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KC Misses SC Very Much-Chap 28- Upd Pg 83 - 23rd June 2014 (Page 18)

Ani---Anisah IF-Dazzler

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I love ur FF...Plllzzz upload soon ab aur intazaar nehi hota...the last line is very scary Confused

Silambu IF-Dazzler

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14 ' Kunal meeting someone from the past...

"Well,  that went well... everyone is thrilled at the prospect of us becoming parents.  I have a feeling they want a  cute handsome boy, just  like me," Kunal  said cheekily , he was half sitting , lying on the bed with his  head resting against the headboard  and admiring Siddhi who was standing infront of the full length  mirror, turning this way and sideways, looking at her tummy exposed, with the T-shirt pushed up..above her midriff.

"Kunal, I still cant see any sign of baby bump..." Siddhi said worriedly, viewing her full profile sideway.. " I know its too early...but  well...I wonder how I will look like in a couple of months'?

" You will look beautiful as always with my baby growing inside you" Kunal  said with a lazy drawl..

" I will be and pregnant. I wonder , if you will say the same thing then..? Siddhi asked questiongly with a frown

" Seriously, are you worried about carrying my child inside you? Kunal asked a little sternly  but with a hurt look...he knew the answer already...

"Of course not! I have heard some stories that men find pregnant woman a put off. I was just wondering, if you  feel the same thing...not that I can do anything about it or..

"And I have heard pregnant woman are  hot, sexy &  horny and I am looking forward to you ravishing and devouring  me " Kunal said with  a dark intense passionate hot glance... with a look of pure innocence as if he was reading the Sunday times.!

" What ? Me Ravishing you!  You think so highly of yourself. Handsome cute little boy like and you and then, me jumping on to you! Really Kunal , you are just too much.!

" Who asked you to be so beautiful that I cant keep my hands off you. Do you know you have this glow about you now that you are pregnant...I am having  weird thoughts running in make feel like a  teenager ! Will you please stop standing half naked in front of the mirror and come here woman!

"Kunal, what if its a girl? Would you mind ? ' Siddhi turned around to look at Kunal ,with worry frown lines on her forehead.

"Hey, why should I mind.? I am perfectly happy with either with a boy or girl. They are part of you and me.  Remind me again...When is the next doctor's appointment...? Will we know the sex of the baby?

" No silly, its a bit too soon for that...we will know the baby's sex around 20th week,I think... Siddhi  said...walked  slowly to the bed and climbed beside Kunal and he pulled her closer...

"Well plenty of time to go shopping and selecting names...or we will end up calling 'What's her name? And "what's his name"?

At that horrendous thought, both looked  at each other  and laughed with comical expressions  , and slowly fell asleep in each others arms.


Siddhi was at her doctor's clinic for her regular check up . She had called up Kunal earlier to meet her there but he called the last minute asking her to go there first and he will  join her there  later as he had to meet a business client.

Well, honestly she was disappointed but well, it was work. Things the last hour...sometimes, nothing  goes according to plan. Kunal always says ' leave 60% of your time for something planned and the balance for things ' unpredictable things, that will just pop out  when you least expect it...that's life .

Everything went well with the doctor . So far so good. She called Kunal but it  kept  going to voice mail...he must be still in a meeting. Well better not bother him. Must be busy...plenty of time later to tell him.  She  texted him to say all is fine and she will find her way home.

The SMS came from Kunal : Sorry  Siddhi...still in a meeting. Everything ok? I'll talk to you tonight.Kisses , take care  of my baby? Which brought a indulgent smile  to her face.

With some time to kill, she decided to go for some shopping.

Some of the boutiques carried the latest   collection of maternity line from morning to  an evening wear with nice simple  but elegant cuts keeping in line with the latest market trends. After walking around for an hour, she decided to go a cafe/bistro to have a nice cup of tea and that sinful chocolate banana cake...which she has a sudden craving for. Must be those pregnancy hormones...

The other day, she felt like eating sundried tomatoes with vanilla ice cream and it was a Kodak moment watching Kunal's horrified expression when she told him what she wanted to eat.! Tomatoes with ice cream. Are you kidding me, was what he had said! She smiled at that memory.

