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Arhi/Arshi - Inverted

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Hey guys, I'm done with my papers, they went well thanks to all your good luck wishes, I'm back with a new FF Smile hope you like it, please leave your feedback.

OKAY SO AN OFFICIAL CLEARANCE TO ALL READERS this story is NOT inspired by "ITS A BOY GIRL THING"... I watched the film AFTER many of you mentioned my story resembles its plot... seriously except for the part where the switch is between a BOY and a GIRL, this story is about Arnav and Khushi as in the serial... getting their bodies switched!!! so read with an open mind you will enjoy it :) thankyou

Arnav and Khushi Fan-Fiction


Major Characters:

Arnav Singh Raizada (ASR):Same as his serial character but with a more humorous bend.

Khushi Kumari Gupta (KKG):Same as her serial character. except she talks in English.

Supporting characters:

Gupta and Raizada family members other than Arnav and Khushi, And some other members of office like Lavanya, and Aman.


After Arnav releases his and khushi's video to the press, Khushi has to move from Lakhnow to Delhi were she is employed at a big company later to find that her boss is none other than ASR, the man who has ruined her life. Arnav on the other hand believes Khushi is a gold digger and has followed him to his office, he humiliates her but they end up signing a contact, that if Khushi quits the AR Company before 15 days she will pay 1 lakh to the company and if Arnav fires her before 15 days, he will change his name. Arnav sets on the mission to teach KKG that he's the boss and he writes his own destiny. On his mission to make Khushi break the contract and lose the battle against his ego Arnav assigns her with the toughest jobs only to find her completing everything...(Similar to the episodes)

Story begins with the AR Company getting the opportunity to do a shoot at The Crafts Museum in Delhi; Arnav tags Khushi along just to assign her with difficult tasks. Arnav and Khushi end up fighting in front of the triple bodied statue of the Greek goddess Hecate, giving each other mouth full of the Au-kat crap. To teach them a lesson the goddess jinxes them.

Arnav and Khushi are in for a surprise of their life time...


chapter1 : page 1

chapter 2: page 6

chapter 3: page 12

chapter 4: page 18

chapter 5: page 23

chapter 6: page 30

chapter 7: page 38

Chapter 8: page 46

Chapter 9: page 56

Chapter 10: page 65

Chapter 11: page 73

Chapter 12: page 83

Chapter 13: page 90

Chapter 14: page 101

Chapter 15a & b: page 115

Thread 2

Chapter 1:

Arnav stood back and viewed the set with satisfaction. AR Designs was working on bringing a more spiritual touch... a touch of divinity, their tagline claimed, to the world of fashion and what more appropriate way to do that than to depict goddesses? The models they'd selected were all ethereal, fey-looking beauties who'd lend credence to their claim that AR designs had indeed brought goddesses back to life. He'd really liked the idea ' it would appeal to people like De (his sister), not only their usual market of fashion-forward , hip' youngsters.

The Crafts Museum, Delhi, had been cordial enough to lend them a few of their more precious pieces. Like the statue of Hecate, the one the model was shooting in front of right now. In addition to depicting the mystical style their designers had created, she also wore specially designed jewellery - Hecate's pendant. Made of Black onyx with orange red tourmaline running through it, it was a copy of the goddess's symbol, copied in exacting detail, to make the entire thing more genuine. More rested on this campaign than simple investment , he'd gone out a limb to make it a success and this was his pet project. It had to succeed.

And it was going to... because he was Arnav Singh Raizada and he made his own destiny. He smiled in appreciation when the model looked at him and she pouted prettily, going back to making poses for the photographer. All seemed to be going well, so he decided to take a break ' and maybe a cup of coffee.


 Khushi looked around her in delight. This was such a wonderful place. It was like entering a sacred place or temple, it was filled was so many deities. She couldn't believe her luck. Or more to the point, she couldn't believe the Laad Governor would be interested in any deities other than the ones he believed in, namely himself. Blegh, the man needed some sense knocked into him. How could anyone survive without faith was beyond her.

She walked around, in a daze of religious ecstasy, flitting from one god to the other. So many, gathered here, it must be Swarg, the house of gods. She paid respects to Krishna, then moved to her beloved Devi Maiya. And beyond her...

Oh, what blasphemy was this???

