Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

FF:Seducing Mr.Virat Ch27 pg 143 PROMO updt pg 152 (Page 95)

Shona1907 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Lovely!! So Manvi toh is falling hard for virat... Ok i think virat already luvs her lol... Nice... I liked how virat is being very chillaxed seems like he is testing Manvi... Oh da end Eee i hope she is not caught!! Thanx for the pm and update ;)

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love_zain Senior Member

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 5:23am | IP Logged
awesome update thanks

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rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged
I just read all ur updts 1st time...n i realy like the story...its awesome...so pls whenever u cont further then pls pm me...dont forget

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Ayushii_Angel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 8:37am | IP Logged
Thanx alot my all lovely lovely lovely readers..m extremely sorryu for late..keep reading nd lovi ng me love u allHug
Ayushii_Angel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged

She froze listening Virat's voice "Manvi,tum yahan?Tum yahan Kya kar rhi ho!
She stopped breathing,"Virat ne dekh lia?Oh God. . . ! Ab kya karun ..kash ye zameen phat jaye or mein iske andar sama jaun"she thought. Lump down through hr throat,she hide the key nd turned.Giving fake smile said"wo mere washroom mein..Hr words stopped in hr mouth,when she saw Virat wrapped in maroon towel..!  
Hr jaw dropped nd hr eyes lost in his deep brown eyes.Uff his bare chest,He was looking hott.His wet hairs nd drops of water on his muscular body made hr throat dry.After few minutes she came to her senses.
Manvi embarrasing "tum.."
Virat:"woohOo!!..I forgot my bathrob..Lekin..lekin tum mere room mein?"
Manvi:"han woh mere washroom mein cha..Nahin pa..Han Pani nahi aa rha..Is lie wo,mein,um. . . if u dont mind so can i use ur washroom pleaaase?She asked in seductive voice.
Virat:ya sure . . ! Lekin tumhare washroom mein pani kiun nahi aa rha?
Manvi's heart started beating fast hearing this.
Manvi:"pa..Pta nahin,kiun nahi aa rha"
Virat while wearing his red silk shirt: acha mein check krwata hun,tab tak tum mera washroom use kr lo.
Manvi:thanx,she took hr towel nd rushed to washroom.
Manvi sighed,bach gae manvi,thank God usey shak nahi hua.She lukd inside hr shirt,nd took out key from women's secret pocket."Plan Successful" she said wd a grin on hr face,her eyes widend seeing the interior design of luxourious washroom.Furnished wd white tiles,hug round bath tub,perfect lights,modern system.
Manvi:yeh itne bare bathroom mein krta kya hai,ganda admi,she wanderd around amazed,she was not amazed on his towel collections,expensive colonge,or bath stuffs,bt the way they were placed orderly,neatly,jst perfect.she was continuesly scolding hr self,kitna smjhaya tha na tujhe Manvi,lekin phr bhi Virat ko dekh kr sb bhool gae.Wo monster hai,vampire hai,wo tujhe apni taraf atract krega,lekin tujhe khud pe control krna hai.Bs ab bilkul nahi dekhna uski ankho mein,Samjhi. . . !

