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Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto
Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto

Asiah last part updated (Page 10)

LoveSana Goldie

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Originally posted by snehapatro

Originally posted by unknownunknown

Ya sneha he will fall for Preeto but there is another twist in rajpreet lovestory

twist grtt waiting to know it...:) r u also like me Sana as in u know the whole story of what u will be writing from start to end...;)

i dont know y most of the people send me pm's saying that im talented and i should become a writer. But the truth is that writing is my worst subject. 

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LoveSana Goldie

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It has been almost a month since Annie had placed a bet for Rajbeer to woo Preeto in a month. Rajbeer was turning softer to Preeto and always looked for excuses to be around her. Preeto too was coming close to Rajbeer. It was late at night...
Preeto and Aqeelah roamed around the living room of their house. Preeto- arrey daddi ko itni bhi kya baadi dhikat agae thi jo hume bin baatae ghar se chali gae.
Aqeelah- han aur hume yakein nahi hota ke pappa ne hume ghar pe rehne ke liye kaha.
Preeto- di aaj ap pappa se baat karengi na
Aqeelah- about what
Preeto- ke mujhe bhi ek car dilaeh. mujhe ros uss taxi driver ke saath ana padta hai and you know what Benji bhi uss taxi ko use karta hai please di hume ek car chahiye.
Aqeelah- tum khud kyun baat nahi karti
Preeto- thik hai after all humare ghar mein tin tin cars hai humare paas license bhi hai  toh fir.
Aqeelah- very good
Preeto's dad came home with his mom. Preeto- daddi ap kahi thi hum sab kitna pareshan hogae the.
Daddi- oye chup kar hum toh sirf gurudware gae the rab se yeh dua maangne ke woh tum donu beheno mein se kisi ek mein akal dale aur shaadi ka khiyal dale
Papa- ab iss  baat mein hum babe se sehmat hai.
Preeto- hume kyun kehte ho ap di ki jab shaadi hogi tab hum bhi kar lengay.
Aqeelah- weyse pappa preeto hume keh rahi thi ke usse car drive karna atta hai toh hum apse baat kare ke woh ab car use kar sakti hai ya nahi.
Pappa- bilkul apni maa pe gae ho tum Preeto usse kuch chahiye hota nah toh woh kisi aur se khihelwati.
Daddi- han leki rab aisa nah kare ke weyse teri maa ki moth hue car accident mein weyse kuch tere saath na ho.
Everyone got a little upset. Preeto- iska matlab hum drive kar sakte hai na.
Pappa- han
Preeto- thank you pappa
Aqeelah- Dr. Preeto apko ab sune jana chahiye kyunki kal early shift hai na.
Preeto- han bye di good night everyone
Aqeelah- night.

Preeto went to her room and then her phone started ringing. She picked it up. Preeto- hello
Rajbeer-  black or blue
Preeto- what
Rajbeer- mein sneha ko date pe ley ja raha hon black shirt or blue shirt
Preeto- hmmm black shirt. tumpe accha lagta hai.
Rajbeer- okay
Preeto- weyse Rajbeer hum tumse ek baat poche
Rajbeer fell on his bed- pochiye meri royalty
Preeto smiled- tum kya sneha se sach mein pyaar karte ho
Rajbeer- i dont know kyun
Preeto- kyunki humne notice kiya hai ke tum aur sneha ek physical... public relation share karte ho
Rajbeer sat up- what do you mean
Preeto- i mean kissing aur itna close anah i think tum donu ko live in relation mein rehna chahiye.
Rajbeer- ha ha ha very funny... actually you know what i will think on it.
Preeto- aur baat rahi date ki toh tumhe nahi ke raat ke dus baaje bhaut late hota hai date ke liye.
Rajbeer- ya lekin woh mujhse upset hogae. Meine tumhe aaj woh heart wali surgery mein assist kiya tha na toh date keh ke usse maana liya.
Preeto- hmmm toh jao
Rajbeer- kaha
Preeto- sneha ke paas date pe
Rajbeer- o right
Preeto- bye
Rajbeer- luv u
Preeto- hate u too.
Rajbeer- bye
She laughed and hung up.

