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sweets_smile Groupbie

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Posted: 11 June 2006 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
very nice story line...its different and unique in its own style...i really love this fan fic...please continue soon

desiigirl19 Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2006 at 7:37pm | IP Logged


The phone rings and Kripa ignores it. After it rings a few more times, she picks it up in her bed.

K: hello?

A: wake up kripa. mein kab se tumhe phone kar raha hu. why didnt u pick up dammit?

K: shut up angad. i was sleeping

A: sleeping? yaha meri raatein kharab ho gayi hai aur tum....tum waha so rahi ho?

K: calm down!!! ab kya hua? tumari setting maine tanya ke saath kara di na? ab aur kya hua?

A: its so easy for you kripa. tumhe to Sahil mil gaya. now you can relax but me?....stupid tanya

K: maine to pehle hi kaha tha ki tanya stupid hai....tumhe ab pata chala?

A: oh shut up kripa...uss tanya ne last minute par hamara date cancel kiya hai.....keh rahi thi ke uski aunty hospital mein. that bloody......

K: hey hey!!! tanya ke bare me mein kuch nahi it?

A: oh shut up!!! tumhe to khushi ho rahi hogi na.....this is just what you wanted. great!!! bye

K: angad....ang.......dammit!!

Angad hung up on her before she could say anything. She knew something like this was bound to happen. After all, it was Tanya. But she knew exactly what to do. She got up and took a shower and then wore her signature mini skirt with a black halter top. She sat in front of her computer and signed onto the messenger. Seeing Sahil online, she immediately sent him a message

K: missing me yet?

S: ofcourse...

K: sahil i need to talk to you about something

S: yea sure. go ahead

S: oh wait...i need to ask you something. what color is your dress going to be. i mean i dont want to wear something that doesnt compliment you

K: sahil you need to listen to me

S: oh sorry. so you were saying....

K: Sahil i cant go to the ball with you

S: what? but.....why?

K: its a personal problem.

K: but i promise to reserve a dance with you

S: kripa but last minute?

K: i know.....

K: but i am so sorry. i have to do this. please?

S: ok fine. but you will save me the last dance rite?

K: yea i will. i promise =)

S: ok fine. i guess ill ttyl. i gtg now...

K: ok bye sahil...see you later

She closed the messenger and then sat in her chair wondering if what she did was right. Then a little voice in her heart assured her that what she did was right. Angad was her best friend and if he wasnt happy, then she had no right to be happy either. She got up from her seat and went to her phone. She was about to call Angad when the doorbell rang. She put the phone down and went and opened the door.

K(opening the shocked to see the person on the other side): aap?

It was Kripa's dad. This was the first time in 6 months that her dad had come to visit or even called her. The last time she remember talking to her dad was two weeks after her birthday, when her parents called her to wish her a belated birthday as they were busy with an important business deal.

K: aap yaha...iss waqt?

D: kyon mein nahi aa sakta?

K: no i mean.....whatever. come in

Her dad walked in through the door and sat on the couch. He looked around the apartment and smiled. It was so clean.

D: I see that your apartment is really clean. good job!!

K: uh thanks

Kripa didnt say anything but she knew that it wasnt her that kept her apartment clean. It was Angad. He always helped her around the house when she needed some help. Kripa wasnt the typical woman who knew how to cook and clean. She was a flamboyant young girl who still hadnt grown into a responsible woman yet. But somehow, she knew what was right and wrong.....something that no one ever taught her....something she developed on her own

D: so you like college?

K: yea its great. im happy with it.

D: good good!! tumhari mom ne yeh bheja hai

He hands her a package. She looks at it and then puts it aside.

D: open it!

K: oh....umm ok

She opened the package and then faked a smile.

K: an iPod? wow. thank you so much dad.

D: i knew you would have liked it.

K: i do

She put it aside. She slowly slided her own iPod under the couch pillow so that her Dad wouldnt notice. Actually, Angad had given her that iPod on her 18th b'day. She was really happy that day bcoz she had finally gotten what she wanted. Her parents were a little late in finding that out.

K: so

D(at the same time): so.....hahaha......

D: your mom was asking if you want to come visit us when your vacations start....uh...when do they start exactly?

K: in three months!

D: yea...three months. do you want to come back and visit?

K: uh dad i dont going to feel out of place. i havent been there in 6 years. Dad i really dont want to.......

D: oh come on kripa. 6 years isnt a lot. youre coming and that is final..

K: dad but........

The doorbell rings, interrupting kripa. She looks at the door and goes and opens it.

A: what the hell kripa? maine tumhare phone par bar bar call kiya to tumne uthaya nahi....youre not even online.....and now i rang your doorbell like 3 times and you still didnt open. what the hell is wrong with you? yeh Sahil ka..........

