Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan FF- When Two Worlds Collide (BONUS CHAPTER) (Page 41)

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                                               ~Chapter 11~

Manvi headed out of the office and outside. Time flew so quickly while she was working and she was glad that the day had come to an end. She started to walk outside in the fresh breeze that swiftly hugged her. The sun shone brightly outside beams of light streaming towards her. The sun and the breeze made her remember the times in Hrishikesh when she and Jeevika used to sit outside having a picnic in the park and just having fun. As Manvi carried on walking down the streets she heard a familiar voice.


"We need to talk urgently." Tanya spoke worriedly.


"I don't have time right now Tanya. Please try to understand." Manvi could hear a male voice. Manvi looked to her right where in the far distance under a tree she could see Tanya and a young man. He was dresses in a jeans and a bright red top. His hair was gelled up and she could see his ear piercing.


"Please, please don't leave me." Tanya pleaded as the man was making his way in the opposite direction.


"Tanya, try to understand, this isn't the right time. What if Virat sees." Tanya held onto his arm and he started to shrug her away. Maybe this is the man Tanya is in love with Manvi thought. Tanya carried on pleading and whispered something into his ear. The man suddenly took hold of Tanya and dragged away to an alley way. As Manvi was about to follow she heard a car honk behind her.


"Need a lift?" Virat asked, his husky voice making Manvi shiver.


"No that's fine, you carry on."


"Are you saying no because I might beat up Raj?"


"No way! And I know you won't because I kindly asked you not to."


"Well I was going to go to and collect some samples of the new albums. I was wondering if you wanted to come." His eyes searched Manvi's as she stood for a second silent.


"Okay, I'll come." Manvi smiled and went into the car.




"Here we are." Virat appeared in the car as he bought the samples handing them over to Manvi.


"Wow, these are actually quite good." Manvi admired the albums and placed them into Virat's bag.


"So, shall we go somewhere to eat? I heard there's a new bakery opened up round here, if you want we can go there."


Was he really asking me to go with him?? "Sure, I'd love to go."


Virat drove around the corner and parked his car outside a bakery shop. It was quite big and smelt of heaven as they walked in. Manvi could smell the different fresh breads baking in the oven, the sticky toffee on the cookies and the vanilla flavouring on the mini fairy cakes.


"My treat, so order what you want." Virat took hold of a menu and handed it to Manvi.


"You know you don't have to be nice to because my arm is hurt."


"I'm not."




"Can we just order?"


"Not until you answer me."


"Don't you have anything better to say?"


"Don't change the topic."


"Am not."


"Are too."


"Am not!"


"Ohh will you just tell her." A voice came from behind of an old woman. She looked at Virat and Manvi frustrated. "Hurry up and tell her so you can order and then I too can order peacefully." The women pointed her walking stick at Virat.


"Sorry, we'll just order." An embarrassed Virat looked over at the counter.


"Sir how can I help you? "



"Well can we have two vanilla frosted cupcakes, a portion of profiteroles with hot chocolate and one Danish pastry please?"


"Have a seat and your order shall arrive in a few minutes."


Manvi and Virat took a seat at a table opposite table to the view outside.


"Arent you going to say something?" Virat looked at Manvi as she sat quietly in her seat.


"Not until you answer my question. And if you don't ill bring that old lady here."


Virat chuckled. "Can I not take you out to a bakery shop without having to be questioned?"


"You can but I want to know why."


"Well because you have worked in the office for since you arrived and so I think you deserve a treat."


"Wait, that's it."


"Well what do you want me to say?"


"I thought you took me here because'" Calm down Manv. Why do you care if he takes you to a bakery shop or not, he's your boss, don't get any wrong ideas."


"Because what?"


"Nothing. Oh look, here comes our pastries." Manvi was about to take hold of a fork when Virat stopped her.


"You right arm hasn't healed yet and if you eat with your left it might end up getting messy."


"So what do I do? Not eat?"


Virat took hold of a fork and dug it into the soft creamy profiterole. Manvi opened her mouth as Virat fed her.


"I feel guilty." Virat took another profiterole and placed it in her mouth.  


"Why?" Manvi looked at Virat with puzzled expressions.


"Raj hurt you because of me." Virat didn't look up at Manvi.


"Please Virat don't say that. He was just not thinking properly, please don't blame yourself."


"You don't have to say that to make me feel better."


"I'm not. I mean it, just ignore what Raj did, it's got nothing to do with you." Virat took hold of a napkin and gently wiped away a chocolate smear on the side of Manvi's lips.


