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Captured Love (5)-[New thread pg.155] (Page 122)

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                     Chapter 46

"Dadima come quickly..." Everyone came rushing when they heard someone screaming Geet's name...they saw Yash holding Geet in his arms unconscious at the top of the stairs...Meera quickly runs upstairs helping Yash to support her while Mohindar tried to calm Dadima down.

Dadima: what happened to her? (She looks at her with tears) 

Yash: I was coming up the stairs when I saw Geet holding her head. I ran up here as fast as I could to save her before she could fall down the stairs. 

Mohindar: Lets take her to the hospital...quickly

Meera: You guys go I will stay with Vicky. I don't want to leave him alone here.

Dadima: Okay lets go..(Yash carries Geet to the car as Yash was about to put her in the car someone puts a hand on his shoulder. All turn around to see Maan standing there with anger. His eyes fall on Geet who was unconscious in his arms. Maan turns him around going in front of him before grabbing Geet in his arms.) Maan! What is all this! Give Yash Geet back..can't you see her condition? We need to take her to the doctors.

Maan: I might have left the house on my own but that does NOT give you any rights to do whatever you guys please with my wife. Don't forget that! I will take her to the doctors from now on and no one can stop me since I am the father of this child.

Mohindar: You! I can't believe I have you as a are still putting up conditions even after seeing your wife's state? 

Maan: My wife! Glad you guys recognize who she is to me and how she is related to me...Now get one thing straight...I will be going with her to all her doctor's appointment whether you guys like it or not...(he motions the driver to hold the door open..he carefully places Geet inside the back seat before sitting himself right next to her..Maan looks at all of them before the car drives off to the hospital..)

Dadima: Yash get another car..I will not allow Geet to be alone with him...I don't trust him..(he nods his head yes)

Maan looks at unconscious body..she looked pail and weak...he carefully puts her head on his lap caressing her hair..her lips were trembling trying to say something...Maan puts his head closer to her lips trying to hear what she has to say..."Vicky..." 

Maan looks at her shocked...he remembers Vicky's sad lost state just like he used to be when he was little...he looks at Geet still unable to understand the relationship between them..the bond that they share...can he ever share the same bond with Vicky? He closes his eyes feeling very guilty and confused..."What is happening to me?"

As soon as the car stopped, Maan carried Geet inside to the hospital where all the doctors and nurses were waiting for him which  he had called while coming to the hospital. They quickly shift her to a private room where all the updated equipments and other necessary things were available at hand. 

"Please go outside while we check her..."

Maan: Okay but make sure nothing happens to her and the baby or else! 

He gives all of them an angry before leaving the room. He watches from outside as the doctors begin checking Geet..fear was slowly settling inside him, weird and random thoughts were starting to form inside his head...he feared for the baby, he feared for Geet's health..only he knows, whether he likes it or not, how important she is to him...without her he feels if some part of him is missing...he needed her even if he is far away from her he likes the idea that she is home safe with his so called family members. 

"Where is Geet?"

Maan turns around to see his Dadima, Yash and his father-in-law, Mohindar, looking at him with anger. Maan turns around ignoring their presence to focus back on Geet...the only person that mattered...he felt someone's hand on his shoulder and from the touch he knew who it was.,..besides Geet there was only one person who could touch him...his Dadima...he turns around slowly with a smirk while Dadima looks at him with anger

"Where is Geet Maan..."

Maan: Dadima this is a hospital and where else do you think Geet will be? She is in the room..." (Yash steps forward to go inside when Maan steps in front of his way...) Only her husband and the father of the child is allowed to see Geet..and last time I checked you were neither...

Dadima: What is all this? First you hurt Geet, torment her, punish her and now all of a sudden you care for her? Why? Just because she is pregnant with your child?

Maan: Yes that is exactly right..she is pregnant with my child and I have the right to be with my wife and soon to be child whether you guys or Geet like it or not (Just then the doctors comes out..)

"Sir your wife is may go see her now"

Maan: hmm thanks..(he opens the door to go in but stops mid-way) From now on I will accompany Geet to all her doctors appointment with the doctors I pick and choose. 