He stops. He looks at her eyes, expressing shock. Kripa mouths the words "!!" and angad looks inside the house to see her Dad sitting there on the couch. Being friends for 12 years, Angad and Kripa had never met each other's parents. Angad looked at him and smiles in a scared manner.

A: hello uncle.....kaise he aap?

D: hello....kripa yeh?

K: uh woh dad.....yeh angad hai. mere class mein he......

D: oh? how long have you known each other?


K: one month!

A: 12 years!

Kripa and Angad look at each other and freeze. Her father is suprised at their answers. He smiles a little and asks them

D: arre bhai......kripa you say one month....angad you say 12 YEARS? what is it? one month or 12 years?

K: uhh woh dad...i meant to say that in one month it will be 12 years since we have known each other

D: ohhh.....12 years? wow. Kripa tumne kabhi mujhe bataya kyon nahi....angad ke bare mein?

K: agar aapse baat karne ka mauka milta to zaroor batati

D: what do you mean?

K: nothing dad....nothing.

D: ok, so i will take your leave now. Nice to meet you Angad. by the way, where are you from?

A: parents are from Bombay. I've grown up here in Shimla

D: oh bombay? what does your father do?

A: he's a businessman....aapne Dilip Khanna ka to naam suna hoga na?

A: Dilip khanna....oh yes, he's the owner of Khanna Empire. i know who youre talking about. good good! .....well, I have to go now. I have a meeting in 15 minutes

K: meeting ? aap yaha meeting ke liye aaye hain?

D: yea!

K: maine socha tha ke aap mujhse......anyway. i tihnk your getting late. bye

D: bye beta. bye Angad

Kripa's dad leaves and Angad closes the door. He turns around to face Kripa but notices that she has left the room already. He goes to her room to see her on her bed with her face burried in the pillow. Angad realizes that she is crying and goes and sits next to her on the bed. He slides his hand through her hair and lies down beside her.

A: Kripa....kripa stop crying ....... come on

K: no angad. let me cry. i have been holding this in for a while now......

A: there is no use to one is worth your tears and the one that is, won't make you cry.

Kripa looks at him and sits up. He gets up too and looks at her with a sympatethic smile

K: promise me you will never make me cry angad!

A: i promise, you idiot. i can never make you cry. if i do then i will be the one crying with you too

K: Angad......

She hugs her best friend and he hugs her back. No matter how much they fought with each other, they never let the other cry. Kripa let go of Angad and he kissed her forehead

A: ok now smile......come on

Kripa smiles and Angad smiles too.

A: thats like a good girl

Angad grabs her hand and drags her to her living room. He is about to leave the apartment with her but she stops him

K: angad yeh hum kaha ja rahe he?

A: stupid aaj saturday hein

K: ha to?

A: to? tum bhool gayi ke next weekend pe masquerade hain.....we need to find me a date!

K: we? noooo YOU!!!

A: what? come on kripa. arent you going to help me?

K: i did enough already.

A: you know what? fine...ill just go find a date for myself.

K: good luck!!!

A: whatever.

On his way out, Angad spots the package that kripa's mom sent her. He goes to it spots the iPod inside it. He looks at it and then looks at Kripa

A: yeh kya hai?

K: ne diya.....

A: (bursts into laughter): tumhare dad hamesha sab kuch late kyon karte hain?

K:(smiles): pata nahi....shayad late paida ho gaye the!!!

They both burst into laughter. After a few minutes of laughing Angad finally says goodbye and kissed her on her forehead.

A: chalo...i need to go.

K: angad wait!!

A: what?

K: ill come with you!

A(smiles): tum bhi na....youre just like your dad.....always late!!

K: oh shut up!!

She hits his arm hard enough for him to recoil.

A: daamn!! you hit hard!!!!

K: well get used to it Mr. Khanna

A: what did you say?

K: what?

A: dont call me that not Mr. Khanna....that's my dad. I'm just ANGAD!!! only and only Angad!!

K: ok fine. Angad. lets go!!!


Kripa and Angad go to the downtown area, to the little cafe where they always spent their weekends.

K: kya hua? found anyone good enough for ANGAD yet?

A: kaha yaar? all these girls....either they are too naive or a little too knowing.

K: to tumhe kya farak padta hain? its not like you want to take her home to your mother!

A: huh! if i had to take her home to my mother then i would take uhh...HER!!

Kripa glances in the way he was pointing. She saw this young girl, about 16 or 17, who was sitting in the corner reading a book. She had glasses on and was really into her book. Kripa smiled and looked at Angad.

K: and she isnt a little....." down market " they say ?

