Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

'Arranged' Marriage #4 Epilogue pg153

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It's basically about two childhood friends who  meet decades later only to get married but they know that they are totally imperfect for each other.They don't behave like to-be-married people instead finding ways and means to get on each other's nerves.But still in amid all this,they feel a strong mysterious attraction between them.The marriage is arranged and it is compulsory for the boy else...

Let's see how this unknown attraction reveals itself in the form of strong love & affection for each other under all circumstances.

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Three hectic days passed by.Maan  juggled Geet's revision along with his New York project even though she told him not to worry about her.As her exams were only five days away,Geet took utmost care to see to it that she completes revising her syllabus properly.To her amazing surprise,she found it rather easy,the way Maan had explained to her everything,his words got imprinted in her mind like revision was not at all required as she would not forget even a word taught by him.

There at KC,everyone was working unanimously to get the project done.It was a hefty business indeed.Geet developed a keen interest observing the way the project was being chalked out.She eyed the blueprints carefully,each & every small detail was unique & intricate,very important for the entire set-up.She wondered how the blueprints of such a large project could be completed within a matter of six days when she learnt that the work were cornering completion.It was then that she discovered that the staff has been working very hard on this since one month.They knew the clients from New York would surely want to have a deal with them.So they started to prepare everything beforehand.These days Maan had been arranging & evaluating the things properly.

So that's why they could carry out the things smoothly,concluded Geet.She didn't know why but she strongly felt that she should memorise every detail of the project aptly..the thought didn't hold logic but still she had a strong intuition that she must remember the structure of the blueprints...

In midst of all the goings-on,Geet couldn't help but wonder why was Dev not helping out with such an important project.Maan had very smartly avoided her curiosity & convinced her

"Geet,Dev is a junior partner of the firm and also as the saying goes 'One Head One Plan' " 


It was yet another day in KM for Geet but it seemed that most of the occupants were missing.On asking a butler she got to know only Dadima,Annie & Maan were in the mansion,rest all had gone out.

Annie seeing Geet rushed towards her.

"Geet Geet Geet,you know what,that man's name is Gopal!" her eyes were shinning.

"Great!He was stalking us,now you are stalking him!I am telling you maintain safe distance from him!He doesn't seem to be a good fellow!" said Geet.

"What safe distance yaar!You know he has a habit of disappearing suddenly!"

"Good!Atleast he won't come near you!Anyways,where's Maan?Has he already left for office!" said Geet,feeling a little bit sad.

"Maan bhai??He is sleeping till now!Gosh,he never slept so much!Dadima had told me to go & wake him up!"

Annie was about to go when Geet stopped her, "Annie,I will go!". Annie agreed.


Geet stalled right at the entrance of Maan's room seeing his sleeping face.Her heart beats quickened as his body moved slighlty due to his breathing.He looked calm & serene,completely at ease.But still,Geet felt an if there was something grave behind the mask of this extreme solitude.Did Maan really have some subdued thoughts which were being shielded by his divine face?.Her eyes were fixed on him as her legs carried her near him,making her sit on the bed next to him.Her fingers automatically traced their way onto Maan's face.She gently brushed his hair aside which rested on his forehead.She caressed his face with her palm unconsciously wanting to unmask if there was something hidden...She touched his lips gently with her thumb.His lips..which always managed to meet hers, captivating her soul with the spell of love & passion..Her heart was beating faster as their intimate moments walked her mind.Her eyes still enchanted looking at his sleeping figure...

Suddenly without any prior intimation,Maan clutched her hand opening his eyes to her making her come back to her senses.She was startled while Maan gazed at her.

"Woh..mein..mein.."she stumbled to explain herself

She got up to go but Maan stopped her engulfing her with his arms from behind.He sided her hair towards her front & gently placed soft kisses on her nape & neck.Unexpectedly,tears rolled down her eyes.She felt a sudden fear run down her spine..fear that she might lose him.The thought was enough to break her from within.Maan realised that her cheeks were watery.He was shocked seeing her cry.He placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Geet,what happened?"asked Maan,concerned. 

She did not say anything but turned around to face him & placed her head on his chest as he filled her in his arms.Her eyes were still moist.

