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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Maanvi- Viraat : Partners for life .. (Page 2)

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The story ends here ...wish u all had fun with it ...Sorry If i disappointed ..u ...do comment ...

PART 7 Journey Towards the END

Six Month after the transplant...

Maanvi was recoverin very fast.. all thanks to her di who was by her side 24 *7 and not to forget Mr. Viraat Singh Vadhera ..who is now a very busy man. His talent is now taking him to new heights. His debut album was getting rave reviews and finally he has achieved his dreams. Even though how ever busy he might be .. his care  and love for his PARTNER never ceased to decrease. Where ever he might be ..his antennas were always attached to Maanvi ..and was always updated about her activities.

After another 5 months

It was almost one year after the transplant.. Maanvi was now cured from the disease, but her stay is Chandigarh continues as she was undergoing regular check ups there...and Viraat, Jeevika and Viren, the 3 Bodyguards of Maanvi's life will not allow her to take a step outside Chandigarh till they are not assured that she is 100% oh no ..200% fit.

If spoken of Maanvi, she was now back to joyous self and back to her todhna-phodna. But in the meantime, while she was recovering she found a new goal, realized her interest for helping people could be a promising career and also a big time pass. Hence she joined Swamini bua's NGO for helping the homeless kids. Kids have always been her favorites and a job in this arena was a gift to her. Swamini Bua though at first..was quite scared about the entire thing but was now ok ..after seeing her dedication. Even after this ...still Bua was skeptical about Viraat-Maanvi marriage ..and seeing Maanvi as her Choti Bahu used to give her nightmares every now and then. But except Bua .all the other members had already started taking Maanvi as the next bahu of the Vadheraa house.

As for Viraat, ..has now become the rockstar Viraat, just two albums old he has become a household name, dream of everygirl. He has also started getting offers from Bollywood. In short he has everything in his plate now and the Vadhera clan was basking at his glory. He was also too happy and thanked god every moment for giving him the two most important things of his life..Music and Maanvi..both starting with M...(This man has some sort of connection with the letter M). Ok now coming to Viraat-Manvi relation after all this while..well love has blossomed between them..and the story has gone ahead...but wait..they are two uniques creatures ..as it is an established fact now so expecting then to behave as all couples do ..is a distant dream. In that case .. they themselve can not imagine eachother doing such things . As a matter of fact..during their moments of intimacy ..one could only find them screaming at each other as they never missed a single chance to annoy the one another.

Time 5:00 Maanvi's Room

She is back from her work and restlessly ..storming inside her room ..searching for a chance to kill someone. "Maanvi...tum..ek kaam thik se karna nai chahati ..Tumhe to jaise mauka chahiye ...hamaare izzat ko mitti mein milane ka...Hum jitni koshish karte hain tumse khush rahene ki ..tum utna hi hamein pareshan karne me mauke dhundti raheti ho...Pata nai yeh sab kab tak chalega." Words of Swamini bua were revolving in her brain and creating new waves of anger.

Maanvi – (to herself) ..Yeh buaa mujhese hamesha itni gussa kyun raheti hain ..Main jitna kosish karti hoon unhe khush rakhu...unhe impress karu ..woh mujhse utna hi door  bhagti hain...Woh akhir koi bhi mauka nai chodti ..mujhe sabke saamne daantne ka...Akhir maine kiya hi kya tha ..kuch baacho ko bina puche ..apne saath ghumane hi le gayi thi ..ab har baat ke liye ..us warden  se permission leti phirungi kya ..khud to kabhi hasti nai hain aur baacho ko bhi hasne nai deti.