  Water drops were pouring on hr beautiful body,bt instead of enjoying cold shower of the morning,hr eyes were fixed on comfort bath tub "what if i sleep here,jst for 5 minutes.She hrself shook hr head on hr stupidty.Bt wat stupidty?Puri raat jag kar subha hone ka wait kia,agar so jati to jaldi uth nahe pati,or as usual late hojati,nd the main thing chabi kese chura paati. . . !
She closed the tap nd extended hr hand for hr cloths bt wt happened?Where were her clothes? "OMG..I forgot my dress on Virat's bed.Mujhe jaldi mein dhayan he nahi raha.Ab. . .? Ab kya krun?She started biteing hr nails,kya krun,kya krun.Virat ko awaz de kr mang lun?Nahin nahin,usey to pta bhi nahi chalna chahie meri is nazuk halat ka,agr uske andar ka rakshas jaag gya,or usne meri is situation ka fayda uthana chaha.To mein to defence bhi nahi kr paungi.Oh God kya krun,plz help me".She eave drop to washroom door nd listen care fully."koi awaz nahi aa rahi,lagta hai Virat breakfast ke lie chala gaya hai.Mujhe ziada time waist nahin krna chahie,jaldi se bhaag ke apne kapre le leti hun".Here Virat came out of his room,he took few steps nd checked his pocket "oh,shayad mera cell room mein he reh gaya," he shook his head on his neglegance nd turned to his room for taking his cell.
She wrapped hr strawberry pink towel around hr s*** figure nd peeped out of the door.No one was there, "thank God Virat room mein nahin hai,mein kapre laine jaungi nd then wapis laungi to 3,4 steps to lagen gay.Bed to door ke paas hai agr Virat agaya to?Lekin agar mein sb se pehle door he lock kr dun,to phr chahe room mein he change kr lun no problm,she counted the steps.." nd then rushed towards the door to locked it, here Virat came to the door for taking his cell,as he need to do an important call.She closed the door nd he opened at the same time.They bumped into each other,she lost hr balance nd was abt to fell,she held Virat's collar nd he also held hr from hr back,in his arms,leaning on hr.She closed hr eyes in fear.His room filled wd hr sweet,enchanter fragrance,driving him crazy.He could feel hr silky glowing skin.Hr few wet hairs were creasing hr cheeks nd shoulder,like dew on rose.She opnd hr eyes hr heart was beating fast,he was staring hr wd out a blink.He was admiring hr beautiful creamy shouldrs,hr neck nd all over the place he could see out of the towel.towel  above hr knee, through his gaze.
His killer sight was creating goose bumps inside hr.She left hr collar in embarasment.He broke the eye lock nd was about to apart from hr,bt she realized the loosness of the towel.If he'll seprate, the towel will be remove nd will fall down on the floor.She again hug him tight, collideing wd his chest,he tried to manage his steps,she took back steps nd they both fell on the bed,Virat down nd Manvi on him..Hr towel was loosed so its moves down showing hr curves,Virat was unable to resist,leaving hr beautiful body wdout touching was realy a big deal,..she cant bare his body heat nd was about to slip but Virat held hr tight from hr bare back.Hr nose was touchng his nose,his lips jst few inches apart of hr.They were looking deep into each othr eyes. He tried to speak something bt Manvi spoke "wo..Mein..Mere. . .Kk. . .ka," Virat completed  "kapre"
Manvi: "han kapre bahar.. rehh.. ggaye theyy..To mmein. . . .Tttoto"
he again cmpltd "towel"
Manvi: "hhaan towel, mmein he. . . .bahr aa gae"mujhe laga tum . .Room mein nahi. .Ho. 
Virat after few seconds:wo mera cell reh gaya tha, mein wo lene aya tha.
Manvi was unable to resist hr heart beat which was running on 120's speed. "mera towel loose hogaya tha,is lie wo..hugg,m sory"
Virat: no prblm,he noticed his wordsnd got (EMBARRASED...)i mean its ok.
Manvi was resting hr both hands on bed,she moved one nd covrd hr bossom,holding towel tightly: "mein uth nahi sakti,"she said in embarasment wd out luking at him.
Virat:umm,ok wait mei kuch krta hun.