Rajbeer and Sneha's date...
Sneha was wearing really short sexy red dress. Rajbeer wrapped his arms around her waist- sorry woh mein kya karta surgery thi issi liye mujhe late ana padah.
Sneha wrapped her arms around his neck- u r forgiven.
They brought their mouth closer and started kissing each other's lips.  Rajbeer then remembered Preeto's words- hume lagta hai ke tumhara aur sneha ka relation physical hai.
Rajbeer then broke the kiss. Sneha left him- what happened kya hua
Rajbeer- i think hume ab aur paas ana band karna hoga i mean the kissing and stuff.
Sneha- Preeto... tumse Preeto ne kaha na ke yeh galat hai.
Rajbeer- nahi
Sneha- dont lie usse dekh ke hi aisa lagta hai ke woh tumse pyaar karti hai. Woh tumhe mujse door karna chahati hai. Lekin mein tumhare paas ae toh ussne kud ko tumse door kar diya. Aur tumse uski doori bardash nahi hoti.
Rajbeer- she's just a friend sneha
Sneha- nahi tumhare liye friend hai lekin usne like ko magic kiya hai jiski waja se tum usse door nahi ho sakte aur sirf tumhari nazaro mein acchi dekhna chahati hai.
Rajbeer- issa nahi hai
Sneha- o really toh uske samhe mujhe kiss karo. Usse choud do. Just leave her
Sneha couldnt take it anymore and started crying- tum usse behen ji type se pyaar keyse kar sakte ho
Sneha left and Rajbeer finally realized that he loved Preeto.
Next Morning...
Rajbeer was getting ready to leave his house for Asiah. Then his eyes fell on a picture of the Aisah interns. You know Benji Zakir Annie Ishu Preeto and Rajbeer. He picked it up and slide his fingers on Preetos face. Rajbeer- aaj mein tumse bhol donga ke mein tumse kitna pyaar karta hon.
He smiled and left.

Locker Room...
Zakir Annie and Ishu were gossiping. Rajbeer was told to clean his locker by Hitler since it was a dump. Preeto came in exhausted because her shift started at 5 am and now it was like 10 am. She just sat on the bench. Rajbeer threw like twenty sheets of paper trash behind him. The paper fell on Preeto- hey watch it Rajbeer.
Rajbeer turned around and finally noticed Preeto. Rajbeer- im sorry woh mujhe tumhe kuch baatana hai.
Preeto- kya
Rajbeer- meine aur sneha ne
Before  he could finish Benji interrupted- guys meri taraf se aaj cafeteria mein sabko treat
Ishu- aur tumhari waja jaan sakte hai hum
Benji- aaj Julie ko triplettes hue jinka naam hai OM Shanti OM Junior.
Annie- yeh Julie hai kun
Benji- mera rose plant
Zakir- wah kitna original hai
Benji- hai na
Rajbeer thought- aaj mein Om Shaanti aur Om junior ke celebration ke baad Preeto se apne pyaar ka isshaar kar donga. What Om Shaanti aur Om junior kya yaar mein bhi Benji ki bhasha bolne laga hon.
Preeto- Rajbeer tum kya keh rahe the
Rajbeer- i mean
Just then Annie and Zakir started arguing really loudly. Raj- i mean
Pre- kya
Everyone stopped. Zakir- kya sneha aur tera breakup mujhe usska number dey mein usse patta ne ki koshish karta hon.
Preeto- tumhara breakup
Rajbeer- han
Benji tried controlling his laughter but couldnt-  finally she was a bitch yaar kitna attitude tha
Rajb- jaanta hon tujhe pasand nahi thi
benji- nahi chal celebration karte hai.
Everyone went to the cafeteria for celebration.

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snehapatro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
LOL Rajbeer Preeeto ka hogaya...
who is this sneha its not me at all...ROFL
grt update SanaBig smile

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xxAqeelahxx IF-Sizzlerz

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Haha was a fab update loved reading it ...

aww rajpreet ... love you ... hate you tooLOL was too good

oh now rajneha ka break up ... aww poor sneha .. but that line was funny
usne like magic kiya hain ROFL

It just reminded me of a girl in anuva serial ... haha ...
LoveSana Goldie

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Preeto ran out of the hospital and Rajbeer followed her calling her. Rajbeer- Preeto im sorry please mujhe maaf kardo

She ran


Annie and Rajbeer were talking to each other about the bet and how Rajbeer lost and Annie won. But Preeto overheard them talking about the bet on her. Preeto- Rajbeer… Annie

They turned to her and Rajbeer's eyes got wide. Preeto's eyes were full of tears and then she ran away from there.



