Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Maanvi- Viraat : Partners for life ..

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This is an FF inspired from the episode where Viraat is shown to be hiding his feelings from Viren about Maanvi ...I have taken the story forward and explored VirMan's unique relation. The story will have 7 sections in total. This is my first ever writing so all ur inputs and comments are welcome ..Pardon me for the mistakes...Since I have already finished my story so posting all the sections at one go...

The Real "PARTNER"

Viraat's Room

Viraat was busy crooning new songs; he wanted to leave no stones unturned to make his musical come-back with a bang. So much so, that he has almost starting giving up all his leisure. Latest being not attending Dinner for the 5th consecutive day. His changing behavior has been welcomed by everyone but one (Keep guessing for Now).

At the Dinner table Time (8:00 PM)

Everybody was seated and was waiting for the MAN of the house...Yes DADA ji (he is back after a long time and so is Inder Chachu)

Dada ji as he makes himself to the seat (Looking very tired) say his first sentence: Where is Viraat??

Nobody had an answer ...Well actually they knew but did not have the guts to say the truth. Finally Viren spoke..

Viren: Dada ji ek khush kabri hain ..woh Viraat phir se aapna Singing career bana raha hain and I can promise that this time he will succeed as I can see the dedication in him.

He noticed Dada ji ... The man did not give any reaction (Stone faced). Viren felt his Dada ji is not convinced and continued ..Dada ji ..Viraat ko hamare support ki Jaroorat hain ... I think abhi woh kuch bahut important kar raha hain tabhi dinner attend nai kar paya.

Dada ji...still maintaining his stone face, looked at Viren while putting the Aloo parantha into his mouth for the first time. Everyone quite..they knew this man and how he hated indiscipline and Viraat mastered this skill very well.

One thing that no one noticed during the dinner was ...how he kept looking at Manvi every now and then. Who could??? (As long as Dada ji is there everybody becomes statue). But Manvi ...she is the only other species in the Vadhera House at present who doesn't fall for Dada ji spells. She was the only girl with frequently rolling eye and true to her nature she kept doing during the dinner even. Her eyes were searching for something very dearly of which she could not speak. Off course because of the prevailing atmosphere. She was hopelessly looking at Shlok eating Aloo Parantha with dahi. Jiju having his favourite Pasta, Di having her favourite Rajma Chawal ..Then she looked at her plate...Boiled vegetables, salad and a non tasty soup. She felt like burst out crying. ... But wait was it jus the food she was hating or something else. Well it was her PARTNER ...she is missing who used to accompany her through the awful journey of dinner. But that guy is missing from the scene from last 5 days and she is burning in rage. But couldn't show it as she is really too weak to run for any fight now. All her bravery is just stuck with her words now. As on present holding a glass of water is also a pain for her. She hated every bit of her journey but had to maintain her composure just keep up the spirits of her near and dear.

Dada ji finishes his dinner and rises from his table and leaves for his room. But what shocked everyone was the what he saidd before leaving..

As Dada ji rises from table he looked up to Viren  and said...

Dadaji : Viren beta ...waise kaunse kitaab mein likha hain ki singers khana nai khaate?? (And he sported a smirky smile, a smile which was Viraat's trademark) While he was saying this he kept looking at Manvi. Everybody including Mannu for a while thought its Viraat in Dadaji disguise and maintained the surprised face like everyone as nobody expected dadaji to say such thing.

Dinner over..

Jeevika gives Manvi her medicines put her to sleep like a mother does to her five year child. Each time she looked at Manvi and her condition she used to get shattered into 1000 pieces. But this Hrishikesh Sister Duo has decided to play this Cancer Match till the last over and none will declare their innings.

Jeevika leaves Manvi and goes to her Bedroom ...But did not see Viren ji..The FM as usual gets confused and worried at the same time. Soon Viren enters the room and she floods him with questions. But he looked very tensed and lost. This created more questions in her mind but she composed herself thinking its not the right time to discuss these thing like a perfect wife. And started reading the book she has been reading since last few months. Ever since Manvi shifted to Chandigarh ..Viren- Jeevika hardly had any personal life but somehow this moment of crisis has made their bond both strong and deep. And small problems between them did not matter anymore.

But Viren's look today were sufficient to alert the antenna of FM that something is wrong somewhere. But she did not want to disturb sleeping Viren, only if she knew Viren was'nt sleeping at all. In fact his brain has now become highly dramatic court room. And the reason behind such a storm in his mind was the brother duo conversation half an hour back

Half an hour Back.. Viraat's room

Viren reaches with Pizza ..he has ordered for Viraat (he has been doing this since time immemorial) only to find Viraat in a complete mess with papers all around his rooms laptop was tilted.. and the gr8 musician himself in a half sitting half sleeping stage. Viren has never seen his room so dismantled. He was annoyed to the core and knew if in any case Badi maa and Dadaji see this it will bring Tsunami in the house. He kept the Pizza packet and started organising the room.

Viraat who was still unaware of the new entry in his room rose to his consciousness and said.

Viraat : Ahhh Bhai ..aap kab aay??? Aur yeh kya kar rahe ho?

Viren : Wahi jo tere wife ko karna chahiye with a cupid smile.

Viraat : Bhai wife banane ke liye ladki ka hona bhi Jaroori hain. Andd...

Viren : Ladki ???? Mera chotte bhai Ladki to hain ..aur tune hi pasand kiya hain ..I meann Pyaaarrr Kiya hain

Viraat : Kya bhai jab dekho usi baat ko repeat karte ho? Aapko maine pehele bhi kaha hain main aur Manvi sirf dost and main sirf usse thik hote hue dekhna chahata hoon.

Viraat : (Continues) ..And bhai abhi meri priority is to resurrect my career. Shaadi and ghar to basta rahega.

Viren (Completely taken aback by these words) : Aur maine bhi tujhse bahut baar pucha hain ki aakhir tere iss changing attitude ka reason kya hain. Mere bhai is there anything you are really worried you can share it with me. Main tujhe har problem se bacha lunga. But please apna iss confusing behaviour ka raaz kya hain. Why have you changed so much??

Viraat : Bhai main aapko dobara wahi baat kahunga jo pehele bhi kaha tha. Koi problem nai hain.. main bas apne career pein focus karna chahata hoon.

Viren : Aur Manvi?

Viraat : Woh meri "dost" hain.

Viren : Huuhh ..Dost ..right ..main to bhool hi gaya tha. Dekh Viraat (completly disgusted) saaf saaf kyun nai kahata hain ki tune aapna mind isiliye change kiya kyun ki now you know that she is suffering from Cancer and you don't want to share her pain or rather don't want to get associated with such a girl. I mean this quite obvious for a guy of your age but only surprising factor is I never expected this from you. Not from my Bhaiii...

Viraat : Bhai ... aap (Interupted by Viren)

Viren : Viraat ...What surprises me more is that you were the guy who took her side when I went against her. You were the person who stood by her in all her bad times after my shaadi. You fled to Hrishikesh against everyone's will to propose her. Played a natak to just to get close her. Went against me to support her. Bravely held her hand when I refused to let her enter our house (during Jeevika's accident). And you say she is Just your "dost" wow and you want me to believe that ...Viraat .. I m again asking you what is the matter. If there is anything I can help you please tell me. I will do everything possible. Bhai tell me before its too late.

Viraat : (Disgusted, and shocked at Viren's words) Basss... bhai .bass ..aap kab tak mujhe bachate rahenge.. kab tak main Vadhera Khandaan ka laadla banke rahunga.. kab tak ..tell me bhai . I m grown up now and guys of my age are taking care of their family and look at me I m a complete zero aur kab tak aap meri har zaroorat puri karenge ..mere har problem ko solve karenge .Aise to main hamesha vella hi rahe jaunga. Bhai .its high time I take my life seriously and be something good. Shayad aapke yaa chachu jaise famous na banoo but i want to stand on my feet that's my main priority.

Aurr ..jahan tak Manvi ki baat hain .maine pehele bhi kaha hain uske liye meri feelings aaj bhi wahi hain jo pehele thi but abhi right time nai hain. First I want to stand on my feet.

Viren : (not at all convinced) ..Huh right time ...U know Viraat yeh jo tu seriousness and career and badi badi baatein kar raha hain na woh sunne mein to bahut aache hain ..but the reasons you are giving are vague. Let me remind you the new energy in you is instilled by Manvi and none other else and you taking her so lightly.. rather i should say for granted its just non sense .At times I think You don't love Manvi and its good she is stil does nt know your feelings.. But bhai i never expected this from YOU ..NOT from You the the Great Musician Virat Singh Vadhera.. I really wish you know what you doing...

Saying this Viren leaves the room.

Viraat : Trying to say something but ..stops and says to himself kaash main samjha paata aur aap samajh paatein.

After Half an hour (Virika Bedroom)

Viren : Still disgusted looks at the Jeevika ..(still reading) ..a small tear comes out of his eyes and goes to sleep.

Viraat's Room (2 AM)

Viraat was still working on the new lyrics and searching for the right tune to strike his mind. He was feeling dizzy and very weak. If looked deeply at present he looked more miserable than Manvi at times. It was all for the new album he was working on last 5 days and have to come up with track in next 2 days. He was not working for a big studio instead it was very local studio which has finally agreed to give him a chance to compose their new album and also the payment they were giving was not so Viraat's desire but now it meant life for him. He can give up his life for making it a success.

Viraat finally decided to get some water and tries to stand up and looks at his room and starts laughing at himself as if he imagined something very nice. This was one of the quality Manvi has transferred to him ..i.e. laughing even at the most vulnerable moments of life (his smiles now resembles much like Manvi's). He gets water from the Kitchen and returns back only to see someone standing with a complete blank face in front of him room. His eyes were drooping with sleep so had to clear it to recognize the person to... Guess who?????

Well it was the Man of the house DADA Ji

End of Part one.

Part 2

Viraat rubs his eyes, might have even pinched himself twice to believe that it was his Dada ji standing in front of his room that too at such odd hours. As far as his memory goes, he remembers Dada ji as a man who abides by his self made golden rules of finishing dinner by 8:30 PM, drinking a glass of milk at 10:00 PM and going to sleep by 10:30 PM..Then what is he doing at???? He tried to look around and see the time but couldn't find one so he approaches Dada ji (The six feet tall elderly figure of Vadhera house). His heart was impounding as if he is going to give some examination. (wait examination ...meine usme bhi kabhi woh itna tension nai liya) This was the Dada ji effect...If his Viren bhai can go speechless in front of him, then Viraat is nothing but a matchstick.

Viraat: (As he reaches his room) Dada ji aap yahan aur iss waqt. Anything important? I mean sab kuch thik hain???? (millions of questions in his mind, right now his mind is working at the speed of Jeevika's)

Dada ji : Tumhare kamre ko dekh ke to koi nai kahega ki sab kuch thik hain??? (with a smirk in his face ..but he tried to hide it)

Viraat: (shocked) Wohh... woohhh (struggling for an answer)...Sorry in a very feeble tone

Dada ji : (Ignorant of his sorry) Maine suna to bahut tha ki creative log thore paagal hote hain aur aaj tumhare iss kamre ko dekhke yaakin bhi ho gaya. (The smirk becomes a smile)

Viraat stumped ..he couldn't believe his sensory organs any more. Firstly Dada ji comes to his room (first time in his life) that too at 2 AM and now he is laughing at his room's condition instead of giving his a lecture on the importance of hygiene and discipline in life. Thousands of thoughts in his mind. He was about to convince himself that this is not Dada ji rather his imagination ...When a tap on his shoulder brought him back to reality.  Ohkk so its his Dada ji. He was feeling restless for reason unknown and was giving all kinds of wierd expressions and finally landed up his finger on his lips (a trademark of confused Viraat Singh Vadhera).

These things did not go unnoticed from Dada ji. It has to be..as the man in front of Virat was among the few renowned lawyer of India.

Dada ji : Viraat tum thik ho ?? Yeh Manvi wale reactions kyun de rahe ho? woh Manvi pein hi aache lagte hain tumpe nai. Tum Vadhera ho ..Chaudhary nai. (Maintaining his stone face, but laughter was like trying to burst out of them)

Viraat : (Stumped) Thinking in head (yeh Dada ji ko hua kya hain ..Kahin kuch charah to nai liya ..then thinks wait Virat kya soch raha hain Dada ji hain Kuch to sharam kar. Aur yeh kya Manvi..did he really say Manvi wale expression ?? Kahin kuch pata to nai chala...)

Viraat : (Clearing his thoughts) Woh dada ji I m really sorry for this messed up room I will ask the staff clear it tommorrow and also sorry for missing dinner.

Dada ji : Thik hain. Waise tumse kisne kaha ki dinner skip karne se creativity badhti hain??

Viraat : (still confused) Woh Dada ji I m really sorry, actually ... (before he could finish the sentence..).

Dada ji : U should be ..khasskar tab jab log tumhara dinner mein  besabri seintazaar karte hain.

Viraat : (Rises his eyebrow) ..About to ask kaun...

Dada ji : I mean Vanshika aurrr ...aurrr Maanviii ... (with a very hideous smile)

Viraat : (in his mind) What ... How does he  know about Manvi waiting for me ?? Kahin bhai ne to kuch nai bola. Yeh kya ho raha hain...Ya kahin bua ne to.. haan right Bua ne hi kaha hoga.

Viraat : (Again trying to clarify his views) Dada ji woh main aur Manvi...sirf... (before he could finish.. Dada ji always loves interrupting Viraat)

Dada ji : Sirf "dost" hain na????? Mujhe pata tha .. Woh shlok ne bataya tha..

Viraat : (In his head) : Shlok ?? uss mote ko in sab ke baare kya pata ..yeh dada ji ka chamcha pata nai kya samajhta hain apne aap ko

Dada ji : (continues) Ki tum aur Maanvi same khaana share karte ho. Acchi baat hain beta ..iss waqt usse tumhare jaise "dost"ki bahut zarrorat hain. (he tries to roll eyes like Manvi but fails.. well it was jus an attemp to grab Viraats attention). Woh tumhare dinner table par wait kar rahi thi..Usse aise waqt mein tumhe akele chorna nai chahiye.

Viraat was stumped yet again but did not know how to react. He could not judge this mans motives. But he was surely on a mission. Viraat has never seen him so composed with him in his life. (He wanted to mark this date in his calender)

Dada ji : Waise beta main yahan pein tumse kuch baat karne aaya hoon. (Having said that he makes himself seat on the couch in Viraat's room only to realize that he has landed on the chilly sauce and last piece of pizza that Viraat forgot to eat.)

Viraat realized what has happen as he could see the once in a billion expressions on the almost expressionless face of his Dada ji. He knew Saying sorry is pointless and crying is hopeless.

Viraat : (finally gaining some strength) Dada ji mujhe lagta hain hamein aapke study mein jaake baat karni chahiye. My room is in no condition of discussing anything.

Dada ji : Kyun tumahare room mein kya problem hain?? Mujhe tumse kuch creative baatein karni and tumhare room se aachi jagah poore ghar mein kahin nai hain. (he said all this very casually ..so not his nature)

Viraat thought why is his Dada j ibehaving so Manvicious.. Wait did he again thought of Maanvi. Well such is the effect of this Hrishikesh girl on the Vadheras.