She clapped her hands over her eyes, disbelieving. They couldn't be so disrespectful! She sent a fervent plea for forgiveness to the gods, who were no doubt angered right now. It was wonder this building was still standing. How could they let that' that' is she wearing anything at all????... thing pose in front of Kali?

The model, she now recognized her, was wearing what amounted to nothing despite the glorious spread of clothes around her. She was draped in such a way that it hid nothing and yet, the garment fell to her feet and trailed behind. What was worse, however, was that she was completely unaware that she shouldn't turn her back to the goddess, at least inside her holy place. What kind of people were these? She had to stop them before the gods hit them with lightening!


'Sir, I think you should come and see this!' His assistant peered in, looking panicked. That could've been because he was interrupting Arnav's break but then again, it could be because something was seriously wrong. Arnav sighed as he got up. Sometimes, it was tiring to be so feared by people.

Then again, it was mostly a good thing. He realized that with a vengeance when he arrived at the scene and everybody shut up. Or well, almost everybody.

He should've known Khushi Kumari Gupta's silence on the way over was too good to be true. Hell, he should've seen the trouble brewing before he set a foot in this place. She was now lecturing the model on her 'blasphemous' behavior and the model was seething with so much fury, he was surprised her hair hadn't alighted.

'Miss Gupta, what the hell is this?' He knew from experience, it was useless to wait for her to stop talking. That was like wishing the sun won't shine , a physical impossibility.

She rounded on him in anger, 'You tell me! You bring us here and I'm glad, thinking you may have an ounce of faith in you after all, but nooo, you just have to go and disrespect anything that is above you! Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, you have no idea what you're playing at, disrespecting and blaspheming and that too in this sacred place!'

'What the'?' he looked towards the statue of Hecate. 'That's just a statue inside a museum. It doesn't make this place a temple. And why are you so angry anyway? It's not like I disrespected your bhagwan'.'

'You'!' she stamped her foot in frustration, for once lost for words. This man was so frustrating; she wanted to break something on his head. She gestured towards Kali angrily. 'That is part of my faith'' she swept a hand around, 'all of these are. How can you be so unaware of your own tradition? And now you have people dressed like that' she indicated the model who bared her teeth in a fierce scowl, 'posing in front of them. Don't you understand the misfortune you'll bring on yourself and all of us?'

'Enough! Ms. Khana, please take our model and have her redressed for the next shoot. All of you, get back to work.' He waited until everyone had left before moving towards a still fuming Khushi. He was sure he could see smoke coming out of her ears. 'You, Ms. Gupta, have a lot of nerve, telling me I'm wrong after spoiling my campaign. Do you even understand what you've done? We'll be lucky if she agrees to do another shoot for us.' He stopped so that he towered over her. 'You've probably destroyed my entire campaign. What do you have to say for yourself?' he asked in his silkiest, deadliest voice.

She gulped, visibly taking control of her nerves. He had to give her credit ' she had pluck, but dammit, nobody spoiled his campaign.

'I'll say what I have to' to get us all out of trouble. I know you don't believe in any god, but I do and I believe that what we're doing here is highly disrespectful and if you keep doing it, there will be dire consequences. You may not care about what happens to anyone else, but I do and I'm not going to let you do this.'

'How dare you?' He thundered, angered beyond measure that she'd accuse him of not caring for his employees. He gave them the best packages there were. 'You're going to tell me how to deal with my employees? You? You're nothing but a filthy little gold-digger and you can save that self-righteous crap for someone who can't see right through your vile deceptions!'

She sucked in a breath, her big, brown eyes widening with hurt; she opened her delectable mouth to say something, no doubt more of that fake, self-righteous angry crap, but he overrode her. 'Don't say you're not a gold-digger because we both know I'm right!' He told her ruthlessly. 'You'll do anything for money, won't you?' He taunted, enjoying how she clenched her fists and closed her eyes, as if praying for patience. Served her right for barging in on his life and creating unnecessary turbulence. He might have let that go but she had to attempt to drag out money through De. So, she got exactly what she bargained for ' and hadn't he vowed to make these fifteen days living hell for her? He smiled evilly, waiting for her to take the bait and respond to his deliberately cutting words. But she surprised him, turning away instead.  