(She was reffering to the warden who has played the role of Villain in the entire drama..it all started last night when Maanvi paid a quick visit to the orphanage and found her cute friends bored...In a blink of second a wonderful idea .sprouted in her mind and she decided to take them on a night out..but since it was past the curfew hours ,.she did not inform any one and bunked out of the place. Somehow the warden got to know of it and ran to Swamini bua ...This warden always had problems with Maanvi cause she was always after her .for some reason or the other)

She kept ranting her anger out..and kept storming inside the room...One more tide of anger burst out and she screams to herself ..."Aur ..Aur yeh Viraat ...Pata nai kaha jaake apni awaaz ki jaadu chala raha aur gopiyon ke beech kaanha bane phir raha ...mujhe is jungle mein akele chorke...I hate you ...Viraat..ek baar vapis aao ...dikhati hoon tumhe".

(Viraat was currently in Italy ..as part of his 5 city world tour and Italy was his last destination. Maanvi always had a huge problem with his female fan following like anyother girlfriend ...and just to control her anger she never used make appearance in his stage shows...cause she knew seeing girls going gaga on him ..she will definitely end up murdering at least one or two.)

She saw the time and opened her laptop wishing Viraat would be online and as they say "Koi cheeze dil se chaho to saari kainaat ..jut jati hain usse pura karne mein".  Happened with Maanvi too...and Viraat came online to have a Video Chat.

Viraat : Hii ...meri Jaan

Maanvi : Jaan meri jooti

Viraat : Oye aise baat karta hain apne boyfriend se ...khas kar tab jab boyfriend usse itna door ho... (interuppeted by Maanvi)

Maanvi : Haaan haan door ho aur ladkiyo ke beech hero bane phir raha ho...

Viraat senses her jealousy and anger and wanted to know the reason..so tried to cool her...

Viraat : Arre nai re meri Partner ...Kisi ki maazaal hain ki tumhare rahete ,.koi haamare pass aane ki koshish bhi karein ..akhir unhe bhi aapni jaan ki padhwa hain (with that typical smirky smile, only to angry her more) Aur waise bhi iss naacheez ke dil mein sirf aur sirf aapka hi naam hain...(winks)

Maanvi : Haa ...pata hain ..kiss kis ka naam hain chorooo...

Viraat : Kyaa baat hain aaj apne mood ki batti kyun jala rakhi hainn ...kisi ne kuch kaha kyaa ?? Kahin Bua ne phir daanta to nai...??

Maanvi : Ohhoo tumhari buaa ...unhe to bas mauka chahiye ..kab unhe meri band bajane ko mile ... and she burst out all her anger and the entire incident ..(Viraat starts laughing ..seeing her shouting so much)

Maanvi : (now looking fierce) Viraat ..tumhe hasi aa rahi hain aur yaahan meri band baj chuki hain ..haan tumhe kyun farak padhega .. tumhe thodi woh sunna padha ...

Viraat :(controls his laugh) Arrre nai Maanvi ... main to isiliye hass raha tha ki tum ko chillate hue dekhke ..mera attendent room se bhag gaya ...Maanvi main iss waqt green room mein hoon ...Itna chillaogi to tumhari awaaz meri audience tak pahuch ..jayegi... ..aachaa abhi aapna gussa shaant karo ..tumhi to kaheti ho na woh badi hain aur unhe daantne ka poora haq hain ..phir itna kyun gusssa ho rahi ho... (then to change her mood) Accha yeh batao ...tum mujhe miss karti bhi ho yaa nai

Maanvi : (still angry and not in mood of any romantic talk) ..Yaad ...aur tumhe... mere itne boore din nai aaye..(Truth was though ..she was missing him like hell) ...

Viraat : Aacha ..nai yaad karti to thik hain ..actually ek ladki kal mujhe  kahe rahi thi ki ..Woh mujhse bahut pyaar ..karti hain .aur mere saath shaadi bhi karna chahati hain ...aur tumhe pata hain usne to mere saath dance bhi kiya stage pein. She was so damn sexy ...I think usse ek date pein le jaata hoon ...

Maanvi : (more angry that earlier) Viraaat ...tum tum ..mujhe dhamki de rahe ho??? Tum Maanvi Chaudhary ko dhamki de rahe ho??? How dare you Viraat...Shukar manao tum yeh Italy se kahe rahe ho ..agar yahan kahete to main... main ..tumhare sar kha jaati ...

