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Road To Love & Beyond new thread link added pg152 (Page 13)

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Hi all dearies
how r u all
 thanks to all of u for beautiful comments
loved them all
thanks for loving the previous update
this time will reply each of them in previous thread and I'm really so so happy to read all of ur comments
maaneet view , their condition , their longing, maan's family dadi sa, masa and suhas everything u loved
I'll reply each and every one on previous thread but first I want to post the next part as this time m little late

I"m really happy to read all comment and want to read more, want to read ur view and would love to know more
pls keep commenting and pressed liked button in future also

thanks to all of u who likes the previous part



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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Glitter Text



Next Part:-

From other end no sound but soon geet exclaimed in joy ,Kuwar sa.

This time from other end , he smiles and said Sona.

Geet smiles and tears fall from her eyes but it's happy tears for her kuwar sa's safety .

Maan:- sona,pls don't cry  ,pls sona , it's hurting me more .

Geet:-I'm not crying, I promised u na kuwar sa,, it's just happy tears,

Maan smiles at his innocent wifey  then said accha .

Geet nodded as if her nodding seen by her kuwar sa.

Maan smiles then said Sona there  is news for u.

Geet:- aap areeh ho na .kab aarehe ho ?(u r coming na , when u r coming)

Maan smiles then with plain voice said oh sona actually ,

Geet with sad and longing face said u will not come na kuwar sa.

For a moment maan felt his heart will stop but try to break the real news but before that geet said it's ok. I can completely understand it , ur duty is important , no problem baas, take care kuwar sa and if possible call some times here .

Maan want to hugged her, hide her in his arms, and then said sona.

Geet softly said ha kuwar sa, wanna talk with masa , dadi sa  or suhas .

Maan :-I'll talk with them sona but now I want to hear u.

Geet paused then said hmmm.

Maan:- sona, accha ok the news is ur kuwar sa is coming back .

Geet heard it and just said hmm then paused then understand, realized and said what u r coming back but but'..u'..u said that u

Maan chuckled and said what , I didn't say anything it's u assume sona.

Geet pouted her lips then said with little anger I was hell scared and, fear about u and ur safety ,I was and m still missing u, want to see u and u. I'll not talk to u, never, u r bad and suddenly cut the call.

Here, maan got shocked to hear this from his sona, he just want to tease her but, he never intend to hurt her, yes he was and is missing her so he want to make her feel easy but he want to just take her all pain, he know she will be miss him but her this reaction, may be it's small or over but he know the pain with those words and there is so much unsaid things.


Here, Geet thumped in the bed and said y kuwar sa u r teasing me , I'm missing u, feared about .but he is only teasing me, yes, y I reacted like this, it's not good, no I shouldn't but what to do, when I was and am missing kuwar sa,but y I reacted like that,I will talk to u, pls call me na.

Suddenly ,Phone of their room ring and geet picked it at once and said kuwar sa ,

Maan smiles and said sona.

Both smiles and said I'm sorry .

Both again smiles then said together again it's ok.

Maan:-sona , let's forget it. Accha suno,I'm coming back.

After hearing this geet gave no response when maan said sona , she just said aap sach mein wapas aarehe ho.( R u coming in real Kuwar sa)

Maan closed his eyes in pain as he can understand the pain geet is going through still try to put the brave face in front of every one.

Maan sighed and said sona, I'm coming in real.

Geet smiles and try to say something but couldn't , she is so happy that her kuwar sa is coming back, after few mins paused , she said ur sona will wait for u .

Maan:- sona, u r angry on me.

Geet nodded no again then said slowly no .oh m sorry for my reaction that time ,I .I.

Maan:- sona I can understand but trust me sona I just want to feel u easy so I try to pull ur leg but never intend to hurt u.

Geet:- I know.

Maan:- accha let's forget all and give me a smile sona.

Geet innocently asked how u will see my smile.

Maan bewildered again by her innocent question then said well, I'll , ,I can see ur smiles whenever I want.

Geet shied and said kuwar sa and her lips curved little when maan said sona little bit more.

Geet smiles more.

2days Later geet is getting ready after her shower when she keep remembering the phone conversation and today is the day when her kuwar sa is coming back.

She felt last two days was long like an era , how much she wants to see her kuwar sa now , how she wants her kuwar sa would come but .

Her chain of thought broke by suhas who said bhabi sa , where r u?

Geet:-I'm here suhas.

Suhas:-Bhabi sa , oh we got to know that bhai sa is coming back in after noon.

Geet smiles and said thanks suhas.

Suhas hugs her bhabi sa and said thanks to u bhabi sa , it's u and ur trust which won and today our bhai is coming back , it's all cause of ur trust, and love to GOD and our bhai sa.

Geet smiles and hugged her back.

Full day geet is busy to make maan's her kuwar sa's fav dish ,

Dadi sa at first try to say , servant r there but soon understand the inner feeling of geet's their bahu rani's for their kuwar sa's so dadi sa let her do it.

Later geet fresh up and is waiting for her kuwar sa with every one  in the hall room.

After couple of hours , there is one servant came and informed them maan's car entered the ground premises .

