Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee



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hi all
how r u all
I'm very much disappointed and sad to see the decreasing of like from 155 likes to I got 143 and 134 likes from last two updates which I gave back to back
I really don't know the reason
 I seen many want romance
I know romance is very much need and imp part of maaneet and their love story and as I said
it's Passionate & Intense Maaneet love story with many twist and turn and drama, romance, action.
first I think about this story one year ago and I chalked out full story much before and all chapters of this story r ready
sec Maaneet in this FF very strong headed and different personality and once before their marriage never want to marry for different reason and want to tie up or bind in any relationship but they have to marry each other cause of their destiny and family.
third their initial meeting r not so good ,there was some tension between them
fourth maaneet both had different past and very bitter past life
fifth  after some time both maaneet come close and become friends of each other and giving chance to their marriage and relationship . they r trying to spend as much as time with each other , and gradually coming close or might be falling for each other and feeling immense attraction for each other.
Sixth they r falling for each other and in this phase there will be lots of sexual tension, passionate pull and push, fight, roothna ,manana then realization
seventh Maan is angry young man but has golden heart  , he has bad past but his affection , care, respect for geet is immense
Eighth there will be romance sure and is also romance, passaion , intense moments, anger, hatred, twist and turn and drama, action and love of course but for that u have stay tuned in this story and
 but as I said as per story needed but for this romance and  but now
I can see my likes and comments r  decreasing badly 
, don't know y
and may be some of u r loosing interest from this story
I don't know what to say but it's hurting me lots and m really sad Cry
we write for u all and we will always till u all support me and my work
but for that we need inspiration, motivation, from u all
I hope u , all will give ur love, support to me and my work, pls I need it
SORRY If I hurt any one but I have to clear few things
pls do read and comments and pls pressed the liked button
pls express ur view about the update also
how u felt about this update

love rakhi

Thanks for all awesome, beautiful comments loved them all
thanks to all who likes my previous two updates




Pls give me  lots comments and lots of likes
pls give me ur views about this updates and
tell me I need it and pls post little long comments as that then I can know what u likes  and dislikes from this update

Feel free to criticize me
SORRY AGAIN IF I hurt any of u

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Glitter Text

 Bravery & admiring

 Next Part:-


Geet is hyperventilating now when maan kissed her forehead little and just drinking her innocent, gorgeous beauty.

Maan slowly slowly look at her serene face, her heavy breathing,her innocent eyes r closed and her lips, pink lips r inviting him now.

He came closed and kissed her forehead to her eyes and then to her nose and noticed a drops water fall on her lips now and he just gently licked it by his tongue when geet gasped and digged her nails on her palm .

Maan is looking at her face and keep drowning at her beautiful innocence and about bend his face near to her lips where geet feel his hot breath on her lips and she closed her eyes in tight and then she feels his manly lips giving her gentle pecks on her lips.

Geet don't know what to do shall she try to move or stay there, cause her heart is pounding fast and mind is clouded with many things but another way she want to stay in her kuwar sa's arms also.

Maan slowly deepen her kiss and nibbling her lower lips gently and then upper lips then sucking them her both lips where geet is keep moaning in his mouth and unknowingly  increase the passion and sleeping maan again,and then about to enter her mouth  when  there is loud ring of maan's phone broke their moments and maan just stop there and try to realize what happen and what he is doing with his sona ?

Maan just give a glance at geet's face and noticed her fist and misunderstand it but her face is showing another thing .

Maan is not a condition to think anything, he thinks to understand geet first , his feelings, and many things but this is sudden, how he loose contrl and did that, he literally scare her, he went to take shower


Here geet, feels, the heavenly feeling left her, the warmth, the care, the passion is missing now, she quickly opened her eyes but there is no one.

She is breathing in heavy and try to comprehend what happened .it's so quick , she heard the click of washroom door open and want to asked maan something but word is stuck in her mind there, she try to look maan who is already ready fully for his office and went from there almost but at the point of opening the door , he just said will return little have some work, don't worry, take care ,bye and then he give her just quick glace at his sona who want to asked manything but just looked at him expectantly.

