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ArHilicious Droolers #37: Sanso ki Sanso Mein...

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
ArHilicious Droolers #37:
Sanso ki Sanso Mein...

  • Song of the week: ~Saraa~/..first.rain..
  • Poem of the week: PinkCinderella
  • Summary of the week: StarPlus Channel
  • Funny scene of the week: the_rain
  • Picture of the Weekstardust-
  • Filler of the Week: Roshini1494/..first.rain..
  • Rating of the Week: ..first.rain..
  • Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
  • Achari Scene of the Week: ..first.rain../Roshini1494
  • Best Character of the Week: ~Saraa~
  • Most Irritating Character of the Week: Shiningstar18
  • Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
  • Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: ~Saraa~
  • Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week:- Chinnu-
  • Message to CVs: ..first.rain..
  • Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
  • Most Active Thread of the week: Roshini1494
  • Most Active Member of the Week: -Barun-
  • Blooper of the week: mazkachazka
  • Costume of the Week: Roshini1494/..first.rain..
  • Dialogue of the Week: Roshini1494
  • Joota scene of the week: shybabe

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 1:05pm | IP Logged

Anjali witnesses Khushi and Shyam leaving the house together and wonders about it. Khushi signs the fake legal papers in Shyam's presence and reveals to him about Arnav's call to gain his trust. In turn, Shyam plans to win her love. Khushi and Nandkishore discuss about their master plan to use Shyam to find Arnav's whereabouts. Shyam believes Khushi's lie that she truly wants revenge on Arnav. Arnav and Khushi dream about each other.

Arnav and Khushi look at the stars and think of each other. Khushi gets scared at night and misses Arnav. She panics when Shyam brings her a candle. Nandkishore and she discuss about the next step in their plan. Payal asks Madhumati for preparing for a party thrown by Akash's friend. Shyam tells Khushi to feed him kheer to seal their deal. Anjali sees them and Khushi makes an excuse. Khushi reveals to Nandkishore about Shyam's secret meeting with the goons. The two of them decide to follow him.

Nandkishore and Khushi secretly follow Shyam to his meeting with some men. Shyam sees a car following and gets suspicious. He postpones the meeting. Khushi quickly returns to the Raizada house and pretends to chat with Nani in order to avoid Shyam's suspicion. Nani asks Khushi about Arnav's return but Khushi lies to her. Payal tries to impress Akash but is not successful. Khushi informs Nandkishore about the large sum of money Shyam had withdrawn from his bank account. Nandkishore makes an excuse to get his laptop and checks Shyam's mails.

Nani asks Khushi about Arnav's delay in returning from Scotland. Shyam informs the kidnapper to buy some things and send it to the Raizada household. Arnav sneaks a note into the box to try and inform Khushi of his location. Payal tries Madhumati's suggestions to seduce Akash but her plan fails. Nandkishore and Khushi starts to get curious about Shyam's locket. Khushi ties a protective thread around Shyam's neck to get a hold of his chain and locket.

Do we even need to think about this scene? It has has has to be the Teri Meri Prem Kahani dream sequence! It was so beautifully done and portrayed.  All the feelings went into one simple yet fantastic song shoot. Truly captures the beauty of love and deserves the Achari Scene of the Week title. Great acting by both Sanaya and Barun. Hats off the the camera man for shooting it so perfectly! Embarrassed Makes us fall head over heels with the show and ArHi all over again.

Well, this entire week was so called a joota week '.a dragfest I would call it.LOL But the worst was when they actually show Khushi getting the hold of Shyam's chain which is actually a pen drive. Confused

And then show NK and Khushi geniously trying to use the pen drive to hack in, but they dont..D'oh.why couldn't they just show them use the final password and just get over with the mystery.

And again Khushi chooses to distract Shyam, so that NK can go and place the pendrive back in Shyam's room again. Absolutely unnecessary scene which led to nothing..Confused

Please Please get this show back to track. Humble request...before its too late.Big smile


Thank God NK is here, otherwise with Mami being surprisingly emotional these days, this section would have nothing to report!