She bit into the cake hungrily and was enjoying the nice smooth creamy mixture of the chocolate mousse with the fresh sliced bananas in between the layered cake ( believe me this is the really the best cake and I  swear to you will be enslaved  for life pining for this cake and now I making Siddhi eating it) ...not too sweet just nice... Good lord...just pure heavens!

She washed it down with Earl Grey's tea...sipping slowly and looking around her with with a lazy interest...till she  did a double take...on rather something  or to be precise someone familiar.! Her eyes grew larger and stared at a tall well matched couple who walked into the cafe and were led to a the waiter

What was Kunal doing with Richa ? Didnt he say he was held up in a business meeting or meeting some client.  She was totally confused.!

She waited...holding her breath... but her heart was beating fast and she observed them from far ...her eyes hungarily on her husband and the woman with him.

They sat opposite each other.  The waiter came and took their orders...and after they were talking or rather Richa was talking...and Kunal was sitting , was obviously listening to whatever Richa saying quite intently with that uncanny nature of his style , his head cocked at one her undivided attention.

Was Kunal meeting her for business .? It didn't look like it.

Should  she just walk over and say hello to them.?  She felt like a spy as if  waiting  something bad to happen...enough of this mind wandering to  zones, which she did not want even to contemplate...She was just about to stand up and walk over, when she saw, Richa grasping Kunal's hand and seemed to be saying something to him with slow tears rolling down from her eyes  down her cheeks. He didn't pull back his hand but continued to listen to  her...and then he covered his hand with Richa , telling her something  soothingly as if assuring her everything will be alright...and it brought a smile to Richa's face. A Sad smile...but still a smile if she knows body language. Siddhi didn't like this one bit at all.

Siddhi, quickly sat down again. She was sick to her stomach. Didnt Kunal said everything was over between them . And if that is so, what was he doing  here with her...Are they back together now...Siddhi  silently chided  herself for not trusting Kunal and her mind wandering to imaginery land.. Maybe Richa could have just popped up at his office and wanted to talk about something? Friends do that at times right?Besides, Richa and Kunal knew each other more longer than Kunal and Siddhi.  Yeah, it was nothing..she is just working herself up to a frenzy..They are just friends now...nothing more . She comforted herself with her logic...

Ok. He was not kissing her or anything but seems to be consoling her.. It was ok. There must be a logical reason for this...Yes, this is it , maybe Richa was here to ask him some advice... she said to herself, she should not jump to conclusions on seeing them... and add salt and pepper.

She continued to watch them silently from far looking for some signs of god knows what? Her heart was telling her something and her head was saying something and conscious was making her behave  totally like a jealous wife...they seems to be talking while having coffee.. After some time, Kunal signalled the waiter, paid the bills . Then they  walked out of the bistro, his hand lightly on her arm. They stood outside the pavement and suddenly Richa leant over and hugged Kunal , kissing him on the cheek.

Siddhi turned away  shock. She didn't want to see Kunal's response to that and  then she wanted to see his reaction and  once again Siddhi turned  to look back again but they were both gone...!

Siddhi quickly paid her bills and ran out of the bistro hurriedly  to the amusement of the search  of both Kunal and Richa but she could not spot them anywhere... vanished!

She was standing there looking lost, her eyes searching for two tall people...her hair blew across her face with the sudden cold breeze of air,   giving a sudden her skin. It was chilly!

Several things were going on Siddhi's mind. She said to herself she will not be like those woman suspecting their husbands at the mere sight of them having coffee, or a hug or a  simple kiss. She was an independent confident intelligent woman. Not a fish wife.!

Besides, Kunal will tell her later about this. With that note, she started to walk briskly, passers  by giving her some strange looks as she was walking too  fast and deeply in thought... She wanted to rush home first...

Kunal  was not at home when she reached. Ma and Seema were surprised that she came  home  Kunal was not back yet...Did he go back to office? Perhaps and she jerked in fright when her phone beeped with an SMS tone.

Kunal texted her back , not to wait up for him as he will be late.. Ask her to have her dinner and go  to sleep .

A fear of something  unknown crept into her heart... ...she changed into her long drawstring PJ pants and  a sleelvess vest and climbed into the bed like a robot.