Both looked at each other and maan moved from there quickly.


Geet slowly moved from the cupboard , and try to understand all things and gaining her breath slowly , when her eyes fall on mirror and there her lips swellon lips and how it's then , she looked shocked, stunned, surprised then slowly feeling shy and

Then feeling hevenly, she hide her face by her palm, her cheeks r turning red like cherry. She is feeling something and sat in front of mirror and looked at herself from the mirror but there is nothing, it's same as usual like every day then what is different in  her kuwar sa's eyes, y his eyes r like that,

She has so many questions and forgets everything.

After some time, Here servant informed geet , that maan is left without taking his breakfast and geet said it's all her fault if she don't behave like that that then. But y he didn't eat anything .

She the recollect his words as he has some work and will be late and geet murmur and said see Krishna jee, now fullday he will skip his food, what I'll do with him , y he is like that , one side , he is teasing me and and now , Krishna jee pls see na.

Maan is here busy with his work and try to forget morning session , it's little hard but the determination maan has now for his work, for temporarily he forget as it'll only effect him and his work more.

Here, geet tried couple of times to reach him but no success,

At evening, geet is returning from college and keep murmuring, it's her fault , y she was so in dream land forget that her kuwar sa will go for his work.

She entered her home and again try to call when one of maan's junior informed her about maan was out for some work.

Geet frowned and said still he is out side , but he had his work na, but he is no food from the morning.

Later geet is sitting in the living room and waiting for her kuwar sa, yes she is worried also but now she is used to it., but still , she switched on the tv and serfing some channels when her eyes stuck in some news channel  there is her kuwar sa , looking so brave and handsome.but what is those in his face.

There is some new flashing in the bottom

There was huge firing and at the end major khurana and his team succeed to stop the firing and killed all who tried to cause the problem for this innocent city."

Then they moved to political news then some entertainment news here geet is waiting for some more news but there is nothing and she said stupid people all time behind baseless things and never give importance true things.

She is about to switched off the tv when one of the maid came and said ma'm there is huge news about this one local news channel.

Geet hurriedly turn on and there is her hero, her kuwar sa.

There is huge news :-

" there is placed it's deserted home and there is few men with armed were hiding but our force got the news and they cover them and captured, well u all know it's not full news but we can't disclosed full but u can see few clippings of the fighting and how bravely our  force fight with them and  spl mention to MAJOR MAAN SINGH KHURANA leading from the front.

And then there is few clippings how bravely maan and his team faught with them and capture them , most of the enemy r dead and one is injured and capitavted already.

Media want to talk with major khurana but as per protocol no talk now but they congratulate him and he only said thanks and it's our duty and moved from there.

Some said he is arrogant, some said he is like that but truly he is hero .

From XYZ news siging off .

Geet sighed and keep looking at the news , her maid said ma'm u recorded it.

Geet giggled like little teenage kid  then said yes.

Maid smiles at her cute little ma'm but she and every one in the house know how much their ma' m loved and admired her kuwar sa, husband but still didn't realized it.

In their room , geet is keep looking at the video on their room, she is admiring her brave kuwar sa, her trance broke due to loud noise of  her phone and she picked it and see it's her kuwar sa.

She excitingly take it and said CONGRATUALTIONNNSSS kuwar sa , I'm so happy.

Maan just cut her and said I'll be little later and have ur dinner on time and don't wait for me and cut the call.

Geet looking at the phone silently and try to comprehend what happen now.

She gets up and switched off the bedroom TV and said to maid make some roti and curry with vegs.

She went to their room and start her study, after that, she checked everything is prepared or not and waiting for her kuwar sa.

Maan came almost near to mid night and see his sona is waiting for her.

He is slowly went near to her and looked at her face which is defeintely painful .

He instantly know y this forelon look, he gently carrassed her face and said sona.

Geet stirred little then open her droopy eyes and seen her kuwar sa there.

She smiles but soon frowned and get up from there and said I guess u didn't take anything and ur food is there.

Maan looked at her intently then said sona , oh that time.

Geet cut him and said kuwar sa pls , eat something u don't have anything from the morning, empty stomach u were fighting pls eat something.

