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28th Jun WU - Sanchi apologizes to Indu

lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 June 2012 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Sanchi and Mehek frantically drive about in the scooty, anxious to try and reach the hospital as soon as possible. 

Two doctors who look more like assasins than anyone in the medical field introduce themselves to the guard outside Swetha's room. They manage to convince the security personnel that they had only been posted that morning for Swetha's treatment and thus successfully gain entry into the room.

In the meanwhile, not very far from the hospital itself, Mehek's scooty splutters to a stop. With little time to spare, Sanchi hurriedly informs Mehek that she would rush ahead alone, so that she could reach Swetha before anything untoward happened. With Mehek's nod, Sanchi quickly starts running towards the hospital on foot. Colliding with people and knocking off hospital beds, the desperate girl races to Swetha's room. She notes yet again that the security guard was conveniently absent, off to attend a personal call. 
When Sanchi eventually barges into the room, she is horrified to discover two unfamiliar men trying to inject something into the comatose girl. 
'Stop' she screams 
Displeased with the interruption, the angry men turn around and thereafter starts a physical tussle of sorts.
While one of the assasins grabs Sanchi,  the other attempts to go ahead with the murder attempt. In order to garner some form of attention from outside, the restrained Sanchi knocks a steel stool. This successfully alerts the guard who was just returning back to his station. Charging into Swetha's room, the guard stops the man from inserting the needle by striking him with his lathi. No sooner, the policeman and the assassins have a clash and one of the murderers manages to curb both Sanchi and the policeman. Watching the other man proceed to carry out his wicked act, Sanchi uses all her might to free herself and then hits the assailant with a metal case. This attack angers the vicious men, prompting them to bring out their weapons. 
In a clamour that follows, the murderer slashes around his weapon, inflicting a gash on Sanchi's wrist. Looking up at her assailant, the lone girl becomes terrified - he just did not seem to want to stop. With the knife in his powerful fist, the armed assassin continues advancing towards Sanchi, cornering her against the wall. However, just as he plans to make his final strike, Mehek's timely intervention saves the life of her friend. 
The policemen drag away the two murderers from the scene. 

Questioned by the police, they initially refuse to blurt out the name of their contractor. 
However, a few rigorous questioning techniques later, one of the men proceeds to reveal the name of their employer 'Indu Singh has sent us here' he pauses 'He has given us 1 lakh to have that girl murdered'
Everyone is shocked, Sanchi included. 
The man whimpers 'Please don't let him know that we disclosed his name...or we'll be done for' 
Sanchi speaks out in defence of the innocent 'These men are lying...they are only trying to trap Indu Singh...'
The annoyed inspector turns to look at Sanchi 'We know why you are trying to defend him... now tell me... if he was indeed innocent, why did he have to escape from jail...there would have been no necessity to escape... we know he escaped only to eliminate all proof... and now he's employed these men to get rid of Swetha too!'
As the policemen leave the scene with the two murderers, a tense Sanchi ponders to herself 'We have to find Indu Singh before the police find him.. or else everything will be ruined...'

As Sanchi's wound is being dressed, Sanchi finds herself unable to shake off what the assassin had just said 'Why is everything turning out so awry...the more I am trying to save Indu, the deeper he is being implicated in this case...the actual culprit in this case is Shukla and he is the one who needs to be charged with attempted murder...'