"I remember once when my dad hit my mum once when he was really drunk. Since then I hate it when a guy hurts a women." Manvi placed a hand over his and looked gently into his eyes. Virat brushed away his thoughts and continued feeding Manvi.


"Aren't you going to eat some too?"


"Yeah, after I finish feeding you."


"No you have something first. Infact'" Manvi took hold of a fork in her left hand and started to break part of the Danish pastry. She slowly lifted her arm and placed it into Virat's mouth. Manvi giggled as some of the pastry fell onto a napkin.


"Told you it would get messy." Virat laughed. Virat and Manvi continued to eat through the rest of the pastries. As they munched through the pastries, a group of boys entered the bakery.


"Manvi, what are you doing here." Raj looked at Virat disgustingly.


"Virat, let's go." Manvi grabbed hold of Virat's hand holding it tightly.


"Going already Manvi." Raj stepped in front of Manvi obstructing her from leaving.


"Raj please, don't create a scene here. Now we need to go."


"Manvi, I just wanted to apologise for yesterday. Come on; let me treat you today to make up for it. How about we get a cupcake."


"No thank you, we've eaten." Virat interrupted.


"No-one asked you" Raj''s voice started to feel threatening as he moved closer to Virat.


"Okay stop it. Raj, move and just leave." Manvi pushed pass her hand on Virat getting tighter. She started to feel scared, her heart racing and her palms starting to sweat. They both walked outside when something hit Virat on the back.


"Bulls eye." Raj chucked a cupcake at Virat and smirked. The other boys appeared behind Raj and started to laugh at Virat.


"Manvi, go sit in the car."


"No Virat, no please, let's just go, ignore them" Manvi pulled him away. "Virat, don't get into this, it's just going to get worse. Please let's just go."


"Virat Singh Vadhera, don't you even think about coming close to Manvi again, understood."


"Raj, get the hell out of here. You don't own me; I can do what I want." Manvi stood in front of Virat. She could feel his anger starting to slowly erupt and she didn't want him to get into a fight.


"Chill Manvi, I'm just warning him to not try it on you, I'm just looking out for you."


"Well don't, I need anyone looking out me."


"Come on Manvi, you know how these rich people can be like, no shame, no respect, he's taking advantage of you."


Virat's let go of Manvi's hand and held up his fist at Raj's face. He punched Raj in the nose and blood started to pour out. Raj's friend started to move towards Virat when Raj placed a hand up. Raj wiped away the blood and pushed Virat back. Virat took hold of his collar and Raj took hold of Virat's.


"Stop it!" Manvi screamed holding back Virat. She took hold of Virat and moved him away. She steered him towards the car and they both got in.


"Virat are you okay?" Manvi examined his fist covered in blood. She took hold of a tissue and wiped it.


"I'm sorry Manvi, but I couldn't control my anger." He looked down and Manvi could see how guilty he was feeling. She cupped hold of his face. "Virat, it's okay, I understand. You just need to go home and relax a bit."


"What about you, I'm not letting you stay with that Raj."


"He won't do anything. Kritika is at home, nothing will happen to me."


"And what about when she's not."


"Don't worry Virat, nothing will happen."


"Manvi please, you can't stay with someone like him."


"Virat, he's my cousin, he's just being protective. I'll explain to him. Just forget about what happened. Come on, let's go." Manvi smiled at him trying to reassure him.




Raj took splashed cold water over his face remembering the incident. He violently splashed water onto the mirror mentally cursing Virat. "This isn't over Virat Singh Vadhera."


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Thank you for the PM!
The story is going splendidly well- you're doing an amazing job. I'm so sorry I don't comment enough, but I do read every update and look forward to them immensely. I love Virat's protective and possessive antics- it's super-romantic. And this Raj character is awful- hope he gets his comeuppance soon Big smile

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amazing part again..loved itHug VirMan feeding each other..dat was sooo cute...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed n dat Raj...he soo deserved that punch...wat d hell he think of himself..Angry yeaahh Virat dnt let her live wid dat sick person...take her wid u..WinkEmbarrassed continue sooon...thanq sooo much for d PM..Smile

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Woohoo..!Another mindblowing update..!!!Clap

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Awww... cute... adorable moments..
Tanya's guy... hope he doesn't leave her tht will make her go with only 1 option.. VIRAT... nooo tht cant happen
Rahul... kill him...
awesome update like always
thnks fr the pm

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WOWWW AWSOMEE Pleasee continuee

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Fabulous as always..Clap...The story has become so much interesting with the fight,Manvi's care and everything...Please do continue soon...Will be waiting like anything for the next part...and thank you loads for the pm...Smile
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loved it once again!
thanx for the pm

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