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AnSh OS: Colors of Life -Part 5 pg 12 uptd Dec16th (Page 12)

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still waiting

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Its been a month...when are you gonna update this one??

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Looking forward this update...

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where is the next part dear...Have u gorgotten that u have scribbled a fiction which most of us loved it thoroughly...have u left it midway...
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plz update
waiting eagerly
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i love this story  please cont...

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First and foremost of all apologies for disappearing. But I had no choice in this matter. I got into an accident because someone hit me from the back on the freeway while I was stopped because there was another accident. My car was completely totalled and I ended up with back and neck injuries that went on to become worse with time Cry. Even yesterday my back had gotten locked and I was in major pain and had to run to go get a massage Dead. Between work and the physiotheraphy sessions, I had no time left and I will not lie, I did not have the inclination either because I was in a lot of pain and would rather spend the time sleeping Ouch. I had a little bit of time today and the pain was less, so I figured why not give you all an update. I do not know if this is up to par but this is all I got. Do let me know how you like it Embarrassed

Part 5

As Anandi went upstairs, she decided to take a bath. She was feeling a little tired and wanted to wash all that tiredness off. She picked up her clothes and went to take a refreshing bath. Just then a car pulled up in front of the haveli and some people got out and ran inside. Shiv's family had decided to pay them a surprise visit and on hearing from the guard at Circuit House (CH) that Anandi had not been keeping well and so Shiv had sent her to her maayka while he went off to Jaipur, they had come running to the haveli. Meenu was the first one out closely followed by Ira. Daddu and Alok followed. As they entered the haveli, they were surprised to find no one at home. Makhan welcomed them and asked them to sit down. He then told them Choti beendnisa had just gone upstairs and whether they wanted them to call her. They said no and wanted to know where the rest of the family was.


Makhan told them that Sumitra and Gehna were in the backyard supervising some workers and Bhairon and Basant were out in the fields. Shiv was having lunch with Nandu. "Shiv aa gaya" Meenu enquired and Makhan told them that he had arrived a few hours ago. Meenu went inside and brought Shiv who hugged everyone after taking their aashirwaad. They scolded him for inconveniencing the Singhs and not telling them that Anandi was not well. They were very worried for her and told Shiv that he could have called them and they would have come to be with Anandi. Shiv calmed them down by telling them that it all happened so quickly and how the Singhs had to virtually kidnap Anandi to force her to stay with them. The Shekars shook their head since that sounded exactly like their daughter in law. When they asked about Anandi he went upstairs to check up on her and found Anandi humming in the bathroom and her things laid out told him that she was going to be a while. So he went downstairs and told them that she appeared to be taking a bath and that he did not tell her about their arrival since she would come rushing down and he wanted her to relax. Everyone assured him that he did the right thing and they would wait.


Nandu who had come out sought aashirwaad from the Shekars and was hugged and blessed by all. Shiv knew everyone was out and said he would bring some water. Ira and Meenu got up and he told them to rest. Nandu immediately told Shiv he would like to help and Shiv asked him to come along. Shiv and Nandu brought out the water  Ira and Meenu offered to help but Nandu told them that he wanted to serve them and could they please let him. Ira and Meenu agreed and sat down after touching his head. Shiv and Nandu left after telling them to sit down and they would be right back. Shiv and Nandu went into the kitchen to bring the snacks and decided to make some tea. Nandu wanted to learn and so Shiv decided to teach him to make tea. Shiv had him measure out the water and helped him keep it on the stove. Then he helped him light the stove and set Nandu to work pounding the masalas. He then added the masalas and let it come to a boil. In the meanwhile they searched the pantry for snacks.


