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Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

KC Misses SC Very Much-Chap 28- Upd Pg 83 - 23rd June 2014

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Latest chapter 28 UPDATED PG 83   dated 22nd June 2014-  Kunal discovers he is the Father of Siddhi's Child.
Chapter 7
Kunal : Wake up lazybones, time go to for some grocery shopping. We cannot live on just love forever. Got to eat something...

Siddhi  was too drowsy   and continued to sleep. Kunal who just had his shower and was towelling his hair, walked over to their bed, where  Siddhi was sleeping like a baby. Once near the bed, he bent closer and shook his wet hair just above her face for a rude awakening.  The water on his still wet hair falling on Siddhi's face was cold enough for Siddhi to bolt upright from her deep slumber .

Siddhi: Whoa.. whaat? Kunal!

Kunal was grinining with an amused look on this face and walked back to the cupboard and took a fresh new half-sleeved  Reebok ' Black Polo ' T-shirt. He was already wearing a casual beige dockers.

"Off you go and have your shower. Be ready in fifteen minutes".

Siddhi: Fifteen minutes!  No way and for your information Mr Chopra, you might not remember, before you whisked me here, which I might say, not that I am complaining, you have forgotten one very important thing?

Kunal : Uh huh, what's that?

Siddhi just flopped back into the bed and said :  It might have escaped your notice, I have nothing to wear to go out. Couldn't possible wear back my evening dress.

Kunal shrugged the T-shirt over his head and was tugging it into the pants and he said with that irresistible smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"Madame Siddhi Chopra, do credit your gold medallist husband of yours with some intelligence. If he can plan this romantic seduction, don't you think he would have taken care of other details as well.?

Siddhi  looked back at him in surprise: Go on Mr Chopra. I am sure you are going to tell me ,to wear one your shirts here and tie a belt to make it look like a long dress. Sorry, I am not going into one of your shirt"

Kunal: Relax will you. I did manage  to  pack some stuffs of yours in an overnight Duffel bag into my car. Go and have your shower and I'll bring over the bag for you to dress and don't be late. I'll be back in a jiffy.

With that note, he walked out of the bedroom , whistling...

Siddhi jumped out of the bed and dashed to the bathroom. As she just came out of the shower with the towel knotted tightly across her chest, Kunal stepped into the room with the bag.

Kunal said with a seductive smile : aah just at the right time.

Siddhi  put up her hands infront of her and said: No, no, no, you are not going to start this again. Just put down the bag like a good boy and wait for me  in the hall while i get ready.

Kunal looked at her with her woebegone face and regret  like a boy who has been denied his favourite ice cream, but still  pulled her into his arms and kissed her on her neck         soundly, and gave a teasing slap on her behind.

"Hurry up, Me hungry for food now or I'll have you for breakfast" said threateningly with a laugh and walked out of the bedroom

Siddhi quickly slipped into a tight fitting jeans and slipped on a long white three quarter  sleeved Espirt shirt, which she tied with a belt. Quicky she combed bunching it up high with a fashionable band. Applied light neutral make up , checked the mirror and went out  of the room to meet her devilsh handsome husband .

Kunal was at the Kitchen Island, reading the morning papers. He looked up where she was standing at the doorway of the Kitchen and gave her that million dollar smile knocking her for six.

"Hey beautiful ! like your outfit. Nice. Come let's go before I change my mind" . He walked past her to the front door waiting for her to precede him.

They took the elevator down to the lobby and walked to the car park. Kunal drove to the nearest mall. They went to a restaurant serving breakfast. He ordered scrambled eggs, toast , hot cakes and black coffee for both. He was tugging hungrily  his food. Siddhi was sipping her coffee and was  watching him eat his food, admiringly.

Kunal looked up and asked her questioningly : Not eating?

Siddhi: Not really that hungry, just coffee will do...

Kunal looked pointedly at her  breakfast on the plate  and asked: Don't mind if I eat yours? He put his fork greedily on her scrambled eggs before she could answer...

Siddhi said with a laugh: No, please go ahead. Wait just let me have a bite on that toast and you can have the rest.

Siddhi took the toast, spread some butter and jam, took a luscious bite and leant forward  and fed Kunal the toast.

