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*FF* GHSP-Ek Nayi Zindagi (Chapter 62)

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GHSP-Ek Nayi Zindagi

A Maaneet Fan Fiction

by laxmi2010

Thread 4

Story Recap

Geet Handa's family had arranged her marriage with the Canadian Dev Khurana, only to find out when the marriage was stopped by his brother that Dev was already married.  He and his wife Naintara had planned the false marriage as a means to pay off Dev's gambling debts.  After facing a month of accusations and rumors, Geet's Daarji decides to insist that Dev's older brother, Maan Singh Khurana, marry Geet for the sake of the family's izzat.  Forced by family pressure, Geet finds herself married to the angry young man that had once saved her from drowning, but who doesn't even give her the basic respect due a human being.

If all this was not difficult enough, Geet  discovered that her friend Channi did not run away, but was actually killed by her own brother.  After taking the job as Maan's secretary, through a strange twist of events, Geet ended up selling her land to Maan at the same time she confronted her brother about his wicked deeds.  Geet ended up disowning her family when they supported Brij instead of her.  Maan, not being aware of all the facts, found it difficult to trust Geet when she came back with him to Delhi.

For the past month, Geet has been working very hard on KC's newest project for Mr. Chopra, while Maan has become more and more attracted to her.  Unaware of Maan's attraction, especially as he presented her with divorce papers the same day they were officially married, Geet has done her best to handle her job, as well as plan for her future.  Savitri Khurana has given Geet help along every step of the way, but will this help be enough for Geet to deal with Maan now, particularly when he has begun to act even more erratic than Geet was used to.







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If you want to receive pms about updates to this story, then you need to add laxmi2010pms as a buddy.  To make it easy, I have posted from this id, so that you can easily click the buddy icon.  By adding laxmi2010pms as a friend, you will go on my permanent pm list, which means you will be pm'd for this and all other stories that I write.  If you have already done this, then you are set, you don't need to do anything else.  It is important for my readers to realize that being laxmi2010's friend no longer means that you will get pms for my stories.  You have to have my pm id to be on the list.

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Third Thread - Here
Chapter 56 - Page 1
Chapter 57 - Page 1
Chapter 58 - Page 10
Chapter 59 - Page 14
Chapter 60 - Page 25
Chapter 61 - Page 32
Chapter 62 - Page 37

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Chapter 56

"Why hasn't he even read my email?  Why?  I know he would be very busy, but it's been more than a week.  I don't understand.  When I was working on the Chopra project, he talked to me all the time, wanting to know how things were going.  Now he doesn't even care to find out what my plans are for the launch party.  It just doesn't make sense.  Maybe I should talk to Dadima."

Geet didn't feel like discussing her concerns with Savitri over the phone, so she had to wait until she arrived home from work that night.  While the two had dinner together, Geet told the older woman her problems, especially her concern that she had not received Maan's input about her ideas for the launch party.  She was well aware that this party was very important, as it would represent the official start of KC's partnership with Chopra Industries.  Upon Savitri's insistence, Geet explained what her plans were for the party, ideas that were met with great much admiration.

"Do you really think that my idea is a good one, Dadima?"

"Of course, Geet.  It's perfect.  It's such a unique idea, and I don't think that any launch party hosted by KC has ever had this kind of theme before."

"But what about Maan, Dadima?"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about him, Beti."

"Dadima, do you know, I just don't understand him.  He hasn't responded to my email.  He won't take my calls.  When I call the hotel, they alway ask to take a message, but he never gets back to me.  I don't know what else to do.  Maybe if you talk to him for me..."

Savitri laughed at Geet's ernest entreaty, saying with wry tones, "You seem to be under an impression that I have the power to make my stubborn grandson do anything.  The reality is far different.  Maan hardly ever does anything I ask without being willing to do so, and those few times when he does, I usually have to blackmail him with my health.  If I phone him and tell him to talk to you, he is only likely to be more stubborn in his silence."

"But then, what can I do, Dadima?" came the plea.