Viraat  : (only to annoy her more) ..Woh to tum abhi bhi kha rahi ho ..(winks)

Maanvi : (shouts) Viraaat... jyada bhao khane ki koi jarrorat nai hain ..aur yeh jo aapna attitude hain na ..woh tum .apne un stupid fans ko dekhao ..woh marti hongi tum pein ...Aur tum mujhe dhamki kis baat ki de rahe ho ...agar tumhara itna maan hain to jao .tum aapni us chudail ke saath date ..pe jao ..ghumo phiro ,..mujhe koi farak nai padhta... In fact tum vaapis hi mat aao ..wahi ghar basa lo ..Apni uss phirangan ko gana suna na aur... raat din pizza khate rahena ...Byeee... pata nai main tumse baat hi kyun karti hoon ...and all the best for show..(she goes offline in her rage... but even then she did not forget to wish him luck)

Viraat : (looking at her pic) ..Bye ..partner ..You know ..Mere is life ..yaa kisi life mein sirf aur sirf ek hi ladki ki space hain and that's you my love...I am coming..

Viren was passing their room and listens to their conversation (rather jus Maanvi's version)..and decides to have a lil chat with his brother hence goes to his study room.

Viren – Viraat Chat

Viren : Bhai ..aur kya haal hain ...show thik se chal raha hain na??

Viraat : Haan bhai ...bas thode der mein last show hain and then back home.

Viren : Acchi baat hain ..to tu Friday night ko pahuchega naa ...

Viraat  : Nai bhai ...Main Friday early morning Delhi land karunga ...By afternoon I should be in Chandigarh.

Viren : Woww ...

Viraat : But bhai ...yeh baat kisi ko bhi ..I mean khas kar Maanvi ko bilkul bhi pata chalni nai chahiye...

Viren : Ohkk but why??? I mean tere aane se sabse jyaada khushi to usse hi hogi na?

Viraat : I know bhai ..bas ek baat ..hain and you promise me that you will not tell anything to her.

Viren : Thik hain Viraat... par yeh bataa yeh tum dono ..thode der pehele kis baat pein jhagar rahe the ..I mean Maanvi to bahut gusse mein lag rahi thi..

Viraat : Thi ek baat ..app woh sab choro... (he hides ..Bua drama from Viren..Maanvi would have also done the same)

Viren : Accha thik hain ...but Viraat soch tu itne door ..hain ..usko itna gussa dilana nai chahiye ...

Viraat : (in a very chillaxed way) Bhai ..don't worry woh meri Bandariya hain thode der mein thik ho jayegi ..aur bhai kuch paane ke liye ..thode der ke liye kuch khona padhta hain...(smirks)

Viren : (surprised) Tere kehene ka kya matlab hain??? Tune woh sare jhagra jaan bujhke kiya usse gussa dilane ke liye?? I don't believe you Viraat ..mera matlab yaar kamaal ki hain yaar tumhari jodi ...kuch samajh hi nai aata ...I wonder tumhare shaadi ke baad iss ghar ka kya haal ho ga most importantly Bua aur Dada ji ka kya hoga...

Viraat : Bhai ..aap woh sab mat socho ..sab thik ho jayega ...Just remember when Viraat and Maanvi is there ...do not fear...

Viren : Hmmm ...I hope so ..waise ..I envy your chemistry with my saali ..kaash Jeevika ko bih aapne behena wale gun milte...

Viraat .: Bhaaii ..not fair app meri pyaari bhabhi ko aapni us chudail saali se compare kar rahe ho... Bolu main Bhabhi ko ...

Viren : (joins hands) Arre nai mere bhai ...aisa julm mat karna ...varna pata chala ...tum aur Maanvi to ek ho gaye ..par Jeevika mujhe ghar se nikal.de ...

Viraat : Bhai .chill Just kidding ..ohk I gotta go ...Show will start after sometime..Cya .on Friday...

Viren : Ohk ...All the best ...rock the stage.