Kunal  happily opened his mouth and was enjoying the moment with his wife.  After  that they left hand in hand together for the supermarket to get their groceries. It was around 11 a.m  and the mall was crowded with lots of week-end shoppers, who were there to get the best deals, promotions offers , value for money products.

Kunal got a shopping trolley and walked alongside with Siddhi to get their groceries.

Siddhi: What exactly are we shopping Kunal?

Kunal had his one arm around Siddhi's waist and gave her a secretive smile:  Well, I am planning to wow,  my darling wife with my culinary expertise. So I know I am going to cook for you my all time favourite Pasta, Chicken...

Siddhi exclaimed with delight and said with tongue in cheekt: Wow, finally my husband is going to cook for me the pasta which he only cooked exclusively for his ex-girlfriends..

Kunal  playfully puller her closer to him and warned : Be careful, we are public place, or otherwise, I will teach you  a lesson on how not to make your husband angry  by kissing you senseless and carrying you over my shoulder...

Siddhi pretended to be scared and just caressed his face with her hand and said: Oohhh  my husband the caveman...I love it...

Both were smiling at each other and they slowly walked to the pasta lane, where Kunal selected from the Barila range, the pasta he wanted. Then he went on to the cheese lane, got some parmesan cheese, Boursin garlic cheese.

After they picked some fresh herbs, white button mushroom, breast bonelss chicken meat, beef tomatoes, lemon and some spices.

While Kunal was choosing some wine, Siddhi was over to the canned fruit section as she wanted to make her favourite dessert for Kunal.

"Siddhi! Is  that you! I can't believe it... ""And before she could  answer,  the man with that voice  gave her a bear hug...

"Karan!,  my god! What are doing back in Mumbai. I thought you were  in Singapore! When did you come back? Siddhi cried out excitedly at her once college school friend.

" Just a week ago. Here for a holiday. So tell me, how have you been.? I know  you got married about a year ago ! Sorry, could not attend as i had a conference at Chicago.  So , any baby yet?Karan rattled on like a speeding train, without giving Siddhi a chance to reply.

Siddhi laughingly laid a hand on Karan's arm and said: Hey Karan, you are still the same, never giving a chance for the other to talk but bombarding with lots of questions as usual. I can see , still the ever inquisitive chatterbox like I remembered in our college days. Now before I answer, my turn to ask you questions.

Karan:  Sure darling, you know how much I love you and followed you around like a lovesick boy but you just would not give me a chance. You were so busy writing poetry and studying...

Ahem,hem -  both Siddhi and Karan turned around at the sound and Kunal  who was looking at both of them with his arms folded across his chest, unsmiling as if the two of them were caught steeling some candies from the jar.

Siddhi  knew that look and raised her eyes heavenward and said to Karan: Karan, please meet my husband K

Karan: I know , this must be Anand Chopra!

Suddenly there was a deadly silence eventhough the supermarket was crowded with throngs of customers. Siddhi  raised her eyes in alarm to Kunal, who has stiffened with the name of Anand...

Siddhi was trying to gather her scattered wits around and said with stammer : Karan,er, um, er...Karan, this is my husband, Kunal . Kunal Chopra!

Karan looked in shock at both Siddhi and Kunal and was gaping at both of them with his mouth open

"Kunal Chopra? Hmm, sorry, I think I have made a mistake. I must have heard it wrongly. Sorry, Kunal.

Kunal  said unsmilingly :No worries   And you are ?

Siddhi  answered before Karan : Karan Khurana... Kunal meet Karan, Karan meet Kunal...

Both men extended their hands and shook but there was an awkward silence... Siddhi  knew, that Karan must be curious to know the details .

Karan: So I see both of you shopping for a dinner...have you guys time for a drink.

Siddhi: Actually Karan, we were just about to go home...

Kunal said: Siddhi, why don't we eat lunch somewhere here with Karan  and we can talk...

Siddhi: If you are sure, but Karan, perhaps you have other prior appointments..we don't want to hold you. Its quite ok, you know...

Karan dashed Siddhi' hopes by saying: No , infact I haven't any . I just came here to get a thump drive and catch a movie... but I still have some time. So since we are here and its almost close to lunch time, why not get some lunch and you can fill me in  what you have been doing for the past few years...