Maan nodded and smiles and feel good to see his little wifey and her understanding.

He wash his hand and take a seat the noticed geet also making plate and got to know that she is also .

Maan feel his emotions will be chocked; he is emotionless for every one but his sona make.maan want to scold her but can't

Geet take a seat besides him and said I'm sorry I know u might be angry but I can't and when u was empty stomach.

Maan looked at her then said eat ur dinner first ,I'll come after take a shower.

Geet :-but kuwar sa but maan almost gone from there.

Geet wondered what happen with her kuwar sa, just few moments ago he is different and now he is.

She just placed the plate when maan came and take a seat and said have a seat and eat ur dinner and m saying again don't wait for me , I don't have fixed time to come back home , I don't have 10-5 job Geet.

All time geet just looked at him but he is just concentrating on the eating.

Geet: - anything happen kuwar sa.

Maan who is angry on himself just said nothing and abruptly get up from there .

Geet feel tremendous hurt but know may be his work pressure and she went to their room with turmeric milk and said kuwar sa.

Maan closed his eyes and said now what geet? Y u r keep calling me or coming behind me, can't u leave me for once, , what u want now,  

Geet looked fully hurt and shocked , she just said oh I but maan just strommed out from the room. Where geet is still looking at out side .

She sat in the bed and still holding the milk glass and looking at the floor silently.

She quietly went to study room where also maan is no where to seen then to their guest room and found him sleeping in the couch, she quietly placed the glass and said m sorry for invading ur personal space but it's for ur health and just left from there before maan can say anything .

Maan open his eyes and look at the door slightly open, he get up and now see the glass, he know that he is wrong but still he can't .

Maan get up and drink the milk and said I'm sorry sona but I , I really don't know what is happening with me , pls sona. I'm sorry.I don't my feeling, I don't know y m feeling like this y I'm loosing my control, just cause u r my wife m I taking advantage of u no it's not right but m feeling for  u sona, also, don't know what is this?

Maan is feeling sad and confused about this whole thing.

He can't have the guts to go to this room, don't know what is his fear or y he is behaving like that he is utterly confused with himself but now he want to run away from everything .

He is himself confused for his behavior just knows enither he can't stay away from his sona nor he can go close to her.

Later he went to their room and slide besides her, his sona but noticed her cheeks have tears mark.

He want to wipes those tears , never he intend to give her any pain or tears but he is the responsible for's make his heart bleed more.

He carrassed her head, tucked those hair behind her ear and wipes her tear.

Maan hold her hand and try to sleep but that is far behind from him.


Next day

Geet is serving maan breakfast when maan stop her and said geet, my unit arranged a party for our success & u have to attend the party with me.

Geet still not over come with previous incident just nodded meekily.

After maaneet complete their breakfast maan said, I told driver, he will leave u to college and reached at party venue by 6.30 p.m.

Geet nodded which is irked maan more but he also know the reason and said dress code color is white for woman.

Geet nodded yes but said I don't have any cloths in white .

Maan stop in his place then said will bought something when geet try to protest by said its ok .I can but cut by maan who said it's not ok and I'll send the dress also. Now get ready and driver is waiting for u.

Geet slowly went close to maan and held his arms and asked ok but will come for lunch in after noon.

Maan feel shiver through this simple touch and almost jerked her hand and said I'll not, I have lots of work and left from there as fast as he can.

Geet want to skip the college but it'll make her kuwar sa upset, she can't afford to make him sad.

She with sad face went to college and attends few classes and came back also

Soon, whole day her college is busy to praise major khurana and his bravery, her heart fill with pride but she can't express this to any one, how much she want to do something for his kuwar sa but she is so helpless, y, what happen to kuwar sa, y he is avoding her, y he is so rude suddenly, y he is behaving like she is stranger to him, it's hurting her more, they r friends na, then or they were just friends and her kuwar sa felt she is no where near to him and his match.

Geet felt a huge amount of pain on her throat chocking everything and she just gulped down it.

She noticed a beautiful packed with letter on their bedroom and she quickly got it , that her kuwar sa was in home or still is in home, she runs from there to find out but no result .

