Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?


Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?
Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?

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'Dil se di dua'Saubhagyavati Bhava?' is about the struggle of Jahnvi, who is faced with any girl's worst fears - an over-possessive and abusive husband, Viraj. To the outside world, Viraj is suave and charming, at home he is a different man. Viraj, who has had an abusive childhood, is irrationally dominating while being sweet, polite and nice. While everyone sees Viraj as the perfect husband, it is only Jahnvi who knows and deals with the manipulative and irrational side of him

We see  a woman running barefoot in some isolated place with 4 men chasing  her. girl is running on a bridge when a white Mercedes stops in front of her. A  guy comes out of the car n walks up to the girl. the men who were running after her go back. The guy is a strange person who asks the woman(who is his wife) why is she jogging in the night. He takes her home.
 The girl's name is Jhanvi and her husband's name is Viraaj. He appears to be a loving husband who prepares dinner himself. But then, we see Jhanvi's hands and legs tied up with a rope n her mouth tied with a cloth. Jhanvi  pleads Viraaj to let her free but he takes the hot spoon and holds it near Jhanvi's feet. In the morning Jhanvi is sleeping with her hands and legs tied up. Viraaj comes with breakfast n wakes her up. He holds her responsible for making hurt her slender form. He decides to lock her up and leave for office.

Jhanvi is locked up in the house and is screaming for help, amidst her call for help, she recalls the days before her marriage when her grandmother doubts Viraaj's intentions as he expresses his wish to marry her. In the meanwhile one of the watchmen helps Jhanvi to talk to her parents, her grandmother answers the call and senses trouble. Jhanvi is shocked to see Viraaj behind her.Viraaj surprises Jhanvi by calling her parents to his house. Jhanvi's parents praises Viraaj as he helped them financially. Jhanvi decides to tell her parents the truth about Viraaj but is unable to talk to her mother.

Viraaj  gets cameras installed in the entire house without letting Jhanvi know about it. Acting sweet with her, Viraaj says that he would not lock the doors anymore. An innocent Jhanvi thinks that she misunderstood her husband and decides to give their relationship a second thought. An insane Viraaj shouts at Jhanvi for playing with the dog. Seeing Jhanvi reply back, Viraaj gets insecure and plans to instill fear in Jhanvi's mind. Next morning, he locks her up in the bathroom pouring a bag full of cockroaches. Jhanvi being already afraid of  them faints inside. Viraaj regrets his act and takes her to the hospital. Viraaj surprises Jhanvi by calling her sister, Siya home.

Trying to keep Siya away from the ugly truth of her marriage, an agitated Jhanvi tries to convince Siya to go back home. Viraaj goes frantic seeing his house unorganized and as a punishment, he makes Jhanvi make up his cupboard repeatedly. Seeing Jhanvi act indifferently, a puzzled Siya questions her. Hiding away her pain, Jhanvi revisits a horrible flashback where Viraaj threatens to chop her fingers, as Siya tells her to keep servants in the house. 

Jhanvi is unable to understand Viraaj's flickering nature. Contrary to Jhanvi's expectations, Viraaj acted sweet when his favourite idol got smashed into pieces by Siya. Jhanvi's father is surprised when Uma informs him about Viraaj paying off their debt. An innocent Jhanvi again finds fault within herself seeing Viraaj acting sweet, mistaking it for a genuine love. At the party, problem comes knocking at Jhanvi's doors as her old college friend reveals about Jhanvi's singing talent. Viraaj's unpredictable temper again shoots up when he sees Jhanvi and Sanjay sharing the stage. He acts sweet infront of everyone but plans to teach her a lesson. At home, 
Jhanvi's worst fears come true as an over-possessive Viraaj is unable to digest the fact about Jhanvi's singing. He behaves like a maniac beating up Jhanvi in the middle of the night for hiding away things from him. Next morning, Viraaj apologizes to Jhanvi again putting up allegations on her. Viraaj Dobriyal, who cannot accept any imperfection in his life, goes insane seeing his favourite idol broken. He again, ploys to punish Sia for her mistakes. Jahnvi's heart beat goes up and down thinking about Viraj's mind games.

Jhanvi is too skeptical about Viraj's sweet behaviour towards Sia. Sia, on the other hand thinks that Jhanvi is not behaving normally with Viraaj and advocates his side asking Jahnvi to acknowledge Viraaj's love. Before leaving home, Viraaj informs Jhanvi about the surprise gift that he has kept for her. A terrified Jhanvi gets more confused when she finds a letter written by Viraj expressing his immense love for her. The devil side of Viraj bounces back as tries petrifying Sia on the way home.Hiding his revenge under the name of a prank, Viraj scares Sia by making her cry. Jahnvi is elated seeing the change in Viraj. Jhanvi's grandmother is too curious to know about Jhanvi's well-being. Sia informs her about Jhanvi's weird behaviour. Jhanvi impatiently waits for Viraaj dressed up in the saree gifted by him. On his way home, Viraaj gets involved in a road rage with some hooligans. Unable to accept his insult, Viraaj tries to teach them a lesson, but unfortunately, meets with an accident.

