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AnSh OS: Colors of Life -Part 5 pg 12 uptd Dec16th (Page 8)

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Wowowow, Jhan! Main toh clean bowled ho gayi AnSh portion padke Shocked Clap Star Silly Embarrassed
I clicked on this part expecting Gauri in the haveli... but now I'm not sure I want her. How about you just keep writing more AnSh? Wink Embarrassed LOL

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this is the first tym i'm commenting on this forum,mostly being a silent i loved your really took me up to ansh world...hope sumthin lyk this would be shown in the show also

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Amazing!!! As much as I loved the AnSh parts and want more...I also want to see Shiv put Gauri in her placeAngry Waiting for the next update!!!

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Manasi_16

Amazing!!! As much as I loved the AnSh parts and want more...I also want to see Shiv put Gauri in her placeAngry Waiting for the next update!!!

i agree with u
me too waiting eagerly  to see gauri's reaction and shiv finally putting her in place

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cutegurl224 Senior Member

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I'm new to the BV forum and this is my first post/comment here!
Please update soon and add me to the PM list!
Take care

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Bidaaifan09 Senior Member

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no complaints at all just waiting for you to continue and continue on the other ones that you have written. Awesome what you have written so far

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Hello folks Hug

Sorry for the wait. Work is very hectic and so I can only update on the weekends. I had typed this update last monday and did not even have the time to post it. Dead

Also I am too lazy to PM LOL LOL LOL you are going to have to keep track of when I update.

I know several of you are waiting for Shiv-Gauri face off. It will happen in the next update. I needed to get this in because Nandu is going to play a role in the face off. Embarrassed


Anandi saw the empty kitchen and served up some of the snacks that she knew Shiv liked.  She started to make the tea when Sumitra arrived and tried to push her out. Gehna came back too and joined Sumitra in trying to evict Anandi from the kitchen.

It was then they noticed that Anandi had already started making halwa. Sumitra tried to take over from her but she begged to be allowed to make the halwa for her husband. Sumitra and Gehna smiled at each other knowing well how it felt when your husband came back after a trip and how all you wanted to do was take care of him. Sumitra saw how happy Anandi was and gave her permission provided they were allowed to help and that she would make the halwa and leave.


As Anandi reached for something high, her pallu came undone and fell off her head. It also fell off her right shoulder and Gehna then noticed that one of Anandi's doris was still untied and two more were not tied correctly and pointed it out to Sumitra. Sumitra was puzzled and told Gehna "I think she is still very weak  and one of us should help her from now on.". Gehna looked at her and laughed and said "Didi why does she need us, she has her husband the help her now" and winked at Sumitra. Sumitra immediately knew what might have happened. They then looked at each other mischievously and decied to tease Anandi. Gehna said "Anandi tum kuch bhool gaye ho." (Anandi you have forgotten something). Anandi said "Nahin toh" (Nope). Then Gehna said "Anandi lagtha hai kamzori abhi tak hai. Chalo halwa main bana deti hoon." (Anandi I think you are still weak. Let me make the halwa.) Anandi said "No taiji I am fine". Sumitra joined in saying "Lado if you are not feeling any weakness why are your doris not tied properly?" Both ladies started laughing and Anandi started blushing madly. Both of them embraced her and Gehna told Sumitra to take her into the pantry and fix the doris while she watched the halwa.


Sumitra redid the doris and kissed Anandi's forehead. She told a blushing Anandi "I am glad to know that you are getting all the happiness I always wished for you. I am so glad that you are leading a happily married life. Frankly I was worried if you would ever move on. Today this mother's heart is at peace and so is samdhansa's heart wherever she is. " She embraced Anandi and Anandi cried in Sumitra's embrace remembering her own mother. Soon they heard Shiv's voice talking to Gehna and they dried their tears. Sumitra said "Chal laado. Shiv bhuka hoga. " (Lets go Laado. Shiv will be hungry). Anandi went outside and into the kitchen. Shiv was in the kitchen chatting with Gehna. He had also convinced her to call him tum. Shiv and Gehna were actually quite close in age and had formed a special bond. Shiv was like a son to the house and so no one hesitated asking him anything. Nandu came back from school and came rushing into the kitchen saying Shiv bhaisa and Shiv came down to his level and gave him a fist bump. Gehna smiled and looked at Sumitra. Gehna walked into the kitchen slowly remembering the past.


The one person who took a while warming up to Shiv was Nandu. He hated him for taking away his bhaabisa whom he loved. He got into lot of trouble in school and the whole house was in unheaval. He was rude to Anandi and told her that he hated her. This hurt Anandi and that was the last straw. Basant was beating Nandu in anger for his rudeness when Shiv stepped in. He requested to speak to Nandu alone. Nandu was uncommunicative but Shiv continued talking to him gently and patiently. Nandu eventually started screaming at him that he hated him for talking his bhabhisa away. He beat him with his fists taking out all his anger on Shiv. He said that his bhabhisa left him and does not love him anymore. Shiv let him work out his anger for a bit and then stopped him. Shiv asked him why he thought so and Nandu told him that the village kids told him that his bhaiyya had left his bhabhi and so his bhabhi had married the collector and left them because she did not want to live in their house anymore. He was angry because two people he cared for went away from him. Shiv realized that he was hurting and no one told him anything because they figured he was a child.