Finally Dada ji and Viraat sat on a corner of the room where generally Manvi and Viraat used to sit for any discussion and mind you Mr. Dada ji was sitting on floor first time in many year. They discussed about several thing about his progress in the album he is making what are themes etc etc. He actually listened to some of his composition. Suddenly among all those mess Dada ji  saw  a pile of books and a headphone. Books being Dada ji's next close cousin made him jump to them. Looking at the books brought tears in Dada ji's eyes. A man who has not cried once after his elder son's death.. was in tears because of some books??? Well they were not ordinary books those were all books on Cancer and its treatment. He was touched with the fact that his grandson who never liked science in his life and in that case even hated studying was going through critical terminologies of biology to just to take care of the girl whom he calls "dost" "partner". The name partner though annoyed him lot but brought a nice smile on his stoney face. Viraat noticed the changes in his grand paa's expression but did not think deep about this as these whole situation was like a dream to him and he had no place in his brain for more confusion.

For the first time Dada ji was feeling proud of his grandson Viraat .. not because he was trying to get back to his career but because he chose to get back to his life that too in a way which many would never dream of. Viraat saw books in Dada ji's hand and rushed to say something. But before he could say anything

Dada ji : I know .beta itna to "dosti" mein karte hi hain.

After somemore discussions Dada ji gets up and hugs his grandson after many years and say " I hope tumhe pata hain ki tum kya kar rahe ho Viraat. Isse kabhi piche mat hatna".

Viraat : Ji Dada ji . Shayad isse jyada sure main aapne life mein kabhi nahi hua.

Dada ji : Hmmm ..thik hain beta. Baat karte karte pata hi nai chala subha hone wali hain. Yeh raat ko jaagne ki aadat iss generation ko pata nai kahan le jayegi. (In his typical tone)

Viraat : Silent...

Dada ji : Waise Viraat ..Kuch cheezien sahi waqt par kiya Jayein to jyada aacha hota hain. Khamokka aage barana kisi baat ko intelligence nai kehete.

Viraat way about to say something...

Dada ji : (leaves saying) : Beta iss bare mein sochna jarroor... (Todays Dada ji's smile acted as a medicine to Viraat)

Time almost 4:00 AM Viraat Vadhera still awake

Dada ji's words doing MARY GO ROUND in his head. There was no chance he could concentrate on his work after whatever happened in last couple of hours. Today Dada ji showed a side of which most probably the entire family is unaware. He wanted to say thank you but felt it an underestimation. Today the old man of his family has given him the most needed strength without saying anything. During their entire conversation not even for a single moment Dada ji questioned about Manvi's and his relationship. It seemed like he understood all his unsaid words which even his mother and Viren Bhai could not understand.

Viraat was still awake and it was almost 5:00 AM .So no point of going to sleep keeping in mind the work left with him. But he was gushing with the sudden unknown happiness within him and true to his nature punches the punching Bag which hit back to his head and supposedly lights up some of the Dormant brain cells. Wait what he is upto.

Viraat Singh Vadhera changes his dirty clothes and gets a fresh pair of jeans and T -shirt and rushes out of his room tooo ...

To visit Maanvi.. who was still sleeping. Nobody could expect her to be awake before 7:30 AM all thanks to her close connection with "Kumbhakaran. co". All these month eversince Manvi shifted to Vadhera house everyone in the family have witnessed a lot of changes in Viraat but none of them knew a very interesting fact that in all these months Viraat most obediently became the first and last Visitor of Maanvi. Not even his Jeevika di knew this fact. Yes whatever it may ..however tough or bad was the situation. Viraat Singh Vadhera never forgot to start his day with her Bandariyaa and finish it with a glimpse of the light of his life "MANVI".

Maanvi's Room

She was still sleeping. Well her sleeping position were more like some dancing posture as she could never manage to sleep humanly on her bed. Viraat seeing the posture couldn't stop giggling and called her Baandariya. Suddenly something caught Viraat's eye and the smile fazed away. It was related to Manvi's oh so awful posture of sleeping that her head was hanging out of bed and can lead to some illness yet again. This made Viraat to run upto her and get her back to humanly and a disciplined position. He thought of leaving ..afterall he has had the glimpse of the most valuable thing of his life and is now all charged up to start his day.

But then he rewinded Dada ji's words and stopped and sat near her.. took her hand into his and started talking. He knew she was asleep but somehow he wanted to let it all out.

Part 3

Viraat takes Manvi's hand in his palm and said: Oye ..Partner.Sabko pareshan karke ..Kumbhkaran uncle ke saath date pein jaane mein sharam nai aata tumhe. Tumhe pata bhi hain tumhare vajaah se Bhabi ki kya haal hain. Bhabhi aur Bhai ki aachi khaasi shaadi ki to tumne band hi baaja daali. Hrishikesh walo ki koi khasiyat hain kya logo ki baand bajane mein??? ..Looks at her innocent face and continues.. Waise tumhe pata hain tumhare vajah ek aur insaan bhayankar trauma mein hain arre baaba Swamini Bua.. yeh jo tum har roz kuch na kuch todhti phodhti raheti ho din bhar ..I tell you Bua is about to freak out anyday. She is seeing her whole sultanat going haywire. Sahi mein yaar pichle janam mein koi daaku thi kya jaahan jaati sabke life mein hahakar macha deti ho.. kahan se aata yeh energy. So now enough of this drama and get up soon. I can't ...I mean we the Vadhera's (making a childish face) can't see you like this. You know what let me tell you some secrets today ...Tumhe pata hain meri Maa tumhare liye pataa nai kaun kaun se brath/fast rakh rahi hain . I m wondering yeh bhooto keliye puja wuja kab se shuru ho gaya is desh mein.

As he was saying this things he notices the marks of injections all over her hand and the smile again fades and tears takes their place. But wait he has promised himself not to cry infront of her. He wipes them off and continues.

U know Manvi ajj infact do ghante pehele Dada ji aaye the mere room mein. Shock mat hona but sapna nai hai yeh reality hain and ajj peheli baar unhone mujhse pyaar se baat kiya, mujhe gale lagaya aur mujhse mere music ke baarien mein pucha. Agar tum hoti to behosh ho gayi hoti..Dada ji ke iss Avtaar ko dekhke .. I mean main to clean bold ho gaya tha. You know your Mogambo was laughing and even trying to roll eyes like you but " woh to tumhara copyright hain". Aaj unki baaton se naa jane mujhe ek ajeebe si khushi di as if mere papa wapis aa gaye hain. Really I was amazed to see him like this. Unhone bina kahe hi bahut kahe diya and bina samjhaye mujhe poore life ki samajh de dali.

Today he was pumped with emotions and was not able to control his words as if some unknown power was placing the truth in his mouth. Viraat continued

Maanvi.. (took a pause) ..Tumhare vajah se ajj Bhai aur Mom do no mujhse naraaz hain. Unhe lagta hain ki main ...ki main ..(closes his eyes and takes deep breath) ..TUMSE PYAAR NAI KARTA KYUNKI TUMHE CANCER hain... Manvi woh log aisa kaise soch sakte hain..Main ..main kaise tumheee ..pyaar karna chor sakta hoon ...Kaise uss insaaan ko bhool sakta hoon jisne mujhe jeena sikhaya ..jisne mujhme phir kuch karne ki ummeeed jagaya ..Jiske wajah se main aaj kisi bhi mushkil se ladhne ko razzi hoon ...Main tumhe kaise bhuula sakta hoon ... Tum meri Zindagi hoo ... aur agar maine tumhe bhula to khud ko bhi bhula dunga ...Bhai ko yeh lagta hain ki main tumhe for granted leta hoon... Seriously tumhe lagta hain main aisa kar sakta hoon . Partner kya pyaar ka karne ka matlab ek dusre ko sirf "I love you" bolna hi hota hain ? Ya tumhare unn  stupid rom-coms ki tarah rose dena and ajeebo -gareeb dance karna hota hain.  Seriously agar pyaar sirf ek dusre ke saath dance karne se hota hain to main poore din dance karne ko ready hoon. Haan tumhare SRK ke tarah to nai kar sakta but thik thak to kar hi lunga.

But mere liye pyaar ka matlab tum ho Manvi ..Zindagi ka matlab tum ho.. mere jeene ka matlab tum ho. Agar tum nahi to shayad kuch bhi nahi. Aur mere liye is waqt tumhare health se badhkar kuch bhi nahi hain. Main tumhe bilkul pehele ki tarah daurte- bhagte and Jhagarte hue dekhna chahata hoon. Tumhe is tarah bistar mein dekhke Bhabhi ko kitna dukh hota hain shayad mere se jyaada koi aur nai jaanta. Arre woh to shayad bhai ke saamne ro bhi le ..But main to woh bhi nai kar sakta (wipes of the tears again and smiles) cause "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun". Mera bas chale to main tumhe hamesha aapne baahon mein rakhu but yeh sab mujhe pata hain nehi ho sakta. Arre tum to itni badi duffer ho ki tumhe aaj tak yeh samajh hi nai aaya ki main Hrishikesh tumse milne kyun aya tha. I think tubelight ness tumhare family mein hi hain. Abb dekho tum, dabbu, Bhabhi.. teeno ek se badhkar ek tubelight ho (pulls his ears a little for including his bhabhi in the list).

Yeh music album shayad mere liye itna important nai hota agar mujhe yeh pata na hota ki yeh offer mujhe sirf aur sirf tumhare wajah se mila. Tumne kabhi bataya to nai but I know you fought with that Khadoos producer and have said something really scary which why he gave me the album. You and your tactics. (that smirk comes back) Aur ab jab mere pass yeh mauka hain main kisi bhi tarah issko aapne haatho se jaane nai dunga. Manvi your Viraat will never let you down. Main tumhe duniya ki har woh khushi dena chahata hoon jiski tum haqdaar ho and I promise you will get the best. When Viraat is here ..Nothing to fear.

Aur Mujhe really koi farak nai padhta hain kaun mere baarein mein kya sochta. Cause I know you are mine and nobody can snatch you from me not even Yamraaj. Mujhe pata hain agar maine apni feelings tumhe baatayi to woh tumhe khushi se jyaada dukh degi. Infact mujhe tumhara jawaab bhi pata hain. Main bas tumhe aapne aankhon ke saamne khush dekhna chahata hoon aur yeh sab tabhi ho sakta hain jab main apne feeling ko control karu. Mere feelings na sirf tumhe , balki Bhabhi, bua even BG in Hrishikesh ..sabko sirf dukh pahuchayiengi.  Aur mujhe 200% pata hain jab tak Bhabhi ko aapne baare mein convince nai kar leta tab tak tumhare haan ka to koi sawaal hi nai hota. Aur main nai chata ki jis din main tumhara haath mangu bhabhi se uss din unke chahere pein koi bhi doubt ho I want to be the best for the best girl in my life. So be ready miss Chaudharain soon to become Mrs. Vadhera... bahut jald Chandigarh wale baaraat leke aayeinge and tumhe utha le jayenge.

While he kept on ranting about is feelings his eyes went to watch and he realized that he has been talking to himself for almost an hour. He slaped his head and thought yeh Manvi ki bore karne ki bimmari Mujhe kaise lag gayi. But inside he was feeling so calm after a long long time as if a 1000 kg weight has been removed from his head. He thought if just expressing his feeling to a sleeping Manvi can do such wonders to him, then what will be scene when he actually proposes her. A huge smile erupted from nowhere as he decided to get up and go to his room and finish his album with the new energy he just discovered.

As he tried to move.. he felt a sudden backward pull but that was to weak to even move the Hunky Mr. Viraat Singh Vadhera. He looked back to see Manvi trying to open her eyes. The treatment has made her so weak that basic things have become difficult for this cute girl. But that smile from her face always denies to fade and challenges life each and every moment. In her feeble voice she calls "Partner" ??? Her voices gave him a 1000 V shock ..a feelings that was far scary than the moment he got to know about her cancer. For a moment he went numb. And the first question to come to his mind. Has she heard it all??

His looks made her call him once again this time only to wake him up from his numbness

Manvi : Viraat... yaar..ek to tum aise hi bahut bhayanak dikhte ho..upar se aise bhooto wale expression deke kya mujhe time se pehele hi marna chahate ho???

The word "death" was sufficient to get him back to his senses. But the question in Viraats mind still remained the same. Has she heard it all?? Was she awake ???

What do u think...???

Next updates in coming parts...

PART 4 The Journey Forward

Viraat looks down at Maanvi...Her smile always brings a certain calmness to his soul, but today the situation was very different... her smile was today trying to tease him ...trying to challenge him ... Wait was she really or its just one of imaginations or the fear of being caught.

Manvi : (kept noticing the changing colours of Viraat and spoke once again) ...Viraaat ...Kya hua ..kyu aise bhoot bane khade ho???

Viraat : (Still scrutinizing her expressions, and not sure of what to say... blurts his first words to awake Maanvi)...Maanvi...tum??? ..tum kab jagi???

Maanvi : Kyun main nai to aur kaun..Aur tum aise kyun dekh rahe jaise tumhari koi chori pakri gayi???

Viraat : (In his head) ..Wht?? Chori?? .kya bol rahi hain..yeh..

Maanvi : Ufff yaar ab tum mujhe really bore kar rahe ho...can u get back to your real world please... (makes annoying face)

Seeing this Viraat forgets all his questions and breaks into laugh... Which elevated MANVI's annoyance .and yelled..

Maanvi : Waah... ab is chupi khushi ka kya raaz hain...Seriously partner tumhe samajh na aur paathar pein sar phodna ..dono ek baat hain.

Viraat : ( Was very happy to see his love happy after so many days...Yes A YELLING MANVI = A HAPPY MANVI) (he sits again) Yaar ..kya hain tumhe subha subha ladhne mein kya maza aata ...I mean at least subha to shaant raha karo..feel the morning breeze..enjoyyy it ...Kya hamesha bhaukti raheti ho??? Aur tumne mujhe kya kahan ... bhoot ?? let me tell you in this condition you are not looking any better than a chudail.. this bhoot is the best you can get. ( with a wink)

Viraat noticed a change in Manvi's reaction at the mention of his last sentence. He instantly understood his mistake. Manvi knew the effect her treatment has had on her and hated every bit of it. None of her feelings were hidden from Viraat though and hurting her in such condition was the last thing he could have wished for. But saying wrong things at wrong time was the ACE area of this two unique creatures. Viraat tried to say something most probably a sorry but was cut off  by Maanvi.

Maanvi : (before she could speak ..started coughing) Viraat gets up and gives water and calms her down.

Maanvi : (as she puts her glass down) Viraat kya tum mujhe garden mein ghumane le jaoge??

Viraat : Maanvi abhi bahut subha hain its just 6 : 00 now and cool breezes areblowing outside..waise bhi kal raat barish hui thi..you may fall sick in such condition ..kabhi aur le jaunga thik hain ..(Manvi kept  staring at him as he was saying these lines)... Aur waise bhi thode der mein Bhabhi uuth jayengi phir tumhe doctor ke pass bhi jaana hain so better get some rest now ...