She continued running and Rajbeer wanted to stop her and declare his love for her. She ran into the parking lot and then stopped in front of a man. He was strong and muscular but not at Rajbeer's level of course. He was wearing expensive clothes. And a golden watch. He smiled at Preeto. And before Rajbeer could even realize who he was. Preeto embraced him and then he hugged her back tightly. Rajbeer was really shocked by all this. The man caressed Preeto's back and she didn't do anything. Rajbeer- excuse me who are you

Preeto broke the hug and started laughing. Preeto finally controlled her laughter- Rajbeer yeh hai Vishal humara fianc.

Rajbeer didn't know what to do. It was him that had dumped and rejected countless girls and never has he been hurt.  He fell in love with a traditional Indian girl and he found out that she was already in love and engaged to someone else. Rajbeer- o tumne mujhe baataya kyun nahi

Preeto- kyun shocking news hum tumhe nahi dey sakte… aur by the way Annie ne jo bet rakhi thi na woh humare kehne pe hi rakhi thi. Tumhara reaction hume dekhna tha jab hum tumhe baataon ke hum engaged hon.

Vishal- o I see toh tum Rajbeer ho the new intern… nice to meet  you.

Rajbeer- me too

Vishal wrapped his arms around Preeto's waist and hugged her from the back. He rested his chin on her shoulder and said- meri doctor ne tumhe ziyada toh nahi saataya na

Rajbeer- not at all

Preeto- Vishal choudo hume hum tumse jussa hon

Vishal- kyun

Preeto- tumhe promise kiya tha ke tum wapas kaal ane wale the lekin nae ae.

Vishal planted a small kiss on her cheek which burned Rajbeer's hurt- im sorry please hume maaf kardijiey

Preeto- hmm apology accepted

Vishal- Rajbeer tum humari wedding pe aona…

Rajbeer- wedding wedding date bhi fixed hai

Vishal- Preeto tumne card nahi diya

Preeto- sorry sorry hum card locker mein bhol gae.

Rajbeer faked a smile- Its okay

Vishal- ma'dam ne toh sab kuch tumse suspense mein rakha hoga toh mein hi tumhe invite kardeta hon tin din baad gurudware mein ana warna mein tumhe kidnap karke leyjaonga.

Rajbeer- of course humari, I mean meri dost ki wedding hai I wouldn't miss it.

Vishal laughed- tum bhi meri tarah struggle kar rahe ho humare

Preeto- Vishal tum humari haasi kar rahe ho thik hai humhe tumse baat nahi karni

She left him and started leaving. Vishal- sorry yaar ab jaake maanana padega

Rajbeer- go bhaut zidhi hai experience se keh raha hon

Vishal left…

Rajbeer opens his house and then he is so angry he starts throwing stuff here and there. Then his phone rings. Rajbeer reads Di

Rajbeer- hello di

Di- han Rajbeer tum keyse ho

Rajbeer- di she is engaged

Di- …. Kun… Preeto

Rajbeer- han di woh kisi aur se pyaar karti hai

Di- what lekin tum usse pyaar karte hona

Rajbeer- confession nahi hua

Di- ek minute tum apne jiju se baat karo

Jiju- hello raj

Rajbeer- jiju

Jiju- kya hua raj

Rajbeer- jiju woh mujhe choudke ja rahi hai

Jiju- lekin raj who kise pyaar karti hai

Rajbeer- hai koi Vishal…. Apni wedding ka card mujhe dey diya

Jiju- accha hai shaadi se pehla patta chala shaadi hoti  aur uske baat patta chalta toh

Di yelled at Jiju in the background- SUPPORT DEYNE KE LIYE PHONE DIYA THA TUMHE

Jiju- yes yes

Rajbeer- pehle baar pyaar kiya sacha… aur who bhi nikali engaged.