All r looking happy , then Dadi Sa order for arti thali and geet, come with me and and take arti of ur kuwar sa .

Then the longing and most waited moment come in their life, their Maan, Their Kuwar sa is back.

They seen him after long time, all r smiling but there is tears also in their eyes, , tears of pain to see him injured, tears of longing , tears of relief, tears of happiness .

Masa:- go bahu rani.

Geet slowly took step towards maan but her face showing lots of emotions.

Maan's eyes also noticed it. He noticed  her expression is mixture , he know what kind of tension she face.

Geet taking her kuwar sa's arti slowly and along with taking this moment in her heart mind like forever, she is keep looking at his eyes and try to convey some massage .Geet putting a tilak on maan's forehead then give the arti thali to masa and said masa but her voice chocked with unsaid emotions for every one but for maan he understand his sona's inner turmoil .

After the welcome , dadi sa, said , maan beta, go to ur room, and we will meet there , as u need lots of rest also for ur wounds when suhas gasped and said bhai and hugged him tightly .

Maan hugged her back , patted her head lovingly and said I'm fine gudiya .I'm fine.

Later maan settled in the room after little fresh up but his eyes r searching for his sona who is little busy with maan's medicine and necessary things .

Maan :- sona, what r u doing , come here na,

Geet trembled little as she is control her tears and said oh oh I'm  coming kuwar sa, baas iye medicine , just one min then turn and said have it kuwar sa.

Maan:- sona.I but geet cut him and said have it na.ur woun' woun'wounds needs  to heal fa fa fast na'..

Maan noticed her stammering and said sona, m fine now when Geet turned and looked at him painfully  then left from there without saying anything.

Maan got confused and murmur now what happen to her ?

Later geet came with food for maan and said kuwar sa ur food when maan said Wanna talk with u sona, where r u from past couple of hours ,

Geet take a sit besides her kuwar sa and said oh I'm making  food for u.

Maan smiles and said accha, oh ok then  feed me.

Geet gasped and looking at maan wide and said whattt

Maan chuckled and said kyuon , what is the problem , see m ill na .

Geet pouted then said hmmm.

Geet slowly slowly feeding maan and said kuwar sa, is it fine na. not so spicy na

Maan:- sona , it's perfect  when geet just said ok but maan clearly noticed the hesitation on geet.

Maan held her wrist then said what happen sona?

Geet gulped the clot of tears in her throat some how and said oh oh 'I' nothing , it'.

Maan:- sona, looked at me and tell what is bothering u,

Geet nodded no when maan said so u will not listen to ur kuwar sa  ha.

Geet quickly said no , oh, pls have it, I'll   and  it's nothing like , I mean nothing bothering me.

Maan:-I know my sona more than urself and u r disturb, stammering continuously, sona , m worried what happen.

Geet almost chocked and said I'.I was ,I'm worried , I don't know but I feel hurt to see u like this. It's hurting me and and'..

Geet get up from the  bed and went to near window and said kuwar sa I'.I'm sorry but I know it's ur duty but it's also paining me ,I'.

Maan come close to her and hold shoulder and said sona.

Geet with great difficulty said Kuwar sa, I'm sorry I know but maan cut her and turned her and pulled her in his arms and said cry sona, cry, ro lo, jitna chahe ro lo, how much u want cry sona, cry.

Geet at first startled then just hugged her kuwar sa back and cried there when maan continuously rubbing her back to sooth her pain.

After some times when geet's cry stop , maan said sona ,

Geet:-I. *Sob *Sob I fear *Sob to loose u. *Sob

I fear, *Sob I know one *Sob side my heart said u r fine, alright but*Sob

 Another *Sob side giving me constant *Sob fear.I thought u will. But Kuwar sa I was not cry .. *Sob I promised u *Sob na trust *Sob me .but I missed u '.I can't *Sob see u in pain, those *Sob days was *Sob hell for me, and those *Sob 7days when *Sob u didn't call.I *Sob know u have *Sob ur work, ur duty & *Sob I can understand *Sob it but my heart cried to *Sob hear just once *Sob ur voice, when u *Sob called and said sona .I feel my *Sob heaven back to me, kuwar *Sob sa pls don't do it *Sob  again. I'll and again hide her face in his chest.

Later maan cupped her face and said sona, I can understand, I tried to come abck on time but something sometimes was not in our hand .

Geet:I know *Sob but my heart *Sob

Maan smiles and kissed her forehead u trust me na when geet nodded like cute child and maan said then remember I'll not leave u wherever I have to go but will come back to u surely sona.

Geet smiles little when maan pulled her for another hug when geet later asked appko jada lagi toh nehi (u don't have too much wounds na)

Maan gulped his saliva and said oh no geet, accha tell me, how is ur meeting with suhas and u know every one r missing u and this time we will go some where u will love the place, it's dream place, Jannat.

Geet heard everything maan said but then think u r hiding something from me but what it's kuwar sa,y ur hiding something from me.Y?

But soon got divert when maan said huskily wanna come with me in "JANNAT" Sona.

Geet shied then nodded yes and think with u anywhere is my "Jannat" kuwar sa and hugged him again.