Maanvi : Peechle 9 ghante se is bistar pein padhe padhe main rest hi to kar rahi hoon . Aur tumhare information ke liye bata du ki Doctor ka check up date cancel ho gaya ab woh next week hain...(she continues further)

Please Viraat mujhe le chalo na ..Kaunsa main tumhe Taaj Mahal dikhane ko Kehe rahi hoon garden mein hi to le jaana hain itna bhav kyun kha rahe ho??? Agar mujhme ab itni strength hoti akele sab kuch kar lene ki to tumse itni bhik mangne ki jarrorat nai thi...  Viraat tum itna nai kar sakte mere liye ??? (Making a cry baby face)

Her last sentences gave Viraat a massive jolt, he cannot let her break like this.. and this innocent face of her had a special magic to melt even the toughest person on  earth.

Viraat : (finally putting down his arms) Okk  ..but hum jyaada der nai ghumenge thik hain???

Saying this he takes out a stoll out of  Cupboard and wraps around Maanvi.. (Awww ..u have to love this man's care). He helps Maanvi to get down her bed, makes her stand and lends his firm support while walking toward the garden.


GARDEN ... Time Around 6 :20 AM

Maanvi in her baby pink night dress with a white stole wraped around her, enjoys the first fresh breeze touching her skin .She wanted to stretch her arms and enjoy it but ..this was no film and she was in no condition for all these. In fact if it was not for her partner Viraat she could not have even walked down till here. There has a lot of restrictions on her movements (imposed by her great Jeevika di) after her health deteriorated during the last chemo session. Viraat held her from shoulder and gave a strong support to complete one round of the garden. After the round he makes her sit on the bench and excuses himself for a minute. Maanvi sits on the bench and enjoys the cool breeze ... she was feeling a new strength developing inside her.

Viraat returns in sometimes and was amazed to see his love sitting on the bench immersed in some deep thought..He was surprised as he has never seen her this calm..and composed. He hands her a glass of orange juice and makes himself seated next to her.

Maanvi : Yeh kya hain ...???

Viraat : Mere khayal se yeh ek borosil glass hain jisme around 150 ml orange juice hain made at home...(with his trademark smile). Woh kya hain ki tum subha se kaafi bol chuki ho aur abhi itna ghum bhil liya to I think you need some juice now ..You will feel better. (smiles)

Maanvi : (Looked at him.. while taking first sip of the juice) Viraat .. itna care mat karo ..mar jaungi...

Viraat : Maanvi ..bahut baar kahan hain aisi baatein mat karo ..( in a complete disgust)

Maanvi smiles and pulls her ears ..an act of apologizing.

Viraat : (While Judging her changed behaviour) Waise partner Ajj itni Jaldi kaise uuth gayi ..I mean abhi to tumhare gahere neend ka time hain ..aur upar se itni chup chup ..any problem ?? Are u ok ..U can always share it there is anything ...

Maanvi : (Perflexed by his questions...puts the glass down) Off ohh ..Partner .. Di jaise itne questions phenkna band karo mere sar mein dard hone lagta hain. Aur Jaise tum soch rahe ho aisa kuch nai hain ..I m perfectly ok. Aur ek din subha agar jaag gayi to kaunsi badi baat hain. I mean tumhare ghar mein to sabhi almost jaldi jaag jaate hain. Jahan tak chup rahene ka sawaal hain ..to abhi thode der pehele tum hi to lecture de rahe the ki subha ko thandi hawa khani chahiye... shaant rahena chahiye and jab main wahi kar rahi to tum isme bhi meri taang khich rahe ho... Yaar ..tumhari problem kya hain?? (smiling at Viraat)

Viraat totally surprised by Maanvi's words as today her behaviour has a huge depth ..something that was  closely guarded by walls..something very deep . He was startled at the fact that Manvi was refering to taking his advices seriously.

Viraat : (in his mind) ...Yeh kya ho raha hain ...ajj yeh itni gol mol baatein kyun kar rahi hain ..what's the matter... Kahin ...???  Nahin ..Nahin ...Agar sach pata hota to ... ab tak mujhe apne paas bhatakne bhi nai deti...main bhi aaj kal jyaada sochne lag gaya hoon ..All because of Dada ji ...Leave it Viraat.. Kaam pein lag betaa...

*What do u think does she know the truth? Is Viraat right?? Well Keep Guessing for .now ..Some truth have better essence if revealed late*

Maanvi shakes Viraat to bring him out of his thoughts. Asks ...Abb kya hua Viraat ..raising her eyes???

Viraat gives a smile and looks at his watch..it was almost 7:30 AM He still doesn't know how time just flies away when he is with Maanvi.

Viraat : Maanvi ..abhi tumhe apne room mein jaana chahiye. Aur thandi hawa khaogi to Bhabhi mujhe deep freezer mein daal dengi ..so get up. (saying this he helps Maanvi stand and starts walking back to her room)

Maanvi chuckles at his efforts and just says "Ohkk Baba ..lets go".

Jeevika's Balcony Time almost 7:30 AM

Jeevika was all fresh and ready to start her new day ..her new fight to give back Maanvi her bubbly past. Jeevika goes to the Balcony to get some fresh air. Viren still sleeping. The moment she enters the Balcony the sight in front *shocks* her..as she see Viraat - Maanvi together and Viraat giving her support like a pillar to make her walk straight (she wanted to shout/get them separated .. but stopped). The whole picture injects yet another encyclopedia of question in her mind. But somewhere down the line this sight filled her with a huge sigh of relief. (No ..no ..she is still far from accepting Viraat- Maanvi's special relation, and had all kinds of doubt about their future but at the same times she has a lot of faith in her Dewar..Viraat ..of whom she is sure that will not do anything that can hurt Maanvi or anybody else in the family. She knew Viraat though childish ..still was a man of great values).

Jeevika gets back to her room and sees Viren still sleeping. This cute couple had a very had a different essence in their relationship ..a relationship of unconditional understanding . Jeevika a perfect example of shy Indian wife..was today smittened by his sleeping husband's charm. She goes near him and kisses his forehead ;) ... Viren couldn't have expected for a better start of his day..hugs his wife while getting up. (Jeevika Blushing..all the way)

*Good luck was pouring heavily on Vadhera brothers. today... First it was Viraat.. and now Viren ..Both were too surprised too believe their senses*

Viren : (while still holding Jeevika in his arms) ..Kya baat hain Mrs. Vadhera ajj apne pati pein bada pyaar aa raha hain?? Koi khass din hain kyaa??

Jeevika : Still blushing kept her eyes low (typical Indian wife)...Kya Viren ji...

Viren : Aur kya ..saare saath baj chuke hain aur aap abhi tak hamere kamre mein hain ..Maanvi ko uthana hain ki nai ??

Jeevika : Woh to kab ki uth chuki hain ... Viraat ke saath Garden mein ghum rahi thi thode der pehele.

The mention of Viraat ...brought back all the memories of last nights conversation in Viren's mind and the tensed look replaced the calmness of Viren's face. Jeevika could not ignore the expressions on her lovely husband's face anymore, and was sure of its connection with Viraat. Jeevika cupped Viren's face in the palm (only to look into his eyes) and said

Jeevika : Viren ji kya baat hain.?? Aap kal raat se itne tensed kyun hain?? Aur abhi Viraat ka naam sunte hi aap ke expressions itne change kyun ho Gaye?? Kuch hua hain kya aap dono ke beech??

Viren trying his best not to look into her eyes.. as he is worst when it comes to hiding truth or telling lies. (God knows how he achieved such heights in a field where you need to manipulate truth every moment)

Jeevika : Aankhein mat chooraiyein ..Mujhe pata hain aap dono ke beech kuch to hua hain. Please Viren ji sach bataiyein aap bahut relaxed feel karenge.

Viren : (Did not want to disappoint his wife, at the same time could not tell her the truth) ..Jeevika dekho ..yeh haamrein Bhai yo ke beech ek baat hain .But I promise main isse jarror sort out kar lunga ..You don't have to take tension. Aur yeh koi itni badi baat nai hain ..tum aapna poora dhayaan Manvi pein do ..usko tumhari bahut jarroorat hain.

Having said that he rises up from bed and goes to the washroom. Jeevika knew all is not well between the brothers but was sure of his husbands ability to solve any tough situation. Viren on the other hand was burning in anger cause of Viraat's last night behaviour. He was so annoyed at his lil bro that he now wanted her saali to remain out of sight of Viraat (This man Viren has some extreme behaviour problem.. losses his far sightedness when he is angry).

Almost 8:00 AM Jeevika goes to Maanvi's room

Viraat was still there ..chating with Maanvi's they were laughing hard at something (ohk .it was  Viraat's childhood pics). Jeevika was very happy to see her sister smiling ..and could feel a freshness in her. But didn't know the reason. Jeevika enters...

Maanvi : Good morning di... Viraat : Good morning Bhabhi...

Jeevika : (hugs her) Good morning Mannu .. (looks at Viraat) ..Good morning Viraat.

Jeevika : (continues) Aur Mannu aaj badi jaldi uth gayi ...Kaisa feel kar rahi hain abhi.. Garden mein ghumne ke baad tabiyat thik to hain na ... tune kuch khaya ab tak (Old Jeevika and her bombardment of Questions):

Maanvi - Viraat both surprised..how did Di know about the Garden thing?? They both stared at each other and finally Maanvi spoke...

Maanvi : Kya di ..aap itni subha subha meri jasoosi kar rahe the ??? (giving a suspicious look)

Jeevika : Naahi ..Mannu ..tu aisa sochti hain apne di ke baare mein .(show a slap.. which brings smile in Maanvi -Viraat face). Woh to main balcony mein aayi thi aur tum dono ko vaapis jaate hue dekha.

Viraat : (in his mind) Chalo bach gayeee ...

Viraat : (getting up) Chalo bhabhi ..abhi main chalta hoon ( he never wanted to interupt this sister duo)..app apne is sar phiri behena se baat karo ..Main aapna kaam khatam kar leta hoon ...bye maanvi...

Viraat was about to reach door...

Maanvi : (called out his name) Viraat ruko ..kaha jaa rahe ho??

Viraat : Beheri ho kya ..suna nai .main aapne room mein jaa raha hoon

Maanvi : Woh mujhe bhi pata hain but ek baar time bhi dekhlo its almost 8

Viraat : (raising his eyebrows) Haan too...

Maanvi : Haan to tum hum sabke saath neeche Breakfast karne jaa rahe ho. Tumne aapna haal dekha hain ..Kissi Africa ke jungle se bhage hue Bhaaloo lag rahe ho. Aisi shaakal banake rakha to tumhara producer tumhare Music bina sune hi reject kar dega.

Viraat : Arre nai partner ..kal raat se kuch kaam...(but stops .. he was about to spill the beans)...Nai Maanvi I really need to rush ..I just have two days to finish this thing off.

Maanvi : Oo Mr. Musician ..Mujhe pata hain tumhe kitna kaam hain ..aur itna bhav khane ki jarrorat nai hain ..Main tumse puch nai rahi ..tmhe bata rahi hoon ...Ki tum sabke saath Breakfast karne chal rahe ho... And tum mana nai karoge... Beechara Breakfast table bhi tumhara shakal bhool chuka hain .(makes a baby face)

Jeevika (for the first time) and  Viraat (for 2nd time that too in the same day) was surprised at the command in Maanvi's voice. Viraat couldn't believe the words he heard right now (same feelings that he had when Dada ji came to his room last night). Viraat for a moment thought he needs to get his BP checked. Jeevika at the same time went aghast at seeing her Mannu's behaviour. She had seen many Maanu - Viraat conversation but none had such depth such feeling. And all this Maanvi said so casually as if she had every right on him. Jeevika was thoroughly confused and embarrased at the same time. She could not come to a conclusion on the reason behind Maanvi's action. While fighting in her mind ..with all odd situations ..she interrupts..

Jeevika : Viraat ..Maanvi sahi kahe rahi ..tum kaafi dino se khaana thik se nai khate ..I know tum aapne album ko maximum time dena chahte ho but iske liye aapne health ko ignore mat karo. Tumhare vajah se Maa bahut pareshan aur kal to Dada ji bhi gussa ho gaye tumhe dinner mein nai pake (only if she knew the Viraat- Dada ji drama last night)

Mention of Dada ji brought smile in Viraat's face and he agreed to go. Meanwhile Maanvi got up .. this time on her own without any support (she was feeling better today). And all the three went downstairs for Breakfast and in sometime  all the family members joined them.

8: 00 AM Dining Table

All seated..Dada ji comes down. Both Dadaji and Viraat share a secret look probably a hidden smile. This smile was for an instant..too short to be noticed by others except one (Well off course Maanvi..Miss Rolling eyes). Dada ji even share a look with Maanvi for a while before making himself comfortable at the chair.  Maanvi after a long time was happy to share her tasteless food with her Partner. Dada ji saw all of this but remained silent. Everyone finished their food peacefully and proceeded for their work. Jeevika instructed Maanvi to get some rest, reluctantly but Mannu had to abide by her di's rules. Viraat goes back to his work place aka room (rather messy room, which has now been cleaned all thanks to his mom and the dedicated staffs of the rich Vadheras).

About 10:00 AM Maanvi's Room

Maanvi was in her room ... exponentially bored ..scrolling through the laptop her Jiju once gifted. Thanks to Viraat who has tranferred some really good movies in them, proved to be only pass time. But now she was fed up with them. She wanted something new but was well aware how boring this whole Vadhera clan is. Shlok was the only kid in this house but his know-it-all attitude killed her more than those awful medicines. The other ever ready source of entertainment / relief/power was her Jeevika di..but she was busy  in household chores. (Manvi has strictly instructed her di that at no point she will ignore her family life for her and if she ever tries to go against it ...Manvi will stop taking medicines. Jeevika had no option but abide by Manvi's instruction). So the only person now left was Viraat her PARTNER but wait is'nt he busy. She thought of going to him to spend some time but then stopped thinking it might hamper his work. Half an hour went by just like this with Manvi fighting in her mind whether to go to Viraat or not..finally she could no more take it ...THE DECISION IS MADE ..she is going ..who cares he is busy or not ..She will not disturb him...She just wants to spend some time with her best "dost". Having made up her mind she rises and rushes towards Viraat.


Time 10:30 AM Viraat's room

Maanvi enters ... His room was now much cleaner but the condition of this man was still like ..African Bhaaloo ..and he was sitting with laptop on lap and a dairy on his chest...Well when looked carefully he was not just sitting rather he was sleeping. Maanvi saw him like this and a cute smile erupted on her face...Her boredom was half gone already. She thought in head "Accha ..Kaam ke naam pein yeh musician yaahan ghore bechke soo rahe hain ..wahh abhi dekhti hoon beta" ..She giggled as she was ecstatic at the thought of getting an unique oppurtunity to pull his legs. She enters the room tip-toed ...slowly goes near him and pulls his cheek. But the first touch stole all the excitement from her face and it was replaced with an almost expressionless and numb face.

Viraat was down with high fever... and what looked as sleep ..is called unconsciousness in common terms. This is very common thing ..even the most fit person on earth can fall prey to excessive stress and this man was going through this phase for quite some time now. It took a while for Maanvi to make believe her what is happening..Tears were rolling down her eyes ...She has never seen her Viraat...her partner in this condition...she was feeling scary..she screamed at peak of her voice..but treatment has made her too weak to reach the ears of scarce people in this big mansion. Thankfully one of the staff was passing by the room.. who heard her voice and immediately informed about the situation to rest of the members.