NK, in his super CID mood, goes to Shyam's room to borrow his laptop in order to find some information. However, he gets momentarily distracted by Shyam pampering his USB locket but comes back on track quickly, does his usual 'ulta-seedha' act and successfully manages to borrow it. 

But if he'd just do it then he wouldn't be NK! So, he enthusiastically chirps "You are so sweet, cuchi coo!" to Shyam. It took a while to sink in that he actually did that and when it did, the laughter was inevitable. Carry on NK! 

This week, it goes to Akash, Bua and Payal scenes. It was in no sense related to the current track and to a point, not interesting either. 

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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 1:06pm | IP Logged

NK. NK. NK. NK. NK. NK. DancingDancingDancing Hai-re Nandhikhishore. Kya acting hai? Party This week was truly an NK filler week. Starting with his smartness that we will see hopefully in the coming week of the Camera being hidden in Shyaam's room. AND then the hilarious moments when he said "Jazba" instead of "Jazbaat" D'ohD'oh

And ofcourse, the emotional moments when he calms down Manorama Mami AND Khushi. Handling one woman can be difficult for a male, and here is NK handling two. Cheeerss! Thumbs Up

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes on our screens each day. This week who fills the slot is none other than Shyam Jha! Angry

I am really tired of the fact that he does not abandon his stupid mission of chasing Khushi. Doesn't a guy have a life? He has such a pretty wife(who is about to become the mother of his child!) and is even given the allowance of living with his wife in her mansion. How can he even think of pursuing Khushi? That is plain disgusting. It was really annoying to see him touch her time and again. Seriously gives me the creeps!Dead

On the other hand, I am so disappointed with the fact that he does not care how Arnav or rather his family must be feeling because of the kidnapping. Why was he kidnapped in the first place? I don't think there was any such serious issue which could only be solved with Arnav's kidnapping. Shyam proves, time and again, that he is heartless.

Anyways guys, this is it for this week. Hope to see you guys in the next!Embarrassed

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character section!! this week the funniest character award goes to none other then NK!!

He is such an amazing and supportive person...m loving his bonding with Khushi! his funny antics and miss pronunciations got him this award!!

keep smiling NK, we love u and ur cuteness!!


Arnav to Khushi:

Itni Koshish Ki Maine 
Itni Zyaada Koshish Ki Mein Tumse Nafrat Karsakoon
Par Tumse Nafrat Karhi Nahi Paaya

Khushi to Arnav:
Aur Humne Kitni Koshish Ki aapse Pyaar Na Karne Keliye
Lekin Hamari Dil Hamare Baat Nahi Maane.

Loved this one...Arnav and khushi's dialogue from the promo..Kash Main Tumse Nafrat Karpaathe hoon and Kash Mein tumse mohabbat Karpaathe Hoon is answered with these dialogues...Embarrassed

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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 1:07pm | IP Logged

Hello readers..ahh!! the last week without Sobti.. started off with a bang!! next week, get ready for some serious action, IPK style!! 

I would be cursed if i included just one pic LOL what a way to dream!! Wink loved the picturization..

and after tuesday's episode, i am sure Airtel decided to hire Arnav and Khushi for their next publicity campaign,.. LOL . LOL

Sobti's look for Main Aur Mr. Riight was out.. and ten brownie points for you, if you thought he just did not get any hotter!!! Wink Heart Star

And the pic of the week is ::::

Just so gorgeous these two look together!! every damn time set the screen on fire and that's the story of how AK put every other jodi award into their bag Evil Smile Star love the sequence, love this back hug, love the dash of blues with white.. LOVE it!!


Can there be a better costume then this?! No ways! The outfits are just perfect and Teri Meri on this new scenario makes everyone droll all over again!

Heylo all! So well here I am back with the best blooper of the week..


Well what I shall say about our kanjoos PH! Look at the pics below you'd understand..

