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Visha: Guys! Guys! It's June 22nd. Anyone know what that is? Wink
Ravjot: Hmm...Beats meErmm
*Rani smiles without saying anything*
Nipun: Look at Rani blushing. 
Visha: Of course. It's her birthday...
Ravjot: Wait what? I thought hers was in October.Shocked
Visha: You really believed it Ravo? I shall give you another guess. Come on, you could do it. LOL
Nipun : I think i know. Can i say it?
Visha :No Nipun, let our CM say it. Come on Ravo  I shall give you a hint... Its a He.
*Ravjot keeps thinking while Rani starts laughing LOL and both Nipun & Visha looks on*
Rani: Alright guys, i can't wait to announce it. It's our dashing Karan's birthday!!!! 
Ravjot: Oh I knew that. Was just playing to test you guys Tongue
Visha: And to celebrate that, we have to make his birthday a grand birthday here on India Forums.
Nipun:But we need each and every one of your help to make his birthday a huge success here.
Rani: So do join us in wishing this dashing superstar, Karan V. Grover, a very happy birthday.
Visha: He is our Karan & our Ranchod. I'm sure all would join in to make this birthday thread a blast  So everyone, lets make some noise for our Desi Boy.. Oopss... I mean Birthday Boy LOL

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a r a n  V  G r o v e r  in a few words...

 Sun-Sign: Cancer

 One thing you avoid doing on sets: Eating more of set food as it gives me acidity

 What is your current obsession: Normally I am obsessed with travelling and at the moment I have no obsession. But I am definitely occupied with the renovation of my house.

 If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it: A sea-facing terrace apartment on the highest floor in Bandra Bandstand. 

 What are your must-have pieces for winter: An Armani Jacket and a good pull over

 A language that you would like to learn: French

 Your favorite quote: Live and Let Live

 Your dream-job: I am doing my dream job and I love acting. On a higher note, my dream would be to act in a Hollywood movie.

If Scarlett Johansson was the last woman alive with you, what would you do: Everything possible that a man can dream of doing.  

 If you have to put up a matrimonial ad for an arranged marriage, how will it read: A spaced out, Osho believer looking out for a girl who wants to live life on her own and yet be married. 

 Does having a married co-star affect your on-screen chemistry?
Not at all! Suhasi has a very supportive family that trusts her completely and stands by her decision to work in the industry. I have met some of them. I have met her husband and he's a great guy. Her in-laws believe in the Barjatyas and so there's no negative vibes at all for me to be working with her.

 At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be an actor?
I realized quite late in my life that I wanted to be an actor. I'm a chemical engineer by qualification. I got a KT in my last year. I pursued event management and that's what gave me an entry into the field of entertainment. I've worked with experts like Umang Kumar. 
When I saw what happened at these events I was like- 'I wanna be on stage, I wanna dress up, I wanna give interviews.' I realized I loved everything about an actor's life.  So I started giving auditions and here I am.
You see, this is the reason why coming everyday to the sets does not feel mundane at all. I love coming to the sets every day. I love every moment of being in this profession.

  Have you achieved whatever you had planned you would by this time?
I don't make such time limited plans. I don't keep any physical goals like- by so and so time I'll buy my own apartment or own a Mercedes. Nope!
I'd made a goal that I want to be an actor and I've achieved that goal. The press and media are accepting me and I'm happy with this achievement. Somewhere down the line I want to make films and contribute more to the entertainment industry. But then again, that has no cut-off line.

 What are the three things, according to you, that aspiring actors should always bear in mind?
First, know the job.
Second, stay true to it. Be sincere.
Third, it is the medium that makes you and not the other way around. You are never bigger than the medium.

  What is the motto of your life?
My motto is as the classic song goes, "Don't worry, be happy"

Brief Facts on n V r   

 Born as Karan V Grover on 22nd June 1982, Karan is a handsome lad and he has another brother by the name Mihir Grover.

Karan V Grover

  Before Karan V Grover got into acting, he was in training as a chemical engineer, but he didn't want to become a chemical engineer he decided he wanted to do something else. He has worked with Omang Kumar's Event management company for a year. 

Karan V Grover

   Karan Grover very popularly known as "KayJee" in his circles and the industry. Karan that he is happiest best when working, even if it means long grueling hours of shooting.

Karan V Grover

  He was also a participant in Mr. India 2004, he was selected amongst the top five finalists and it was after that show Karan found his first job as a VJ with Zee Music. 

Karan V Grover

  He realized that not only he wanted to be an actor but also loved being a VJ / Anchor. He hosted various shows for Zee Music and interviewed some of the biggest names in the film industry.

 On the contrary, he believes in doing what his fans want him to. The actor says, "There is no harm in being stereotyped or getting typecast as people like to see you in that particular kind of a role and as an actor one always want to entertain the audiences".


 It is notable that Karan has come of age since his debut in 2004 with the show Saarrthi. He feels that in the past eight years he has learned a lot many things. Talking of his growth in town, he said, "I would give myself 6/10 in terms of my growth as an actor. When I came into the industry, I didn't know much about acting but over the years, performing different roles, and meeting different kinds of people have helped me learn a lot".