Geet almost panting for running here and there excitingly and asked sunil , bhaiya jee, did u see kuwar sa in home, or he came home.

Sunil:-yes , ma'm he came and just go back to office few times ago and said something he kept for u in ur room.

Geet's face fell down and she just nodded and left from there.

She enter their room and see the packet is lying on the bed with a note, she feels, tears will fall from her eyes, but still she some how control her tears and took the packet.

She caressed the packet withutmost care and affection then open the note and She read the note

This is small gift for my sona from

Sona's kuwar sa.

Geet hugged the note and break down in loud cry, , she want to hugged her kuwar sa and hide herself in his arms, but he is avoiding her, still he avoid her and just placed the gift and went from here, y, kuwar sa, y, u r doing this? M I burden on u now.or is there someother problem, pls tell me na.


                                              Evening 6.30 Army Ball room:-           

Maan is chatting with some one when some one tapped his shoulder lightly. Maan turned and the sight made him anger, he try to leave the place when that person said hey maan ,congratulation yaar, u done fabulous job, well ur same dare devil yaar.

Maan greeted his teeth and said thanks and again try to move without creatng any scene when that person hold his elbow and said will u not hug me u won or achive such a big success .

Maan turn to give the person ans and when that person almost throw herself to in maan and maan try to pretend her when his eyes falls on an pair of hurt and painful innocent eyes.

He pushed that person and said stay within ur limit captain sameera and moved that way and said geet, it's no when geet said congratulation and thanks for the gift.

Maan feel there is no emotions just plain wish and some pain hidden there.

He hold her hand and said sona when geet said kuwar sa pls, I came here as u said pls.

Geet met few familes of army personell with them she has good rapo in the short span of time.

She try to avoid maan don't know y it's pained to see him with that sameera, when maan confessed everything is it cause of her kuwar sa's avoiding or is it cause of sameera was once linked up with her kuwar sa.

She noticed maan is trying to come there when that sameera again try to talk with him, geet greeted her teeth to see her extra flirting mode with her kuwar sa.

Her trance broke due to one young army man who said hello miss, hi I'm Captain Sharma, I'm new here, actually I feel to do something and joined army and continue his talk .

When Geet smiles faintly and politely said nice to meet u captain sharma but well I'm not miss, I'm when some one came and slides his arms on her waist and said MRS GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

Captain sharma is looking at maan then at geet then at maan's hand protectively holding geet close to him , he noticed that maan's eyes r calm but there is hidden anger also that giving him some message and he weakly smiles and left from there.

Maan turned at geet and said come with me , I'll make u meet my boss.

Where geet almost feeling week infront of maan's possessive hold but enjoying also after long time , she is close to her kuwar sa, but frowning y he was avoding her .

They met maan's boss Brigedier Sen and his wife Mrs Sunanda Sen,

Both r jovial and friendly with geet , they r so impressed with her and her maturity.

Later all men joined in their discussion where woman in their, geet is soon become very friendly with everyone.

Maan noticed his sona  and keep looking at her smiling face but those smiles r not reaching her heart neither her much he want to erase every pain from her but it's he only who gave it to her .

He smiles and taking a sip of his drink and talking with his collgues .

After few times, suddenly maan noticed that young officer again going towards geet and before he can move sameera said well maan, what r u thinking, see the young couple how beautifully matching na,this is called jo but stop to see the deadly glare from maan who warned her, stop ur filthy mouth captain sameera, don't put me in that place where I can forget all rules, and protocol and leave the place.

When sameera evily said well once I want u break those then but for right now geet u r gone and left the place with a smirk.

Maan went to geet and noticed that officer already left the place ,maan asked what that fellow told u ?

Geet starlted then said oh sorry , he said sorry to me actually he was but maan already dragged her in the dance floor and hissed out shhh, not any more word for any one .

Geet try too looked at him and want to say something when she felt his warm hand sliding on her waist to her stomach and halt there and maan pulled her closely and said sona, u know, I don't like when u talked with others but not me.