Viren goes back to his Bedroom

Jeevika was sitting on the couch and Maanvi was blabbering something continuously. Viren looks at Jeevika from outside and smile. Jeevika was now 3 months pregnent and the entire family was too happy. Maanvi especially was flying with excitement of becoming 'Maasi' and has already started ..making plans. At the same time it was her turn to take care of Jeevika and she was not leaving a single chance. All her free time was diverted to her. Viren tries to overhear the sisterly talk and manages to hear...

Maanvi : Di ...aapko pata hain aap kitni lucky ho aapko Jiju jaisa pati mila hain ...itne pyaar karne wale log mile hain ..Apki life to mast hain...

Jeevika : Aisa kyun bol rahi hain Maanu ... mere Dewar ji bhi bahut pyaare hain .aur finally to tujhe bhi issi ghar mein aana hain...Abhi to kisi ko bhi problem nai hain tumhare rishte se ...

Maanvi: Di ...aapne soch kaise liya ...ki main us Viraat se shaadi karne wali hoon ... Aur usse main kya ...koi bhi normal ladki shaadi nai karegi ...pata nai aapne aapko kya samajhta hain..

Jeevika:  Maanu ..kaisi baatein bol kar rahi hain ..tu hosh mein to ..hain ...Hamesha to usko miss karti raheti hain ...to phir aaj aachanak kya hua ..koi jhagra hua kya Viraat se?? Tu baith yaaahan aur bol kya huaa...

Maanvi : (sits besides her) Kuch nai di ..bas jaise jaise din jaa rahe hain waise waise aapke us not so pyaare dewar ke rang dikh rahe hain... (Viren was laughing hearing her)

Jeevika : Mannu ..aisa mat bol uske baare mein ..arre uske jaisa aacha ladka tujhe kahin nai mil sakta ..aur yeh to tujhe bhi pata hain ki woh tujhe aapne aap se bhi jyaada pyaar karta hain...

Maanvi : Pyaaarrr... aur woh ...woh mujhe koi pyaar vyaar nai karta..usse to bas pyaar hain un stupid ladkiyo se ..jo chillati phirti hain "I love you Viraaat..pls marry mee ..huhhh" (making a typical face).

Jeevika : (trying to pacify) Mannu shant ho ja ... (but Maanvi continues)

Maanvi : Aur di ..aap kis pyaar ki baat kar rahi hoo ..aapko pata hain aapke us dewar ...ne aaj tak mujhe I Love You nai ..kaha ..In fact maine usse do do baar I love you kaha ..but you Mr. Rockstar...ko aaj tak mujhese confess karne ka mauka nai mila ..Milegi kaise ..style maarne se phoorsat ho tab na...Confession to chhoro ..usne aaj tak ...mujhe kiss bhi nai kiyaa...sochoo ...not even a single kiss ...duniya ka kaunsa boyfriend apne girlfriend ke saath aisa karta hainn ...

Jeevika was dumdstruck at what Maanvi said just now ..She never imagined Maanvi speaking so casually about Kissing and all..she did not know what to say

Jeevika : Mannu ...kaisi baatein kar rahi hain ...chup kar..

Viren : (enters the room laughing) Aur kyaa Jeevika ..sahi to kahe rahi ..hain meri saali ..tum isse rok kyun rahi...ho ..

Viren : Maanvi ...continue ...to bolo .aur kya kya chahati ho tum ..I mean aur kya kya expectations hain tumhari mere bhai se ...Woh kyaa hain naa.. tum bata dogi to main Viraat ko samjha dunga ..phir I am sure mera bhai tumhari har icchha poori karega ...(with a naughty smile)

Maanvi : (opened her mouth to say some more, but then realized Viren is playing a prank and got conscious) Jiju..aap mera mazaak udha rahe ho ...sharam nai aati dusro ki baat chup chupke sunte ho...(looking at Jeevika)

Maanvi : Di dekha aapne ...apke pati ...aapki Jassosi kar rahe the ...

