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Credit goes to Maham(Allbut1) for this beautiful Banner

My Take on New TOI Article about Aarti's plan might backfire and Yash might scream at her Smile

I feel the real beauty of this show is no character achieves perfection right in the first attempt which is more real and human to b honest ... even as human we hv our initial falls before we rise na Embarrassed...

Yash too was proved wrong in Ansh case when he was kidnapped but then Yash rectifies his mistake by saving Ansh from the kidnappers in his second attempt to prove himself as a father for Ansh Embarrassed...Aarti too might b proved wrong in her first attempt to b like Arpita but then she will rectify her mistake as Aarti in her second attempt on Palak's birthday itself ...how she will do it remains to b seen Smile...
Show does not really give us larger than life perfect characters who always take right decisions ..here every character is flawed and whether its Yash or Aarti , both r learning from their mistakes ...Aarti too will learn never to loose her real identity from here onwards and Yash too will learn to let the past go rather than forcibly holding onto it because he will achieve nothing but more pain and depression Smile

Episode Analysis
I liked the episode overall as it was a good build-up episode for the birthday party even though it was a filler but I love any episode where more focus is on AarYa and kids than anyone else LOLEmbarrassed ... It showed two things ..One is honest efforts by Aarti even though her way of doing it is wrong and second is Yash keeps death of Arpita over Palak's birthday which was evident from the way he spoke to Arpita's photo before wishing Palak Smile...So who is more wrong here ..Aarti or Yash ?? Ermm
Yash and Aarti both r flawed characters ...Aarti is wrong in her way achieiving something right and Yash is wrong in his  way of showing his participation towards something which is right Smile  
Like Shobha said , Aarti's mission to free Palak from Arpita trauma by celebrating her birthday in a grand manner is perfect but the route which she selected is totally wrong since she might end up loosing everyone's trust here by trying to b Arpita Ouch...Her promise to Palak that on her birthday she will get her mother back is true but from Palak's POV it will become a big lie since she is looking forward to the return of Arpita and not Aarti as Arpita Ouch...So while Aarti is right with her decision to celebrate Palak's birthday Thumbs Up but she is wrong to present herself as Arpita's shadow and mislead the little kid Ouch...
Now coming to Yash . He is right when he again and again warns Aarti not to disappoint Palak and how Palak's happiness holds lots of importance to him and then decides to support Aarti in her decision and even thanks her for all the perfect arrangements Embarrassed but Yash is totally wrong when  a night before  Palak's birthday he gives his first priority talking to Arpita's photo and mourning over her death 4 yrs ago rather than going and wishing Palak first Ouch... While Aarti gives her first priority wishing happy birthday to Palak ,  for Yash his first priority was talking to Arpita's photo to mourn her death and then wishing birthday to Palak becomes his second priority Ouch...Also Yash does not really make any active effort to show his participation in Palak's birthday arrangements as if he is just not interested but is going with the flow to see Palak happy Ouch...So while Yash is right in making sure Palak is not disappointed on her birthday Thumbs Up , but he is wrong to give priority to Arpita death over Palak's birthday by not showing any active participation Ouch
Both Yash and Aarti hv their share of flaws in this case ...and Aarti's plan will initially backfire too but she will not give up for sure and will fight back on this birthday itself to eventually see a relieved smile on Palak's face at the end of the day thus making Yash too realise that honest efforts can never fail in the end  Embarrassed...
Aarti dint lie to Palak when she promised to bring her mother back ... But it might come out as a lie to Palak and Yash Ouch
I m just trying to b devil's advocate and see things from Aarti's POV ...I feel her main intention is to give Palak a mother on her birthday as a present and she feels since Palak is attached with Arpita name and that vision , so let me dress up like her  because at the end of the day its all about Palak accepting me as a mother ...So Aarti's promise to Palak is not a lie when she said your mother is coming because Aarti is presenting herself as a mother to Palak with a only difference of changing her name and get up Ermm...So its not really a lie she told to Palak today ...
The only issue is Aarti is not realising the kind of emotions Palak and Yash hv towards this whole Arpita name Ouch..For Aarti its just a name but for Palak and Yash ,its more than a name ...this whole fact Shobha realised but Aarti is too much involved in presenting a mother to Palak to get her love and so she dint give much importance to this whole Arpita factor ...
But the name of Arpita does affect Aarti which we saw today when by mistake Yash addresses Aarti as Arpita and we saw Aarti looking down which means she dint really enjoy when Yash by mistake called her Arpita Wink... So while she claims that Arpita or Aarti does not matter but this one scene proved that it does matter when someone does not call u or remember u with your own original identity Smile
Shobha was right today but she is also the root cause for Aarti selecting the wrong path today Ouch
Even though Shobha is right with her advice to Aarti today regarding the Arpita matter but I still hold her equally responsible for the whole blunder today since she was the one who started showing the wrong route to Aarti when last to last week she forced Aarti to simply kill the past in her mind and not tell anything to Yash about it Ouch ...
Aarti now feels hiding certain truths from Yash is all fine rather than sharing it because then it might hurt Yash and in the process she is almost making it a habit to hide everything from Yash Ouch...
First Shobha and then Vidhi  , both hv sort of eaten up Aarti's brains here Ouch...
Arpita is certainly getting a closure
This I can bet from my 14 yrs of serial experience LOL...whenever we get an overdose of certain characters who dont really exist in present , then it means time for their final closure LOL..So whether Aarti succeeds or fails , but I can see a closure being given to Arpita where in the end Yash might decide to burn all Arpita's memories and belongings to finally free her from this house Big smile... And with this Yash and Palak too will make a new start just how Aarti made her new start after burning all Prashant memories forever Smile
Overall a good build-up episode  which does give us scare but I feel in the end the main purpose is to show Arpita's closure and so I m ready to enjoy the ride TongueLOL

