Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

SS:story of our fateful life ( lastPart in Pg 11) (Page 11)

nobo IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 March 2012
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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Di, one thing Is sure.  U never fail to steal our hearts. Very very terrific update. Can feel jeevika's pain & the line
 "maanvi's illness has always brought us together but will it separate us soon"
   Jus fabbb.

U gonna end it... Umm okay everything have a end . Hope we have a happy one
 Plz update soon.    & sorry for being late

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poojaroy1985 Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Take a bow jess...awesome...it's a shame the real show is not shaping up on these lines :((

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..Khaleesi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 3:50am | IP Logged
i loved it!!!!!

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..Jessie.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 4:15am | IP Logged

Hello friends thanks for your support through out the ss, it had really benefited me.

Here goes a last Part:



Jeevika dint show any movement, her eyes were still. It was focusing only Maanvi. Viraat was hiding his face from everyone. His heart was pondering very fast but he was only support for the family as Viren was busy in setting a small office for himself in Rishikesh. Viraat looked Maanvi's face through the hole from outside. His eyes were teary .He tried to call Viren but his mobile was switched off as he was in meeting with the senior lawyer. The whole family was sitting shattered outside the ICU. Dabbu came and sat beside Viraat who put his head down in pain. He was gulping every drop of tear from his eyes. Dabbu took Viraat's hand and tied tightly the sacred thread in his hand; Viraat looked at astonished at Dabbu. Dabbu said "I know you had put this thread especially for Maanvi Di's wellness, Di will get well soon , she will soon get up and run chase me around the whole hospital, Haan , I know nothing will happen to Maanvi di . "Hearing the innocent words of Dabbu Viraat hugged him emotionally. He was speechless hearing the words. He hugged tightly to his arms and slowly wiped his tears through is hands. Jeevika was standing there still. Tears rolling down her cheeks stopped and it stood still there near her cheek. Dabbu went and Hugged Jeevika. Jeevika dint show any movement   she stood there still. Everybody gave gasp as they saw Jeevika.



After two hours of examination. Doctors finally came out.  They called Jeevika to come inside. Dabbu tried to hold Jeevika's hand and walked inside. The doctor's dints want anyone else but asked Jeevika to be alone. Dabbu walked away helplessly. Jeevika stood there numb. Her heart beat was continuously rising. It was beating in an abnormal rate. She noticed Maanvi's reports lying there before her. Jeevika slowly touched the paper. Her fingers started moving over every single letter. Tears from Jeevika's eyes dropped into in the paper. Slowly each drop fell on Maanvi's name and the name started fading away.  Slowly Maanvi's name faded away from the paper. Jeevika took the paper and stared at it. Doctor's called out "Jeevika '" . Jeevika looked at them as her eyes started widening up. They made her sit and have a cup of water. She pretended to gulp away the water but she was actually swallowing the emotions inside.


They started "Jeevika, Maanvi's condition has become worsen than we expected. She is in highly risk condition. We as the doctors should only act as saviors but we need the tell the truth that is happening. Maanvi's body has become very weak. Her cancer cells have almost gone up very extent state. It is started slowly spreading away and the growth is in uncontrolled manner. "


Jeevika held the grip of the table. Her heart has almost stopped beating. She needed some support to hold on to. Doctors continued "Maanvi has stopped responding to medicines and treatment. No further treatment will make Maanvi survive. Nor operations can help her .Maanvi is not fighting with cancer but fighting with her life. She is counting'" Jeevika was unable to hear further more words from the Doctor. The world revolving around her has stopped. The time stood still.  Her beat has stopped by now. She looked numb holding the table tightly. Doctors continued saying something she was not able to hear it Maanvi's smiling came in front of her eyes. She slowly got up and walked out of the room .Doctors kept calling out her name. She dints respond.  Her body was still but only her legs moved. Doctor Maanan came out and called out her names She dint respond to anything. He tried to run behind her but he couldn't catch. Jeevika walked out the hospital. She dint knew where she was going but her feet kept on moving. Her eyes could see only Maanvi's face. Walking she reached the Bridge. Her ears could her only the words "Maanu 'Maanu "

Suddenly she started having a deep pain in her heart. She placed one hand there and looked for support. She tried to hold the nearby object. Her eyes opened to witness where she was. She realized she was standing in the same place where both Maanvi and Jeevika wished to stay together forever. Jeevika remembered the past and her heart broke away.


Viren came back from meeting and switched his mobile on. There were several messages from Viraat describing the serious condition. Viren called and confirmed to Viraat to be there in minutes. Sooner he cut the call he got a call from Doctor Maanan informing Jeevika to be missing. Viren did not know where to go first. He decided to go in search Jeevika.




Viren ran through the roads to find Jeevika .It had been half an hour past since Jeevika was missing.  Viraat was in tensed stated hearing this news. Viren ran and finally found her lying unconscious in the road. He lifted her up and reached hospital. Jeevika was admitted in another. Viren saw a tensed Viraat. He wanted to go there and look after his salli, He was tensed about Jeevika who was in ventilator.


Beeji caught the edge of the chair tightly. She closed her mouth to control her feeling. But she couldn't .finally she broke out. "What is happening with these two, they only loved each other so much. But always fate played the toughest game on them. One is lying fighting with disease another is lying fighting with her heart. "


Dabbu broke out crying and hugged Beeji tightly.


Dr. Maanan looked at Viren with an empty face and called him alone. He started "I don't know what to say Viren should I say it was expected or unexpected. Jeevika always hide her feelings and Fear inside, she might have said to you but her heart always remind heavy thinking about Maanvi, and now hearing such a dreadful news about Maanvi Jeevika is having her first heart attack  physically. "Viren got the first shock of his life; He never thought things were so serious. Maanan continued" the stroke is a mild one but, Jeevika's heart is not able to bare anything, she needs to be looked after very carefully, there may be chnces of another serious attck also "


Maanan's words made Viren's heart pierce into pieces. He felt guilty for Jeevika's condition.


