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Aahistaa on page 151 (Page 6)

desiigirl19 Goldie

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Posted: 13 June 2006 at 4:05pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Mehandikhan

great plz cont soon. Clap
hey thanks everyone for the great comments.

a lot of you guys said that i shud update before thursday. so im gonna update either today or tomorrow.

and why is kripa being weird abt mishti??? well you will find out and be surprised in the next 2 parts :)

luv rani

desiigirl19 Goldie

Joined: 02 October 2005
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Posted: 13 June 2006 at 6:34pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by amneetkaur_24

that aws really good! I think Kripa might know Mishty or something. Continue soon your doing an awesome job!
thanks so much amneet =) you always left comments for my other ff so i hope you like this too


luv rani

Pooja922 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2006 at 6:52pm | IP Logged
awwww just read the last part....conitnue soon that was brilliant, very angad and kripa's friendship
desiigirl19 Goldie

Joined: 02 October 2005
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Posted: 14 June 2006 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
sorry guys i had a lot of work. but skool is finally over today and i will be posting up the next part today itself...keep reading :)

luv rani
angadlover<3 Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2006 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
i just caught upp on ur fanfic!!! sooo good!!..brillant job!!..i love this fanfic already!!..the second part was soo cute and funni!!!..i love AK, they are soo cute and cho chweet!!..haha!!..plzzz continue soon!!!
desiigirl19 Goldie

Joined: 02 October 2005
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Posted: 15 June 2006 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
i am soooooooo sorry i didnt post it up. but my computer has some problems and i cudnt get to the internet. im realllllyyy sorry. next part coming up in 20 minutes

luv rani

PS: ill make it long this time :)
desiigirl19 Goldie

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Posted: 15 June 2006 at 12:41pm | IP Logged


Kripa sat on her bed thinking about the Masquerade Ball. She had cancelled her date with Sahil for Angad. and he had found someone else to go with. What was she supposed to do now? As she thought of this, there was a knock on her door. She sat up in surprise and looked at her watch. It was 10 o'clock on sunday morning. Who would be visiting her now? She couldnt think of anyone. Angad? No, he didnt even wake up until 12. Sahil? No, he doesnt know where she lives. Then she slowly got up and walked to the door. She opened it and was a little surprised to see that person.

K: Aaliya? tum waqt?

Aa: oh hi kripa. ....woh bas mein tumse kuch poochne aayi hu.

K: lekin tumhe mera address kaha se mila?

Aa: oh woh maine angad se liya

K: oh....ok come in.

K: so what did you want?

Aa: know how the Ball is next weekend rite?

K: uh...yea

Aa: yea so...can i borrow your black dress?

K: black dress? which one........

Aa: the one that you wore to Rocky's party......remember?

K: oh that dress....uh...sure you can borrow it. ill go get it for you

Kripa leaves to go get the dress and Aaliya got up and looked around at photos of Angad and Kripa that was put up all over the room. Before Aaliya notices, Kripa comes back and sees her looking at the photos

K: i didnt know they were so interesting

Aa: (startled): huh? oh...sorry. woh mein bas dekh rahi guys seem to be very close to each other.

K:(smiles) we are.....he's my best friend....i love him!

Aa: you do?

K: i mean as a friend idiot!

Aa: oh..well, i wish you guys stay just like this forever.

K: yea..i wish too

K: anyway. here is the dress....make sure you give it back to me on monday ok?

Aa: yeah. i will....

K: ok here

Aa: uh...kripa. i wanted to ask you something else

K: yea poocho

Aa: maine suna ke tum Sahil ke saath....youre so lucky yaarr

K: kisne bataya?

Aa: angad ne....i wish i had your luck

K: i hope you dont.

Aa: what do you mean?

K: I'm not going with him

Aa: what? lekin angad ne to...

K: usse yeh baat pata nahi hai...aur usse batana bhi mat

Aa: yea sure i wont. but....why not? i thought

K: i dont know.....i really wanted to go with him but i called to cancel becuase i thought angad.....anyway forget it. doesnt matter anymore

Aa: oh i understand. you wanted angad to ask you out didnt you?