Fervently waiting for Viraaj, Jhanvi calls to her maternal house to know about Viraaj's whereabouts. Soon Jhanvi's wait comes to an end when the doctor informs her about Viraaj's accident and multiple fractures in his hand and a leg. The uncertain behaviour of Viraaj comes at the forefront as he bawls at Jhanvi for wishing him to be dead. Accustomed to Viraaj's uncharacteristic nature, Jhanvi tactfully treats Viraaj like a child by caressing him with love. With a dream to change Viraaj as a person, Jahnvi awaits the new day and Viraj's speedy recovery.

Jhanvi becomes more cautious after Viraaj's accident. All her efforts to ensure Viraaj's convenience goes in vain as Viraaj is back to his usual self. Not finding things according to his schedule and looking at his muffed routine, Viraj howls at Jhanvi. As Viraaj throws things at Jhanvi, Jhanvi gets shocked to see her family standing at her doorsteps.
The sudden arrival of Jhanvi's family spoils Viraaj's mood all the more. But, Jhanvi somehow handles the situation well. Failing to control his anger, Viraaj's tonal quality changes towards his in-laws. Jhanvi's grandmother takes the opportunity to assist Jhanvi in the kitchen to read Jhanvi's heart. Viraaj's curiosity hits the peak as he gets suspicious about Jhanvi revealing his truth. But, contrary to Viraaj's expectations, Jhanvi boasts about him being a good man and a husband. Jahnvi is heart-touched seeing a changed Viraaj.
 Daadi gets suspicious about Jhanvi's indifferent attitude praying to the up above to show her some light. Jhanvi, well-versed with Viraaj's  attitude deliberately loses the game of chess. As Viraaj learns about losing the contract, he loses temper  and faints due to the high blood pressure. Viraaj thanks Jhanvi for caring for him. In order to win the contarct, Jhanvi gives an idea of dinner at home for the client. Viraaj's truth comes as a blow to Jhanvi's dadi as she overhears the guard stating the facts to the shopkeeper about Viraaj.

Jhanvi's Daadi's worst fears come true when she learns about Viraaj's ugly truth. Jhanvi, unaware about everything welcomes Viraaj's clients at home for dinner. To win over the clients, Viraaj plays his cards well. Traumatized with Viraaj's fact, Jhanvi's daadi shares the entire thing with Jhanvi's father. Blinded by Viraaj's money and masked personality, Jhanvi's father pays no heed to Dadi's warning. Seeing Jhanvi disciplined in the so called Viraaj Dobriyal's way, Viraaj treats Jahnvi with an ice-cream. The guard faces an evil Viraaj as Sia informs him about the guard blabbering around Viraj's truth. Viraaj punishes the guard by locking him in the car. Viraaj tells Jhanvi to go and buy something for herself. At the same time he also plans to surprise her but the caring side of Viraaj's mind takes a back seat with the evil side getting dominant as he spots Jhanvi with Sanjay. Jhanvi's dadi is in turmoil thinking about Viraaj's abrupt behaviour. Uma reprimands her asking her to sojourn her negative effect on Jahnvi's married life. Jahnvi's dreams changes into a nightmare as she becomes the prey to Viraaj's psyche.

 The life turns into a catastrophe for Jhanvi due to the atrocious domestic violence and a marital rape inflicted upon her.Terrified of staying in the house but, the consequences of running away would be even worse. Jahnvi feels trapped, her only companions in the house being her horrifying memories and scary flashbacks. On the other hand, her paranoid husband, Viraj is sleeping peacefully. Jahnvi's dadi is disturbed thinking about Jahnvi and gets restless to speak to her. Jahnvi sneaks quietly into the room and tries calling her dadi but, in vain. A battered woman, a brutalized wife and an unfortunate daughter bears the brunt of tying knot with an animal in the human skin.
Every morning for Jahnvi comes up with new surprises, rather horrifying surprises. After being brutally beaten up by Viraj last night, Jahnvi sees a new frightful sight of Viraj when he handovers Jahnvi his belt asking her to beat him up. Seeing Viraj's lunacy, Jahnvi decides to inform her family about the ugly truth of her marriage. But, bad luck seems to follow Jahnvi wherever she goes. Destiny, again slaps her hard as she finds her father and her family in a lurch. Viraj acts as a saviour for Jhanvi.  Viraj handles the messed up situation at Jahnvi's home tactfully. Jahnvi is in turmoil seeing Viraj's new avatar. As Jahnvi's father requests her to stay back, Jahnvi, with a heavy heart says no to her father thinking about the repercussions. But, adding to her shock, Viraj agrees to let Jahnvi stay back with her family. Thousands of questions arise in Jahnvi's dadi's heart thinking about all possible reasons behind this sudden blow the family is facing. Viraj again loses his temper when he finds Jahnvi's phone busy.

