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~~ *Door To Hell* ~~ (Page 40)

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Originally posted by Dazzling_Smile

Chapter 1


Sight of The Club..


As always the club was full of crazy people dancing like maniacs..

( Guyz I will nt tell again and again that this club isn't for everyone.. just some SPECIAL ONES )

But today something was different..

The whole club was stunningly decorated and there was hustle and bustle all over as if someone special.. more special was about to arrive..


Manager of the club was like about to cry at his state' decoration pieces all over him like he was been decorated.. his suit was torn into small pieces.. as this arrival of MidNight Madness was in a rush.. just few hours before he got the news and now just look at his state..


Manager : Go fast !! ' Do this !! '' Do that !!

Wait.. wait a min! WHERE THE HELL IS THE HOST??

He shouted in frustration..


The Host *Poor Soul* reacher near the manager running and breathing heavily'


H : yes! Sir.. m here.. phewww


M : why r u so irresponsible??


H : sir emm.. wo.. actually.. I '


M : huh!! Stop blabbering and run through you notes..




N : hey dude! U knw what ! I think there is a special event at Welcome To Hell club !!

He said excitingly..


Sw: hmm'

He said deeply engrossed in his thoughts about something or I should say someone and staring at the screen of his lappy.. *laptop*


N: dude kahan kho gaya..

He said waving his hand in front of him..

But no reaction..


N : dude'

He said and sits beside him and then his eyes went to the picture of a girl'

It was picture of his teenage friend and best friend ever'


N: woahhh ehm ehm swayam and staring at a girl..

He said looking dreamily at that picture..


All stared at swayam as if he had murdered swayam..

Swayam and that too staring at a girl's picture??

This was unbelievable..


But here swayam wasn't having any problem.. he know many eyes were on him but he felt too lazy to get his eyes off that picture'

He gently caressed the picture catching all the emotions he could..


The pure beauty of her face.. the twinkling eyes and the smile which was disappeared because of him..

He still remember that horrible night's incident..



Soon her eyes were watery.. these were the tears of pain.. he don't know why but he today after 3 whole years , he stared at her this much'  all these nights he wasn't able to sleep..


Tears rolled down his cheeks and he shuddered when he heard her scream and her last conversation '.

He was shivering.. all looked at him in surprise' all came to him to console her..


N : abbey ye teri purani girl friend to nhi jot u use yaad kar k ro raha he??


He said trying to make the atmosphere normal..


Sw: stop it nil' she is my life.. I love her.. and I just cant.. just cant control myself more..


He started crying badly' rey hugged him and asked..

*Rey didn't saw her face*


R : What happened bro?? tu kabhi itna synti nhi hua..


Sw : wo.. wo.. wo meru best friend thi..

He said sobbing..


R : to tu ro kyun rha he??


Sw : wo.. wo.. meri wajeh se..


R : swayam bolo kya??


Sw : wo uski meri wajeh se death hogaye..

He said in a go and started crying badly.. the guilt of losing her was there in his eyes..

Guilt' what is it?? No punishment is so terrible as prosperous guilt.

The difference between guilt and shame is very clear'in theory. We feel guilty for what we do. We feel shame for what we are.






MidNight Madness




: look ! tu uth ja warna u knw what can I do??

He said dramatically is if she will listen to her..


: Get Your butts off from here !!!

She again shouted..


V : oye teri to !! don't call me moron han !! m handsome hunk of Dackina Maliforia ' the hottest dude han !!


This was when her sleep was totally gone..

She burst out laughing and rofling at his words'

Hahhahaha this was hell !!


: U and that too HANDSOME HUNK??? HAWWTT??

She said dramatically..

He just pouted.. and then acted like weeping like a new born baby ..


: awww ! huh .. I didn't feel pity on you !!

Now gets ur butts out from my room.. I want to change..


V: Kritz you u always make fun of me?? As if m nt h-a-w-t..

He said pouting'


K: oh yaa !! well its because u r my bestie and I can do whatever I want..


V : God where the hell am i??

He said praying to God for his forgiveness for sins of his 1st life. ( which u guyz called as pichle janam )


K : in Hell !!

She said casually while he was busy with making creepy faces..


K : Now don't create those sickening faces and GET OUT !!


V : hawww u..


