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ArShi:Destiny With TRAILER Thread I (Page 4)

winnie7500 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 June 2012 at 8:39am | IP Logged
Shocked. Flabbergasted--I presume you know why :p
Love the beginning! Garima, lazy Khushi, her room, and even more so- Khushi pretty much plastering her face to the tv! 
I could see it all clearly playing out as I was reading it; just like a movie.
I honestly cannot wait for Khushi and Arnav's first meeting! 
Dare I wonder that this assembly possibly might have something to do with Arnav..?
Eek! Update sooon!!

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DarkDiva Senior Member

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Posted: 22 June 2012 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Loved it :)

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Angevil786 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2012 at 9:39am | IP Logged
gOOD WORK...Thumbs Up

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-Mayuri- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Great start!

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chander992 Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 1:54am | IP Logged
A few key points before I continue... firstly, thank you all who commented on this link! I am so happy, and would love to PM all of you guys but I am not all that great with a collective PM... i just don't know how to do that. 
secondly, the wiki page of ASR doesn't exist... so it's all my own "creation"
thirdly, don't forget to comment.

Disclaimer: I do not own  IPKKND  or ASR or Khushi... or else ... Wink


The library was empty except for a few students, mostly freshmen, who were surfing the net on the computers. As they all walked into the library, Khushi quickly slipped the book into the returns box and proceeded to go kick off one of the freshmen.

She tapped the boy's shoulder and asked, "Freshmen?"

"Yes," he said as he resumed his task of chatting on Facebook. "Well, then… freshmen aren't allowed to be on the library without the librarian's permission. Did you get her permission?" she asked him as she perched herself onto the desk beside the computer tower.

"Uh, no."

"Well, kid, get off before she sees you… and trust me… the last kid who did this… no one knows what happened to him. Just that he was seen going with her to that basement where all the old books are kept… so I'm just warning you." Khushi took out her lollipop that she had lying somewhere in her jeans pocket. Everyone had heard of the basement floor of the library where all the old books were kept but ever since she had been a freshmen, and hearing that a ghost resided down there, she took advantage of it. Most seniors pulled pranks and dared others to go down to the basement. Their school had an underground bunker built during the World War. Now it was used as a basement for stuff that was useless and old. And according to Khushi, most of the teachers including the librarian needed to be put down there.

Soon, the poor kid fled out of the library, Khushi happily sat in the chair, and logged into her account.

"Khushi, you are so mean… that is a freshmen and you have scarred the poor kid from entering the library," her friend Joti said as she stood next to her. Khushi shrugged her shoulders as she logged into her Facebook and checked for any messages. She fired up the Google search engine and like always searched for Arnav Singh Raizada. As if absentmindedly, she ended up on his Wikipedia page that was always kept up to date and even though she had read it a thousand times, she still started to read it.



Arnav Singh Raizada (born 22 March 1986 [citation needed] ) is a British multi billionaire who made a fortune in real estate and holds an architecture degree. He is born in Liverpool, England to Geeta Raizada and Mahesh Singh Raizada. He is best known as the co-founder of the telecom company, Sswann, of which he is chairman and chief executive.

Born and raised in Liverpool and later London, England, he took up writing software programs in middle school, as well as architecture, with help from his father. In high school, he excelled in classic literature.

He later enrolled in Harvard, majoring in computer science and architecture. Since 2010 Arnav Raizada has been named among the 100 wealthiest and most influential people in the world by Time magazine's Person of the Year. He has since been involved in various legal disputes initiated by others who have claimed a share of the company's profits as well as claiming breaches in contracts.  He has since his father's passing taken the company to unattainable heights. Sswann's core business areas are travel, entertainment and lifestyle and it consists of more than 400 companies worldwide. In 2011, Forbes estimated Arnav Singh Raizada's net worth at 17.0 billion.

Early Life

Arnav Singh was born to Mahesh Singh Raizada and Geeta Raziada in Liverpool England. His schooling was done in Liverpool itself and later on he was sent to London, England. Since then, he is mostly seen residing in London whereas his family still resides in Liverpool.

When Arnav was 19 his parents died in a car mishap when a drunk driver hit them as they were returning back a party in London. Their driver had died with them.

Personal Life

He is known to be a very private person however it is known that he has a younger sister. No one from his family is ever seen in the media.



Before Khushi could finish reading further, she heard a loud commotion in the hallway outside. She looked around the library only to witness silence because everyone had run towards the sound. She hastily turned off her computer and ran towards the exit. There was a huge crowd gathered outside in the hallway so Khushi tried to maneuver through the crowd. It seemed like her friends had already left the library but she couldn't locate them. When she asked around, she found out that it was just some stupid jocks were fighting for no reason. She rolled her eyes when she saw that they were trash talking but they didn't possess any ounce of bravery to actually physically fight. She managed to detach from the crowd and walked towards her locker. She texted her friends and as the bell rang, they went to their next class.