 He further added, "This industry is like a school for me. I am blessed to have had such a wonderful journey so far. It is not difficult to get famous in this industry but it is difficult to sustain. You don't get work on time. There are times when you don't have any work and there are times when you are flooded with it. It sometimes does become difficult as one has to be very patient when it comes to work".

a r a n  V  G r o v e r  about fashion...

 Fashion is: Comfort

 Who chooses your clothes? Actually, a lot of people. I never shop as I hate it. So everyone right from the stylist of my show to my brother and friends shop for me.

 Do you wear accessories? Not really. I wear a wrist watch though.

 Do you follow any brands? No fixed brands as such. 

 Favourite shopping destination: Nothing in particular but I loved shopping in Vegas.

 Most expensive buy: An Armani suit that cost up to 700 US dollars.

 Clothes you are comfortable in: Tees and capris.

 Favourite designer: No one as such because their creations confuse me. But I like Paul Smith's creations.

 Must-have in your wallet: My credit cards. I don't pay in cash for anything.

 Favourite perfumes: It keeps changing. Currently it is Issey Miyake and Armani.
Colour that fills your wardrobe: White.

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While working as an interviewer on Zee Music in 2004, Karan felt the need of making his attempts towards acting, and that's when he started auditioning and landed up with his acting debut with Neela Telefilms produced TV serial Saarrthi on STAR Plus, in which he got his first break portraying the protagonist Arjun Goenka. The drama started airing in November 2004.

Arjun has been his most popular role to date and made Karan, a household name. Saarrthi gave him a lot of popularity until he quit from the serial himself and according to the storyline Arjun was shockingly killed in Saarrthi that nobody expected. 

Later in an interview, Karan Grover claimed that the producers were not planning to remove him from Saarrthi but he did not get much time for Saarrthi because of his new show on STAR Plus, Meri Awaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni, and since he was working in the serial since its beginning, Karan requested Saarrthi's producer to make him quit from the serial who gladly accepted it. So Arjun was killed in Saarrthi.

After an endearing role in Saarrthi, Karan Grover portrayed Raj Malik in the musical Meri Awaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni. Karan remarked that Raj Malik was an ambitious guy who was willing to go that extra mile, sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a negative one, to reach his goals. It is the realistic characters that are more difficult to play than the unrealistic ones. He confessed having a close resemblance to this character in real life. However, the serial could not earn much success as Saarrthi did and ended in less than a year.

Karan's next work was in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Kion Sahara One. He then started working for the Rajshri Productions's show Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli opposite Suhasi Goradia Dhami with his Character name being 'Karan Jagmohan Prasad'. The serial is being aired on Zee TV. Karan won his first award, the Zee Rishtey Awards as Favorite Beta for Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli in Zee Rishtey Awards in December, 2010.

Karan won second award in Favourite Popular Face Male Of The Year for Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli in Zee Rishtey Awards in December 2011. He was also nominated in Favourite Beta in Zee Rishtey Awards 2011.

Karan that he is happiest best when working, even if it means long grueling hours of shooting. "I can work for 25 hours a day and yet be raring to go for another bout of shooting without any complaints. I love talking about my work. I did never be comfortable talking about my new cell phone or a trip to Bali", he reveals. 

Karan has also tried various looks and among the most favorite role would be essaying the role of Ranchod as the twins of the character Karan Prasad.

Karan V Grover (Ranchod)

And good news to all Karan's fans is his much loved Ranchod role is all set to make a re-entry in YMGGK again. Two Karan on the same screen. Too hot to resist LOL

Besides acting, Karan has also participated in Nach Baliye 3 with Kavita Kaushik whom he was in a relationship and eventually broke up years later *Did we hear many girls were happy to hear that news? LOL*


**The many cute and adorable faces of 
a r a n  V. G r o v e r
that anyone could easily fall for Day Dreaming**

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V i d e o s


A r t i c l e s

The actor loves travelling to different places on his birthday. The actor who is shooting for the show, is gearing up to travel out of India with few friends. He will be traipsing around in Europe for a week.

We spoke to birthday boy Karan V Grover about his birthday plans and more. "I am shooting for the show and soon, I will heading to an exotic place out of India as I love to travel different places on my birthday. This would be my fourth year of travelling to new locales as for the first year, I had gone to Sri Lanka, Ladakh, Mauritius and this time it's Europe. I have told my production house to give me a week's holiday, so that I can travel in leisure."

Furthermore, he talks about his birthday gifts. "My mom has given me a cool shirt. I have told everyone to gift me clothes as I don't like to shop. Through birthday gifts my quote of clothes is fulfilled. I have told my friends to give cargo pants, T-shirts etc. Apart from clothes, I have also told them to give me shoes on my birthday."

What is his birthday wish? "I am happy the way my life is progressing with good health and work. Not just mine, I want my friends and family to be in good health and enjoy life. Mostly of all I wish that on every birthday I get to see different places in India and abroad."

Here wishing Karan V Grover a warm happy birthday.

C r e a i o n s
- Feel Free To Use -

I m a g e s

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So Guys, after all being said about Karan V Grover, its time to spread some wishes for him.

