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Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

KC Misses SC Very Much-Chap 28- Upd Pg 83 - 23rd June 2014 (Page 5)

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Originally posted by sudipta1988

just awesome ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
very nice ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Hi sudipta
Thanks for reading and your kind compliments!

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Originally posted by Aditi147

I am in love with ur writing!!! Hug
loved all the 3 parts- and the way u end each part - gives a finish touch to the story ... amazing I must say Thumbs UpClapBig smile
Hey Aditi, now you going to make me cry with yr compliments. But I am so so so touched that I want to hug you...lots of kisses and love dear.Hug
Thank you so much.!Wink
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Originally posted by cooldipika

awesome update Mani , i so badly addicted to this story are writing it so beautifully .its a treat to read it..
Hi Dipika
Thank you my dear for your patience on waiting for my updates and reading...and your nice compliments.Hug
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Thread unlocked. Smile

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Its almost end of the year and I have gained enough courage and energy to continue with my story , where I last left, so many months ago.
One request though...for those links from chapter 1 to 6 are for reference reading  only. Do not press the like buttons for in those links,  as I am  now using this new thread to continue.
You may press the like buttons in this thread as I will keep only this one active. Thanks Fivr for activating this thread again.Wink
Ok ladies and gentleman, if you ready, here it goes for chapter 10.Let's find out if SINAL are pregnant or not.
Chapter 10.

Kunal  asked anxiously  : Are we pregnant or not?

Siddhi smiled at Kunal radiantly as she slid her hands around his neck and whispered into his ears

"Yes, we are!

Kunal  wrapped both his arms around Siddhi and lifted her up against his lean powerful body and hugged her tightly to him

"My God, I am going to be a dad soon! " Kunal breathed gruffly, his beautiful expressive dark eyes alight with unconcealed satisfaction and he said "that's the best news  I have ever heard!"

Siddhi  pulled back from kunal , startled by his obvious enthusiasm and happiness" Kunal, seriously, I wasn't sure how you would feel about becoming a dad...this soon , I mean , well what I am saying"

Kunal taken back by Siddhi's claim , lowered her gently to the ground and said" Hey, stop stammering, and why wouldn't  I be happy ?  I want this baby  very much"

"Yes, but you know...? Siddhi was frowning...

"Are you worried, that i will not be there to support you." Kunal interrupted . He led Siddhi to the bed and pressed her down and he sat beside her holding her tightly to him.

He could see Siddhi was clearly worried from her downbent her and twiddling with her fingers . He need to reassure that the thought of his baby growing inside her womb, is doing crazy things to him.

Kunal tipped Siddhi's chin and  said with mysitified eyes and looked directly into her eyes which was full of worry : "Siddhi, I will be there with you and our child, each and every step,hmmm, don't  worry about anything." and kissed her gently  on her temple

Siddhi's heart swelled with untold happiness and her throat tightened and she snuggled more comfortably into  Kunal's chest, wanting him to hold on to her like this forever. She felt safe .

The soft thudding of his heart was music to her ears and she wanted this moment to go and on but suddenly she stirred alarmingly and looked u p into Kunal's eyes with new found worries making her forehead with new frown lines..

Kunal asked her with concern , his eyes went searchingly over her face" What's wrong now?, You okay? Are you in Pain? He held her face and was using his fingers soothingly over her frown lines as if to make it disappear.

Siddhi  shook her head and asked doubtfully " Kunal, I am not sure  how accurate this test kit are, why not we check with our doctor first to know, its one thing that this kits are 99% accurate but still that 1%...what?

Kunal  heaved a sigh of relief  expecting her to say something worst but  he relaxed visibly  knowing her concern and said reassuringly  " We will certainly do fact I am going to call our doctor first thing to make an appointment tomorrow morning  to be sure that our little one is on the way, happy now?

Siddhi looked now with worrying eyed: " But Kunal what if this is a false alarm? I don't want you to ruin your happiness...but still its better to be sure isn't it before we celebrate and and Kunal,would you be terribly disappointed if I am not pregnant.

Kunal laughingly pulled her closer to his chest" Well, then it would  then just make perfect excuse  for me to keep you in bed  day and night with me and make love to you till you are pregnant with my baby, wouldn't it?.

