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Maavi - Viraat : Future planning (Comedy) OS

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Maanvi – Viraat : And Their Future Planning

The scene is set around the time of Jeevika's first Delivery. Maanvi is now cured of cancer, she is in a well accepted relation with Viraat and they are supposed to get married next month. Both the families are in a celebration mood with the double bonanza going to hit them any time soon. Maanvi was busy jumping in excitement from one corner of Vadhera house to the other, waiting impatiently for the arrival of her becoming niece. Even Viraat was all geared up to don the roll of Chaachu. Well he had to excited otherwise Maanvi would have killed him ..She kept texting him every half hour "Yeee ..partner main Maasi aur tum chaachu banne wale ho ...YeeLOL". This same message every hour was getting on the nerves of Viraat but he was totally incapable of getting annoyed at his Maanvi, so he always smiled seeing her messages.

Time Almost 2:00 PM

Viraat – Maanvi sitting in the drawing area doing some work and Swamini bua looked sternly at the closeness of Viraat – Maanvi ..wanted to say them something but stopped thinking it's hopeless to even think of getting this two love birds away from each other. She tried to look very much engrossed in work but for some reason her eyes was always glued to VirMan. Viraat – Maanvi were very private persons and never displayed their love in front of others not at all in front of elders so this time too they were not at fault. This entire "chemical locha" was with Bua ji and her insecurity of having Maanvi as her chotti bahu but nothing was in her hands any more. Dada ji was the Chief justice of the house and his decision went in favour of Viraat the night when he appealed for, marrying Maanvi some six months ago.


A sudden noise came from upstair, well precisely from Jeevika's room

Viren : (Shouting, panicked) Badi maa, Maa, BG jaldi aayiyee...

Everyone on high alert hearing Viren scream and rushes to his room. Maanvi runs towards her Di who was screaming in pain.

Maanvi : (crying) Di... Di aapko kya huaa... ro kyun rahe ho ...

Viren : Maanvi I think Jeevika ko pain ho raha hain hamein use hospital le jaana padega..Badi Maa my ambulance call karta hoon ..aap sab yehin rahiye ...Viraat tu chal mere saath...(Viraat and Viren goes out)

Maanvi is still sitting beside Jeevika .calming her " Di ...aap ..aap tension mat lo ...Jiju gaye hain ambulance lene...aap rest karo ..."

Maanvi was tensed ...Swamini  bua tapped her shoulder "Maanvi relax ..sab kuch thik ho jayega ...hamne Jeevika ke liye best doctors ko appoint kiya hain" (Swamini won't forget to show her pomp even at such tense moments) Maanvi looked at her and tried to convince herself the same.

After sometime the ambulance arrived and Jeevika was shifted to hospital. In next few hours her labour pain again aroused and she gave birth to a beautiful angelic daughter. Everybody was overjoyed at the news everyone congratulated each other, hugged each other. Viren the proud father was so mesmerised at his daughter's beauty that he was not ready to leave her for a moment. Viraat- Maanvi were also too happy with the  new phases in their life.

Soon as instructed by doctor everybody had to take leave, only Viren was allowed to accompany Jeevika.

Everyone returns home. (Time about 7 :30 PM)

Swamini Bua : Sab log jaake fresh ho jaate hain aur dinner ke liye thode der mein milte hain. (She has forgotten of the 8:00 PM deadline..in this joyous moment)

Maanvi: (whispering in Viraat's ears) tumhari Hitler bua aaj dada ji ke 8 baje dinner ka rule bhool gayi..Kya baat hain mere bhanji ke kadam itne shubh hain ..ki aate hi usne bua ki kaya palat kar di ..Waah re mere god ji ..aapki leela ..aparampaar hain ...

Viraat : (Whishpering) Tum thode der ke liye aapna muh bandh nai rakh sakti ..jab dekho chapar chapar karti raheti hoo..

