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ArShi:Destiny With TRAILER Thread I

chander992 Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2012 at 5:44am | IP Logged

I am a new author on IPKKND forum, but I am an ardent fan and a viewer. Please let me know how the you like the story though it is going to evolve a lot, so be patient and I will do the update regularly... so comment, like and the sorts Smile


 LINK  Link

A story of irrevocable love, passion and sheer hatred.  

Welcome to a world where passionate love exists. That is the world a girl believes in. A love that she chases, then it chases her... wherever she goes. By the end of it, she discovers her love is tainted with ugly blemishes... but she can never escape it. 

A man that is haunted by his own past... a playboy, rich and successful yet so full of agony and barren of love... What happens when he unleashes sorrows upon a girl that he didn't know existed. 

She loved him. He didn't know she existed. Then, she hated him. He still didn't know she existed. And when they met they destroyed each other. And the universe has a heck of a sense of humour.

To my best friend

Because you always asked me what was going to 

happen next... and then left

me to deal with rest

and for introducing

me to IPKKND.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

Part 19

Part 20

Part 21

New Thread

PS- Don't forget to add me as a buddy for regular updates since I can't always track everyone and send individual pms.

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chander992 Goldie

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In some corner of the world, a bright and early morning was breaking out just past Lake Michigan as a beauty lay threaded in her comforter. The outside world that had just woken up from a long slumber but she lay completely still with a smile etched on her face. Completely unaware, she continued to snooze even as the sun slowly spread its rays across the floor through the blinds. She tossed to the other side, flipped her pillow to get to the cold side, and slumped her head back onto it. She snored away to her hearts content unaware of the constant screams of her mother. Her phone had started to vibrate underneath her bed but the sound was falling upon deaf ears.

"Khushi," her mother yelled as she rushed around the house downstairs to prepare breakfast. "Wake up, honey. It is time for school," she shouted yet again. After her umpteenth shout awaken her daughter, Garima realized that she would lose her voice before it fell on her daughters' ears. She was getting late for work herself as well so continued to wrestle around in the kitchen.

"Garima, stop shouting… and let our daughter sleep," Shashi, her husband, said as he put his hands on her shoulders. Garima quickly handed him his coffee.

"Good morning."

"Good morning to you too… I see that you and your daughter have started the shouting match," Shashi bemused as he picked up the newspaper from the kitchen island.

"Yes, of course, I am doing the shouting while she is doing the snoring… We have spoilt her too much, Shashi." Garima said her routinely rehearsed line that Shashi was very much used to hearing. Even though it was the total opposite in the house, Garima herself spoilt Khushi to her hearts content, even more than Shashi. Khushi was their only child and she was born after quite a few problems.

Garima Gupta and Shashi Gupta knew what Khushi meant to them the moment she was born. She was their only born and on the contrary was quite a handful. Ever since she had detached herself from Garima's placenta she had been a handful. She always ran around, enlivened the entire house with her antics and was very prone to be being a klutz though that didn't dissipate the energy that she bounced off of. 

"Shashi, please tell me that you have paid the bills that we last night sorted through," Garima asked in a concerned voice. "Oh, and what time are you coming home tonight? What about your presentation at the office? I have to stay put for the parent teacher meeting tonight, so I will not returning until 8… I have called State Farm and informed them about the damage to the windshield that our darling daughter damaged after parking it underneath a tree." Garima would have continued to ramble on had she not looked at her husband perched happily on the couch, watching BBC.

"Shashi, you aren't listening to me." "Hmm," was the response she got in exchange from her preoccupied husband. "So you are listening to me?" she probed, and again, "Hmm," was all she received.

"Then, I suppose I should quit my job and become a samba dance."

"Hmm," he said absentmindedly.

 "And, get a tattoo."


Slowly, she inched closer to his TV and said, "And go live with my mother as well."

Somehow Shashi had ended up hearing her last words and quickly refuted… "What?!"

"Yeah, you know after joining samba and getting a tattoo, I should go live my life with my mother." She was now furious. "You and your daughter have taken me for granted… when I leave you alone only then will you understand my worth," she concluded and returned back to the kitchen. Momentarily, the thought of Khushi snoozing away upstairs was disregarded.

Shashi got up and hurriedly ran behind her to avoid the disastrous situation and simmer down the ticking time bomb bright in the early morning. "Garima." He hugged her from behind and soothed her, "Sorry, but you know that Khushi and I are nothing without you. Heck, I can't even find my socks without you."