Siddhi hit his chest playfully and blushed " Dont be silly! We cant stay on bed all day and do that all the time!

Kunal asked with all haughtiness full of his usual arrogance : "And who says we cant to that?Who  dare to stop me  If I want to stay in bed with my wife , unless my lady here have some objection? Do you have any objection Mrs Siddhi Kunal Chopra to spend  the next one month have in bed with you husband, Kunal Chopra?

Siddhi giggled and said poutingly  with all feminine challenge: " Not at all on condition that he promise to say " I love you" every  half an hour. You think , you can manage that Mr Kunal Chopra, knowing that you don't like to confess this frequently and it clashes with your ego?

Kunal didn't say anything. He stood up from the bed and pulled her gently to her feet and held in the circle of his arms. He caressed her hair ,tucking the wisps of tendrils behind her ear. She shivered at his touch, although, it was not cold. His fingertips brushed her sensitive ear lobe making her gasp. Slowly his hand moved from her cheek to her throat and very very slowly holding her eyes his hand caressed tenderly the sensitive corner between her neck and shoulder. Slowly he walked around and was standing directly behind her and tugged her peasant style blouse down her arms and he stroked the bare skin of her shoulders and nuzzled her neck with his lips. His lips were soft and warm on her bare skin and a shot of excitement of fire raced up and down her body as his lips continued to play havoc  on neck, shoulder and cheeks . She was a total mess now and she was standing on trembling legs which was on the brink of giving away any  moment now. Just when she thought she was going to collapse , he encircle his arms around her holding her tightly but lovingly against his muscular chest . He brought his lips closer to her ears and whispered  teasingly " I love you , Mrs Siddhi Kunal Chopra" .

With that he slowly turned her around to face him and lowered his head and locked his lips with hers and kissed her softly...Kunal was now  wrapping his hands in her hair, pulled her more closer to him , kissing her more deeply and fiercely and Siddhi kissed him back with equal force, gasping at the sensation that was ripping through her.

Without any warning, he swung her into his arms and he walked slowly but with determined steps towards the mattress and lowered her gently to the bed. Without taking his eyes from her, he undressed himself  slowly  and was standing naked before her like a dark knight from a fantasy. He moved towards her and her heart started to beat with anticipation and her whole body down to her soul trembled from within...and then he started seducing her by removing her  clothes and all hell broke loose just then.. away to desire and in the silent night only,  the soft whisperings of words could be heard between the two lovers who were now totally engrossed and  lost  into their own blissful world of pleasure ...both falling asleep in each other arms, totally exhausted.

Siddhi woke up to someone whistling...a happy tune...coming from the bathroom. Suddenly the door opened and Kunal walked out with a towel slung low and  tied  at  his hips  and drying his hair with another towel, vigorously.

He sauntered over to the built in cabinets and took out some fresh clothings...and set up dressing. He looked great in a white long sleeve casual  shirt, with sleeves folded at the elbows and was hooking the the strip from the sleeves  to the button, that would hold the sleeves  in place.. He looked amazing with in white and the stone washed faded denim levis Jeans, with his shirt tugged out. He looked ruggedly handsome as always.

Suddenly he turned and Siddhi blushed for being caught red handed staring at him ...

"Like it? Will this do..   ? Kunal asked her with his hands pointing in a gallant style to his outfit.

"Um...? Oh yes, yes.  Perfect... nice. " God she was stammering like a love sick fool seeing her husband fully dressed and she , god she had not one stitch of cloth on her body except the comforter which was now pulled up to her chin to cover her nakedness.

"Sweetheart, we have an appointment with the doctor at ten.." Kunal interrupted her wayward thoughts and she  gave him   a blank question look at him

" You know the appointment to confirm your pregnancy?  C'mon lazy bone, get up and go get ready" Kunal  told her while combing his hair and looking at her from the mirror and winked at her .

She stared at him and could see the excitement he was trying to conceal from her but it was so obvious from the curve of his smile and his eyes...that he knew but just wanted it to be confirm if they are truly indeed pregnant.

How she loved this man. To hold his baby in her arms... a part of Kunal and herself.  A child. An unbreakeable bond that would tie them forever  in this lifetime.