In no time Vanshika Maa, Jeevika, Swamini Bua and Chachi ..reached Viraat's room . Vanshika mom couldn't control her tears ..she loved her son more than her life ..and at present he looked pathetic. He has never fallen sick hence seeing him lying unconscious in bed was misearable. Another person who was equally sobbing was Maanvi. Tears were not ready to stop. Jeevika seeing her condition and knowing the outcomes of such stress on her ..rushes by her side to console. Maanvi turns to her sister and hugged her tight and kept crying. Jeevika couldn't  understand the reason behind such emotional outbreak. She stroked her hair to calm her down. In the meantime doctor arrives and informs that there is nothing to worry and the reason for fever is nothing but excessive stress. He gives an injection and  prescribes some medicine while assuring that the fever would go down in few hours. Everyone sighed ...except Vanshika and Maanvi cause for these two seeing Viraat in his senses was more important. Maanvi's total blank face was giving goosebumps to Jeevika..She has never seen her sister like this...She was experiencing 100 jitters in a second. Althrough the proceedings Jeevika's eyes were glued to Mannu. She saw her Mannu going almost lifeless.

After an hour or so Swamini Bua and Chachi excused themselves and went to their rooms. Jeevika went to Mannu who was standing in a corner of the room, and asked her to take some rest but Maanvi refused saying something that shocked Jeevika:

Jeevika : Chal Maanu ..abhi Viraat rest kar raha hain ..Jab woh thik ho jayega tu aake dekh lena. Abhi chal aur thore rest karle. Waise bhi maa hain yaahan.

Maanvi : (Blank face, probably not in control of herself) Di ..aap jao  main yaahan Viraat ka tab tak wait karungi jab tak usse hosh nai aa jata.  Yeh sab meri wajah se he hua hain (tears roll down as she says this)

Jeevika shocked beyond limit at what Maanvi said in end..she wanted to reason with her but was interrupted by Vanshika maa ..who could gauge Maanvi's feelings

Vanshika : Jeevika isse yahan rahene do  beta ..Main hoon yahan ..kuch hoga to hum tumhe bula lenge.

Jeevika wanted to argue but controlled her emotions keeping in mind the situation and left the room.(With more doubts and confusion dancing on her head)

Vanshika asked Maanvi to come and sit beside Viraat. Now that Viraat had both the ladies in his life sitting near him like  pillars  ...there was no chance of him not getting better.

But the most important question is What made Maanvi say "Yeh sab meri wajah se he hua hain " ?? Has she heard it all??

Well the answer is finally out ..YES ..SHE HAS HEARD IT ALL ...

Will she spill the beans to Viraat???  Does her feelings also echos Viraat's??

Answers in the Up coming sections.. 

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interesting yaar...please continue and pm me the next update.

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wow...interesting...update soon...
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OMG manvi heard all that virat sed to her thats why she is all changed and being quite sweet and that to virat aww that good though i hope she confesses to virat and tells him that she heard what he sed to her
Awesome concept and finally jeevika is getting more suspicious of VirMan's relationship
But how can viren say stuff like that to virat??? He should understand his bro the most but instead dadaji di
Continue asap and please please please pm
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Loved it! please cont. and plz pm me! thanks :)
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The new Update guys...

PART 5 MANVI: The Comforter

After Jeevika leaves, Maanvi and Vanshika sit besides Viraat (still unconscious) ... They were too broke to talk to eachother. In fact their silence was doing all the talking, as for now they both knew what was going in their minds. But.. if spoken of Maanvi solely... Her emotional turmoil was far more disquieting than Viraat's Mom... For she was now aware of Viraat's feelings for her.. In other words today's Viraat's hidden confession to Maanvi has had a huge impact on her. Eventhough she might not have shown a single sign of it, but in this moment of solitude.. all his words were making countless impressions on her mind. She was cursing herself for how she missed the changes in Viraat's care in between all these events. How could she be so dumb not knowing her best friends ...mind. How can she take him so much for granted. His feelings did not erupt in one night ..then how could she be so ignorant about the whole matter. Just by putting a li'l stress on her brain she could recollect how madly he pleaded for 15 mins during his last Hrishikesh visit.. which she never bothered to listen. And how after the revealation of cancer he never left her side ..stood always like a pillar.

Eversince she came face to face to Viraat's love for her, she couldnt stop blaming herself for all his miseries... for all his pains. (Old habit of Maanvi..blaming herself for anything wrong on this earth) She wanted to erase all her memories from Viraat's mind but knew is not humanly possible. Nor she could be able to play harsh with him and make him hate her. She was well assured of the fact that ..even with all her powers ..there was no chance that anything could change his feelings for her. Yes she was now totally aware of the depth of his love, purity of his love.. serenity of his love. She was dying several deaths each second seeing Viraat lying unconscious just because of his efforts to make Maanvi proud.

" Maanvi tumhi mere Jeene ki wajah ho"... these words from Viraat shook  Maanvi from bottom (early this morning).. she wished she could drift away from him and hide herself forever. She was not able to bear the pain ..his soul was going through. But then a small part within her stopped her from doing that.. instead it forced her to remain tugged to him ..it wanted to behold him forever. Till now she successfully guarded all her emotions, did not  let anyone know what was going in  her mind, but this incident surfaced her  with all new tides of dilemma.. and this time she was not able to control them. The walls which were till now  securing her vulnerable side was ready to break anytime now. She wanted to burst out crying...(but controlled)

Amidst all these emotional storms ..she knew it was the time for decision.. She looked towards Viraat (Still Sleeping, but thankfully the fever was going down fast)...took a deep breath and (said in head)

" Partner ... Tumhe tension lene ki koi Jarrorat nai... Main tumhe Kahin bhi ..chorke nai Jaane wali.. Ajj tumhe bimmar dekhke mujhe peheli baar ehsaas ho raha hain ki tumhe aur di ko kitna dard hota hoga mujhe tadapte hue dekhke... I promise partner ... aaj se infact abhi se ..Tum mujhe hameshe khudke pass khade hue paoge... I will be there with you .. there for you ... till my last breath. Chahein khushi ho yaa gham .. hum dono use saath mein jhelenge. Ajj ke baad ..kabhi khudko akela mat samajhna Partner ..Always remember there is some Chudail .. jo tumhe marte dum tak pareshaan karti rahegi"...

She didnot realize that whatever she thought right now is called confession ...Confession of love...And neither did she bother to Judge it ..For her what was important is ...this promise gave her a huge relief ..she  was now breathing properly ..the haze that was over her eyes for last few hours was gone..and She could see everything very clearly.

This eternal promise ..which she made.. was just the beginning of a whole knew journey ..and was going to test them from time to time ...was going to change their fates permamently.

Vanshika (the silent observer) did not miss a single moment of Maanvi's dilemma and noticed the changing colour of her face. She felt so helpless for not being able to do anything for these two poor souls. She asked god why her son has to through all these pain. She knew testing times were ahead for Viraat-Maanvi and only thing she could do was to pray... to give them the strength to toil over it without loosing their love. (Viraat is surely blessed to have such a Mom).

About 12 Noon ... Viraat's Room

Vanshika saw Maanvi was feeling dizzy... ..

Vanshika : Beta ..bahut der ho chuki hain ...abhi tum jao aur thoda rest kar lo varna tumhari tabiyat kharab ho jayegi.

Maanvi : (Trying hard to calm herself) Nai aunty main thik ho jaoungi ... yeh ab rozz ki baat hain .. Main yahin thik hoon ..Aap please tension mat lo.

Vanshika couldn't see her pain as she knew that it was Maanvi who needed more care and attention than her own son.

Vanshika : (comes near her and sits) Maanvi mere godd (lap) mein sar rakh ke thode der ke liye so jao ..tum aacha feel karogi.

Maanvi was so touched..she always found her mother in Vanshika aunty and loved her a lot. She couldn't say no to her love and followed what she said. Vanshika aunty kept stroking her hair which put her to sleep once again. So finally it was Vanshika maa who was taking care of both Viraat and Maanvi. Within next few minutes Viraat comes back to his senses (his fever was down now, but weakness was there). Viraat gets up on his bed and the first thing he finds is Maanvi is sleeping on his mothers lap (she looked pale). Vanshika couldn't stop hear tears seeing Viraat all ok and back in shape. She wanted to hug her son check him up but Maanvi being on her lap stopped her from doing that. Viraat understanding the situation asks his mom to remain where she is and intead goes near her and hugs her and keeps his head on her shoulder (Awww)...while saying

Viraat : (In his weak yet husky voice) Mom ...Main thik hoon ..tension mat lo.

Vanshika smiles...

Viraat : Mom yeh sleeping beauty yahan kya kar rahi hain ..aur isne meri jagah (mother's lap) pein kajah kaise kiya??

Vanshika : (smiles yet again) And tells him whatever happened in last two hours. She also tells him how it was Maanvi who found him in this state and stood tough through all these events.

Viraat kept looking at Maanvi as her mother was describing the situation (his head still on Vanshika's shoulder). Viraat felt sorry for unintentionally stressing Maanvi. He said in head " Sorry Partner". While Mom and Son was having their moments ..Maanvi woke up and was happy to see Viraat sitting on his bed. She immediately jumped up and said

Maanvi : Partner ..tum thik ho gaye?? Abhi fever to nai hain (while touching his forehead)? Tum baithe kyun ho ..lete raho ..rest karo..jyaada stress mat lo (All these she said without a pause)

Viraat's and Vanshika's eyes were wide open seeing her talking so fast. And both started laughing ...which made Maanvi conscious. She realized the presence of Vanshika aunty and felt ashamed of her act. Vanshika gets up from bed and tells that she is going down to inform everyone that Viraat is now fine and since its already 1:00 PM, will also arrange for some lunch for him. Saying this Vanshika leaves the room. Maanvi and Viraat were now alone. Maanvi kept staring at him, she was so happy to see him happy and cheerfull once again ... which made Viraat say

Viraat : (judging her) Kya hua Maanvi, itni tensed kyun lag rahi hoo?? Arre Baba don't worry I m all fine now (smiling) (It is so touching that they knew eachother sooo well).

Maanvi : (Didn't say anything.. was feeling emotional) Hmmm..

Viraat : Kyaa hua partner? You feeling ok na? (He got to know about how she was feeling dizzy a while ago, Vanshika told him)

Maanvi : (disgusted) ...Ufff ..kya yaar hamesha ek hi question puchte puchte thak nai jaate??? dekh hi to rahe ho sahi salaamat baithi hoon..abb aur kyaa karu?? ..Chikni Chameli pein dance Karu??

Her sudden comment made Viraat start laughing, which annoyed her ..but still made her day.

In Kitchen About 1:00 PM

Jeevika was arranging for lunch with several thoughts making rounds in her mind and popping up questions every now and then. Vanshika enters kitchen to arrange for Viraat's lunch and informs Jeevika of his improved health. Jeevika was happy about the news and instantly informed Viren about it.. as he was also tensed about it. She asked Vanshika..

Jeevika : Maa, Maanvi kya Viraat ke kamre mein hain???

Vanshika : Haan beta ...Koi kaam hain ..main usse bhej deti hoon . (she has arranged the lunch and was about to take it to Viraat.

Jeevika : (amused at Maanvi - Viraat's increasing intimacy) Ohhkkk Maa

Vanshika : (confused) Kya hua beta ..kuch bolna hain??

Jeevika : Nai Maa ..kuch nai ..aap jao...

Vanshika leaves... in the meantime Jeevika finishes her arrangements and takes lunch for Maanvi ...to Viraat's room. She was still confused and worried about whatever was happening between her sister and dewar but felt letting Maanvi have her food with Viraat will relieve her from the stress she was going through. (This was more important than anything else.) She saw an other side of Maanvi today morning and was scared beyond limit, still she couldn't figure out the reason behind this.(She is Dumb)

Jeevika reaches Viraat's room with Maanvi's food. Maanvi was too happy to see her di understanding her mind even without her telling it. Both Maanvi and Viraat shared the same awful food for the same reason (illness). Maanvi said jokingly .." Isiliye kaheti hoon tum mere Real Partner ho..pehele khana share karte the.. abhi bimaari share kar rahe ho... Ab zindagi bhi share karna hain kyaaa????" (with a flirty smile)..Viraat though amazed at her words... thought its intelligent to remain silent and restricted him to a smile..But the answer in his brain was "Yes".

Soon they finished their lunch..after which Maanvi suddenly stood up and came near Viraat. Viraat was way too surprised at her activities today..asked

Viraat : (Surprised) ..Whaattt???

Maanvi : Chalo ...abhi medicines lo aur thode der so jaaoo.

Viraat : Oyee ... yeh kya laga rakha hain subha se?? Tumne Mujhe koi chaabi wala toy samjha hain kya ,,jisee jab jo bologi woh wahi karega ... (In a angry tone).

Maanvi : Viraat main kuch sunna nai chahati ... tum abhi thoda rest karoge.

Viraat : (Disgusted and tensed) Maanvi yeh kya hain ..har baat pein Zidd is not right ...U know i have a lot of work to do ... Already maine aadha din waste kar diya hain ...Now I jus have 1 day to finish my work. Please Maanvi ..realize its importance for me.. I can't ruin it. Main abhi rest nai le sakta.

Maanvi : (Understanding his restlessness and tension) Viraat ...Partner ..I understand how much this work is important for you and believe me I want you to see successful. Bass thode der rest karlo ...I promise agar tum chaho to main khud tumhe jagane aungi and iske baad main tumhe kisi bhi baat ke liye force nai karungi ...Please partner ..yeh last baat maan lo meri ...(Making a innocent face)

Viraat had to agree to her. In the meantime Jeevika comes back and gives her the medicines and takes Maanvi to her room for some rest.

Viraat wakes up after sometime and gets back to his work ..with now feeling almost perfect and fresh. But it seemed like all the Vadhera antennas were now pointed at  Viraat and he was visited by the staffs with something or other ..every half an hour (he was feeling disgusted, but loved the sudden attention)

Maanvi on the other hand had fallen into deep sleep may be an induced effect of today's stress.

Time Almost 8:00 PM

Everyone was back to their den. Viren visited Viraat to check up on him and was happy to see him progessing in full swing and that too in the right direction. Viraat himself was so happy to see his work moving ahead finally in a smooth way. Jeevika went to Maanu's room and finds her sleeping still. She knew Maanvi was getting weak day by day..hence did not wake her up for dinner. Viraat also did not come down for dinner instead it was sent to his room (on Dada ji's permission) keeping in mind is approaching deadline and poor health. Viraat was now Dada ji's blue eyed boy.

After finishing dinner Jeevika again goes back to Mannu's room and gets worried to find her sleeping. She finally wakes her up.

Maanvi : (after getting up, shocked to see the time, almost 9 now) Di.. I m so sorry ...aapne mujhe jagaya kyun nai ...hey bhagwaan main itne der tak soti kaise rahe gayi??

Jeevika : Mannu ..its ohkk ...koi baat nai.. Itna stress mat le

Maanvi : Di ...Viraat ne khana khaya ..woh abhi kaisa hain ...fever phir se nai aya naa???

Jeevika yet again amused to see Maanvi's concern for Viraat she cuts her off...

Jeevika : Mannu ..bass ... dusro ke bade mein sochna band kar ..aur apne bade mein soch...dekh tune apna kya haal bana liya hain. Aur haan Viraat abhi thik hain ..appna kaam kar raha hain. Bass tu ab saari batein chor aur Jaldi se dinner karle..phir medicines bhi leni hain. (Maanvi was relieved hearing about Viraat's wellbeing)

Jeevika gave Maanvi the medicines and again puts her to bed ..much against Maanvi's wish.