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For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!


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ho ooo mere sajana lo main aa gayi
logon ne toh diye honge bade bade nazaraane
layi hoon main tere liye dil mera
dil yahi maange dua hum kabhi ho na judaa
mera hai mera hi rahe dil tera
yeh meri zindagi hai teri


PV Creatives, here is a list of songs that we would like to see on Yash and Aarti!  DC members or anyone, if you want to see any other songs, please drop me a PM and I'll try to update list on page 1 of DC daily!

#1. Dil kya kare jab kissi ko (julie)
#2. Bheegi bheegi raato mein
#3. Haye haye ye majboori :P
#4. Woh hain zara
#5. husn ke...laakhon ke rang
#6. aaj rapat jaiyo (namak halal)
#7. sajna hai mujhe Blushing
#8. Baahon mein challe aao
#9. Jaane do na
#10.Roop tera mastana 
#11 Piya tu
#12. Bhor bhaye panghat pe
#13. Chadhti jawani meri ROFL
#14. Aa zara (Murder 2)
#14. Aaja Piya 
#16. Zara Zara touch me
#17.choli ke peechhe kya hai
#18 Hey sexy lady
#19. Sarkai liyo khatiya ROFL jaada lagge! ROFL
#20. Jaadu hai nasha hai
#21.Could I have this kiss forever!
#22. Bheege hont tere 
#23. Ooo lala Ooo lala (Dirty Picture)
#24 Tune ye Rangeela kaisa Jaadu kiya
#25 Hoton se Chulo Tum
#26 Chura liya hai Tumne jo dil ko
#27 Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam
#28 Kaise Tum Mujhe Mil Gayi
#29 Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar
#30 Sajde

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OH MY! What an episode it had my emotions all over the place i felt like i was on a roller coaster ride and the butterflies were having are party in the pit of my stomach everytime i thought this is the moment that Yash gonna find out about Aarti's plan my heart stopped 4 a sec Confused LOL


Aarti should really listened to Shobha...Now i'm really scraed for what she has coming her way next week Disapprove


Aww the scenes in the kids' bedroom were so BEAUTIFUL...Loved Palak being showed with rose pedals, Aarti/Ansh/Payal singing Happy B'Day to her was so adorable Heart

Damn Yash called Aarti...Arpita...Poor guy got caught up in the moment while wishing his daughter a happy birthday & saying "i found my child, right Aarpita?" Cry
Well we all what's coming next week so the weak hearts should prepare during the weekend cause it's gonna be an explosive & very intense week Wink And this PVian gonna enjoy every minute even if my Broken Heart or i have to Cry Can't wait for more Big smile
Have a wonderful weekend Lovelies xoxo

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I think a heated convo is needed between Yash and Aarti.  Yash has to share his pain and let go and needs to understand that he is not the only one who is in pain.  Aarti is too with her past, but she still smiles...

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I am hugely frustrated by the episode. All the confidence I had yesterday is sort of swirling down the drain as we speak. What is Aarti thinking?!

Aarti's Blunder

Things became a lot clearer today because we got to see Palak's POV on the whole thing much more obviously and the difference between Aarti's promise and the way Palak sees it is the big blunder that Aarti is overlooking in this situation. Aarti sees this promise to bring Palak her mother back as a means to an end. Palak refuses to celebrate her birthday until her mother comes back to celebrate it with her and Aarti saw the only way to break the cycle was to say that her mother was indeed coming. She used equivocation, she used ambiguity and she told Palak to keep the faith. In the end she wants Palak to celebrate her birthday and she told her what she needed to to get her to agree. For Palak on the other hand, the birthday is a means to an end and that end is seeing Arpita again. She is a small child and though she has been told that her mother is not coming back, she wants to believe that she will when an adult tells her so. In many ways Aarti is abusing her authority as an adult in Palak's life and I am not okay with that after what I saw today.