Khushi leisurely walked towards her locker after the unbearable assembly and the unscheduled cleanup.

Like always, the principal had wanted the football team practicing for the sake of the reputation of the school. So the students were all stuck in the auditorium attending a mandatory survey for the school board. Most of the students had made the papers into airplanes and the teachers did not care. The entire student body was texting and making plans on their cell phones; the entire school was in disarray. Khushi was sitting with her friends and discussing the upcoming football game that had turned their day into a drag.

 "I am hungry, god!" her friend Joti said as she sighed and slid down into her seat. "This is such a boring day; I could just kill Coach Rod."

"I know, I could have just slept in today… such waste of this day," Khushi said as she yawned out of sheer boredom.

"Well, we have tonight … the game has to be fun, after all Trevor has invited us," Caroline said as she continued to text on her phone.

"That isn't until late evening, and right now I could care less about the fun and more about how this stupid survey is our slow death," Khushi complained again and moaned about the survey. She continued, "our school is really messed up and rather than having a properly assembly, we are stuck in a room with nothing to do and we can't even go anywhere."

"I know." Joti had started to munch on chips that were being passed around because some of the senior boys had eluded the teachers and left to go to the vending machine. Khushi snatched the bag and shoved some into her mouth.

"But tonight will be fun… I can bet that the extra practice will be worth it, after all…" Caroline wasn't able to finish her sentence as Khushi and Joti spoke in unison, "Trevor has invited you."

They both broke into a laughter spree and rather than eating the chips, they had started to throw the food at each other. What started as a harmless fun fight turned into the entire school throwing garbage, food, and paper balls at each other. By the time principal had showed up, the entire auditorium was trashed, so as a punishment they all had to stay the extra hour and clean up with the exception of freshmen and juniors. Apparently, like always, the seniors were at fault.


Khushi hurriedly ran towards the front door as her friend waved and drove off down the street. She quickly searched around for her keys but it seemed like she had misplaced them. It was freezing cold outside, so her teeth clattered while she emptied the entire back pack on the front porch. After searching for the key for 15 minutes she still had no luck. Angrily, she dumped all of her books back into the bag, and cursed herself, "Stupid Khushi, where the heck is your key? See, now you are stuck out of the house and resemble more to a burglar than to a girl."

She sat down on the front steps because her parents weren't returning anytime soon. It was close to 4.30 and she was hungry, and cold. She got up livid with rage and kicked her front door. In a few seconds it flew open. Her father stood in front of her, looking a bit surprised at his only daughter kicking down the house door when she could ring the bell or use her key.


"Dad, you were home, what! I have been waiting out here for a long time… could you not open the door before." She shoved her dad to the side and came inside. Shashi stood bewildered as his daughter yelled at him for not opening the door. But he didn't hear the doorbell. Did he? He shook his head in a bamboozled manner.

"Khushi, Sweetie…take a break." He put his hands on her shoulder to calm her down to stop her constant rambling, and hugged her. "How was your day?"

"Urgh, don't even ask… stupid principal and stupid assembly and stupid paper fight. I am exhausted!" she untangled herself and slumped on the couch and threw her bag on the floor. She closed her eyes as her father went into the kitchen. Her nostrils flared up when she smelled a good aroma wafting out of the kitchen. She got up and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

"Dad, you are cooking dinner… and," she tiptoed and looked at the dish cooking on the stove. "What did do you do, dad? Mom is going to be livid… what did you do?"

"Nothing, I just felt like making your mother's favorite dishes…" he wiped the spoon and placed it back on the counter. She eyed him with an I-know-you-have-done-something look. He averted his eyes in guilt and said, "And we may have to cancel our vacation." He admitted.

"Shit dad… good luck with that!" she patted his back and turned to leave, "but wait, I was supposed to go with you guys too… how come you aren't making my favorite dishes!!! DAD!! You and mom don't care if I get angry!"

"Well… uh, I was going to make them right after this one," he lied as he didn't realize that Khushi would also be mad. "What would my princess like?" he tried to change the topic.

"… Do I look like a toast? …. stop buttering me," she said and then continued, "Besides, I am going to the football game with friends."

Shashi shook his head in amusement; Khushi was exactly like his wife, always complaining and cribbing and fighting and when you get to the root of the problem, it turned out that it never was an issue in the first place. He continued to stir the food and turned on the radio.

Khushi mounted stairs and went towards her room to change.


Khushi managed to grab the hot dog while it was still on the plate and somehow got out of the crowded area. Her friends were perched on the stands, and the crowd was roaring. It was even colder than before so everyone was layered up. Roosevelt was versing Nobel Street; both of the teams were fiercely competitive and so the crowd was very much divided since both of schools were fighting to be the Inter-City champions. Khushi's friends waved at her as she spotted them in the crowd. She climbed the steps to reach the bleacher but her steps faltered as she bumped into someone, and she flew back. All she remembered was that her butt was very sore, and she had landed straight on her back, but thankfully because the cheerleaders had put mats out, it broke her fall.

