Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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waiting dear for an update

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congrats on new thread... Hayyy me waiting for update.

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Congo dear

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congrats for new thread
wtng for the updt

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                                   PART 24

Hi all... here is the next part... as i said before,replied to all on previous thread... thank you all for your lovely comments ...

She again started her dance with her one hand still on Maan's tight grip …

Maan felt something , looked at Geet and sighed as he saw  her dancing ….. Closing his eyes to calm himself and his anger he opened them and said:- Challen??? (shall we???)

Geet :- Hmm…

Maan dragged her to front seat and made her sit there and he , himself took driving seat and drove to the hotel…

All the way in the car drive ,Geet was just blabbering anything which came to her mouth,singing and all … having no option, Maan just listened …


On reaching there, he stopped the car and stepped out but he saw Geet was still sitting there ..

Maan:- Do you need an invitation??? Come out..

Geet :- No .. I want to stay here only…  she giggled

Maan(sighed):- Geet , stop your childish behavior and come out … Lets go to the room ..

Geet:- Nahee nahee naheee (no no no ).. I don't want to go there.. and who are you to order me like this???

Maan:- Am asking you for the last time… Come out…

Geet:- Do what ever you want.. Am not gonna move an inch from here..

Irritated , Maan pulled her to him from her arms and pulled her out from the car, now she was standing beside him.. Geet started shouted where as Maan dragged her towards the reception area…

Geet(shouted):- Help .. Help… This man is crazy.. kiddnapping me…. Help plzz help me….

Maan ignored her screams and asked for the keys…

R gave him keys  reluctantly looking at  Geet to which Maan told,

Maan:- She is drunk.. .Any problem with that????

R :-Nnn… no sir..

All guests at hotel just saw Maaneet but Maan's one glare was enough to avert their gazes away from them..where as Geet was still continuing  her  screaming  about help…

Maaneet reached towards the lift and Maan forcefully made her in ..where already a couple  has witnessed this scenes and said: what a husband he is ??? chii…

Maan didn't bother to look at the couple ,who was watching him in disgust and Geet with sympathy…

Geet was still screaming for help and Maan was now highly irritated ..

Maan :- Geet, stop it…There is no one here to hear your screams, just shut up..

Geet:- Lier…. Look there is a couple standing beside us and you are saying no one is here to hear my scream…

Maan kept quit on that, as he knew there is no use  to bang his head on the wall…

Click sound and lift door opened ..Maan moved out but Geet was still standing there..

Maan:- Now what ???

He guessed some foolish demand is gonna come.. He was right

Geet(looke dat maan from corner of her eyes then said) :- Mujhe gaudi mein uthao..(Take me in your arms..)

Maan just closed his eyes where as the couple who was still in that lift,aiming to go to up floor , giggled at Geet's childish yet cute gestures..

Lift was closing and opening as Maan has placed his foot between…After a few secs of glaring her in annoyance he sighed..

Maan:- Ok .. Just come outside..

Geet:- No.. Am not gonna go anywhere without being carried in your arms…

Maan(in frustration):- Achaa fine….At least just come out  from this lift pzlz???? I promise, will carry you in my arms then … bus…????

Geet:- paka???? (sure???)

Maan (sighed in relief, knowing  she has agreed ):- Haan paka… (yes sure…)

Geet came out from the lift and just silently stood beside Maan throwing her arms to Maan to be taken…

Maan knew, no escape, so he just lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the room…where as the lift couple praised them and their jodi…

Geet(in Maan's arms):- lalalala..lala….lalalala….

Maan:- Geet, stop this lalala…

Geet:- Hmm.. .Tou chalo (fine then) … Let me tell you one secret of mine…. I wanted to tell you that one but was scared …    

Maan(with no interest as he thought she will talk foolish things only) :- Hmm… Am listening …

Geet:- Ssshhh !!! kisis ko batana maat(don't tell any one) that am not chopra's blood daughter ..

Maan(completely shocked):- Whattt????

Geet:-  Hmm… Bilkul isi tarah … pointing at him  (like this only ) I was shocked, when Brij veerji… (then with disgusted face).. kahee ke veerjii ..huhh!! when brij told me that I was adopted by chopra's for showing the world how sympathetic they are … that they adopted an orphan  from an orphanage…

Maan placed her on bed gently , listening to her with concentration..

Maan:- why didn't you tell me before???

Geet:- How could I told you , when I, myself came to know  recently.. but yash bhaiyaa knows all …Haan.. (with sad voice) you know what happened ??? when I refused to sign divorce papaers  Brij and Rahul kidnapped me  and tried to touch me .. They pulled me from here(she showed her arms where Brij and Rahul touched, Maan was full in anger but then he came close to her and kissed her pointed area .. while Geet just told her tale…though she felt good with that kiss ) I felt disgusted with those touches but I was alone and helpless   but then  GOD  sent yash bro there..and he handled every thing there..

Geet held Maan's hand and made him sit beside her  resting her head on his shoulder  and continued



Geet:- They tried to force me… (Maan fisted his hand in anger)  didn't like their filthy talks and ugly touches.. yukkkhhh .. I hate them .. (she sobbed).. Maan patted her head and her arm which was wrapped around his …

Suddenly she sat up..

Geet:- One more truth… she smiled shyly

Maan(with serious face):- Hmm… what's it???

Geet(came close .. too close to him merely inches away to touch his lips with hers.. with her closed eyes she whispered  ) :- I like you… No.. No ….I … LOVE … YOU..TOO ... she giggled 

Maan was not shocked to know this truth as he was well aware of her like towards him .. And the way she used  to look at him, has always soothed him but he never accepted that to himself that he feels for her…

With that said… she hugged him and went into  deep sleep not knowing what she told him in her semi-conscious state …

Maan (ST):- She is not chopra's daughter .. I have punished her , made her suffer for no reason…I should ask yash about it ASAP .. It means , she is really innocent…

He looked at her peaceful face and kissed her cheek , making her lye properly on bed he was about to get up when she took his palm and placed that under her cheek and slept … 

Maan smiled sadly and sat beside her ..hugging her close to him and she went to him on her own..

All night he kept massaging her head as she was moaning in pain in her sleep even , due to that drink ..


precap:- She quickly pecked his cheek , wishing good morning , she tried to run to washroom but Maan held her tightly in his arms….She was lying on him …. Geet looked down, scared of his anger…. What if he will force her again….

Feel free to ask me for pmzz or add me


like and comment if you like to




much love RoseWink

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tat was just amazing...
so in her drunken state she haerself told the truth...
and told her feelings also...

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awesome update

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