She was  leaning on him,hr hairs were coverng his face from one side.He moved hr hairs from hr back to shouldr completly,his evry single touch make bounce hr heart.He wrapped hr towel around hr lukng into hr eyes,whch were showing hr expressions on hr evry touch.Whnever his hand creasd hr body,she moan.She wantd to feel the moment cmpltly,he put towel's edge inside the wraped towel to fix it.Aftr tht he slowly moved his hands from hr bare back to shoulders,hr cheeks was burning in embarasment..He rolled on the bed,now Manvi down,Virat is on hr.Manvi opend hr eyes,She could not able to move his eyes from his handsome face,which was lukng more handsm wd romantic expressions.His passionate eyes was admiring evry inch of hr.Hr heart refused to beat as he came on top of hr.Bt he pushd the bed to stand up,unluckily his foot sliped on the floor,whch was wet due to water drops from Manvi's hair.He fell on hr,this time his nose was on hr neck,she can feel his breath on hr bare body,she started breathing heavily,Virat was unable to control himself,hr light aroma was driving him crazy,he jst nuzzled on hr neck nd shouldrs.She closed hr fists on the bed,bt tounge tied,may be she also didnt wanted him to stop.She was hardly bareing his hot lips on hr bare shouldr.A tear came out of hr eye "Virat" escaped from Manvi's mouth.He came out of hr sorcery,nd quickly got up, "umm..mein,mein ja rha hun,tu..tum change kr lo,"he took his cell,went out of the room,nd instantly heard da sound of lock.Manvi changed hurriedly,nd sat on the bed started crying.
"kitna bhi samjhaun apne dil ko,lekin Virat ke samne najane kia hojata hai,mujhe uske sparsh se bhi ghin aa rhi hai.Par meine use roka kiun nahi,us vampire ko kiun havi hojane dia khud par.Lekin ab mein us se dur rahungi,mujhe us se dur rehna hi hoga,dur,bht dur.wo itna innocent nahi hai, yahin to tha wo,usne dekh lia hoga ke meri dress bahar reh gae hai,isilie mere aney ki ahat sun ke wapis aagaya.She wiped hr tears,took the key nd determined "aaj tumhara parda fash kr ke rahungi,ye jhuta mask utar ke rahungi,"
she sat into the car,where Virat was already waiting for him.Virat startd driving,wdout spoke a single word.Manvi glance fell on the box,wrapped in a shiny pink cover,seems like a gift box.
Manvi broke the awkward silence:"yeh kia hai?"she picked the box.
Virat "yeh tumhare lie hai,khol ke dekho"
Manvi:"mere lie?"she unwraped the box opnd it nd found Brand new iphone..!
Manvi in excitment:"wow,is it for me?"
Virat: yup!
Manvi made face "iski kya zarurat hai?"
Virat:zarurat hai,you dnt have any idea mein kitna pareshan tha raat ko,tum ghar pohchi ho ya nahi.Upar se land line ka plug nikla hua tha.Or tb bhi jab tum mujhe bina btaye,apni frnd ko job ke lie mana krne gae thi,ab ye tumhare pas hoga to atleast tum mujhe inform to kr skti ho tht tum kahan ho or kaisi ho.
Manvi:"thanx,bt is ki price ke paise meri sallary se cut honge"
Virat:Manvi i dnt need thnx,we r frnds,nd its a gift.Salary se kuch cut nahi hoga ok.
Manvi thought:ab ye khud lut raha hai to ise lutne mein kia harj hai.
Virat parked the car,they both came out of the car nd got bzy in their works.
The whole day she stayed in makeup room bt didnt gt a chance to be alone there.For not even a single minute they all were going out.
Manvi was frustrated coz of two tensions,one is tht she didnt wanted to waste tht day.Nd the othr tht she had to bare stupid suny ji's company wid a big grin on hr face.
Now it was last hour of the day,most of the people hv left.Only Manvi nd suny was in the makeup room.Luckily at last suny went to washroom left hr alone.Widout wasting a sec she closed the door, took out the key nd put it in the lock."oh God,yeh khul q nahi raha" it was so hard,bt aftr many attempts,the cabinet opend wd a jerk,bt before she could able to hv atleast a glimpe of inside,she heard the voice of turning handle so she instantly closed the cabinet, locked it bt the key was not cming out.The spot boy came nd saw hr,as every body knew abt Virat's curious behaviour abt his cabinet.So he shout at top of his voice "yeh tum kya kr rahi ho?Virat baba ke cabinet ki chabi tumhare pas kaise aai?Kya chura rahi thi tum?Bolo..?Jawab do..?
The whole unit gathered there curious, including Virat.

hope u all like it,waitng for ur comments impatiently..sorry m unable to reply of ur comments,will reply afterward..love u all..sorry for being late asusuall...ConfusedLOL
Note:If u wanna pm for next update add me to ur buddy listSmile

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virumanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
it was damm gooddd...plzzz conti soon...

waiting 4 viru's reaction

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ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Wow nice update... continue soon... loved it... Heart

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say_cheese Goldie

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
awesome. !! brilliantly written ...
loved its every single bit...
but the ending is scary !! do cont. soon n yes thnx 4 the pm

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