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Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

::~Parichay Times Issue # 1 ~::

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Hi Freindz ..

Welcome to our very first issue of Parichay Times ..

Issue # 1

By Kshiti_Kunal 

SiNal :

Many of us always wished to see SiNal romance in rain and you know what! Our wishes came true. We got some unadulterated SiNal romance in rain. While Siddhi underestimated her Vakil husband and kept Kapil et all at the bay on her birthday, he proved to be on top of everything in his beloved wife's life. Money doesn't count when it comes to happiness and love and Siddhi gets a real life example as Kunal arranges their own private little celebration on the terrace with just two of them and the stars, sky and the wind. Of course there was a tiny black spot on the celebration as Siddhi senses her stalker around but Kunal gets her right back in the mood and they enjoy some cute and tender couple moments. God bless the Kadha as we yet again get to see Kunal's caring side that he hides so well.

Outside the police station as Rohit gloats over Vikram's arrest and wishes Siddhi Happy Birthday with a smirk, Siddhi has the inclination of who could be stalking her. As usual she takes upon herself to save the world while her husband snores away to la la land and bails out Vikram.

Siddhi is being stalked again and voila. It turns out Richa. Kunal is shocked to hear it from Siddhi and almost doubts her but then Richa presents itself and they all get to her it from the horse's mouth. Richa rambles about why Kunal loves Siddhi and how despite of all her attempts she is not able to rid her mind off Kunal's thoughts. She says she would forever haunt Siddhi, wherever she goes.
While Siddhi is busy dispensing free relationship advice to others such as Raveena and Vikram, she has forgotten rules of her own marriage. She has hidden facts from her own husband, albeit for his own good and also because she is scared of his mercurial temper but that does not hide the fact that she did. So the viewers were just wiping off that Cheshire cat grin off their faces after SiNal's cute nok-zok in Kitchen over cooking, that the thunder rumbles in the form of Thakral and leaves these two apart.

Kunal gets to know everything and he shouts at Siddhi for not thinking about herself or her condition. Finally when she is not relenting, he asks her to live life on her own terms while he continues to do the same with his. Siddhi is upset over this and leaves Chopra House to go to her maika.

And here I thought Hanuman was the only fellow who burnt his own tail to save someone else's life. Here we have Mrs.Mahan Bond to throw away her marriage to save someone else's L

On her way, Siddhi's car hits something and she gets down to see what that was and then leaves while a biker is watching over her.
Kunal is about to reconcile is when Kapil drops in with the news of Siddhi's arrest under the charges of murdering Rohit in a hit and run manner the previous night. Thakral gets emotional after seeing his only son dead and goes to jail where Siddhi is arrested and gives her an earful about losing family all because of her.
I read somewhere the blame game is a couple's best timepass but SiNal went a step further to play it even when Siddhi is behind the bars. They blame each other for her impromptu leaving the home. After a while when they are alone, they blame themselves for whatever that had happened.

And what a way for the husband to make sure to fulfill the promise he made to his wife during ceremonial Saat Pheras ' To be by her side in grief or joy. Kunal acts drunk and lands himself in the same Jail where Siddhi is trapped. Siddhi melts after hearing that he only acted drunk to be by her side. Who wouldn't!!

Next day they team up and visit the spot where supposedly the accident had happened. Kunal once and for all tells Siddhi that he will fight for her and their unborn as he has every right to do the same.
And the last of this week's episode, we saw Kunal repenting his anger and at the same time Siddhi that has overheard the conversation blesses her stars for marrying a man that known nothing about expressing love through words but justifying it through his actions like no other man can.

Seema ' Gaurav
Mistakes happen and we react in the heat but what really hurts is the calm after the storm has passed. Seema was rightfully mad at Gaurav's adultery but in the aftermath, she is just as much pinning for him as he is! Gaurav realizes that he misses Seema and his kids. His short lived affair might have given him the cheap thrill but he has lost peace of his mind and much more.
Raveena ' Vikram
Its not only love but Raveena has started to feel much more where Vikram is concerned. She senses the ominous presence of Rohit towering over her innocent and big hearted husband and feels guilty of what she has done with their lives. She tries to stop Vikram after Rohit drops in, announcing his evil intentions for both of them. Rohit has Vikram's consignment replaced with fake medicine and makes a call to police that uncharacteristically arrives promptly and captures not only the only goon Vikram had nabbed who could have revealed it to all but Vikram himself.

