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Wednesday Updates
Episode 28

Mahadevan comes back home happily with saree he bought for saradha (aww i thought Saradha was PA daugther nu... but she is DIL) Karpagam ask her to tie the saree and then blessed her. Mahadevan says god is always there cause he was wondering how to buy gift for Saradha when luck knocked his door. Karpagam happy to see his smilling face.

Kitca comes in running and announce to everyone at home about swamigal arriving any time. Karpagam too busy here and there and ask everyone to use pattu saree etc etc.  She sees Nila and tells Nila that she is newly married couple and so ask Nila to use Madisar. Nila plans someting else in her mind. Everyone gets ready with madisar saree while Nila comes out with sleveless tops and tight pants. Karpagam tries to explain swamiji coming and will not look decent with this. But Nila refuses. PA sees all this but does not say anything. Swami ji comes and bless everyone while Nila sits arrongantly ignoring them. Harsha gets blessing to.  Swami ji leaves and Nila is happy... she gets up and turns only to ses Swami ji standing there and bless her. He tells her though she does not go to god, god will come searching for her and leaves. Nila feels guilty.

Harsha playing with kids. Mahadevan is there too. He hits the ball to a stor room. While searching for the ball, Harsha sees some beautiful paintings and ask who's one are those. Mahadevan says it belongs to saradha. Harsha ask why she no longer draws nu. He tells Harsha story 3 years ago.. while she was drawing, her father got heart attack and dies. Saradha who got shock and runs down trips and falls at the staircase and lost her voice and hearing ability. Harsha feels so sad. (awww i feel so sad seeing her...) From then on she refuses to draw .. she also will get angry with she sees any of her old paintings. That  is why they hide it all down here. Harsha goes and takes all the paintings and hangs it around the house.

PA and sruthi sees all the beautiful paintings gets impressed but wonders who put it up. Mahadevan comes and gets shock to see Harsha hanging all the drawings up. Mahadevan afraid that Saradha will get tensed if sees all this. PA ask MD (mahadevan) if Harsha knows about the story and MD says yes. PA ask him not to stop Harsha as he noticed that boy always think differently and for him to put up those paintings definitely got a reason behind this.
Harsha comes to PA and explains excitely about the meaning of the paintings and PA is very imrpessed. Sruthi too. Saradha comes there.. shock to see the paintings and thinks about her father's attack and her falling down. She starts holding her head and cries .. pushes everything down, hits Harsha and runs into the room and locks the door. Others just stand not interfering.

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Thursday & Friday Updates
Episodes 29 & 30

Continues with Sarala running into room. Mahadevan is angry and scolds Harsha who ask him not to worry and rushes and write a letter for Sarala .. slip in through the door. Sarala reads the letter, outside PA ask what was written in the letter. Harsha said sorry to her but told her not to blame herself for her father's death. She has a gift which her father was so proud of and he is sure not happy up there knowing she has given up the drawings. Sarala replies back thanking Harsha for opening her up. She comes out, ask writes to her husband asking him to buy her drawing stuff. MD very happy. PA is proud of Harsha and Sruthi seem to have a feeling for him.

Kittu ask Harsha to go and propose Sruthi. He goes and propose her but she slaps him. Its Harsha's imagination. He tells Kittu the right time will come for him to say his love to Sruthi and leaves.

Sruthi writing in her room, when she hears Harsha voice whispering her name. She goes out but his not there. She get restless and goes around the house looking for him. She even calls kittu but he too not sure where is Harsha. By night time, Sruthi is devastated. Then in comes Harsha. She runs to him and scolds him for missing since morning. Harsha confused. Finally Sruthi says she loves him. Harsha very happy .. and both hugs Embarrassed

Raji goes to church as Dr.Lalitha ask her to come and confess about the baby. Raji is shock goes to her mother house and fights with her and demands the truth where her baby is. Mother says in some asaramam. Raji gets mad, shouts at her mother and ask her never to see her any more. For her .. her mother is death.


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Raji mother calls Prabu and tells him the situation and further blames him for being careless. She tells him that Raji already know her baby is not death and will be going to the asaram to find out the details. She wants Prabu to do something fast and get Harsha out from the house as she is afraid of the problems that is going to rise because of this.

Sumangali pooja. Karpagam is doing pooja with Raji, Sarala and Uma. She blesses them and ask them to go and get blessing from their husbands.