Swamini Bua : (looks back at Maanvi) Maanvi tum bhi jake fresh ho jao ..bahut thak gayi hogi. (Bua for a change was sounding sweet)

Maanvi was surprised to see sudden change Bua's tone for her. She thanked her niece for this welcome change and she was now more limping with joy.

Soon Maanvi and Viraat were alone and they entered Viraat's room. It was Maanvi's future room so she was quite comfortable with this room now and spent most of her time here.

Maanvi : Viraat ...main aaj bahut khush hoon ...main maasi ban gayi ..yess ..yes ...mujhe to vishwas hi nai ho raha...ki main ..Maasi ban gayi ..I m so happy for Di ..(saying this she stands up on Viraat's bed and does a typical tapori dance.to much of Viraat's surprise...Viraat couldn't stop laughing)

Viraat : Maanvi bas...control ...Maanta hoon tum bandariya ho but hamesha ..aapne iss bandariya wale avatar mein rehena kya jarrori hain...Calm down and sit.

Maanvi : Viraat ..kya bore kar rahe ho ...mujhe aapni khushi express karne do thik se...kab se wait kar rahi thi iss moment ka...yeehh (her Dhinka Chika continues)

Viraat : (Smiles) Kaun kahega ki tum Maasi ban gayi ho...Harketeein to tumhari 5th standard ki students se bhi battar hain ...Uff ..bhagwan jaane hamare baccho ka kya hoga...Yeh haal agar Maasi banne se hain ..to phir Maa banne se kya hoga I wonder.

Maanvi : (Stops her dance on hearing Viraat and sits beside him) Viraat ..how dare you ...Tum aisi vahiyaad baatein kaise kar sakte ho ...(hits his biceps)

Viraat : Sorry maine kuch galaat kaha ...???

Maanvi goes silent and starts running her brain...and her laughter disappears...Viraat realizes that she is cooking some mess in her tiny brain and shakes her to get her out of her dreamland.

Viraat : Maanvi...kya hua ...kya sochne lagi???

Maanvi : Virraaattt ...main aaj thode der pehele jo bhi  hua ..uske baade mein soch rahi thi...

Viraat : Thode der pehele ???/ (thinks) ..kya hua tha??

Maanvi : Arre bhool gaye ..Di kitna ro rahi thi ...unko kitna pain ho raha tha...delivery se pehele..

Viraat : (sighs)  Acchaaa ..woh ..arre meri pyaari partner ..yeh to sabko hota hain ...I mean jab baaccha hota hain tab..

Maanvi : (looks at him very inquisitively) Paarrr ..Jiju ko to nai huaa...(very childish) ...

Viraat : (Did not expect such question from a 23 year old woman who was about to get married next month) Whaaattt????????

Maanvi : (realizing her foolish question, tries to change the topic) ...Aurr.. aur tumhe bada pata hain kab dard hota hain kab nai hota...baat to aise kar rahe jaise pata nai pehele kitni baar baap ban chuke ho...

Viraat : Maanvi ..cchii ..kaisi baatein kar rahi ho...mere kehena ka matlab hain yeh to natural hain ..isme tension lene wali koi baat nai hain.

Maanvi : Arree ..kaise naa sochu .. mera matlab hain .baacha aata to dono pati patni ke vajah se hain na ..phir pain sirf mom ko kyun hota hain ?? I mean yeh kya baat hui ..this is not fair. Bhagwan ji hamaarein saath aisa kaise kar sakte hain??? (looking up)

Viraat : (not knowing what to tell, scratching his head) (In his head) Arre yaar ..yeh ladki kaise kaise sawaal puchti hain ...ab isse kaise samjhau ...Beta Viraat ready ho ja Shaadi ke baad tera full on band bajaane wali hain ..teri yeh sherni...

Maanvi : Viraattt...

Viraat : Aahh ...ohh haan ..arre partner you know na ..maine biology ki padhai nai ki hain ..to main tumhe thik kuch explain nai kar paunga ...(then makes a evil plan and tries to change the topic) Haan par aagar tumhe jaanne ka itna shauk hain to main kal puri padhai karke aunga aur tumhe poora procedure details me mein samjha dunga ...(winks)

Maanvi was so lost in her world that did not understand his exact meaning ..and continued..