Shiv sat him down and asked him a simple question. He asked him to recall the times when his bhabhisa cried because his bhaiyya went away. Nandu remembered and Shiv asked him whether he wanted his bhabhisa to stay with him and continue crying everyday? The questions stunned Nandu who admitted that he did not want bhabhisa to cry. Shiv pointed out that he had made her cry by his actions. Nandu was penitent and started crying. Shiv consoled him and explained to him that though Anandi lived in another house now, he was welcome to visit them whenever he wanted. Nandu revealed to him that the family had prevented that saying it was not right. Shiv convinced him that he was welcome and infact his bhabhisa would love him to come visit.


He told Nandu not to respond to teasing and in the future if something happened to come to him. He told Nandu that he was too young to understand but when he was older he would understand that his bhabhisa was not wrong. He told him that if anyone was to blame it was him because he fell in love with his bhabhisa and wanted to marry her. He wanted to see her happy, just like Nandu. He told Nandu that they were alike because they wanted to see his bhabhisa happy. He explained to Nandu that Anandi made everyone happy but was unhappy herself after his brother left. So everyone thought that if Shiv married her they would be happy.


Shiv told Nandu that he could never replace his brother but they could be friends if he wanted. Shiv told him that if they became friends his family could not stop him from visiting his friend's house. He also mentioned that if he came frequently he could keep and eye on them and see if his bhabhisa was happy or not. He promised Nandu that he would do everything in his power to make his bhabhisa happy . Shiv put out his hand and they shook on it.


Once they stepped out the air was thick with tension. Shiv nudged Nandu towards a worried Anandi and he apologized to her for being rude. He also apologized to the other adults. Basant apologized for hitting him and everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Anandi lovingly said to Nandu wiping her tears "You must be hungry. Lets go get something to eat." Nandu went with Anandi and Shiv asked the rest of them to stay because he wanted to talk to them. He told them that he was hurt that they did not truly consider him be a member of the family and were just paying lip service. When everyone protested he said that if they considered him a member then they should allow Nandu to visit them. Daadisa acknowleged that he had a point and that they were just trying to give the young couple some space. Shiv explained why Nandu was behaving the way he was and everyone was stunned. Shiv told them that Nandu or any of them could come visit anytime because it was their daughter's house and also their son's house. He told daadisa "if you consider me your son, you will not put such restrictions on the poor child." Everyone realized their mistake and apologized.


Gehna was always worried that Nandu would turn out like Jagya and knew that Nandu needed a role model closer to his age. She hoped that under Shiv's guidance her son would become more like Shiv and less like Jagya. Sumitra knew this and nodded to Gehna and smiled. Gehna spoke up and told everyone that she thinks Shiv is correct and that Nandu is missing his brother and Shiv can fill that gap. Everyone agreed. Then started the daily visits. Slowly but steadily Nandu warmed up to Shiv seeing how happy Anandi was. He was also impressed with Shiv and how he met important people and he wanted to be just like Shiv. Recently he had started talking about becoming a collector when all along he had said he wanted to be a doctor like Jagdish bhaisa. Shiv would laugh and tell him that both professions were noble and he could choose what he wanted to do later.


Gehna came back to earth when she felt Sumitra's hand on her shoulder. She nodded to her and handed the tray of food for Shiv and Nandu to her. Sumitra took it out and asked Anandi to serve. Anandi served Shiv and Nandu and left them to their own devices. Nandu was discussing some video game with Shiv and they were discussing the best ways to get to the next level. She decided to go back to her room and finish packing so that they could leave tonight to go back to their house after dinner.


Gauri could not believe that the collector had yelled at her and left her in the middle of the street. The gall of that man insulting her because she had dared tell the truth about that turncoat Anandi. Angry Why was it that everyone she met seemed to be firmly in Anandi's corner. What did that girl have for heaven's sake that everyone just danced to her tunes. That girl should have been a politician considering how manipulative she is but keeps everyone thinking she is an innocent lamb thought Gauri.

Jagat had found out about the fact that Bhairon had been the one sponsoring her education and that she had insulted his family. The result was a huge fight at the end of which Jagat stormed off into the night. She had been looking for him ever since.  She had feeling he would go back since he was saying he would. She knew his family would welcome him with open arms especially his mother. She remembered Sumitra's challenge to her and got angrier. She was sure now his family would leave no stone unturned to reunite him with Anandi. Seriously did the girl have no shame – willing to take back a man who had left her for another woman? She had done everything she could to drive home the message that Jagat was hers but the girl just refused to get the hint and move on. She was here to settle the issue once and for all today.


As Gauri neared the badi haveli she spied Makhan talking to the former Sarpanch. Makhan was telling the former Sarpanch that Anandi bitiya was much better now and that she would recover even faster now that Kanwarsa had come back. The Sarpanch then asked about how Kanwarsa was doing and Makhan told him that Kanwarsa was tired after the long trip and so he was sleeping. Gauri gasped. Her suspicions were correct. Jagat was indeed here. She went crazy with rage and started walking towards the Badi Haveli faster.

Next: The much awaited face-off Big smile

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