Geet is feeling conscious then her eardrum heard the music


Kurbaan hua
Teri tishnagi mein yun
Kurbaan hua
Teri aashiqui mein yun

Maan turn her in one swift movement and hold her so tightly and said sona, I know u r angry on me and I did a huge mistake but sona it's not my fault also.

Bekhudi mein
Bekali mein
Bekafi mein hua

Tujhko har dua di

Aur daga bhi
Aur fanaa hua

Geet can understand he is half tipsy and try to say but  maan again turn her and make her dance in his passion and said sorry sona. U know I felt to ripped that fellow when he was talking to u nicely.

Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua ha haaa

Geet's eyes wide and looked at maan then she heard him saying and I was hurt when u r talking with him and smiling at him .

Ada pe
Wafa pe
JAfa Pe

Kurbaan hua

Kurbaan hua aaa aa aa

Maan again make her turn and dipped her little then make her bend again hold her and twirl her fully when geet give him angry glare for this accusation and said it's u who were avoiding me and when u can talk with any one what is the problem with me,

Rubaru Tu Magar
Tanaha hai yeh jahan
Jal uthe Meri kuft se
Saanson ka yeh saamaa O O
Kya hua
Pal mein jane kho gaya kyun
Tu mila
Aur judaimaa hua yun

Maan  scoop her and make a circle then again placed her in the floor and said I was not talking, she was thrown herself on me and

Bekhudi mein

Bekali mein
Bekafi mein hua

Tujhko har dua di

Aur daga bhi
Aur fanaa hua
Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua ha haaa

But geet cut him when maan make her back collided with his taut chest and dipped his head almost in her neck and said I was not interest in any one when u r with me and ur my wife sona.

Ada pe
Wafa pe
JAfa Pe

Kurbaan hua

Kurbaan hua aaa aa aa

Geet closed her eyes and devouring the moment but said wife, for that u were avoiding me , u'u were scolding me, u . her voiced chocked but maan said Sorry.

Maan turn and make her twirl again and both r facing each other when maan again said sorry and I was confused about something.

Geet :- that doesn't mean u can have the point to hurt me.kuwar sa, u know when u r my everything, y u.

Marne ka sabba mangata raha
Dar badar
Mitne ko to dil pal mein razzi hua aaa aaa
Puri hui har arzoo har dastaaan meri
ki Tum suru hue jahan mein khatam hua

Maan bend on his knee and make her circle around him then placed his leg gently where make geet lie fully and said Sorry , give me any punish ment .

Kurbaan hua
Kurbaan hua aaa aa aa

Ada pe
Wafa pe
Jafa Pe

Kurbaan hua

Kurbaan hua aaa aa aa

Maan hold her from her waist and take her in high then make her stand on her feet and when geet said ur junior officer told me sorry for misjudging and  punishment , who ,I'm kuwar sa and I don't have any right to give u anything and freed her self and make his hand move from her waist.

Their huge claps for this newly wed couple who forget themselves in their passion and dance with each other like the world doesn't exist for them. How much they lost in themselves.

Maaneet r feeling extremely shy and embarrassed.Maan is looking at geet like she is most innocent, yet gorgeous angel where geet is feeling shy and her cheeks r all red

Where sameera is fuming anger when her planed back fire her again once.


Both maaneet, reached at home where maan suddenly pull her and said Sona, what is this? From the car and full way and till u r ignoring me y, I'm sorry sona but pls don't ignore me.Sona pls when geet freed her and said m not , m not ignoring u but want to know what is my stand on ur life, who I'm in ur life, u called me sona , u introduced me as ur wife in front of whole world , u told me that we r friend but in real, m not any thing , I'm just. U know how much it pained when u avoid me, , suddenly scolding me rudely say something, when still I don't know my fault. U know how much I'm and was worried for u but , u know kuwar sa how much I'm happy for ur success and want to celebrate with u.but but'.u. u were hungry, empty stomach whole day so I want to just and once u only told me don't eat alone, still I know ur hectic schedule, ur duty r not 10-5 , but I was just waiting as but is that so much offence for u that u'..Kuwar sa it's paining me here and geet showing her heart and said I'm sorry kuwar sa for saying this all as I never want to share this  when I know  my feeling r nothing. Ur ignorance killed me almost kuwar sa. And then she runs from there and left a shocked, hurt, sad, stunned, pained maan behind.