Maanvi : Haann thik hain ..Par Viraat ..main soch rahi thi ki ..hum na baache nai karenge ...

Viraat : (shocked) Whaatt ??? Why ????

Maanvi : Haan Viraat...main thik kahe rahi hoon ..Mera matlab hain main ..itna pain nai sahe sakti ...Aur baache se hoga bhi kyaa ..desh ka population hi badega...haan (re-convincing herself)... to phir fixed raha haamaare baache nai honge ...nai baaba main itna dard nai shae sakti ...yehi sahi hain ..no kids no pain ..

Viraat : (holds Maanvi from shoulder) Maanvi ..tumhari problem kya hain ???Matlab tum mujhe jhatka dene ka ek bhi mauka nai gawati...Muhje time se hi pehele hi upar pahuchaane ka irrada hain kyaa????\

Maanvi : Kaise baat kar rahe ho...Itna mat socho ...Bhagwann tum jaise namune ko itni jaldi upar nai bulayenge ..unhe aapni shanti bhang nai karni  ...Aur tum kaho ..kya tum mujhe pain se rote hue dekh sakte ho ?? Nai naa... phir in sab ka kya matlab ...Baacha hoga to population bhi badega aur dard bhi hoga ..Aur agar nai hoga to ..na rahega baans naa bajegi bansuri ...Main sahi kahe rahi hoon naa partner?? (looks at Viraat for assurance)

Viraat thinking, what he can do to escape this confusing topic. It was true that he cannot see her in pain but right now did not know how to conclude this discussion...he made is last attempt now

Viraat : (With some determination) Hmmm ..Maanvi tum bilkul sahi kahe rahi hoo ..baache honge to hamesha woh "chacha pe pee" karte rahenge ..rote rahenge aur tumhara poora time unhi ke peeche nikal jayega ..aur hamein  ek dusre se pyaar karne ka time hi nai milega (winks, which makes Maanvi a bit conscious of his motive). Aur waise bhi baache honge to jyada se jyaada kya hoga tumhara time hi to pass ho jayega yaahan .given the fact that ..tum abhi bhi bacchii ho ...aur hamesha rahogi.. Woh honge to tum kabhi bhi bore nai ..hogi har waqt hasti rahogi ..kabhi mujhe miss bhi nai karogi ..but ...ki farak payenda ...aapne khudke baache nai to Bhabhi ke baache hi sahi ..unhi ke saath khel lena ..par mujhe doubt hain Bua tumhe unhe bigarne dengi yaa nai ..par koi baat nai ..I know tum to har baache ko aapna bana leti hoon ...so tum Angel ko bhi aapne baache jaise hi rakhogi (Viraat Maanvi nick named Jeevika's daughter as Angel long  before she was born)...

The mention of the names Angel changed tense looks of Maanvi with a jolly face...

Viraat : (continues) Waise Maanvi tumne notice kiya tha ..Bhai aur Bhabhi ..Angel ko dekhke kitne khush ho gaye the...U know maine unn dono ko itna khush kabhi nai dekha ...Unki khushi dekhke mujhe jitni khushi ho rahi thi utni jealousy bhi ho rahi thi..main to yeh bhi sochne lagne lag gaya tha ki ..hamaarein baachhe kab honge ...But U know what you are right ...itni se khushi ke liye itna saara dard kaun sahe...right ..I agree with you ..we won't have kids.. I mean thik hain Baacho ke wajah se khushi jaaroor milti hain ..par uske liye ..yeh dard ward sahena is not right ...You are right Maaannnvi ..tumne to meri aankhein khol di (raises his eyebrows)

All this lecture that Viraat just gave was his last attempt to cool down the so hyper Maanvi and make realize this childish girl that these are natural phenomenon of life which all has to pass. At this moment he also realized that after marriage he will have to play two roles at a time one being a dotting husband and the other being a good teacher.