  Jhanvi fails to deal with Viraj's contrasting nature as they keep flashing in her mind. Viraaj's mind, on the other hand, begins to tick like a clock as he doesn't receive Jhanvi's call every hour as promised. An insecure Viraaj charges Jhanvi of being irresponsible. Viraaj's unreasonable demands keep popping up at Jhanvi while a scared Jhanvi fulfills them putting on stake her sleep, thirst, peace of mind and the family. True to his fixed schedule, Viraaj wakes up Jhanvi with his favourite song. Drained out of all emotions, Jhanvi follows Viraaj's instructions without any volition. Crowing himself above God, Viraaj asks Jhanvi to worship him and blesses her (Saubhagyavati Bhava) which comes like a curse to Jhanvi. Sanjay walks in with a lawyer. Trying to help Gangadhar, Sanjay messes up the situation for Jhanvi unintentionally. 
Viraaj tortures Jhanvi with a hot iron, questioning her about the scene between Sanjay and her. Jhanvi, scared of Viraaj's unpredictable actions denies all the allegations. Not satisfied with her answers, Viraj calls up the Inspector to provide him with Sanjay's detailed information. A shocked Sanjay overhears all their conversation by luck. Obsessed with Jhanvi, Viraj gets Jhanvi's name tattooed on his chest. Bearing all the pain, Viraaj shows-off his madness for Jhanvi. Out on lunch, Viraaj forces Jhanvi to eat Non veg food to prove her love for him.

Love or Obsession? Jhanvi's mind mulls over this thought whenever Viraj shows-off his immense, rather insane love to her. Getting her name tattooed on his chest, Viraaj forces Jahnvi to have chicken, despite her repeated denials. Leaving her with no other option but to follow his instructions, Jhanvi forces the chicken pieces down her throat, trying not to puke. Jhanvi's dadi advices Gangadhar to stop taking any more help from Viraj. Obsessed with controlling Jhanvi's each and every action and thought, Viraaj leaves for his house. Sanjay sneaks into the house and questions Jhanvi the reason behind tolerating Viraaj's madness. Viraaj ctches them red handed. he takes Jhanvi away and leaves her in the middle of the road.
Persecuted and harried with Viraj's obsession, Jahnvi faces another ugly sight of his anger. Trying to run-over his car on Jahnvi, Viraj is filled with fury and scorns Jahnvi for the crime which she never committed. Jahnvi runs to save her life but, slips down the road hurting herself badly. An insensitive and infidel husband suddenly takes a backseat when he sees Jahnvi lying unconscious. Cursing himself for hurting his beloved wife, Viraj carries Jahnvi to the hospital and discovers the news of Jahnvi's pregnancy. What came as a blow to Jhanvi, was a reason for celebration to Viraj. Jahnvi's blood curdles looking at Viraj's madness. Locking herself in the bathroom, Jahnvi crumbles to herself with the flashbacks of her unravelled married life.
Standing on the grave of dreams, Jahnvi's hopes are again stirred up as she gets pregnant. She hopes that her child might bring some change to her havocked married life. With this sudden good news, Viraj becomes too caring towards Jahnvi not letting her do any household work. Designing his new rules to control Jahnvi, he starts programming her routine through alarm clocks. Jahnvi quietly follows Viraj's changing demands longing for a better day to arrive in her life.

Creating a scene in the marketplace, Bhagwat one of Viraaj's retainer insults Gangadhar accusing him to be a fraud. A knave Viraaj rescues Bhagwat from the public beating assuring Gangadhar to punish Bhagwat severely. While Jhanvi and others await Viraaj at the party, Siya gets upset to see Sanjay. With the plot all set and the script worked upon really well, the master of this story, Viraj gets Sanjay held by the cops for ploying against Gangadhar.Plagued with power and money, the mastermind of all the games, Viraj Dobriyal threatens Sanjay to keep mum about his real wicked face otherwise Sia would face the brunt of his actions. Playing his lovable rogue character, a tactful Viraj forces Jahnvi to believe that he actually is a good human being at heart. Jahnvi regrets her misapprehension about Viraj. Jahnvi's dadi tries to help out Sanjay but, Sanjay takes a backseat from voicing against Viraj.
Viraaj surprises Jhanvi with a new room for their son. Unlike other mothers, Jhanvi wishes that her child does not become her husband's replica. After going through an abusive relationship, Jhanvi is horrified when she discovers Viraaj's intentions of instilling his qualities in their unborn child. Viraaj gets an unpleasant surprise seeing Jhanvi's Daadi and gets jarred when she announces about her long stay. Applying all his tactics, Viraaj tries to drive her out.
Reading Viraj's mind and his activities, Jahnvi's Dadi declares a silent war against Viraj's dirty games.  Gangadhar and Uma, too, are worried about Sia's marriage ignoring her heartbroken stage. A sly Viraj mixes methi in Dadi's soup to cause her allergic reaction. but Daadi saves herself with a lemon.
The new maid appointed by Viraj takes her most dramatic entry in the Dobriyal house by scaring Jahnvi with a knife. Acting as Jahnvi's saviour, Viraj shouts at the maid and introduces her as the new care taker. Sensing Viraj's short-tempered nature, Jahnvi's dadi decides to instigate his anger. A finicky Viraj loses his cool seeing dadi creating a mess on the dinner table.
Finding a clue against Viraj, Dadi searches the entire house but, the maid follows her like Viraj's newly installed camera, recording Dadi's each and every movement. Failing to find any evidence, Dadi recalls the security guard, Tej and enquires about him. On the other hand, the groom's family who had come to seek Sia's hand in marriage humiliates Gangadhar and Sia. Discovering about Tej missing after the market incident, Dadi's doubts become clear.
Sanjay  tells Sia that he loves Jhanvi. Daadi suspects Viraaj for the guard's disappearance and informs Jahnvi. Upon enquiring the guard's wife, Dadi gets to know that he has gone to Dubai with Viraj's help. Viraj plots to throw Dadi out of the house. Jahnvi's parents introduce the family members to Rajesh. Viraj decides to make him his business partner after Sia's marriage. Gangadhar tells Dadi the reason for rushing Sia's marriage.
Dadi is worried and thinking of ways to prolong her stay in Viraj's house.Rajesh refuses to get married but Viraaj threatens him to marry Siya. Daadi gets a call from an unknown person disclosing Viraaj's secrets. Jhanvi consoles Siya for her upcoming life. Daadi acts as if she accidently fell down the stairs inorder to stay in Viraaj's house. Viraaj pretends that he cares for Daadi. He watches the recording from a secret camera and uncovers the truth that Daadi did it on purpose. 