Kunal : Great, let me pay these and put this in my car. Siddhi why don't you and Karan go to the restaurant and get a table first. I'll call you when I am done and meet you both there shortly.

Siddhi:  Wait Kunal, let me get some stuff for dessert.

Kunal: Dessert? You going to make dessert, no, why not. Except that I didn't know you could cook well...

Siddhi had both hands at her hips and was looking furiously at Kunal , while Karan was trying to keep a straight face.

Siddhi: Karan, could you please tell Mr Kunal Chopra, the dessert dish that I could whip out in less than an hour and was  the most sought after and famous dessert..

Karan said without  any preamble: Kunal , trust me on this man,  you got to eat this dessert. Its the best. And  even though she has given us the receipe, no one can make it like Siddhi. She is the best. I am surprised you still haven't.

Kunal: But Karan , I find it a bit hard to believe on this as  Siddhi hardly cooks at home. Yeah, she could cook scramble eggs, noodles , boil water but dessert, I am not really buying this. But nevermind, I will be the judge. She can't fool me. I am the best of the Mrs Siddhi Chopra, get going now and get all ingredients ...

Siddhi: Kunal, I may not cook everyday, but there's lots of things you don't know about me. Anyway, it is ok. You will know soon, when you taste the best in town.

With that, she turned and pushed the cart to get her products. With the items selected, she met Kunal at the check out and went with Karan to the book a table for three.

Karan looked at siddhi who was walking besides him but was silent. He could see that she was upset .

Karan could not stand the silence any longer...

"Look Siddhi, what did you expect me to say, when you sent me the wedding card of you and Anand Chopra"?

Siddhi still did not say anything but continue to walk...Karan had to run to keep up with her and then he just grabbed her and turn her around to face him

"Enough Siddhi! Are you going to tell him, how come you married the other brother, Kunal instead of Anand.? The man whom you proclaimed to hate and said was standing between your and Anand's happiness. I don't understand just now what was going on. There's a million questions running through my mind but I know , there's something wrong somewhere. You can't blame for the mistaken identity just now. I know I did not attend your wedding as I was in tied up in Singapore and we did not catch up till now. So are you going to tell me, how come you are married to Kunal Chopra and what happened to Anand. The man whom you loved .?

Siddhi looked into Karan' eyes unblinkingly  : Because Karan, Anand was killed in an bomb blast on our wedding date!

Remarks: Watch  out Chapter eight, which  will be released in a few minutes time


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Here's the link for those who have missed my past chapters ...
Chapter 8


After getting a table and seated at the western restaurant, Karan hesitantly poached the subject


Karan: Gosh Siddhi, I am so sorry to hear this. You never said a word. I was thrown off guard when you introduced your husband as Kunal chopra. You used to write to me  and say how much you hated him, standing in your and Anand's way of happiness and now to realize both of you are married to each other, is a little bit too much to  digest

Siddhi : I know Karan and I am sorry for shouting at you just now. You see, everything happened too fast , that I didn't have time to think . With Anand, gone, his mother in serious condition... the only thing I could think was saving his mother...

Karan: Did you marry Kunal just out of sense of  duty to save his mother? Siddhi, how could you do this to yourself and him? I cannot believe what i am hearing...marry the man you hated just to save his mum. What about you happiness Siddhi?

Siddhi: Its not bad as you think Karan. True. Kunal and I did not start off well in the beginning when I met Anand. He was just being protective of his brother after  his own experience with his girlfriend. He became too weary of women... so we had our clashes... but finally he gave us his blessings but  fate has something in store for us...taking Anand away and throwing me and Kunal together, changing our destiny forever.

Karan looked searching at Siddhi: Look I know this is personal but from what i saw just now, you looked to me like a perfect couple.  Were you pretending or was that real. ?

Siddhi said with a catch in her voice: Karan, Kunal and I have been married for slightly more than a year now. You are right. This is personal and between my and my husband. But I can tell you something, I have fallen in love with Kunal. Don't ask me when , how and why. I don't have the answers. I just know that I have understood Kunal better and I love him very much.  He's a very complex man but deep down he is a wonderful man. Anand was my past. I don't want to compare Anand and Kunal. I don't even want to go there. All I can say is I know Kunal longer than I knew Anand and love for Kunal slowly found its way in my heart and i just started to love my husband for what he is .

