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Hi all dearies
how r u all

Sorry for not replying each and every one but read each and every comment and ur all view and loved it and enjoy it
I'm glad that all loved the update, maaneet passionate dance.
Maan done brave work but as his guilty and confused feelings  make him stay away from his sona, which cause more confusion ,pain,problem
but some times this things needed to clear about their feeling.
maan is possessive about geet and more will reveal later.
he is best in his duty towards his mother land
Geet know it and admire him more for this
I'm glad that u all loved geet's out burst on maan it's also needed to know her condition.
but as geet is understanding and matured enough to understand his kuwar sa and his inner turmoil , she helped him and healed him 
boht of them r not falling in love or fall for each other but don't realize it fully phase so more passion, romance, tension, confusion, anger, love will be there.

thanks to all of them who likes the last part

love u lots

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Glitter Text


Water, Fire & Passaion

Next Part:-

Geet nodded when maan said sameera is my EX finace, I'm sharing this all as a wife of mine u have the rights and I trust u , which I never share with any one except masa and dadi sa also some extent .


Geet looking at him plainly  when maan said we were family almost, actually my parents know her parents and from that we know each other from childhood., she is different from other girls and even that age also.

Geet looked at maan and try understand her husband again when maan's face is giving plain expression .

Maan continued , may be that time innocent mind didn't understand and we grown up together and when young age I proposed her and she accepted it.

Geet silently listen without asking anything but her mind is clouded with some fear,and jealousy, she don't want to hear anything and feel tremendous hurt, y she is feeling like this , she try to get up when her kuwar sa hold her wrist and said sona, what happen?

Geet try to control her emotion and said nothing, oh I just have to read my study book, so.

Maan smiles as he knows his sona much more than anything. He said ok, let's go, I'll help u in study ,Geet half heartedly nodded yes.

Maan is helping her in study but geet's mind is some where else when maan asked her something she is looking blank , when maan said what happen sona, where is ur mind.

Geet:-nothing and again try to concentrate but same now maan is getting angry about this, y geet is doing this.

That day maan didn't push her to tell anything about his past but try to make her easy.

Next day maan had to go for some work and said to geet, he will be later and driver will pick her up from the college.

Geet nodded yes.but there is something missing in her gesture .

Maan pulled her in his arms and said what happen sona, not feeling well or something bothering my sona.

Geet simply hugged him in return then said nothing, kuwar sa,come back soon.

Maan cupped her face and said I'll, don't take too much tension, ur kuwar sa is fine and will be in front of u again by evening and kissed her cheeks, eyes then her nose and said bye sona.

Later that day, geet want to skip the college but went half heartedly and come back soon but continuously avoiding her kuwar sa's call .

She is sitting quietly in their room and looking at their pic , wedding pic , and remember all incident, then lastly sa's confession about his past, sameera,

She know it, she know that sameera was kuwar sa's past then y she is feeling bad, y she want to wipes this memory from her kuwar sa, she is fearing something, don't know what, she don't want to hear a single word for that sameera from kuwar sa but she had to know what scar sameera left on her kuwar sa's mind that he became like that.

She lied down with their wedding pic and cuddling with that with her plenty of questions ,confusion and some unknown feeling, fear, insecurity.

Here in office, maan is getting tensed and keep calling in home but still no response.

Maan is going frustrated and said what the **** with , he called home landline when a servant picked it and inform that ma'm (GEET) is in their room but closed the door from the after noon.

Maan want to asked more but stoped and said ok.

He want to go to home and see his sona is ok or not  but his work, ducty can't allow him.

He is feeling so much helpless and getting angry .

At evening after his work, he went to his  home and called his sona, loudly ,SONA, SONA

But no response from her , sunil came and said she is in her room,from the after noon, after she came from college.

Maan got tensed and almost run towards his room, he entered the room to find a cuddling sobbing geet in the bed.

He looked tensed and sad and called our her name, geet, sona.

He moved close to her and held her shoulder and said what happen ?

Geet who is crying after hugging her pic suddenly startled to see her kuwar sa is there and get up quickly after rubbing her eyes, face and all tears. Try to hide it and said what happen ?

Maan hold her hand and said shouldn't this question ask by me ,sona, I was calling u from the after noon, where r u , what happen to u , y u r crying?

Geet get up and went to washroom and wash her face and said m fine, nothing, m just baas aise hi.

Maan is irriated and hold her arms and said the y u r crying?

Geet suddenly snapped his hand and said y, is there any problem with my cry also, can't I  stay here with my own way. Or for that I have to take ur permission Kuwar sa.