Before he could say anything , they heard a shout from dining table..




K : lol.. OK GRANNY !!


The person groaned..


: Well I will love to be your granny but now come fast and eat your breakfast FOR GOD'S SAKE !!


V : as if I will not come !! cominggg granny ! and plz make some healthy food na' m too much hungry'


K : huh u r always greedy.. MORON !


V : well whatsoever u lizard !!


K : WHAT?? WTH! How dare you call me lizard??

Granny look he called me lizard!!




V : but granny ! she called me moron !!




Both shouted : NO NO ! we will come out..

And then they sighed..



sigh... done with my update.. i know its not my best..

but m feeling so bad at what kind of reviews i m getting these days.. :( .. whatever !! i think my writing skills are going weak and weak day by day..

Hope u will like it..

nyc par deffrent sytle of writting like itHeart
n now for d part
hell club
n N say dudeConfused
swayam always like a sad n to emotional boy Ouchalways cryCry  like bau sry but it true ( y u guys always do this toh swayam  y y y)
nice convertion beetween v n k Big smile
afternoon v k n n Clap cute
over all Great  work + fabulus writing...ClapClapClap

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Pihu.k11 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Dazzling_Smile

Originally posted by Pihu.k11

Hawww.. Itna chotu sa update:( not fair !!
Who was dat guy n y he was holdin simmi's neck???
Thank god.. Rey came n saved her otherwise simmi toh mar e jati.. I was wonderin wht cud b thr in dat glass as it was mentioned dat rey dint c whts in d glads n he handed it over to simmi.. I thot something wud happen but nothing happend...:p
N vicky was in rage.. Wht cud b d reason of such enemity..
Omg.. Swayam held kriya's rist n she thot she's dreaming or she is just halucinating jus coz she was seeing swayam in front of her eyes.. N she cried too.. Awww!!
Dat means she's swayam's kriya !!
Bt wait.. Y vicky dmsaid tht if they got late.. They wid get stuck in dis world forever..
Where do they live yar..
Must mention.. U write brilliantly..
U din hav any idea...i hav so much interest in ur stories... I love readin dem n i literally wait fr ur updates n they worth it :)
Watin fr d nxt part :)
thank u sooo much pihu.. loved ur comment and will reply to it soon but there is a mistake... it was kriya nt simmi !!

Yep.. Pdh liya maine.. Wonder what made me feel dat its simmi :p

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Pihu.k11 IF-Rockerz

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High demands han!!
Lik next update on pg-50
Unfair h ye :p

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Dazzling_Smile

Chapter 2 :)

Both shouted : NO NO ! we will come out..

And then they sighed..




KYA ! All shouted.. as this wasn't a small news'

A girl died because of him.. he loved that girl ! whats all this??

Everyone was confused so rey just soothe him for sometime till he stopped crying and then asked him about that girl..


Tell me what happened bro?? kon thi wo?? And u loved him?? U means really l-o-v-e??

He asked calmly but stretched the word Love..

Swayam looked at him feels good by looking at the soothing face' his calm voice was very friendly..  " She was my best friend.. we loved each other like hell.. but she died in an car accident .." he paused and those dreadful memories start flowing infront of his eyes like a movie' he gulped hard..


Rey feels the tension in the air and then rubbed his back.. " Its Ok ! " he smiled at swayam " But how this accident is related to u? and u mean that love? " rey pointed at sharon.. swayam continued the story " no ! more than that ! " all went to a big shock !... more than that?? God ! how much more??


" Actually we were in a relationship for 2 years ! you all are asking y is her death related to me?? Actually that day we fought and I said I will leave her and that moment she was in her car" he told them but all were confused ..


"We didn't got you ! tell us in detail !" Vicky demanded.. " Emmm guyz ! I think we should leave for the club.. don't u think u guyz are wasting this precious time for my Blah Blah ?" he said while trying hard not to look in their eyes' his pain was not bearable!


"SHUT UP" rey shouted' " What The Hell you think of urself? Han? U will alone bear all the pain?? Dimmit we are here for u !" he remonstrate against the pain he is going alone through'


"Ok I will tell it in full detail but we are going to the club too??? And that's my last word" he said.. emmm actually ordered !.. "Oh that's feckless!" rey giggled while all were just quietly listening to their conversation..