"Don't use the word heck," she brushed off his hands off her shoulders as she continued to cook the scrambled eggs. "Your daughter and you have butchered the English language as it is… and you would think that being an English teacher, I would instill some good and valuable skills when it came to speaking English."

"Sorry, alright… chill. I am going to take a shower." He pecked her cheek, placed his cup in the sink and made a dash towards his room but not before informing his wife that their darling daughter was still snoozing away upstairs.

As soon as the realization hit home, Garima swiftly mounted the stairs towards her daughter's room. "This girl is going to get late for sure," she muttered with each step that she took.

She knocked twice but after getting silence from the other side, she turned the door knob. "Khu…," her sentenced is stopped mid-way as she took in the surroundings after opening the door ajar. The room was a complete mess; clothes, candy wrappers, shoes and shenanigans were littering the floor. "Oh lord… what has happened here?"

She was fuming now, and she rather forcefully wrenched the comforter off her daughter. A rush of cold air greeted Khushi and in an attempt to grip the comforter back, she swayed off the bed and collided with the floor. "Ah."

"Khushi, what in the world have you done to your room. Last night it was perfectly clean and now I can't even find the floor." Her mother put the comforter back on the bed as Khushi recollected her surroundings. She scratched her head as she woozily got off the floor and deposited herself back on her bed. "Mom,  let me sleep!! It is too cold to be up right now." Khushi tried to sink into the mattress but was jerked back up by her mom.  Khushi then walked around the room in a daze and tried to locate her phone that was vibrating in some lost corner of her room. Finally, after rummaging through piles of trash, and clothes, and her books, she found her phone. She shut the alarm and sat back on the bed.

"Get off the bed, Khushi and go get ready… you will get late for sure." However, Khushi was also as stubborn as a mule because as she was pushed into the washroom, she sat on the long, ceramic counter, and however cold it was, she started snoozing again.

Garima pounded hard on the washroom door and Khushi hastily opened her eyes. She heard her mother's agitated voice, "Khushi, you better not be sleeping in there…. I don't hear the water running."

"Uh… no, I am not sleeping… I am trying to save water mom, I promise, I am brushing." Khushi fibbed but hurriedly grabbed her brush and jumped into the shower.

Garima rushed into her room, and stepped into the shower herself as Shashi has finished.


Khushi ran from the washroom in wrapped in a towel and opened her closet while he teeth clattered. It was rather chilly November morning. Opening her closet she stood wide eyed as she tried to pick an outfit for the day. The task was harder than she though; it had looked like a cyclone had hit her room, but it was normal as per Khushi's norms. She didn't understand why anybody took the energy to clean their room, and when she had heard her chemistry teacher explain the theory of equilibrium and how things tended to get be attracted towards "mess", her beliefs were reinforced once again. Although, when she explained to her parents, her father had laughed but her mother had made sure to raise this point in the next PTA meeting. Khushi was embarrassed for herself and her chemistry teacher, who now avoided Khushi and avoided giving examples that could land him into trouble.

After finding sometime satisfactory for the day, Khushi had ended up blow drying her hair, picked her back and ran down the stairs. Their living room was rather spacious and decorated tastefully. It was all because her mom, well mostly because of her mom, and her dad's credit card. They were a rather well off middle class Indian family living in Chicago. Her father, who worked in a PR firm made good enough money for them to live comfortably yet, her mother still chose to work as a high school teacher. Khushi was presumed to go to the same high school but the board had put their foot down about problems regarding favoritism and much to Khushi's relief, had refused. However, her mother still knew every single thing that happened in her school.

Khushi went towards the kitchen, she picked up the plate her father had laid out for her, and deposited herself on the island in the kitchen. Her father was still watching his BBC news and Khushi was happily munching away on her cereal and eggs.

A few minutes into her eating, Shashi heard a Khushi's shriek and soon his remote was snatched away from him. Khushi was happily gobbling down her food and texting away her friends when she heard the name. It was his name… it had to be.

She hastily ran into the living room and squealed as she saw him perched on a leather seat, laughing and answering questions that were being asked to him. She snatched away the remote from her father, and tried to increase the volume but the remote was not working. She threw the remote on the floor and ran towards the TV set to increase the volume manually. "Khushi… that's too loud," her father nudged her.

"SSHHH," she put her finger to her lips and continued to gaze towards the TV in a star struck manner.