Sleep eluded her.Didnt know why? Or did she. God who was she kidding? her conscious was mocking her.. she was tossing and turning and finally she slept. She stirred some time later at night, way past midnight..from her disturbed sleep and turned slightly. Kunal was sleeping beside her, had pulled her closer to him, fitting her snugly into his chest and his chin resting on her head. He had his arm across her shoulder and the other  arm, with the hand splaying on her tummy where their baby nestled and then she thought...he came back and he's with me... dismissing her fears sleepily.

When she woke up to the morning, Kunal was already all dressed up and was combing his hair.

" Hey, you are awake" he winked at her when he saw her stretching and yawning...from the mirror

"What time did you get back? I didn't hear you...Siddhi said with a yawn but looking at him in the mirror..

"Quite late actually... around 12...Siddhi  I am very sorry for not coming for the doc's appointment. Kunal turned around to face Siddhi and said apologetically .

"No, its ok! Its just a routine check...and your meeting went  well? She asked matter of factly , too casually and climbed out of bed

" Yeah, not too bad!... Kunal  said very normally while straightening his tie , walked  around her and pulled  her back against him with his arms locking her. He kissed her temple , her head.." Very sorry for not being there...I will make it up to you ...everything ok with the baby? You ok.? What did the doc say?

Being held in his arms like this, makes her forget everything. How she could have any doubts about this man. ! He loves her and their baby!

" No everything is fine...both baby and I are ok.  She replied and   touched his hand

"Hmmm that's good.! You want to meet me for lunch today at work? Kunal asked her while he nuzzled her neck, giving soft kisses...along her neck and shoulders which seems to come a routine habit of his and she wasn't complaining at all. She loved it!

" No, not today... I have got some stuffs to do...maybe tomorrow...sorry Kunal..

"Hey don't be sorry and don't cook anything. We will go out somewhere tonight...ok?

He kissed her neck soundly and left for work...and Siddhi was standing there ,lost in thoughts... Kunal didn't  say about Richa at all...should she quiz him about her?

She was restless staying at home...and she decided to take up Kunal's offer...she wanted to surprise Kunal by turning up for lunch! That would be pleasant !

There was a traffic held up  and she decided to  hop out of the taxi and walk the few metre to office building  where Kunal worked.

She  was humming a happy song softly  but halted suddenly and stopped herself short  , when she saw  a familiar face, Kunal walking hurriedly  towards a parked car on the side of the road...and talking to the driver...who was Kunal talking to?

He had his hands on his hips...and he raked his hand thru his hair and seemed to articulate  something with his hands...and then he moved back ...a little and the  driver got out of the vehicle ' a BMW ' 7 Series. Richa Thakral once again within a matter of hours! Why does she keep seeing and bumping into them lately..Is this some kind of coincidence or what?

Richa was  touching his hand  saying something persuasively  and after some time Kunal   got into the driver seat and Richa walked around  to the passenger seat , sitting beside him...and drove off. They didn't see her  or they would have seen a confused  bewildered woman standing there  with a completely shock  look on her face as if her life just totally shattered right in front of her.

What should she do now? What? What? ...Gosh, what is this?

What was Kunal and Richa upto now? Why did she feel like she has been deceived?! Was she? Or just assuming things?  What is going on and why is Kunal being so so cozy with Richa? Something is terribly wrong ...and she is going to find out ...! She has to...even if there is nothing going on... she simply had to know for she was going out of her mind!

Stay tune to find out about what waits for you in the next chapter!

Have a good week-end and enjoy this song which is one of my favourite.

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surbhij IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update Thumbs Up
eagerly waiting for next update

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Thank u sooo much for the update Tongueand thnks for the pm Tongue

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Ani---Anisah IF-Dazzler

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And also I want to tell u tht I have read this FF about 15 times Smile becz I love continue plz Smile

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Kunal with richa
some secrete is to be there
siddhi here is jst awesome
u hve brilliant thinking skills
Thanx fr the update

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Wow After a very long time...

U Updated Yaar... Good To read it...

Hope u r disturbed that the show ended...

Great Talent Yaar for writing this FFWink

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Freaking awesome update dear... great piece of writing...


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