Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan FF- When Two Worlds Collide (BONUS CHAPTER) (Page 17)

-Aswathy- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2012 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
Seriously LUVED ur update!!!Big smile

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arohi16 Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2012 at 4:01am | IP Logged
lovely update! Smile Thumbs Up
update soon...
thanx for the pm

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-Deeps- IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing ya!! Big smile Just read all the parts it was fun to read it continue asap .. And do PM me! Big smile Clap

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lovely updateSmile
n thanks for ur pm do continue soon

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Plz pm me ur update n plz updte soon

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                                                ~Chapter 5~

"Don't think you're getting away with this." Virat furiously walked alongside Manvi as they both made their way towards the car.


"Away with what? I haven't even done anything wrong sir." Manvi loved irritating Virat, she wanted to break his arrogance and show him that he isn't the only one who can do as he pleases.


"You know what I'm talking about. Don't try to play innocent with me, I know what you're trying to do and it isn't going to work."


"Really sir, do you really know what I'm trying to do?" Manvi stood still crossing her arms as they reached the car. Virat opened the door and got in."Oi hello, aren't you going to open the door for me?" Manvi knocked on the window annoyed with the lack of respect.


"Get in yourself, you have hands don't you? If not go find a bus, I'm sure a chauffeur will be there to specially greet you" Virat smirked placing his hands casually on the wheel. Manvi looked at him and then went round to the opposite side opening the door to the front seat. She got in feeling nervous sitting next to Virat. Virat started the engine and drove recklessly fast as the size of a bullet. Manvi started to feel her heart race as the moved faster and faster.


"What are you trying to do? Kill me?" Manvi's voice started to shake as they turned a corner.


"Something like that." He raised his eyebrows looking at Manvi, his hands gripping the wheel tighter.


"Sir, if you don't look at the road, you're going to cause an accident." Manvi started to feel worried as his eyes lingered on hers. Her heart started to pulse even harder as the car jolted up and down. He could sense her uneasiness and he slowly started to slow done.


"Scared?" he asked.


"No, Manvi Chaudary isn't scared of anything?" She confidently replied but knew deep inside that Virat driving recklessly like that scared the life out of her.


Virat mischievously smiled to himself reading Manvi's face expressions perfectly. He could tell how frightened she felt and that she may not be as tough as she seems. Manvi looked away and started to tap lightly on the window as Virat drove on in the dark night.


"Can you stop doing that, it's annoying."


"Doing what?"


"That tapping."


"Oh, you mean this?" Manvi started to tap even harder on the window making Virat even more annoyed.


"Will you stop or else'" before Virat could finish off his sentence the car started to rumble and came to a stop.


"Damn it, the car just had to shut down now." Virat exclaimed as he got out of the car. Manvi followed and observed the smoke coming from the front of the car.


"Now what?" Manvi asked waving the smoke around.


"Now you can go and find yourself a bus to go home while I make a call and get myself another car to drive me back."


"How mean, you're just going to leave me here, what if something happens to me?"


"Don't be filmy, nothing will happen to you, I thought you weren't scared of anything"


"Well I'm not'. Omg" Manvi exclaimed as she pointed towards a stall.


"What?" Virat confusingly asked looking towards the direction Manvi was pointing towards.


"Ice- cream! Yay, let's go have some ice cream" Manvi jumped up and down as she saw the ice cream stall parked a short distance away from them.


"You must be crazy, ice cream and that too at this time."


"Oh come on, please, please, pretty please." Manvi batted her eyelash at Virat trying to persuade him to treat her to an ice cream.


"Girl's these days." He looked at her giving her a dirty look. "We are not getting any ice cream. First let's get this sorted."


"Oh come on, I'm sure we can find someone nearby to help. Come on." Before Virat could speak Manvi had already walked off to the stall. "Manvi, Manvi come back." Virat walked after her. This girl is going to get me in a mess he thought.


"Look, I told you so, there's a mechanic just round here."


"Okay I'll go talk to him, till then you stay here and don't move. And no, we are not getting any ice cream."


Manvi pouted as Virat made his way to the mechanics. She sat down on a nearby bark and waited for Virat. As she sat down three men approached her holding bottles of alcohol.


"Hey baby, want to drink with us?" one of the men raised his bottle staring at Manvi. Manvi looked away and ignored them.


"Babes, come and join us, you know you want to." The three men started to laugh as Manvi started to feel even more scared. She got up and started to walk away when one the men grabbed hold of her hand.


