Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Originally posted by punam2712


yes he now knows almost every thing

hmm wait to see that 


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Originally posted by 4komal4

nice update ! wonderful !!

thank you komal 
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Waiting for next part.

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                                          PART 27 

Hi all here is next part of RM.. replied to all on previous part .. do check if you want to ... 

Maan(ST):- I must have a check on her whether she slept or not????

Thinking so, he went towards his room and when he opened the door he saw Geet was sitting on floor actually sleeping , beside bed, with her head resting on her elbow … It was such an awkward and discomfort position .. Maan sighed knowing she must have waited for him and then she might has fallen asleep in that position..

Maan went and tried to wake her up but she didn't open her eyes...Then Maan tried to lift her up in his arms but again she just moved a little and placed her head on his shoulder ... Maan sighed and sat beside her in that same position in which Geet was ... For a while he just kept looking at her and finally Maan too slept ...

After like 15 mints Maan opened his eyes and looked at her as he felt her shivering and clinging to him tightly …He saw AC was on high mode and she was shivering … He tried to get up but Geet didn't leave him holding him from waist … sighing he pulled the blanket from the bed behind him and covered that to her body completely… After few mints she slept comfortably and Maan felt relaxed…

Maan(ST) :- Chopra's…. you used her for your entry in the business world  now wait and see how I will snatch your fame and name in the  business and in the society… Maan smirked and then said to Geet in her ear… I am sorry..

While Geet just hugged him more and more… Maan kissed her forehead and she smiled in her sleep… He hugged her tight to him and finally sleep took over his thoughts …



Geet opened her eyes with a yawn and tried stretching her both arms but  failed to move even her one hand …Surprised she opened her eyes fully and saw herself being hugged in a tight clutch and resting her head on Maan's neck .. she being covered with a blanket …she glanced the wall clock..

Geet(ST):- 7am..I should get up ….before he wakes up..

Geet tried to loosen his grip but that was firm ..sighing she rested her head back to his chest.. but then thought to look at her sleeping husband ..His face seemed so calm and peaceful in the sleep.. Involuntarily her lips moved to his neck pulse and slightly kissed there..Her eyes widened at this step of hers and tried to be composed and relax a bit ..   

On the other hand, Maan woke with that kiss.. But didn't move, he didn't want her to feel  embarrassed so silently sat there…

It was 7.15 and both didn't move well Geet tried again to move but Maan didn't leave her … He wanted her to be close to him ..but now Geet was feeling uneasy as she has slept that whole night on floor in discomfort and she desperately wanted to get up and stretch her whole body she called ,

Geet:- Umm… Maan ???

No answer .. she touched his cheek …and again tried

Geet:- Maan plz wake up…

Maan just removed his arms from her body but didn't open his eyes.. He didn't want to see her as guiltiness  took our him ..

Geet was surprised as neither he asked for kiss nor he gave her a kiss which was one of his conditions..Even bad thing she felt was he didn't realize their close proximity ..

Geet leaned to him and kissed his cheek .. still, he didn't open his eyes…

Geet(ST):- what happened to him????

Geet:- Maan??

Maan:- Hmm…

Geet:- Umm.. you didn't kiss me today!!!!

Maan snapped open his eyes and looked at her in surprise…

Maan:- what ???

Geet(hesitantly ):- Umm.. kiss???

Without delaying further he kissed her forehead and got up…

Maan:- Geet get ready I will drop you to your college ….

Geet:- Oh college!!!

Maan:- yes.. be quick.. we will leave at 8.30am..

Saying so he went out… and  thought…

Maan(ST):- Am sorry Geet .. but with Rahul, chopra's and sasha's punishment I too deserve a big punishment and my punishment is to make you happy though I know I deserve the most severe punishment  than all those ..but I have to give you all happiness which you deserve .. I will do anything and everything to make you feel special ,happy and relax ..And then its up to you whether you chose to forgive me for all my deeds or punish me more …

Maaneet came for breakfast where dadi and annie gave angry looks to her .. while pari served the food in her and Maan's plates…

Raj:- Geet beta, try to focus on your studies more now as you will have to give exams in next month..  

Geet:- jii papa…I will.

Pari:- Chalo isi baat pe ek aur bread makhan ke saath… (lets have one more break with butter )

Geet(cried):- No maa.. plz plz… No..

Raj:- Sshh.. Take that…you need to be fit and fine to study..

Maan was a silent spectator of all the love of his parents towards Geet… he felt happy…when both were finished ..

Maan:- Lets go Geet you will be late…

Geet nodded while other looked at them in shock …

Pari(ST):-wasn't that Maan who few days back refused to be her driver …

Raj(ST):- Nice to see you changed ,son … 

Maaneet in car

Maan drove in silence thinking of her reaction when he will tell her where they are heading to whereas Geet was on her own world ..

Geet(ST):- what will I say to prof???? That why I didn't complete

the designs ???

Suddenly Geet realized they were going other direction

Geet (hesitated a bit before asking ):- Umm.. Maan ???

Maan:- Hmm..

Geet:- This is not college route..

Maan:- I know…

Geet:- w..where are we going???

Maan:- we are going to KC first then will drop you to college..

Geet:- but I have lec to attend at…

Maan(cuts her):- 10..

Geet(confused):- huhh !!!

Maan:- you have lec at 10 I shifted  that from 9 to 10…

Geet:- ok.. but why we are going KC ???? I mean why me ???

Maan:- you will know that on reaching there..

After that reply of Maan's , both sat quietly there in the car…

Maan entered the KC premises with his rude and arrogant style…

Maan:- Adi, sasha come to my cabin in 5 mints …

Adi :- yes sir…

Sasha saw Geet in horror as she expected Geet to be hidden somewhere after that media's fiasco but here Geet was going side by side with Maan and Maan opened the door for his wife…

Maan:- Geet , sit there and don't be scared of anything. Hmm????

Geet nodded then (ST):- why  is he talking to me so sweetly ???

Adi and sasha entered there and greeted Maaneet… Maan was set on his chair and Geet on nearby couch…sasha looked at Maan with her sweet smile.

Maan:- Sasha am going to ask you something .. I want an ans in yes or no…

Sasha:- of course MK

Adi(ST):- she is gone today..


Precap :- Same.. The shrewd businessman yet to come  

Sorry couldn't write the punishment as everyone wants unique punishment to them and am yet to decide that one ..meanwhile this part came to my mind ... I really hope that I will make you all happy with that punishment chosen by me... 


Feel free to ask me for pmzz or add me


like and comment if you like to



much love RoseWink

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yipeee... me first for the first time...
i loved it...
maan promising himself to keep geet happy is so so cute...
and geet asking for maan for the kiss...she is so innocent...
nicely written...
hope maan comes out the guilt very soon...
waiting to know sasha's punishment...

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