Kkusum Update 28th October by MISBAH

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Warning : This Update is for Personal Reading only. No Copying Please.

Hi, This is Khaja Misbahuddin updating Kkusum for 28th Oct, 2004


The killer brings Kkusum into a room in the Hotel. Kkusum has a cloth tied over her mouth, and her hands tied too. ( Wonder how did he manage to bring her in like that without anyone stopping him ). He asks her to have a look at the room, and try to recognize it. Kkusum looks around and figures that she had been to that room before, but is unable to remember when she had come there. The killer tells her that she will not have any problems there, and asks her to take rest in the room. He tells her that now that she is there, she needs to be looked after well, and so he will go and make arrangements for that. He tells Kkusum not to think of running away from there. He leaves. Kkusum walks around the room, and faintly remembers the Mahi-Abhay-Kkusum confrontation. She goes to the window, and again faintly remembers the Mahi falling scene. Bt she is unsure about it.


Abhay and Aryaman are at the Hotel entrance but the security refuses them to let them in. Abhay pleads them saying that it is very urgent for them to go in, but they won't budge. The security informs him that there is a party going on inside, and he just can't allow him and asks him to talk to the reception. Abhay shouts at him asking whether he knows who he is, and just tries to go inside but Aryaman stops him, and tells him that the security is doing his duty, and they just can't go inside any party like that. Just then, Kshitij comes there with Kumud. Aryaman asks him as to where he has been. Kshitij tells him that he had forgot the invitation cards, and so he was late. Abhay angrily gives the security the invitation cards, and all go inside. Lalit comes there in his car and gets out of it.


Abhay, Aryaman, Kshitij and Kumud enter the party hall, and search for Kkusum in different directions. Lalit is waiting outside the Hotel. Kumud looks at the wedding couple in the party hall, and remembers Garv ( Tere Naam Song in the Background. I think this one had new and good lyrics ). The scene where she sees Garv with Kali, the scene where she leaves Garv's house, and the scene where Garv dances with Kali are shown. Kshitij comes to Kumud and calls her. When she doesn't respond, he places his hand on her shoulder. Kumud looks back with tears in her eyes and asks him if he found anything. Abhay and Aryaman are searching for Kkusum when the killer just brushes past Abhay. Abhay ignores him, but the killer is shocked to see Abhay there. The killer quietly goes away. Abhay and Aryaman come to Kshitij and Kumud. Kshitij tells them that Kkusum is not in the party hall and they should check in the Hotel. He tells all that he will inform ACP and asks Abhay and Aryaman to go ahead and search in the Hotel Rooms. Abhay and Aryaman leave. Kshitij calls the ACP and tells him that Kkusum is not in the party hall, and that they are searching for her in the Hotel now. ACP asks him to go ahead, and tells him that he has talked to the Hotel authorities, and they will co-operate. He also tells Kshitij that he will be there soon.


Abhay and Aryaman go to a room, and knock it. Someone opens the door, and not finding anything suspicious, they move to the next door. Just then, Kshitij and Kumud come there. Kshitij gets a call from ACP who asks him if they made any progress. Kshitij tells him that they are still in their search and asks him as to from where did he get this information. ACP tells him that he got this information from the killer's hideout, and he is sure that he is there. Kumud walks to Abhay. Abhay tells all that this is the same Hotel where Mahi was murdered, and the killer bringing Kkusum there could mean that she might also be in the same room. They rush to the room where Mahi was killed.


Kkusum manages to remove the cloth from her mouth, and then also manages to remove the rope from her hands. She is about to leave the room, when the killer comes back, and seeing her untied, gets furious. He shouts at her telling her that he told her not to run away, but still she wouldn't listen. Kkusum is scared and she moves backwards. He moves towards her. Kshitij and Aryaman reach the room, and try to open the door but are unable to do so 'coz it is bolted. The killer is shocked to see someone outside. Kkusum shouts out, but the killer shuts her mouth by placing his hand on her mouth. Abhay and Kumud also come running there. When Kshitij and Aryaman manage to open the door, they see Kkusum falling from the window. Abhay comes just in time to see Kkusum falling. Kkusum falls from the window into the swimming pool.


Lalit is standing outside when he suddenly sees Sohan get into his car and drive away. He figures that Sohan is involved, and what Abhay has told is true.


Kkusum is taken to the Hospital. She is taken into a room. Kshitij, Abhay , Aryaman and Kumud are all there. The doctor comes out and tells them something ( Background Music ). Abhay smiles after hearing to what the doctor said. But Aryaman, Kshitij and Kumud are still worried.


Lalit comes  home furious. Sarala asks her as to where he has been, and tells him that they receieved a call just now that Kkusum has been found. Lalit tells them that it is true, and tells them that he was ther itself. Nitin asks him as to what he was doing there, but Lalit tells him that he will tell later. Lalit asks Nikita as to where is Sohan. She tells him that Sohan is in his room upstairs. Lalit shouts out Sohan's name, and he comes there. Lalit cacthes Sohan by his collars, and asks him as to why he is doing all this. Sohan is shocked, and asks him as to what he has done. Lalit tells all that whatever Abhay had said about Sohan is true, and today also when Kkusum was attacked, Sohan was there. Sohan asks Lalit if he too suspects him now. Lalit then asks Sohan as to what was he doing there when Kkusum was attacked. Just then, ACP enters the house and tells them that he will tell them what Sohan was doing there. ACP tells them that Sohan is innocent, and he was doing all this on ACP's words. Everyone is shocked and relived too now that Sohan is innocent. ACP tells them that if Kkusum is alive then that is 'coz of Sohan. ACP tells them that he didn't know who to trust from the Kapoor family, and since Sohan returned from the US, he thought of taking him into his confidence, and then make him follow his plan. Lalit turns back and apologises to Sohan. Sohan smiles.