It was clear that Palak's only focus was Arpita coming and she enjoyed the birthday celebrations for that reason. So is Aarti really achieving any progress? Progress would be if the date was rid of the pain that Palak felt on losing her mother. She is still waiting for her mother to walk in the door with that cake and the frills and fun were based solely on this one promise made by Aarti. Palak confiding in Aarti, joining in her game against her father, her general merry mood was constantly punctuated by the undertone of the promise as evidenced by how quickly it came to the surface whenever someone talked about various aspects of her birthday. Is Aarti underestimating how much Palak's happiness depends solely on her promise, and not the balloons and the friends and the decorations?

The one scene that I did love was when they were talking about Palak and her social situation. Aarti told her to apologise to her friends and taught her the very valuable lesson that there is nothing wrong with saying sorry if it helps solve issues. And I have no issues with her using Arpita as a crutch, saying that she wouldn't be happy to see Palak friendless, but not under the promise that she would return for Palak's birthday. Aarti seems to be under the impression that in all the furor, Palak will give more importance to her birthday than Arpita's death and so her expectations will not be shattered when Aarti walks in as Arpita. But Palak, like Yash rightly said, is stubborn and she is holding on to this one promise with her life. Aarti is setting herself up for a hugely dangerous situation, and taking Palak down with her.

While I do agree with Shobha, that I am terrified at what will happen to poor Palak in all of Aarti's self-righteous bluster, I can't see her the same way after what she told Aarti to do about Prashant. Why can she see the danger in Aarti denying her own identity here, but could not see it there? She seems like kind of an opportunist to me that way. She is staunch in her principles when it is convenient and when they are not, she twists the situation to make the principles bend for her. I agree that she is essentially a wonderful woman with her heart in the right place, but she is selfish for Aarti.

Yash's Blunder

This catastrophe that Aarti is confidently orchestrating is not hers alone but has been four years in the making! The way that Aarti spoke to Yash today was much needed. I loved the contrast in the dialogues between when Yash was talking to Arpita's photo and he said, "Tomorrow is 15th June, the day you when life separated us and you went far away" and Aarti telling him, "Tomorrow is 15th June, your first daughter Palak's birthday." It is the same date and Yash has a choice as to which significant event he chooses to give precedence to and his choice is clear, though he realises his mistake when he is confronted with the facts. The only problem is that he constantly needs to be confronted with the facts because his natural tendency is to slip back into his grief.

Aarti is deluding herself if she thinks she actually has Yash's approval. He approves her intentions yes, but he is doubtful on what she said to Palak. Aarti is treating this as curiosity on Yash's part and making it all fun and light with the secret thing, but I feel like Yash's worry is far more legitimate than Aarti is giving him credit for. He may not be demonstrative but he knows his daughter and she is brushing his repeated warnings under the rug to go through with her plan. And more and more this is mirroring the kidnapping, where Yash blindsighted Aarti's warnings about Ansh because he thought he knew better. There also he insisted that he was acting for Ansh's happiness and for Aarti to trust him.

The scene I loved most, however was the Yash-Arpita photo scene in the morning. He congratulates Arpita on their daughter turning six (let's not even get into the math). It is clear here that his relationship with his kids was mostly through Arpita. He feels the need to share the joy of the day with her first rather than Palak herself. What absolutely blew me away about this scene was when Yash is saying he doesn't know whether to celebrate Palak's birthday or Arpita's...and then catches himself short. It was almost as though he was ashamed of himself for what he had been doing and I loved that split second transformation in him (awesome GC moment!). And in one second he says, Arpita I have to go because Palak is waiting for me. I thought that realisation in him was beautifully done!

And his "punishment' was to be forced into the past again instead of immediately enjoying his moment of wishing Palak in the present. Aarti's little game sent him into flashback mode once again and instead of finding Palak in the present, he was busy doing so in the past, which left the poor present day Palak to come out and call to him on her own. Arpita is frozen in time for Yash but Palak and Payal are not. He needs to learn to find the present day girls rather than chasing after their younger selves, only to keep his wife alive. But it was a nice touch to see past merging with present for Yash and him calling Aarti Arpita. I guess for parents children always remain babies and for a second he couldn't see a difference between the Palak in his flashback and the Palak in his arms and when he saw Palak emerge from behind a woman, smiling and happy, how could that woman not be Arpita?

It was interesting that Palak did not have a negative reaction to Yash calling Aarti Arpita. Is that going to figure in this whole costume drama?

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