Rohit offers (literally) an indecent proposal to Raveena, showing her some papers that Vikram had signed, declaring himself guilty of fraud. If Raveena has to save her husband, she must go away from her husband  and go away to the same man that is framing her husband. Should that be called a poetic justice for what she had earlier done and said. Like my dad always say, repenting has a shelf value. You need to realize and repent at the right moment. Too late and your mistakes come back to haunt you so here we are watching Raveena pay for her deeds. Vikram is as usual sweet and tells her that no matter what, he would keep loving her. Buaji tells him about Rohit's visit and Raveena's worried mind after that. I hope when the time is right, Vikram can put two and two together to imagine what must have taken Raveena to the hotel room.

Seema and Siddhi are bonding all over again. The clouds of misunderstanding are gone and the sunny warmth is back in their equation. They have always been my favorite when they get along like Sisters. Do I sound like creepy Veena.. well wont mind for this ;)

Richa ' I know you might be surprised to find Richa under Tid-Bids but really, I cannot digest her leaving the town. I am sure she would come back to haunt the SiNal once CVs dry up on their creative juices ;)

Kunal ' Thakral confrontation: Kunal confronts sad and yet determined Thakral about understanding the difference between murder and accident. Thakral does not care for his words and vows to inflict the same pain on Siddhi so that she understands what she has done. Kunal feels an array of emotions at once. He is helpless because he cant get his pregnant wife out. He is angry for thakral threatening Siddhi in such harsh manner and wishing their unborn ill.

Richa is back ' and so here I am announcing that Richa is back to town with renewed madness (if that's even possible L ) at thakral's insistence. She has new determination, to avenge her brother's life from Siddhi and she knows the worst punishment possible for Siddhi. To separate her from her life ' Kunal and she is planning on doing just that.

Vikram's Spending Spree ' This guy does have hell lot of money. He has not only paid their rent and kid's school fees but he also offered 1 lac rupees needed for Siddhi's case. No wonder Sudhanshu is livid after reading the news in the newspaper about Siddhi's arrest. Vikram however is nonchalant about this being Raveena's mistake. This guy loves Chopras!!

Raveena not wanting to tell the truth ' I found this bit strange. How come Raveena wondered about their lives being spoilt if they revealed Rohit's plans? I found it selfish but again Vikram is a sweetheart to own the responsibility and resolves to do whatever he can to get Siddhi proved innocent. However CVs redeemed Raveena next day when she thinks about Siddhi and genuinely worries about her.
Kunal confirms that Rohit is indeed dead. Would love to see how this is played out.

By Sahasra

I thought of opening Dialogue of the week section of our Parichay Times with Kunal's dhansoo dialogues  but unfortunately didn't find any in these 2 wks epis.OuchOuch . So  had to settle down with the other partner of our ThaNal jodi-that is our Daddy T.

"Maatham...Maatham toh ab tum log manaoge,kyunki mere dukh maathamse nahi balki badlese jaayega,Mujhe aur mere beteko tabhi shaanti milega jab tumhare ghar mein toofan aayega,sazaa Siddhiko milegi aur ro oge tum sab...woh bhi khoon ki aansu.Iss baar mein tujhe sochne samajhne ka mauka nahi doonga,itne saboot hai mere paas ki mein case shuroo hone ke saath saath hi khatam kardoonga,Samjhe...uske baad tum sab log mere saamne gid gidaoge,fariyaad karoge ki mein Siddhi ko maaf kardoo,aur uss jhooti ummeed mein tum jeeoge na aur Siddhi ke intezaar mein apne zindagi kaatoge..woh hoga mere bete ke maut ka asli badla.

Mr.Kunal Chopra,iss baar tum jis baapse ladoge na woh case shuroo honese pehle Geeta ki nahi balki apne bete ke chita ki kasam khaakar aayega,aur iss baar tum jeet nahi paoge Kunal Chopra,Mil lo aakhri baar apne biwise, jitna milna hai mil lo kyunki aaj ke baad tum bahut pachtaoge ki apnon se door jaane ka dukh kya hotha hai,yeh tum tabhi samjhoge"

June 8th Friday's epi when Daddy T calls Chopras-

It's a kind of Monologue by Daddy T with all Chopras including Kunal Chopra listening to him silently n don't really have anything in their defense to reply him back.The whole warning Daddy T gave to Kunal n rest of Chopras was very forcefully delivered especially the way he says "Maatham..Maatham toh ab tum log manaoge n sazaa Siddhiko milegi aur ro oge tum sab...woh bhi khoon ki aansu" was so impactful not only for us but also Kunal that he started feeling dejected  even before the case started n expressed his fear of loosing the case,Siddhi,his unborn child,his life being ruined b'coz of all this to Seema.