It was him. Her love, her hope, her dream, her inspiration, her everything… Arnav Singh Raizada, all in his full glory, sitting in a black suit, right leg perched over his left one; one arm on the chair's arm, the other holding a cup of coffee yet nothing intimidated her more than his eyes. Those molten rocks of chocolate in which she felt she could drown happily.

"So Mr. Raizada, what do you do in your spare time…? I am sure our viewers would like to know." The anchor quizzed him. Yet, as he spoke, Khushi in a hushed way moved her lips as well as she answered to herself, "playing sports, helping the needy, being with kids, and spending as much time meeting new people." Of course, Khushi knew this, and as he said this, she was not surprised. She knew him better than she knew herself, and knew every single thing about him.

She continued to watch the interview in a daze even when he mom had come downstairs, and scolded her for watching TV all the time. Khushi was still stuck to the TV like glue even as her mother decreased the volume.

"Isn't he so hot! And intelligent and smart…" Khushi said in a drooling voice.

Without taking any heed to what his daughter had just said, Shashi continued to sip on his coffee and continued to read the newspaper and enjoy the early morning debate of the fiscal policy and the debt crisis in Greece. "I personally think it would be better for Greece to exit Euro. I really don't know what the advantage is of staying in Europe. Isn't the power of handling monetary policies the most important role of government in terms of economy? I cannot find any larger advantage in being in euro with 17 nations," he said to himself.


"Shashi, your daughter and you are just impossible! Let's go before everyone gets late." Garima grabbed her belongings and deposited them in their car and returned back. It was past 8 in the morning so she informed her husband to get a move on it. Shashi in the meanwhile had straightened his clothes and deposited Khushi's dishes in the sink.

"Garima, she is interested in watching BBC… be happy she is taking such an interest in the business world. My baby girl!"

"She is not a baby, Shashi. She is a seventeen year old girl on her way to being a woman… she should quit being lazy… and you stop favoring her, and stop eating that bacon strip," she smacked his hand and he dropped it back into the plate.

Since the windshield had damaged on their other car, the entire family, Garima, Shashi and their only darling daughter Khushi had to use the SUV for their morning chores.

Garima quickly checked the entire house, inspecting the windows, the stove, and the heating system setting it to a normal temperature. It was very chilly outside so she was dressed in layers , and informed Khushi to wear her jacket, gloves and a scarf. "Khushi, your dad is waiting in the car, come on, hurry up!"

"Mom, I'll be there five minutes… just need to grab my bag," she informed her mother they stood in the doorway because Khushi was hauled to the door by Garima.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta, I am warning you… I'm waiting in the car… hurry up please darling!"

"Yes mother dear… I am coming." Khushi knew that the moment her mother used her 'yucky' yet full name, it meant business but she still wasn't able to detach herself from the Telly. Khushi had dashed to watch the interview but was disappointed to see that weather was being broadcasted now. She was saddened that she was not able to watch his entire interview but the honk from outside had brought her out of her reverie. She knew her mother would be furious so took her Ipod out and placed the headphone in her ears and covered them with ear muffs.

She locked the front door, and ran towards the car. Her father had given her a warning look, but Khushi happily sat in the car because nothing could ruin her morning now. Not even the math test that she was expected to get back today. True to her predicament, her mother had gone off the entire time and Khushi's father had given a pointed look as she whispered sorry through the rear view mirror.


School was dismal according to Khushi until the lunch bell had rung. Her stomach was growling by the time she reached the cafeteria of her school. She grabbed a burger, a juice box and an apple and after paying, she happily made her way to her table. Her friends were already seated on the table. Since her first two blocks were not with any of her friends, she was dying to catch up to them even though they all had been texting each other all morning.

"Hey Khushi!" they chirped at her. "Hey guys, what's up?" she replied back in typical American teenager slang.

"Nothing, I am going to flunk my chemistry test… again!" Caroline complained and continued, "And this time mom is going to be pissed. Damn, I will be cleaning the entire house for a month… I am definitely going to be under house arrest!"

"Don't worry, Carr, I am sure you will be fine… it is next block so you have plenty of time to come with an excuse" Khushi consoled her friend but her other friend Joti perked her head out from her latest read, Pride and Prejudice, and crooned her head towards Caroline.

"Carr, you should really study next time… maybe ask for a rewrite," Joti suggested and Caroline instantly knew that if she asked her father, he could talk with the teacher. For the time being, Caroline's tension was relieved.

"I am worried about my math test, guys," Khushi bit her lip as she continued to sip onto her beverage. "Liar," Caroline said. "You have been on cloud nine since the morning, and even said that nothing and you meant nothing could ruin your mood."

