Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee



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Originally posted by bhanu_rekhag

I am loving this n looking forward for update ...

thanks dear
yes will update withing few minsBig smile

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Hi all dearies
how r u all
Sorry for not replying each and every one but read each and every comment and ur all view and loved it and enjoy it
I'm glad that all loved the update,
I'm glad that u all loved maaneet's moments,maan's understanding ,geet's out burst geet's insecurity, possessiveness and
 geet's our burst ,it's very much needed
maan know his sona more than anything may be more than geet , herself know her .
about maan's past with sameera will reveal slowly slowly , there is many twist and in one go it'll not complete
maaneet's holiday for their understand, realization, discovering each other more
Maan was in dilemma about his own feelings as he already hurt by the name of love
and he wants some time to clear it
where geet is more confuse as this is all new for her, her past, her childhood m anythings r not allowed her to think and understand this all and more adding her age she is only 18yrs and her insecurity .
Geet trust her kuwar sa more but her insecurity, jealousy r also coming,
as sameera once something on maan's her kuwar sa's life.
she will realize and understand her feeling
 it'll take little time to her realize all but not much
they need to communicate more but the time is not giving them as one side maan's busy schedule but they will find a way for this also
about maan is taking slowly as he knows how much innocent , naive is his sona,
she needs time once she understand, realize all then all will more perfect
but for that her kuwar sa will help her.
they r soul mate, , they r there for each others help
husband wife relationship has many turns and many side here both will knowingly , unknowingly discover those things
Maan will confess about his feeling soon once he got sure more about it
maan is 30yrs old so some times, he treat him like a kid, sona, some times, like his true partner, soul mate, his wife,
soon this age barrier will be wiped out
Geet will understand her feeling, inner turmoil, dilemma soon, her confusion will be clear also
her kuwar sa is there but how and when for that stay tune
to read more and more drama, romance, passion , actions r coming with kuwar sa and his sona

Road To Love & Beyond

Thanks to all of u who likes the update


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Glitter Text

Next Part:-

Confusion to passion to New feeling


Journey start in another way , in JANNAT with Hot & Dashing and handsome and brave Kuwar Sa, Major Maan Singh Khurana and his Sona innocent, beautiful gorgeous Princess Geet Singh Khurana

Both entered the the house boat when owner of house said shahab jee , thank u, this is the key and now coming days, it's urs only, enjoy and shahab jee if u need anything then just call him, a young boy name Imran.

Maan smiles and nodded positively when the owner of house boat again said thank sir for keeping this "JANNAT" out of danger, we r really grateful of u.

Maan smiles and said this is "Jannat" and it's my land , my mother land also .

They smiles when geet only admire her kuwar sa more but soon looked away when maan turn at her but stealing glances of her kuwar sa from the corner of her eyes.


Geet entered the house boat and it's like same almost another home. She said it's so beautiful, looking like another home.

Maan smiles and whisper r u happy ?

Geet shiver then nodded yes but again maan pull her and said but ur voice and face not showing that, where is my old sona who said this happily  when we came here , in Kashmir first time .

Geet lowered her head in shyness then said oh oh and slightly hugged him and said m really happy, oh I'm just.

Maan cupped her face and said sona, u r shy from ur kuwar sa, ha.

Geet again smiles and hugged him tight.

Maan :- sona, see there is kitchen but don't try to cook and hold her shoulder and said now u will eat from my hand and food made by me.

Geet is gaping at him and said do u know how to cook?

Maan:-yes ma'm I know how to cook and u will enjoy it .

Geet giggled then said u r all rounder and smiles and runs from there.

That day house boat owner invite them in their house which is situated near and maan agreed only cause of geet, his sona, who want to went there.

That day both r tired so dose off to sleep to early.

Next day , geet want to prepare break fast but her kuwar sa say no, as he will prepare, she is cribbing for that,, she entered the room and received a call from suhas as she went back to her hostel again.

When geet heard the door of washroom open and she turned to say something but froze there suddenly.

She clutched the phone tightly and gaping at her kuwar sa who is only wearing jeans and full bare upper portion, just hanging a towel from there.