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The Viraaj Dobriyal vs. Daadi war gets more dramatic as each one is adamant to fulfill their intentions. Viraaj's wary character makes Daadi more suspicious when he says his father's name- Vijay Sharma instead of Shankar Dobriyal.  Trying to unlock all the secrets hidden behind the locked doors, Daadi searches the entire house. Finding no trace about Viraaj's childhood or his past, Daadi comes across a secret door which stirs Daadi's hopes to find an end to her search.

Finding a clue about Viraaj's past, the door gets shut, locking Daadi inside. Viraaj's irritation reaches its heights seeing Daadi turning into a detective as she keeps enquiring about his family and his past. To keep his mysterious secrets hidden away from everyone, Viraaj plans a permanent cure to Daadi's'detective phobia'. Unaware of this warfare between Daadi and Viraaj, Jhanvi prays that her son would bring positive changes in Viraaj.
Tying an invisible string on the staircase, Viraaj impatiently awaits the cracking noise of Daadi's bones when she would fall from the stairs. But, to his disappointment, Jhanvi walks into the scene ruining all his  wishes. Sanjay, on the other hand gets heartbroken when the inspector informs him about Sia getting married. Daadi teaches herself the trick to open a lock with her hairpin which would help her open the secrets of Viraaj's past.A tactful Daadi uses Viraaj's crowning nature against him and succeeds in sending him and Jhanvi out of the house. Trying out all the tactics and her tricks, Daadi fails to break the lock of the secret door. On the other hand, the ice-cream shop vendor faces Viraaj's wrath when he fails to supply him the demanded flavour and calls him a lunatic.  Dadi, slyly lets loose rats in the house as a part of her plan to get the keys of the room from Viraaj.Keeping a track of Viraaj's strict time table, Daadi sneaks into his room to slip away the room's keys from his wallet. Finally, unlocking the door, Daadi plans to slip in the keys back into Viraaj's room before he discovers the truth. On the other hand, the Sharma family prepares for Siya's marriage preparations.

Cleverly slipping in the keys back into Viraaj's wallet, Daadi aptly moves further in her plan. Always vigilant about everything happening in his house, Viraaj misses out the old lady's plans. While Viraaj leaves for office, Daadi starts with her search in the secret room. Asking for a confirmation from the doctors about Jhanvi giving birth to a son, Viraaj gets restless when the doctor deny doing a test before three months of the pregnancy. Dadi finds some confidential papers in the room. Showing the adoption papers of Viraaj to Sanjay, Daadi also learns about Viraj's sister Payal Dobriyal's existence.

 To confirm the sex of his child, a crazy Viraaj brings a tantrik home to perform some puja over Jhanvi.Jhanvi quietly follows Viraaj and the tantrik's instructions. Scared and disgusted over the proceedings of the puja cast by the tantrik, Jhanvi still keeps mum for the sake of Viraaj's happiness. Daadi, on the other hand finds Payal Dobriyal in the mental asylum. But, fails to bring out the truth from Payal as she gets agitated behaving insanely as soon as Daadi shows her Viraaj's photograph.Seeing his horrid past being dug out by Dadi, Viraaj loses his mind unable to suffer his failure at the hands of an old woman. Searching for Daadi, Viraaj wanders here and there, finally learning about Dadi's destination. While Jhanvi's family considers Viraaj next to God for their family, Viraaj leaves no stone unturned to destroy them. Dadi's prayers get answered when she finally meets Payal's doctor, Komolika Rana. Learning about Jahnvi's state, Dr. Komolika finally agrees to share the Dobriyal's story with Dadi. Visiting the flashbacks, Dr. Komolika reopens the repressed memories admitting about Viraj suffering from a mental disorder called Obsessive Compulsive personality Disorder (OCPD). Sensing about a link of his horrific past being revealed, Viraaj pays a visit to his dear sister, Payal in the mental asylum causing her more trauma.Traumatizing Payal with the horrid childhood memories, Viraaj derives a lot of pleasure displaying his power. Dr. Komolika suggests Dadi to take Jhanvi away from Viraaj or to bring Viraaj to her for treatment. Turning the game around, a knave Viraaj asks Gangadhar to shift the engagement ceremony before the scheduled time. While Viraaj enjoys the check mate situation, Dadi is confused seeing her house locked.