Maan is full shocked and said Sona , what happen and cupped her face when again geet snapped and said what happen, what happen ? nothing, I said I'm fine then , y u r bothering urself for me.

Maan look and can sense something bothering her , paining her he said sona, tell me, I'll not leave u until u say me the problem.

Geet almost controlling her pain, unknown feeling, insecurity and shouts, U R MY PROBLEM KUWAR SA, U R MY PROBLEM, IT'S U .IT'S U ONLY, Y U MARRY ME, Y WHEN U LOVE UR FIANCE, WHEN U ALWAYS REGRET TO COME CLOSE TO ME, WHEN U ALWAYS FINd A WAY TO SHOUTS AT ME  , find a way to tell me stay away from u, when u feel u can come close to me then shouts at me, and avoid me , all cause u loved some one else then y u marry me, try to show sympathy when her own family parents don't want her alive ,

Here maan want to crushed her in his arms and take her all pain but try to know what is her fear ,what is make her to lead this when geet said its u think low of me.

Now maan is looking more confused and shocked and looked at her with pain expression when geet said yes it's u, that day u invite me in party but u got angry that ur junior officer were talking with me, is that my fault, that my husband left me alone in the unknown party, is that my fault my husband didn't take me with him to that party just cause he is feeling low about me, that mere 18 yrs girl , not graduate , r  his wife, when there is plenty of woman much more beautiful, much more educated ,ha,

Maan try to hold her hand now suddenly geet said y kuwar sa, y, when u loved ur fianc, y u , it's paining me like hell, y it's hurting me, y kuwar sa, what r u doing with me, KYA KAR REHE HO AAP MERE SATH , KYUON KUWAR SA KYUON ,m happy at my world when I forget about love, care, relationship, and u come in my world and conquer everything, now u r shouting, ignoring me, and now what u told me that u have fiance, captain sameera,ha, oh that's reason she came to our reception, reception, what reception when this marriage is base on compromise( geet don't know what she is talking but just saying in her frustration and confuse state) so u shouts on me on our first night, u said those things, yes It's my fault, y I'm expecting anything from u, when this is just, y,

Maan now lost her patience and pull her in his arms and said do u think our marriage is base  when geet said leave me, yes I think, u have ur fianc , that's y sameera came every time, that's y , u scolding me without any reason, that's y regret to come close or .

Maan hold her petite body by his one large arm and locked her in his heavy structure and tucked her hair behind her ear and said so u r feeling jealous, ha. Jealous of samee but geet again start her protest and said I'm not , y I'll, it's ur life , u pity on me u shame to take me with u.


But geet retort back and said yes u r , u feel sorry and changed ur behavior when u came to know about my family and their behavior , u pity on my state , a helpless girl na,

But maan hold his face by one hand almost pulling and said I WARN U SONA, DARE U SAY THING, I CAME TO KNOW ABOUT UR FAMILY BUT THAT DON'T MAKE ME CHANGE MY CONCEPTION ABOUT U , IT'S U WHO MAKE ME FALL FOR U, MAKE COME CLOSE TO U, MAKE ME THINK AGAIN ABOUT OUR RELATION , it's u who make me crazy by ur nature, by ur beauty

Where geet is gaping at him .

YES I DONE MISTAKE BY IGNORING U and I said sorry sona, I want to share about sam but stop to receive a glare from his sona,

He chuckled and soon scoops her in his arm and takes her to the bed when geet try to moved but maan bring her closer and said sona, listen to me first.

Geet still is fighting when pull her close and said don't even try, u can't now listen to me, sona, yes I don't want to marry and the reason y, I want to share my past for that, so u can understand, and more u r my wife and u have the rights sona, fianc, who is fianc she was , that was imfatuation, illusion of young age, not love, I never loved her nor for a sec, and she used me, destroy me, and left me alone but that time I don't know that was blessing in disguise  ,that is the reason I get my sona in my life, my angel who came and conquer my world with her different nature,I know my anger, staying away all r leading this but sona, don't u feel anything, do u really think my anger, my shouting all r just a way to avoid sona, never, see , look at me,

Geet slowly said then y u avoid me, y? y that chudail come to ur party when she is not have any duty here, y? U took her greeting first, y u still remember her, and y it's paining me,

She hugged maan and keep crying, sobbing, like little kid and keep complaining about her own confused feeling, frustration, anger and more maan's behavior.

After some time maan feel her clinging only so, he made her lay on the bed and looked at her pale and tear strain face,

He tucked loose hair and softly carrassed her face and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Maan went to take shower as he needs to be fresh up .

After he came from washroom, noticed that geet is still sleeping and cuddling in the bed .