He rubbing his hair to wipes all water but it's make him more desirable.

How much she want to caressed his back, soon she realized what she is thinking and she closed her mouth to  think like this.


Maan shakes his hands and push all hair when few drops fall on his back and geet gasped loudly almost ,and Phone falls from her hand which makes maan turn to see and found his sona is trembling,and just looking here and there.

He went near to her but she was taking two step backward.he chuckled , picked up the phone and then continue his approach and finally hold her hand and said sona, who called this time?

Geet who is trance just said u,

Maan raised his eye brow and said me?

Geet nodded no then yes

When Maan hold her waist firmly and squeezed it little and said yes, no what sona.

Geet closed her eyes and try to think something as her kuwar sa is creating havoc on her , his manly scent, his this dead hot look, oh no what she is thinking, she try to move but his bare chest and slowly he is coming close and then lean forward little and said , m going to prepare break fast after that we will go some where.

Geet nodded in trance and feel his lips on her cheek then her ear  them moved suddenly.

She opened her eyes in jerked and found maan is wearing his shirt.

She is still in trance and don't like this distance and want more  and move towards her kuwar sa when maan turned and almost collided with his sona.

When maan hold her and said sona,

Geet looked at him and pushed him and runs from there.

Maan  stand there confused what happen with sona now, what is wrong with her, one time she is happy, another time she is looking at him with some emotions and the next moment she is sad and pushing him.

He wants to talk with her now.

They ate break fast silently when maan is keenly observing his sona, they went near to dal lake and enjoyed there well.

Maan noticed geet again changed and happily enjoying everything.

He thinks may be her mood, as this young age, it happen.




At night they return when maan said sona change the dress and come with shawl .

Geet nodded and after some time she came out side with shawl for her and his kuwar sa .

Maan is only wearing a vest and track and geet seen it and murmur see,how he only wore vest , y he thinks he is always hero ,uff, who will make him understand here is weather is too cold, he need to cover him na , showing his muscles, Krishna jee see it.

Geet come and poke his shoulder when maan looked at him and said what happen sona, aww, u came with two shawls why?

Geet give him one shawl and said kuwar sa we r two so we need two shawl , hain na.

Maan gently take another shawl from her and placed it side table then pull her and make her sit in his lap and then wrapped the shawl together and said now see, and we r not two, we one and so for this one shawl and now see in front of sona, the moon and the beautiful river .

But geet who forget to see the beautiful scenery in front of her , she is just feeling current going through her vein and she is literally shivering when maan see it but he with smirk said what happen sona, r u feeling cold , let me make u feel warm and hugged her from behind when geet closed her eyes and just whisper kuwar sa.

Maan:- sona, shhh, just feel the nature and time and forget everything, see , what a beautiful scene there.

Geet looked at that side but her mind clouded when maan said sona, u know how beautiful it's showing when the moon's reflection fall on the river, it's like that me also, my life is like this river alone m going on with my life sona, after being betrayed, after being shattered, after being, almost staying alone between a crowded place. Then u came to my life and give ur lights and make my life again bright, my life happy, make life color ful with u and ur bright nature sona.

Geet with wide eyes looking at him when maan looked at her doe shaped eyes which already stole his heart, mind soul and now he just give there butter fly kiss when geet moaned kuwar sa.

Maan smiles and said u know y I was talking about sameera.

But maan felt his sona became stiff when he mentioned about sameera, he don't want but he have to  , he slowly caressed her arms and said sona, I know u don't want to hear her name from my lips.

Where geet nodded innocently and said then y u r taking her name.I don't want to hear anything about but soon she gasped as maan pull her and said in stern voice, geet, can't u once hear me completely,

Geet sat there silently but looking away from him when maan said sona, see u know how I'm ,I don't have immense patience and very much short temper but sona,listen to me,I don't want some one else saying something and u feel bad, I want to clear something sona for our marriage and our relationship.if u still don't want to hear then ok.