"What so ever ! lets go' I will tell you the whole story in car ! no buts !" he again ordered and rushed to change his clothes' and then all started their own words..


Girls as always rushed to their makeup and cosmetics accessories' and boys .. just to have a look on their selves.. they just look into the mirror to see that their clothes are appropriate on them or not.. and just to have a look on their messy hairs.. nothing else.. but girls see mirrors to.. emmm' u guyz know better ! (P.S ' don't kill me .. I know m too a girl but its just a bad not so called reality :P )


The trio of them had their dinner' and they rushed to the club as it was one day for new year party and they have to perform on both days..


"Kritz ! MIND IT ! don't call me granny there' I HATE IT !" simmi eyed her and said like she was kriya's last living hope..


"K granny ! I willnt call u granny there" kriya shouted and banged the door hard and dashed towards the changing room..


"This girl Is totally insane.." she said with some sweet giggles.. "OH GOD ! I forgot to change because of this girl !" she rushed to her room to change'


After sometime they were done with their makeup, looks and all'

They were already late.. it was 10:00 and they just have 2 hours to spend here and after that as always they will disappear to an unkown place..




They reached at the club !


They heard shouting' The club was so obstreperous..ofcorse it was the manager shouting at a poor soul for some random mistake..and random music playing as the DJ was just checking tracks..

The trio were just giggling looking at the condition of the manager'



In the car , the girls were non stop talking and boys were just making some weird faces and taking glances at the girls as if they were hearing some blasts from them' in all this swayam was just smiling looking out of the window..


"You know what ! garrulity is in the blood of GIRLS !" rey commented while swyaam grinned wide at this.. " You know what ! kriya is so talkative.. har waqt meri baat kat tit hi.. she was the most lively girl I have ever met!! Meri baat bilkul nhi sunti thi ! and" swyaam was saying it in a go but rey interrupted him.. " Woahh dude ! tu kabse itna talkative ho gaya?? Hum to soch rahe the girls talkative hoti hen like ur kriya.. but here u go..  u r too so talkative.."


"HEY ! m nt talkative.. wo actually jab kriya ki baat ati he na to me thora super fast ho jata hun" he said smiling .. while all were listening to him with their jaws dropped' " Hahahaha ! I feel sorry for u dude ! to bikul pagal ho gaya he !" nil commented..


"Wo to me hun hi !" Swayam grinned widely while Sharon make disgusting faces' as she wasn't liking this so called kriya talk.. "whats in her which is not in me??" She thought..



Phewww m done with it..

I knw this isn't my way..  I tried of writing in a new way..

Hope u will like it.. temme if I should change it in my previous way of writing..
and guyz don't sue me cuz of kriyam.. this is just a beginning.. don't throw juttas and chappals on me til few more updates :P..

Then its on u :)

And yeah.. I want biggg comments as subah se likhne pe bethi hun.. and agar comment nhi kiay to next update nhi milega.. and mind it' bara wla acomments..


With lots of love..

-Ur Devil :)

awosm wrting way ..keepit upClapClapClap

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Dazzling_Smile

Chapter 3

"HEY ! m nt talkative.. wo actually jab kriya ki baat ati he na to me thora super fast ho jata hun" he said smiling .. while all were listening to him with their jaws dropped' " Hahahaha ! I feel sorry for u dude ! to bikul pagal ho gaya he !" nil commented..


"Wo to me hun hi !" Swayam grinned widely while Sharon make disgusting faces' as she wasn't liking this so called kriya talk.. "whats in her which is not in me??" She thought..


Their car stopped infront of Welcome To Hell club.. "Ah ! so noisy' huh !" Sharon exclaimed.. "So you think club are so quite and all?? Huh ! its just transient! Everything will be set!" swayam made a disgusting face and left for club from parking lot..


Swayam was the 1st one to enter the club in their group and after that one by one.. those lights.. random music the DJ was playing' freaking people' drinks' all this was making the atmosphere really good.. ahh so good!


