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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHilicious Droolers #35: Bawari Piya Ki

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ArHilicious Droolers #35 
Bawari Piya K

Song of the week: ..first.rain..
Poem of the week: PinkCinderella
Summary of the week: ..first.rain../StarPlus Channel
Picture of the Week: stardust-
Filler of the Week: cinderella225
Rating of the Week: ..first.rain..
Videomix of the week: khushix
Achari Scene of the Week: ~Saraa~
Best Character of the Week: shobra

Most Irritating Character of the Week: Shiningstar18

Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: -Chinnu-

Message to CVs: ..first.rain..
Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week: -Fatz-
Most Active Member of the Week: minuu
Blooper of the week: _Aanchal_
Costume of the Week: ~Saraa~
Dialogue of the Week: ~Saraa~
Joota scene of the week: -Stutz-
Rakshabandhan Scene of the Week: ..first.rain..

Funny Scene of the Week: the_rain

Banner and animated logos: Khushix

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

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Arnav and Khushi take shelter in a hut meanwhile the kidnappers search for them. Arnav gives a firefly to Khushi and the two of them share a romantic moment together. However, the kidnappers manage to find the hut. Arnav hits Khushi on the head and hides her in the hay to prevent the goons from getting to her. He surrenders himself to the kidnappers to save her. Khushi regains consciousness and gets upset at what he has done.

Manorama gets shocked when she learns that Khushi is not in Madhumati's house. She is relieved when Khushi returns home safely. Khushi plans to tell the family about Arnav's kidnapping but then she receives a threatening phone call from the kidnapper. She lies to Anjali that Arnav is fine. Akash introduces Payal to his colleagues at the business party. Khushi reveals to Manorama about Arnav's kidnapping and the threatening call from the kidnapper. Manorama consoles her and promises to help her find Arnav.

Nandkishore shocks Manorama and Khushi by making a surprise visit to Shantivan. The Raizada family members are glad to see him. Khushi starts to get emotional when he gifts her a pendant that contains a picture of Arnav and her. Payal is uncomfortable at Akash's business party. Akash takes her to her parent's house. Payal informs Madhumati about the party. Khushi tells Manorama about the kidnapper's tattoo. They visit tattoo parlours to find clues to his identity.

Khushi and Manorama find the tatoo image which was on the kidnappers hand. They take down the address of the kidnapper and leave. Khushi is determined to head to the kidnappers house but Manorama warned her and told her to be carfeul. Akash and Payal leave and Buaji assures Payal that she would help in any such situations in the future. Khushi and Manorama reach the address and start searching his house. Soon the kidnapper arrives home and captures them at gun point.

Khushi and Manorama smartly escape the kidnapper and reach the place where Arnav is kept. The kidnappers boss makes and entry and Khushi and Manorama try to find out who he is. instead, they see them carrying Arnav away. Khushi wants to intervene but Manorama asks her to think and act according to situation. Arnav fights the kidnappers but they overpower him and tie him back down. 


Well well, it doesn't take a genius to figure this one out now does it? It has to be the scene of Monday, June 4th '12. The nearly consummation scene. The chemistry, the eyes. Ahh, just fantastic. So, finally we did see the hearbeats of Khushi increasing. Arnav being the perfect gentleman that he, turns the light down. Just perfect! Clap


Joota scene of the week has to be the scene of Friday's episode when the goons were beating Arnav. That scene was not only unwanted, but also it deserved chappals! How can they beat our ASR so brutally! I mean 4 v/s 1, that too blind folded Stern Smile! They actually caught him and made him unconscious? Too bad! The CVs deserve to be beaten for thisStern Smile 


NK aka Nandkishore makes a re-entry to the show to spike the show with some fun elements, and succeeded doing it upto certain points. Though the entry was kind of mediocre and over the top, he made it up instantly by his signature faulty Hindi words. He stabbed Mami with a fake knife and then rambled on about 'Hasi to Lassi' and 'Khushiji not udharing his mistakes'.

But inspite of looking quite fake without Khushi's bubbly nature to guide him, he stole the family scene where he accidentally slipped about Anjali helping him to prank on Mami, revealed the fondness for the family and sealed the deal with his epic question, 'How's your baby Di? Tell me whether I'm going to be a Mama or a Mami?'

Indeed brightened up the gloomy mood, even if only for a second!


Yes peepzzz! Finally in a long time, we get some brother sister scenes!! First was when Khushi was about to tell everyone about Arnav's kidnapping. After the threatening phone call, the worry on the face. But then was disappointed seeing that the worry disappeared just as phast Tongue 

Second was NK and Anjali!! Ahh can anyone forget the prank on Mamiji? Though I agree with Manorama... Prank played at wrong time on wrong person ROFL But have to agree, brother and sisters come up with the best pranks ever!! 