"Hey, meri Chikni Chameli, come on, just one drink and then we can go and have some fun." His hand around hers started to become stronger. Manvi could smell his alcoholic breath and started to move his hand from her arm.


"Get off me; I'm warning you, you're so going to regret messing with me." His hands moved to her waist and Manvi raised her hand to slap him. "Don't you dare touch me." She started to move away when the second man stopped her and grabbed hold of her dress. He moved closer. Manvi started to shiver as she stepped backwards. She raised her hands but was stopped by the man. "Virat, Virat help me" she screamed praying that Virat would come and help her. As her voice cried even more, tears started to prick her. The man moved even closer and ripped the back of her dress. Manvi bit into the man's arms but was unsuccessful in trying to leave. He pushed her back towards a tree and moved his hands down her back. Manvi kicked him hard and shoved pass as she ran. "Oi, come back here." Manvi ran as she could hear the men calling after her. She turned back to look at how far they were when she suddenly bumped into someone. "Virat, Virat help me, those guys'" Manvi held onto Virat as she stood there shivering. Virat took of his blazer and wrapped it around Manvi. The men came running and abruptly stopped when they saw Virat.


"Hey you there, give use the girl." The men shouted and walked closer to Manvi.


"Before you get to her, you go through me." Virat boldly stood in front of Manvi shielding her.


"Oh yeah, who are you anyway, move, or else.."


"Or else what?" Virat raised his eyebrows and moved closer towards the men. He took hold of one of the men by the throat and pulled him up. "Or else what?" Virat repeated this time his voice more threatening. The men started to feel scared.


"Sorry, sorry, please leave me." The man whimpered as the grip around his throat tightened. Virat let him go and the three men fled.


Manvi stood there, tears pouring out of her eyes. She was shivering and frightened.


"Are you okay?" Virat's voice suddenly turned warm and friendly. It was almost like Manvi was seeing the softer side of Virat. Manvi nodded and wiped her tears.


"So, aren't you going to choose an ice cream, the mango and vanilla seems nice."




Manvi and Virat sat on the bark together with their ice cream as the mechanic stated to fix their car.


"Thank you Virat, if you weren't there then'"


"You don't need to thank me; I would have done it for any one." Virat's voice was still calm and unlike before his tone towards her had changed. He tried not to look at her but Manvi could clearly see his change in attitude. This was the Virat she wanted to see.


"Oh, and thanks for the ice cream." Manvi looked at her mango and vanilla ice cream. It sure did taste amazing and she liked the fact that Virat was being nice to her.


"It's okay, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be taking you out for ice cream all the time." Manvi laughed as he commented and soon Virat started to laugh too. He then stopped laughing and looked at Manvi. "What?" Manvi asked looking confused. He leaned in closer to Manvi making her shiver. She could feel his lean hands move across her face gently moving aside a strand of hair. Manvi closed her eyes as he finger traced her face. His hands went moved towards her lips and gently he rubbed his thumb over the side of her lips removing a hint of mango and vanilla ice cream. Virat watched Manvi as her eyes were shut. He observed her rosy cheeks which were now even red, her hair fluttering around in the hair and the sound of slow breathing. He closed his eyes and moved in forwards towards her lips when a voice inside his awoke him. What am I doing he thought. He slowly moved back.


"You can open your eyes now." Manvi slowly opened her eyes and looked at Virat. There was something about him, something was there. What am I thinking she thought? She looked away from Virat: what the hell happened to me, I hate him remember. Virat gave a slight cough. "So shall we get moving, it's getting dark."


"Yeah, we should go, you need to get home as well." They both made their way towards the car. The mechanic handed over the keys to Virat and both silently got in.




Virat arrived outside Manvi's house.


"Here you go." Virat looked out of the window avoiding Manvi's angelic eyes.


"Thank you." She walked out but looked back in as she remembered something.


"Sir, your blazer." She took off his blazer and started to hand it to him.


"No, it's okay, you can give it to me tomorrow, and after all you're going to be working with me from now on." Manvi placed back the blazer on and walked away towards the gates of her house. She turned back only to see him driving away. Did all of that really happen she thought? Suddenly a man appeared by her side who wrapped his hands around Manvi's eyes.


"Hey Manvi." His voice was deep and she could smell his aftershave.



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Hope you guys liked it, and thanx once again for the lovely comments, they are very motivating and encouraging.


Don't forget to:



Add me as a buddy for future updates


Live laugh love



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i love your story its too good.pls continue soon.
BUT!!!!  Who is this RAJ???????

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