Club Inside

Right Side ( Of Drinks)

Left Side ( of drinks )

Dance floor ( its right infront of drink counter..drink counter is full from right to left.. )

floor of the Dancefloor

Swayam moved to drinks counter and sat on a seat.. and there comes the whole gang companying him.. he was now very happy.. God knows y.. think so because he talked about kriya after ages.. all talked about the atmosphere and all when they heard something'


There were a guy and a girl' girl sitting close to them and the guy standing near her asking for something.. they payed their attention to them to hear what was going on..


"Don't u think there is no good couple in this dance floor ?" he asked..

She moved back to have a look and then smiled at him..

"don't u think we can change it?" he again asked with a smirk..

"emm.. no! ac.." he cut her in the middle'" agar tumne na kaha to me apni jaan dedunga!" he said again with a smirk.. she giggled .. *ops hindi*

"Oh really! Puh-lease han" she said in full attitude and was back to her drink..


her back was facing them and the guy's front was facing them.. they looked shockingly at them as they spoke in hindi.. "hmmm so yahan log hindi bhi bolte hen!" nil raised his eyebrows.. "Shocking thing han?" swayam smiled.. "Yup!" Sharon said smilingly but swayam ignored her ' and then all back to that guy and girl..


Kriya's Dress

Vicky's Dress

The guy moved away from there to the dance floor and the girl looked back to see where he was goin'' she sighed and again back to her drink but was interrupted by the sudden music change to hindi song.. she coughed badly..


I know you like me, you know I like you

Let's get together girl, you know you want to
I know you like me, you know I like you
Let's get together girl, you know you want to


He moved to the dance floor .. walking to the left drink corner ( she was in right ) eyeing her' girls were just staring at him.. after all he was looking extra handsome in that crazy dress.. he stopped hen he saw a girl standing infront of him (Simmi or GRANNY! Hehehe rofl ).. he pulled her to him..

Simmi's Dress


Raat din aate jaate, hoti hain sau mulakaatein

Aagey badti hai baatein, peechay chod de


He pulled her closer, picked her up and then put her down..


Raaste mein hai thehre, aur bhi kitne chehre

Aaj phir apni aankhein unse jod le


He pushed her away and then held another girl and swirled her and started an eye contact with her.


Kho jaayega, lamha yeh kho jaayega

Mudke na phir aayega, raahon mein usko rok le
Ho jaayega hoga jo ho jaayega


He again swirled her and then left her.. and held another girl..and puts his one hand on her waist and other on shoulder in a dancing position.. he there left and and then stands in the center of the dance floor where that girl (Kriya ) was sitting infront of..


You know you're so hot, you're on fire


He pointed her and then held again the old girl's hand ( simmi ) ..


1 2 3 go

Mil gaye jo chora chori
Huyi masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate love stories


He pulled her closer and then both did the step ( plz see the video, I better like the step than my disgusting ones ).. they did this step 2 times..




He comes to her and then sits on the table infront of her and throws her drink on the other side.. she gets up from there and walks on the dance floor..

Jo bhi karna yaar kar duniya ka na khayal kar

Kehti hai jo bhi isko, kehne de na


She pulled him towards her and did a salsa step..


Vaado se jo bandh kar, rakhna hai apne paas toh

Jaane de phir phir yeh dooriyan, rehne de na


He held her hand and then shooed it away..and then pulls her from waist and made a signal of moving away..



There swayam saw her.. Sh** its her ! "K..r.iya!" he hesitated but said.. all gang looked towards him except nil who was busy in checking out those two blasts.. ( Girls)


"What?" Sharon asked .. "emm Nil please have a look at that girl!" swayam pointed at the girl and gulped hard.. but no response..

 "NNILLL!" swayam shouted.. "Han han! Kya hua?!" he moved back to him.. " Wo black dress wali girl he na? have a close look at her!" swayam gulped hard after saying this..


"OH SH**!" nil came running to him and hugged Vicky tightly who was beside swayam.." Chiii!!! What r u doing man?" Vicky pushed away nil .. "Hey that's my line!" nil pouted but then hugged swayam.. there vicky went away...

 "ABEY! Hua kya?" swayam asked furiously.. "BHOOT" nil shouted and then shivered..