Both missed each other, longed for each other, craved for each other sath, and after long time , after tension fill,sepration they got each other, there was so many things they want to say and at first thye hesitate but when there is affection, longing , care, understanding and may be love for each other there is way also and slowly kuwar sa made easy his sona and both talked and feel now light more.

Later at night after giving medicine to dadi sa, geet coming towards her room when she heard her mother in law scolding her kuwar sa.

Geet come slowly when her mother in law said see geet, see what he was hiding from us, see his wound and tell me ,I'm just fed up, he think he is grown up so he can do anything .

Geet is looking at maan's back, shoulder which has many wounds and tears cluded in her eyes , she  said  masa shall we call doctor .

Masa:-yes ,I called him, he will come any moments then said stay here m coming and yes bahu rani, don't say anything masa I mean ur dadi sa cause this boy is and give a disappointed glare at maan who is standing like little kid who caught by his teacher .

After masa left from there maan said sona.

But Geet ignored her and just some how control her pain tears.

Later doctor checked those wounds and prescribed medicines and some strict instruction.

Later geet again cleaned those wounds with hot water and cotton ball when maan try to say something but she kept ignored and then applied medicine and said take this if u feel pain and here is the turmeric milk for u and have it.

She get up when maan held her hand and said sona , pls listen to me once.

Geet:-I have to change my dress, pls, excuse me.

Maan sighed and freed her but his eyes keep looking at her painful expression.

He knows , she was hurt and more she is in pain to see him injured , wounded like that.

He need to talk to her , make her understand, that he didn't want to hide it or hurt her but it's just he didn't want to make worry but unknowingly he hurt her again.

After geet coming back maan said sona.

Geet:- aap abhi tak soye nehi but then checked and said do u need anything .

Maan :-yes I want my sona back, smiling sona, not like that.

Geet smiles at her faintly and said u want me back after then turn when maan this time pull her forcefully and said SONA, looked at me, without listening my side , y u r avoiding me.


Geet turned her face when maan hold her chin and said itna gussa ha,

but geet try to free herself when maan said ok sona I agree that, I make a mistake as I hide about my injury but sona I don't want to make u sad and our doctor said after checking my wound that it's not so deep and they will heal with time.I was just '

when geet said who I'm in ur life kuwar sa, u said I'm ur wife, I'm ur friend , and u hide it then It's hurt me kuwar sa I told u,I can't see u in pain and this wounds .Kuwar sa , it's hurting me more .if we r friend then we should share everything, u canmake me confess my fear, make me feel easy but u can't share ur pain , ur  , y kuwar sa, m I not equal or m I not mature enough to understand ur  apin or problem , or do u think I'm incapable to '.


but this maan pulled her and said shhh, u r just perfect sona, just perfect and cupped her face and said it's me who think not to make u worry, sona, nothing more, trust me sona, I'm also feeling hurt when u avoid me , didn't talk with me properly .I maan left her and turn and said kya mere chupana itna bara tha ke tum mujhe se thik se baat nehi karoge GEET ,

Geet hold his arm and make her sit in the bed and said no but .I wants u to share ur pain also with me. And I'm not angry,I was just sad and hurt to see u in pain,I'm sorry .

Maan:- sona y u r saying sorry, it's I.

Geet cover his mouth her palm and said pls forget it, I can understand u just don't' want to see me worry ha, now , take rest, it's ok but next time don't hide anything.

Maan kissed her palm slightly when geet shiver and inaudiable moaned escaped from her lips where her eyes lowered in shy and maan said ok.


Duty & Journey To Jannat

Previous Part:-

Duriyan Hain Jaruri :-Page147

 Next Part:-

Duty  & Journey To Jannat :-Page33

here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake



Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Hi all
how r u all

Road To Love & Beyond thread  2pt 9 pg13 dt 25.06

Piya Is Back:- Page13
pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button
all of ur  comments and likes pls pls it's inspired me to write more well

P.S.:- here maan is angry young man but not bad, he is not bad from his heart,
wait and see how man's past will reveal
trust me u will loved this maaneet more
like our geet who is not cry baby a fighter and maaneet will together make u fall for them

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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thank u thank u so much di for updating this one...
and yeah me first one...
wow, di... awesome update...
full of care, emotional, concern, fake anger, everything was there and little romance too...Wink
maan was teasing her but she became emotional and then became anger...
oopss... little wify angry angry,,, but it was awesome seeing her fake anger...
he was injured and hide it from geet that too because he didn't want bother her...
but she found about his health... and became angry again...
i am loving this cute little wify of maan...
di, pls jaldi update dena...
i loved this so much...
di, do 1 thing, pls use large fonts in ur update... pls...
read karne me thoda problem hota hai...
pls continue soon...
love you di...

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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nice part
geets trust won
maan is back 2 his sona
n geets pain was so visible 2 him
again outing ..n now 2 jannat
waiting for their moments..

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Makpie Goldie

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Wow,just awesome. Emotion,care so touching.

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superb update geet angry and hurt to see maan in pain but maan ne mana hi liya apni shona ko

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