Viraat's lecture seemed to have worked on Maanvi ..well partly ..Can't be said that she understood it totally but ..something in her head knocked off that negative thought of her and this thing didn't go unnoticed by Viraat. He was relieved to see himself succeed in his mission. Maanvi was still somewhat in her thoughts but now a new Khichdi was brewing in her mind.

Maanvi : Nai Viraat ..tum galat kahe rahe ho ...I mean sach kahe rahe ho ajj jo khushi maine di aur jiju ke chahere mein, Angel ke aane ke baad dekhi woh pehele kabhi nai dekhi thi. Di tired to lag rahi thi ..but unki khushi ..unke aansu bayaan kar rahe the... Viraat sach mein unko aisa dekhke main kitni khush hui thi..main bata nai sakti..Aurrr ...Jiju ..tumne unki hassi dekhi woh to kisi chote baache se bhi cute thi..aaayee hayee ...ek baachi ke aane se to unki ..zindagi bilkul badal hi gayi naa ... Aur ho bhi kyun na jab bacchii Angel jitni sweet ho ..to khushi to badhni hi hain na ..Main to kaheti hoon sirf unki nai Angel ke aane se hammari bhi zindagi bhi badal gayi. Sach Viraat log sahi kahete ..hain bacche ke aane se logo ki zindagi kaafi badal jaati hain. Aur agar koi bhi change itna cute ..ho Itnaaa aacha ho ..to uske liye dard sahene mein kya burai hain. Dekho na Jeevika di bhi to Angel ko dekhne ke baad aapne saare dard bhool gayi...Woww partner maine yeh sab pehele kyun nai socha...How can I forget what BG used to always say to Jeevika di during her pregnancy ..that Motherhood is the best part of every women's life.  Uss waqt mujhe unki baat samajh nai aayi but abhi aa rahi hain..(hits her head) Ohhooo main bhi pata nai kaisi kaisi baatein sochke aapna dimaag kharab karti hoon ..poora matter itna simple tha aur maine aapna dimmag faltu mein ghumaya ..aur aapna kya maine to tumhe bhi faltu mein pakaya ...Sorry Viraat ...u know na main thodi paagal hoon (goes and sits next to him) So abhi the case is closed and the decision is Baacha s are good for couples and dard ka daar out and Baacho ki khushi in...yee...

Viraat kept gazing at her ...during this long monologue ...He did not miss even a single word..comma..or semicolon...for him listening to her was like listening to music. But what surprised him the most was that how this overly childish girl suddenly started expressing such deep emotions ..just in a flick of second. Her transformation had always left him dumbstruck even in past and that's what he loved about her . At one moment she behaves like a 5 year kid and the next she passes by with deep meanings of life. He heard her quietly and was pleased to see her explanation. But he did not want the fun to end soon so he continued teasing her...

Viraat : Arre yeh kya Maanvi tumne itni jaldi party badal li...Nai nai tum aisa nai kar sakti...Hum pehele hi sahi the ..no kids...and bindaas life..

Maanvi : Ohhoo kya ek hi rag laap rahe ho ..Kahan na main gaalat thi ..I mean meri soch galat thi ..bachche to mere favourite hain ..main unke bina kaise rahe sakti hoon ...Aur tum to jaante hi hoo na main thodi paagal hoon ...tum mere in mood swings mein kabse aane lage ????..Choro inn baato ko...Chalo Angel ke welcome ka plan banate hain..

Viraat : Arre aise kaise chor doon yeh baat ..it very important ..u know..its about our future..so we should discuss it before our marriage (he loved teasing her like this and keeping her confused)

Maanvi : Uff ohhh ...Viraat tumhe ek mauka do ..to tum bore karne ka koi chance nai chodte... Maine kahan naa ..decision ho chukka hain ..Hamarre baachche honge ..aur woh bhi ek nai do – do ek banega/banegi filmstar aur dusra Lawyer akkhir family tradition bhi to maintain karna hain na ..so the deal is done ..two kids ...