"If you are not telling me what has happened,I won't be able to concentrate in office.."

Geet rubbed her eyes,"N-Nothing,just that you are too busy these days,not even getting to have your timely meals.."

"For that you are crying? I thought you ran blank regarding your academics!" laughed Maan,cheering her up.

"Maan!!!" she punched him lovingly.

"Okay Okay,there's a good news for you.The project will be completed today with the presentation finally installed in a CD!"

"Wow!!And the clients will come after three days!" her eyes lit up.

"So I was thinking why don't we go for a date today after office hours?"

"Date??" she looked at him wide-eyed,"n that too after dusk!Bilkul nahi!!I mean..agar kisiko pata chal gaya toh!!!"

"No one will come to know!" he smirked.

"I-I don't know..I mean..I will think over it..If Annie comes to know,she will tell get ready...Dadi called you down...i m going ...bye!" she was hyper,with her face turning red,she hurriedly went out.

"Aree Geet,listen to me!" but she was gone!.

Geet was laying the breakfast on the table dissolved in Maan's thoughts.He wanted to take her out for a date!It was not that they didn't go out  to eat together & spend some quality time,but the word 'date' was never mentioned by him before.She obviously wanted to go out on a date...but if anyone came to know!..How embarassing!.

Her trail of thoughts were going on in full speed that she didn't even notice Dadima & Annie assembling at the table.

"Geet!You don't have to lay the breakfast,the waiters are there to do that!" said Dadima .But Geet was nowhere close to hearing,she was dreaming with smile reflecting in her face.It was only when Annie shook her,than Geet faced the reality.

"Kahaan kho gayi aap?"asked Dadi with a smile,knowing what the matter was with Geet.

"No dadi,aisa kuch nahi hai!"said Geet,nervously.

"Then will you go & call Maan?He has still not come!"

Geet nodded.

"And please you two come a little faster!" said Annie cheekily!

So once again Geet had to make herself visible in Maan's room.She just rushed inside

"Maan, Dadi is--"

She couldn't complete her sentance anymore.She sensed that if she  had something in her hand,she  would have dropped it with a thud!.She stood plastered to the floor.Her jaw dropped & her eyes almost popped out as she saw Maan emerging out of the bathroom shirtless.His hair was wet with water trickling down his chest to the carpet.He took the towel which was placed round his neck & was about to brush the water off his hair when his eyes fell on Geet!.Seeing his perfectly well-toned watery body & his muscles, Geet could feel her nerves getting mocked making her weak in her knees.No doubt he looked smoking hot which had a direct effect on Geet's ever pounding heart.She felt the greatest strain to even blink her eyes slightly as she shamelessly stood gaping at him while he advanced towards her with a smirk which made matters worse for her.It was only when he was too close that Geet finally realised the urgency of throw some words out which she doubted would have any affect on the receipent.

"S-S-Sorry!!My fault..I-I am going!" she managed to say it in a choked voice but she was pretty late as she was already pinned to the wall with Maan's eyes arrowed on her.She could feel the heat radiated by his body & his warm breath swaying her face.Also the fragrance evinced by his body was making her go crazy.She hopelessly stared at him while her heart beated abnormally

"You have been called for breakfast!"

"Geet!" his voice sounded heavily seducted to her,"Will you go on a date with me or not!"

He inched closer to her while she sticked to the wall.

"Bolo na Mishty..." he continued his seductive assualt.

"Bolo na.." he inched his face more closer to her,air seemed to stall at a distance.Her heart echoed to surrender...her heart beats drummed in her ears...she placed her hand on his bare body,the water having almost dried away.She felt her senses give away when she brought her lips closer to him...

Just then Annie came there...& stood.Maan & Geet both looked at her in horror.No,but Annie had seen only their eye-lock..which seemed exciting to her.She was going to retreat from there mumbling,"Dadima ko batana hai!".But Geet was quick to act.She confronted Annie outside Maan's room.

"Even before you say to Dadima let me say to you,I will tell everything to Maan about your Gopal business,then you manage his anger!" said Geet with a smirk but in a mocking way..Annie thought it best to keep the talk to herself!