Jeevika now goes back to her bedroom

Time Almost 10:00 PM now

Jeevika is in her room ...doing some work..and thinking of todays events once again..perhaps even recollecting all the Viraat -Maanvi moments and trying to figure out their hidden feelings. Somewhere down she now wanted an answer for all her doubts... she wanted to rest her mind...she wanted to reach a conclusion on the whole matter.

Viren was sitting on bed with his laptop and doing some work. While running over all her questions she looks at Viren and her sight gets glued there. She kept looking at him for a long time as if she has realized that all her answers were with this man and it was just him who can help her out of all worries. Soon Viren felt her eyes being fixed on him and he noticed her worried look.

Viren : Jeevika ...kya baat hain ..aise kyun dekh rahi ho??

Jeevika : (Trying to hide her feelings) Kuch nai Viren ji

Viren : (Getting suspicious) Mrs Vadhera Don't forget I m a lawyer and you can not hide truth from a lawyer for long.

Jeevika: Happy to see her husband understands her so well, goes near him and puts her head on Virens shoulder. Viren was moved at her vulnerable side but loved the way she confided in him.

Viren : (stroking her hair and caressing her chicks) Kya hua ..Jeevika??

Jeevika : (In a pale face) Viren ji aapko kabhi gussa nai aata??

Viren : Kis baat pein?? (confused)

Jeevika : Yehin the way I behave with you after Maanvi's illness. I mean aapko gussa nai aata mujhe Mannu ke saath itna time spent karte hue dekhke. Aapko bura nai lagta ..on not having any personal moment all this while.

Viren : (trying to reason ..the matter behind all such thought in his lovely wife's brain) Jeevika calm down ..aisa kyun soch rahi ho??? Tumse kisne kaha ki mujhe bura lagta hain??? Aur mujhe bura lage bhi to kyun?? I know the value of Mannu in ur life. I know that she is not just your sister but your first daughter. Mujhe pata hain Mannu ke vagair you are no good than a lifeless stone.

Jeevika was listening to all these things peacefully...she loved it when Viren used to explain her something. And Viren was really good at it..All thanks to his wonderfull profession. As Viren continued...

Viren : Jeevika sabse badi baat yeh hain ki hum dono pati patni hain ..ek dusre companion ...ek dusre ke soulmates hain . Our relationship is not just restricted to the walls of this room, rather its interwinged to everyother person existing in our lives and both of us are bound to get affected if any of our loved ones are in problem. Ajj agar ttumhari jagahh mere family member ko kuch hota...Badi maa ..yaa Viraat ko kuch hota to kya tum mujhe unka care karne se rokti?? Nahi naa ..phir tumne aisa socha bhi kaise ki main tumse Maanvi ke care ke vajah se gussa hounga???? Jeevika agar iss waqt mujhe kisi cheez ki chinta hain to woh tumhari khushi hain... agar Kisi cheez se faraak padhta hain to woh hain tumhara Sukoon hain  ..jo mujhe pata hain tumhe tabhi milegi Jab Maanvi poore tarah thik ho jayegi. Aur tumhare aur Maanvi ke iss ladhai mein main hamesha tumhare saath hoon ..Mrs. Vadhera ..ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna ... Yeh Viren Vadhera tumse bahut pyaar karta hain aur zindagi bhar karta rahega ...aur uske liye agar kuch mayiine rakhta hain to woh hain tumhari khushi ...Jus your happiness (as he says this he rises and looks towards his wife and tries to put a smile on her lips) Abb khushhh ...

Althrough this time...while Viren was comforting Jeevika, Jeevika's thoughts were on a world tour and she was picturising various Viraat - Maanvi situations. She heard everything that Viren said and was surprised to see how Viren's feelings were so similar to Viraat's feelings. Afterall Viraat was also doing the same as Viren ..He was also trying to give Mannu happiness, the best comfort he could give.. the best support. In that case ..even Maanvi's emotion to a large extent echoed Jeevika's. Today's Mannu's breakdown was a quite natural reaction and even Jeevika would have done the same. Viren's words calmed her down ..and put a full stop to all the ghost dancing on her head since last few days. Her all questions were answered... she felt a prestine peace within her. She was so happy to see how her husband showed her the truth.. within a flick of seconds. She rose her head from Viren's shoulder.. and kept looking into his eyes..

Viren : (smiling and surprised to see change in Jeevika's mood) Kya hua ..Jeevika???

Jeevika doesn't say anything ..she just moved forward and planted a soft kiss on Viren's lips and Viren was in his worderland. Both shared a blissfull night after a long time.

Back in Maanvi's Room (Time about 11:00 PM)

Just in contrast to the romantic moments Viren and Jeevika were sharing ...Maanvi was contemplating to kill herself for the boriyat...that was setting within her.

Maanvi : (to herself) Kya yaar ..di to sone ka farmaan sunake chaali gayi... Par pucha nai ki ..mujhe neend aayegi bhi ki nai ...Arre kaise aayegi ..jab insaan dopahar 2 baje se raat ke 9 baje tak ghore bechke soyega to ghanta usse neend aayegi raat ko. Hey bhagwaan ..maine kya bigaada hain aapka ... kyun meri life ke peeche padhe ho ????? (disgusted and takes a pause)

After some time..." Haaannn ...Viraat abhi tak jaag raha hoga ...akhir woh bhi to ullooo (owl) hain ..haaan usse jaake bore karti hoon (gets up from bed, smiling). Arree ..nai ..Manvi ruk subha waise uska kaafi time tere wajah se waste ho chuka hain ...abhi kaam kar raha hogaa ..tu usse disturd nai kar sakti... rahene de... (after a pause) Arre nai nai ..main usse kyun disturb karungi ... pagaal hoon kya ... yeh bhi to ho sakta hain ki usse meri help ki jarrorat ho ...kyaa pata time spend karte karte ..main uske kisi kaam hi aajaau ...Hmm sahi socha Maanvi ..aur waise bhi woh mera partner... to agar main bore ho rahi hoon to use bhi bore hona padhega ... Chalo Maanvi ..chale Viraat ke Ghar..." Having said this she opens her door and slowly makes her way to Viraat's room.

Viraat's Room

Knock knock ...Viraat was busy and happy with his work... hear the sound and goes to open it.

Viraat : (surprised) Maanvi ..tum?? Itni raat ko ??  Soi nai aab tak??

Maanvi : (with her attitude)..Mujhe need nai aa rahi... Aur tumhe itni tamiz nai hain ki "room aaye mehmaan" ki kaise sewa karte hain ... kaise addar satkar karte hain??

Viraat : (raising his eye brows, with the same attitude) Woh kya hain Miss Maanvi hum Mehmaan ka satkaar karte hain Bin bulaaye Mehmaano ka nai. (he was sure this will get her angry) Aur by the sharam to tumhe aani chahiye ..Itne raat gaye kisi akele ladke ke kamre mein aa rahi hoon...(aww) log kya sochenge ????(making a face)

Maanvi to much of Viraat's shock..

Maanvi : (Comes towards Viraat..really close.. puts her arms around his neck and looks into his eyes and says...) Isss Zaalim Zaamaane ki kise fikar hain Jaanemaan

(in a very flirty voice, as while saying she kept looking straight into his eyes)

Viraat...Stumped... Shocked.. Out of his senses ..totally in another world...he could actually see stars taking rounds of his head... He did not know what he heard just now... His mouth and eyes both were wide open...

Maanvi saw all his expression..and saw how he went on a stand by mode... after hearing this ...she removed her hands long back (which obviously he did not realize) and stood at the door laughing her heart out...she wanted to freeze the moment. Viraat was too shocked to know that Maanvi has already entered his room and was now sitting on his bed while he was still standing at the door.

Maanvi : (Still laughing and sitting on the bed) Viraat ...?? Movie khatam ho chuki hain ..real world mein Vappis aa sakte ho... ..(She was enjoying the entire thing)

Viraat ..finally comes to senses and was too shy to look at her ...he felt it will be wise to not to discuss about the incident that  had just happened ..and tried to convince himself that it was one of Maanvi's worst gags on him. Viraat..sits beside Maanvi

Viraat : Kya partner ..iss waqt yahan ...anything important??

Maanvi : Kyun kuch important hoga tabhi aa sakti hoon kyaa??(paused) ..Arre .. kuch nai ..bas aiveieen room mein bahut bore ho rahi thi to socha ki tumse thoda baat kar loon and tumhare kaam mein thoda help kar do??

Viraat : (Started laughing) Tumm aur mujhe kaam mein help karogi?? (he folds hi palms, act of praying)

Maanvi : (Frowning) Kyun main help nai kar sakti ?? I know main tumhare tarah ... musician to nai ..hoon ..but thodi bahut music ki samajh to mujhe bhi hain .. and like its said ..Ek se Bhale do... Jyada nai to tumhe at least cheer up to kar hi sakti hoon ...(She continued) Partner ..I promise I won't disturb you  ..I will jus sit hear quitely (she puts finger on her lips)

Viraat : (Bowled over by her words and innocence) Ok ..baba ..jab tak chaho raho ...You know na ...You never disturb me ..haaa bas mere head phones ke cher chaar mat karna...(pointing towards his head phone which she once tried to throw out in a moment of rage)

Viraat goes back to his work.. .. he was very happy today ..Firstly his work was going  "Jhakkass" and now that his lady luck was with him ..his confidence was touching sky. True to her promise Maanvi did not, for once annoy Viraat. she was mostly at her peace. At times moving here and there in room. Viraat was surprised to see this all new Maanvi and loved it. Amidst his work he did not forget taking care of her.. gave her water ..whenever she needed ..check up on her ... time to time. They shared a lot more today than ever ..he updated her about progress in album, showed her the compositions, they shared their love for music. She even suggested certain changes which to Viraat's surpise were so valid. Viraat was amazed to see the unknown side of Maanvi. He wondered how could he not see the depth in this girl. That night they shared much more than music... that night they almost shared their life. In short they too had a blissful night (but in a different way unlike Viren- Jeevika).

Time 3:30 AM Viraat's room

Maanvi and Viraat still working on music and finally..Viraats work was almost done.Viraat has now come up with signature composition of his album  (Maanvi helped a big way in getting his notes right) and was super happy.

Viraat : (Holding Maanvi from shoulder, with a huge sigh) Partner ... thank you ... Ajj tumhare wajah se I could finish my work so well and that too well before the deadline. I can't tell you how happy I m now.

Maanvi : (kept looking at him) You don't have to tell me.. Aur yeh kya thank you shank you laga rakha hain ..formal ho rahe ho ??

Maanvi : Waise tum mein koi tamiz to hain nai ... Dosto ko kaise thank you boltein hain yeh bhi nai pata ...(Viraat again stunned) Arre ..Change that look of your face.. Mera matlab tha .. tuumhaaraa .kaam to khatam hogaya ..to ek treat to banti hain na boss.. (She saw Viraat's expressions, they were plain now)..so where's my treat partner??

Viraat : (Relieved) Ohhhkkk ..that way (in mind " mujhe laga phir koi jhatka dene wali hain") ekk minute main abhi aaya

Viraat goes to Kitchen and comes back in some 15-20 mins.

Maanvi : (disgusted) Kya yaar ...ek minute bolke gaye the ...aur abhi time dekho (like perfect GF).

Viraat : (he was holding a tray in hand) .Arre baba .. kuch aacha karnee mein time to lagta hain na...?

Maanvi was startled at the word Accha..and she immediately ..jumped of the couch she was sitting.

Viraat : (while keeping down the tray) Arree ...Maanvi ...control ..you are not that fit to do all this.

Maanvi cooled down on hearing that. She opened they cover... It was orange juice.. and pasta.. which he made with utmost care keeping in view all health restrictions. Maanvi was touched to see his care. Tears were about to come out but she controlled them well. She took her plate and stated eating without even asking Viraat. She was too happy to have some tasty food finally, she was not hungry but ate it cause of Viraat's effort.  Viraat was too happy to see her like this, he wanted to freeze these moments. In that case they both wanted the same as they knew time was fast running out of their hands.

After a while Maanvi realizes her stupidity and says

Maanvi : (hitting her head) Arre partner ..I m so sorry ..main to tumhe puchna hi bhool gayi ..Aao na baitho ..tum bhi khao ..aacha bana nai ..Appna hi ghar samjho..

Viraat : Ohkk Chaudharain ..jaisi aapki aagya.(and finishes the food)

Viraat : (After they ate and looked at his watch) Maanvi ..chalo get up ...and go to ur room ..Its very late .and you need some rest now...Chaalo Chalo ..\

Maanvi : (trying to reason) But Partner ...Mujhe to abhi bhi neend nai aayi ..Aaa please na thode der aur baatein karte hain na

Viraat : Maanvi ...no excuses tum abhi jaa rahi ho and rest logi ..I m not going to listen to anything... tries to get her up..

Maanvi : But ...Suno to ...

Viraat : Mujhe kuch sunna hi nai hain ..tum sone jaa rahi ho that's final

Finally Viraat takes Maanvi to her room and makes sure she sleeps. Soon she goes to sleep, and he goes back to his room..goes to his bed to catch up some  sleep while cherishing the time he spent today with Maanvi.

* These two characters show the ultimate positivity about life. They truely define the meaning of Life. While Viraat in one hand decided to support his love through this painfull journey and was pretty sure of winning it .that too without letting his emotions coming in their way, Maanvi on the other hand did not induce any negativity in the surrounding after knowing Viraat's feelings.. Because she wanted to keep Viraat happy and knew that he will be happy only if he sees her HAPPY. They both shared same fundas about life. They both wanted to win this race together. Maanvi specially wanted to spend some best moments of her life with Viraat so that even if she dies ... he could rekindle these moments and remain happy. They both believed in accepting life the way it comes with a smile. *

Next day Morning  7 :30 AM

Maanvi's room

Jeevika enters ..finds Maanvi sleeping. Starts her fight of waking her up.

Jeevika : UUtth Mannu ..saare saath baje chuke hain ...Uth breakfast karna hain ..tere medicines ka time hone wala hain ..Utth jaldi ..while trying to pull her up.

Maanvi : (dizzy voice) Aaahh di ..sone do naa ...bas do minute... raat ko late soyi thi (she said ..in half sleep)

Jeevika wondering why???

Jeevika : Mannu ..no excuse ...please utth ja ..tujhe pata hain aath baj gaye to Dada ji kitna gussa honge ...Please utth ja beta (Aww she is so motherly)

Manvi : Kya di ...(gets up)..

Maanvi wakes up and get ready for a new day

Viraat also wakes up time and all charged to start his new journey. Now just one day left for the D day. As usual to his routine he goes to Maanvi's room.

Maanvi and Jeevika were about to go downstairs. Viraat opens door

Maanvi : Good morning Partner (surprised to see he wake up in right time) Jaldi uth gaye ... waahh(rolling her eyes)

Jeevika : Good morning Viraat... Viraat : Good morning Bhabhi...

There was not much of conversation and they all headed for breakfast. Somehow both Maanvi and Viraat hide the last nights masti from Jeevika.