"Where?" swayam asked making a oh-so-bored face.. "Wo kiya ka bhoot!" nil hesitated saying it.. " I knew it !  she is kriya ! but.." he paused.. "Dude! Kriya to mar gayi thi na? so how come she here?" rey asked shocked at hearing it'

Whats this?? shocked?? or knew it?? confused??

i know.. mystery will open time by time..

so just wait and read only on Door To Hell..

i know chota he but seriously i dont have time..

and agar mujhe comments ache na mile then serioysly m nt updating..

next update after 50 likes..

loads of loves and huggs

-Urs Devil

Res for this timeConfused

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Dazzling_Smile

Chapter 4

Rey tried to see her but cant! Ah this crowd! And these girls so loquacious! Seriously as they are GIRLS!  He headed towards her when she disappeared from them.. he start searching for her.. he don't know why was he so desperate to see her?


Swayam's girl! Ya that's it! That's why he want to see her! He moved forward in an corner when he heard someone shouting.. a girl shouting.. but y? he moved on to see and they saw a guy helding a girl's neck and the girl shouting for help..


It was so obstreperous that no one knew what was happening except these trio.. the guyz held her  up .. her feet weren't touching the floor.. she was in so much pain.. her hairs covering her face.. her hands trying to free herself.. he listens to the guy..


"What do you think you are?" " I said na I will get you and now look this is they way I m getting you! I warned you ! be mine or die.. and here you are to die.. you know I love u so much.. and that's why I cant see you with anyone else.." he was getting on and on in angry tune, red eyes and bad thoughts..


Seeing this rey just can stare at this so called love.. it wasn't love.. it was just a "Junoon" !ya that's what it was.. he was mad.. the girl was on the verge of lacking oxygen when rey punched that guy hard on his face..


The girl fell down and start crying.. holding her neck and trying to breathe.. rey quickly picked up a glass which don't know what in it and gave it to her .. she was about to drank when the guy came near them to take a hold on her but rey kicked him hard and he fell down..


Rey held her hand and make her ran from there.. both ran and then came at a side.. there she drank it and then thanked.. "Thank you!" ah her voice was so sweet that rey was just left staring at her.. he moved her hairs and pinned them back and that was when rey saw her..


He was left WOW! So beautiful! Natural beauty with a bit of artificial makeup.. looking so beautiful yet sexy!! He smiled.. she looked at him smiled and then start finding someone.. "What are u looking for?" he asked.. "My group!" she said her voice as sweet as sugar..


"Group?" he asked .. she looked at him in shock.. "Are you new here?" she asked.. "Yes!" he replied.. "Oh that's why you don't know me! By the way nice to meet you!" she said and smiled whole heartly..


Vicky came running to her after he saw her.. he sighed but then something charged his anger up.. his eyes turned red.. he tights his hand into a fist.. "WHERE IS HE?" he barked.. "Emmm Vicky please leave!" she said..


"YOU JUST SHUT UP!" he again barked.. "Vicky please understand! Its 12:00 and we have to leave or else.. !" simmi said.. "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN SHIT CARE TO IT!" he screamed.. "VICKY SHUT UP!" now it was kriya's time to bark but after barking she wasn't in the state to stand.. she wobbled here and there and then fell but rey caught her.. her back was facing him.. he was holding her from her shoulders..


"VICKY ITS ALREADY 12:00! We are dead!" simmi shouted.. "I will help you! If u need any!" rey said getting embarrassed.. just then they heard a voice.. "Kriya!!" oh! That's swayam.. he was staring at her.. she tried to stand straight and then goes near him and looked at him closely..


"Hah! M totally drunk!" she announced and was about to go when swayam get a hold on her wrist' she again looked at him.. Traces him face with her index finger .. and then again looked back wondering it is a dream..


He pulled her hard against him.. she dashed onto him.. she again stared at him.. his eyes were fuming.. but tears were making their way too.. he was in a dilemma of what to do.. a tear escaped from kriya's eyes and the next second.. she ran from there and vicky and simmi also ran behind her as it was 12:00' they have to go or else they will stuck in this world forever!!

Ya again a cliffhanger i knw!

but kya karun! Devil hone ka farz nibhana parta he!

and u knw what? m getting lazy day by day so dont think of any updates now.. will post when my laziness ends.. *dont knw when*

Confusing he na? i knw! but this confusion will be soon gone!

Loads of hugs and muwaahh

NEXT UPDATE ON PAGE 50 * or else no update :| *

-Urs Devil

agian resBig smile

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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