Viraat : Arre waah kamaal ho ...kuch der pehele tak tumhe Baachche chahiye hi nai the.. aur abhi chahiye to do-do ...tumhare dimmag kis cheez se bana hain ...mujhe dekhna hain ..(looks at her head)

Maanvi : (getting free from his grip) Haadd hain matlab isme itna hairan hone wali kya baat hain ..maine wahi kahan jo mere man mein tha...

Viraat : Oh really ...tumne hamare baachcho ki career ki planning kar li aur mujhse pucha tak nai ki meri kya choice  hain ..matlab woh mere bhi baachche honge ..mera bhi unpe koi haq hoga ...how can you ignore me like this (pouts)

Maanvi : (holds ears and smile) Oopss... main to bhul hi gayi to chalo ..mere sher ..batao tumhari kya iccha hain ...ajj tumhari har murad poori hogi ...Maanvi ji aaj tumse kaafi prasanna hain...

Viraat : Ji devi Maanvi ..jaisi aapki aagya ...to suno meri soon –to-be Mrs Viraat Vadhera...Main ek nai do nai ...poore 11 bachche chahata hoon . Woh kya hain na ..aaj kal IPL ka fever chal raha hain.Jise dekho apni  I.P.L team kharid raha hain. To main soch raha tha ki kyun na main khud ki hi ek I.P.L team banaoo ...I mean players kharidne ke paise bach jayenge ...What say ...Idea kaisa laga (raises eyebrows)

Maanvi : Whaaattt????? Viraat ...tumhe ek chance do to ..tum apni vahiyaad baatoon ki express daurane lag jate ho?? Sharam nai aayi tumhe aisi baat karte hue...

Viraat : Isme sharam karne wali kaunsi baat hain ..tumne aapne plans bataye ..to ab main aapne plans bata raha hoon ..Aur ab jab tumhe baachcho se koi problem nai hain ..to ek ho yaa 11 ki farak payenda...

Maanvi : (Hits Viraat in chest ) Viraat ..bat  tameez ...Vahiyaad insaan ..tumne mujhe samajh kya rakha hain main koi dukaan hoon jahan bachcho ki end of season sale chal rahi ho...Chhii ..Tum jaise logo ke vajah se iss desh ka yeh haal ...population dekhi hain India ki ...hum jaise educated log agar aisa soch rakhte hai to rural India ka pata nai kya hoga...(Ohk she is now a social worker ..so her patriotism is now speaking on her head)

Viraat : Oye ..meri mother Teresa ...tum akeli nai ho iss desh ke bare mein sochne wali aur naahi tum akele iss desh ki population control kar sakti ho ..so let the 120 crore people think about it ...aapne iss chote se bheje mein itna zor mat dalo ...fat jayega ...

Maanvi : Viraat ...tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhese aisi baatein karne mein ...(she hits him with a pillow..which hits his head hard)

Viraat : Maaannnvi ..wait ...I will catch you ... (having said that he runs after her in the room ..Maanvi climbs on the bed ..so does Viraat)

Finally Viraat is able to grab her ...He pulls her with all strength only to make her fall on him...Maanvi fall s and her head hits his chest...She looks up into his eyes..and there's a eye lock .. Viraat keeps looking at her ...With his one hand holding her tight from waist and other putting the hair strands behind her ears...He rises a bit to kiss her...when

Maanvi : (Slaps his cheek playfully) Kya kar rahe ho ...door is open ..koi dekh lega ...

Viraat : Arre to kya hua ..mere tum pe haq hain ...aur haamari shaadi bhi hone wali hain..jald to kis baat ka dar...

Maanvi : Ji haaan hone waali hain ..hui .nai hain ...Hamein BG yaar Bua mese kisi ne bhi aise dekh liya to Shaadi cancel ...