Maan loose his grip as he is frustrated as the fact that how much he is trying to make her understand, how much he is trying to keep himself calm but she is now,

Geet don't like it and looked at maan and slowly holds his hand called him kuwar sa.

Maan melt in an instant to hear her soft musical voice but the next moments he got a sweet surprise from his sona when she cupped his face and said I'll hear everything,I know u don't have any feeling for her, u feel angry whenever she came in front of u, and I reacted over but my heart don't want to hear any one's name I mean any woman's name from u , no no kuwar sa it's not mean that I don't trust u, I trust u but it's happening ,I really don't know y.

Maan is understanding what is this and kissed her nose and said teasingly with a smirk ok , sona, m not taking any one's name neither other women's name , other wise my sona will be angry and pinch her nose.

When geet just twist her lips cutely.

Maan smiles and said sona, I'll not spend our time on her but only say few things slowly slowly, as she was my fiance but it's merely infatuation, at that tender age when I was impressed on her fake thing, but soon After our engagement I came to know about her true color, her real intention.That time I felt disgusted to feel for her once even that was infatuation, but she is no less, she start to blackmail me by showing.

Geet looked at him still innocently when maan stop few moments as don't know how to say but he has to , as he feared that may be sameera will break this in front of his innocent sona brutally.


Geet shook him and said kuwar sa , say that chudail blackmailed u, chi,

Maan:-well if it's my fault, well if it's me who give this to her.


Geet:-kuwar sa, what r u saying when maan looked at her and said w….we…. shared few close moments and she told me that she would inform masa and dadi sa and she have some prove about our moments that will kill and destroy our reputation and if I want to save my family honor , reputation then I have to marry her .I was simply clueless what was all that .that time I don't know that she don't have any prove or anything but  my mind , I was young once fall on her trap and she used it very well, she used our moments as her trump card to destroy us, to marry me so she can get pawn.



but maan again felt geet is looking at him blankly but her eyes showing immense pain and this time maan miss took it and whisper a sorry and freed geet and get up from there.


He enter the house boat and standing near the window and cursing himself for hurting his sona by saying this but he is afaired of sameera's action, he is strong now and know how is sameera but what about his innocent sona,


But maan is forgetting that his sona is mature and understanding and sensible also.

Suddenly maan feel a pair of soft slender arms hugging him from waist and said I'm sorry kuwar sa and cried there.

Where maan is completely confused about her sorry, he can understand y she is crying but now hugging him but soon he got another shocked when geet said how could she stoop so low and try to blackmail u, how could a woman do that,

Maan :- sona but geet said u don't need to say anything she is b*****, chi, , she , kuwar sa I'm sorry for me u were again bearing all this nonsense , forget this all.

Maan turned and cupped her face & asked , don't u feel sad, or hurt.

Geet:-Kuwar sa y I'll be when she trapped u by her charm, I know it's just passing emotion but u r mine only mine and hugged him.

Maan is completely shocked by this claim by his sona.

He hugged her tightly.



Maan:-Sona, u r really an angel who came to my life for my happy and bring all color here.then cupped her soft, and small face in his large palm and said And never think that any one was in my life before cause that was illusion , we shared close moments but never went to far,trust me.I'm urs only and U r mine .when geet is shivering in pleasure first time and his each and every word and the claims her kuwar sa showing and then maan bend and capture her soft rose petals like lips with his manly rough lips and kissing her nibbling her lower lips passionately and showing how much he is urs,

Where his two hand went on her slender waist and pulling her close to him .

Geet at first stunned to see and feel this claim but she is also drowning by his passion and lost there and try to response him as well .


Her hands automatically went to his nape and all like natural gesture her soft palm massaging his nape when maan bit her lips and geet moaned kuwar sa  and it makes maan crazy and in his passion he enter her mouth and kissing her fully,sucking every sweet nectar of her mouth.


When geet is feeling drowsy due to his passion , her nails is digging on his scalps .

After some time , maan left her lips ,and rest his forehead with her and looked at her drowsy face.


He knows, she is too naive and couldn't take his passion , he smiles and kissed her forehead gently then Maan scoops her in his arms without breaking their passionate kiss.Maan slowly placed her in the bed and come close to her slowly.