Let's see how Kunal replies to each n very word of Thakral's warning in coming weeks.

Special Mention

Siddhi to Kunal (28thMay) :

"Chota hua toh kya hua,denewale ke dil toh bada hai,aur woh dil jo mujhse bahut pyar karta hai,aur jab tak yeh pyar karta rahega na mere paas duniya ki har ek khushi rahegi"

Richa to Kunal (31st May) :

"Itna dua zaroor mangna Kunal ki hamara saamna kabhi na ho kyunki dobara hamara saamna hua toh mein kya karoongi yeh mein bhi nahi jaanti,lekin itna zaroor janti hu ki jo bhi hoga bahut bura hoga itna bura hoga ki tum purani Richa ko bhi bhool jaoge,Hum kabhi miley toh milkar takraye lekin agar iss baar miley toh shaad hamare kismat bhi takraa jaye,yeh na tumhare liye accha hoga ya na mere liye"

Kunal to Siddhi (1st June) :

"Naa aage ka socho,Naa peeche ka,Naa kisike parwa karein,Naa khud ki chinta,Jo karenge khud karenge,kisiki madat ki aapko toh zaroorat nahi,nikal padi Jhansi ki Rani,gussa nahi karoo toh kya,tumhe kisiki parwa toh hai hi nahi,naa mere naa apni naa honewale bacche ki,tum zindagi aise jeena chahti ho toh aise jeeyo,kisiko kuch mat baao,mann marzi karo apni,mein bhi kuch bataoonga nahi,tum apni life jeeyo aur mein apne life jeeyunga."

Kunal to Richa (6th June) :

"Don't you ever speak to my Wife like that"

Seema to Gaurav (7th June) :

"Patni ka rishta ek faisla hotha hai,jise aap kabhi bhi badal sakte hai,lekin baaki rishte aap chahkar bhi nahi badal sakte,yeh rishte zindagi mein ek baar milte hai,ise mat khoyiyega"

Kunal to Siddhi (7th June) :

"Kaun rokega mujhe,mein ek lawyer hu aur tumhara pati,aur tumhare honewala bacche ka baap,aur ek pati dharam ke anusar apne bachhe,apne patni ko protect karna mera dharam hai aur iss dharamse koi mujhe rok nahi sakta,na tum na kanoon,jitni zidd karni ho karlo"

"Yaa toh uss raat ke baare mein sochlo,yaa yeh sochlo ki Thakral apne dhamki poori nahi karega aur shayad case bhi na kare,shayad kuch aisa kare jiska andaaza hum donon laga bhi nahi sakte"

Siddhi to herself seeing Kunal(8h June) :

"Aaj aapko lagraha hoga ki mujhse  zyaada musibat mein koi nahi hai par sach toh yeh hai ki aaj mujhse zyaada khush kismat koi nahi hai kyunki meri shaadi aise insaan se hui hai jise pyar jatana toh nahi aata par nibhana,shayad sabse achhe aata hi"

Emotional Moment of the Week

The emotional moment of the week was when kunal was crying remembering siddhi on Seema's daughter's birthday.on a second note i would chose the scene where Ishani called gaurav and there was an emotional scene between Seema-Ishani-Gaurav

Disappointment of the Week :-

By tanyashrivastav

 1) siddhi back to hiding facts from kunal

The major Disappointment of the week is Siddhi once again hiding the truth from kunal ……well this time she did want to tell him everything which rohit did with Vikram ..and the problems he was creating for ViRa.but vikram stopped from her telling anything to kunal ..but still being his wife siddhi shouldn't have hidden anything from kunal the past also she has done so and the consequences of this has been bad enough especially for sinal 's relationship ..and this time also the same thing happened …and because of her own actions  she got involved in such a big trouble and is accused of murdering rohit now …

2) Siddhi's unreasonable behavior of late  
 Another disappointment of the week has been Siddhi's unreasonable behavior with Kunal ..picking fights with him unnecessarily asking kunal to apologise to her while she herself was at fault and most importantly not revealing everything about the accident to kunal ..being excessively stubborn with him ..though to some extent her insecurity nd fear of losing kunal  must have made her behave in this strange manner but still the siddhi we saw last week was very much unlike the Siddhi we know….