The day passed mostly eventless ..everything went the way it should. Maanvi did not land up in any problem. Her health though not too good but remained stable. Swamini bua ..at her peace. Jeevika played all her roles to perfection (Wife/Sister/Mother/Bahu). Viraat was mostly glued to his room ..preparing for his D day. Maanvi also restricted herself to her room, she did not want to do anything wrong today. In between Maanvi-Viraat did speak to each other over phone or texted each other. So in all the day was peaceful and in terms of Swamini Bua ...Accha Din Tha. At dinner all wished Viraat for his new journey. Maanvi and Viraat both were though highly tensed about tommorrow. Maanvi went to Viraat's room before sleeping and gave him a Dairy Milk saying " Kal iss kha lena .. Kyunki Kuch Accha kaam karne se pehele Meetha Jarroori hain" . Viraat couldn't help but giggle and both wished eachother Good Night.

THE D - DAY Comes ...

Morning 6: 30 AM  Viraat's Room

Viraat  woke up quite early today (that was too obvious) ..As he had to start early to reach the studio well on time to meet certain people and it was going to be a hard ..and long day. Hence he needed to catch a glimpse of the special person in his life. Some star in his head said that she would we awake waiting to wish him. He got everything ready and rushed to Maanvi's room.. to only find her still in deep sleep (to much of his amusement). He did not bother to wake her up ..just admired her beauty and left the place. Downstair Vanshika, Viren and Dada ji were waiting to wish him good luck. With all the best wishes he starts his journey.

Time about 9 :30 AM Lovely Music

Viraat reached well on time and waited for the Khadoos producer (Lovely Singh). He waited for almost for 2 hours with no sign of Mr. Lovely ..who was not so lovely (at least in present scenario). Viraat was loosing his cool. Viraat never dreamed of landing up in such a studio after all that training he had in past. But now things have changed he cooled himself down thinking " Beta ..thand rakh tera bhi din aayega". He kept looking at his phone from time to time .. but surprisingly ..someone ..did not even give him a single call since morning. But he blamed it on the poor network. Finally his wait was over as Mr. Lovely Singh (LS) entered the studio. Viraat went upto to him and greeted him

Viraat : Ohh Paaji ..ki haal hain ?? (shaked hand)

LS : Oye Viraat ...Asi to Changa ..hega ... Tu suna ..sab Vadiya...???

Viraat : Bas Paaji aap ke hi dua hain.

Probably Viraat reminded LS of Maanvi ... and he asked "Oye woh Kudi kitthe hain??"

Viraat : Aachaa Maanvi ..woh ghar pein hain. Paaji main woh CDs laya tha album ka aap sun lijiye.

LS : Arre jab tu live ..hain to CD kaun sunega ..hum to tujhe hi sunenge.

Viraat was happy to see LS in a good mood and thanked god. Soon LS made all the arragements and they heard to all the songs and tunes. All were mesmerised at this man's talent. They couldn't stop themselves from Applauding Viraat for each and every song. Especially the Signature track. LS was too happy to find a real star after a long time. After the music session they went for the payment discussions and to Viraat's surprise ... LS had a change of heart and now he was offering him 50% more than what he had earlier agreed to give. (Was it Viraat Magic or Maanvi Magic or Both - Difficult to say).Viraat felt it was  the best day of his life. He wanted to call Maanvi in that same instant..but had to control his emotions. Dates for the recording were decided and all other factors were discussed..So now Viraat's new journey has started ..that too on a high note.

Time Almost 2:30 PM

Viraat was done with LS and was on his way back home. He wanted to reach as fast as he can ...was going restless to share the news with his PARTNER. He knew she would be waiting like a mad for it. But She still have not given him a call since morning ..May be she did not want to disturb him ..So not able to control anymore .he called her up .. but her No. was coming "Unreachable" constantly.  Viraat felt disgusted. he ..Accelerated and drove madly to reach home as early as possible. He reached home soon.

Time Almost 4:00 ..Vadhera House

Viraat makes his entry in full speed. Vadhera house is generally very peaceful at this time. And today also the scene was quite the same. He couldnot see any of his family members around, he wondered why nobody is bothered about his music. He recollected not just Maanvi, infact none of his family members except Viren called him up to know about the proceedings and that too Viren sounded too odd. He kept his thoughts in box and rushed to Maanvi's room but she was not there. He was thoroughly confused...why is everything so calm ??? Where are the Vadheras?? And Above All Where is Maanvi???

Viraat turns around and finds shlok coming from opposite direction.. He stops Shlok and ask

Viraat : Arre Shlok ...kaha jaa raha ?? Aur ghar ke baaki log kaha hain ?? (He did not ask of Maanvi)

Shlok : Woh Viraat Bhaiyaa ..Sab log HOSPITAL mein hain...Subha se...(Shlok looked very sad)

Viraat ...went Blank ...HOSPITAL ..why ...and who is in HOSPITAL ...And Where is Maanvi???

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will read it over the weekend - commenting so that i don;t loose this thread

looks very interesting Big smile
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PART 6 MANVI's Truth

Viraat driving at the speed of 100 kmph ..on the roads of Chandigarh ...and Shlok's words trying their best best to stop his heartbeats.

*(Flashback – Vadhera House

Viraat : Arre Shlok ...kaha jaa raha ?? Aur ghar ke baaki log kaha hain ??

Shlok : Woh Viraat Bhaiyaa ..Sab log HOSPITAL mein hain...Subha se..

Viraat : Hospital ???? But kyaa hua ...is Maanvi alright??

Shlok : Nai bhaiyaa ..Maanvi di ko kuch ho gaya hain ...Aaj subha jab Jeevika bhabhi unke room gayi ..To Unhone Maanvi di ..ko Washroom mein unconscious dekha...Woh shayad gir gayi thi and her head hit the floor..She was bleeding badly. Sab unhe tabhi Modi Hospital leke gaye hain ..aur subha se koi ab tak vaapis nayi aaya. )*

At Present

In a shortwhile Viraat reached hospital and rushed towards Maanvi. He finds ..Swamini Bua and Chachi in the hospital lobby... who tell him Maanvi is in ICCU ..and Jeevika, Viren, Vanshika and Chachu are upstair as doctors have taken Maanvi for her 2nd MRI scan. Numbness was running althrough Viraat's body as he sprinted towards the ICCU. He saw Viren and Chachu standing while Vanshika was trying to console...Jeevika...Who at present had no emotions .. looked no better than a furniture. Jeevika looked at Viraat of a moment and her eyes were trying to say loudly .." I could not protect my sister". If spoken collectively ..at present Viraat and Jeevika were going through same mental agony. Viraat rushed to speak to Viren

Viraat : (impateintly) Bhai ...Yeh sab kaise hua and ...aap mein se kisine mujhe inform kyun nai kiya???

Viren : (trying to calm him) ..Viraat ..dekh itna panic mat ho. Doctors Maanvi ka treatment kar rahe hain aur ..hamne tujhe isliye inform nai kiya kyun ki ajj tera bahut improtant day tha aur hum tujhe tension dena nai chahate the...

Viraat : (disgusted) ..Bhaaiii ... (not convinced)

Viren : Viraat ..We are sorry I.know tu iss waqt kaisa feel kar raha hoga ..but ...(interrupted by Viraat)

Viraat : (Shouting) Naii ..Bhai aap nai samajh sakte main kaisa feel kar raha hoo ..agar samajhte to mujhe inform kiya hota... Aapne to mujhe call bhi kiya tha ..tab bhi aapne kuch baataaya naii ...(tears in his angry eyes)

Viren was taken aback by the way he reacted with him, but understood his anger and took him to an empty area and briefed him about the situation..about how they found Maanvi lying unconscious on floor and bleeding. He also informed him that Maanvi had severe loss of blood..but what was more scary is , doctors are fearing that the injury has caused a clot in her brain. They have done her MRI scan twice and tracing its movement. As Maanvi has already suffered a lot of blood loss the Doctors would not go for an operation. (While Viren was saying these things Viraat ..was going from Pale  to Paler.. the so called best day of his life was fast turning into a Nightmare.). But the main reason of concern was ..Maanvi has not responded to any treatment till now.

Viren : I just wish Maanvi starts responding to the treament ..otherwise I fear things will go out of their ( doctors) hands. (he tapped Viraat while ending his sentence which brought Viraat to sense)

Viraat was never this scared in his life... He can not let Maanvi go like this .. He knows however strong he might look but will not be able to take this pain. God can't be so rude to him. He was breaking down but then realized this not the moment of putting down ur arms but to stand tall and take his Maanvi out of danger ..and he will not cry till Maanvi comes to her senses.

After a while Viraat – Viren both come back and start waiting for the doctors to come out. The doctors attending were the best in city and were headed by Dr. Bhatt (a renowned cancer specialist in country). Jeevika was still sitting emotionless ...just like Viraat who was standing away from all ...engrosed in this own thoughts..waiting for the doctors to come out.

Almost 6:00 PM

Finally the doctors come out of MRI room ..(there was supposedly some important discussions going on) ..Maanvi was shifted to the ICCU ..none could stop their tears ..on seeing Maanvi's pale body. All the doctors were immersed in some talks..and they were followed by grey haired ..calm looking Dr. Bhatt. On seeing Dr. Bhatt ..Viraat .rushed to him to ask for the updates ..Jeevika too came back to her senses on seeing Maanvi and was now restless.

Viraat : Dr. Bhatt ..how is Maanvi now ..and what about the clot...is there anything to be scared.??? (too many questions)

Jeevika : Dr... Maanvi ko hosh kab aayegi ??? Please doctor mere behen ko bacha lijiye ...Put the best team you can don't care about anything ... I will do anything possible. (sobbing)

Dr. Bhatt (highly experienced) judged the situation well and said  "Mrs. Vadhera ..calm down aapki behen thik hain .bhagwaan ne chaha to woh bahut jald hosh mein aa jayegi (trying to normalise the situation). He looked at others and said "We are making progress, just keep your hopes up" . He then stopped and looked back at Viraat and Viren ..

Dr. Bhatt : Mr. Viren ..can you please join me in my room in some minutes.. Mr. Viraat I would be happy if you too join us .. (he continued in a low voice)..we have something urgent to discuss.

Viraat and Viren both got tensed on hearing the last sentence but did not utter a single word in front of Jeevika.

After some Half an Hour

Dr. Bhatt's Room

Dr. Bhatt : Ohh please come in Mr. Vadhera.

Viren : Dr. You called us like this... is there anything that serious??

Viraat : How is Maanvi now?? Bhai told me about the blood clot ...is there anything serious about it.  I would like to know about the detailed progess in this matter. (There was such command in his voice... which is only seen in a husbands voice)

Dr. Bhatt : Viraat ..son calm down ..your all doubts are valid on their ground. As far as the blood clot is concerned. We have some positive news about it. Maanvi is now responding well to the medicines and the clot is also dissolving. From reports which we have with us now ..she might gain her consciousness by morning. The blood clot is not my point of concern to be precise Viraat.

Viraat : (confused) Then whats the matter doc. I mean anything serious. Please tell us ??

Viren looked at Dr. Bhatt and.. was surprised at the questions his li'l brother was throwing to this old fellow. He tried to control him but Viraat didn't seem to notice any of that. Ultimately it was turning out to be a Viraat – Doc discussion and Viren was the silent audience.

Dr. Bhatt – Ohkk ..Viraat ..Its not this incident that is worrying me but ..rather its the health condition of Maanvi that has surfaced in this incident..scarying me more. I mean to say ... after todays mishap I m not sure whether her body will be able to take the pain of any more chemos .I was always apprehensive about her health condition and feared whether she can sustain all the sessions but it looks like there is not doubt now and moving on with chemo's in this condition is like pushing her to death. (in a remorse tone, somehow while treatment, this man also developed a bond with Maanvi)

Viraat couldn't bear this negative talk with Dr. Bhatt and said in a strong voice...

Viraat : No .Dr. how can you sound so negative.. I am absolutely sure of the fact that Chemo therapy is not the only treatment for cancer, there are several other alternatives treatment for leukemia ..I came across lately why don't you resort to them. What about them?? ...and he kept ranting about all the alternative treatment.. spelled all the typical medical terminologies ... (Dr. Bhatt..listened to whatever Viraat was blurting out ...with a calm and happy ..face... he was waiting for him to stop... Finally Viren felt the need to stop his bother and interrupted)

Viren : Viraat ... I guess the things you are suggesting are already in thoughts of Dr. Bhatt and it will be nice if we let him enlighten us more about them ...(Viren asked Viraat to keep quite for a while so that they can reach to some conclusion)

Dr. Bhatt : Viren its ok ...I agree...to whatever your brother said just now and really glad to know how you people take Maanvi's disease so seriously. Viraat's reactions are totally justified. In fact we face terrible people everyday ..so its part of our profession now. (now looking at Viraat) Viraat ..I appreciated your efforts ..I mean the indepth study you have done and that is why I have called you both here. Keeping in mind Maanvi's health ..I thinkk ...

Viraat : (restless to know) You thinkkk...what...

Dr. Bhatt : I think we should go for bone marrow transplant. This is by far the most successful  treatment for leukemia. Maanvi is a very young girl and if given proper care after this  transplant I m sure she will successfully recover from this disease. In short I feel the at present the best possible solution to fight this disease is going for bone marrow transplant.

Viraat : (relieved and excited) Good then doctor ..we are ready for it ...  (interrupted by Dr. Bhatt, he knew that Viraat is not the decision maker in Maanvi's life)

Dr. Bhatt : Wait ..Kid ...its not that easy as it sounds... rather to say honestly its a very painfull process not only for the patient but also for the donor. Keeping in head Maanvi's health condition we cannot rush such things. Viraat ...(also looking at Viren) ..Maanvi has gone really weak and I m afraid this time she might need much longer time to recover from her weakness. I know you all are taking care of Maanvi very well but the truth is her condition did not improve despite several trials. So we have to first wait as she gets her vitals right. Meanwhile we have to take sample of Maanvi's bone marrow and conduct certain test. Also finding a donor is yet another big task.

Dr. Bhatt now looking at Viren...

Dr. Bhatt : Viren you told me ..Maanvi and Jeevika are real sisters and they even share same blood group. Well in that case I would like if you allow your Wife to be a donor, cause according to research blood relatives are the best candidates for such tranplant.

Viraat looking at Viren with high hopes ..he knew his bhai won't have any problem. Viren on the other hand was scared of the entire thing Jeevika has to undergo ..but he can't be selfish..his wife will not allow him to be.

Viren : Ohkk doctor I dont have any problem, but I need to discuss about it with Jeevika.

Dr. Bhatt : Oh yes Viren ..you have to ..Cause we have to perform certain test on her too... to find out whether her marrow is compatible to Maanvi's or not. Plus we need to do certain clinical tests on Jeevika as .to make sure if she can make through this process or not. In the meantime I would suggest you both to find out other possible donors ..as we are also tryin the same through our channels. But having said that ..we can not rush any of these process now and our main focus would be to get Maanvi back to feet first. Lets wait for tommorow..I just wish Maanvi regains her conciousness in morning .

Viren and Viraat were now much relieved to hear what doctor said as they could now see some lights of hope.

It was already 8:00 PM now

Swamini Bua, Chachu and Chachi had already gone back. Viren and Viraat came out of doctors room and informed Jeevika about what doctor said about the treatment. Jeevika also sighed after hearing some positive news. In the meantime Nurse comes out and tells that only one person can stay near Maanvi (hence off course it has to be Jeevika). Viraat insists his brother on staying back in hospital and requests Viren to take back Vanshika home.