"Huh, wha… oh! Of course, you must be on cloud nine," Joti looked up from her book again. "I never said that!" Khushi tried to stop the blush that colored her cheeks but her friends eyed her with we-have-proof-so-don't-even-try-to-refuse look. "Fine, but what can I do… He is just such an inspiration… what he has achieved and how kind hearted he is… and the additional perk of such good charming manners and looks… all at the age of 25! Men like him don't exist anymore," Khushi held a dream look as she try to put what she felt for him into proper words.

"Correction, Men like Mr. Darcy aren't made anymore," Joti said from behind her book. Caroline and Khushi both gave her a bored look. "Well, Joti, since we cannot possibly go back into time and get Mr. Darcy, your British hunk, unless someone makes a time machine. Therefore, we have to satisfy with a British God like Arnav. I wish if there was some way to meet him. I would probably faint from forgetting how to breathe." Khushi continued to talk in a swooned her head until her eyes landed on her friends. They held a bored look as well. "Geez, thanks for the enthusiastic support… what would I do without you guys?"

"Isn't that why you are choosing the business field and going to a B school next year?" Joti questioned her as Caroline busied herself  texting her latest boyfriend.

"Well, more because I have an interest in it… but what can I say… my career has some perks unlike like your medical profession," Khushi chided Joti but got a smack on her arm, and her apple landed on the floor.

"Believe it or not, when I go to Africa and help others and eventually get a Nobel Prize, I will not be thanking any of you good for nothing friends," Joti complained.

"Guys, guys, listen Trevor wants me to come to the Varsity game tonight… how about we go and watch it? We have not been out since our princess Khushi here damaged her car… honestly woman who puts their car underneath a tree that looks like it is going to fall apart any second!!" Caroline questioned Khushi but before Khushi could answer Caroline continued, "Save it! Anyhow, I'll drive and pick you guys up around 5.30? The game starts at 6 and then we can hit the nearest Red Robs?"

"I am already hungry," Joti said.

"Well, then that's a yes… I suppose?"

"Of course it is a yes," Khushi exclaimed. But she was distracted by the sudden and loud announcement booming through the loud speaker. "Students of Theodore Roosevelt High, this is to inform you that we have an assembly starting next block, so please leave your books in your lockers and stay put in your class. Teachers, please lead the classes when the announcement is made."

"I am sure Coach Rod wants his students to start practicing this early, and we are stuck in the stupid assembly," Joti cribbed.

"I know… stupid football… who the heck cares..." Khushi said.

"UH you do!" her friends said in unison.

"Khushi, you are the most competitive person we know… even if you don't like the sport, if you aren't winning you turn into such an angry monster," Caroline reminded Khushi that she held no chance at refuting anything that her friends claimed, mostly because it was true but she still never admitted.

"Before you refuse, don't let me remind you about that stupid game of golf! It was the most boring and mind numbing game we had ever gone to… but because you had got free tickets, we decided to go for the free game, support our school and get that free pizza… but you had screamed your head off from the stands when Brandon had missed the hole and we didn't even get the free pizza… and don't let me remind you that you got us kicked out from there, oh and how about the game of soccer where you had ended up yelling at referee… oh and…" Joti would have continued but Khushi stopped her.

"Fine, I get it… I am a lil competitive," Khushi admitted.

"A lil?" questioned Caroline and Joti in unison.

"Shut up guys, I was going to go to the library, so want to come?" Khushi asked, "I have to return this book I had taken out for extra practice in math… anyhow come on, you know how the librarian is so lazy… she's never there!"

"Half the time she is making eyes at Coach Rod… I can bet she is on the field… enjoying this beautifully cold day, in her words," Caroline quoted her.

The trio laughed and threw their garbage away, and made their way towards the library. 

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Usma55 Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Update soon
Want to know what happens when they meet

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chander992 Goldie

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Originally posted by Usma55

Update soon
Want to know what happens when they meet

Thank you, of course I will continue and update by the end of the day... thanks for the comment :)

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rimzu IF-Rockerz

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welcome to d forum...nd yes do update soon ..

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NIDIZ IF-Sizzlerz

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welcome to the forum...
Lovely post Thnx for d p.m...

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.YixingsManal. IF-Addictz

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Reading the description <3 Seems like a Heartwrenching <3 !! Moi would love to read <3 

Reserve for now <3

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chander992 Goldie

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Thank you guys
you all rock! I shall continue soon :D

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