"Geet, your plans are wonderful.  I think you should go ahead with everything.  maan is scheduled to come back the day before the party.  You can discuss things with him then."

"Alright, Dadima, I'll do as you say.  But I'm still worried.  Maan must be really angry with me for something, but I don't know what or why he won't talk to me."

Savitri contemplated Geet's words for a moment, before saying, "Yes, it's possible that he is angry with you," causing Geet to lower her head sadly.  "But I think that is unlikely."

When Geet looked at Savitri in confusion, she explained, "You call him 'dusht danaav' for a reason.  When has he ever been angry with you and not yelled at you straight out?"

"Never," Geet replied, not even having to think about the answer.

"I couldn't say what is going through Maan's head right now, or why he won't answer you, but I don't think it is because he is mad at you.  I don't know if this will help you understand Maan any more, but I want you to come with me.  I have something to show you."

Geet followed Savitri out of the dining room and up the stairs to a hall where she had never been before.  The hall was long and wide, with several pictures decorating it's walls.  Geet could see a picture of a younger Savitri, with a handsome middle-aged man and a young man who looked a lot like Maan dressed in graduation robes.  There was another picture of that same man in wedding attire, next to a young woman who could only have been Maan's mother, with another photo close by where the woman was smiling, holding a small infant.

"Maan has always lived under the burden of great responsibility," commented Savitri sadly, while Geet continued to look at the various family portraits.  "Ranjeet and I tried our best to give the children a normal childhood.  I changed from Dadi to Dadima when my bahu died after giving birth to Dev, and we had Padma to help take care of their needs when they were younger, but when Suresh passed away only months after Maan's twelfth birthday, that was a huge blow to our family.  I'm afraid that Maan didn't take it very well, and when my husband had his first stroke six years later, Maan had already left his childhood long behind.  I'm not trying to make excuses for my grandson, Geet, after all, he is an adult now.  But maybe you can understand that things haven't been that easy for him, and find it in yourself to not think so harshly of him."

"Who is this little girl?" asked Geet, when she saw a small photo of a teenage Maan holding a small child on his lap as she ate ice cream.

"That's my granddaughter, Anvesha."

"I didn't know you had a granddaughter, Dadima.  How come I've never met her?"

"Avensha goes to St. John's International Residential School.  It's a boarding school in Chennai."

"Chennai is awfully far away for school," commented Geet, puzzlement clear on her face.

"She just started her first semester of 12th there in June and before that she was visiting a friend's home in Mumbai.  That's why you've never met."  Savitri paused for a moment and then looked at Geet with a little apprehension.  "Geet, you are a good girl, and I know you would never think badly of Annie, but what I'm going to tell you may shock you.  Annie is my son Suresh's youngest child by an unknown woman.  While he was away one of his business trips, he had an affair with this lady, and when Annie was born, the woman contacted him and gave him their daughter before disappearing.  It wasn't long after that, that he suffered liver and kidney failure.  Annie wasn't even a year old when she lost both her parents, and Maan felt it was his duty to take the place of her father, even though he still needed a father himself.  Anyway, considering her parentage, it was difficult for Annie when she was younger, so we eventually decided to send her away to school.  It was actually Annie herself who chose St. John's, otherwise she might have been closer to home.  Maan wanted to send her to a school in Chandigarh, but Annie proved herself a true Khurana with her stubborn insistence on making her own choice."

Geet took in all this explanation silently as she continued to look over the pictures.  When she came across a picture that had Maan, Dev, an older Annie and an unfamiliar young man, Geet questioned Savitri cheekily if she had another grandson hiding somewhere.  Savitri moved to stand next to Geet, putting her hand out to lightly stroke her fingers across the young man's face, a certain sorrow evident in her eyes.

"No, I don't have another grandson hiding somewhere, though Vicky has ben as close to me as Maan and Dev from the time he was a small child.  Vicky is Padma's son, only two years younger than Dev, and he's been part of this family from the time we hired Padma as the children's caregiver.  He worshiped Maan when he was a toddler, always wanting to run after his 'Maan bhai' and do everything just as Maan did."