As the Shekars were getting comfortable, Gauri entered the haveli. She was taken aback to see some strange people in the haveli . Moreover these people did not look like some uneducated villagers, they looked like sophisticated city dwellers but were seated in the haveli quite comfortably and were chatting with each other. As she was trying to figure out who these people were, Ira spied her and stood up and said to her "Arrey andar aa jao beta" (Please come in beta). Gauri was astonished that someone would welcome her to the haveli and that too this warmly Shocked. She wondered who this woman was who was so kind. They made her sit down with them and then said "Kisse milne aayi ho?" (Whom have you come to meet). Meenu chimed in "Arrey didi Anandi ki saheli hogi. Uski tabiyat poochne aayi hogi" (Didi she must be Anandi's friend who must have come to enquire about her health). Gauri tried to open her mouth but Daddu beat her to it saying "Hamari Anandi hai hi aisi " (Our Anandi is like that). Alok chimed in saying "Kitna pyar karthe hain sab log use. Dekhiye na uski tabiyat ki sunthe hi hum log kaise daude chale aaye" (See how much everyone loves her. Look even we came running on hearing about her health).


Gauri was puzzled as to who these people were they seemed very nice and totally adored Anandi like one would adore their child so Gauri figured they must be Anandi's relatives who lived in some city somewhere and had come to visit her. Anyway what did she care ' she was here to get Jagat and she had no problems creating a scene in front of these relatives. She turned to mount the stairs when she was stopped by Ira who said "Anandi taiyyar ho rahi hai. Jaldi hi niche aa jaayegi. Tum aao aur kuch der hamare saath baito" (Anandi is getting ready. She will come down soon. Why don't you sit with us for a while?) She held Gauri's hand and made her sit down forcibly. Then Alok asked Gauri "Kab se jaanthi ho tum hamari Anandi ko?" (Since when do you know our Anandi?) Gauri replied "Bahut pehle se." (From a long time). Daddu was impressed and said "Wah risthe banake rakhna toh koi Anandi se seekhey" (people need to learn from Anandi how to maintain relationships). Everyone nodded enthusiastically and this irritated Gauri and stirred her anger.


She maliciously asked "Aap log poochenge nahin ki mera Anandi se kya rishtha hai?" (Will you not ask me what my relationship is with Anandi?) She noted that everyone looked confused until Alok said "Humein laga ki tum uski saheli ho" (We thought you were her friend). Gauri laughed like crazy and said "Main aur who ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakthe kabhi nahin. Usse bas cheenna aata hai and aisi dost ka kya faida? (Me and that girl can never be friends. She only knows how to take things away from people so what is the use of having such friends). The Shekars were shocked and speechless. Then Daddu spoke saying "Accha mazzak kar lethi ho tum" (You are good at making jokes). This incensed Gauri further and she said "Ajjeb log hain aap. Main sach keh rahi hoon aur aap ko mazaak lag raha hai." (You are strange people. I am telling the truth and you think I am joking?) The faces of the Shekars changed giving Gauri immense satisfaction. Then daddu spoke up saying "Tum meri pothe ke bare mein kya anaap kshanaap baatein kar rahi ho? Khabardaar jo uske khilaf ek aur shabd kaha. Stop this nonsense right now. " (How dare you say such nonsense about my granddaughter? Dare you say anything against her).


Gauri smirked as she saw her opening and said "Oh Hello. Sach kadva hotha hai. Aap jaan na chahthe hain ki aap ki chahethi Anandi ne mere saath kya kiya. Usne mere sasural waalon ko mere khilaf bhadkaya yahan tak ko who log mera mooh bhi nahin dekhna chahthe." (Oh Hello. The truth is always bitter. So you want to know what your darling Anandi did to me. She turned my own inlaws against me to the point that they do not even want to see my face.)  Ira could nor believe this and immediately broke in saying "Arrey beta tumhein zaroor koi galt fehmi huyi hogi. Anandi bhala aisa kyun karegi. Usse ye sab kuch karke kya milega" (You must be mistaken. Why will Anandi do that? What will she get by doing that?) Gauri was beyond incensed now and started screaming " Kyunki who mere pati ko paana chahthi thi. Uss ne mere pati ko mujh se jaan bujkar alag kiya . Kitne chaalein nahin chali usne sirf iss liye taaki woh aaram ki zindagi guzaar sake. Mere sasural waalon pe toh jaise uss ne koi jadoo sa kar diya hai aur mere sasural waale usse ka saath denge jab woh talak ke baad bhi mere pati ke saath jeevan bitana chahthi hai. " (She wanted to be with my husband so she separated us wantedly. She has schemed time and again to lead a luxurious life , but my in-laws seem to be under her spell completely and will support her while she lives with my husband ).Ira and Meenu visibly shrank back seeing her anger.LOL