Karan felt bad and changed the topic to more happier notes : Hey Siddhi, I didn't want to make you feel bad by bringing memories best locked away. So, tell me, now that you are in love with that gorgeous husband of yours, are you planning to have any kids soon to increase the family line.

Siddhi  blushed heavily: Hmmm... well, we haven't really talked about  it... but  for the time being, I am just basking in my husband's love. Lets give it some time before babies come along

Karan held Siddhi hand and said: I am sure he is giving you lots of attention and love...I can see also he's possessive about you. All the more he will make sure you don't get away from him by fathering your children...That sure will tie you to him forever. An unbreakable bond.


"Excuse him, Siddhi have you placed your orders? Asked a voice which startled Siddhi and Karan. Kunal was looking steely at Karan holding Siddhi's hand. Karan seeing the silent seething anger, quickly released Siddhi's  hand.

Siddhi : No Kunal, after messaging you, I thought we will wait till you come and place the order.? What are you going to have?

Kunal took his seat besides Siddhi...

Kunal: Something light as I want to keep my stomach empty for tonight's dinner. I think I will go for the Chicken club Sandwich? Karan , Siddhi?

Karan: I will have the  seafood platter...

Siddhi: I think I will have  the the  Cesare salad.

Kunal signalled the waiter and placed the orders...

Karan: So you guys going out for dinner tonight.

Kunal: Actually no, we are staying in and cooking dinner.

Siddhi said laughingly and laid her head on Kunal's shoulder: Hmmm Kunal is going to cook for me Dinner.

Kunal  smiled down at Siddhi: Yes, after eating Siddhi's  food, thought  I'll show her some on my cooking skills and really show her that I can cooke better than her.

Karan asked hesistantly : Can I come?

Siddhi and Karan chorused together: No!

Karan was laughing and held up his hands in defence: Ok,ok, I was just kidding!

Kunal : So Karan, Karan you and Siddhi were in college together?

Karan : Yes we were. That was a long time ago. Siddhi was a bookworm. She's always topping the class and helping others with their work and projects. Everyone loved her. She was the sweetest girl in school.

Kunal was looking at Siddhi who was face has turned scarlet with all the compliments Karan was paying her

Kunal said with a knowing smile: Yes, Siddhi always has the helpful nature in her. Always thinking about others...Hey Karan, tell me, I head Siddhi can write poetry and was very romantic. Is that true?

Karan was like a man in a interview and was delighted to be the provider of information

" She certainly was. All the girls in the school, would go to her to write the most romantic lines for their valentines and Siddhi always came out with beautiful verses, that even a stone can melt."

Kunal murmured : Must have been a real heartbreaker in school

Karan: Actually Siddhi was so involved in her studies, she didn't   know that all the guys were pining for her. She had throngs of admirers and she would not give anyone so much a glance and continued to concentrate on her studies. She got the top grades and wend to law school. Great girl Siddhi. Very focussed in what she wanted. You are lucky to have her as your wife.

Kunal lifted Siddhi's hand and kissed it: I sure am the most luckiest man to have such a beautifully and smart wife .

Siddhi was so shy with  Kunal's public display of affection. Just then their food arrived which gave sufficient time to gather her wits around.

They were eating their food. Kunal was eating his club sandwich and time and again, he would take the fork from Siddhi and help himself to her salad without asking her permission as if he had all the right in the world to do that. But Siddhi didn't mind this at all. She loved this carefree Kunal even more...

"Siddhi, do you want  a dessert? Kunal was asking her ...

"Er no. I don't think I can eat anything. I will save it for later but go ahead if you want ..Karan, what about you?

Karan: No , I am good. Just nice...

Kunal: So what  do you like about  Singapore?

Karan: A nice fast  paced cosmopolitan  city. Good job that pays well. Have an apartment there with my wife and a new baby on the way...

Kunal and Siddhi  both congratulated Karan on the baby news.They talked for a while about Karan's job ...

Karan:  Ok guys, nice meeting you. Hope to see you both before i head back to Singapore. Thanks for the lunch Kunal and Siddhi.