He smiles and changes his dress and went to kitchen for making some light food for his sona.

 Where servants r gaping at him widely.

He made quickly light soup and little bit rise with a veg curry.

He placed them all in tray and went to their room and found geeet is sitting in the bed and looking disturb.

Both looked at each other when maan placed them all in side table and said sona, go to washroom and fresh up first then we will eat dinner.

But geet is still sitting in the same place when maan said SONA.

Geet now slightly look at him when maan continue if u will not get up by urself then I'll do that so, it better be, u will get up and fresh up now.

Geet slowly get up and when maan's phone ring and it's from their home.

Maan indicate her to go to wash room when geet frowned and said I want to talk with masa.

Maan take the call and said masa , will call u after some time and pls call dadi sa and geet want to talk with her then cut the call and said sona go now, don't waste time here and u need to to eat something first then rest of thing later.

Geet frowned and said I don't have any one if I will talk to masa little what harm will be, I can go later but no, and enter the washroom.

Maan is completely confused y geet is so stubborn today , y she is behaving like little kid today, , she is so matured then maan cursed himself for always expecting her to be matured , she is still 18and this time she is like other normal girl , who can make zidd, showing her stubborn. He smiles at her cute, little wify and her antics but few things r sure, her wify is falling for him, her possessiveness, jealousy , want to claim him as her only, unknowingly, she is falling for him, but she is so confused.

Maan :-so , like me u r also facing it, sona, don't worry ur kuwar sa is here to help u .

Later geet came and maan make her talk with masa and dadi sa ,

Maan make her eat also by feeding her. Not once geet complaint to them about him, always say them how much he is taking care of her(well it's true, how much sona will or was or is angry on her kuwar sa , she also know how kuch kuwar sa care for her,)

That night maan make sure geet sleep well.

Next day , geet get up early and went to make break fast for kuwar sa but her inner feeling is causing more problem for her,

She want to say sorry for her sudden out burst but her anger, possessiveness, hurt pain all stopping her also.

Here maan see there is huge rain happening out side, no one can go out side , he called his office as he will be little alte but any how he have to reach.

He took quick shower and come out side and noticed his sona is there.

She is standing and playing with her duppatta when maan asked what happen sona?

Geet:-oh aap ke sath , I mean I'm sorry for my behavior yesterday I spoke rudely, I'll not but maan came from behind &  hold her hand and said sona, I'm not angry or hurt but yes in pain and hurt cause I'm failed to understand ur feeling , ur pain, ur confusion .

When geet look another way but maan said u have full rights to shouts on me, like I did, as friend and wife of mine , u have the rights only sona,

Geet:-but oh.

Maan with his baritone voice said shhh first listen to me clearly  , I want to share my past as I said u have the rights to know, then I was confused about my feeling and don't want to take advantages of ur innocence . but never intend to hurt, and my anger on party not on u but over that fellow and it'll be who will try to flirt with u, u can talk with any one sona, y I'll be feel anything bad about that or u.u r normal human and have full rights to live with ur terms but yes I'm possessive on u, I don't like any one come close to or friend with u some wrong way or flirting with u, and touch her ear lobe slightly by his lips as if he is kissing it but barely touching it.

Where geet is shivering in his arms like wet kitten ,And digging her nails on maan's arm where maan said I have to go to office for some urgent work, u will stay ome, as ur collge is closed today and out side rain is pouring heavily .

Geet quickly looked at out side when maan pull her close and geet feel a thousand voltcurring going through her vein as his taut bare chest is touching her back more now.

Maan said now , stay in home, don't worry and never think m pity on u and don't regret about what u said as u have the rights on relax and enjoy the holiday.kissed her cheeks .

Geet stood rooted and closed her eyes to enjoy the warmth,again her mind clouding with emotions and feeling and want to stay close to her kwuar sa and enjoy his warmth. but soon understand the warmth is missing as maan is wearing his uniform and said sona, gaping at me later now quickly feed me.

Geet's cheek turns full red and she slowly without any eye contact.

Later that day maan suddenly came for some work & lunch and quickly enter his room to found geet is talking with his pic but what is make him froze on his place is, she is wearing only towel as she just came from washroom after taking shower.


Her wet hair loosely hanging on her shoulders and back, her slender creamy legs cover with water drop and her one milky hand loosely resting on her hip and she is saying, what r u dong with me kuwar sa, I feel so cheap, y I want to hug, close to stay u, y I want to feel ur warmth, it's not good, y m behaving like some '..I feel so shame on myself and my feelings what is this, y I'm feelng happy and contend to stay close to u, y y? no one is here to ans me, clear me , my masa send me off from their family, my family almost feel, happy to give me marry, and now I'm feeling this no one is there to ask this, ur one single glmpse make me crazy, make feel thousand volt current running through my spine when u touch me, there is plenty of butterfly roaming in my stomach,

Y, it's happening with me, all cause of u kuwar sa, kuwar sa u r bad, very bad, u doing all this and she is wiping badly now.


