED

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-Ursh- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 01 December 2010
Posts: 27006

Posted: 18 November 2012 at 12:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -krazyriya-


First of all... awww thank youuu so much meri jaan..Hugfor ur extremely sweet words for me..Big smile...i'm too touched right now...Day Dreaming ! I'm so happy to know you like my company.. my comments...n to tell you..u r one of the most sweetest persons i have met here..Hug u r so loving jaan...i simply love youu..Heart ! though we still dont know much abt each other... but we r quite close.. n i'll would love to know you even more n get along you forever..Embarrassed..! I'm glad to have a friend like you in my life...seriously !

aww Varshu! your amazing yaar! I hope to get to know u better aswell! & thank you for your Kind WordsEmbarrassed

Now, coming to your update...wowww its so huge..ShockedClap n heavenly beautiful...Day Dreaming

AnSh avis n siggies are simply gorgeous...Day Dreaming.my so fav. in ur update...! ur colouring.. text.. style.. everything is shining beautifully yaar..Star.. they r so mermerizinggg !... http://i.minus.com/jb0zKBLjNXNmlb.jpg this one is the best ! <333 Big smile

Awww Thanks yaar glad you liked the BV/Ansh Stuff the mostt too sweetEmbarrassed

omggg u made MM siggies too...whoaaa i loved them so muchhh..Hug..saving n gonna use for sure..Wink.! loved both..esp. 2nd one..colouring is so damn good n attractive.Embarrassed..! its such a pretty siggy ! Day Dreaming

MM confession avis are lovely..Embarrassed n awww MN avis from one of my most fav. scenes..terrace ones.. yayy...Dancing love youu for making on them..Hug..they r so adorableee ! Day Dreaming

I knew u would like the NBT Creations made for you all in mind. Thanks for liking the colouring in them and Glad you liked the Avi's tooo!Embarrassed

Maneet avis are purely stunninggg..Blushing..esp. the last two sets...awesomemyye blossomy work here dear ! fabulous..i lovedd all the avis to the core Hug

Thanksss Maaneet ones me happy with!Wink

prishna ones are the highlights of ur update...Big smile just too cuteeishh... lovely...amazinggg ! the avis are marvelous too...Day Dreaming awww u made me relive those memories...the avis where prishna confessed..Day Dreaming..their hug..awww just loved them too muchhh ! Hug

AWw you liked Prishna!<3 did you watch AB then I didn't  know that scene is hella amazing :D

oh nivren avis...wowww ! seeing them after such a long time ! feeling so gr8..Big smile..! btw..r u a fan of them...? i lovedd that show too..Wink.!

Yes yaar Loved CCMB I became Kinshuk Fan after watching that show!Big smile Theres so much to learn about each other we watch alot of the same shows.

kunal icons...goshhh too killing..Blushing..i loved the pics u chose..simplyy awesomeee ! Giaa icons are superb...Clap.so beautiful... ! this one is really cutee http://i.minus.com/jNw57SqKSVTpJ.jpg  Embarrassed

AWww THanksss! glad you liked KKK and giaaa

bday siggies are mindblowingg...Clap. i so lovedd the siggy u made for payal.Embarrassed..its so droolicious.Silly.attractive...fantabulous work on it.Star.! 

Thanksss :D

requests are lovely...Day Dreaming.lovedd them all... esp this one http://i.minus.com/jnoR4Iw8PBe4w.jpg its amazingg... n colouring is so brilliant ! ClapWink

Glad you liked the requests toooEmbarrassed

superb..rocking update yaar..Day Dreaming...u seriously shine ! keep it up..Thumbs Up...!

love youu...Hug
Varshu Heart

Varshuuu Thanksss so much for this amazing Comment =) Love you! ans deffo keep in touch with you yaar! can't wait for NBT next year we can chat in AT!<3Hug
My Comments in RED
-Ursh- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 01 December 2010
Posts: 27006

Posted: 18 November 2012 at 12:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shreya_luvs

Awesome update guys. It was so big it took almost 10 minutes to load. LOL

Thanks Shreya! yeah its a huge Update! glad you liked thoughEmbarrassed

Originally posted by TheDarkKnight

Oh my gosh oh my gosh Urshu!! I loved the update!!
And the third siggy is wonderful!!! Loved it!!!
K I'll use it when I'm over my obsession with my vampire diaries siggys lols...But I'll surely use it...I'm going to share the siggy with one of my friends who is also a DD/KT fan...he doesn't use siggys in his dabba but I'm sure he'll love it!! :P
Thanks Urshu :P

Aww happy you liked Shikaa!Embarrassed ahaha use when your obsession is over No worries yaar :D
Glad you liked the Update tooo!Wink
-Ursh- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 01 December 2010
Posts: 27006

Posted: 18 November 2012 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by X.Sisi94

Amazing Updateee dear loveee the Gia stufff 

And that siggie of Fawad wow loveee it 

Thanks Siham! glad you liked giaa and fawad creationsEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Saraella

Honestly I didnt comment on your gallery much but I always use to see and I am a big fan of your creations. you did awesome job with all stuff you made. 

And I will really miss your creations. plzz be back soon.

love the new updates. 

Aww thanks Sara!Embarrassed glad you like the creations !<3 hoping to be back soon!
-Ursh- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 01 December 2010
Posts: 27006

Posted: 18 November 2012 at 12:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by likaboss

Ursh , AMAZING update !!! 
the avis/sig/icons all are wonderful ! Day Dreaming
this ones my fave , the text /coloring is great <3

and where are you going Shocked

Aww Thanks Nancyyy!Hug glad you liked the MM Siggieee!

I am moving to the UK!Embarrassed

Originally posted by -Asmi-

meghan sigs n esp wo ansh avi is amazing yaara.

enjoy in ur countryHug

Thanks Asmi!Hug aww you liked Meghan/Ansh. Thanks will EnjoyyyEmbarrassed

Originally posted by S696_sehreen

beautiful update sis Hug
n sorry for not commenting before iam not a active member here so sorry for that
but open the new dukhan n will be waiting for it Embarrassed

aww thanks Sehreen! No Probs dear I understand. <3 Thanks will be Opening hopefully soonEmbarrassed

Edited by UrshP - 18 November 2012 at 12:58am
-Ursh- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 01 December 2010
Posts: 27006

Posted: 18 November 2012 at 12:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angelic_leena_3

wow!! ursh beautiful n lovely update..loved it..ansh avis n siggies r awwesome..Big smileBig smile

Thanks Leena!Embarrassed Glad you liked Ansh CreationsHug

Originally posted by ..aastha..



Originally posted by rashi_anya

awesome dr

Thankss Dear!Big smile

Originally posted by 55shobha

wow congratss for finishing this gallery
eagerly waiting for next year so that u will open a new shop
really i will miss u till then

now lets chat about creations

ok AnSh avis r so good saved that shiv's dream dance avi
will use that soon

others are also so good and great 

Awww Thanks Shobha!Hug Glad you liked Ansh!<3 I am hoping to be Back...Will miss you in the AT thread tooErmm but hoping to be back sooon!

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OceanLove Newbie

Joined: 01 November 2012
Posts: 49

Posted: 18 November 2012 at 1:03am | IP Logged
Such a nice update Ursh and Fiza .. Thanks for update... 

Cant take my eyes off of Kinuuu Heart Day Dreaming Hug

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