Analysis of Show's characters

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Analysis of characters (Retrospective)


Brij from the first look appeared to be very grounded and down to earth politician. He was nice, genuine and pure. But at the same time he was manipulative towards Girdhar, blood of Daddaji, sidelining him from everything. If he was loyal and faithful to Daddaji, he should have ideally supported Girdhar in overcoming his weakness and supported him in becoming a better politician. But he never did that, maybe he felt threatened, that Girdhar will get more importance being a family member. Girdhar never meant any harm to Daddaji, he was jealous of Brij, because of his rising importance. But the question is with whom does Brij's loyalty lies, with Daddaji or himself (even at the start of the show). Daddaji was shown kidnapping a child for getting a contract, of course Brij must be aware of these tactics, but he never opposed it, and never even tried to raise his voice once... So he bowed down to malpractices by Daddaji, as he didn't want to go out of the equation by opposing him. Or did he approve of those practices. That was never shown. But whatever the reason, it was wrong one, and that makes him less of a man. Who preaches something else, while practices different. He was just swimming through to meet his aims, fulfill his desires. 

He slowly fell in love with Pooja, and initially held himself back. The reason for which was explained later, him being married for almost 8-10 years. Then he started going downhill. Morally wrong for falling for a girl, outside his marriage. He never told Pooja the truth about his marriage and hid the truth about his affair from Rangoli. What kind of man that makes him to be? Every other marriage has their own troubles, do we all should go out and fall in love and play hide and seek to keep both relationships secured. 

He was married to Rangoli for long, (Pooja or not) if he was suffocating in that marriage, finding it excuse enough to allow himself to fall for Pooja, then he should have ended that marriage long back. That again makes him less of a man, who can't take hard decisions in life. And he sailed along only to gain personal goals. As leaving Rangoli, would have also meant separation from Daddaji. 

So to me, that makes Brij a flawed character from day one, at least when it comes to relationships and was only loyal to himself. Though he always said that he owes everything to Daddaji, but all his actions were keeping himself at the center of affairs. He always failed at making hard decisions. He had already compromised his internal goodness, even when the show had started, though to us it was revealed slowly. Most of us failed to digest it, as initially he was shown to be flawless character, overlooking his weak side. 

What to me would have been interesting, was to see him overcome these flaws in his character and become a better person and a lover. 


She has been innocent and not exposed to lot of people and ways of life. She never meant harm to anyone. She had aspirations, which kept becoming stronger as she kept getting successful. But she never ignored her family, or duty towards them. She though a bit dumb (not worldly wise) but was always a good daughter and sister and lover. She fell in love with Brij, because of his goodness seen be her, and she didn't knew he was married.   The story went kaput after the whole marriage fiasco and SR. What would have been interesting to watch and would have highlighted her character, if the truth of Brij's marriage was revealed upon her; and her choice (not under force or influence) then would have really defined her character. But we never got to see this, and never will... 


She was shown to be responsible and caring daughter and sister. More sensible of the two of them. But then her sensibility was clouted by her being judgmental about her sister's way of life and relationship with Brij. I found that intrusive and somewhat non-sensitive. Only scene where I liked her as sister, was post leap, temple scene. She was sensitive towards her. Then whole drama of her trying to get justice, was not handled well. She appeared head strong, non thinking, judgmental character. That made her non interesting and unbearable. 


The characterization a personally liked, a flawed CBI Officer, for sake of saving his brother's life. But the character could have been handled well, maybe they didn't have time to devote to him as story was mostly around Aarti's struggle, which none of us wanted to see. So his relationship dynamics were never focussed on. Lack of time, and story direction, didn't let us explore more of his personal side. 


Very well etched out character, slimy, corrupt, greedy, manipulative, boot licker, entertaining. Inspite of having the status of a henchmen, he always stood his fort and stood out. 


