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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

The written update for June 12th 2012

SuganthiS Goldie

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Posted: 12 June 2012 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
Hi Everyone,  I'm posting the written update for June 12th, 2012 as Maria is unable to do the written update for today.

The episode starts with Ram on the phone to the Police Commissioner telling him to put his full force on the case, it was important that Sid was found in 12 hours. Niharika is looking on with a :eek: expression. Ram tells the Commissioner that he wants a constant update on their search for Sid.

Niharika slowely tries to move away but Ram stops her. She thinks to herself that Sid was hiding from Ram and escaping, she was in trouble! Ram asks Niharika where Sid was. Niharika says that she really doesn't know. Liar! Ram asks stepmommy whether she expects him to believe her. Mmm...its been a habit for 20 years for you to believe her, Ram. Perhaps Niharika thought it would continue!

Ram tells Niharika that it was a question of Priya's life. If Sid did not come to court, Priya could not be freed. Priya was his life, Ram demands where Sid was. Niharika continues with her I don't know where Sid is story! Ram walks away.

Vikram is shown talking to someone on the phone regarding some company papers. Neha comes in and sits on the bed, looking sad. Vikram asks her how Priya was. Neha says that nothing was right, she was angry with God for seperating 2 people in love, for always testing them. Vikram says that he knows Neha was upset but he had to know if Priya was fine. Neha shows Vikram the chits of papers that Priya sent with her.

Neha tells Vikram that the papers were Priya's love for Ram. Neha says that she always thought that love between 2 people deepened when they were given herself and Vikram were together for 12 years. But she was wrong, Ram and Priya were not even married for a year, they understood each other so well. Ram didn't have to say anything, Priya understood him so well. :inlove:
And it was the same for Ram...Neha says she and Vikram could learn so much from Ram and Priya.
Both Ram and Priya were born to be together, then why were they apart? Good question...lots of people are asking certain creative people the same question, why this seperation and leap? :hmm:

Vikram assures Neha that things will be fine. Neha wants Priya out of jai. Vikram tells her that for that, they had to find Slimy Sid. :furious: :furious: Vikram says that they would find Sid and free Priya.Have to be careful...Sid's a slimy one!! :sick:

Slimy Sid is on the phone (not his cell phone, but a phone outside) to someone and tells that person not to worry, he was fine...forget the police, even God could not catch him. You forgot one more person who may or may not act in your favour...the BT team of creatives...I wonder if they will let you go to prison?

Ram asks Rishabh if he felt that as a brother, Ram had fulfilled all his duties. Rishabh says that only fortunate people would get a brother like Ram. Rishabh is a darling! Ram asks Rishabh if he could depend on him. Rishabh says that Ram has always fulfilled all their wishes. Today he has an opportunity to do something for Ram and he also knew that Priya was innocent. Rishabh leaves while Ram gets a call. He gets some information about Sid's whereabouts.

Vikram and Neha who are also there tell Ram that they should go immediately to catch Sid. Ram is about to leave with them when he stops and looks at his watch. Vikram and Neha realise that Ram wants to see Priya and Vikram tells him to go to Priya. They would handle Sid. Ram, you got an opportunity to join the Jasoos party and you let it go! :no: :laugh:

We are taken to the Sharma household. Shipra tells Sudhir to eat something, otherwise he would fall ill. Sudhir says that he does not feel like eating as long as Priya was in jail. He says that 7 to 8 months ago, they were so happy. Priya was getting married to Ram and she was getting all the happiness in the world. Priya fell in love with Ram and Sudhir felt that she was the luckiest girl in the world. But today, the same love has brought her to this state, her goodness was rewarded by going to jail. Its disheartening to see a father suffer because of the fate of his daughter.

Nutz comes into the room and tells Sudhir not to worry about Priya. Ram would never let anything wrong happen to Priya. Nutz tells Sudhir that she was always her brother's weakness. He loved her a lot and always stood by her. But today, Ram loved Priya more than her...she was his life. If Ram could do so much for his sister, then how much would he do for Priya? I'm going to sound like a broken record but Ram protecting Priya is in the hands of the creative minds of Balaji Telefilms :closedeyes:

Nutz tells Sudhir that she learnt how to keep hope from Priya and how to protect one's loved ones from Ram. If both these feelings are together, then everything would be good. Nutz says that she knows that Sudhir taught Priya about hope, how can he forget his own teachings. Karthik and Ayesha come into the room. Ayesha says that Nutz is right and they should not lose hope but face the difficult times together. Sudhir always said that good things happened to good people, then how could anything bad happen to Priya? Seems like in Balaji serials, the opposite work...good things happen to bad people! :innocent:

Karthik goes to the prayer altar and prays with folded hands. He takes the statue of Lord Ganesha and says that God would only think of good for Priya.

Jasoos party Vikram and Neha come to a house, looking for Sid. They decide to check the place to see if Sid was there. Did not understand this part, why have Vikram and Neha come there, why not the police? :hmm:

Ram comes to see Priya in the jail. He tells her to somehow spend that night, tomorrow she would come out.

Priya asks Ram...You love me a lot, don't you?

Ram tells Priya...No, he was selfish, whatever he was doing was for himself. He was trying to save his life, if Priya was his life, then what was his fault in this?

Vikram and Neha are still searching the house.

Priya to Ram...She was feeling bad that Ram was having problems because of her.

Ram tells Priya...After what Priya has done for him, if he doesn't get Priya out of jail, he would never forgive himself.