K:(looks at her in a weird way): what...noo...NOOOO.....i didnt want that. i cancelled because i thought that angad didnt have a date or something. i dont want him to ASK me OUT. naaahh.

Aa: haha...yea i guess. anyway....umm...i guess i have to go now. ill talk to you later...bye

K: bye

Aaliya walks out of the door and Kripa closes it.

K(thinking to herself): ask me out? way!!!!!

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------

Next Weekend..........

Angad picks up his phone to call Kripa. They hadnt talked to each other in the past week. He was waiting for Kripa to call and she was waiting for Angad to call. While Angad thought that Kripa was spending too much time with Sahil, Kripa was thinking that Angad was spending too much time with Misthi. So both of them decided to wait for the other to call. But now Angad gave up. How much longer could he wait? he hadnt talked to Kripa for the longest time....A WEEK!!!

K: hello?

A: kripa? idiot itne dino se kaha thi? phone bhi nahi kiya?

K: tum bhi to phone kar sakte the na

A: ha lekin....

K: never mind. tum to mishti ke saath " busy" hoge na....i understand. mein samajh sakti hu

A: oh shut up kripa. "busy" to tum thi uss sahil ke saath

K: what? mein to.......ok stop!! forget it.

A: ok fine. so are you ready? is sahil picking you up?

K: no im not ready yet. i just woke up

A: what? and what about sahil? is he.....

K: yea he's going. ok angad ill see you at the Ball. i uhh neeeed to do something. bye

Before angad could say anything, kripa hung up bcoz she was scared that he would ask more questions about Sahil. For some reason Kripa didnt want to tell him about Sahil. If she did then he would cancel his date with Mishti, she was sure of that. She quickly went to the bathroom and washed her face.

K(thinking): hmmm...what am i going to do? go without a date....naahhh!!!


Angad poured the gel in his palms and then applied it to his hair to get the perfect " angad " look. The look that all girls would kill for. He put his hairbrush away and his fingers lingered over to the hairspray. Just then his cell phone rang.

A: hello?

Aa: hello angad? mein aaliya. woh kripa apna phone kyon nahi utta rahi hain?

A: phone....oh she has a new number

Aa: new number since when?

A: last weekend.....2525471.....

Aa: oh you memorized it too......... anyway...youre going with mishti right?

A: uh yea...who told you?

Aa: kripa ofcourse. by the way...did she ask Sahil again?

A: again? when did she cancel it?

Aa: oh ....oh nothing. i have to go bye.

A: hello....aaliya?

Aaliya hung up too. She realized that she wasnt supposed to tell Angad but she did and she was too scared to say anything more.

A(thinking): what is up with everyone today? hanging up on me all the time...dammit these women are crazy!!!

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------

Angad tried calling her again and again but Kripa didnt pick up. Frustrated, he called Sahil.

A: hello...sahil. yea its angad...yea hi..ummm...where is kripa?

S: kripa? why are you asking me?

A: youre her date Sahil!

S: no im not. she cancelled it

A: what? why??

S: you tell me....she said she had to do it for someone

S: hello? angad are you there???????????

Angad had hung up already. Sahil was just totally confused to why Angad had not known about all this in the first place.

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------- ---

She sat in front of her computer and stared at their photos. They were so prescious. All their happy moments captured in a little was just perfect. But she didnt feel that way today. She had decided not to go to the Ball....but she had to make up an excuse for not going.

K(thinking): i think i shud say....ummm....I wasnt feeling well! NO, he will see right through it. what else? Sahil cancelled the date.....naahhh!!!! not possible!!!

K(thinking): what can i say? everytime i lie to him, he knows! so this time it should be something more realistic like.......

The door bell rang, interrupting her conversation with herself. She slowly got up from her comfortable chair and opened the door. She is shocked at the person at the door.....maybe she wasnt ready for this yet.

K: angad tum? maine kaha tha na...mein akeli aa jati.

Angad comes in and walks closer to her. Kripa gets a little scared and moves back. Angad closes the door and gets close to her again.

K: angad yeh tumhe aaj kya ho gaya hai?

A: chalo....we are going to the Ball

K: what? yeh kya bakwas kar rahe ho tum?

A: I talked to Sahil

K: oh...ha woh angad i didnt feel like going with him today...i think im gonna go alone for once.