With that he shook hands with Kunal and Kissed Siddhi on the cheeks and left.

Siddhi and Kunal  were holding hands  and  walking around the mall. Siddhi went to a shop to try some clothings. Siddhi tried some dresses and asked Kunal . Kunal was admiring Siddhi in all the dresses, clothings she was trying and gave his comments.

Finally Siddhi armed with a new wardrobes of skirts, blouses, dresses, fashionable accessories and shoes, walked out of the store happily like a girl let loose on a shopping spree. Kunal helped her to carry her bags to the car.

While Kunal was driving, Siddhi with all lunch she just had, and shopping,  closed her eyes and dozed off to the lull of the soft music playing in the car.

Kunal glanced at her from time to time and smiled when he saw her deeply sleeping...

Siddhi was still sleeping when they reached their destination. Kunal shook her gently on the shoulders to wake her.

Siddhi woke with a start and realized how tired she was. Both of them carried the bags of groceries and the clothings to the apartment.

While Kunal was in the kitchen putting away the groceries, Siddhi went to the bedroom to change to something comfortable.  She took the new  sleepwear, a simple sleeveless vest and a drawstring cotton PJ. While she was changing Kunal walked into the room without knocking asif  he had every right. Why wouldn't he? He had indeed every right. He was her husband.

"You look very tired. Get some rest. Have a nap.  I'll wake you once dinner is ready

Siddhi No, no you won't, I am just going to have a short nap and want to see you really cook.For all I know you could be lying and order a impress me.

As Siddhi was turning towards the bed, Kunal hugged her from bebind and pulled her back to his broad chest  and gave her a kiss on her cheeks.

"Ok  little minx, get some rest and I'll call you when I am ready."

"Kunal, aren't you going to take a nap, you look exhausted as well. Why don't you rest as well and we can prepare dinner together later huh?'

"No, you go ahead, I have some work to do...hmmm. I like the perfume you are using?

Siddhi: Actually Kunal I am not using any perfume

Kunal: Then it must be you. Even more nice...smell fresh and sweet. I could taste you...

He started to nuzzle her and hold her tightly.

Siddhi broke from his embrace and said.: Ok none of that now. I thought you said you have work to do. So be a good boy and do your work.

Kunal Lightly pinched her nose and walked out of the room laughing softly...

Siddhi  dived under the covers and closed her eyes... so nice ...Snuggled in bed in spoon style with Kunal . Kunal's  large hand  was on her tummy. Except her tummy was not small . Big mound of tummy and Siddhi's  hand was over Kunal's , holding it tightly to her tummy . Siddhi had a secretive smile...

Then there was Kunal again holding a small little baby girl in his arms talking  to the baby who was looking at him, clutching  his finger in her hand and gurgling and cooing to  him...father and daughter...what a beautiful picture...

"Siddhi, Siddhi, Siddhi, wake up time to cook that dinner... or otherwise I am going to have to eat you.! Kunal said with a growl with hoops of laughter...

Siddhi opened her eyes slowly and looked into Kunal eyes which was smiling down  at her and she looped her arms around his neck and hugged him closer. How handsome he looked... and that baby girl looked so right in his arms.Hers and Kunal's little baby...if only dreams can come true, she would be the most happiest mother  in the whole world to be the mother of Kunal's babies...

 Remarks: Watch out Chaper 9. Will be releasing shortly today...

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Chapter 9

" Is there something I can do to help   Chef Kunal Chopra."? Siddhi asked as she walked into the Kitchen and saw that Kunal had a already brought out the the ingredients  on the kitchen island they shopped in the afternoon and was busy with the flattening chicken breast.

"No, Madame, you just sit there and watch me cook. I have everything under control." He said with a mocking smile to his mouth.

"So aren't you  going to tell me what's the menu for today or do I have to wait till dinner to find out'? Siddhi enquired .

" I am going to cook Spaghetthi Aglio Olio with chicken fried. I am preparing the chicken now as you can see"

" Why are smashing the chicken breast'?

"Not smashing, just flattening it with the  roll pin. See, you take a decent size of the chicken breast. Cover it with a sheet of plastic over it.  Take out the roll pin and tap on the sheet to flatten the chicken coz you want the chicken to cook faster and make it crispy after you fry in the oil."