The cat and the mouse game gets more interesting as Viraaj and Daadi give one another a good fight. Bluffed by Viraaj's traps, Daadi runs helter-skelter trying to save her and her family's life. Setting traps on her each step, Viraaj enjoys the chase. Letting out the cops to hunt down Daadi, Viraaj takes Jahnvi to the engagement venue. However, Dadi is determined to expose Viraaj.Jhanvi asks Viraaj if Geeta could accompany them to the engagement venue.Viraaj agrees to her request. An exhausted and tired Daadi finds it difficult to reach Jhanvi on time. Finally, Daadi gets a lift from a generous cab driver. At the venue, Viraaj tries all his tricks to avoid Jhanvi's meeting with his Dad. Jhanvi is elated when Viraaj expresses his love to her. Daadi is worried as the driver loses his way to hotel.

Viraaj plans a surprise for Sia at her engagement ceremony. He asks the DJ to keep the music loud so that nobody leaves the party. After a lot of struggle, Daadi finally makes her way to the destination. The hotel staff misguides Daadi. Both of them finally meet on the terrace. Viraaj's behavior frightens Dadi but is confident of revealing the truth about Viraaj. On the other hand  Jhanvi continues her look out for Viraaj while Geeta follows her secretly. 

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Viraaj locks Dadi on the terrace and begins to reveal his plans against her. Dadi taunts Viraaj for torturing Jhanvi and tells him that she will expose his true nature. Dadi accuses Viraj of murdering his parents and being the cause for his sister's mentally imbalanced condition. Jhanvi is restless searching for Viraaj. Viraaj begins to play Sach Ka Saamna with Dadi and claims to be a good person. Meanwhile, Jhanvi makes a call to Viraj.  Dadi screams for help, but Viraaj doesnt attend the call.
Viraaj threatens Daadi to handover the file but she refuses. Daadi taunts Viraaj for ruining Jhanvi;s life. She further irritates him by saying that Jhanvi will leave him and go. Viraaj gets mad.  He angrily throws a pot at Dadi where she loses her control and falls from the terrace. Jhanvi who is on the ground turns around and looks up towards the terrace. Viraaj hides. Meanwhile, all of them rush towards Daadi. They take Dadi to the hospital. Viraaj, in spite of escaping from the terrace, doubts on Jhanvi for having seen him on the terrace. Jhanvi faints and Viraaj lifts her in his arms. 
Jhanvi is lying on the bed. A tensed Viraaj regrets for his act against Dadi and tries to explain it to an unconscious Jhanvi. The entire family is worried about Dadi's health while Unniyal interrogates them. Doctor informs that Dadi's condition is very critical because of excess loss of blood. Viraaj is desperate to know whether Jhanvi saw him and so he Viraaj tries to torture Jhanvi as she is still asleep. Geeta notices him and signs to stop. Viraaj reacts in anger after realising his mistake. He realises that if he hurts her, he will also hurt the his child in her womb.
Viraaj is frustrated about losing Jhanvi. Gaining consciousness, Jhanvi tries walking away to meet Dadi but Viraaj stops her. Viraaj tries to console and comfort Jhanvi who is worried about Dadi. Uma informs Jhanvi that Dadi will recover soon. Viraaj is irritated to see Jhanvi's silence and suffers through hallucinations of his past wherein he ill-treated her. He walks towards Jhanvi with a screw driver to torture her. However, worrying about his baby in Jhanvi's womb, Viraj controls himself from torturing her. He comforts Janhavi to extract any information about Dadi's mishap but fails. Viraj is worried about his truth coming to lime light as Sia tells him of Dadi's successful operation. A tensed Viraaj, insists the police not to let anyone meet Dadi. On insisted by him, police stops Gangadhar and his family from meeting Dadi. Jhanvi pleads Geeta to let her go out of the house.
Doctor informs Viraj of Dadi's ailment and tells him that she would never be able to talk and move. Viraj taunts Dadi for the condition she is now in, while the police inspector takes her thumb impression on a blank sheet. Viraj allows Jhanvi meet Dadi alone so that he can overhear what she tells Dadi. Jahnvi is shocked on hearing Dadi's condition and rushes to see her. Viraj overhears Jhanvi's conversation with Dadi and wants to know if she had seen him on the terrace
Viraj is keen to know if Jahnvi had seen him on the terrace on the fateful night, while he takes her home. Everybody is clueless on how Dadi reached the terrace. Viraj finds a strange way to discover his wife's love for him. Viraj prepares to interrogate Jahnvi and get the truth out of her.