"Why do you sound so sad, Dadima?  What happened to him?"

"Vicky has been missing for almost six months now, I think.  Maan tried everything he could to find the boy, involving the police, even leaving himself to go search.  That was actually the reason that he was in Hoshiarpur, because he thought he might find some clue about Vicky's whereabouts there.  It's so frustrating not to know what happened, or if our Vicky is alright.  His mother and sister don't even seem to worry about where he might me or if he is even...I can't say it, it's too distressing.  I just hope that one day he will come back home to us."

After telling her about Vicky, Savitri pleaded fatigue and went to bed, but Geet knew she was just upset about the missing young man.  Looking at the unfamiliar face, Geet wished that there was something she could do.  It wasn't until almost an hour later that Geet remembered Raminder Sahni.  When she had called to tell him that she didn't no longer needed his help to find Channi, he wouldn't even dream of hearing an apology for wasting his time.  All he wanted was that she should tell him everything that happened, and then made her promise that she would come to him if she ever needed help in the future.

Thinking that it might be possible that Raminder Uncle would be able to find Vicky, or at least find out something about what happened to him, Geet decided to give him a call.  She felt it was the least she could do to help take away that look of sorry from Savitri's face, after all the older lady had done for Geet.  Unfortunately, when she called, Geet found out from the assistant that Raminder Uncle was out of town, busy with a case.  The young woman had to be content with extracting a promise from the assistant that he would have his boss call her back as soon as he possibly could.

Sorry for the long wait.  I actually had a bit of writer's block because I decided to change the timing of how I wanted to reveal some information and when, which meant I had to rethink the story plot a bit.  The most obvious bits of information were Geet getting to know about Vicky and Annie.  But hey, look right below this, and you will see another update to make up for the long wait.

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Chapter 57

Maan smirked to himself as he entered KC after a nearly two week absence, gaining immense satisfaction from the way the employees scrambled about due to his presence. The alarm that signaled his entry was blaring away, something that had been missing earlier when he had been coming to the office every day. The time away had done him good, and he finally felt like he was back to himself, to the old Maan Singh Khurana. It had not been easy, with Geet trying to contact him two and three times a day, but eventually she seemed to get the hint, stopping her efforts and leaving him in peace.

Maan was also pleased that Sasha had got so far with the Chopra project. He had her meet with him first thing and update on all the progress that has been made. While listening to her in the background, he went through a stack of messages that were piled on his desk, pausing when he saw one in particular. Having heard everything he needed to, he interrupted Sasha, telling her to take some dictation.

"Me, MK? But Tasha is right here. She can do it," said Sasha arrogantly, while her sidekick just looked on in horror.

"I don't think I asked your opinion," Maan replied back sternly, sending a wave of relief through Tasha, who'd been having nightmare flashbacks of the one and only time she had taken dictation for her boss.

Sasha immediately realized she has gone too far, taking a pen and paper before Maan got more angry at her. Without explanation, Maan began to describe the launch party for the Chopra project as a high society, black tie affair. The decorations and food would be first class, surpassing any event of this type that Delhi had ever before witnessed. This party was to be the launching of KC's first venture into middle class housing construction, and it would be done in a grand fashion that was worthy of such an occasion and the Khurana name. Maan then told Sasha to see that the dictation was delivered to the PR office in response to their request for a statement to give to the newspapers on the event.

"Sasha...I mean, Ma'am, why didn't you tell DD that Geet's party arrangements are totally different than what he thinks?" whispered Tasha in confusion, after she and Sasha left Maan's office. "He will be so angry."

"Of course he'll be angry," hissed Sasha back, wondering how she ended up with such a stupid PA. "That's what we want."

"Oh, you mean that he will get very angry with Geet, and then they will have a fight. That silly girl deserves to have DD yell at her, but I don't see how that will make any difference."