Alok got angry and told her "Dekho tum ab hadd se bahar jaa rahe ho. Tum samajthi kya ho apne aap ko. Jo maan mein aaya bole jaa rahi ho hamari bacchi ke bare mein." Angry (Look now you are crossing your limits. What do you think of yourself? You are saying whatever comes into your mind about our child.) Gauri lost it Angry and said " Arrey ek baar mein samaj nahin aata aap logon ko. Sach sunne ki himmat nahin hai tum logon mein. Anandi ne hi mere pati ko churaya hai aur ab bhi mere pathi ke saath reh rahi hai, iske bavjood ki kanoonon uski asli patni main hoon aur unke rishthe ki koi pehchaan nahin hai. Himmat hai toh bulayi ye use aur poochiye usko. Kahiye use ki mere pati ko chod de. " (You do not have the guts to listen to the truth. Even now she is living with my husband inspite of the fact that legally I am his wife and their relationship has no legal grounds. If you have the courage, call her and ask her). Gauri got a phone call and walked away to attend it in a huff leaving the stunned Shekars behind. Confused


The Shekars huddled together in one corner contemplating all that had transpired. Ira turned to Meenu and said "Meenu ye ladki kya keh rahi hai mere Shiv ke baare mein. Mera Shiv aisa nahin kar saktha. Yeh ladki zaroor jhoot bol rahi hai ya koi galat fehmi ka shikaar hai " (Meenu what is this girl saying about my Shiv. My Shiv cannot do this. This girl is either lying or is a victim of some misunderstanding). Meenu consolesd her saying "Arrey nahin didi Shiv toh Anandi ke siwah aur kisse ladki ko dekhega tak nahin. Zaroor uss se galat fehmi ho gayi hogi(Arrey didi Shiv will not even look at another woman other than Anandi. I am sure this is all a misunderstanding). Ira looked at Meenu and said "Mujhe apne Shiv pe poora bharosa hai lekin ye ladki kya keh rahi hai aur aisa kyun keh rahi hai. Mujhe kuch samaj nahin aa raha hai?" (I completely trust Shiv but why is this girl saying this? Nothing makes any sense to me). Daddu  joined the conversation saying "Mujhe toh ye bilkul pagal lagthi hai. Abhi toh donon ki shaadi Karvayi hai humne aur ye keh rahi hai ki Anandi uske pathi ke saat iss ladki ke sasural mein reh rahi hai. Arrey ek hafte ke pehle tak toh Shiv aur Anandi Udaipur mein the hum logon ko saath. Aur mere khayal se hum mein se kisi ne iss ladki ko kabhie nahin dekha. Toh ye kya bol rahi hai? (I think this girl is completely crazy. Just now we got both of them married and she is claiming that Anandi is staying in her in-laws place with her husband. We all know until a week ago Anandi and Shiv were with us in Udaipur. Moreover she could have not been referring to us because none of us have seen her before? Then what is she claiming?)

Everyone agreed that they had never seen this girl before and Meenu said "Aur Papaji jab hum mein se koi iss ladki ko jaantha hi nahin hum bhala uss ne nafrat kyun karenge. Aur Shiv aur Anandi ki toh abhi abhi shaadi hui hai aur ye ladki keh rahi hai ki Anandi iss ladki ki pathi ke saath reh rahi hai. There is no way Shiv was married to her. Mujhe toh lagtha hai ye ladki jhoot bol rahi hai. Mujhe toh iske iradon pe shak hai." (And Papaji when we do not know this girl, how can we hate her? Also it makes no sense that Shiv and Anandi have just been married and she is claiming Anandi is living with her husband. There is no way Shiv was married to her. This girl is lying. I have my doubts on her integrity.)

