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Road To Love & Beyond new thread link added pg152 (Page 33)

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Hi all dearies
how r u all
 thanks to all of u for beautiful comments
loved them all
thanks for loving the previous update
I'm glad that u all loved the previous update and maaneet moments
and maaneet mind condition and pain.
yes both maaneet felt each other pain and both knowingly and unknowingly come close to each other
maan hide about his wound cause he don't want to hurt his sona but hiding it unintentionally and unknowingly he hurt but he also know his way
may be this will lesson for them for their relationship
yes geet's trust won and kuwar sa back to his sona
now they r going to JANNAT for their new life and  more drama ,romance, passion 
I'm glad that u all loved the developing of their relations hip

I'm really happy to read all comment and want to read more, want to read ur view and would love to know more
pls keep commenting and pressed liked button in future also

thanks to all of u who likes the previous part

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Glitter Text

 Duty & Journey To Jannat

Next Part:- 

Maan get up and find geet is arraigning something in the table, he get up and said sona,

Geet tunred and placed everything in the table and said good morning kuwar sa, how r u feeling now?

Maan replied with smiling face good morning sona, m feeling much better now , then he get up for morning routine when geet shouts at his behind, don't take shower now masa said some one will help u.

Maan nodded and headed towards the washroom and here geet said now a days kuwar sa is smiling so , loved to see this,I know the first we met how angry he was even in our wedding day but he has also reason, anyway, let me prepare his morning cloths and clean the bed.


Maan came out side after wiping his face when geet said kuwar sa, here is ur break fast and masa and dadi sa went to Jaysalmir for puja for u and ur well being.

Maan :-hmmm then said and where is ur break fast .

Geet:-I'll , first u have.

Maan:- bring ur break fast first geet, we will eat together.

Geet:-but kuwar sa.pls I can't, pls take ur breakfast.

Maan:- geet, y  what is the problem that u can's take break fast with me.

Geet:-kuwar sa pls try to understand , u need to eat first as u need medicine and don't be so stubborn kuwar sa now.u r not well.

Maan is getting angry don't know y, he just want to eat with his sona who is avoding it  when maan get up and said well , wait for me , let me bring ur break fast ,I'll eat only with u not alone so stop being stubborn u also.

Geet at first startled to hear the intensity and said kuwar sa, I'm not but u r , I'm worried about u and ur health, see how deep those wounds r and u need proper rest and care and medicine and for those high dose medicine u need to eat something .

Maan:-Ok I admit all of this but that doesn't mean u have to stay hungry , not na, so no more argument , let me bring ur breakfast or go out side then let's eat there,

                                  Geet:- no kuwar sa, u will not , as u r not well.

Maan stop at his space and said stop being over reacting geet, m not well m not well, ok m not well but m not disable that u r behaving like that.just once I share my wish as I want to eat with u but it's also my fault  and leave the room .

Geet looks stunned to see this reaction and said kuwar sa,

Few moments later she realized the matter and went to study room with her kuwar sa's break fast.

She came inside after knocking the door several time, but noticed maan is still angry and looking out side.

She know and smiles to see the kid inside her kuwar sa, she placed the tray on the table then went near to kuwar sa and hold his arm and said sorry .

Maan is standing still when geet come in front of him and said kuwar sa , sorry,ur sona is really sorry and hold her ears  and looking like cute kid .

Maan's lips curved in a small smiles when geet said kuwar sa I know and can understand but I'm helpless as I don't want to say or let u know as u will be upsate but the fact is today I'll eat only after evening puja when masa and dadi sa will call from there after their puja, it's for ur well being.I know u might  feel this all but it's our trust , we can't enough thanks to almighty for saving u and send back to us .

With that she lowered her head as tears r made her cheek wet when maan cupped her face and wipes those tears by his thumb and whishper sorry and I know and undertand it but after today u will eat with me whenever I will be in home, and if u not then I'll also and left the sentence unsaid when geet is looking at him innocently but her eyes also speak some unsaid feelings.