It was 9:00 PM

After Viren has left and Jeevika and Viraat are alone.. Both were drained out of their emotions with whatever happened today. Viraat was still in shock... as Jeevika was the only person allowed to stop there ...they could not share their feelings and Viraat had to leave the place. Before leaving he tells Jeevika " Bhabhi main lobby mein hi hoon... Kuch bhi ho ... I literally mean kuch bhi ...even if it is the slightest ..please inform me dont hesitate okk  and take care " Jeevika calls him back " Viraat ... Thank you for being there for Mannu... don't worry we will fight it together" (she gives a feeble smile.

In the lobby

Viraat makes himself seated on a chair ... Finally he was all alone...there was nobody to notice him and he can be on his own. Lobby is the most interesting place of any hospital cause this is the place where you see people sharing there joy of their closed ones getting better, where some mourn the loss of their loved ones, while a few discuss about the doctors and their negligience and all ... Viraat while immersed in his thoughts ...was silently watching everything happening around him. Suddenly his eyes got glued to a Mother ... who was grieving badly on the loss of his 5 years old son...The sight pulled some chords in Viraat's restless heart and he burst out crying loudly... He couldn't control him any more... Finally he was letting his emotions out ... Seeing him crying like this ...even the parents of the late child got shocked ...but that is how you find people in places like hospital. After a while Viraat calmed down and spent the rest of night just praying for Maanvi to get well soon. He did not sleep that night neither did Jeevika ..upstairs.

Morning 7:00 AM

Viraat went upstair to visit Jeevika bhabhi... and enquired if everything is fine. Jeevika informed him that all is fine but Maanvi is still unconscious. Soon the doctors come for her check up  and tells them that she is out of danger now though they will keep her in ICCU .. till she regains her sense. After a while Virens lands up in hospital with two more visitors ..Beeji and Madan chachu...they wanted to see Maanvi but on coming here they were told about the situation...and were not allowed to meet her. Viren urges Jeevika ..to go back home and take some rest, which Jeevika flatly refuses. But on everyone's insistence she agrees.

Viren : Viraat ...tu BG Chachu aur Jeevika ko leke ghar jaa ..main yahan hoon.

Viraat : Nai bhai ...ek kaam karo ..app sabko leke ghar jao..main yahin pein hoon ..thode der baad bhabhi to vappis aa hi jeyengi ..tab main chale jaunga...

Viren : Viraat tu kal subha se nikla hua hain ghar..se aapna haal dekh ek baar... (cut off by Jeevika)

Jeevika : Viren ji ...Viraat ko yahin Maanvi ke pass rahene dejiye ... mere aane ke baad woh ghar chale jayega ... (Viraat was happy to see her Bhabhi taking his side) (Jeevika was now sure that ...the only other person on earth who could take care of Maanvi like her was VIRAAT)

Viren : Ohk..Viraat ..kuch bhi ho to hamein inform kar dena immediately.

After everyone leaves... Viraat was all alone waiting outside the ICCU ..waiting for his partner to regain her consciousness.

Around 8:30 AM

The Dr. Bhatt visits Maanvi and comes out to inform Viraat that ..Maanvi is now conscious and the blood clot has dissolved. Viraat was so ecstatic hearing the news that ..he went and hugged Dr. Bhatt.

Dr. Bhatt : Congrats ..kid ...your partner is now back... Go and sit with her. (he was smiling)

Viraat : Thanks doc... (he turns back) Sir... I am sorry for last night's behaviour.

Dr. Bhatt : Viraat ..you don't have to be ...its ok ...She is a lucky girl to have such lovely people around ..Now go inside...(he leaves..smiling)

Inside Maanvi's room

Viraat enters and finds Maanvi lying on bed with her eyes closed and surrounded by scary looking instruments. She was looking a lot paler than ever, but the factor of satisfaction is she has finally regained her senses. Viraat goes and sits near her...and touches her hand very softly. Feeling the touch ...Maanvi tries to open her eyes ..with much difficulty. Her vision was blurred for a moment ..but it looked like a masculine ...and light bearded structure sitting beside her (definitely not her di..so it has to be Viraat and it was). She was happy to see him...so was he... Maanvi was too weak to speak anything... she could just pass a sheepish smile. Viraat on the other hand ..was feeling a deep calmness within to see her like this. Finally he could catch the glimpse of his partner...his prayers were heard.

Viraat : (husky tone, slowly )..Kaisa feel kar rahi ho Maanvi?

Maanvi : did not speak..too weak ..but flashed her eyelids ..to convey " I m ok".

Viraat : tears were rolling down..of his eyes..well they were happy tears this time.

Maanvi : tears also rolled out of her eyes... she wanted to speak but could not because. of weakness.. She looked around herself ..saw those enormous things and then looked back at Viraat ..with a lil smile...

Viraat : (Smiled back) ...koi baat nai ..tum thik ho jao ..yeh sab insturments hat jayenge. Maanvi abhi thoda rest kar lo. Tumne to hamaari jaan hi nikal di thi ...

Maanvi : Quite ...kept looking at Viraat ...(tears rolling)...

Viraat remembers ...he has to intimate bhabhi about the good news and plans to go out and call..

Viraat : Maanvi ...My abhi bhabhi ko inform karke aata hoon ..ki tumhe hosh aa gaya hain ..woh wait kar rahe hongi ...Tum rest lo...(He tries to rise)

Maanvi : (speaks her first word with lot of difficulty ..in aa very weak voice) Viraat...(Viraat looks back)...I ...Love ..You... J J J ...(tears rolling down her eyes)

*She wanted say a lot ..but her health was not supporting her ...but somewhere she felt...These three words ... will aptly describe her emotions... her feelings... and is the summation of all that she wanted to tell Viraat. She never wanted ... to confess her love... in this condition..when she was in her sense ... But today ...she couldn't control herself ..and spoke the truth.*

*Viraat ...stood still hearing her words... those words... healed all his pain (in that case even Maanvi's pain)... He wondered ...the truth which he was hiding from all ...which he was feeling so hard to express was so easily revealed by Maanvi.  He smiled at her and sat down..content ..*

Viraat : (smiling and tears in eyes, kept his one hand on Maanvi's hand and other .stroking her hair softly said .."Get Well Soon Maanvi...I am waiting..."

Saying this he kisses her hand softly ...gets up then kisses her forehead and goes out to inform Jeevika. After the phone call Viraat ...returns to Maanvi's room... and sits beside Maanvi.

Maanvi : (smiling, in a very meek voice) Partner ... Tumhare music album ka kya hua??? (coughs) ...woh khadoos ne kya bola...(smiles)

Viraat : (smiles a lil, holds her hands) .. Hmmm ..Jab hamne itni mehenat ki thi ..to result to aacha hona tha na...They loved it ..especially ur signature track and tumhe vishwass nai hoga ..LS ne mujhe double money bhi offer kiya aur to aur meri recording bhi 15 days mein hain

Maanvi's face glowed on hearing the news...She was in all smiles...

Maanvi : Mujhe pata tha ...woh tumhe select karenge.. Congrats Viraat...

As Maanvi congratulated Viraat ..he realized ..that since yesterday he had almost forgot about this whole music issue... and none of his family members till now have asked him about it.

Viraat : (smiling) Waise tumne LS ko aisa kya bola tha jo woh tumse itna darta hain?? (raising eyebrows)

Maanvi : (gives a smile) Kabhi aur bataungi ...Suspense..

They kept talking in between ... But Viraat took care that Maanvi gets the best rest. Soon Jeevika bhabhi arrives and the sister duo share a very touchy conversation ...For Jeevika seeing her sister in senses was like meeting god... She went and sats besides her and wouldn't allow her to go anywhere out of her sight. After sometimes doctor visit Maanvi yet again and checks her reports and tells that ..she will be soon shifted to the ICU where she will be under observation for a day or two...and if she stays stable then will be shifted to ward. The update relieved everyone ...especially ..Jeevika and Viraat.  Viraat finally decide to visit his home ...after the entire event so he went back ..letting the sisters share their moments.

In the coming days ..Maanvi got better ..thanks to the care Jeevika was pouring ...her reports were getting better. Viraat .used to be her ..almost all the time..Actually Maanvi's ward became his home.. He used to reach there morning  and only left at night. Meanwhile doctors were moving ahead for the transplant ...And search for the compatible marrow was on. When Maanvi came to know about it she became extremely nervous ... not cause of the pain she has to go ..but because it involved her di too. It took a while for everyone ..to convince her for it. It was almost 10 days and Maanvi was in hospital .

Maanvi was waiting restlessly and looking at the door and waiting for it to open. Her Jeevika di was not with her and she was alone. Also her Partner did not come to see her since morning..She was back to herself..and so was her energy and anger.

Door opened ... and the fatty Nurse entered with her lunch ..Maanvi hated her as much she hated the lunch. She thought in her mind.."Yaar ...har roz yeh sara gala khana leke aa jati hain aur isse lunch kaheti...??? Koi isse lunch kahega ???... Isse to Zehar aacha hain". The nurse said before leaving (in a nasal tone, which made Maanvi laugh) "Maanvi madam aap kha lene". Maanvi and Viraat had made several jokes on her. Maanvi infact teased Viraat ...at times when he used to shower his extra care ..saying ..."Viraat agar tumne ..apna bakwass band nai kiya to main tumhari shaadi uss nurse se kar dungi". This gag always worked well Viraat .as he used to go mute hearing this. But today Viraat was not there to share the Lunch trauma ...and she was burning in anger and blurting out things... She said..."Ajjj yeh Viraat kaha mar gaya ...har roz to subha subha ..sar khane aa jaata hain ...par aaj pata nai ..kaha baithke ke ...makkhiyaa maar raha hain ...aane do usse ..dihkati hoon"..As she was ..saying these ..the door opened and someone said ..."Mujhe yaad kar rahi thi partner??"...It was Viraat

Maanvi : (at her best Bandariya avtar) Tumhe yaad karein meri jooti...

Viraat : (trying to pacify) Bas Partner ...koi aise baat karta hain aapne hone wale Pati se ??? (making a cry baby face)

Maanvi was at lack of words ..her anger evaporated and she was blushing. (Even after Maanvi's confession on that day ..nothing actually changed in between them..except their command on each other had now increased many notches. Maanvi though was now completely aware of her feelings ...was scared to make any commitment towards .Viraat ...as she was still skeptical about her chances of survival and did not want Viraat ..to be under any such hopes...only if she had judged the depth of his feelings.) Maanvi diversts the topic on hearing Viraat speak,...

Maanvi : Aacha yeh sab chhoro ..aur batao ab tak kaha the????

Viraat : Arre Baba ...recording ka date aar raha hain na ..so ussi ka kuch kaam tha to suddenly bahar jaana pada... tumhe inform karna bhool gaya ..Sorrryyy ...(holds ears)

Maanvi : (smiles) Accha ..chalo maaf ..kiy tum bhi kya yaad rakhoge ... (she new the importance of the recording)

Viraat : So sweet of you partner...

Maanvi : Haan woh sab thik ..hain par abhi ke liye yeh lo..(in a serious face, while handing over her lunch to Viraat)

Viraat : Oye ..yeh kya hain ...thodi ..maafi kya mangi tum to sar pein chad gayi ...yeh khana tumhara hain tum bhi khaogi ...

Maanvi : Viraat dekho ..pange mat lo ...chup chap khana khatam karo ...

Viraat : Nahi ..hamesha woh nai hoga jo aap kahengi ...yeh khana aap hi khayengi ..hann main aapka isme saath de sakta hoon ...agar aapne chaha to ...(winking) ;)

Finally Maanvi had no other option but agree to Viraat and somehow she finished the awful lunch and kept talking to eachother.

Maanvi : (in a very disgusted tone) Viraat...aur kitne din mujhe is hospital mein sarna padega ..Main to abhi thik hoon ..please kuch karo ..na mujhe ghar jaana hain..(about to cry)

Viraat : (gets conscious of her mood change and puts hand in hair) ..Bass Maanvi aur kuch din jaise hi tumhare reports thik aate hain ...doctors tumhe chhor denge ... Waise bhi ...tumhare vajah se iss hospital mein pehele hi toofaan aaya hua ..hain ...(pauses ...then again to change the mood) ...Lekin ek baat hain ..tumhare jaane se ek aadmi ko bahut dukh hoga...

Maanvi : (looking suspicious) Kaun???

Viraat : Arre woh cleaner ..jo din char baar tumhare room ki safaai karta ..hain ..usse tumse pyaar ho gaya ..hain .pata nai tumhare bina uska kya hoga ... (Viraat closed his ears expecting her to shout..but she did'nt say anything, which made him tensed)

Maanvi : (sad) Viraat ..mazak mat karo..please .doctors se  baat karo.na woh kab mujhe release karenge??

Dr. Bhatt enters...

Dr. Bhatt : Viraat ko mujhse se baat karne ki jarrorat nai hain ...Hum tumhe kal discharge karenge..Maanvi

Maanvi : (all excited, Viraat too) Sach doctor uncle ..?

Dr. Bhatt : Yes Maanvi tumhare reports abhi better hain ..you can now go home. (he pulls her cheek). Haan bas ..don't forget the precautions I have told you ..okk ...

Viraat : (very happy) Thank you doctor...

Dr. Bhatt : Viraat can you come out..we have something to discuss... (Viraat and Dr.Bhatt..go out)

They discuss about the future track of treatment and the care they need to take for Maanvi. He instructed him ..that in no case Maanvi should be allowed to take any stress...as it might prove fatal. She will need as much bed rest as she can get ...No exhaustion absolutely. Viraat assures him about the same.

Next day Maanvi was discharged from hospital and all were very happy...especially her Jeevika di. Now her sister will be in front of her eyes 24 *7. In the coming days Maanvi's care increased..many degrees ..She hated it all but was too weak to say no to any of that..Afterall she also wanted to get well soon. Her movements were negligible and she was mostly confined to bed. The entire Vadhera family staff were on high alert and were present at the bake and call of Maanvi. Jeevika ..became her security guard...and Viraat her bodyguard. Maanvi was weak but thanked god every second for having such loving people in her life. And it  was for them... that she wanted to get rid of this disease soon. In the meantime Jeevika's samples were taken and were found to compatible with Maanvi. A huge tide of happiness was flowing in the hearts of Viraat and Jeevika as Maanvi was now at the verge of getting better. Couple of months passed like this and date for bone marrow transplant was fixed. Maanvi, Viraat and Jeevika were all tensed as the day was approaching. For Viraat and Jeevika ..every moment they kept praying for Maanvi to get better. But Maanvi on the other hand was not sure whether she can survive the pain or not..and was sad thinking what will happen if she dies. Suddenly a lot of negative thoughts were popping up in her mind.

Doctors have asked Maanvi to get admitted to the hospital ...7 days before the operation keeping in mind her health condition.

A night before Maanvi going to Hospital

Viren-Jeevika and Viraat- Maanvi were both tensed about the entire transplant matter. Viren was highly tensed for Jeevika and could hardly concentrate on his work. Jeevika understood it and kept pacifying Viren every moment..saying "Viren ji aap pareshan mat hoyi ye ..mujhe kuch nai hoga ..bas pray kijiye ki Maanvi thik ho jaye ..iss operation ke baad." Maanvi was also sad ..cause her di will have to go through pain for her..and wished if she could imbibe all her pains too. Viraat ...the other enigmatic species of the Vadhera family was restless and sleepless as the operation date was nearing...