"KHUSHI!" her classmates yelled as they took her hand and she got up. By then her friends had come down as well, but Khushi assured them that she was alright, though her clothes were now stained with ketchup and mustard. She made an annoyed face, and broodingly got up and quietly went to sit on the bleachers.

"I am fine!" she replied curtly when her friends asked her whether she needed to go to the ER.

All throughout the game Khushi was annoyed though that didn't discourage her from taking her anger out on the other teams' players. Roosevelt High had won the game and the crowd had started to cheer and some started to complain.

"That's right suckers!!! Take that! Go home and learn some football!!! WE SHUT YOU DOWN SUCKERS!"

She was so loud, and bouncing up and down that the other team's supporters started to give her angry looks. "Khushi, we have won… and you have done enough trash talking!!" Joti held Khushi's arm and whispered in her ear. "Let's get out here before people kill you!"

Khushi was dragged down by her friends but she continued to trash talk as loud as she could.

"You know what, I am getting a call… hold on hold on… it's from Obama and he wants to spend some money on your defence!"

"Khushi!!!" her friends warned her and dragged her towards their team so that no one could hurt her. Her friends always thought that they needed to calm Khushi before she could do something drastic. Some crazy bunch they were.


By the time Khushi had got home it was close to 12. Khushi had gone over her curfew on this particular Friday night. With baited breath, Khushi tiptoed towards her porch and waved at Caroline as she drove off. They were meant to return by 11 but Caroline had wanted to hang out with her new boyfriend and since she was their ride back home, Khushi and Joti had to stick with her. Besides, they did not want to leave their friend amidst the party that was held after the win. Everyone was drunk; Khushi drank some, but made sure that Caroline stayed sober. For some reason, the party had turned more into a disaster as it progressed so the girls made an exit from there.

Before she could put the key, which she had stolen from her father, into the keyhole, the door flew open.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta, do you know what time it is and what is on your clothes!?" her mother stood enraged at the door.

"Uh, Oh… snap… uh it is 11.50, mom?" she said and tried to appear cool.

 "You have passed your curfew missy! Come inside!" her mother stood to a side as Khushi passed through the door. She looked at her father, and instantly knew that his way to charm her mother had failed, and now Khushi knew what was coming. She looked at her father in an accusing look, and pointed slightly at him. He looked away.

"Mom, my curfew is at 11.30… I am just 20 minutes past it! Come on." She turned around to witness her mother clearly annoyed at her daughter arguing back.

"You are grounded daughter dearest!" Her mother roared and she went towards the kitchen. Khushi ran behind her and stood in the kitchen door. "Mom, I have never been late… before… ever."

"Khushi! You are always late, and go past your curfew, there is no way I am going to allow you to pass through this one!" her mother filled her glass of water and exited the kitchen after turning off the lights.

"Yes, okay, I am… but," she tried to reason but her mother turned around and said, "You are grounded because you are late, and because of the stunt you pulled at school!" her mother turned towards her father who was standing as a mute spectator.

"Shashi, see your daughter… she arguing rather than apologizing… is this why we send her to school… to clean up the auditorium!?" her mother questioned her father but before he could open his mouth she started again, "actually why am I asking you… you both make promises and break them… I have had enough of you two. You make me a promise that you will return home by 11.30 and you don't come, and Shashi… you tell me that I can finally visit my mother and have a vacation but then you change the plans too. I am tired of you guys!" she then mounted the stairs and left.

"Mom!" Khushi yelled but by then her mother had disappeared from there. "Dad! See what you have done!"

"Khushi Sweetie… we both are in equal trouble so let's hit the sack before we are both kicked out of the house!" Khushi sniggered as her father quietly told her to be the dutiful daughter and soon enough her mother's anger would eventually dissipate.

After her father left, she realized that the morning is going to be filled with chores and she groaned! She entered her room and kicked off her socks and her jacket along with her scarf; they all reeked of mustard and ketchup. She changed into her night suit and slumped on the bed; she dished around her bedside table and found the last bar of chocolate. She happily munched on her chocolate and texted her friends' once last time.

Group message: Jo, Carr

I am home, as well. Grounded! Chores day tomorrow… father, daughter bonding time! Mother dearest… livid! LOL. Ciao


She then shut off her lamp and sighed contentedly as she slipped into a deep sleep forgetting about the upcoming morning.


Some 24 hours ago…

In another corner of the world, a beast was sleeping away...

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 2:10am | IP Logged
wow m first lovely update and thanx for the PM 

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nice update...But when Arnav is going come into picture?

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