Maan pull her in a gentle hug and said ok now come and feed me .

Geet smiles and said ok as she know his hands r perfectly well but this days maan want to eat by his sona only.

Later at the evening after geet's puja, maan bring food and juice and fruit for geet and without any word geet listen to hime and fed by him carefully .

Maan:- sona, when masa and dadisa will return from there.

Geet:-kuwar sa , they will return by tomorrow after noon or evening.

Maan:-ok , now u take rest.

Geet looked surprised then said m fine kuwar sa and I have to make dinner for u,pls.

Maan:-but sona,

Geet:-I'm fine kuwar sa , if I feel not then but u also take rest , full day u r with me going here and there , u need rest.

Maan suddenly hold her by her waist and said don't u like my company ha sona.

Geet startled at first then lowered her eyes lashes and nodded yes cutely.

Maan:- what yes sona.didn't get it.

Geet :-oh.

Maan replied in same tone oh and raised his eye brows

When geet just hugged him & said I

Maan held her chin and said I.

Geet lowered her eyes lashes and said oh I liked ur company and hide her face in his arms.

Both don't know y but want to stay like this forever, they feel contented and peace with each other, they liked each other company, they feel pain for each other and don't know and how and when they coming close with some unknown feeling for them but for every one known.

Next day , masa and dadi sa return and greeted by maaneet, Maan said masa , y both took suhas also with u.

Suha blurted out quickly, I don't want to go but masa but stop to receive a glance from masa and then dadi sa said oh actually suhas at first want to stay here and spend time with her bhai sa and bhabi sa but later we think she will cry and wanna see those places so.

Maan smiles and give suhas side hugs and siad my little guida . so u enjoy there

Suhas:- bahut but missed u and bhabi sa.

Maan smiles.

Later in study room, maan is talking with adi on phone when geet came with his fav black coffee .

Geet placed it and maan said here is ur sis , adi and signaled geet to talk with him .

Geet Happily chatted with adi where maan is sipping the coffee and looking at his sona contently.

Their departure day came and all r sad , suhas is crying and said when me came for holiday bhai sa and bhabi sa r going away from here.

Maaneet r feeling bad and geet pull suhas in her arms and said shhh guddi, if u cry  like this then we can't go na, u know na ur bhai sa is not well fully and needs me so, guddi I have to go with him and ur bhai sa have to join his duty na. and u know ur bhai sa said me that she will bring u in our place soon ,

Suhas hugged her and said know bhabi sa but still will miss u.

This time maan came and hugged him from another side and said we know gudiya.

Masa and dadi sa also felt sad but they used to it now, still they feel sad and upsate but hide it under their tough side.

Maaneet board flight for their new destination after heart wrenching crying with suhas as she can't hide her emotions and cried her heart out , both maaneet felt sad and upsate with this.

They reached at evening JAMMU from there Kashmir by road and at night they will reach there.

On the way maan noticed geet is sad and here he is also feeling sad one side his whole family , they were upsate every time but this time more may be geet was also leaving with him and second his injury.

One day later Kashmir :-

Geet is doing something when maan came and said sona , later u called at home suhas want to talk with u as yesterday she slept early.

Geet :-yes I'll.

Next day maan helped her with the new place and introduce her with every servants .

Geet smiles at them with warm they also feel nice.

Later at the day maan said , m going to join the office will come soon at evening and don't go out side alone , take driver with u and inform me atleast ha,

Geet:-ok then maan said aur ha I'll make u see everything and so u can handle everything on ur own and start to leave the home when turns and cupped geet's one cheek and kissed her forehead and said miss me sona .

Geet surprised but shyly smiles.

Whole day geet try to accommodate with new place  and then called dadi sa and masa .