Maan slowly slowly come to her face again to kiss her face. He is kissing her face, filling her with his "LOVE" , yes "LOVE"

Major Khurana, is in love now.


He is kissing her eyes, nose, cheek, gradually going down and then he kissed her chin and corner of lips when her nails r digging his scalp and moaning in pleasure.

He bend more and kissed her throat.


When geet moaned his name for the first time Maan, maan stopped at his placed and looked at her face which is still close but her lips formed in a slight shy smiles and her cheeks r cover with hue of cherry.


Maan smiles and rubbed his nose with her and said sona, say again na.

Geet suddenly opened her eyes but her shyness cover her fully and she hugged maan tightly as if trying to hide herself in him.


Maan chuckled to see her and hugged her back .He kissed her head when his hand open her kurti's dori and her hand clutching him tightly.


He caressed her back little sensuously, he can't went further hurriedly as it'll scare his sona also, as she is so naive, innocent to understand all this.

His hand move towards his sleeve and slowly he slide them from her shoulder when geet clinged into him more.


Maan kissed her ear then bit the ear lobe when geet moaned again maan.

Maan kissed her ear and whisper huskily sona, It's feeling like music to me.Sona, I never thought to live the life again,I never thought an angel will come in my life, I never thought, sona, I will be fall for u.I will be  able to love again.


When geet slowly raised her face and eyes to see her kuwar sa and try to understand his each and every word & looking at him when maan said yes sona I love u, I don't know those romantic word, or line or any poem, I never be able to write any romantic letters but I really love u. last couple of  weeks I came to know about it .


Geet cupped his face and said then y u didn't say anything to me, u were avoiding me constant.

Maan give a peck on her lips and said I know I done a mistake, but I don't want to hurt u sona, u r so innocent and soft, and nave, and my anger, temper r some times beyond control.I was confused that time also, I don't know what was that and don't want to hurt u by my behavior but I hurt u.


Geet listen calmly then said kuwar sa, what is LOVE then?

Maan smiles and said Love is more than  4word & it's meaning is too deep and it can only feel by people , no one can describe what is love.u have to feel it to know the real meaning of love.


Geet shied and hold him tightly when maan nuzzled his nose near to her neck to her shoulder then filling them with his kisses.

Geet is feeling like some one drugged her , no it's not some one it's kuwar sa with his immense passion and love.


Maan kissed her throat once again and keep loosing himself in her.

He last time again capture her lips and said sona I love u lots, but I really do .

Geet just smiles and hugged him tightly.

Here ,maan slowly open her zip and caressed her back fully.when geet is clinging him more.

She is one side little confuse about her feelings, is it only liking or love, or more than anything,y she is not feeling bad when her kuwar sa touching her like that, he is slowly removed her kurti from her when a chill air passing through her spine due to chill ness in weather and another one for her shyness and her kuwar sa's passion.

she know her upper part is bare only inner is left and her kuwar sa is looking at her.

But soon realized the light is full off and then she is cover by her kuwar sa, himself.

She  feels goose bump on her whole body.

Maan know she is trembling, shivering due to his closeness, for that reason he want to stay away from her, his passion , his rawness will only scared her or feeling her something, but how to control himself. He loves her, the realization make him more crazy.

He whisper, sona, if u feel , I mean uncomfortable then u can say me, we will wait to take our relationship next level.

Geet shied and embarrassed more as she don't know that about her feeling, but she loved to close with her kuwar sa, touch by her like this, its like heaven.

Geet shied then slowly said I like u but don't know is this love or, but……

Maan smiles then rubbed his nose on her cheek and said but,I lov….there is disturbance in their paradise , there is some big sound like some bombing or something.

Maan got alert and said sona , stay here and don't move , give her just a peck and button up his shirt and take the revolver and went out side

Geet is nodding her head but her mind is clouding with fear . when maan sensed that and pull her in his embrace and said sona, don't scared, I'll be back, first , let me see what happened there?

Geet nodded and said come back soon.