Viraj tries to retake the scene where Dadi fell from the terrace with the help of police. He feels happy when he learns that Janhavi could not see him due to the glare from the terrace light. In a happy mood, Viraj takes Janhavi to a restaurant where he over feeds her. Viraj is shocked to see a letter along with the bill, stating his mishap with Dadi. He searches for the waiter as he doubts on him of knowing the person who kept the letter along with the bill.

Viraj is worried and in a dilemma after he finds the blackmailing letters in his car. He hides the matter from Janhavi. Gangadhar and Uma are happy to get an obedient son-in-law like Viraj. Viraj is worried about Dadi's accident. At night, he dreams about Dadi predicting the worst for him with Jhanvi. Viraj loses his mental balance and behaves like an abnormal person. Jhanvi tries her best to console Viraj.

Viraj intends to be perfect and starts cleaning his secret room. He receives a text message from the blackmailer, insisting him to meet the next day near the temple. Viraj wants the police to track the number. The police inform Viraj that the number belongs to Dubai and it's impossible to get the information. Viraj gets annoyed and sends Jahnvi back when she comes near his secret room.

Viraaj continues his lunatic behavior, while Jhanvi consoles herself. Viraj taunts at Dadi and suspects her condition. Jahnvi calls her mother and asks about Dadi's condition. Her mother informs her that Sia is in the hospital to look after Dadi. Police Inspector tells Viraj that his men are ready for the action and suspects Sanjay to be the blackmailer.
Police doubt Sanjay for blackmailing Viraj. They inform Viraj that Sanjay has been released from jail. Sanjay intrudes into Viraj's house and tries to tell Janhavi about Viraj. Janhavi refuses to believe Sanjay and sends him out. Viraj sees the footage of the incident from his secret camera and begins to shower love on Janhavi and gifts her jewellery. Janhavi expresses her desire to be happy with him forever.
Viraj wants Jahnvi to know everything about him. He takes her into a room and shows her the family picture. He tells her everything about his terrible past and asks her not to ever leave him. Cops begin their hunt for Sunjay. Jahnvi spends sleepless night recalling Viraj's story and feels guilty of not informing him about Sunjay's arrival. Police inspector informs Viraj about his failure to nab Sunjay.
Jahnvi gifts Viraj a Valentine's Day card and promises to follow all the seven vows which she took during the marriage. Viraj is overjoyed seeing the card and promises Jahnvi that he would make the Valentine's Day special for her. Sia informs Viraj about Sunjay's phone call and seeks his advice. Jahnvi asks Viraj if they could bring back his sister to the house. Viraaj is furious at Jhanvi and destroys her things. Jahnvi is shocked on seeing Viraj blazing her belongings and she faints due to weakness.
Viraj takes Janhavi to the hospital and the doctor assures that she is fine. Dadi's doctor informs Viraj that she has started to react. Sanjay is caught by the police when he tries to enter Dadi's ward. Dadi starts to react when she sees Sanjay but is helpless because of her condition. As usual, Viraj tries to show his love to Janhavi by sketching her face. Janhavi praises Viraj's sketch and tells that it is more beautiful than her. Viraj burns the sketch after hearing that.
Viraj gets tensed when he learns that Dadi is getting discharged from the hospital. He appoints nurse Mandira to take care of Dadi. Janhavi confesses to Viraj about Sanjay's trespassing. Viraj takes Janhavi, blindfolding her, to an unknown spot, promising to surprise her, every hour. Geeta follows them. Mandira tells Dadi that she will slowly make her die by not giving her proper medication. Viraj takes Janhavi to a mountain edge and removes the blindfold. Janhavi is shocked, seeing the depth. Viraaj decides to play another game with Jhanvi.
Viraj is furious with Janhavi when she fails in his game of love. Geeta is restless as she is trying to search for something in the temple. Geeta visits Dadi and tries to console her. Gangadhar decides to have a talk with Viraj about Sia's marriage. Geeta pretends to be returning from the market in front of Viraj.
Viraj interrogates Sanjay about the file and learns that the only person who knows about the file is Dadi. Viraj traps Sanjay in an attempt to murder case by shooting at Unniyal. Sia promises to Viraj that she will forget Sanjay. Janhavi worries as the time comes for another surprise from Viraj. Viraj presents a car to Janhavi and insists her to drive. Janhavi confesses to Viraj that she does not know driving. Viraj insists her to drive the car with closed eyes.
On being insisted by Viraj, Janhavi drives the car with closed eyes. Gangadhar questions Mandira when he sees her throwing the medicines. Mandira manages the situation by telling that the required dose has been injected to Dadi. Viraj and Janhavi reach Gangadhar's house. Viraj is furious with Dadi as he sees her sleeping calm. Viraj asks Gangadhar not to delay Sia's marriage. Choti is adamant and insists Janhavi to take her for a drive in her new car. Jhanvi hesitates but agrees.
Mandira tells Viraj that Dadi was pointing towards the pooja room. Viraj sees the photo frame of the temple and assumes that Dadi would have hid the file in the temple. Geeta is restless as she tries to find the file in the temple. She finds it in the power room of the temple. Viraj sees Geeta taking the file. As Geeta reaches the house, Viraj calls her as Maa.