She wonders where Nila is and Nila comes there with her nightyOuch PA is angry to see this but remains quite. Karpagam ask NIla enna idhu as today is sumangali pooja and why cant she use her saree. Nila replies rudely she is not a kid to be intrusted  to do things here. She further refuses to join this kind of silly believes Confused Karpagam does not want to further argue with her and ask her to just show her mangalyam and she will put kumkumam but to her shock.. Kumar comes out bringing the thali Shocked saying Nila forgot it in the room. Looks like Nila does not use it and Kumar is trying to give excuses for her., Nila straight forward says it modern society and there is no need to use it always Shocked Karpagam wants to argue but PA stops her from doing so.

Uma goes to get blessing from her husband. He then insults his MIL and Rajii and further says all problems here is because of Raji. Uma ignores him and ask when his going to go for a job which vetti husband says he yet to get a good job that suits him. Angry

Karpagam gets blessing from PA and tells him how much she loves her life and being his wife. Embarrassed

Raji goes to the asaramam only to find that place is under construction now and the asaramam is no longer there Ouch

Mahadevan friends who works along with him as tour guides comes and fights with him cause his rich and educated so he cannot work along with them (Shockedidhu enna) also Mahadevan brought one tourist back home for lunch and this is not allowed in their sangam. Mahadevan tries to be polite but his father interfere and talks rudely to them and ask them to go as his son does not need the sangam .. he will get his son new tour agency nu. Mahadevan is not happy about this father interfering in this.


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Raji meets an old man there who explains to her
about the burn down of this asaramam. She ask him is he
can give her information about a boy being adopted here 20 years back.
Periyavar ask her to wait to see if there is any documents regards to that
as most of the files have been burn off. He comes back and gives her a list
of kids being adopted or being transferred to other asaramam. Raji
takes it.

MD in anger brings all his tourism books
and pours oil to burn it Shocked Karpagam tries to reason with him
and ask him what had happen. MD says everywhere he goes
he gets pointed as PA son thus giving him not option to survive
or come up in life. Everyday his begging for 50 or 100.
His brother has own shop and success so good while PA choose tourism for
him and almost destroying his life. He is ashamed when everyone
points him for being under PA shade. MD wants to throw tourism and
just ride auto ... starts burning the book

Harsha comes fast and stops the fire. He scolds MD for being
like this and Harsha says he blames MD for his own situation.
PA is not to be blamed. MD is the one who don't want to think out of the book.
He just goes out and be a tourist guide and refuse to take more money
if his given. MD does not know his own value. There is no need to even go there
and be a guide. He could have got his own laptop and surf the entire world
and still be a success tourist guide. What job is easy in world. Harsha gives a
very lengthy talk which knocked some senses in MD who goes
and says sorry to his father. Sruthi is more impressed with Harsha Embarrassed

Everyone is playing cricket LOL Karpagam first miss the ball, and second her bat
goes off flying ShockedLOL Kittu too tries to hit the ball but fails. Orei attam and laughter with
all of them when a brand new car comes in. Nila father has send a new car for her.
Karapagam says she is PA DIL and she could use the car here but Nila says
with one car in this house is hard and leaves with her husband.
In the car Kumar ask her try not to be rude to patti. Driver too advise her.
She ask both of them to get down and warns them and drives off alone.
While driving ... some stones are in the middle road therefore she stops and gets down.
2 rowdies comes and tries to rob her golds. Some people nearby comes and
saves her. She cries non stop and they try to calm her. They ask who is she
and she says she is PA DIL. Those people knows PA and offers to
accompany her till house. PA is there when they arrive. They tell PA
what  happen and leaves her there. Nila about to go in when PA stops her.

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PA points out to Nila about her being arrogant and stubborn mainly cause she is from a rich family. But today it was not her family name that saved her but PA's name and his respect has saved her. He advices her and ask her to be more careful next time. She cries ... Ermm i think she is crying cause PA is advising her and she has lost her respect nu pola D'oh

Kittu's company send him a letter which PA ask Karpagam to read. It states there Kittu working as thosai master LOL and since he took longer leave, his no longer required to come to work nu ShockedLOL Kittu is so ashamed and scared PA will tittify him for being only a thosa master Tongue instead PA praise him for at least doing a work in dubai Clap and praise him for his job. Kittu is happy and offers to do thosai for everyone today Big smile

Raji is trying for the numbers in the room. Jothi comes asking help for her son homework which Raji says later she will help nu. Even Karpagam comes asking for her help which Raji gives excuses can't do. Both ladies is surprise cause Raji never says no. All this is notice by Harsha. Raji keeps on trying to make calls without having anyone noticing it... but Harsha comes and ask what is going on. Raji lies to him about friends son and needs to find nu.. Harsha helps her to make the calls and finally gets 3 addresses where they can go and check. Raji becomes very happy.