A: she is....and thats the kind of girl i would want to take home....someone not from our class.....some middle class woman......someone my mom would hate. i would want to see the expression on her face then....too good to think about!

K: come on angad. your mom cant be that bad!

A: you have no idea kripa. agar unke bas mein hota would make me marry you....just bcoz your dad is from our class!!! i just hate her

K: so? whats wrong with me? you would mind marrying me?

A: oh come on kripa. you know i was joking. but anyway...youre my best friend....i dont want to lose you to some stupid relationship.

K: i know i know.....its not like i would want to marry you anyway!!!

They looked away and took a deep breath. It was the first time that a topic like this had come up. They had never tought about marrying each other. They smiled a little at the thought of them it was a little funny!

Suddenly, Angad got up and Kripa looked at him in surprise. Angad smiled and then grabbed Kripa's arm and made her get up.

K: what the hell angad? youre hurting me

A: oh sorry....anyway...kripa look at that girl...

K(looking ): kaun angad?

A: waha....near that tree!!

Kripa looks keenly and then finally spots a woman near the tree. Kripa is shocked to see that Angad thought she was hot. The woman that Kripa was seeing was a 40 year old overweight woman

K: oh my god angad....are you that desperate?

A: shut up kripa....ur just jealous!!

K: jealous me? why would i be jealous of that MOTI?

A: moti?

Angad looks at the woman that kripa is looking at. Angad is shocked to see the woman and is shocked at Kripa's thoguhts

K: you idiot!! mein uski moti ki nahi uss ladki ki baat kar raha hu....there, near the other tree

Kripa looks at the right girl this time. She was a pretty young girl, about 16 or 17. She was standing with a few of her friends. Kripa thought she was pretty but too young for Angad

K: angad...she looks like she is 16 or something. dont you think she's a little too young?

A: yea so what? you were 16 once too and you went out with Prithvi when he was 18. so why cant i get with her?

K: that was different...

A: no it wasnt. its the same thing minus the fact that you and prithvi.......

K: shut up!! we didnt do anything

A: rite!!!

K: no really

A: come on kripa. remember when u kicked me out of your house at 11 in the nite bcoz " you were expecting prithvi". im not stupid you know!

K: lekin humare beech kuch nahi hua tha. we were just going to watch a movie together.

A: ok fine.....then i will just "watch a movie" with that hottie rite there!! okay ms. kripa?

K: fine whatever. go ask her out...dekhte hain ki woh tumhe bhaav bhi deti hai kya....lets see

A: ok lets see!

Angad runs his hand through his hair and walks towards the girl.

K(shouting from behind): good luck angad....coz you really need it!!

Angad ignored her comment and walked towards the girl. Kripa looked on. Soon she was surprised when she saw the girl writing her number on angad's hand. Angad kissed her cheek and then walked towards Kripa with a smile on his face.

A: dekha?

K: yea whatever....kya naam hai uska?

A: umm....(looks at his palm): mishti!

K: mishti....yeh kaisa naam hai?

A: bohut acha naam hai

K: yea old is she?

A: pata nahi....but she's still a junior in high school. so probably 16 or 17

K: i knew it. angad kyon tum uss bechari ladki ki life barbaad karna chahte ho?

A: mein? what am i doing?

K: just imagine. when you will dump her after the Ball.....bechari ladki...she wont be able to fall in love know, after falling for THE ANGAD KHANNA! (in a sarcastic way)

A: shut up Kripa!! i will make her fall in love with me......

Angad smiles in his usual killer way that never affected Kripa. She stopped him by grabbing his arm

K: angad....please dont do it

A: do what?

K: uss bechari ladki ka dil aise mat todna

A: kripa...i know. mein itna bhi patthar dil nahi hu. i wont hurt her....not if it would hurt you too?

K: i know...but just be careful....a lot of girls will fall for you...anyday.....but please, be careful of not hurting anyone, even unintentionally!!

A: i wont

Angad comes closer to kripa and hugs her. He is a little surprised to why she is saying this. She had broken a lot of hearts herself and so had angad. but this time.....she was serious. but why?

ok leave comments guys. my next post will be on thursday :)

luv rani

habli Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2006 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
wow niceee
Chandini Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2006 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
Wow thats grttt!!!! A&K are such A COUPLEEEEE!!! Awhhhhhhhh!!!!! But yaar dont make us wait till thursday - im going on holiday that day = pllllllllllzz update sooner!!! plz plz!!!

Chandini (",)
sweets_smile Groupbie

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Posted: 11 June 2006 at 8:22pm | IP Logged it...please continue soon Tongue Tongue Tongue
sgokli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2006 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
Mehandikhan Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2006 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
great plz cont soon. Clap
lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2006 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
awesome part plz do continue

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