9:00 PM ..Maanvi's room

Dinner was just over ...and Jeevika di ...has left for her room after giving Maanvi her medicines. Today Maanvi was very sad .and nervous about her life. She was aimlessly playing with her phone ..for quite sometime now. Finally she calls up Viraat...

Maanvi : Partner ..kya kar rahe ho??? So gaye??

Viraat : Arree .nai Partner .. main kabhi itni jaldi sota hoon kyaa??? Kyun kuch bolna tha tumhe??

Maanvi: Haan tum meree kamre mein aa sakte ho abhi ???

Viraat : Yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat hain ..tumne bulaya aur hum chale aayeee ..jaan hatheli leke aaye ...

Maanvi : Jaan ..ko leke aane  ki koi jarrorat nai ,,hain bas tum chale aao ..to bahut meharbaani ho...(cuts the phone)

Viraat goes to Maanvi's room

Viraat : (Opens door) Hello partner ..(comes inside smiling) ...Kya hua ..mujhe miss kar rahi ho??

Maanvi : (somewhat serious) Viraat ...mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai...

Viraat : Haan to bolo na...I m waiting (still smiling)

Maanvi : Aise nai Viraat ... mujhe tumhare room mein jaake baat karni hain ..tum mujhe le chalo...

Viraat : O hello ..tumne mujhe phone karke ..yaahan bulaya ..aur ab tumhe mere kamre mein jaana hain ???? .Kya baat hain Maanvi??

Maanvi : Haan ab jyaada behas mat karo aur mujhe le chalo... (in a bit hurry)

Viraat : (suspicious) Maanvi ..wait ...tumhe jo bhi bolna hain yehin bolo ..you remember what doctors said ..least movement ... so tum kahin nai jaa rahi ..jo bhi bolna hain ..yahin pein bolo ..main baitha hoo...

Maanvi : (angry) ..Viraat ...jo main bol rahi hoon ..uska kuch meaning hain ...please meri baat mano aur aapne kamre mein le chalo ...take it as my last wish ..(she was already loosing her hopes)

Viraat : (was angry and ...broken, hearing her say like that) Maanvi ... shut up ...dare you again say like that... Aaccha thik hain ..main tumhe le chalunga.. thik hain ...

Maanvi : (now a bit happy) Ohk phir chalte hain ...(she tries to get up and walk)

Viraat : Wait ... kya kar rahi ho ... yaad nai doctor ne kya kaha ...No chalna walna ...

Maanvi : Haan to chalke nai to kya udhke jaungi ..tumhare ghar...??? (making a face)

Viraat : Nai ..Baba ...when Viraat is here .. there's nothing to fear...(gets up)

Viraat gets up and picks Maanvi in his arms...

Maanvi : Viraat tum kya kar rahe ..ho ... tum aise le jauge mujhe ...??? Pagal ho gaye ho kyaa???

Viraat : Nai ..Maanvi madam I am all ok ... main wahi kar raha hoon jo aapke liye sahi hain ..(Maanvi did not argue)

Maanvi : Ok ..fine ..agar itna carry kar hi rahe ho to ..ek aur chiz bhi carry kar lo.. (she looks at a bag kept near her bed)

Viraat : Yeh bag ...isme kya hain ??

Maanvi : Viraat tum thode chup nai rahe sakte ...??? Just do ..as I say ..

Viraat : (Picks up the bag puts in shoulder) Ohkk ...Madam ..Coolies is ready ..ab chale.. (carries the bag on shoulder..and Maanvi in arms.

While in room Viraat crosses the mirror in Maanvi's room ..he see's both of them like this ..and bursts out laughing...

Maanvi : Ab daat kyun phar rahe ho??

Viraat : Maanvi ...iss tarah hamein agar koi dekhega ..to usse lagega ki main tumhe bhaga ke le jaa raha hoon...

Maanvi : Aisi Vahiyaad soch sirf tumhari hain ...Kisi ke pass itna vella time nai hain ...aisi baatein sochne ka ..(Maanvi was totally not in a mood today and Viraat also realized by no)

Viraat – Maanvi come out of room and Viraat was carrying her through the corridor. While carrying he just looked downstair ..if they are being watched or not ..and he finds Dada ji ..Viren ..and Swamini Bua were sitting ..there with some 5 sophistically dressed men. And as their luck would have it ..this entire bunch of people ... from nowhere suddenly look up and caught them like this ...

Viraat – Maanvi both saw this and were embarassed beyond limit... Viraat's jaw droped ..as he never expected himself in such situation ..neither did Maanvi. Swamini bua's look was worth a watch... she couldn't believe herself...she saw the entire "Maryada" of Vadhera family was falling apart like a pack of cards... Dada ji wanted to laugh.. but was also embarrased as all of these were happening in front of guests. Viren was thinking in mind .."waah mere bhai ..jo main shaadi ke baad bhi nai kar saka ..tune to woh shaadi ..ke pehele hi kar diyaaa ...kyaa baat hain...". Viren finally comes to Viraat's rescue. And diverts the view of audience..."Mr. Hasija ..aap kuch kahe rahe the ..??" and everybody goes back to work except Swamini Bua who will be in the trauma ..for next few days ..(she takes a very looonngg recovery time ..:P).

Viraat- Maanvi (together, sighed at Viren's intelligence) and said " Thank you, Bhai/Jiju." And Viraat carried her like this too his room.

Viraat's Room

Viraat puts Maanvi on his bed and tell her to keep lying down in bed. Viraat- Maanvi were both shocked at what happened outside...

Maanvi : (shock look) Viraat ..abhi bahaar kya huaa ??? Sab ne kya socha hoga hammare barein mein...

Viraat : (same look) ..Haan Maanvi main bhi wahi soch raha hoon. ..tumne bua ko dekha ..woh to ...kisi aur duniya ki prani lag rahi thi...aur Dada ji woh to mujhe maar hi denge.

Maanvi : (angry) Maine kaha tha tumhe yeh sab nai karne ke liye ... par tumhe to hero banta tha ..na ..abb bhugto ..

Viraat : Oye ..hello ..tumhari galti hain ... Tumhi ko aana tha mere kamre mein ..maine bas tumhara help kiya ..kyun ki main tumhara care karta ..hoon aur mujhe kisi ki fikar nai hain ...

Due to this high pitch conversation ...Maanvi starts coughing ..Viraat gets serious and gives her water and calms her down.

Viraat : Maanvi ...kitni baar kaha hain stress mat lo ...ab bolo kya bolna tha...

Maanvi : Haan bolti hoon ..pehele yeh bag kholo ...

Viraat : Ohkk ..as you wish (opens the bag and surprised)...Maanvi yeh sab

Maanvi : Yeh sab tumhare liye hain...

The Bag contained all those items with which their memories were attached ..be it the photos... or the ipod ..he gifted ..or the music cds.. the trophy they won for dancing... even the coffee shop bill where they went at 2:00 clock in night once..every smallest memory ...Looking at the those items Viraat was getting emotional and asked .."Kyun??"

Maanvi makes a gesture and asks him to sit beside her...

Maanvi : (after some pause) Viraat ... pehele ek promise karo ..ki main jo bhi bolungi tum uspein gussaa nai ho ge aur naahi over react karo ge ..Promise me ..(extends her palm)

Viraat : (aftr much thinking) Thik hain .and holds her hand ..ab batao ..kya bolna hain ...(he knew she was going to say something that will be related to her illness but didn't know what) (he understands her so well)

Maanvi : Viraat ... tum puch rahe the na ki main iss kamre mein aane ki zidd kyun kar rahi thi ...to woh is liye ki ..main kal hospital mein jaane se pehele ..iss room ko aakhri baar dekhna chahati thi ... Kya pata ..main ab kabhi vaapis aaungi bhi ya nai. (Viraat's look was going pale on  hearing this ..but remained quite..coz of the promise).

Maanvi : Viraat ..iss ghar mein aane ke baad se ..maine kabhi bhi ..khudko aakele nai samjha .. mere iss bimaari mein tumhare family ke har member ne mujhe sirf pyaar hi diya hain ..Mujhe kabhi bhi nai laga ki main apne di ke sasural mein ..hoon . Agar main tum logo ke saath nai raheti ..to mujhe kabhi pata hi nai chalta ki ..tum sab kitne aache ho ...Specially Dada ji, Bua ...jinko mai villains samajhti thi .woh to asal mein heros hain ..aur mom...(she meant Vanshika in a hurry) ...I mean tumhari mom (Viraat smiled on hearing her say MOM).. unmein to mujhe aapni mom deekhti ..hain ..But in sab mein jis insaan se mera sabse jyaada connection hain woh ho tum...Agar main mar gayi na ..to shayad di ke saath saath ..tumhe pareshan karna ..sabse jyada miss karungi (tears rolling from both their eyes). And i know tum bhi mujhe bahut miss karoge. (she continues)

Viraat ... mujhse promise karo ki .. mere jaane ke baad bhi ..tum kabhi dukhi naho ho ge ..promise me you will move on with your life... Kabhi bhi ..hamere iss ...aadhe adhoore ..toote phhote ..pyaar ... ka effect apne kisi aur rishte mein aane mat dena ...Hamesha remember that .there is someone ...somewhere up ...always wishing .for your happiness ..for your success.. and will never let anything happen to you ever. (changing her mood a bit... now trying to smile) Aur haan iss galat pehemi mein maat rahena ki main yeh  sad sad baatein kahe rahi hoon to ...iska matlab main tumhara peecha chor dungi ..Nai partner ...aisa at least iss janam mein to nai ho sakta ...Jab bhi tum kuch garbar karoge ...tab tab main tumhare sar ke upar bhoot banke naachungi ..Marne ke baad bhi chorungi nai tumhe ...sochana bhi mat ... (Viraat kept looking at her ..all through this while ..Generally he used to get angry when she said such things but tonight he was calm ..did not interrupt ..did not cry ..did not shout...he was just listening ..his eyes were glued to her face.. He did not miss her single word .he was just absorbing them within him. Perhaps somewhere down he knew her thoughts are right..if he was in her situation ..he would have also done the same. Today he wanted her to expresses herself totally ..drain all her emotions ..and wash away all those negative thoughts.)

Maanvi has stopped now ..she was expecting a loud expression for him ..but instead was astound with his quiteness.

Maanvi : (shaked Viraat) Tum sun rahe the jo maine bola ...

Viraat : (Drifted from his thoughts by Maanvi) ..Uhhmmm ... Haaan maine sab suna ... Tumhe jo bolna tha bol liya ...?? (he said calmly ... holding Maanvi's hand in his hand) ..Ab main kuch bol sakta hoon??

Maanvi : (surprised at his reaction) Haan..

Viraat : Maanvi ..tumhe shayad nai pata ki ...jab do insaan ek dusre se pyaar karte hain ..I mean bilkul saccha wala pyaar.. to unhe farak nai padhta ki woh ek dusre ke saath hain ..ya ek dusre se alag, iss duniya mein hain... yaah kisi aur duniya mein . Unke liye bas ek cheeze important hoti hain ... ki unka pyaar hamesha khush rahe hamesha ...haaste rahe. Maanvi i dont care kal hum dono kaha honge ..zinda honge bhi yaa nai ...I really dont care.. mere liye bas yeh important hain ki main tumse khud se jyaada pyaar karta hoon aur yeh bhi jaanta hoon tum bhi mujhe pyaar utna hi pyaar karti ho. You know...Jo log sachha pyaar karte hain woh kabhi dukhi nai rahte kyunki ... unhe yeh paata hota hain ki chahe kuch bhi ho jaye... unke... pyaar ka saath hamesha rahega. Maanvi kise pata hain kal kya hoga ...kya pata tumse pehele meri hi maut ho jaye ..to kya tum jeena chor dogi???? nahi na ...Kya hum itne bewkoof ..yaa kya hammara pyar itna kamzoor hain?? Nahi naa?? ...Ek baat hamesha yaad rakho saacha pyaar hamesha sirf aur sirf khushi deta hain gham nai. Tum mere saath raho yaa na raho ..hum mil paye yaa na paye ..but tumhare pyaar...mere iss dil mein hamesha rahega tab tak jab tak main rahunga. And I will never let down your love for me. Mujhe nai maloom ki kal kya hoga ..but yeh jarror pata hain agar hum ek saath kisi bhi mushkil se ladenge to ..jeet sirf haamari hi hogi ...So stop being so over emotional and stop thinking so negative...Jo bhi hoga sirf aur sirf aacha hi hoga... (he kissed her hand while finishing his lines)

Maanvi was silent she kept staring at him..she was amazed at his maturity...in his ability to calm her down whenever she brokedown. She rose herself a bit and hugged him tight.. and started crying...

Maanvi : (while hugging) ..Partner ... Main marna nai chahati...Mujhe Jeena hain ... Main bach to jaugi naa

Viraat : (Pacifying, but pain in his eyes too) Oye ..meri sherni ..tumhe daar lag raha hain ...yeh tum hi hona ..??? (checking ..while cupping her face) Partner... kya hogaya hain ajj ...aisi baatein kyun kar rahi hoon??? Meri hrishikesh ki ..shaan ...to aisi baatein kabhi nai karti ...phir kya hua ajj .. operation se dar lag raha hain?? (Manvi..says yes in silence) ..Ok ..koi baat nai sach bolu .mujhe bhi lag raha hain ...par koi baat nai ..hum sab hain naa tumhare saath to phir daar kis baat..ki .. Aur waise bhi tumse panga leke kisiko aapni zindagi bardaar karni hain kya (trying to cheer her up). Bhagwaan ko bhi pata hain tum kya cheeze ho isliye ..woh itni jaldi  tumhe uthane nai wale. Isiliye marne wala daar ko tum flush out kar do. And smile meri bandariya ..tum meri inspiration ho ..main tumhe iss tarah nai dekh sakta ..Aur socho agar bhabhi ne is waqt tumhe aise dekh liya to woh kitni dukhi hongi...So wipe off these tears ..and smileee...(tries to put a smile on her face..)

Maanvi : (hits his chest) Tum apni girl friends se aisi baatein karte hoon, unhe bandariyaa bulate hoon??

Viraat : (making a face) Nai nai ...sari gfs ko nai ..sirf mere Partner (pulls her cheeks) ko hi bandariya bulata hoon ..woh kya hain na Dada ji ne bachpan mein baat sikhaya tha ..ki ..beta ..chahe kuch bhi ho jaye ..sach ka saath kabhi mat chorna. (Maanvi got angry at this and hits him again)

Viraat : Ouuchhh ...(and there fights continue)..

Maanvi ..kept looking at him and with every second her love of him..her respect was only doubling. She couldn't stop thinking how can god be so generous with her by first giving a motherly sister and now a lovely partner ..rather Life Partner. She was now feeling much better.her smile was back and now all geared up for the treatment.

They shared some beautiful moments again that night before she falls asleep in Viraat's room. Viraat could n't stop admiring her beauty and did not want her to leave his room .. so he let Maanvi sleep in his bed..instead ..he went to Maanvi's room and slept there.

Next day she was admitted to hospital. Her treatment went quite well and finally the day for Bone marrow transplant came. Amidst all tensions and speculations, the operation went off quite well and was successful. 

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