Jeevika : Viren ji...aap

Viren : Aare nai Mrs Vadhera ... hum to bas aapki behena ki wish list sunke ...khade ho gaye.

Maanvi gets conscious and also feels shy ..."Jiju ...I am leaving" ..And runs ways .. Viren and Jeevika looks at eachother and smile.

Viren : Viraat ki to life. Mein aish hain kitni aachi ... wife mili hain ..waahh mere bhai...

Jeevika : (looks at him suspiciously) Viren ji ...aapka kya matlab hain ..main aachi wife nai hoon?? ..(pouts)

Viren (coming back to his senses) Arre nai meri Mrs Vadhera... App to hamari jaan ho aapka kya kisi se mukabla ..(Jeevika smiles)

Friday comes.. (the day of Viraat's arrival)

Maanvi goes to work (Swamini's NGO and Orphanage) and starts her works for the day quite early. She was doing everything with utmost perfection leaving no chance for Swamini's anger. She was in a little hurry today ..as she had to leave early  for someother work. In the meanwhile Viraat has already reached India and was on his way to Chandigarh. He calls up Lovely Singh and updates him about the events.

(Lovely Singh and Viraat were now business partners..Viraat owned 50% stake in LS studios. It all happened after Viraat's first album, LS was so impressed by him that he offered him this oppurtunity and Viraat couldn't say no as this would give him chance to stay in Chandigarh near his family, near his love)

Time About 5 :00 PM ..

Maanvi still working at NGO ..recieves a call which tells her to be present at some place which was out of the town. Knowing that it will take her some time to reach there ..she takes permission frm Bua and leaves.

Time 7:00 PM

Maanvi arrives the place...the place was quite dark..she did not find anyone around. It was totally human less and too dark.She was perflexed. She kept looking hear and there...Suddenly a dim light came out and she saw a tall Man walking towards her ..he was wearing Red T shirt and white Jacket. And He was Mr Viraat Vadhera.

Maanvi was shocked to see him..she thought ..how can he be here ..he is supposed to reach late night today and can be in Chandigarh only by tomorrow morning. Viraat walks toward her ..and she was feeling so calm to see him like this ..she ran and went to hug him tight. Viraat ..also felt same..finding her in his arms after such a long time and was holding her tight. He did not want to let her go.

She was still hugging him .when a certain bulb in her brain lights up and she breaks away...

Maanvi : (In a high pitch) Viraat ..tum yaahan iss waqt...Kaise ..?? Tum to kal subha pahuchne wale the na ...Chandigarh ..phir ..abhi kaise ...??? Tumne bulaya tha mujhe yaahan ?? Matlab... (interrupted by Viraat)

Viraat : Arre Babaa thoda break lagao ..main bata ta hoon ...Arre woh main aaj raat ko ..nai ..balki aaj subha Char baje hi pahuch gaya tha  Delhi .mein ...

Maanvi : (without letting him complete his sentence) Kyaa tum aaj subha pahuch gaye the ..aur tum ne kisi ko yeh bata na jarrori nai samjha ..Viraat tum pagaal ho gaye ho kyaa...

Viraat : Nai Maanvi woh actually ,,,mere aane ke baarein mein maine Bhai ko pehele hi bata diya tha ... Bas maine unhe iske baarein mein tumhe batane se mana ki tha... Woh main tumhe surprise karna chahata tha...(with a cute smile holding Maanvi's hands)

Maanvi : (angry and breaking away from his touch) Surprise...Yaaa Shock ...Tumne sabko aapne aane ke baare mein bataya ..aur mujhese jhoot kahete rahe...Wait matlab thodi der pehele jo call mujhe aaya tha woh tumhi ne kiya tha ..mujhe yaahan bulane ke liye ...Viraat tumne mujhe kya samajh rakha koi raaste chalta ladki jisko tum kahin bhi bula sakte ho...Tumne mujhe itni Vahiyaad jagah pein milne ke liye kaise bula sakte ho ...Main sahi kaheti thi ..Naam Viraat ho jane se ..kisi ki Buddhi Viraat nai hoti ...Kar diya na tumne Chep wali harkat... Viraat ...you know what you are impossible ...aur tumse kuch expect karna ...kisi insaan ke life ki sabse badi galti hogi...(she kept shouting at him )