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Continued LOL

Shocking scene/ Moment of the Week
By poshah

Shocking scene/ moment of the week= Return of the Mummy oops I mean the ex flame !

Rating on jhatka meter 10/10

The ex flame still appears to be holding a flame (literally) and illiterally (if that is the word) in her heart, however surprise of surprise, she seems to have had a change of heart and has come back from the jail to unite the two lovers forever, can you believe it!
Kunal and Siddhi seemed to have conquered and went past the heap of misunderstandings that were standing between them and life seemed to be slowly falling back on the tracks with Kunal planning a simple surprise for Siddhi's birthday.

During the birthday celebration Siddhi seemed to sense the presence of a third person in the shadows, someone lurking behind spying on them. Her sixth sense seemed to sense the hidden danger but Kunal the great told her to take a chill pill as their enemy number one was still rotting in tihar jail.

Little did Siddhi know that her souten number one had turned in to a tulsi tere angan ki and was actually trying to protect her ! Who says a change of heart is not possible, looks like Mrs Bedi's mission of changing the hearts of prisoners does work and Richa has come back with a heart of gold. Just like Seema, I am also not able to digest the fact that beti thakral can turn into a new leaf after a short stint in the jail, but like everyone else, all I can do is wait and watch to see if indeed the lady who had at one point put false charges on her true love has indeed realised the true meaning of true love and has truly changed !

Whacking /Kill moment of the Week
By -Madhubala-

The whacky scene of the fortnight - there was a huge competition for this title this time from Gaurav Aksha's conversation, Raveena trying to be dumb to save herself, Sidhi asking for punishment, Kunal Sidhi unwanted fights which were failed to be cute something, but the win is always only one and the title goes to Richa's return.

Richa returns to SiNal from jail to reveal to everyone she is moving on in live. She goes to Bengaluru to give relief to us, but Rohit's murder brings her back.  No surprises but now her revenge, her hatred, her aggressed look genuine and she is gonna fight with all rights to take revenge??  Here Thakrals are the sufferers and Sidhi is the main culprit.  Though the concept is just an accident, but Thakral's are here to annoy and push the Chopras into deepest disguise.

Best Discussed Topic
By nashil

Positive by aditi147
i decided upon this as i felt the forum was turning to negative and we needed some one to take initiative to bring back what was missing in the forum since last couple of weeks ... and aditi was able to make a proper presentation of the sitution and what she and riddhi felt was going wrong in the forum ... i also liked the fact she along with riddhi did infuse some fresh air in the forum and since that article negativity also decreased and also everyone stopped bashing the serial ...
this article played a very vital role and again the hunger to bring back the lost glory of parichay in terms of cm rankings , actors rank improvement started which was missing ... moreover people also apologised and also took this article in constructive way and now everything is slowly turning good for the forum ...
many again started visiting it ...

Siggie/Avi of the Week
By Dew-drop

Best siggie goes to ..
Its a tie between su612 & n.sairam ..
with 8 Likes each ..

& Best Avis goes to
A tie again between Natasha... & Vidhisalot
With 6 Likes each ..

FF of the Week
By Rani

Mera Ishq Sufiyana! New-Pt-13 & 14 by Shumi
With 27 & 33 Likes

VM of the week
By Rani

Kaun Kenda by awesumsonia

The Most Discussed Topic
 By -NaGs_BaBy-

Samir's message for us :)
by Rush2220
with 80 replies and 2410 views

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 Scene Of The Week
By su0612

So guys it realy difficult to choice a single SOTW  from many really good episodes. But I have to choose one so I have kunal and siddhi scene in jail from 4th june episode for SiNal SOTW  and for other SOTW I choose 8th june scene of  kunal and seema convocation . Hope so u all like my choosen SOTW…Smile


AS these sequnce of   scene is from 4th june episode ... when siddhi was arrested  n reach police station where thakral confronting siddhi  , kunal comes n support siddhi n responds to  thakral accusations.. Clap

so the scene goes as-->Smile

Next sequnce...Smile'Siddhi goes to sleep thinking about  her n Kunal (" some romantic moment of her n kunal") and then Kunal also enters the jail through trick he played over constableWink-- (he behaves like a drunker in front of Police so that the  inspector puts him behind the bars too) as he wants to stay with siddhi  but siddhi already asleep  n he watches him with all love n  Romes her hair cutely n then siddhi(in Sleep) hold kunal's hand'( BG song was played --- Abhi mujh mein kahin baki)'n kunal adoringly siddhi very romantically'Embarrassed