She almost adjust with new place inside the home but wanna see the out side place but with kuwar sa , who said to stya inside alone going any where unknown place, no , first her kuwar sa will come make her known everything.

Here later geet is sitting near the balcony and enjoying the view and sply remember how suhas excited to talk with her, they chatted almost  one hours, she giggled and think maan said right to suhas chatter box,

She remember how they came here after suhas got upsate along with whole family ,

Flash back :-

Maan self thought no I have to make geet's mind happy and will talk with suhas also, but here after me leaving for work , she will alone then , no I'll make her smiles but how. Hmmm , let me think something.

Maan:- sona,

Geet tunred and said hmmm

Maan pull her little closed when geet placed her head on his shoulder and said kuwar sa,, suhas was so crying, even masa and dadi sa r also sad , I don't like it ,who will give medicine masa and dadi sa timely. Kuwar sa.

Maan placed a kissed on her forehead and said sona, I know and can understand it but sona, u know na my duty and yes I can understand u want to stay there and even me also but my duty and work sona,

Geet:-I know kuwar sa but ti's also wrong that u think I want to stay there without u,I can't stay now any more with u.

Maan stunned to hear the straight forward confession from his sona and smiles then said I'll not also , both smiles.

Soon they reached there new home,Maaneet come out side and geet for the first time feel there snow falling very less but still, she shocked and clutched  his kuwar sa's elbow.

Then noticed there is snow falling and a smiles spread on her lips, when maan mesmeraized the beauty in front of him in the beautiful nature .

Maan is feeling blessed to have geet as her wife, he smiles then said let's go inside other wise we will catch cold.

Geet nodded yes and follow him but said but kuwar sa can we play in or with snow once,pls,

Maan smiles and said ok baba, now come .

There helper is helping them with their luggage and they entered the home and it's so beautiful and like little cottage.

There r two more servant and one cook also.

Maaneet enter their room and maan said geet, it's too late for today and we should have our dinner and rest , tomorrow ,I'll help with this new place and introduce with every one.

Geet nodded yes happily.

Later they informed masa and dadi sa and complete their dinner and retired for that day for sleep.

Flashback end:-

Geet got up and noticed there is beautiful garden but as still there is  snow falling, she can't go now at least, but with kuwar sa she will go.


At the evening , maan came back and found her sona is reading some .

He come close to her ear and whishper Sona , what r  u doing ?

Geet got starlted then make cute pouting baby face and said m reading this article about solar system and how people can saved power by using solar power .

Maan smiles and said good, ok, m coming after taking shower when geet almost shouts KUWAR SA ,wait , first on the geyser then take shower and y u need shower, u know this weather , there is snow out side and u r here

Maan :- shhh sona, I"ll turn on the geyser then will take shower ok, now don't worry and make a coffee for me sona.

Geet :-ok .

At night , maan give a prospectus and a phone to geet and said phone is for her need and prospectus is for her admission in college , choose the subject and course according to her wish.

Geet happily agreed but asked , y I need phone kuwar sa

Maan:- sona u need u will go out side soon and then for any time u wanna call me, or home then.

Geet nodded.

Maan:- sona  as u know now adi and meera and every one transferred difference place so they said to u , that they will come in holiday and told u that they will be in touch via , mail and phone.I know this sad but this is our duty some times we met some times we have to stay different place but soon u will meet them.

Geet look sad but said I can understand kuwar sa.

Maan's units member came and said they r here to give him their full support and service when maan said not me give ur full support and service towards ur duty.

They nodded and said ha sir now we r all here with u for our duty,

They impressed by maan's discipline and the way of work.

They start to admire his work, maan do his work with determination and discipline along with that his missed up with every one easily, time to time playing with his colleagues and subordinates.

One day like maan found his sona is enjoying Snow falling and he slowly engulfed her in his arms and whisper what r doing here sona?

Geet shivered with the intensity of the voice and feel goose bump all over her body not for the snow falling but for her kuwar sa , she shyly smiles .