At night , geet is laying on the bed and crying her heart out for everything. She said those things to her kuwar sa and know he will hurt himself more but she also hurt by his ignorance .

Here in gym maan is doing exercise try to erase something and suddenly almost roared

Y it's happening with me, y m hurting him and it's like hurting myself more. Y ?

He falls on his knees and cried first time for hurting his sona so much


But when almost till mid night maan is not in the room, she get up and went to his study room but the room is empty.


She closed her eyes and about to turn when maan hold her and said sorry sona, I'm really sorry I never want to hurt u but but u know when geet tunred and see his disbehbleved look and hair r ruffle almost , eyes r red shot due to drink and anger and pain. And there is some bruise on his hand.

She said wait kuwar sa and come with me,

Maan:- sona I'm sorry, I'm really sorry , pls listen to me sona.

Geet:-kuwar sa ,I'll right now come with me and no more word , if u not listen to me then it'll hurt me more.

Soon maan is obideind kid follow geet , who enter their room and make him sit in the bed when she brng first aid box and water.

After cleaning the wounds from his knuckles and then apply the medicine and then clean his face and wipes it by towel and said have it first.

After giving him painkiller and geet almost runs towards kitchen as all servants r retired to their quarters already.

She bolied milk and mixed with turmeric and then come with it quickly and give it to maan and said now have it also.

Maan:- sona , now atleast listen to me. When geet said Kuwar sa I'll trust me I'll but u need rest also, pls take rest, little.for me ,pls.

Seeing his sona pleading him so much, he quietly lay on the bed when geet slides besides him and said now close ur eyes and try to sleep, we will talk tomorrow,shhh'

Before maan can say anything geet's caring, affection and medicine and tiredness make him fall sleep.

At late night suddenly geet felt something on her waist and some hot air on her neck then she realized his kuwar sa hugging her like want to cage her in his arms and his face close to her neck.

She try to freed herself but can't when maan murmur pls don't go sona, m sorry , pls.

Geet can't have the heart to hurt him now also when she is shivering with the proximity with her kuwar sa.

She smiles and placed her hand on his hand.

Next day , maan wake up from his sleep but feel something shoft very close to her. He smiles and pulls it more and snuggled more close to it.

Geet is getting conscious but her destiny she can't move an inch now.

Where her kuwar sa's grip in his sleep gradually increasing.she sighed and again dose off to sleep.

After couple of hours, good sleep, maan wake up and smiles like after long time he slept a good amount of sleep.

He streached his one hand then turn to see his sona and found her close to him snuggling lillte kid near to him.

He at first shocked then noticed his hand lying securely on her waist.

He smiles this time and  hold her hand and kissed her forehead and said good morning sona..

Geet smiles at her sleep then maan slowly moved from there.

He noticed the bandage on his hand & smiles and feels angry also .

He fresh up here geet is missing the warmth and get up hurriedly to see what happen and found there is no maan.

She looked here and there then heard sound of shower from washroom.

She feels little relaxed and get up and tie up the bed neatly.she remember their last night passionate dance , how maan hold her so close and his finger , she closed her face by her palm and her lips formed in shy smiles.

Maan came out from washroom after wearing his track and noticed geet and her antics, he smirked little.


Later in , that day, geet is sitting in garden and enjoying the view of nature when maan again came and said may I join u.

Geet nodded and said u don't have to tak permission

Maan:-Sona , I know but my behavior took the rights from me. I'm really sorry for my behavior ,I really don't know what happen to me and there r still many unsolved questions r roaming inside me still,

Geet looked at him intently and said kuwar sa pls forget this all now.if u need time for anything then u can but can I ask something from u.

Maan nodded when geet said pls don't stay away from me or don't ignore me like this, it's hurting me more .

Maan feel the apin she went through and cupped her face and said sona,I promised , I will never hurt u like this,

Geet nodded when maan pull her in side hug and entwined her finger with him and said sona, what r those in that CD sona.