Mohindar: Geet will never agree for this

Maan (smiles) So you think sasurji...(he closes the door behind him as everyone watches him from outside. Maan sits next to Geet holding her hand in his slowly rubbing her palm with his thumb...he felt good after a while he was able to touch her, feel her...he was beginning to forget what her skin felt like, what it is like to be near her again this close...he puts his head down on the bed near her arm while putting his other hand on top of her stomach...Geet flinches a little with his touch but was still unconscious) 

"Sir we would like to go over her reports"

Maan (sits up putting on a hard face) hmmm go on

"Sir your wife is close to being three months pregnant and this is how you take care of her? If she doesn't get proper attention then am afraid it will be really hard for us to save the baby. Today she is unconscious because she didn't get proper nutrients that a pregnant women should get. 

If you want both of their well being then please from now on make sure she eats and drinks her food properly. I have prescribed some medications for her to take daily and would like to follow up with her next week.  Please make sure that she is not under any stress or else there would be nothing that we can do." (Doctor leaves the room...Maan looks at Geet with anger...)

He takes the scalpel which was lying on top of the table in his hand pushing it hard until blood started to drip drop by drop on the floor...Dadima who was watching all of this comes quickly in after seeing the blood on the floor...she tried to snatch the blade from him but Maan wouldn't open his palm..

"What are you doing Maan? Let go..your hand it bleeding...Maan let go of the blade" (she starts to cry...) "why are you doing this?"

He drops the blade on the floor looking at his bleeding hand..."I am angry at myself for trusting you guys..I made a mistake therefore I am punishing myself...I let you guys have my wife live with you all and this is how you take care of her? She is here unconscious because you all couldn't take care of my wife and my unborn child..." (he drops the hospital tray on the floor letting all the contents on the tray spread in various corners of the room...)

Mohindar comes and claps his hands..."Wah nice acting...You are talking about responsibility? Geet is here because of didn't take care of your responsibility and now you want to take care of her? Its too late for that don't you think?

Maan (laughs out loud..everyone looks at him confused) "Am I hearing this right?" (he stops laughing...) With all due respect saurji...but where were you when Geet was growing up? When she first took her steps? When she watched her mom stare at the door day and night hoping you would show up?

Dadima (yells) Maan! Is this a way to talk? (Mohindar looks away in pain)

Yash (grabs his collar) You don't know what my uncle went through all these years so its better to keep your mouth shut

Maan (grabs his hands) This is the last time you will touch me or else who knows the same hands will have handcuffs around them.

Dadima: MAAN!!!

Maan: Ssshhh Dadima...Geet is you all listen to me very carefully...Geet can stay with you all BUT I and ONLY I will go with her to ALL of her doctors appointment ALONE...and if you guys try anything at all then I will take Geet so far away from here that it would be impossible for you guys to find her...that is my promise...

Mohindar: You arrogant bas***d...I will see how you come near my daughter

Maan: Ohh sasurji you haven't seen my arrogance yet...I could also be very stubborn..would you like me to show you?

Dadima: ENOUGH! I have listened enough...(she faces Mohindar) Please calm down...and whether we like it or not Maan is right...since he is the father and the husband then we cannot say anything...let him take Geet to all of his doctors appointments BUT (she faces Maan) you will not go will take one member from the house with you...That I will let you decide whom you want to take

Maan (gives it a thought) Okay...I choose Vicky!

Dadima (smiles) hmmm okay...I can trust that you will bring Geet home safely? This will be your last chance if you mess up then you will not go near Geet...promise us

Maan: hmmm I will not back away from my promise...(Dadima looks at Geet before leaving the room with Yash and Mohindar...Maan takes the seat next to Geet holding her hand just waiting for her to wake up...(Maan didn't know where the time went..he wakes up in a jerk when he felt some movement...he looks at the time...three hours had passed by...he looks at Geet..she was moving her hands and slowly trying to open her eyes...)


Maan brings a glass of water for her to drink...slowly he holds her head lifting it while holding the glass of water near her lips..slowly she brings drinking water not knowing who it was helping her...she lightly smiles as the coldness of the water begins traveling down her throat. Slowly she opens up her eyes to see the one person she last wanted to see...Maan...she tried to remove his hands off of her but didn't have enough energy to move her hands...he lets go of her with a smile...

