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KC Misses SC Very Much-Chap 28- Upd Pg 83 - 23rd June 2014 (Page 2)

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Originally posted by Silambu

Here's the link for those who have missed my past chapters ...

Chapter 9

" Is there something I can do to help   Chef Kunal Chopra."? Siddhi asked as she walked into the Kitchen and saw that Kunal had a already brought out the the ingredients  on the kitchen island they shopped in the afternoon and was busy with the flattening chicken breast.

"No, Madame, you just sit there and watch me cook. I have everything under control." He said with a mocking smile to his mouth.

"So aren't you  going to tell me what's the menu for today or do I have to wait till dinner to find out'? Siddhi enquired .

" I am going to cook Spaghetthi Aglio Olio with chicken fried. I am preparing the chicken now as you can see"

" Why are smashing the chicken breast'?

"Not smashing, just flattening it with the  roll pin. See, you take a decent size of the chicken breast. Cover it with a sheet of plastic over it.  Take out the roll pin and tap on the sheet to flatten the chicken coz you want the chicken to cook faster and make it crispy after you fry in the oil."

"Now I am going to flatten at least 4 pieces of chicken breast. Don't use chicken cubes as they are too small ."

"What are those things?" Siddhi pointed to the some of the flat trays

" Those are for coating the chicken to be fried.See the first tray, is flour mixed with grounded pepper and salt. The second tray is eggs and third tray is bread crumps."

" Ok, I am going to leave the chicken here for a while. Let me get started with my Pasta dish." Kunal said and walked over to kitchen cabinet and took out a saucepan pot and put it over the stove. He poured some water into it and added some salt and two tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. When the water in the saucepan came to a boil, Kunal added the spaghetti into it. He stirred it and let it boil  for another 10 minutes.

Siddhi watched Kunal taking out  4 gloves of garlic , two red chillies with seed and parsely and chopped it finely.

He checked his wrist watch and said" The spahegtti should be ready now. Let  me check." He walked over to the stove and used used a fork to take some to check if it is cooked.  Once he was satisfied,he turned off the stove and put on another  small saucepan over the heat.

Siddhi  walked over and stood beside Kunal to watch more closely. Kunal smiled at her and proceeded to pour the olive oil into the saucepan. He quickly added the garlic and chillies and cooked it for about 8 minutes over a low heat , so as to allow the oil to absorp all the flavours in.

"You should ensure that the garlic doesn't burn. Cook till it is golden brown." Kunal explained to Siddhi as if she was like his Sous chef.

He then drained the cooked pasta  and placed it into a large saucepan over a low heat, making sure it is not on high heat to avoid drying the pasta out. He poured  the infused oil with garlic and chilli over the pasta and added the chopped parsely. He mixed the pasta thoroughly so that that the pasta was coated with oil. He then seasoned it with salt and pepper.

"Alright, great, pasta done. Now I just have to fry my chicken"  He said and put another low flat frying pan over a  medium heat .He poured some vegetable oil.

" I think I will get started on my dessert, Kunal. It needs to be chilled before serving" Siddhi  moved away and walked to the cabinet and started to take out all her ingredients for her fruit cocktail dessert.

" Ah yes, this i got to see. Never seen you cook this for us before.Sure you can do it or do you need any help from me."? Kunal said teasingly  with a smile twitching at his lips.

"Let me tell you , something Mister,you are going to taste one of the world's best ever Fruit cocktail, that you are going to beg me to make it for you everyday."  Siddhi she threw back her head , sending her hair flying gently across her shoulders with an arrogance, that kunal found it hard to resist. He enjoyed making her lose her temper...

"Jus checking. Ok Madame, this place is all yours now, just give me five minutes and I am done with my chicken."

Kunal effortlessly took the chicken, dipped it into the flour on the 1st tray on both sides of the chicken and then dipped into the eggs , making sure it is coated on both sides and then lastly he dipped the chicken which now coated with flour and eggs onto the bread crumps. Making sure it the bread crumps on both sides, he then slowly put the chicken into the fry pan. He fried the chicken on both sides about two minutes each and scooped it  . He then  proceed to do this until all the four pieces of the chicken were done. He turned off the stove and said.

"Ok I am done. Here. Need  a cold beer now... why don't you get started.My turn to watch "

Siddhi watched him drinking his beer. He  tipped the head back and drank from the can, his column of his long throat moving . He finished his drink and put the can with a thud on the table and watched her with a slow amused  smile preparing  the dessert.