"Tasha," drawled Sasha, her voice sounding like she was speaking to a three year old, "if they fight enough, then MK will throw that stupid, low class behenji out once and for all. We needed to do anything we can to create differences between them, and this press clipping is just the beginning."

"Ma'am, you are too smart," cooed Tasha, giggling at the thought of what would happen to Geet when Maan found out what she had planned for the party.

As oblivious as he was to the sly conversation being conducted just outside of his office, Maan was immediately aware of Geet when she entered her office. By catching a glimpse of her face, Maan knew that she intended to march over into his cabin and start her bak bak.  Having no interest in facing her, Maan hurried out and towards the lift, trying to think whether he should just leave, or find some other work to occupy himself away from the lovely nuisance that was his secretary.  Yet Geet didn't give up, running after him, forcing her way in, and even pushing the stop button, much to Maan's great irritation.

"No, Maan," stated Geet firmly, when he tried to restart the lift, "I won't let you go until you tell me what's going on."

"Who do you think you are that you can question me and I will answer you?" Maan bit back, furious that she wouldn't leave him alone, let him be his solitary, unaccountable self.  "I have no interest in talking to you.  My world does not revolve around you, do you understand?"

"What's wrong, Maan?  I don't understand why you're acting like this, why you won't even talk to me.  I thought that there was enough between us that..."  Geet paused when she saw Maan looking at her like she was talking crazy, but then she resolved to go ahead and say her piece.

"I've tried to work as hard as I can, so that you don't have any kind of trouble.  I did everything I could to make sure that the Chopra project was perfect, and that Mr. Chopra was happy with everything.  I did everything just like you told me to, yet I don't know why you are so upset.  What did I do?"

Geet saw Maan moving away from her, but she moved behind him continuing to question, "Why did you give my job to Sasha ma'am?  Why didn't you respond to my email, or any of my phone calls?  Why did you purposely keep walking away from me when I called to you just know and why won't you even look at my face?  If you want to punish me, then why won't you tell me what the punishment is for?  What big mistake have I done that you are treating me like this?  Tell me why!  Why won't you tell?"

In a sudden flash, Geet felt herself being pushed back hard against the wall, Maan growling, "Quiet!  Quiet, otherwise I will..."

With his face so close to hers, for a split second Geet had the strange idea that Maan intended to kiss her.  Of course, it was a ridiculous thought, because in the next moment he let her go and moved an arms length back.  While confused thoughts about what just happened ran through Geet's mind, she was treated to an even more confusing lecture by Maan.  He ordered her to stop her emotional talks and stay strictly professional.  He declared emotions as something to be hated, and wanted to only concentrate on work, nothing else.  He ordered her to stop questioning him, and keep away, concentrating on her work, if she intended to keep work for the company.

Without even waiting for a response to his outburst, Maan pushed the floor button, leaving the lift and Geet behind as soon as the doors opened.  Geet walked out slowly after him, everything he had said ringing strangely in her ears.  Trying to make sense of why he would say such things to her and how it fit with his behavior was a task beyond Geet's ability.  She was also distracted when one of the junior staff called her attention, saying that the PR department was calling to speak to her.  Geet took the call and listened to what the employee had to say.

"No, no," she responded after listening fully, "you can't say any of that.  That's not what the party is about.  Look, I will come down there and discuss this with you right now, okay?"

Hanging up the phone, Geet spoke quietly to herself, though the words were aimed at Maan only.  "You want everything to be only about work.  Alright, Mr. Professional Maan Khurana.  I will show you by my work just how professional I can be.  I wanted to get your input on my plans for the launch party, but since you are so uncooperative, I will just have to trust my own judgement and prove myself to you."


"MK, all of this was Geet's idea.  She, she even had PR rewrite you statement to the press.  Look, it's in all of the newspapers."

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new thread?
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congrats for the new thread ... !
Welcome back ... Maan ignoring Geet ... Aah ... Strong attraction ... Hmm ...
Sasha ... Uff ... She wont change.
Awesome update.

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Congrats for new thread..
Why Maan avoid Geet?

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