Recognize the 1st snapshot? Its from the episode where Arnav's being shifted to another location (in realty to the same last Friday's.Wink

What??you didn't?okay lemme explain..our chindi choor PH use the same junk-make-shift-wall for potentially two different scenes..aaah..that's just a pice of cardboard im sure! They just roughly applied random strokes of green paint to make it look like a division wall! Ughh..they're short of money to afford different and new locations hence this! UffOuch


Another blunder in the storyline I felt was, the last time the Gunda bhai was alone, Arnav baba hit him,did allot of dishum dishum and flee with Khushi but why not in yesterday's episode??Especially when gunda bhai had left the what-so-ever-murky-deserted-underground confinement, for getting the bottle of pest-infected sugar!!uff I know they wanted purposely to drag! ! phew Glad Barun's gonna be back this week! Something to cheer about!Smile


thats all buddies! dream on! AK to re-unite soon!Embarrassed

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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 1:08pm | IP Logged

By: PinkCindrella

Here is ur Gift

Made By - 

Here is ur Gift

By: .ayesha.


Here is ur Gift

Made By - sakeenaLuvEK-KM

Here is ur Gift

Here is ur Gift

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ThreeDs..-Niru-..-Anu13-saniya.x-FarwiiDobaara-nav_batPreets19BarunshellArshig8KeshriyaBarundeewani19-Ammie-bmtdluvercoolgal270ShiningStar18Veena...Saraa.-.Aphrodite.-..Amina..areeba_blossomOmNaMaSteOmpinky_blueskiesDark-Hues..Sakeena.....shruti...incandescentbahi..Jazz.illuminated..Jane...ayesha.Roshini1494mishti_17..-Jia-..Sunshine Girl

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Pride and Beauty

' Miles apart , yet heartbeats as one ' 

We can feel our heartbeats as one moons , stars shines together 
How can I begin to explain what my heart wants you to know
I stumble over my words and can't express it even though,
You make my world revolve around a picture perfect dream
That in itself is more I know than maybe what it seems

It's the way you've shown me how to smile no matter what the time
The way my heart has found a way to say to you in rhyme
The way you always seem to know exactly what to say
Oh how I wish that in my heart forever you would stay

Miles and miles and miles apart
Although so far you've touched my heart
Your laugh, your voice, your adoring smile, 
Seem to shorten every mile
I wake every morning and rest at night

My thoughts and dreams filled with your sight
Oh how I wish, even for one night, 
I could lay in your arms and you hold me tight
Not just a little bruised or battered, 
When I think of the distance it's completely shattered

I know the distance is what keeps us apart
But it won't get me down ,you're always in my heart
It's something that together we will face,
Until we can feel each other's embrace

With every beat of my heart I hear yours inside of mine,
Our chance to be together The beat says it's nearly time
With every beat of my heart I know that yours does too, 
And every time it pumps I know I'm feeling you
Nothing can keep us apart
Keep reading, you're coming to the best part,
The distance to you is but a short flight away
I will be there within a moment with you.

Runner Up
Before He Cheats by BlueMystique 

Here is ur Gift

 I Know You by AngelTeen

Here is ur gift

Runner UP
Marriage With Benefits by Ri_luvs_ArShi 

Here is ur gift

Sinful Love by Averio 

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift


Here is ur Gift

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 1:10pm | IP Logged

ArHi Day Dreaming What can I say about Teri Meri song sequence. Stole the week's charm for sure. But that isn't all in the show. I do see some progress in both trying to contact each other but I feel like it's not enough... Maybe because we aren't used to seeing Arnav helpless. Moreover, the reason behind kidnapping is still not uncovered. Have hopes up for next week but for this week, the rating is 3 of 5. 

Dearest CVs, Please give us our charming show back and get a move on the track. It has been months now and it really feels like stretching the rubber back till the point of it snapping. You are thinking your way and extending the kidnapping track but we viewers feel as if it's been stretching more than necessary. Last few weeks, the same thing is being requested. With the new video promo out, we have hopes up. Please do not make it a disappointment! 

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teenmaker101 Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
yeah payal akash scene indeed filler,i mean they don't have any relation with the track,just making us more annoying after that shyam touching khushi horrible blood boiling scene.good post dude.

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