Jiju- chill teri di se pehle mujhe kitni saare ladkiyone reject kiya tha

Rajbeer- bye

Jiju- thik hai ji bye



3 Days Later….

Benji, Zakir, Dhruv and Rajbeer were wearing sherwanis. Annie, Ishu, Hitler were wearing lehengas. Rajbeer quietly sneaked into Preeto's room. Preeto was seating at the dressing table in a red lehenga with golden work on it. She looked like the most beautiful bride to him. Rajbeer- Preeto

Preeto looked up. Rajbeer saw there were tears in her eyes. Rajbeer- kya hua roh kyun rahi ho

Preeto- Dehradun choudna pad raha hai na

Rajbeer smiled and knelt down in front of her. Rajbeer- tumhe kuch deyna chahata hon.

Preeto- kya

He showed her a sweet. Rajbeer-tumhe pasand hai na

Preeto's tears escaped. Preeto- han…tum abhi kyun dey rahe ho

Rajbeer- kyunki fir tum mujhse nahi milogi na

Preeto- what tum airport nahi a rahe

Rajbeer- no




Preeto and Vishal were doing the wedding rituals and Rajbeer made a excuse and left the mandap. He couldn't see someone else wedding the love of his love. 



Preeto had changed into a simple red salwar kameez and searched for Rajbeer. But he was no where in sight. Vishal- chale

Preeto smiled and started walking towards the flight. She looked back to see Rajbeer but he still was no where near. Finally when she left Rajbeer came out and walked up to Benji. Rajbeer- flight kab board ho rahi  hai uski

Benji was crying- I don't know

Rajbeer- yaar tujhe patta kya hota hai… toh roh raha hai

Benji- kyun mein nahi roh sakta

Rajbeer- what ever


6 Months later…

Rajbeer was at an airport in Melbourne, Australia. He was still upset about Preeto marrying Vishal. Just then a lady who was wearing a blue summer dress bumped into him. He dropped his passport and so did she. They both knelt down and their foreheads bumped. The lady got mad, her face was covered by her hair and she raised her hand to slap him just as she stopped after seeing his face. Rajbeer- im sorry

The lady removed the hair off her face. The lady was no other than Preeto. Rajbeer was shocked. He didn't expect her to be in Melbourne and her red swollen eyes covered with brown eye liner. He knew that she was crying before. Preeto- no its okay Rajbeer

Rajbeer- Preeto tum Melbourne mein

Rajpreet got up.

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LoveSana Goldie

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Rajpreet meet at Melbourne airport after Preeto's wedding to Vishal. 
Rajbeer- Preeto tum Melbourne mein
Preeto- han woh Vishal ka transfer yaha hua hai. 
Rajbeer- o so Vishal keysa hai
Preeto- hume kya patta
Rajbeer- tum donu ki shaadi hue thi
Preeto started crying again- that bas***d...
Rajbeer- Preeto kya hua
Preeto- Woh ek accha insaan nahi hai
Rajbeer- what do you mean... ek kam karte hai cafe mein chalte hai waha pe baat karte hai
Preeto- lekin flights
Rajbeer- to hell with the flights... chalo

Preeto tells him everything that happened..
About a week ago she came back from the hospital. She went home and opened the door to their bedroom. She was Vishal kissing someone else in their bed. They were naked and covered in the bed sheets. 

Rajbeer- he was screwing someone else
Preeto- han 
Rajbeer- divorce toh diya hai na uss kamine ko
Preeto- abhi abhi divorce papers judge ke samhe sign kiya hai humne
Rajbeer- toh kaha jaogi
Preeto- Dehradun
Rajbeer- tumhe nahi lagta ke tumhe apne ap ko thoda shape karna chahiye waha sabko wajab dene ke liye
Preeto- i dont know what to do..
Rajbeer- relax ek kam karte hai... hum yahi Australia mein choude din rokte hain aur fir wapas jaate hai aur waha tum normal behave karne ke shape mein hogi. 
Preeto- lekin kaha
Rajbeer- meri di ka ek guesthouse hai Melbourne mein woh kud Sidney mein rehti hai aur fir hum waha hi kuch dino tak reh sakte hai jab tak tum adjust na karolo
Preeto- rajbeer tum humeri itna madat kar rahe ho i dont know how to thank you
Rajbeer- baas smile kardeyna aur agar aur help chahiye toh I love you bolne pe jaan bhi hazir hai
Preeto wiped her tears- you... you
Rajbeer- casanova.  
RajPreet laughed...
Rajbeer opened the door to the guesthouse. 
a week passed by and Preeto was starting to fall in love with Rajbeer. 