Viraat couldn't take it anymore..and thought of a solution ...he started moving towards her...But in her rage she did not notice his movement. He was nomore listening to what she is saying.. He comes very close to her ...pulls her towards him ..holds tightly ..and plants a kiss on her lips. She was shocked beyond limits as his lips touched her. Suddenly she felt an unknown excitement all over her body,...but she tried to control it and break free...but that poor soul was caught in the firm hands of Viraat and couldn't even move a bit. He kept kissing her ..till she calmed down...

After a while they both break from one another. Maanvi was in a stand by mode.. did not know what to react while Viraat had a lot of determination in his eyes and basking at the glory of his recent feat. Maanvi after a while controlled her feeling and came back to herself and asked

Maanvi : What was that????? (still in shock)

Viraat : (very confident) I think that was a kiss...

Maanvi : Viraat ... I very well know.. that was a kiss... But how dare you kiss me that too without my permission. Tum apne aapko samajhte kya ho..(hits him in his chest)

Viraat : Main tumhe aapna partner samajhta hoon aur usi haq se maine tumhe kiss kiya ..as simple as that (with a naughty wink)\

Maanvi : Viraat ..mujhe aur gussa mat dilaoo ...How can you kiss me like this ...I mean this was our first kiss ..this was supposed to be the most memorable one ..Aur tumne sab kuch kharab kar diyaa ... Koi aise behave karta hain kyaa apne GF ke saath (Maanvi in her full gear to say all wrong things to Viraat at such a romantic moment... perhaps this was her special attempt to wipe out the shyness she was feeling at that time) ..She continuess...

Maanvi : Viraat ...tum ..tum kabhi ek bhi mauka nai chodhte mujhe gussa dilaane mein ...Pehele to tumne mujhe jhoot kaaha ..phir tumne mujhe dhoke se iss gande se jagah pein bulayaa ..aur ab yeh sab harkat ...Aur tumhe lagta hain main in saab cheezo se khush ..hongi ..Main bol rahi hoon Viraat ..tumhare dimaag iss world tour mein Jaake kharab ho chuka ..hain ..tum pagaal ho chuke ho ...

Viraat was now angry and could n't take it anymore...

Viraat: (Shouted) Basss ...ab basss karo ...Maanvi ..just shut up ...maine yaahan tumse milne keliye ..naa jaane kitne plans banaye the ...itne mehanaat kiye the ...aur tumhe yeh sab sirf ek bakwaas lag rah hain .Subha se vapiss aane ke baad main ghar nai gaya ..kisi se nai mila taaki main tuumhe khush kar saku padh tumhe to yaahan mujhe chillane se hi phhorsaat nai ...to khush kya hogi ...Jab se tum aayi ho ..tumne ek baar mujhse yeh puchna jarrori nai samjha ki main kaisa hoon ...mera trip kaisa tha...aur puchogi bhi kaise tumhe mujhese complains kar ne time mile tab na ...Tumhare liye to main hamesha vella hoon aur vella hi rahunga ...Pata nai main hi kyun hamesha khush karne ke peeche laga rahata hoon jab ki mujhe khud ko bhi pata hain ..in saab ka tumpe koi asar nai ho ga ...I am sorry ...ki maine yeh sab kiyaa ...I m sorry tumhe yaahan bulayaaa ..Chala jaata hoon ..(saying this he turns back and starts walking)