Shown as typical honest, moralistic, middle class parents, who only had good teachings and moral upbringing to give to their kids. Completely helpless in worldly affairs. But they started going kaput as kept bopping down and taking material help from all corners. Be it Billu, Bhavna, Brij or Dev. Their spine only bended further and further as the show kept progressing. The value system remained as mere words, hardly practiced. From an honest and trusting parents, they ended up being idiots and stupid. 

The 3 month leap should have never happened in the show. Since most characters took a turn, so we should have been shown the transformation process to understand it better. So to me in the flow most of the thing appeared illogical. And they went against our wants and desires as audience. 

If they wanted to show Amarmani case, they went wrong in telling the story from day one. They should have concentrated more on Aarti than Pooja as she was to steer the show as fight for justice, But they kept her as second fiddle, expecting us audience to accept her as the main lead later as replacement for Pooja. Which was impossible. They should have clearly shown flaws of Brij's character from start, rather then winning our affection for him, and then forcing his grey side down our throats. So writing of this show was never good as per me, because of the wrong approach. Though the scenes and direction stood out (before the leap). And if they had shown Brij-Pooja love story as pure and serene, they should have changed the original concept of Amarmani case. Maybe they were confused (as channels are most of the time) and took love story route of Brij-Pooja, and failed to do justice to both (The Brij- Pooja love story shown to us; and Amarmai case as their original concept was)


Many may agree or disagree to my view points, but I needed to go to sleep peacefully and get this chapter over, so vented out myself. 

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ShockedConfusedAngry@ shikha u r absolutely right the ph and the channel has absolutely murdered this show  first no promos , then stopping it inbetween then changing directors writers and the story itself and then treating it like a very unwanted child  we all were really very involved with every character here and were hoping finally to see something good  but hame kushi hoye to channelwaloko accha nahi lagta haina LOL  
we have had sleepless nights after that SR  par jo channel crimeko itna glorify karti hai unko to maajahi aaya hogana  idiota acchi galiya bhi nahi de sakte hai hum log  how sad AngryOuch

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acc to me...
BRIJ--he ran away from his home...cvs didn't tell us why ...he stayed at the durgaah...must have learnt some moral values by baba...then daddaji took him away...there he only saw people fighting for power, murders, wrong ways to get their task done...,politics..,...he was ambitious nd seeing all this  nd grown up like this he set a goal in his mind...that was to acheive cm nd party adhyakha's chair...he even married daddaji's daughter...for cm's post or's didn't clear this...initially he tried to settle things out in his marriage...but when everything failed...he almost cut ties wid her...but cud not leave her as leaving her means leaving his dream...nd he just cud not do that...
then he met pooja who came in is life as a fresh breeze...nd because of the love nd respect she gave her..(which he never got in his sasural...)...he fell in love with her...he knew he needed her for love...but he also knew that it cud prove dangerous for her...that's why he denied it initially...but when he accpted it...he wanted to tie her up to him by all one wud want to leave the only person who genuinely loves you...
but he always had a primary goal set in his mind...that had to balance both the things...but it was just not pooja means leaving rangoli nd ultimately cm's chair...nd leaving pooja he cud not afford as he craved for he never told both of them about each other...
but he was made to choose any one from them...nd this led to problems...nd he chose his dream over his love...
the things not justified are the hurried marriage...nd all the post leap drama...
pooja---this girl was always treated like a baby in her family...loved by all...nd because of this she had a tendency of being dependent on any one...first it was aarti nd then brij...she trusted them the most...nd brij knew he made use of this trust for that drama called marriage...
aarti----she was a bit sensible...but was of the habit of looking only at one side of the coin...
harivansh--cry baby nd emotionally weak...
sumitra--sensible nd emotionally compared to harivansh...
dev--don't wanna talk about him...
rest were useless nd duffers in my eyes...all that rangoli, gs,daddaji..,ammaji,,,etc...
among these too except character was well justified...even rangoli..!!

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i like complex characters nd this was what attracted me toward's brij...but the cvs ruined it all...