So that's our Rakshabandhan scene for this week! See you all next time in same place but different edition  LOL



Hiya fellow Arhi droolersHug

Happy Ist Anniversary for IPKKND! A week with mixed emotions!!!!!!

SOme moments were really gud, some not-so-good,some fillersEmbarrassed... Kh-Mami's enquiry in tattoo parlors n Payal-Akash party fiasco were slightly over-stretched...

Looking  forward to an exciting week!


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So as expected this week's BC is ofcourse my Manu aka Manorama mami!! lovd her bonding with khushi. she stands as a sign of courage to khushi!! she helps khushi to gain strength nd makes her to stop crying nd find her husband! She consoles khushi when she cries thinking abt arnav! she is playing a very gud role in making Arhi together!! ur d best mami. keep rocking. 


The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes onscreen. This week's most irritating character is not one but four to five of them. Yes! I am talking about the guy with the dragon tattoo and his goons.Angry

It was so irritating to see them take away Arnav from that hut. They ruined a perfectly good ArHi moment !! If they didn't intrude, Arnav and Khushi's relationship would have been on a whole new level. The main kidnapper really earned the wrath of many by pointing his gun at Arnie!!

Secondly, it was really disgusting to see how they treated Arnav in Friday's episode. Why was there a need for such a deadly fight? I was shocked when the four goons started beating him, that too, him being  blindfolded !! Hated the precap as well! How can they be so cruel? Though it's obvious that Shyam is behind all this, but he could have told his men to treat him in the right way. Throwing him at his feet? That was sick. Confused What I saw was pure annoying and disgusting, actually.

Well, that's it for this week. Hope to see you in the next! Take care.Embarrassed


Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the weel section. This week the funniest character goes to none other then NK. Yep i'm glad he's back, we all missed him badly. His mischievous and naive behaviour will surely put a smile on everyone's face.

We just hope that he supports Khushi when needed and brings back the much needed light heartedness in the show! With NK here i think these 2 weeks are going to be extremely quick and ASR is going to be back within a few blinks!Big smile

This is it for see u guys later



Khushi: Hum aapko jaanay nahi daingay
Arnav: Khushi, agar tumhain kuch hogaya toh..
Khushi: Nahi. Hum yeh nahi bardaasht karsaktay key aapko kuch ho.
Arnav: Khushi, I'm sorry. Main jaanta hoon key tum nahi mano gi, issiliye mujhay yeh karna parra

Well, it's more than just one dialogue. But this entire sequence of dialogues shows that ArHi care for each other but yet again and again stop mid-way. And then the perfect choice of "Kyun Dard Hai Itna" playing makes the entire dialogue seem very emotional. 

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Sana16humairak09ThreeDs-LiveMyLife--divya-saniya.xsamin6Barunshellnav_batpooja_k93Keshriya-GredForge-coolgal270PepsiGirl101.Mandy.Veena...Saraa.-.Aphrodite.-..Amina..pinky_blueskiesDark-HuesSK1991saraaa.-Stutz-bahi....shruti...snowflake.somergasm.delightful.Roshini1494Sunshine Girlkhushixilluminated.OnlyHopeminuu

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Our baby is one year old Dancing

And what a perfect way to start the week with AK romance Blushing

and though the anniversary episode din't have much to offer, the celebrations reached their peak with cute moments of SaRun all over!! they are just so damn adorable!!! Star

And they light up the screen together!! Heart

Our NK is back!!! and look what he got with him Wink

but the pic of the week has to be ----------------------  ROFL . ROFL Thanks to Akshay Dogra for tweeting this.


So, this time we have 2 costumes running for the title:

Give it up for Arnav Singh Raizada in the best "banyaan" and black pants. ClapClap ASR, you look hot even without the shirt and with a tie around your eyes. Big smile

And if we have ASR, how can we not have KKGSR? So, here goes Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada's perfect saree.

Credit: Illyria and FB for the pictures.



Hello ArHians! Hug
This week promised some steamy scenes in the beginning but those goons didnt allowed it to happen Ermm
Anyways! observe the highlighted parts of these captures :

Khushi's red outfit with non-defective sleeves! 

Torn part which made her change her clothes in the jungle!