Viraj gets the file which he was looking for a long time. His weird behavior continues as he plans to play hide and seek with Geeta. Jahnvi arrives at the house with Gangadhar while the watchman finds it hard to contact Viraj. Viraj accuses Geeta of betraying his trust and seeks answers from her. Geeta breaks her silence.

Viraj appreciates Geeta for her acting capabilities. He questions Geeta regarding the file. Geeta suggests Viraj to share his problems with her. Jahnavi overhears Viraj's statement about corruption case with her father. She is traumatized when Viraj is about to beat Geeta. Viraaj accidently pushes Jhanvi and she falls on the ground. A furious Viraaj locks Geeta in a room to beat her.

A frustrated Viraj is in dilemma whether Jahnavi will be with him or she will leave him. Viraj berates watchman for letting Jahnavi inside the house. Viraj is dejected to hear the miscarriage of Jahnavi. He assumes Jahnavi will leave him as the baby is dead. Viraaj tries talking to Jhanvi, but she does not respond even if Viraj is about to hit her.

Jahnavi acts like mad and imagines her baby Krishna is alive in the cradle. She takes her imaginary baby's sweater for wash. Jahnavi pats on the baby and cleans the house. She prepares hot tea for Viraj and asks for Geeta. She remembers that she had sent Geeta to bring Krishna's things. She prepares breakfast for Viraj. Viraj is in a dilemma whether Jahnavi has forgotten the previous day's happenings or remembers the same.

Viraj finds it hard to believe that Jahnavi has lost her memory, while Jahnavi continues her insane behavior. Geeta fears something odd and prays to God for Jahnavi and her child. An infuriated Jahnavi slaps Viraj, when he informs her about her miscarriage. Viraj enters into Geeta's room and informs her of Jahnavi's miscarriage. He informs Geeta about Jahnavi's mental condition and asks her to do something that could save Jahnavi

Geeta informs Jahnvi that Krishna is dead. On hearing this, Jahnvi is inconsolable. Jahnvi recalls her trauma caused by Viraj's atrocities. Geeta prays to God to have mercy on Jahnvi and requests Viraj to be good with her. Viraj mocks at Geeta, while she suggests him to mend his behavior. He locks Geeta and Jahnvi in their rooms and checks the cameras of the house. He even locks the main gate of the house, keeping the watchman confused.

Viraj scares the watchman with his weird attitude. He instructs the watchman to keep the gate locked at all times. Jahnvi plans to leave Viraj and go to her father's place. She recalls the dreadful moments she spent with Viraj. She steps out of the house but the watchman refuses to open the door. Jahnvi fails to break the lock and Viraj drags her back into the house.

Viraj drags Jahnvi into the house. He blames Jahnvi for all the debacles and slaps her. Jahnvi brushes him aside and faints all of a sudden. Viraj comes up with a plan to stop Jahnvi from leaving the house, while Jahnvi is adamant to leave Viraj. Viraj shares his concerns with Geeta and wants her to intervene in the matter. Geeta promises to help Viraj. Viraj gets Sanjay released on bail and brings him home. Viraj apologizes to Jahnvi and requests her to continue to live with him. Geeta narrates Viraj's childhood stories to Jahnvi.

Viraj still finds Jahnvi angry with him and asks Geeta to take care of her. Geeta hopes that Viraj would improve one day, while Jahnvi is hopeless. Geeta finds Viraj's secret file and reveals to Jahnvi. She tries to console Jahnvi and asks her to explore the file. The watchman is shocked to hear Geeta speaking, while he believed that she is dumb. Dr. Komolika informs Jahnvi about Dadi's concern for her.