"Had a good nap?...hmm you must've since you slept for over three hours...I will speak with the doctors to get you discharged..." (She just looks at him confused..her eyes goes toward the door hoping to find someone else besides Maan but it was all empty..Maan follows her eye movement and knew what she was thinking...) 

"Don't worry sweetheart no one will come without my permission..You see" (he sits next to her leaning close to give her a peck on the lips) I have packed the whole hallway and this room just for us...No one dares to look at my precious things without my consent...(Geet couldn't say anything...she wanted too but at the moment she had no energy to speak or she just waited for something or someone to show up... He holds her hands again gently caressing it back and fourth...while looking straight into her eyes...) 

You know what the doctors had said? (She didn't respond but just simply looked at him..) He said that it you were dehydrated, didn't take care of yourself and the baby...(he smiles) But here is the kicker...they said that it was hard to save the baby

Geet eyes wells up in tears when she heard that..her lips starts to shiver in fear as she tried to talk...she puts her hand on the stomach in panic trying to feel her baby...she couldn't loose the baby was her only hope...the only survival in the hell hole she was in...the only person that could make her happy...the one she would look forward to..the one that will be the light at the end of the dark tunnel she was in...Maan puts his bloody hand, which was still bleeding, on top of Geet's hand on the stomach...

"Got scared? That is how I felt when I saw you being carried away helplessly" Do you feel the baby? Its still alive..." (she sighs in relief...he raises his bloody hand showing her the mark) this is the punishment I gave to myself for trusting others...from now on I will be with you when it comes to my two babies (he smiles)

 I know you can't stay away from me for too one way or the other you need me just like I need you...(he fills her maang with his blood) "don't forget our relation" (The doctors comes in for a check up) "I want to take her home today"

"Sure sir..there is nothing to fear about...just make sure she gets enough rest and eats well. The nurse will give you the medication list"

Maan: hmmm (the doctor checks Geet before leaving...Maan goes to the other side of the bed gently picking Geet up in his arms) "lets go sweetheart..." (She tried squirming against his hold wanting to get off but Maan ignored her pleas and kept walking) 

"Let go of me..."

Maan (places her inside the car) "Never!" (he nibbles on her earlobe...Geet felt weird sensation...she was liking his touch..something inside her wanted more of this...) "Now as soon as we get are going to eat, drink and do whatever you are instructed to do..or else"

"Or else what? You will force me?" (she scoffs) "What else are you capable of"

Maan (smirks) You haven't seen anything yet...but yes if I have to then I will force you OR I can just kidnap you somewhere far away where it will be just the two of us...(she looks at him shocked) I am the man of my words its really up to you what you want...your family or (he holds her head tangling his fingers in her hair before pulling her to give her a kiss...Geet struggled against his hold, pounding on his chest again and again until she felt weak and gave in...slowly she started responding back to him..she hated it but at the same time liked it...Maan smirks against the lips letting her go)

"Sir we are home"

Maan carries Geet inside the house only to be stopped by Dadima at the door...

Dadima: Let Geet go now...the deal was only for the doctors appointment as of now you have no rights over Geet...we are here to take care of her

Maan: Sorry Dadima but I will only put her down in the bedroom...

Dadima: you are not allowed in this house anymore in case you have forgotten

Maan: I haven't forgotten anything (he turns to leave with Geet in his arms)

Dadima; where are you taking her?

Maan: If I can't put her on the bed in this house then I guess the outhouse will do (he begins to walk away...Geet looks at all of them helplessly...)

Dadima: Stop (she sighs) Okay you can put her on the bed upstairs

Maan: Thank you Dadima...(he gives an angry look at Mohindar and Yash who looked at him with the same emotions...)

Precap: Jindagi hai safer mein kat raha hai raasta

Guys please end this thread..I will update the next part by next week...I know what I have to write so until then please close this thread...

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fantastic update
lovely part
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Loved it... waiting for more...
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a arrogant king and his arrogance.. i suppose he will change soon

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