"Now I am going to flatten at least 4 pieces of chicken breast. Don't use chicken cubes as they are too small ."

"What are those things?" Siddhi pointed to the some of the flat trays

" Those are for coating the chicken to be fried.See the first tray, is flour mixed with grounded pepper and salt. The second tray is eggs and third tray is bread crumps."

" Ok, I am going to leave the chicken here for a while. Let me get started with my Pasta dish." Kunal said and walked over to kitchen cabinet and took out a saucepan pot and put it over the stove. He poured some water into it and added some salt and two tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. When the water in the saucepan came to a boil, Kunal added the spaghetti into it. He stirred it and let it boil  for another 10 minutes.

Siddhi watched Kunal taking out  4 gloves of garlic , two red chillies with seed and parsely and chopped it finely.

He checked his wrist watch and said" The spahegtti should be ready now. Let  me check." He walked over to the stove and used used a fork to take some to check if it is cooked.  Once he was satisfied,he turned off the stove and put on another  small saucepan over the heat.

Siddhi  walked over and stood beside Kunal to watch more closely. Kunal smiled at her and proceeded to pour the olive oil into the saucepan. He quickly added the garlic and chillies and cooked it for about 8 minutes over a low heat , so as to allow the oil to absorp all the flavours in.

"You should ensure that the garlic doesn't burn. Cook till it is golden brown." Kunal explained to Siddhi as if she was like his Sous chef.

He then drained the cooked pasta  and placed it into a large saucepan over a low heat, making sure it is not on high heat to avoid drying the pasta out. He poured  the infused oil with garlic and chilli over the pasta and added the chopped parsely. He mixed the pasta thoroughly so that that the pasta was coated with oil. He then seasoned it with salt and pepper.

"Alright, great, pasta done. Now I just have to fry my chicken"  He said and put another low flat frying pan over a  medium heat .He poured some vegetable oil.

" I think I will get started on my dessert, Kunal. It needs to be chilled before serving" Siddhi  moved away and walked to the cabinet and started to take out all her ingredients for her fruit cocktail dessert.

" Ah yes, this i got to see. Never seen you cook this for us before.Sure you can do it or do you need any help from me."? Kunal said teasingly  with a smile twitching at his lips.

"Let me tell you , something Mister,you are going to taste one of the world's best ever Fruit cocktail, that you are going to beg me to make it for you everyday."  Siddhi she threw back her head , sending her hair flying gently across her shoulders with an arrogance, that kunal found it hard to resist. He enjoyed making her lose her temper...

"Jus checking. Ok Madame, this place is all yours now, just give me five minutes and I am done with my chicken."

Kunal effortlessly took the chicken, dipped it into the flour on the 1st tray on both sides of the chicken and then dipped into the eggs , making sure it is coated on both sides and then lastly he dipped the chicken which now coated with flour and eggs onto the bread crumps. Making sure it the bread crumps on both sides, he then slowly put the chicken into the fry pan. He fried the chicken on both sides about two minutes each and scooped it  . He then  proceed to do this until all the four pieces of the chicken were done. He turned off the stove and said.

"Ok I am done. Here. Need  a cold beer now... why don't you get started.My turn to watch "

Siddhi watched him drinking his beer. He  tipped the head back and drank from the can, his column of his long throat moving . He finished his drink and put the can with a thud on the table and watched her with a slow amused  smile preparing  the dessert.

Siddhi drained the  can of fruit cocktail, nate de coco, and placed them on a large bowl without any fruit syrup. She diced some fresh strawberries and peaches lengthwise.  She poured a can of evaporated milk  into the bowl and combine the fruits. She then took poured some shredded parmesan cheese over it and spread it evenly. Then she took the dessert whipped cream and sprayed on top of the spreaded cheese covering the fruits. She sprayed the entire canister of the the dessert cream. After  that she springled it with the cut strawberries and peaches over the sprayed cream and sealed with an aluminium foil and left in the fridge to chill.

Kunal remarked with amusement, " hmmm  interesting, looks like  snow covered with colours.Very pretty."