Maanvi was standing there listening to him..to what all he had to say...As Viraat took few steps ..Suddenly ...all lights went on ...Viraat stopped..He looked around the place.. the area was decorated with red and white satin curtains ...to his right side ...there was a small hut shaped canopy with a table and seat for two. The hut was beside a wonderful lake...On his other side was a huge Screen which was showing a AV on the moment which Viraat – Maanvi have spent together.. He suddenly heard a background music ..which was from his recent music album which Maanvi loved a lot. He looked around the whole area once again.. it looked so much like his own arrangement but still holds a different aura... The place was now looking heaven ...His anger was running away fast. He looked for Maanvi but did not see her... He was about to turn back when he heard ..." Mr. Viraat Singh Vadhera ..would like to spend your entire life with me" His anger evaporated the moment these words reached his ears... He looked back and found Maanvi sitting on her knees with a ring in her hand . He ran towards her ,and sat on his knees too and cupped her face... and said "Yeh sab" (tears in his eyes)...Maanvi looked down and said

Maanvi : (with a naughty smile) Why should boys have all the fun...(and winked)

Viraat ...also laughed with her...

Viraat : Maanvi tumne yeh sab jaan bujhke kaha mujhe gussa dilaane ke liye...Matlab tum natak kar rahi thi ab tak???

Maanvi nodded to say yes with tears in her eyes too..

Viraat : Maanvi tumne meri jaan nikal di thi ...itna bada drama ...tum to drama queen nikli ...Aur tumhe pata kaise chala in sab ke baade mein???

Maanvi : Arre baba thoda shaant ho jao ..Baata ti hoon .. Woh Jiju kal kuch aajeb sa behave kar rahe the to mujhe laga ki kuch to garbad hain to bas main unke peeche padh gayi aur aakhir mere satyawaadi Jiju se sach nikalwa hi liyaaa ... Unhone mujhe yeh bhi bata diya ,,ki uss din Video Chat wala jhagda bhi tumne jaan bujhke kiya tha ...Baaki jo rahi sahi kasar thi woh maine LS ke saath milke ...poora kar liya aur tumhare Jhagre ka Jwaab Jhagre se dene ka aur tumhare is surprise plan ko hijack karne ka ek full proof idea nikala...

Viraat ...was laughing hearing to this and was accepting his defeat ..nicely ...He could n't believe that he was fooled so intelligently by Maanvi with full planning.

Maanvi : Ohkk Viraat ab continue kare ..jo pehele kar rahe the .?? (Having said this she again bring out ring and say) So...Mr. Viraat ..kya aap apne is Partner ko apne life partner bana na chahenge ...???

Viraat : Yess ...Main apne is partner ..ko sirf iss life mein nai ..balki ...apne Har janam mein aapna life partner bana na chahata hoon ,..aur bana ke hi rahunga ...(winking)

Maanvi smiles...

Viraat : Now my turn ...So Miss Maanvi Chaudhary ..will you allow this Chep some space in your precious heart?? ..Will you Marry me...???

Maanvi : Soch lo partner ..ek baar jo maine commitment kar di..phir main khud ki bhi nai sunti...rahe loge mere saath????

Viraat : Haan meri Maa..par answer to do ..my legs are paining

Maanvi : Yess ...I will ... (smiling)

After saying so they feel a huge sigh ..a completeness within them ..They keep looking into eachother's eyes..as if drowning themselves into them. Before sealing into a beautiful passionate yet soft kiss...A kiss that sealed their lives ..their fates forever...





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Fantastic update...just don't have words to say...loved ur story so much. Pm me if u write any other stories. Virman conversations superb...Satyawaadi jiju...funny about viren. Excellent...
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its the world's greatest story ever,,,,,
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Nice ss ... Do keep writing more on them Smile

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alcantaranjr IF-Dazzler

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Sumana,Katam Hogaya? :'( 
Read all the parts!And I must tell you're one among the Amazing Writers! <3 
Just Love This Story To Core! <3 Everything was just Brilliant! <3 
Masha'Allah! <3 

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Originally posted by Jenny91

Sumana,Katam Hogaya? :'( 
Read all the parts!And I must tell you're one among the Amazing Writers! <3 
Just Love This Story To Core! <3 Everything was just Brilliant! <3 
Masha'Allah! <3 
Thaaannkkk u thankkk u <3  
ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Loved it Sumu.. Heart

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