Just then, Kkusum is brought on a stretcher into the house, and Kumud tells Sarala that Kkusum is fine and out of danger but is still unconscious. Kkusum is takesn to her room.


Kkusum is on her bed. Kumud and Sarala are sitting on each side of her. Nitin, Kapil and Abhay are standing there. Nitin asks Abhay about the kidnapper, but Abhay tells him that he ran away again. Sarala tells all that it means that Kkusum is still not safe. Kumud is worried. She asks Abhay if they can shift Kkusum to some place where she can be safe. Kkusum regains consciousness, and Kumud asks Kkusum as to how she is now. Kkusum calls out Kumud's name, and calls her as her daughter. Everyone is elated to hear that. Kumud asks her if she remembers her now. Kkusum tells her that how can she forget her when she takes care of her Aai so much. Everyone is again depressed. Kumud is disappointed. Kkusum asks as to why everyone is looking at her like that, and tells Abhay that she is fine now. Sarala tells her that she is fine but the doctor asks her to take rest. Abhay leaves.


Arundhati and Kapil are in their room. She tells him that from now on again they have to hear Kkusum's name all the time. She tells him that tomorrow is Karva Chauth, and she has invited all her friends to Kapoor house. Kapil shouts at her asking her if she was out of her mind to do that. She retorts back saying that she didn't know that Kkusum would be back, and so would be the tension. Kapil asks her if she meant to say that if there is no Kkusum, then there is no tension in the house. He tells her sternly to cancel the program of inviting her friends to Kapoor house. Just then, Sarala comes there, and tells Kapil that Abhay has told to maintain a happy mood in the house till Kkusum is there, and she tells Arundhati that she can call her friends if she desires to. Sarala leaves. Arundhati then tells Kapil that now she will be given permission for a party only 'coz that would make Kkusum happy. Kapil just walks away from there.


The killer is in his room, and is mad at the fact that Kkusum survived again. ( He acts perfectly like a psycho ). He gets a call, and then tells the person on phone in a frustating tone that he has attacked her so many times, and so what can he do if she escapes everytime. He then listens to what the person on phone says, and then he says that the job will be done, and disconnects the phone angrily.


Abhay is in his room, and watching the promo of Indian Idol. They show tw o sisters who feel happy for each other and say that one would be happy if the other gets a chance. Kumud comes there, and asks Abhay as to why he has tears in his eyes. Abhay tells her that he was watching the promo of Indian Idol, and seeing two kids, he remembered Kumud and Kali. Kumud sits down besides him, and tells him that one day all his wishes will be fulfilled, and tells him that they would watch Indian Idol collectively. Abhay smiles.


Arundhati tells the servant to clean up the garden and decorate it beautifully. Sarala comes there, and Arundhati bends down and touches her feet. Sarala gives her the blessings. She asks Arundhati to just check about the dishes for the evening. Arundhati blurts out that she herself has tasted the dishes and they are fantastic. Sarala is shocked to hear this. Arundhati then changes her words and says that actually the servant was telling that the dishes are good, and how could she taste anything when she is on fast. Kkusum comes there, and asks them as to wha they are talking about. Sarala informs her that today is Karva Chauth. Kkusum asks them as to why did anyone not inform her about it. Kkusum tells all that it is good that she hasn't eaten anything since morning, and she can continue her fast. Sarala is shocked, and so is Arundhati. Kapil and Nitin are also sitting there. Kkusum beds down to take the blessings of Sarala, and she gives her blessings. Kkusum asks Sarala that something is missing in her blessings today to which Sarala gives her more blessings and says that her blessings are always with her. Kkusum smiles, and leaves telling her that she will go and meet Abhay. Arundhati tells Sarala that it is going too far, and asks her as to what people would say if Kkusum fasts for Abhay. Sarala is worried.


Please comment. Waiting for ur reply.





jaan14 Newbie

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Posted: 28 October 2004 at 11:11am | IP Logged
thx for the update misbah!!!!!!!!!!!
-Amisha- Goldie

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Posted: 28 October 2004 at 11:26am | IP Logged
thanks for the update, Misbah!Clap
TiN24 Goldie

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Posted: 28 October 2004 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Great Update! Thanks a lot!Wink
arnav Senior Member

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Posted: 28 October 2004 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update
~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2004 at 1:59pm | IP Logged

a always, ur updats were the best

thanx a lot Clap

Kiran1018 Goldie

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Posted: 28 October 2004 at 4:19pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the updated...it was great.

ya, i seen the promo where kusum finds out who the killer is and the camera pans on the killer and it is abhay.....i wonder why would abhay do such a thing though?


p.s. Dont u guys think it was obvious when the inidan idol scene showed up that they were trying to advertise it?

TiN24 Goldie

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Posted: 28 October 2004 at 4:56pm | IP Logged

I knew our Sohan couldn't do such a thing.LOLWink

But I still wonder what part he plays in the this whole murder mystery. I mean, the poor guy came all the way from america. He should be considered an important person in mystery case right.

Anywho, I would have still loved him if he was good or bad. He plays both roles wonderfully!!!Big smile

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