Maan finally emerged in the breakfast hall.Geet avoided him but he was still intently gazing at her.

"Maan bete,why are you so late today?"asked Dadi.

"Dadima,woh mein.." Maan was still looking at Geet.

"Rehene dijiye Maan,you will be capable of speaking something only after you are able to take your eyes off Geet!" said Dadima in a teasing way.Geet blushed

"Dadima yeh aap kya.." he blushed a second.

"If I knew you both are so much madly in love with each other,then I would surely pre-pone your wedding!"

Maan & Geet both silently concentrated on eating.Annie chuckled but after receiving both their glares,she managd to give them i-did-not-tell-anything look.

After the breakfast was over,Maan once again cornered Geet in an isolated coridoor covering both of them with white curtains on all sides.The sunlight from outside reflected on the curtains making Geet glow with beauty in the curtained background.Maan's mind went blank as he kept staring at her,enchanted.Geet felt shy.

"Ma-an koi dekh lega.."

"Dekhne did not answer my question!"his eyes failing to blink.

"mom-dad ko pata chal gaya toh ki I went for a late-nigh date then!!"

"No one will come to know!That's my promise!" he said putting the strands of hair behind her ears.

"Yes,i will come!" said Geet staring at him,blushing.

Just then they heard the mansion doors opening.they hurriedly rushed from there.Maan went to office leaving Geet to think dreamily about their date..


Rhea returned to the mansion.Dev excused himself & went up to the study.Geet was left wondering that how come one brother was famous worldwide & the other one maintained such a low ptofile.The mansion boasted of a room which held all the certificates & accolades which the Khuranas were credited with.No wonder,each & everyone of them was highly qualified...even Dev.May be he was only interested in his shoe trading but after the factory broke down,he did not any have any interest in the construction business,so was only a junior partner..

There was something hidden in the air,Geet was feeling it since morning even while gazing at Maan sleeping..Should she ask someone?But what to ask?How to start & how to end?.She dismissed the ideas from her mind holding them baseless.

"Rhea!You know what Annie--"

Geet went inside Rhea's room as it was open but Rhea was not to be seen anywhere.

"Kahaan gayi?I had seen her entering the room!"thought Geet.

She eyed the books which were kept on the book stand.Just then her gaze fell on a CD which was kept in one corner.She held to see what it contained.She learnt that it was one of Rhea's stage play which she had acted on some years ago.

Geet was still holding it when she saw Rhea came in to the room.She was a little startled seeing Geet.

"Rhea!I-I thought you were"

"No problem!Actually I had gone to give Dev his mid-day coffee.."Rhea saw the CD in Geet's hand,"Hey!This is one of my favourite plays as I met Dev during this!"

"Can we watch it?The title seems interesting!" said Geet eagerly.

Rhea agreed.They started to watch it.It was a very good play indeed.Rhea had played the role of both the leading man & woman.Geet was amazed at how perfectly Rhea had played both the characters realistically.She had quite profoundly emulated the styles of a man & displayed the elegance of the woman.

"I remember I had to slog a lot to perform the character of a man!It was so difficult!"

"Yaar!If I would be in your place,I wouldn't have quit acting!"

"I knew Dev's parents were consevative.They would never accept an actress!And now also I am not completely accepted!" said Rhea,sadly.

Geet cheered her.

"You were quite well-known at one point of time!"

"Yes!But I detest fame!"

Geet was shocked hearing this,"What!Really?"

"Yeah!I mean you don't get privacy & do the things you wish to do,people want to gain small detaile of you!"

"And what about Dev,does he thinks the same as you?"

"Yes!ofcourse!" said Rhea abruptly,"It's really when one shares similar tastes & preferences!Otherwise there tend to be barriers between the two"

In her mind,Geet probably diagreed  with Rhea's last sentance.Maan & she were poles apart from each other.They argue but that only filles them with more love & passion for each other.Geet concluded that love had various faces...

Geet passed the study room where she saw Dev reading Maan's interview in a newspaper with the coffee cup untouched...

Precap :Maan-Geet date while the presentation gets stolen...ErmmOuch


Please share your opinions with likes and comments Star  
suggestions and criticisms are welcumBig smile

Next :Part-40



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