Dr. Komolika informs Jahnvi about Viraj's mental condition, while Viraj monitors Jahnvi's movements through a camera. Viraj catches her red handed while she is speaking to the doctor and outrageously breaks her cell phone. Jahnvi informs Viraj about Dr. Komolika's advice and requests him to agree for the treatment which she has recommended
Viraj turns violent after Jahnvi suggests him for the treatment. He blames Dr. Komolika for ruining his life, while Jahnvi requests him to control his aggression. Dr. Komolika fails to contact Jahnvi. However, she is determined to help her. Jahnvi scorns at Viraj which makes him infuriated and cuts his palm with a knife.
Viraj cuts his palm with a knife, while Jahnvi recalls Doctor Komolika's advice. Jahnvi is determined to get Viraj treated. Meanwhile, the argument takes a new turn. Jahnvi takes off her mangalsutra and offers to leave the house. Viraj threatens Jahnvi to wear the mangalsutra at gunpoint. He walks out of the house after he fails to convince her.
Viraj threatens Jahnvi to wear the mangalsutra at gunpoint. He walks out of the house after he fails to convince her. Viraj brings Doctor Komolika to the house and agrees to betreated. Doctor Komolika starts Viraj's treatment in presence of Jahnvi. Viraj gets agitated with Komolika's questions and leaves her chamber.
Dr Komolika is impressed with Viraj's humility towards his mom. She aims to cure his lunatic behaviour and arrogance by making him realize his past atrocities. The doctor instructs Jahnvi to show a photograph to Viraj to test his memory. Viraj likes the photo. He berates Jahnvi for burning his picture as per the doctor's advice. The doctor wants Viraj to forget his past and amend himself to become a good person. Viraj confesses his guilt to Jahnvi.
Jahnvi panics on seeing the mental condition of Viraj. Viraj apologizes to Jahnvi and requests her to leave him alone. Though Jahnvi recalls the past atrocities of Viraj, she is eager to take him back. Viraj is amazed at Jahnvi's forgiveness and embraces her.
On Jahnvi's return, Viraj is elated to see her concern for him. Jahnvi tells Viraj not to worry about her. Meanwhile, Jahnvi panics on losing her mangalsutra and inquires Viraj about the same. Viraj hands over the mangalsutra to Jahnvi. She cherishes the moments with Viraj. Further, Jahnvi consults Dr. Komolika. The doctor advises her not to hurt Viraj's sentiments. Jahnvi treats Viraj with love.
Viraj comes to know that Doctor Komolika has played a trick and took a sample of his blood. He enquires the doctor about his blood report. The doctor advises him to take care of his mental health. She reminds him of his prolonged illness for which she has been treating him through effective methods. Viraj behaves like a lunatic near the doctor but Jahnvi feels Viraj has changed a lot and has recovered.
Doctor Komolika informs Jahnvi about Viraj's drama and asks her to be careful. She requests Jahnvi to report her matter to a local NGO which deals with domestic violence. The magistrate and some NGO members arrive at Viraj's house to arrest him. Jahnvi speaks against Viraj which surprises Geeta.
While Viraj's mother persuades Viraj to behave properly, he mistreats her. She is disappointed by Viraj's atrocities on Jahnvi and disrespect for her. Jahnvi rebukes Viraj for his inhumanity and protests against him. Viraj gets infuriated on Jahnvi and asks her to get out of his house. Viraj forcibly takes her in the car and drops her at her parent's house. Jahnvi breaks into tears on seeing her family member's dead bodies.
Jahnvi laments on seeing the dead bodies of her beloved family members. She is inconsolable with this catastrophe. Viraaj reveals that her family is not dead but fast asleep due to the medicines. Viraaj plans to get married to Jhanvi again. He  exceeds the height of brutality and tortures Jahnvi at this critical moment too. He along with his gang burns Jahnvi's house and forces her to love him. At the end, Jahnvi loses her sense and collapses.
Jahnvi panics on recalling the atrocities of Viraj. She laments to Viraj's mother about the recent happenings to her family. Jahnvi gets astonished to find her family in Viraj's room. Her parents comfort her, but Jahnvi is surprised to see them alive. Viraj tries to soothe Jahnvi. Meanwhile, Jahnvi's parents appreciate Viraj's greatness in rescuing them from the danger.
Viraj reminds Jahnvi of their marriage and desires to see her as a bride. He comforts her to forget about the past incidents, but Jahnvi is still inconsolable. Viraj extends his hospitality to Jahnvi's parents and assures them of taking care of Jahnvi. Jahnvi reluctantly decorates herself as a bride in order to respect Viraj's sentiment.
Viraj consoles his mother on seeing her gloominess and wants her to celebrate the occasion of his marriage anniversary. However, she is inconsolable to learn the truth about his relationship with Jahnvi. Nevertheless, Viraj is mesmerized to see Jahnvi dressed as a bride. Jahnvi reluctantly responds to Viraj and recalls his atrocities on her.
Viraj holds Jahnvi in his arms and takes her to their bedroom but Jahnvi is haunted by Viraj's atrocities. Meanwhile, Geeta prays to God for Jahnvi's safety. Geeta brings a glass of milk for Viraj. Viraj is annoyed with her for knocking on the door. While Viraj expresses his feelings to Jahnvi,she is scared of his behavior.
Geeta is concerned about Jahnvi and prays to God for her safety. While Viraj is intoxicated by the sleeping pills, Geeta asks Jahnvi to run away from the house. Geeta hands over the car's key to Jahnvi and persuades her to escape from the place quickly. Viraj pleads before Jahnvi and requests her not to leave, while Jahnvi drives away from the house.
Viraj's mother panics on his insanity and intends her best to rescue Jahnvi forever from him. Looking towards the circumstances, Viraj behaves lunatic and gets violent on Jahnvi's absence. Viraj's mother advises Jhanvi to drive the car as fast as she can, while Viraaj chases them.
Jhanvi and Viraaj's mother strive to get away from Viraj. While Viraj chases them, Jahnvi's car hits a tree. She tries to rescue herself and Viraj's mother, but in vain. Jahnvi gets injured and loses her consciousness. Viraj reaches the spot and panics on seeing Jahnvi's car in the valley. He faints. Viraj is admitted to the hospital and he laments on recalling Jahnvi

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