" Wait till you taste it. Its Magic."  Siddhi said with a little shrug which had Kunal laughing out aloud. She looked up at kunal. Seeing him laugh like that made her feel so alive and vibrant. He made her feel as if she is the only woman in the world who made him complete...

They sat at the Dining table. Kunal has a quick shower and changed into a linen shirt and jeans.

He served both of them the Pasta,chicken onto the plates. He watched her while eating and raised his eyebrows to enquire if the food met her expectations.

" Kunal, I have to hand it out to you, the pasta is so soft and has the right balance of the oil and garlic and so fragrant and delicious... Heaveans. I see what you mean, the chicken is so soft in the inside and crispy on the outside. Very nice."  Siddhi complimented Kunal with a big smile like a child who had been presented with a chocolate factory as a gift.

"Kunal, where did you learn to cook like this?" Siddhi asked Kunal  curiously.

Kunal gave Siddhi an indolent smile and sipped his wine slowly before replying.. He put the glass down...

"Actually in university with Bruno. Both of us had  passion for cooking. He would whip out his French cuisine and me , my Italian version. Sometimes, we would mix it and come with another fushion. We experimented a lot by trying French, Italian  receipes...and perhaps one day you could teach me how to make your desserts as well   "Kunal said  with a teasing smile on his face but holding her gaze with his eyes..

Siddhi found herself staring at Kunal...every time he looked at her in a certain way, she felt herself melting. He was so attractive when he was in a teasing mood. He was just simply attractive in any mood, she suddenly realized. His seething anger,his brooding silence, his playful ones, his romantic mood, all were simply mesmerising . He really got to her , making her slip all her defences one by one without her being consciously aware... He changed her.She became addicted to him. Could not get enough of him...

"I am sure, you make better desserts than me.But talking about dessert, l think it is time to serve my culinary dish and let you be the judge of it."

" Wow, Siddhi, this fruit cocktail is really delicious. You are right. Never tasted this. So simple but very nice" Kunal was  tugging into his dessert with genuine appreciation and asked for a second helping  which made Siddhi happy.

Both of them finished off their dessert. The meal progressed until it was time go clear away. Siddhi asked Kunal to go to the living room and offered to clear the table away. She brought back the plates to the Kitchen and washed away the plates  and went to the bedroom for a while ... she just needed to do something to know for sure...but before that she needed to talk to Kunal about something else. Laying all the ghosts to rest...

She walked back to the living room and found Kunal sitting in one of the leather chairs with his legs stretched out in front of him. He patted the seat beside him  . "Come side beside me, and stop hovering there as I am going to eat you up."

Siddhi sat beside him, careful not to touch him but then Kunal just pulled her gently to his side. He put a finger to her temple , tugging a strand of her hair  which had fallen across, behind her ears. His touch was soft and gentle. Very tenderly , he brushed her hair and said huskily " So soft like silk" He lifted her hair running it through his hand in wonderment.

" I think i want to cut it " and he said' No, don't do that." He cupped her  the back of her head and locked his eyes with such intensity and seriousness.

" Don't ever cut your hair. I like your hair. Long , soft as silk." He put his lips on her hair and kissed the top of her head...

Siddhi  sensory nerves were already tingling... " Kunal , we need to talk ...about this afternoon." She distracted him...

"What about this afternoon." Kunal asked questioningly with raised eyebrows.

" About Anand , you know about Karan mistaking you for Anand. Aren't you going to ask me about it? Siddhi asked anxiously.

" The past is best forgotten, no use to rekindle it. What's the use of talking about such things'? Kunal asked with a tinge of exasperation as if she reminded him of something that he had forgotten.

" Kunal, we need to be open and clear about our feelings. But first we must talk about Anand and you about Richa"

"Richa and I have been  over for more than five years. There is nothing to talk about." Kunal dismissed it with a freezing look.

" So you feel nothing for Richa now? She is truly in your past. You have no feelings for her whatsoever?