Alok jumped in saying "Papaji humein police ko bula lena chahiye. Woh maamle ki tay tak pahunch sakthe hain." (Papaji I think we should call the police. They can get to the bottom of this.) Daadu immediately chastised Alok saying "Arrey ruk. Abhi iss mein police ko kyun bulana. Mujhe toh ye maamla doosra hi lagtha hai. Mujhe lagtha hai ki yeh ladki kisse pagal khane se bhaag toh nahin gaye. Alok Bheem Singh ko phone laga."  (Alok wait. Why do we have to involve the police in this? I think this is another kind of matter entirely. I think this crazy girl has escaped from some asylum around here. Alok call Bheem Singh.)

Ira contributed her two cents saying "Aapne uska bartav dekha? Bilkul paglon ki tarah pesh aa rahi thi. Papaji main aap se bilkul sehmat hoon, ye zaroor kissi pagal khane se bhagi huyi lag thi hai. Patha nahin kaisi behki behki baatein kar rahi thi Anandi ke baarein mein aur Shiv ke baarein mein bhi. Alok aap jaldi Bheem Singh ko phone karke usse patha lagane ke koshish ki jiye." (Did you all see her behavior? She was coming across like a crazy person? I completely agree with Papaji, she is definitely someone who has escaped from some asylum. She was saying all these weird things about Shiv and Anandi. Alok please call Bheem Singh right now and ask him to find out about any crazy people escaping.) LOL LOL LOL

Then Alok asked "Lekin uss ladki ka naam kya hai?"(But what is the girl's name). No one had asked her name and Ira said "Arrey yeh toh problem hi gaye. Humnein toh uska naam poocha hi nahin?" (This is a problem. We never asked her name). Meenu added "Uske naam ke bina patha kaise chalega?"(how will we find out without her name?). Alok scolded Ira "Tum na baatein mein itne magan ho jaati ho. Naam toh poochna chahiye tha na usse andar bulane se pehle" LOL (You are always ready to get lost in talking. You should have atleast asked her name before inviting her inside). Ira defended herself saying "Arrey aap toh aise keh rahein hai jaise maine jaan booj kar uska naam nahin poocha. Yeh bahut galat hai. Aap bhi toh pooch sakthe the uska naam. Aap ne kyun nahin poocha? Angry (Arrey you are taking as if I did not ask her name wantedly. This is very wrong. You could also asked for her name. Why did you not ask?). Meenu supported Ira saying "Yeh bilkul teek keh rahi hai bhaiyya. Humme se kisse ne bhi toh nahin poocha. Galthi hum sab ki hai" (She is right. None is us asked her her name. We are all wrong.)

Daddu roared "Kya farak padtha hai naan patha hai ki nahin. Yeh toh pata lagao ki koi ladki bhaag gaye hai ki nahin. Agar bhaag gayi hai toh uska naam pooch lena. Baad mein patha laga lenge ki ye ladki wahi hai ya nahin? Aur haan ye zaroor poochna ki ye koi khatarnak pagal hai ya nahin"(What difference does it make whether we know her name or not. Find out whether any girl has run away and if she has find out her name. We can then ascertain whether this girl is the same one or not? But yes, make sure you confirm whether she is dangerous or not? ROFL) Everyone nodded their heads and said "Haan yahin teek rahega" (this will be the best) and Alok went off to make the call whereas the rest waited for Gauri to come back. Ira and Meenu were clearly worried about her being a dangerous pagal LOL and Daddu comforted them that he will handle her. Daddu said "Bade bade dushmanon ka saamna kiya hai. Tum dono fauji biwiyan ho. Nidar bano Nidar aur seena taan ke iss musibat ka saamna karo." (We have handled big enemies. You are both army wives. Be fearless and confront the enemy courageously). Both ladies nodded sheepishly and waited for Alok to return.


Next: The craziness and confusion escalates with Shiv joining the party. LOL

Please let me know if this was up to par Embarrassed

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Different n nice...

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