Geet smiles and turned and hugged him and said with smiling face ,thankuuu kuwar sa, I never imagined to feel or see snow falling from my own eyes. I always heard about it or read about it but,

Maan smiles and hugged her back and said sona will take a place where u will see more beautiful thing.

Geet shied and smiles slowly and said with u every place is beautiful.

Maan naughtily said accha sona.

Geet giggled and hide herself in him.

Next few days, r hectic for both of them where maan is busy with his work but still giving his time to his sona, geet is slowly slowly adjust with new place and every calling their home and chatted with suhas long time.her admission also  happen smoothly and she is so happy to pursue her dream again and spl thanks to her kuwar sa who always stood besides her with her dream. It's completely new place along with that she heard no adi and meera or any one as they got transferred in different place but they assured her to come in holiday and will be in touch with her in phone and emails.

Then, that was a day,after geet complete her study , is waiting for her kuwar sa but soon heard a news there in TV that there is huge blast on some XYZ road and there is some casualties and  one military personell might be dead.

Geet got alemred and she quickly tried maan's phone and it's said not reachable, she feared, she try to called his one of the collgue but no response.

Geet is keep praying to her Krishna bhagwan and said pls save my kwuar sa , I'll die with out him, pls save him.

After almost 6hours , maan came and looking eshausted when he noticed his sona is cryng and keep chanting something near the living room and holding his picture near the heart.

Maan said sona , along with geet all servants r also wake and looking at the door and geet is feeling like dreams do come true , her kuwar sa is fine. She placed the pic and runs towards maan and hugged him tight and said kuwar sa .

Maan hugged her back and said sona what happen?

Geet with shaky voice asked y u r late, y u didn't pick my phone, y , y kuwar sa, r u fine, tell me na na'..

Maan cupped her face and said m fine, I'm late cause there is some mis hap happen and We had to go there sona,

Geet with shaky voice said I know and seen it in news and again hugged him tightly, as if try to fill him more and his warmth.

Maan looked at all servants and indicate them to leave them alone and scoop geet in his arms where she placed her head on his chest and clutch him tightly.



Living in Jannat with Problm and new finding feeling and Passion

 Previous part:-

Piya Is Back:- Page13

Next Part:-
Living In Jannat With Problem & New Finding Feeling & Passaion :-Page47

here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake



 Flash back in red color and italic front

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here
Note :-
I know all r waiting for maaneet's romance,
sad and upsate with this update
I can easily add them now but that will be not go with the update so I opted that from this part but as I said in precap
and from now romance will start along with passionate romance
I know many of u sad and upsate over this update
but here in this update maaneet just came to this new place have to adjust  so I give little romance but from the next part will be more according to FF's need
 the r newly falling for each other , how they both don't want to marry and suddenly married and slowly they came close now new place so
give me time will give u romance but as the need of update
and the precap posted in page 26 will be continue now with romance and passion as they r in JANNAT now

P.S :- ok as u all want and waiting so long for romance  so if u give me more comments and likes then will post next part Wednesday day morning or tomorrow evening

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Hi all
how r u all

Road To Love & Beyond pt 10 pg33 ,dt 02.07

Duty  & Journey To Jannat :-Page33
pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button
all of ur  comments and likes pls pls it's inspired me to write more well

P.S.:- here maan is angry young man but not bad, he is not bad from his heart,
wait and see how man's past will reveal
trust me u will loved this maaneet more
like our geet who is not cry baby a fighter and maaneet will together make u fall for them

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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ohhh di waiting ...for update ... when will the update will be ...what time di per USA TIME ...

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Originally posted by madhavipatil

ohhh di waiting ...for update ... when will the update will be ...what time di per USA TIME ...

within 1hr dear as m just editing pics here
will then post the ud

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Waiting Rakhi...plz update  Day Dreaming

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baas 20min ho gaya sab

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DI WAIT 

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