Both mother and son.. not knowing that truth goes on bike to the addresses Harsha found.


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Thursday Updates
Episode 34

Prabu does his jogging and sits to take rest. Netra father comes there
and after some casual chit chats.. he tells Prabu about Netra loving Harsha
and if he is willing to accept Netra as DIL. Prabu says they know her since
small and he is more then happy to have her as DIL.
Both agrees to fix a day for engagement.

While back at PA house, a couple comes bringing
some photo's .. varam for Sruthi. PA is very happy and
Karpagam says Sruthi is their house mahalakschi and she hopes the
alliances are all good ones nu. But Sruthi face is down.. she is sad
and not happy about the proposals.

Kitcha and the rest takes the photo .. starts looking
one by one and everyone is commenting. Kitcha further says
if one of this guys is choose.. soon its Sruthi marriage nu.
Sruthi goes up and cries and cries and cries Cry

Harsha and Raji comes to the first house. Harsha goes in alone
to inquire while Raji waits outside. There her mother comes in auto
and upon seeing raji, gets down from the auto. She ask Raji what she
is doing here but Raji remains silent. Harsha comes and tells happily
the boy is here. Raji becomes happy. Harsha greets Raji mother who
ask him what boy they are talking. Harsha explains about Raji friend
son story. Mother then tells Harsha she is very sure
the boy is not in this house. Raji is confused. Harsha too and ask
why patti saying like that nu. Raji mother says the people
living in this house is liar and will do anything for money.

The family comes out and the men points to the guy beside him
saying this is the boy the adopted 22 years ago from that asaramam. Raji
mother ask him not to lie and says she is going to call police
to investigate this further. The liar family gets scared and immediately says
sorry and runs in back. Harsha is upset. Raji wants to leave but her mother
invites Harsha to her house as its nearby. Harsha happily agrees.
Raji does not seem happy to follow them ...

Harsha gets call from Sruthi and goes out to talk. Sruthi cries and ask where
he was for the pass 2 days she could not see him and how she is dying without seeing
him. Embarrassed She tells him about PA making arrangement for wedding and how is she
going to say no to PA. Harsha tease her ok then.. she can get married to the mapillai
selected by PA while he looks for another homely girl in kumbagonam LOL
Sruthi cries more and Harsha tells her not to cry.. he was joking. He said
he will never let go of her for any reason and ask her not to worry while
he takes care of this matter.

Raji mother tries to talk to her but Raji remains silent. Her husband Ramakrisnan
calls .. (weird i thought his name was Ramji nu Ermm) He is worried about her
and he noticed 2 days she was not herself .. he ask where is she. Raji says she is
amma house and amma not well nu she lies. Husband ask her to
stay and take care of her mother. He puts down the phone. Raji mother ask how
can she lie to her husband when she scolded her own mother for lying. Mother
sarcastically ask if she is hiding this searching for son matter.. from her husband.
She further pushes Raji to go and tell the truth to her FIL also.. she cant do it
cause it would be a big shame.. that is why few years before she lied to Raji
and because of her lie... Raji is DIL for PA and her both sisters got a
good life after this. Mother ask if she is such a cruel lady.. she even cried when
first time she saw Raji baby... and she had no option but to lie about baby died nu.  Mother
ask Raji to stand in her shoe too. Mother cries she was hurt
with the way Raji talked to her that day. Mother then ask Raji to decide...
if she continues looking for her son.. she will lose her husband, PA family and everything.
Raji thinks and gets more confused and cries.  She gets up and tries to leave..
gets dizzy and suddenly faints.

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[SORRY brief updates...]

Raji fainted. Its cause of all the stress on searching her son. She goes with Harsha to temple.

Back home.. both Netra & Harsha families meet up .. to seal the engagement LOL Devi calls Harsha and ask when his coming back home and sad when he said another one month time. She does not tell him about the engagement. Prabu is not happy that Harsha is not coming back still.

Inside temple raji crying to god asking why confusing her like this. Harsha comes in and ask why she is crying like this? He says he suspect the baby is hers nu. She does not answer anything. Harsha goes to pray and Raji follows him with BGM song and she feels something every time she sees him.


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