Siddhi drained the  can of fruit cocktail, nate de coco, and placed them on a large bowl without any fruit syrup. She diced some fresh strawberries and peaches lengthwise.  She poured a can of evaporated milk  into the bowl and combine the fruits. She then took poured some shredded parmesan cheese over it and spread it evenly. Then she took the dessert whipped cream and sprayed on top of the spreaded cheese covering the fruits. She sprayed the entire canister of the the dessert cream. After  that she springled it with the cut strawberries and peaches over the sprayed cream and sealed with an aluminium foil and left in the fridge to chill.

Kunal remarked with amusement, " hmmm  interesting, looks like  snow covered with colours.Very pretty."

" Wait till you taste it. Its Magic."  Siddhi said with a little shrug which had Kunal laughing out aloud. She looked up at kunal. Seeing him laugh like that made her feel so alive and vibrant. He made her feel as if she is the only woman in the world who made him complete...

They sat at the Dining table. Kunal has a quick shower and changed into a linen shirt and jeans.

He served both of them the Pasta,chicken onto the plates. He watched her while eating and raised his eyebrows to enquire if the food met her expectations.

" Kunal, I have to hand it out to you, the pasta is so soft and has the right balance of the oil and garlic and so fragrant and delicious... Heaveans. I see what you mean, the chicken is so soft in the inside and crispy on the outside. Very nice."  Siddhi complimented Kunal with a big smile like a child who had been presented with a chocolate factory as a gift.

"Kunal, where did you learn to cook like this?" Siddhi asked Kunal  curiously.

Kunal gave Siddhi an indolent smile and sipped his wine slowly before replying.. He put the glass down...

"Actually in university with Bruno. Both of us had  passion for cooking. He would whip out his French cuisine and me , my Italian version. Sometimes, we would mix it and come with another fushion. We experimented a lot by trying French, Italian  receipes...and perhaps one day you could teach me how to make your desserts as well   "Kunal said  with a teasing smile on his face but holding her gaze with his eyes..

Siddhi found herself staring at Kunal...every time he looked at her in a certain way, she felt herself melting. He was so attractive when he was in a teasing mood. He was just simply attractive in any mood, she suddenly realized. His seething anger,his brooding silence, his playful ones, his romantic mood, all were simply mesmerising . He really got to her , making her slip all her defences one by one without her being consciously aware... He changed her.She became addicted to him. Could not get enough of him...

"I am sure, you make better desserts than me.But talking about dessert, l think it is time to serve my culinary dish and let you be the judge of it."

" Wow, Siddhi, this fruit cocktail is really delicious. You are right. Never tasted this. So simple but very nice" Kunal was  tugging into his dessert with genuine appreciation and asked for a second helping  which made Siddhi happy.

Both of them finished off their dessert. The meal progressed until it was time go clear away. Siddhi asked Kunal to go to the living room and offered to clear the table away. She brought back the plates to the Kitchen and washed away the plates  and went to the bedroom for a while ... she just needed to do something to know for sure...but before that she needed to talk to Kunal about something else. Laying all the ghosts to rest...

She walked back to the living room and found Kunal sitting in one of the leather chairs with his legs stretched out in front of him. He patted the seat beside him  . "Come side beside me, and stop hovering there as I am going to eat you up."

Siddhi sat beside him, careful not to touch him but then Kunal just pulled her gently to his side. He put a finger to her temple , tugging a strand of her hair  which had fallen across, behind her ears. His touch was soft and gentle. Very tenderly , he brushed her hair and said huskily " So soft like silk" He lifted her hair running it through his hand in wonderment.

" I think i want to cut it " and he said' No, don't do that." He cupped her  the back of her head and locked his eyes with such intensity and seriousness.

" Don't ever cut your hair. I like your hair. Long , soft as silk." He put his lips on her hair and kissed the top of her head...

Siddhi  sensory nerves were already tingling... " Kunal , we need to talk ...about this afternoon." She distracted him...

"What about this afternoon." Kunal asked questioningly with raised eyebrows.

" About Anand , you know about Karan mistaking you for Anand. Aren't you going to ask me about it? Siddhi asked anxiously.

" The past is best forgotten, no use to rekindle it. What's the use of talking about such things'? Kunal asked with a tinge of exasperation as if she reminded him of something that he had forgotten.

" Kunal, we need to be open and clear about our feelings. But first we must talk about Anand and you about Richa"

"Richa and I have been  over for more than five years. There is nothing to talk about." Kunal dismissed it with a freezing look.