Profoundly unhappy about how his 'assassination' plan had gone to dogs, Shukla stomps about the room swearing at his fate. As the professor goes on to spew damning words for his enemy Sanchi, Radha adds that it might be better to have Sanchi assassinated along with Swetha. 
However, watching their animated exchanges, the more composed Tiwari tries to calm both of them down 'Now the police are sure that it was Indu behind all of this.. they are searching for him...they are hunting him down like a pack of dogs...'
Shukla is still not pacified 'Well all that is fine, but only if they catch him...right now Indu is still roaming about freely...if and when Indu comes to know that its my hand and your brains behind all of this, we'll be reduced to nothing...'
This statement startles the generally placid Tiwari too. He utters slowly 'Yes you're right...before Indu reaches the truth, we need to get in touch with him.. we have to find out where he is'
'But, how do we search for him..his phone connection is cut off..and we have no other means to locate him' Shukla refutes
Calling upon his half-witted brother, Tiwari orders him to send out a search party for Indu 'He must be found Sushil.. at any cost...' 
Once Sushil nods his head and leaves the scene to follow the bidding, Tiwari returns to mulling upon a few facts. He quickly adds 'Indu will definitely meet Sanchi...why don't spy on her too...that could definitely lead us to Indu's whereabouts...' he pauses 'In fact, let's try and convince the police that Sanchi is also involved with Indu in all of this...that both husband and wife want to kill Swetha Jha!' 
'All this is not so easy' retorts an unconvinced Shukla
'Its not that difficult either...' replies Tiwari 'and we need to do something to save ourselves, right?' he pauses 'Imagine! Indu behind bars...and Sanchi behind bars too... and then its an all round victory for us...'
Radha is left agape, while Shukla sports a dastardly smile!

'I can't even begin to digest how disgusting Shukla would turn out to be..firstly he sends assassins to murder that poor girl and then blames Indu for all of it...I have to search for Indu Singh somehow...' Sanchi fumes, as she sprints through the hospital car park 'How could we bring out Shukla's truth in front of the entire could we provide justice to those unfortunate girls, unless we are able to discover where Indu is...additionally Indu has to prove himself innocent too...' unaware of a subtle smile emerging on Mehek's face, Sanchi continues 'I'll try calling him now' 
When Sanchi's call does not go through, Mehek finally voices out her thoughts 'Sanchi! Everything is so strange... the very Indu Singh whom you used to hate, now you are so desperate to seek!'
Sanchi looks up at her friend in a bid to correct her 'I have to search him...but, out of helplessness and necessity...Indu is innocent... and I only want to punish the culprits...' her voice trails off 'but now, how do I search for him...'

Walking towards the group of friends who were engrossed in a game of chess, Guddu approaches his leader, who was relaxing on his charpoy. 
Breaking the silence in the room, he whines aloud 'Guruji and mamaji are houding the phone, repeatedly trying to reach bhaiyyaji through their calls.' 
Slapping his phone in frustration, Indu sits up on his charpoy 'Mamaji...guruji... do they consider themselves to be the prime minister?' He leans forward to warn his friends 'There is no need to attend anyone's call...whoever calls, just don't attend the phone...they should not know where I am hiding...'
Just as Indu completes his sentence, the phone rings again and Guddu irately curses the phone when he suddenly takes a peek at the caller id. He is taken aback 'Bhabhi ji?'
Indu Singh looks up surprised, the annoyance in his face dwindling away. For a moment he does not know what to do. He hastily snaps out of his stupor and asks his friend to attend the call 'Tell her I'm not here..not with you..pick up quickly...'
Guddu nods his head and picks up the phone.
'Gudduji..its me Sanchi here.. is Indu with you?'
'Bhaiyya is not with me at the moment'
'If you meet him, please let him know that I know the person who's been attempting to murder Swetha...but I'll only reveal the name to Indu please let Indu Singh know that I want to meet him'
After Sanchi cuts the call, she confesses her suspicions to Mehek 'Indu is lying..I'm sure he is with Guddu ... he will call me now!'
No sooner than she completes the sentence, she gets a call on her mobile - the caller id states Indu Singh.

Mathur niwas
As a concerned Tarachand and Veena fret about the prolonged absence of their daughter, a knock at their front door distracts them. The police force had arrived at their home yet again
'Your daughter is involved with Indu Singh in the Swetha Jha case' the inspector announces 
Tarachand becomes wild - how dare they implicate his daughter of such atrocities. The mother and father refute all of the policeman's allegations, claiming that their daughter had no connection with Indu. 
However, the inspector is not convinced 'If that is the case, then you must be aware of where your daughter is now...' when their questions are met by an awkward silence, the inspector orders Tarachand 'Please come to the station now to give a statement...if you don't come willingly, we'll have to drag you there forcefully...'
Left with little choice, the unfortunate Tarachand agrees to the officer's demands and tags along.
Watching the police officers drag Tarachand away, the Tiwaris and Shukla rejoice at the favourable turn of events! 