Visha Dhami

Karan.. Karan... Karan... Where do i begin to start talking about you? And i also need to blame you for my craze over YMGGK. Yes, you! As i was switching over my channel and then i saw a handsome guy and i decided to check out the serial which is now my daily dose of vitamin. First impression is always the best impression and my first impression of you was that you totally swept me of my feet with your cuteness. What a brilliant actor you are? Transforming from a cute and bubbly guy to a guy who is crazy in love and eventually marrying her and fight all the odds to keep her happy. You also challenge yourself with new roles such as Ranchod, a patient and the most recent with your ghajini makeover where you are so dedicated to the serial that you even shaved your hair. And now, my favorite Ranchod is back. And the good news is you are still single, i really do wish i could find a guy like you. I have done many designs for you and my birthday gift would be the below siggy and you know why its my favorite? Because of your cute childhood photo in it. So Keep rocking and i wish you all the success Karan in all your career and also future Hug


Happy Birthday Karan! Hope you have an amazing birthday and a billion more to come! You're a really talented actor so I hope you continue to grace us with your presence on screen. Happy Birthday once again!

Cutiepie Rani

Dear Karan,

Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing birthday with your family and friends. Your fans worldwide will surely be celebrating on your behalf. We know that you can't physically be there with all of your fans, but you are always mentally there with them in their hearts. I wish you nothing but the best on this birthday of yours. You deserve every ounce of happiness. We here on India Forums in the YMGGK section have become such a big family just because of you & Suhasi as well as the other members of the cast. And we have no one to thank but you & the entire production team of YMGGK. So thank you for making being a part of our lives and uniting us from all over the world to join hands in the show. Eat lots of cake and have a spectacular birthday! I'm so sad I'm on vacation during your birthday! I'll party extra hard! ;)

The Karan of the Forum aka Cutiepie Rani Embarrassed


Happy Birthday to Karan and hope he continue his career in tv shows industries as i like his acting since i saw him in Saarthi.
Best wishes Wink



Karan...wishing u a very happy b'day filled with joy, fun & laughter... Embarrassed


Dear Karan,Embarrassed


Wishing you a very happy birthday. SmileI wish that you reach more success in future. I wish that in future also you work with suhasi dhami because you have a great onscreen chemistry. WinkI wish that you come to america and do the dance show with her so I can see you dance because you are a great dancer.Heart Up until now, you have done justice to whatever role came your way. Always smiling and stay healthy. Big smileWish to see you more and meet you in person one day for sure.Day Dreaming


Dear Karan...
Wish You A Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day...
May God Bless You With Health,Wealth n Prosperity In Your Life...
May Life Lead You To Great Happiness, Success N Hope That All Your Wishes Comes True..!
Happy Birthday Karan...



Happy Birthday Karan!My Super handsome princeEmbarrassed.I hope that on this day all your wishes come true and may you always be blessed with happiness.Best wishes to you Smile You rock Karan
From morning till night
May your birthday be bright
And nicer than ever before..
And as years come and go
May your happiness grow
And your dreams be fulfilled
Even more

Happy Birthday to you!


Happy birthday Karan! Hug
You're doing a fantastic job as Karan in your show for years now. Party
On this 30th birthday, here's wishing for you a whole lot of sweet surprises and success to come your way, today and every day! Heart
Much much love,



Extra Special Birthday Greetings is coming out to a very handsome hunk of tellywood who is a outstanding actor...Wink..He is part of ZeeTv "Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli"...,He is known as Karan Prasad The faithful husband,The understanding son & A very caring Dad...
He is also known as Ranchod Tiwary the total opposite of Karan Prasad...
He is so other than...
                                                 Karan .V. Grover
Who is celebrating his 30 birthday on Friday the 22nd June,2012...And I would like to wish him a Very Happy Happy Birthday...,And may he have all the happiness in his life...
Hope Your Special Day brings to you all that your heart desire.!!!
Karan .V. Grover!


Happy Birthday Karan. (: 
Love You. Proud To Your Fan. Smile


On your Birthday, I wish you a year full of success and glory. With faith, courage and dedication, no dream is too big. Keep up with your efforts, staying oblivious to the results and you will certainly get what you desire. I wish you a very Happy Birthday Karan.


Happy birthday to the cute karan i hope u enjoy ur bday alot and have fun wish u all the happiness and joy in the world keep rocking in YMGGK love u tons and tons xoxoxoxSmile


Dear Karan, HAppy Birthday!! MAny many happy returns of the day. I really hope you have a blast on your birthday and all your wishes come true! May GOD bless you and keep rocking!!!! Hug I love you!!!! Embarrassed


Welcome Script: Cutiepie Rani
Siggy & Contents & Ideas : Visha_Dhami
Animated Title : -Ravjot-

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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@visha, rani & ravjot.   Good thread  Thumbs UpClapHug
Happy Birthday Karan V Grover.  (aka karan and ranchod)

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Great effort visha, ravjot & raniii...beautiful thread !!!  Thumbs Up  u'r hardwork paid Clap

A very happy b'day 2 karan...Embarrassed 

Edited by aarcha - 20 June 2012 at 7:31pm

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