Preeto and Rajbeer were watching a movie and a girl was asking a guys what he would find in his soul mate. Rajbeer turned to Preeto- Preeto weyse tum apne soul mate mein kya dhoonti
Preeto thinks for a while she actually thinks of Rajbeer- well sab se pehle woh humhe bhaut pyaar karega
Rajbeer thought- check
Preeto- loyal
Rajbeer thought- check
Preeto- good looking
Thght- check
Preeto- loving and caring
THO.- check
Preeto- a child lover
Tho.- check
Preeto- o aur most important uski height... exactly 6 ft 4 honi chahiye
Tho.- che..what
Rajbeer- 6 ft 4... what about 6 ft 5
Preeto- ahh no
Rajbeer- 6ft 5 is a really good height
Preeto- nahi
Rajbeer- im serious
Preeto- accha stand up
He stood up and Preeto examined his height and then stood up on the sofa and checked it out again. Preeto- hmmm not bad
Rajbeer smiled and then his hands wrapped around Preeto. Preeto's hands wrapped around his neck. He took the smell of her hair in and she smelled his exotic perfume.  Just then his phone rang and that pulled them out of each other's hug. Rajbeer attended the call. 

Rajbeer- chalo lets go out

They went to a club. They actually went there for drinks. Preeto refused to have a drink. Rajbeer- kyun pehle khabhi drink nahi kiya
Preeto- no i drink okay bas hum fir control nahi kar sakte issi liye hum drinks nahi leyti
Rajbeer- dont worry tumhara advantage nahi longa
Preeto shook her head as a no. Rajbeer- come on at least ek shot
Preeto smiled- no
Rajbeer- no then fine
Everyone cheered. Preeto- Rajbeer shut up
Everyone cheered for him. Preeto- fine
The waiter got her a shot and then she drank it and thats when she lost the limit. She drank like five shots and could bearly walk to the car. Rajbeer- Preeto careful
Preeto- no no no im fine im fine... you know something agar humari hitler di hoti na toh hume maardeyti. 
RajPreet laughed. 
Preeto almost fell but Rajbeer got her and then picked her up bridal style to the car. He drove to the guesthouse and then again he picked her up and went to her room. 

He was about to leave but Preeto got his hand. Rajbeer- kya
Preeto- please hume choudke maat jao... kya hum boore hain
Rajbeer- nahi toh kisne kaha ke tum boori ho
Preeto- i dont know woh pehle maa choudke chaligae, fir Vishal aya humari life mein. Sab ne hume maana kiya Zakir, Benji, Ishu, Annie, Dhruv, Papa, Daddi, di sab ne lekin hume laga ke hum usse pyaar karte hai aur fir woh hume cheat kar raha tha shaadi ke baad... kya hum sach mein boore hain
Rajbeer- no tum bhaut acchi ho 
Preeto- really
Rajbeer- really
Preeto hugged a confused Rajbeer. They hugged each other and then Rajbeer started nuzzling her hair and she hugged him tighter. Her eyes were tightly shut. Then they slightly broke the hug to see each other's lips. Rajbeer caressed her lip with his thumb and then went in for a kiss. Rajbeer first gently kissed her and then when she responded he kissed her harder. Then with a bite she opened her mouth to let Rajbeer enter. He had never taste a nectar as good as hers. He wanted more, he leaned towards Preeto and they were on the bed kissing each other. Then he pulled the blanket over them. 

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xxAqeelahxx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 4:34am | IP Logged
very lovely update aww rajppreet together finally ...
i didn't believe it when preeto hugged vishal guy ... poor rajbeer ...

and loved the dialogue the 6ft 5 one , heard that somewhere Lol

LoveSana Goldie

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Kismat Connection...
Ya I just wanted to add a song in it thats why i just added more to the story. Before i heard the song I wanted to show Rajbeer finding out that Vishal is a cheat and then he shows his true face to Preeto. But i heard the song and i just wanted to add that. 

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