Here maan came out side and find there is near by village capture by a group don't know who r they but they r bombing and firing to scare people by this one innocent people killed also.

Maan quickly called his team and after some initial talking and arrangements, maans' team will join him within 20mins, maan make sure local people and tourist reached to safe point as the place is not safe for them, after completing this initial work, his team came and maan said captain sharma and give him a duty to take care of Geet.



After 15mins maan came and said luggage will be reached later but u will go with Captain sharma and don't go anywhere,  right now m shifting u our near base camp stay there. Ha sona.

Geet just nodded then aap aapna dhayan rakhna and hugged him tightly.



Army Base Camp:-


After almost 2hours , maan is still not seen any where.she is feeling suffocated now, she is sitting with few more wives of army men , all r anxiously waiting for their huband's call.

After couple of hours slowly slowly they got their husband's call but there is still no where maan, she feared, and almost near to break down and she just run out side and went near to temple of army camp and Geet fall on her knees ,and cried out Pls come back, kuwar sa, pls

She get up and wipes her tears and said bhagwan jee pls give me my kuwar sa, I will die without him.I'll go there, , may be kuwar sa is there, I can't wait here, no I can't

I have to go there.

She just turned to go but guards stop her and said ma'm pls go in side, it's not safe for u to go out side and u r our responsibility , sir told me to keep u safe, pls ma'm go inside.

Geet:- bhaiya jee,pls once I want to go there.pls.

Guard:-ma'm pls, I can't let u, pls go inside.

Geet:- pls bhaiya jee, kuwar sa is out side, no news of her, pls, let me go.

When an officer came and said ma'm pls don't create scene here and go inside,pls ma'm we r requesting u ,

Geet try to say something but another officer said that ABC road is fine now, we can send few family members to their home now.

Geet:- sir, pls any news about Major Khurana.

Officer:-no, ma'm , he is must be still in the fiel u don't worry, go and stay at home, we will inform u as soon as we can get any news about him.

Geet almost shouted on him , don't worry go and stay at home how easy it'll be na.

Officer felt sorry but he said sternly, we can understand ma'm but it's our love and duty and we have to do it,and we exepct little bit co –operation from our family.

Geet stop there a moment when that officer said get her with others and safely make her reach to her home.

At evening, geet is sitting like zombie when there is no news of maan, she placed her head on the bed and clutched the pic of maan's , her kuwar sa.


Maan:-U never listen to me, u always did whatever u want , can't u hear me properly or listen he pull Geet forcefully & said with great pain and anger.

Maan after little pause said I told u don't move , don't go anywhere but u.

Geet try to say no I didn't.

Maan:-what u didn't, u came here, see,

She is holding a thing which is cover with blood.

She noticed it's a shirt but it's her kuwar sa's shirt cover with blood but where is her kuwar sa, she is shouting kuwar sa, kuwar sa.


Geet suddenly get up by a familer touch and then open her droopy eyes and see a blur face, familier face and then see , he is her kuwar sa , she got it that she dream about that that then and hugged him with force.

Maan at first starlted then feel she is hitting her and said can't u call me, can't u inform me, once don't u know how I felt, I know it's ur work, duty, but what about me, my tension, who I'm kuwar sa, who I'm? suddenly u have to go, I accept but do u know how it's feel when every one got their husband's call but I'm not and keep waiting for ur call and no call, I know u might be busy, with work, but me died thousand dead ,I know u will say stay strong ,it's not good as army man's wife to show weakness like this,u will think m wrong choice for u, who can't take a single problem but what to do KUWAR SA? U R MY EVERYTHING, I FEARED.I FEARED TO LOOSE U, U R MY EVERYTHING,I WILL DIE WITHOUT U ,I WILL DI but maan stopped her and hugged her tightly and said shhh don't sona,don't,

Geet raised her face and cupped his face and said r u fine, where r u till now, y u didn't call,y, and cried after hugging him, kuwar sa,PLS DON'T DO IT, I CAN'T TAKE THIS ,IT'S PAINING ME, U R MY LIFE,

Maan froze on his place and then said sona.