Geet got almered then said oh oh and suddenly feeling tremendous shy and hide herself in her kuwar sa fully.

Maan chuckled to see her like this and kissed her hair then cupped her face and said looked at me geet, who is shing tremdously just try to look at him but her cheeks r full red and she is feeling embarrassed and it's like a student caught by her teacher now.

Maan smiles and kissed her cheery cheeks and geet clutched his arms more when maan said will u not congratulate me sona.ur kuwar sa is still waiting for it.

Geet shyly smiles then look at him and said congratulation kuwar sa ,then a moment pause and said I'm proud of u and very happy kuwar sa.

Maan smiles broadly and feel now contend and happy to hear it from her sona.

He hugged her tight and then slowly cupped her face and said u knows sona, now m feeling happy, and can celebrate the joy & success happily.

Geet smiles also happily then said how is ur hand now?

Maan bend and rubbed his nose with her and said fine now, after my sona treat it, it's fine now.

Geet blushed when maan said sona, coming month I have one week holiday, will go with me some where .

Geet nodded yes , maan smiles then said geet,

Geet who is absorbing maan's manly smell after sitting him so near, her nerve is betraying her, she never felt like this but now a days she felt good .

Maan looked at her serene face then asked sona, how is ur college going on?

Geet :- fine and my dreams is coming true and all cause of u kuwar sa.

Maan smiles and said but ur kuwar sa hurting u also na.

Geet nodded no quickly then no , my kuwar sa can never hurt me, then hugged maan and said I know u were irritated and frustrated and ur work pressure but u r hurting urself more than me..

Maan over whemled by her simple gesture and so understanding nature ,he cupped her face and said y u trust me, understanding me so much when I was and m still giving u pain, torture u mentally with me rude behavior.

Geet nodded no and said u r not, I told u na, my kuwar sa was hurting himself more than me and don't say thing cause I really don't know but for me , u r my everything , u happiness, ur smiles r bigger than anything for me ,when u felt sad I felt my whole world will crash down in a moments, kuwar sa never say u r hurting me , u r hurting u and by hurting u , u r hurting me also .

Maan smiles then said I promised , I'll never hurt u sona .Pakka Promised sona.

Geet smiles when maan cupped her face & said always smiles like this ha.

Geet nodded happily but soon noticed maan's eyes change into loving to desire fill then maan slowly bend his head towards her rose like lips and capture them lightly.

Geet eyes wide and found her kuwar sa giving her gentle peck, her whole body shivering due to extreme pleasure and unknown feelings .she cluthed his vest tightly when maan nibbling her lower lips and then bite her lips to make her moan his name and it's like soothing song and making him more crazy also, he enter her mouth and kissing her like sucking and taking every sweet honey from her.He is sucking & kissing her mouth with  pure ecstacy and pleasure .he left her after few moments and then rest his forehead on her and panting hevealy .where geet turned full red and shivering in pleasure and shyness.

Maan whishper teasingly sona, u r too sweet and geet just hugged him tightly and hide

Herself in her kuwar sa completely.when maan also hugged him in back.

Both found there long lost peace after long time.

After their lunch, maan said geet, pls I want to share something with u , about me and my past with sameera.

Geet is looking at him with wide eyes when maan said do u trust me?

Geet nodded when maan said sameera is my EX finace, I'm sharing this all as a wife of mine u have the rights and I trust u , which I never share with any one except masa and dadi sa also some extent .


Water, Fire & Passaion

 Previous Part:-

Living In Jannat With Problem & New Finding Feeling & Passion :-Page47

Next Part  :-Water,Fire & Passion :-Page 83

here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

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pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake



Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept
This is fictional story notheing resembles to any living entity or anything

P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here
P.P.S:- Lyrics of Kurban hua in red


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ist mee first 

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2nd place is also mine . hehehehehehehehhe

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place kaise kisi or ko de du ... Clap

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loved the update... wow loved their dance ...loved maan trying to comfort his sona...

yaar ye captain sameera kyo beech mai tapak padi hai ... hi kuch galat na kar de ...

looking forward for next part

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just come here to say u ... i love u rakhi and love all the ff of yours 

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