Khushi barely stopped herself for stamping her feet and turned away. 'Of course, who did I think I was talking sense into?' She muttered, trying not to reveal just how much his stupid accusations hurt her. She looked around for something to distract her and spied the very beautiful pendant, which had been in the model's hands minutes earlier, lying on the floor.

Mentally uttering a prayer for forgiveness ' again ' she hurried to pick it up and place it at Kali's feet. And of course, that gave that tyrant another reason to rail at her. She prayed for patience ' she couldn't hit him with her shoe, no matter how tempting the thought may be. For one thing, he was her boss and she really needed the job. For another, she did not have a lakh to spare because unlike some people, she actually had a limited salary.

'Oh, so this is what that was all about, wasn't it? I don't know why I'm surprised'' he sounded disgusted, as he spied her picking up the pendant he'd paid millions for, to get it exactly right.

She put the pendant reverently at Hecate's feet before turning to him, her eyes shooting fire but her lips compressed, as if to stop herself from lashing out at him. Of course, that only made him more determined to push her. After all, he stood to lose face if she didn't quit before her fifteen days were over. He had to do something to ensure that happened. So, he came up with the most cutting remarks he could think of and finally, she responded, lashing out so that the fire that often sparkled in her eyes finally flowed over and she gave as good as she got. Despite himself, he was impressed.

And that plain pissed him off; so the battle raged and neither combatant noticed when the pendant started glowing faintly, as if from some innate heat.


Kali, goddess of fertility and a lot more, also known as Hecate, goddess of the Crossroads and beloved of the witches, awakened slowly to the sounds of mortals fighting. How poignant! She thought sardonically, they were fighting when I went to sleep and even after a millennium, they're still at it. Mortals! She shook her head, eyeing the couple through the statue's eyes.

She looked about for the piece of power that had disturbed her rest and spied the glowing piece of tourmaline, embedded in onyx and carved in her symbol. She smiled; so they knew what they were doing, did they? She'd thought all ancient knowledge was lost, they (the gods and goddesses) had been ignored for so long, forced into sleeping for centuries, revived only when a mortal sought their help. Well, mostly, anyway. This call was entirely unintentional, that much was obvious. The couple who'd initiated the rite obviously had no idea she'd responded, so lost were they in their argument.

Since she was the goddess of fertility (even though Demeter and Venus had tried to claim all credit for that by making her sound like an ice queen like Artemis), and more importantly, because she loved playing matchmaker with mortals, she listened to the argument occurring on the physical plane.

And felt her smile grow. Oh this was going to be so delicious! She was admittedly more unconventional in her matchmaking schemes than Venus but that didn't mean she wasn't equally successful. She grinned as she waved her arm - or what the mortals thought of it as that because on the spiritual level, arm was such a mundane way for describing the sheer power she wielded ' as she gathered the power from earth and the mortals' rampant emotions.

Alter body, alter soul

Neither shall be made whole

Till understanding one to other

No differences shall then bother

And by the end, thy souls be one

Three times said and 'tis done!

Kali felt the power flow out from her and swirl in the air a moment before it was taken in by the two standing below her. Any self respecting goddess could pull off a body swap but she was the expert.

Kneel, mortals. She commanded, watching impassively as a tremor rocked the ground so that both the man and the woman fell to their knees, in front of her. Their hands came up to break the fall and got scratched up. Their blood mingled as it fell on the pendant. A surge of power went through her as the blood sacrifice was made and the ritual completed. She smirked.

So I decree! She repeated, feeling a sense of excitement build in her. She would probably fall asleep again, as soon as they took this pendant away but she'd set things in motion. Another smile curved her lips. Let the game begin.

Chapter 2: page 6


Do not copy,steal or post anywhere else! The following story and all the chapters belong to Mariam.Ejaz. Anyone found stealing will serve consequences!
If you want to post my stories on Facebook then ask me for permission and credit me.Do not post anywhere else without asking me.

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its sound interstingSmile very nice strt n intersting
 I luv it Heart
plz continue n thnx 4 pmSmile
 keep it up dear.

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Welcome Back Dear. (: Please Conti. Can't Wait To Read More.

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different & interesting.. wud love to read more

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Sounds very interesting

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nice start...


thanks 4 d pm

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Update soon
Loved it

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Nice Update...Clap
continue soon

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