" Siddhi, Richa and I were involved in a relationship back in our university days. True we loved each other but then things changed and people change due to circumstances and situations. So  did Richa and I. We wanted different things in life. Our perspective, goals were no longer the same. She wanted to mould and change me to fit her lifestyle and I just could not let go of my principles even for her. She then left me for someone else and I was totally disillusioned about the whole love affair. Life was mocking at me... . I spent too long in a world of hatred. It consumed me.Powered me. Drove  me think that what I was doing was right till I met you, giving me a new lease of life but then there was Anand... I sometimes wondered, if Anand didn't die, what would have happened to me. I would have been a very lonely man...lost everything in life just waiting to die..but then you came into my life by fate and changed everything.  You taught me  how the bonds of love was stronger than hate. You taught me that love wasn't above control but  was all about letting something go and to trusting it to keep it forever.  Sometimes I don't want to talk about Anand. I feel like I have snatched away what belongs to him. If not for the accident, he would be alive today and both of you would have been married. I ask myself, do I have the right to be happy at the expanse of my brother's death?I feel guilty...I don't know how to explain it... You know what i am trying to say Siddhi? If Anand were to come back now, I ask myself a million time, will I be able to walk from you and let him into your life...and guess what Siddhi?

Siddhi eyes were misting with unshed tears but she wanted to hear what Kunal had to say" What'?

" I will never be able to let you go  even for Anand. You are my  life Siddhi. I have never loved another person as much I loved you. I cannot bear to let you go, leave me. I will be a broken man. Am I being selfish, Siddhi?

" Oh Kunal, I love you so much." Siddhi cried and went into his arms and wept ...and she looked up and straight into his eyes and declared.

" You know, Anand brought us together. Its fate...Anand will always have a special place in my heart. In both of us...We always love him in our own ways...Yes I loved him but I hate to say this but there is no other way skirting around the issue. The love I felt for Anand and you is very different. I knew Anand for a short time...and when died, I was devastated... How could life be so cruel to take away my love on my wedding day... and Anand so young to die, so much to live for..Life wasn't fair to Anand."

" Then when you came and proposed, I thought, how I could ever envisage living with you even when our  causes were with good intentions in saving mother but then how could I live with a man , who hates me and I hate him equally...but then Kunal you broke all my defences and  I saw for the true person you were hiding inside the self-imposed prison. I started to slowly like you and before I knew it , don't know when, but falling for brought back the smile  back into my life. The way you teased me. You respect for this relationship and you didn't cross the line. We became friends and started to trust each other...How you came to protect me and defended me...

Siddhi snuggled closer into Kunal's chest. " You made me complete Kunal. Even if Anand came back now, I will never be able to walk away from you my dearest Darling man, for you hold the key to my hear. I love you so much Kunal and I cannot live without you."

Siddhi looked up at Kunal with shining eyes. Kunal brushed her tears and kissed her on her forehead. He touched her facing his hands shaking, hardly able to believe what he was hearing.

"I have wanted to hear you say that for a long time... but was too scared to ask you about Anand and did not want to make you sad or leave me or reject me. Call me a coward, but I panicked in case you would laugh at me and threw back my love . I wanted everything with you...your love , a happy marriage with children at least three or four"

" I am really glad that we had this talk. Its time to put the past behind and start our lives..."

Siddhi swallowed hard and asked Kunal " Did you really mean it just now when you said you wanted babies. '?

Kunal smiled and said" What the point of having all this love without some little ones  to share it with. How soon can we start having the baby thing?"

Siddhi smiled radiantly as she slid her hands around his neck." Before I came to the living room, I left something in the bathroom waiting. It should tell us one way what you want to know. "

Kunal looked at her disbelievingly at her and held his eyes to her with a question " You're pregnant?"

She got up excitedly and pulled him along with her to the bathroom. "Don't know, let go and check, shall we?"


Remarks: Sorry for the late updates. I hope you have enjoyed  reading the 3 chapters. Till next week, lets wait and see if Siddhi is pregnant...or is a false alarm...Chao!

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Awesome as always...
Waiting for the next update

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Awesome update Clapthank you so much for this , i was waiting for ur update Smile

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Originally posted by gaya3sp

Awesome as always...
Waiting for the next update

Hi gaya
Thanks for your comments. Appreciate it.
and thanks for waiting for my next update. Will do my best ...

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nice update Silambu ..i was waiting to read wat happens next in the story ...enjoyed reading the update ..very well written..
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read all the 3 chapters...
awesome yaaarClap

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