An hour later Viraat opened the door and walked towards Maanvi. Her eyes were in half opened state. He walked towards her and sat there holding her hands. Maanvi smiled at Viraat. Viraat was still hiding back the tears .He made her sit straight. She started "Please don't cry Viraat , I am feeling guilty , First when we met my presence made you worried and now my absence is making you weep right . " Viraat kept his fingers on her lips indicating not to continue. "Please Maanvi, don't talk like that your di and me will never allow you to go. "Maanvi moved Viraat's hand and said "until what we will keep have a fake belief Viraat, I know I am counting my days , finally my dreadful fights have come to end. "Viraat Put his down unable to hear these words "but Viraat Maanvi is never defeated, only her body is defeated, look at my hand , it has marks of injections, and my throat with full loads of drugs unable to swallow anything , My stomach is very soft an not responding to medicines. "Viraat couldn't these words he never thought Maanvi had so Many problems. He kept on holding her hands tightly. Maanvi started    "Viraat Promise me Viraat after I go, you should not loose anything, Try to move on Viraat, pursue your dreams in music. "As Maanvi continued she placed a small photo in the hands of Viraat and Said "You always said its me because of me you are so and so, I will give you special photo of mine, always keep it with you and find inspirations from it. You know Viraat Di always says this particular photo is her favorite. She always forgets her confusion and upset mood by watching me in this photo. "


Viraat received it and place it in his hands smiled at it. Maanvi started "Di , I don't know how will di handle this situation, what will happen when she hears this news ."Maanvi stood there still as she couldn't imagine what will happen. She stood there still and the tears from her eyes had already wet Virat's hand.


Maanvi started wiping her tears away "Viraat just promise me that, you people will take care of her, make her fell my presence around her. "Viraat nodded his head. Maanvi started before I fly away, I want to create golden moments with my di , I want to catch hold of her hands and run around the whole Rishikesh , Jump around the rain with her , eat my favorite dishes from her hand , Feed each other , Play Pranks and get scolding from her , run behind her to ask sorry . Cry on her lap and laugh million times holding her hands and die at the moment when she laughs forgetting her pain, finally I want to make my last wish in the same bridge that I should be born one more time and life a full zeal of life and I should get my Di along with me who is the best di in the world "Finishing her wishes Maanvi hugged Viraat tightly and asked "Viraat , Where is Di , I want to see her " Viraat remind silent . He made her stand and led her way to Jeevika's room.


 There Viren was holding Jeevika's hands.  Jeevika started opening her eyes and she removed away the ventilator. Viren made her drink water and said "Maanvi might have opened her eyes Jeevika, calm down. ""I will never leave her alone to close her eyes "Jeevika blasted out.


Viren gave a helpless look. Jeevika started "When Maanvi was born, I started making small things to make her happy, her smile became everything for me, I wanted to wipe away her tears. When Mom and dad passed away she became my life, I stated living for her. She became my breathe and . When I heard Maanvi has cancer I felt somebody has pierced a hole in my heart.  I wanted to fight away the world and disease for her. When she became weak I felt the world has turned upside down and now I can't leave Maanvi all alone, I cant Make her fight for life and I wouldn't allow that to happen. "Jeevika hugged viren tightly as she was weeping. Just the Maanvi and Viraat entered the room. Manvi ran and hugged Jeevika and said "Di , I will never leave you and go , don't worry di , "


Jeevika replied "if at all you go take me along with you "Both of them hugged each other tightly.


Viren and Viraat dint know whether to smile or smile on seeing these two.




Few years later:


Geeth a small baby ran across the house and stopped looking at Jeevika and Maanvi's photo. She stopped and asked her mother who were they. Geeth was 5 years dabbu's daughter. Her mother started telling Jeevika and Maanvi's story. A love which mad everyone smile and cry. Dabbu wiped out the tears and opened the room where Jeevika and Maanvi spent their last days. Photos of them roaming around and enjoying was hanging around the walls. Viren and Viraat lived in the room and living in memories of Jeevika and Maanvi transformed them into another world. In ganga ghat Beeji lighted two diya's and prayed for the sisters souls. She looked at both the diya's which were floating together and said "Where ever Maanvi is Jeevika is always there to look after her. "







 Krystal D'Souza




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..Jessie.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 November 2011
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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Friends thank you for you support !!!!!it is because of you i made this ss a possible one. it really benefited from all parts. sorry for such a long update. i couldn't give a thought of  making it short!!!
Thank you once again for the support !!!

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nobo IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 March 2012
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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 4:55am | IP Logged
If I had enough words to describe, I would have thought myself the luckiest person on this planet .  Still I would like to quote two lines which literally touched my heart
   "if at all u go, take me along with you"  , awwwsome

"she looked at both the diya's which were floating together & said WHEREVER MANVI IS, JEEVIKA IS ALWAYS THERE TO LOOK AFTER HER"

Best ending to a story I have ever read. I mean it's literally best.  Neither describe the dying part, Still touching to the core of heart

& the pic in end was like cherry on the top.  

 Lovvvee u for this one di.        Outttstanding story
 Can't ask for update ,  so betr ask for another story. Lolz dont frighten

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tulip.flora Senior Member

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:04am | IP Logged
just awesomeee!!!!!!!
jeevika-manvi united eternally!!
thanx 4 pm
looking fwd 4 such more works of u 

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NinaArief Senior Member

Joined: 10 January 2012
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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 6:13am | IP Logged
wow, absolutely wow!!
both of them with each other always, loved it .. the v bros, the deaths well scripted..

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