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mishoo apna doctori dimag ye line pe chaltahinahi  very rightly said  
cant write like u people luv u all and miss u  all   bummi and durum and rest all do comment  nobody has stopped u Broken Heart

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I think my greatest disappointment, even more than the fact that we ended "happily" without an actual Brija reunion, is that no real answers were provided. 

Yes, they showed us who shot Pooja and why and how come Brij refused to help her. But these were things we discovered long back. And were frankly only secondary in terms of the story. 

There are still other questions that we thought we would discover along with Pooja. Such as - 

1. Where is Brij's real family?
2. What is his past and how did he come to be a part of Daddaji's family?
3. If he didn't marry Rangoli for ambition's sake, then why did he marry her?
4. Didn't Rangoli know him before marriage? And if she didn't want to marry him, then why did she?
5. What happened to Giridhar?
6. How involved was Brij in Daddaji's crimes? He acted in the end as if his only crime was in covering things up, but other than that he was following Dargah Baba's rules about honesty. Was that true?
7. Why did he marry Pooja in such a hurry?
8. Why did Pooja walk out of the house and go to him after she learned the truth?
9. What happened in that house for 3 months leading up to the estrangement over the abortion?

I guess we will never know now Confused I wonder if one of you guys on Twitter can ask Rahul. He must have some kind of backstory info.

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you know what...i got it...this show's title "SAPNO KE BHANWAR MEIN.." actually meant for the audience..Wink.LOL...they had a sapna of a good story...brilliant script...excellent romance...wonderful thriller...etc..etc...nd they were caught in a bhanwar...this SAPNO KA BHANWAR...hamare sapno ka bhanwar...WinkAngryAngry...
nd now we are left trapped in this bhanwar wondering over these topics you've mentioned...LOLLOLWink..
or may be the cvs are very much concerned about the audience so they have left it upto them as to decide what can be the mysteries behind all chaaho wo secret develop kar do...LOL
1--toh ab hum soch sakte hain ki shayad bbp ki family shayad koi bahut bade business waale rahe honge nd use time nahi dete honge nd lack of love blah blah he ran away...
2--reached the dargaah nd there daddaji also visited to dho his paaps nd there he saw brij uttering his chavanni chhap shayari...LOLLOL...toh usse impress ho gaye nd apne standard ka ladka dekh ke use ghar le gaye..WinkWinkLOLLOL.
3--then at daddaji's house he was attracted towards rangoli...(her figure...!!...LOLLOLLOL.Wink..or height...!!LOLLOLWink) he married her...Wink
4--nd maybe rangoli wanted some one below her that she can happily try her hobby over him...of shouting...!!!!...LOLLOL
5--maybe giridhar was repairing some scooter wid bbpLOL nd then by mistake he fell nd the scooter ran over his arm nd due which some thing happened nd his arm was ultimately chopped off..LOLWink...or maybe he attacked some minister wid bbp along wid bbp's women army...nd in the fight his hand was chopped...!!LOLLOLLOLLOL
6--maybe rangoli or daddaji got some classes of hypnotism nd tried it over he helped them nd commited crimes for covering things up.Wink...nd when baba hit him wid his chimta..or shouted over him WinkLOL...he got his senses back...!!!...or may be by seeing dev's daravna chehra...he decided to come back to his senses...!!LOLLOL
7--maybe that day he he was thinking over his coming marriage he decided to celebrate in the form another marriage...!!!!LOLLOLLOLLOLWinkWinkWinkWink
8--maybe first bbp had had those hypnotism classes nd tried over pooja nd convinced her to come wid him...!!!LOLLOLLOLWink
9--maybe he didn't want a alcohol addict child..LOLLOL..(its mother nd father had alchohol...isn't it..??WinkLOL) he wanted her to abort the kid...!!!!... ek .ghar mein itne saare bewde nahi chalenge...!!!..LOLLOL...
how are my tracks...????LOLLOL...badhiya na...????LOLLOLWinkWink

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mishhoo tum tuition classes chalati ho kya ? i am coming !!!!!!!!Day Dreaming

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