Priya...Why was he saying that, whatever happened, it was not Ram's fault. Why was he feeling guilty?

Ram...He says that he would get Priya out of jail and that was final.

Both Ram and Priya are feeling emotional.

Meanwhile, Vikram and Neha enter a room (Neha gives Vikram something that looks like a candlestick for whack Sid if required! :laugh:). But there is no one in the room. Ram receives a call from Vikram who tells him that Sid has escaped! Told you, slimy creatures are really slippery! Vikram assures Ram that they would somehow find Sid and tells him to reassure Priya.

Priya asks Ram what was the matter. Ram says that things were still not out of hand. Priya was the one who taught him that one should try till the end. Ram says that he still had 12 hours. Both Ram and Priya smile through the pain.

Ram comes to his room and when he lifts the pillows from the bed, he finds a note from Priya. It said...You always used to fight with me to sleep on the bed and now you want to sleep on the floor. Priya orders him to sleep on the bed, giving her kasam! :In Love: Ram smiles and then picks up the A/C remote where he finds another note...There's no need to switch off the A/C. You are not used to not having the A/ will start to sweat and I am not there to wipe off the sweat.

Ram calls Neha and asks if she went to see Priya? Neha says yes and Ram understands that Priya sent these notes for him through her. The title song plays and both Ram and Priya are shown missing each other. There is a flashback of their scene where a drunk Priya tells Ram that she loves him. Also the scene where Priya is taken to the police station in the jeep. Priya remembers Ram telling her that nothing will happen to her, he will take her out of jail. Ram remembers Priya telling him that he has lived for others, it was time someone did something for him. The whole scene... :cry kitty: :cry kitty: :cry kitty:

Ram is shown on the phone getting information that Sid is going towards the airport. Ram says that he was coming and Sid should not escape this time. Niharika who overhears this calls Sid and tells him that Ram knows his whereabouts and to escape from there.

The next morning, Priya is being taken to court. She looks out of the jeep and sees Ram following her in his car. Priya is in tears. Outside the court, Ram tells Priya that he promised her that he would find Sid...he points to a direction where Slimy Sid is being brought out of a police jeep! :dance: :dance: Slimy Sid has been caught but will he stay in the hands of the law...I wonder what the creatives have in store for us?!

Priya asks Ram how he did this. Ram tells her that they have their whole life to discuss this, for the time being, he asks Priya to celebrate her freedom. He would take her home soon. Both smile, Ram happy that he has come through for Priya and Priya smiles through her tears that Ram kept his promise. The screen shows Priya and Ram on either side.

Ram goes to Sid and when Sid tries to talk, Ram tells him to shut up! He warns Sid that if he said even a word, Ram cannot guarantee what he would do. He tells the police to take Sid inside. I would have loved to see a left-handed slap from Ram to Sid!

Niharika and her sidekick, Shiney Mama come there. Niharika tries to act all innocent and asks Ram how he caught Sid. Ram gives Niharika the most icy cold look! :clap: Shiney Mama tells his Switty that he would ask Ram. He asks Ram how he found out about Sid when no one knew where he was. Ram tells Mamaji...Wah Mamaji should learn to ask questions from you. How easily you hide your fear.

Ram tells Cruella de Vil Niharika...Ma, when you heard me talk last night, you thought I was going to the airport to catch Sid. You were right but my phonecall, the things I talked were lies! :dance: Niharika asks him the meaning of what he said.

Ram says...If you people can lie to me for the past 20 years, can't I lie once to you? We get a flashback where Ram is shown doing something to Niharika's cellphone and leaving it on the bed. He leaves the room and tells Vikram and Neha that he has put the chip in Niharika's phone. If she talks with Sid, they would know where Sid was. Back to the present, Niharika is shocked! :eek:

Ram tells Niharika that there was no phone call, he was not talking to anyone nor was he going anywhere. It was all a lie because he wanted to trap Niharika so that the truth came out. Ram asks Niharika...What do you people think about me? If I was such a fool, how would I establish such a big empire and run it? If you people can manipulate me for 20 years, your turn can also come, no? Ram looks coldly at a shocked Niharika and Shiney Mama and says, All the Best! and leaves. Ram's dialogues here are actually what we have been lamenting about all this time! The creatives finally listened to us, that a man who runs such a vast empire cannot be a fool.

Shiney Mama tells his Switty that for the first time, he felt that his nephew was bhari for them...I think he means Ram has outsmarted them!

Precap: Shiney Mama telling Niharika that Sid has learnt a lot from his Mama. Ram cannot do anything to Sid. See the way he used Ayesha as a weapon and used her...Mamaji basically says that Sid will win. But Niharika looks scared and worried.

Fantastic acting by Ram, especially in the scene with Niharika outside the court! Good acting by Sumona (Nutz) and Sudhir in their scene and Sakshi brought out Priya's pain beautifully! Jai, Tarana, Renuka (Shipra) enacted their scenes well...Kudos to all the actors!

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thanks for the quick written update... :-)
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thanku  so much 

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thnk u for the update!Smile

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Posted: 12 June 2012 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
thanks a lot.. wonder what he means "using ayesha as a weapon"..

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lrl fansalsaly

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Posted: 12 June 2012 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Lovely episode and grand update!  Thanks a lot!

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heyy thanks a lot for the update !!

the episode looks promising !!! :)

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Thank you for wonderful update.

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