Here comes our Angel in white and Arnav losing his ASR's rude dude attitude! 

and Finally PHATTI SAAREE is back home safely, but what happened to her torn sleeves Shocked they look so organised in this picture, Moreover when did she changed back to red WinkConfused

That was pretty questionable! Embarrassed

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humairak09sanjanashaikasami99chanloves-JB_1D-LiveMyLife-ThreeDsnav_batBarunshellsaniya.x-Anu13--GredForge-ShiningStar18coolgal270pooja_k93KeshriyaArshig8PepsiGirl101.Mandy.pinky_blueskiesDark-Huesbahi.SK1991...shruti...Veena...Saraa.-.Aphrodite.-..Amina..-Stutz-saraaa.riyya6snowflake.delightful.Roshini1494mishti_17somergasm.Sunshine GirlOnlyHopekhushixilluminated.minuu

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Made Bysadaf 

Here is ur Gift


Made By-Arhilicious- 

Here is ur Gift


Made Byhoneyimhomeee 

Here is ur Gift 

Made By: Jaan.

Here is ur Gift


By MIK0210(on not know if the maker is on I-F)

Here is ur gift

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humairak09PriiDevi-LiveMyLife-..-Niru-..saniya.xnav_batBarunshell.Sam.pooja_k93Keshriya-GredForge-PepsiGirl101coolgal270.Mandy.Veena...Saraa.-.Aphrodite.-pinky_blueskiesDark-Huessaraaa...Amina..-Stutz-...shruti...Neloufer.SK1991delightful.Roshini1494-Deepali-riyya6snowflake.Sunshine Girlmishti_17khushixilluminated.OnlyHopeminuu

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Pride and Beauty

" You're Only Mine "

No bounds, no chains, no time can tear us apart
Seeing the lovelight in your eyes,
Feeling the warmth of your tender sighs
I hope you never take these things away
Waking to feel your tender touch,
Your love is real and I cant get enough
Your sight is sunshine on a rainy day
As a firefly ignites its passionate shines
Our love blooms on the cosmos of smiles

I've found what I was searching for
Nothing like I've ever known before,
And it grows deeper and stronger every day
We don't have to face the world alone,
In each other's arms we can feel at home
The light of our love will help us find a way

As if my insides were made of porcelain
You melt my bones with your flaming touch
Melting off my clothes, leaving me in nothing,
but the presence of your warm body
One grip of my fingers from yours,
Scalds my blood, boils at 1000 degrees
And one kiss from your lips
Scorches my skin with a new mark,
A scar that spells out your name

Your arms tight around me
im drifting off to sleep,
And god forbid if you leave
this memory ill always keep,
You whisper that you love me
and how you've never felt this way,
i wish that time would stop
so this moment would never go away

how something so small
Could make us feel so whole,
How one person's time
Could touch your heart and soul,
So if your asking where i wanna go
There's no place i rather be,
Then wrapped up under your arms perpetually

I need you in order to breathe; you are my love, 
Devotion, my faith, and my death
And my heart skips a beat knowing this,
In your arms, my thoughts could drift away
To a place, all our own, and a lovelier day,
Lavender sunsets and skies of blue
Would be ours to enjoy just me and you

This night , passion speaks our names to succumb our bodies
The moment we touched I knew it was you.
That I would hold forever, that I'd love
I always dreamt our lives would be just us two,
Because our souls carried the truest love
In your arms, you'd know by the look in my eyes
That I'm yours no more hatred, good-byes,
And all of our dreams come true
You belongs to me, and I to you forever


Runner UP

How Kunal Roy Won by napstermonster

Here is ur gift


Time for a new song by madmaxine

Here is ur Gift


Runner UP

College Life by -SimplyAmy

Here is ur gift



Secret SPA whereabouts by Nymra

Here is ur Gift




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So this week started out beautiful with what we saw as love and sacrifice between Arnav and Khushi. Over the week, the only thing that happened was Mami and Khushi pairing up (a good thing) to find Arnav. It was just dragged and I didn't feel the need for it.. We got to see more concern for Arnav from Khushi's side and also saw the change in Mamiji. Guess that's a good thing... Not much happy though.. It's just dragging too long. Over 2-3 weeks now and they are still going to wait longer to reveal the killer, whom we guess as Shyam but I'm having doubts.. Seeing his shoes and PantsLOL I'm pretty sure he is...Let's see. but for this week, it's 3/5. 


Dear Cvs, 

We understand how you are trying to show the love, care, and worry factor amongst but it seems to be going no where. The track that you have dragged, seems a bit rushed and this finding Arnav track is WAAAYYY too dragged. Please try to balance the speed. Also, everyone seems to be involved in their own things to see the problem of the others. About Arnav- only Khushi and Mami know about. About Payal's overactive thinking, only she and Buaji knows about. What is everyone doing the whole day? None of them ever get suspicious? Shocked Do try to involve others.. even though the kidnappers have said do not tell the others. I'm sure the other family members are smart enough to figure out that something isn't right. We saw a bit of worry in NK when Khushi cried seeing the heart pendant.. Hope that leads up to something. 

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Hizy ArHilicious people! Hug Congratulations on IPKKND 1st Anniversarry! A big thing to celebrate!! Enjoy the NL Hug

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