A: good bcoz Mishti cancelled her date with me too. so now i dont have a date....and who can be a better date than you....lets go

K: acha to kyonki mishti ne tumhe reject kar diya...tumhe meri yaad ayi?

A: ofcourse!

K: disgust me angad. just leave. i dont want to go with you

A: oh come on kripa...please. look i dont have a date and you dont have a instead of being embarrased...we should just go together...what do you say?

Angad put his arm around her shoulder and gave her a friendly kiss on her cheek. Kripa smiled a little

K: ok fine. you know how to persuade me dont you?

A: your best friend after all!!

Kripa hit him on his arm and then went to her room to get ready.


AT THE BALL..............

Angad and Kripa walked into the huge ballroom, wearing thier masks. They looked a lot different in the masks.Usually, all the heads turned to look at them when Angad and Kripa walked in...but this time, no one even recognized them. For a change, this was good. They didnt say anything but secretly they wanted to have some fun with their best friend.

As soon as the dance floor opened, everyone started grabbing random people to the dance floor and Kripa got dragged by some guy she didnt even know. But before Angad could say or do anything, it was too late. Angad lost track of where she was and he quickly went to the floor to look for her. After several minutes of looking, he saw Kripa. He smiled and quickly went over to her and grabbed her and took her outside the room, into the little balcony.

A:(breathing a sigh of relief): huhhh....thank god i saw you. who was that guy anyway? i mean if..............

Angad was interrupted by her. She took off her mask and stood in front of Angad with her red eyes.

A: mishti tum? lekin kripa ne aur tumne......

M: ha. humne same dress pehna hai....acha hua. tumhari asliyat mere samne aa gayi

A: nahi aisi baat nahi hai mishti. maine tumhe phone kiya tha lekin tumne......

M: so what angad? just coz i didnt pick up your effing phone the first time, you decided to let it be? i thought that something had happened. i was scared here. and then i see you walk in with Kripa. how am i supposed to feel angad? why did u do this to me?

A: listen to me mishti...i had to do something. i could not go with you to the Ball. im sorry

K: you have to be......

Angad and Mishti looked behind them to see Kripa standing there with a shocked expression on her face. Angad was equally shocked. He quickly rushed to her so that she wouldnt misunderstand. Perhaps he was to late. Mishti quickly ran away when she saw Angad go to Kripa.

A: kripa please. kuch galat mat samajhna. it wasnt my fault...i mean it was but.......

K: you dont need to explain angad

A: really? good....i knew you would understand

K: i didnt expect this from you angad.

A: what?

K: i told you angad....i told you not to hurt could you do this?

A: what the hell kripa? why do you care all of a sudden?

K: what do you mean all of a sudden?

A: i always broke hearts and never why now? why this time? why mishti????????

K: bcoz she's 16 and if you broke her heart now...she will never be able to fall in love just like me!!!!

Kripa was shocked that she let it come out of her mouth. She closed her eyes and prayed that this was all a dream. But it wasnt. Angad walked over to her and grabbed her by the shoulders.

A: kya matlab hai tumhara?

Kripa pushed him away and moved back

K: nothing. just nothing....just leave angad. i want to be alone

A: i wont do that until you tell me why....


A:( scared and angry at the same time): ok fine! i'll leave....but this is not fair kripa. i deserve to know what youre talking about. and if you dont want to.....then i dont think we were friends to begin with.!!!

Saying this, Angad leaves. Kripa tries to control her tears but hits the wall in anger. She had let something slip through her lips...something that she had promised herself that she would forget.....something that no one else knew about...not even Angad.

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Angad sat on his car, resting his head on the windshield. He didnt know what to think. Kripa wouldnt tell him anything. But what surprised him the most was that there was something that kripa had hidden from him. This hurt him a lot. He had never hidden anything from her...not even the smallest things. Then why did she? did she not feel the same way her felt about her? He didnt know....but he had to find out. He closed his eyes and tried to think of a reason...he didnt find one.....all he saw was images of them together..having fun.

Suddenly, his eyes opened when he heard a loud noise of something breaking. He looked around and then looked at the person standing in front of him. Angad moved towards him and looked into his eyes.