The other SOTW  choosen is  from 8th june episode-- where kunal n seema talking to each other..

the scenes  goes as -->  kunal standing in balcony n its raining heavily  n when seema see kunal standing thr, she goes near to him n ask about the case,  that he is  worried what will be happen in court,  then kunal replies that no he is worried about past (as siddhi overhearing the convo b/w seema n kunal)  kunal in tears Cryand says that whatever happend is because of him, if he would have stopped siddhi that day … this all would not be happened… n also said that he doesn't have any proof to save siddhi from this case n was really sad n said that if he lose this case .. his life will be ruined as he will lose siddhi n his unborn child…Cryafter listening all this ..siddhi thinks that now she is not bothered about anything that will happen in future becos now she knows that  her husband is  with her n always will be there...Clapthat scene was realy touching as kunal tells seema about his feeling n siddhi  comes to knw that how much kunal loves him… Embarrassed

By vidhisalot

Kunal Chopra came home and he greeted his niece as BabiesEmbarrassed(so cool of him) was so cute and when he was seeing the drawings made by them it was clear how much.he loves them...and when he would have his own child he would be a gr8 fatherStar
When he came to know that siddhi is watching all this and that sorry card is being made by then the kunal chopra I saw omg his dialogues made me laughROFL...n brought a big smileBig smile on my face ...his facial expressionsBlushing ...were damm superb..the way he acts by his faceWink ...only some can so it...he is too good at this...I was completely flat on him(many girls could imagine my conditionThumbs Up )
how he praised himself  n said the boy in the pic should be more handsomeBlushing and girl should catch his ears and say sorry ...loved it...(i was like even the pencil would be blushingBlushing while drawing ur pic)...
When he was going to his room...the way cleared his throatHeart wow(can never forget this part)...loved it...he did it superbly was musical for meHug
The expressions he gave during his self his room...was out of this world ...

The dialogues may be ordinary but Kunal made it special his act...his voice (which had the power to convince every1Thumbs Up), the way he said the dialogues, his accent , his every moment and most important his expressions

StarSpecially when he was clearing his throat was actually musical for me...its normal..but kunal was superb...if some1 clears the throat n ,makes noice ...people(including me) gets irritated ..but when kunal did it ...i could not control myselfWink...this three second moment would be remembered by me all the life...he created magic when he did it( i knw its silly of me) but that's the magic kunal chopra has done on me...his every small action is different n uniquesDay DreamingDay Dreaming ..i.e its kunal chopra's styleStar

He has attitude , akdoo , angry young manHeart ... but still loved by everyone to the coreHeart Heart...because its a treat to watch him in this avatar

Hilarious Moment of the week

By Ronitrika

My story hilarious moment title


The sun rises and crows birds making noises..
Siddhi is thrashing her cloth making them dry..siddhi looked at sleepy kunal...she thrashed the bed cover and a drop of water  fell in Kunal's eyesConfusedand watches the clock was 11:oo..and he ws supposed to go in a interview..Kunal:"Gyara bajgaye"he thinks" Siddhi mixed some sleeping pllis in his kara"kare mey behoshi ki dawai milaithi
Siddhi burst out"chaliye uthiye..11:oo baje apko interview ke liye jana tha.."and says its 11;00 already..get up and be ready...
Kunal..says only this time he is late and she is shouting"ek baar late kya uth gaya taane marna shuru kardiya"Shocked
He staarts with some new topic..he says see look sleepy..after sleeping whole night"khud ko dekho ankho mey nind chari hui hai
Siddhi replies "kya kaha apne" with full attitude and anger..
Kunal with full force..and sharp voice..he told "kaha raat bhar soti rahi phirbhi ankho mey nind bhari hui hai..thinking how much she need to sleep he said..whether she was fighting a case in her dream..