Viraat : (Still holding her) ..Aree meri Sherni ..tum kabse darne lagi ...koi nai aayega ..woh actually main soch rah tha ..ki haamein 11 baachche chahiye ..to ..hammein abhi se planning karni chahiye ..Hain na ...(Smirks and Winks)...

Maanvi : (trying  her best to rise up..but not able) Chiii Viraat ..tumhare sense of humour ko ho kya gaya hain ..kaise ghatiyaa PJ maar rahe ho aaj ...Chii ..choro mujhe...(Suddenly they hear a footsteps approaching them, and a womanly voice calling Maanvi's name)

Maanvi : (shocked) Viraat... BG ..choro ...

Viraat also gets conscious and leaves her ..both get up and stands..while Maanvi was correcting her dupatta..which was messed up cause of the fall...When BG enters their room and looked a bit annoyed to see them together. Ok they were now in decent position but BG was an experienced women and she was well alerted of the fact that something fishy was going on there..But she did n't react much on it...

BG : Maanvi ...tu abhi tak yaahan hain ...aur yeh kya tum dono abhi tak fresh nai hue??? Sab niche wait kar rahe hain dinner ke liye ...

Maanvi : BG woh ...main Viraat ke saath ..Jeevika di ke beti ke baarein mein baat kar rahi thi ..aur time ka paata nai chala

BG : Yeh saari baatein baad mein bhi to ho sakti ..hain ...

Viraat who was till now watching everything silently finally tried to save Maanvi from BG's guns..

Viraat : Sorry BG ..woh yeh to jaa rahi thi ..maine hi isse ...zabardasti rok liye ..iski koi galti nai hain ...

Maanvi looked at him and smiled ..seeing his caring gesture ...

BG : (somewhat convinced) Maanvi jaldi chal ab ..sab intezaar kar rahe hain ...(and she drags her out of room ... Viraats keeps looking as Maanvi goes..Maanvi looks back and smiles)

Viraat reaches the door and tries to overhear what BG says while taking her...

BG : Maanvi ..tujhme kab akal aayegi...tu har waqt Viraat ke room mein kyun raheti hain ..Swamini ji kya sochti hongi ..tere baarein mein ...hamaarein barein ..mein ...Hamesha yaad rakh teri abhi shaadi hui nai usse ..Jab dekho uske kamre mein padi milegi ...Abhi kya kar raheti Viraat ke kamre mein itni der tak...(and their voice disappears soon as they both enter Maanvi's room)

Viraat closes his door and says "Arre BG ..kahaan kuch kar rahi thi ..Kuch karti usse pehele to aap aa gayi ...Par ab aur jyaada din nai hain ...Sirf ek mahine ..one month and then ...(he now looks at the wallpaper of his mobile which was joint picture of Maanvi and him) . He smiles and say ... "One month..and then mere Bhai ki yeh pyaari Saali ..banegi Meri Gharwaali..."(and winks and goes for change)



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my goodnes i still cnt stop laughin...LOLLOL
yaar aise ideas tere dimag mein kaise ate hain(how do sch ideas cum in ur mind)
d funniest n suprb os...i hv cum across...
Hatss offf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

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heaven princess
heaven princess

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That was too funny... expecially virats line of

 Viraat : Ji devi Maanvi ..jaisi aapki aagya ...to suno meri soon –to-be Mrs Viraat Vadhera...Main ek nai do nai ...poore 11 bachche chahata hoon . Woh kya hain na ..aaj kal IPL ka fever chal raha hain.Jise dekho apni  I.P.L team kharid raha hain. To main soch raha tha ki kyun na main khud ki hi ek I.P.L team banaoo ...I mean players kharidne ke paise bach jayenge ...What say ...Idea kaisa laga (raises eyebrows)ROFL

and manvi replying how she hasnt opened an end of season sale of kids ROFL

please pm me when you ryt more 

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never read such kind of os i wasROFLthrough out i loved each and every dialouge i can't explain how much i loved it pm me for ur future work

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I read dis in VC.. loved it Sumu... Heart

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