Geet with slow smiles said yes I can't live without, I can't.

Maan smiles and kissed her lips more passionately.

Maan break the kiss and fill her face with his kiss when geet hold him securely.

He again captured her rose lips nibbling her lips and then sucking it completely where geet is still try to know how to response when maan chuckled to see it and bit her  lower lips slightly but geet gasped and maan licked the place and said my sona and pull her close to him and kissing her again.

After the kiss maan take her in his arms and said sona, love u sona, take her in the washroom and wash her face and then said change ur dress and come out.

Maan turn to leave when geet hugged him from behind and said I'm sorry.I shouldn't say those things to u, I didn't want to become ur weakness and make my self an obstackles for u.

Maan turned and said sona what r u saying ? u never became my weakness or never a obstackles , sona, u r my strength , it's natural sona.I can understand and now don't cry, u know what is hurting me most ur pain face, tears .


Later maan is waiting for geet in the dinning room when geet changed her dress for night but noticed maan is wearing an uniform and ready for some work.

She runs and hold her elbow and said kuwar sa, who is placing rice and curry and a roti for geet in the plate and said ha sona.

Geet:- aap kahi ja rehe hain ho.

Maan:-ha sona, have to go some some work.(he had to for some secret operation )

Geet looked at him few moments then said wait m coming.

Maan:- sona, where r u going?

Geet shouts :- aaa rehi hoon baba.

Maan chuckled to hear it, he thought, about his sona, some times, like little kid , some times too matured.

Geet came back and said , first eat something,after their dinner, geet fed him curd and said all the best.

Maan smiles and pull her in his arms and said don't be scared,I'll be back.

Geet smiles,and hugged him back and said I know ,u will and u have to be and this time I promised, I'll not cry.aap jaldi se aajao kuwar sa.

Maan  smiles and pull her face for a soul searing kiss and after the kiss , he said take care of ur. Don't be scared. Masa will call u tomorrow morning when geet frowned and said that's mean u will not come tomorrow morning also.

Maan:- sona, I'll try but don't know

Geet hugged him and stay there some moments then said ok ,

,When maan carrassed her hair then with back of his palm carrassed her face and said huskily Sona, one promised we will be go there again for our honey moon and this time no problem I promise sona.

Geet shied and hide herself in him.


Next two days again maan is out side for some operation where geet is missing him badly, her feeling is growing stronger now,her day , night each and every moments r now revolve around her kuwar sa, she joined his college again but her mind is still feared about her kuwar sa's safety, she is waiting for his safely return, she is this time little bit calm more but tension, fear about near one  never left ,here kuwar sa is not ony near ones but her life, her world.


Geet get up and looking at out side and think's about everything , from their first meeting to till now and realized, without her conscious when her kuwar sa is became part of her life , like beat of her heart, soul of her life, courage, confidance , positivty , color , smiles, of her life.

She smiles and noticed her change of choice, from her dress to food, all havit r changed how she changed according to her kuwar sa, when he never wished but she changed with her own will.

She felt hevean when her kuwar sa touch her, when her kuwar sa see her or smiles at her.

She shied, red color cover her cheek she turned and noticed their wedding pic and feel shied, she whisper Kuwar sa, my maan.

She hide her face in his arms.

She is feeling like hevean this feelings is so good, she don't know how to say, how to express this but she is feeling it,

She was feeling content when she is her kuwar sa's arm.

She shied and but smiles happily and waiting for his returning safely.she is confident now more, that her kuwar sa will return, yes she was upset and have fear but still, she know now more firmly and waiting for her kuwar sa.


Realisation ,Confession , Reaction

 Previous Part:-

Water,Fire & Passion :-Page 82

here is the next part

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Hi all
how r u all

P.S.:- here maan is angry young man but not bad, he is not bad from his heart,
wait and see how man's past will reveal
trust me u will loved this maaneet more
like our geet who is not cry baby a fighter and maaneet will together make u fall for them

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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for updating our kwarsa 

waiting come back soon ...

nd yes mee res the first second and as well as third place too ...

crezy mee...

love u  ... and thanku ...

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