" So you feel nothing for Richa now? She is truly in your past. You have no feelings for her whatsoever?

" Siddhi, Richa and I were involved in a relationship back in our university days. True we loved each other but then things changed and people change due to circumstances and situations. So  did Richa and I. We wanted different things in life. Our perspective, goals were no longer the same. She wanted to mould and change me to fit her lifestyle and I just could not let go of my principles even for her. She then left me for someone else and I was totally disillusioned about the whole love affair. Life was mocking at me... . I spent too long in a world of hatred. It consumed me.Powered me. Drove  me think that what I was doing was right till I met you, giving me a new lease of life but then there was Anand... I sometimes wondered, if Anand didn't die, what would have happened to me. I would have been a very lonely man...lost everything in life just waiting to die..but then you came into my life by fate and changed everything.  You taught me  how the bonds of love was stronger than hate. You taught me that love wasn't above control but  was all about letting something go and to trusting it to keep it forever.  Sometimes I don't want to talk about Anand. I feel like I have snatched away what belongs to him. If not for the accident, he would be alive today and both of you would have been married. I ask myself, do I have the right to be happy at the expanse of my brother's death?I feel guilty...I don't know how to explain it... You know what i am trying to say Siddhi? If Anand were to come back now, I ask myself a million time, will I be able to walk from you and let him into your life...and guess what Siddhi?

Siddhi eyes were misting with unshed tears but she wanted to hear what Kunal had to say" What'?

" I will never be able to let you go  even for Anand. You are my  life Siddhi. I have never loved another person as much I loved you. I cannot bear to let you go, leave me. I will be a broken man. Am I being selfish, Siddhi?

" Oh Kunal, I love you so much." Siddhi cried and went into his arms and wept ...and she looked up and straight into his eyes and declared.

" You know, Anand brought us together. Its fate...Anand will always have a special place in my heart. In both of us...We always love him in our own ways...Yes I loved him but I hate to say this but there is no other way skirting around the issue. The love I felt for Anand and you is very different. I knew Anand for a short time...and when died, I was devastated... How could life be so cruel to take away my love on my wedding day... and Anand so young to die, so much to live for..Life wasn't fair to Anand."

" Then when you came and proposed, I thought, how I could ever envisage living with you even when our  causes were with good intentions in saving mother but then how could I live with a man , who hates me and I hate him equally...but then Kunal you broke all my defences and  I saw for the true person you were hiding inside the self-imposed prison. I started to slowly like you and before I knew it , don't know when, but falling for brought back the smile  back into my life. The way you teased me. You respect for this relationship and you didn't cross the line. We became friends and started to trust each other...How you came to protect me and defended me...

Siddhi snuggled closer into Kunal's chest. " You made me complete Kunal. Even if Anand came back now, I will never be able to walk away from you my dearest Darling man, for you hold the key to my hear. I love you so much Kunal and I cannot live without you."

Siddhi looked up at Kunal with shining eyes. Kunal brushed her tears and kissed her on her forehead. He touched her facing his hands shaking, hardly able to believe what he was hearing.

"I have wanted to hear you say that for a long time... but was too scared to ask you about Anand and did not want to make you sad or leave me or reject me. Call me a coward, but I panicked in case you would laugh at me and threw back my love . I wanted everything with you...your love , a happy marriage with children at least three or four"

" I am really glad that we had this talk. Its time to put the past behind and start our lives..."

Siddhi swallowed hard and asked Kunal " Did you really mean it just now when you said you wanted babies. '?

Kunal smiled and said" What the point of having all this love without some little ones  to share it with. How soon can we start having the baby thing?"

Siddhi smiled radiantly as she slid her hands around his neck." Before I came to the living room, I left something in the bathroom waiting. It should tell us one way what you want to know. "

Kunal looked at her disbelievingly at her and held his eyes to her with a question " You're pregnant?"

She got up excitedly and pulled him along with her to the bathroom. "Don't know, let go and check, shall we?"


Remarks: Sorry for the late updates. I hope you have enjoyed  reading the 3 chapters. Till next week, lets wait and see if Siddhi is pregnant...or is a false alarm...Chao!

Thanks Silambu...

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fantastic Silambu
Thanks a lot

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thanks a ton...

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hey thnxxx 4 pm read it awsm updateClap kip it upThumbs Up nw m going 4 d nxt 2Wink
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thnxxx a ton silambuClap
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very well doneThumbs Up Thumbs Up

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