A: what the hell prithvi? why'd you break the ruined my car you idiot!!

P: and you ruined my sister!

A: what ?

P: yes, dare you even ask her out man?

A: its none of your business

P: this is my business!! i cant beleive that you even dared to ask my sister out. she's 16 you bas***d!

A: hey watch your mouth.....

P: and you watch your eyes!!! agli baar meri mishti ke taraf aankh uttha kar bhi dekha na....ill not spare you

A: oh really? what will you do...what can you do?

P: ill show you what i can do.....where is she? im here to take her home

A: you can do whatever you want because she isnt my date tonite

P: what?

A: she's not my date. im here with kripa

P: kripa?.....but mishti...

A: i cancelled our date....i had to do it for not even here with mishti!!!!!!!!

K: what are you doing here Prithvi?

Angad looked behind her to see Kripa standing there. She had heard everything.

P: kripa....tumhare iss angad ko samjha dena...meri behen se door hi rahe

A: hey look im not even intersted in your sister. that ***** is not worth anything.

P: you bloody ****....

Prithvi caught his collar and is about to punch angad when Kripa comes between them and pushes prithvi back

K: prithvi stop!!!!

P: me? how dare he talk abt her like that?

K: is he lying?

P: shut up you *****. you are the most......

A: hey dont you dare talk about kripa like that.

P: why not? when we were together all she did was talk about you....if you guys love each other so much then why are you messing up other people's lives.

A: what are you talking about? just stop the nonsense prithvi

P: me? its you that........

K: just leave prithvi. i promise that angad wont ever talk to mishti again....i prmise...just leave..please

P: you know what.....(calms down): ok fine im leaving but this is the last warning angad...last warning.

Prithvi throws the baseball that he broke angad's car with, to the side and leaves. Angad is very angry at the point. He grabs kripa's shoulders and looks into her eyes.

A: what the hell is he talking about kripa?

K: nothing

A: kripa please...mujhe batao kya hua? what happened between you guys?

K(teary): kuch nahi..kuch nahi

A: oh...i guess you dont think of me like i always thought you did.....

K: nahi angad. aisi baat nahi hai. you are my best frnd but....

Angad lets go of kripa and makes her sit on his car. He stands in front of her and holds her face. She looks into his eyes, both having tears.

A: kya hua kripa?

Kripa starts to cry and hugs Angad instantly. He is surprised but hugs her back.

A: kripa...please...dont cry. youre gonna make me cry too...please

K: im sorry angad. i never told you this...but i didn tell anyone....perhaps i should have....i should have!

A: tell me what? ab to batao...

K: you never knew the real reason why Prithvi left me

A: left you? but you said.....

K: i lied. it wasnt me that dumped him....he left me becuase.....

A: because what?

K: he thought....he thought that we were more than just best friends.

A: you mean he thought that we.......oh my god!!

K: yea. i really loved him at that time angad. i really did.....and when he broke my heart on the night that i was going to tell him how i felt....i cud never fall in love again....NEVER!

A: yes you can kripa....i know you can.. Prithvi never deserved you love. he's a stupid.........

K: i dont care angad. soon enough i realized that it wasnt really wasnt. but it was that moment where he insulted my feelings for him that hurt me. i wont be able to take it again. i DONT WANT to fall in love anymore....never!

Kripa started to cry again and angad held her hands. He brushed the hair off her face and then kissed her forehead.

A: kripa...i will never let you cry over him again. prithvi is a jerk..he never knew how important you are. i do. ive known you more than anyone in this world..even you.....and....i know that one day someone will fall in love with you, truly in love.....and you will never have to worry about getting youre heart broken....never again

K: angad....thanks.....

A:(smiles): just broke my heart by saying that.

K:(smiles): angad...

A: hmm?

K: you know i love you right?

A: i love you too

Angad hugged her again and wiped his tears off. Seeing her cry had made his heart melt. Ofcourse they loved each other...but this love was different. They were different. They werent just two individuals....they were Angad Khanna and Kripa Sharma....friends forever.

sweetchick786 Goldie

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Posted: 15 June 2006 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
awesome part!! just amazing!! continue soon!! i like the closeness of a-k! wonder if itz gonna turn into luv! Embarrassed

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