Maan confused at first then understand what is her sona's problem and confusion. He quickly close the door and come close to him and called sona.

Geet who is wiping just said kuwar sa now see, for u I'm day dreaming u and hallunicating ur voice.huh, y u will come and clear my confusion but it's not ur fault I can't say it to u also.

Maan slowly hold her bare shoulder when geet feels again that sensation in her. She quickly looked at the hand then turn her face to see and found her kuwar sa is looking at her .

She froze at the place, one side she is almost bare and another side her kwuar sa's look make her leg gelly .

Maan scoop her  when geet try to hide her but  placed her in the bed and said first change and wear something, then I'll asn ur all question.

Geet now got another shocked, she want to asked something but voice stuck in her throat.

She nodded when maan gently pushed her hairs behind her ear and carrassed her cheek and said come to down stair first , m hungry , have to eat something then will talk .

But maan's single touch  make her heart beat fast.

Later both complete their lunch when maan said sona but geet said k 'ku' kuwar sa, I have some work, will talk to u later.plsss.

Maan can understand completely geet is trying to ignore him so he let it be but said one thing always remember, if u desire to come close to me then it's not's good, and I don't have to mention y and sona, u can ask me anything without hesitation freely.


Maan's work taking toll on him as he has to put more time in his office and missing his sona who is one side happy that her shyness don't give her chance or courage to come close to kuwar sa but another side is missing him terribly.


After one week, maan got holday and want to spend time with his sona and along with that they will go out side for two days holiday .

Maan noticed that geet is not in her normal self, her shivering, trembling, stammering r increased day by day any time he was close to her.

In the evening, maan is helping geet in to put dress and when maan find the same towel in that place and maan's thought went to that day when he find his sona in towel, eh closed his eyes to control her desire , passion .

That time Geet called him kuwar sa, kuwar sa.

Maan take a deep breath and said hmm .

Geet:- where we r going?

Maan :- hmm oh a place where only two of us will be there no one will disturb us and more it's close to nature where u will loved it.

Geet nodded but her mind said alone ,only two both of us, now. She closed her eyes and quickly shot a prayer.

Later, Both reached to a place and geet is looking like little doll when maan said how was the place?

Geet smiles and hugged him and said it's beautiful , like heaven.

Here maan smiles and said kissed her cheek when geet shied but maan said u r looking more beautiful sona now.

But geet this time with pounding heart hide herself in him .


suddenly geet feels more shy and try to move when maan hold her and cage her between his body and said sona, y u r running away from me ha , geet nodded no and said oh ,oh kuwar sa.and lowered her eyes when maan said I want to see how u r feeling and looking in Heaven when geet looked at him again but his eyes make her more confuse

Journey start in another way , in JANNAT with Hot & Dashing and handsome and brave Kuwar Sa, Major Maan Singh Khurana and his Sona innocent, beautiful gorgeous Princess Geet Singh Khurana


Confusion to passion to New feeling


here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake



Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Hi all
how r u all

P.S.:- here maan is angry young man but not bad, he is not bad from his heart,
wait and see how man's past will reveal
trust me u will loved this maaneet more
like our geet who is not cry baby a fighter and maaneet will together make u fall for them

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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Awesom update.

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awesome update 
 i was so much waiting for Maan's past but i think have to wait more just hope that Sam will not try to poison Geet mind coz  she is not knowing the whole truth ... Maaneet on holiday thats good they will understand each other better ... cont soon 

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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

Hi all dearies
how r u all

Sorry for not replying each and every one but read each and every comment and ur all view and loved it and enjoy it
I'm glad that all loved the update, maaneet passionate dance.
Maan done brave work but as his guilty and confused feelings  make him stay away from his sona, which cause more confusion ,pain,problem
but some times this things needed to clear about their feeling.
maan is possessive about geet and more will reveal later.
he is best in his duty towards his mother land
Geet know it and admire him more for this
I'm glad that u all loved geet's out burst on maan it's also needed to know her condition.
but as geet is understanding and matured enough to understand his kuwar sa and his inner turmoil , she helped him and healed him 
boht of them r not falling in love or fall for each other but don't realize it fully phase so more passion, romance, tension, confusion, anger, love will be there.

thanks to all of them who likes the last part
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love u lots

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thnxx 4 pm

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