" Hey, woman, either you get up  or I am going to carry you and shower you myself  or on second thought maybe...I  want to get acquainted with my wife all over again.." and Kunal walked with a threatening step towards the bed .

" You stop right there, KUNAL CHOPRA! Don't you dare come near, no, not a step, Stop..."and when he came more closer, she quickly rolled to the other side with a squeal and ran into the bathroom ...

Behind the closed doors, she could hear Kunal chuckling with amusement. She smiled and turned on the faucets of the rain shower and she yelped with the coldness of it. She needed that to wake her up fully as she was recalling last night and her cheeks grew hot at the memory of last night and how he claimed her with so much beautiful that she cannot forget and he was so insatiable ...

She got dressed in a long white sleeve casual  embroidery kurti shirt with a frilly collar  and black legging tights.

Kunal was sitting at the balcony reading the morning papers with a hot cup of tea.. He glanced up at her and smiled  and asked " Ready? , let's go!

" So, we will know the result in a couple of days after the blood test...Hmmm I thought we will know today.. but never mind, no hurry. " Kunal said to Siddhi reassuringly and walked with her with his arms around her shoulders .

They were in a shopping mall where the doctor's office was and the shops were now slowly being opened for another day of business as usual.

" Kunal, you are not angry with me right? Siddhi asked nervously for she thought they would know the result today but the doctor said, normally they would do a blood test to confirm .

" Whatever for, I should be angry? Doctor just doing his job...its better to be doubly sure rather than holding your wrist like a witch doctor to confirm your pregnancy...I would not want that... Naaa don't worry sweetheart, I am not angry at all...I thought with those modern tech, they should be able to tell us immediately but well he'll need to send the blood to the lab and today being Sunday, he should have the results by Tuesday. No problem, lets wait..and meantime, I am all yours today. What do you want to do? I am at your service madame!

Siddhi, looked up at kunal and hugged him closer and said" I say Mr Kunal Chopra, how about a ride in the roller coaster..."

"What are you out your mind, woman! Not with my baby inside you! Kunal stopped and looked at her with horror stricken eyes that Siddhi burst our laughing...

" Just checking, mate...relax.. ok, how about going   for a stroll near the beach and have some ice cream at Swensons! I feel like eating lots of  strawberry ,double Belgium chocolate, cherry Garcia , oreo filled...Kunall...what are you doing? Siddhi squealed with excitement as Kunal swung her into his arms and gave a twirl and kissing her to keep her mouth shut, to  the amusement of other passers by who were looking at them enviously  with cheers and wolf whistle..and someone shouted cheekily " Get a room, guys!"

"How's the ice cream? Kunal asked while tucking in greedily to his ice cream

"Hmmm, like I have just gone to heaven...aargh..what in the world...?" Siddhi  bit into something hard and  used her finger to take it out  from her mouth... and stared at it stupefied, loss for words... totally, but her heart was beating too fast...she just could not believe what she saw in her hand..she blinked several times and asked,

" Kunal, what's this...oh my god...its lord, Kunal, you did this!

"Do you like it...we have to make it real sweetheart' Kunal asked with an indulgent smile and before she knew it, he walked around and knelt in front of her and took the item, an eternal wedding band ring,  from her hand and asked her holding her hand . The whole restaurant has suddenly gone silent and there were lots of  soft murmurs...appreciation as if everyone was waiting what's going to happen next

" Sweetheart,  I meant about what I said about us getting married shush. Let me speak..." Will you marry me next Sunday in Bali nico island , Mrs Kunal Siddhi Chopra, all over again, this time with no one twisting our arms,  just the two of us and make  me the most happiest man in the world... I cant wait too long...dear, so what say you, coming with me to Bali next week and make an honest man out of me?

End of Chapter 10: Will Siddhi agree to go with KC to Bali to tie the knots again?
Find out in Chapter 11...more excitement awaits us for 2013!

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double post!

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hearty welcome buddySmile
m happpy for being the first person to replyWink

 thanks for such a wonderful update.Embarrassed
 missed your ff...Ouch
m glad tat u gonna continue it further...Smile

plzz pm me next tym weneva u gna update...Smile

well  like always eagerly waiting for your next update.Day Dreaming

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Wel come back Big smile

Nice update sinalmbu , i was missing ur FF 

Awesome , hope u update the next part soonEmbarrassed

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