Siddhi with again bits of attitude more asks how he knows whether she was in court fighting a case..
Kunal with expressions says"saf nazar araha hai  expressions dekho wahi proud sa expressions  jqab case jitne ke baad ata hai.."..he adds Siddhi feels as if she is a queen"khud ko maharani samajhti hona tumto"
and he starts pulling her leg her nose seems upwads to the sky.."naak hawa mey.. gyara baje tak sau rahe ho interview thi..
Siddhi gets irritated and says  her noise seema only upwards but his head,neck,shoulder is always upwads and not normal "apka toh saar,gardan,kadh sab ucha ho jata hai..3 inch hieght bar jati hai apki phir  ap hawa mey jhoolne lagte hai.his head always consists of folds of lines..."ar akkar aisi ki sone k baad mathe par se silwate bhi nehi haat ti apki"..Kunal..gets frustrated hearing  Siddhi  commenting about him..
He said"meri maathe par silwate ati hai..Siddhi replies toh..meri ati hai..Kunal again..toh..

The fight was so loud that Seema came running.."hey bhagwan apdono ko dekhkar  asa lagraha hai ki mere baache bare hogaye...
Siddhi urged..see bhabhi kunal telling nonsense"kunal kehrahe he meri naak aisi hai..bataiye meri naak aisi hai"..Seema confused what to tell
Just then Kunal started..."meri sakal aisi hai kya silwatein ati hai mere mathe pe"Siddhi interupts"ha raheti hi jake ayina dekhiye"
Kunal wud stop,,it wud not he urged"ayina tum bhi dekhlonaak waise hi hai asman ki taraf"
Siddhi says to Seema "dekha kaise bolrahe he

Kunal's shout"tum nehi bolraahi thi meri sakal aisi hai.
Seema lost her mind..and shouts "chup bilkul chup ek wprd aur bolana  to dono ko wapas se second honeymoon bhej dungi..
Kunal says"a honeymoon nehi ha"..must be thinking ek honeymoon kashmir toh janehi sake phirse honeymoon!
Siddhi with attitude.."kabhi nehi isse accha hai main koi action movie dekhlu..dono ka torture same hoga"
Kunal..says"aur isse accha hoga main zoo chala jau bari jungli billia hai waha pey"smilie-gross_294.gifmao mao o my kunal must be telling seeing Kunal..
Seema agin shouts.."chup chup bilkul chupsmilie_gr_09.gifmain abhi ke abhi ticket karwa dungi main jhoot nehi bolrahi hu..."
Kunal interrupts irritatedlysaying"nehi nehi isse accha main har hi man leta hu"
He takes the towel and goes to wash room..
Seema watched Siddhi..and Siddhi stars with attitude..must be thinking yipee Kunal ne haar manli..kunal akkaru hai toh main sau gunna akkru hu..she must be thinking..
And so the hilarious moment ..ends here...its my fav..moment..of SInal hilarious nokhjokhes...

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Weekly Imp  Links

!!WU 05 june!! Siddhi is Out from jail on bail
Parichay-5thJun12-Video Update+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - June 6 - Richa is back
Parichay-6thJun12-Video-OL/DL/Pic *HDQ*

WU - June 7 - Kunal confirms Rohit's death
Parichay-7thJun12-Video Update+Pics *DVDQ*

WU 8/6/12: Thakral Files Case on Siddhi!!!
Parichay-8thJun12-Video Update+Pics *DVDQ*

11'6'12 WU-SiNal Judai ka darr,ThaNal @Court
Parichay-11thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

!!WU 12.June.2012!!All evidence r against Siddhi
Parichay-12thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

Game of the Week

GOTW|| Tag and Gossip||

Parichay Segments on IF

So finally our first issue is out  .. Hoping it to be a huge success  Big smile
& Thanxx to all my reporters for doing such a fab job ..This NL would have been nuthing without them  * a big hug to all my reporters*
A request to all my reporters that when u send ur segment kindly do not use any smilies or pix coz while arranging the NL in Word it all disappears & makes a mess of things .. & also make sure that u type in a plain font ..Embarrassed

Plzz plzz do not send any queries or random PMs on ParichayNL account ... that account is only 4 NL entries ...Stern Smile
..If u have any queries regrading NL then send in ur PMs to me or Sahasra ...

That's all for nw ..
Will be back with the next issue soon enough ..

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Wowww awesome...mindblowing
you all have done a great job...
Shazbz di n her reporters have done a great job...Clap
loved reading all the sections...Smile
@Rani di- thnx fr selecting Kaun Kenda as d VM of d week

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Thanks guys - finally got an all in one place to shop forLOL.  Now i will not have to hop from thread to thread in order to keep up with the show.Wink
On serious note - Clap Clap Clap  to all the reporters and editors for compiling this newsletter. 

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..anushka.. IF-Rockerz

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wow this thread is awesome ...great work done by everyone Clap

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