Lonely place
Sanchi, Mehek and Guddu are waiting in a lonesome spot next to a white van. Guddu says that Indu had permitted him to bring sanchi along, but alone. Sanchi requests Mehek to leave, instructing her to inform her parents that she'd been held up by something important and would be home late. Mehek does as told, offering her friend support whenever she needed. 
Once Mehek leaves, the humble Guddu kindy requests Sanchi permission to blindfold her 'It's Bhaiyyaji's that no one would know where he is hiding...'
Receiving Sanchi's approval soon after, the ever-grateful Guddu proceeds to blindfold his bhabhi with a red bandanna. 

Resting on his charpoy, Indu is being massaged by his friends, when his relaxation is interrupted by the entry of a a blindfolded Sanchi.Watching the emerging girl, Indu sits up on his cot and then indicates his friends to leave. 
With the removal of the blindfold, Sanchi adjusts her eyes to the sudden intensity in light and then looks up to catch Indu staring at her from his charpoy. 
Observing her silence, Indu mocks her 'What? You are not so irresistibly beautiful that I'm desperate to continue staring at you in this manner...I am not dying to meet you here...'
Getting off his charpoy, he slips on his sandals and walks up to her 'Whats the name of that girl - Swetha Jha? All I want to know is WHAT is this TRUTH that you claim to know about in this case, that I don't?
Softly but sternly, Sanchi corrects him 'Even I wasn't dying to meet you...' he lets out a sly smile, as she continues 'Now that I know the truth, I want to apologize to you...' 
Though in disbelief at hearing Sanchi's apology, Indu does a good job of concealing it. Not minding Indu's expressions, Sanchi continues remorsefully 'I didn't trust you that day...I know that you are innocent...that it wasn't you but someone else trying to murder Swetha...I wanted to tell you the truth, but you escaped from prison before I could do so...'
He abruptly interrupts her, probably an attempt not to be swayed by her anymore 'Stop!No need to show me any sympathy now...just tell me what you know now'  
She admits in a low tone 'I need your help could I have Swetha's culprits arrested unless I had your co-operation in this matter?'
Indu Singh lets out a smirk - Just as he had thought, she was there only because she needed something 'Wow Mrs Sanchi Indu Singh! If someone had to learn how to use their wit and intellect, they should do so from you...but, remember one thing...I am no longer a person who can be taken for granted now...'

Sanchi reveals the truth to Indu Singh - that it was Shukla who'd carried out the whole plan. He was the one who'd tried to murder Swetha. And that Sada mama was with Shukla in all of it!
Indu is indignant.

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YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came here early. Was loitering around waiting for your post ! Tongue Big smile

Wow!!!! What a thriller episode. Movie style. I have such a wide grin now..probably its reaching my ears!!  OMG !!LOL

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bechaari Saanchi bhi phans gayee !!! Awww Unhappy Lekin that's an opportunity for both them to work together for a while Wink Smile Big smile LOL

Thank you my dear.

Ek tumhaara hi to sahaara hai, hum jaison ke liye Hug

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loool @ shri LOL now thats the shri i know of.. 

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wow wh a episode. espcially indu and sanchi discussion.. sanchi ka sorry aur indu ka hum istaymaal ke cheej nahi hai was the best dialogue.

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eagerly waiting for tommorrow

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@Shraddha, love you yaar. Kya update karti ho...I love reading it and am totally mesmerized and like Shri said grinning ear to ear.LOL
You really are the life line for me during my work day. Thank you so much.Hug

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Thanks for the wonderful update Shraddha. Couldn't wait to get back from my lunch time errands and read the update. Can hardly wait until tomorrow's epi.

May be tomorrow will be "Jungle Mein Mangal" time. Big smile

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lashy IF-Stunnerz

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omg thank you so much namz and spl (how should i call you) Hug

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