Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

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hooriaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 8:14pm | IP Logged
Terrific Concept VirMan's Marriage Alreadt Happened But They Got Separated All Cuz Of Swamini Bua Evil Lady
Argh Im Guessing This Priya Is Guna Be A Huge Kebab Mein Haddi Between VirMan And Priya Weds Virat Yuck!!!
Looking Forward To The Next Part Soon I Have A Feeling VirIka Will Play A Huge Role In Uniting VirMan
Continue asap and please PM Me

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Krazzy4u786 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
Nice concept!!!
Continue soon, plz pm me when u update!!

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kishu81 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
very good start, i loved it. 

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virman-fan Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
awsum start
plz plz pm

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Veronica1504 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
I love the concept of this! Very eager to see what you have on store for us. Please continue soon and do pm me.

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-bonbon- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 June 2012 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Just to let you know I have turned this into an FF because looking at all I have planned for this story, it does not seem like it is going to be short. It won't be as long as my Partners For Life FF however, it will be about 5-10 parts'maybe longer! Depends how long it takes me! Hehe :D x
Recap: When Maanvi came out of her thought process Jeevika told her they had arrived at the house of the family in which she was getting married. Maanvi was nothing but shocked and speechless.
Some background information on Jeevika and Maanvi (brief):
         Jeevika and Maanvi met in college
         Jeevika was 2 years elder to Maanvi
         When Maanvi was new to college and a bunch of college students were teasing her Jeevika interfered and told them to stop annoying Maanvi
         Since Jeevika was older by 2 years to Maanvi, Maanvi started called her di
Chapter 2  
Maanvi: Jeevika di? Aapki shaadi kissey hori hai?!
Jeevika: Maanvi vo'meri shaadi'meri shaadi Viren so horri hai. Maanvi I am sorry, mein issiliye tumhey yaha nahi lanney chaathi thhi'I am really sorry.
Viren Vadhera'the brother of Maanvi's husband'Virat Vadhera. What now?
Maanvi and Jeevika both hesitantly stepped out of the car. Jeevika was concerned about Maanvi and was wondering how she would handle this whole situation. Not only would Maanvi have to face Virat but she would also have to face'.Virat's new girlfriend'Priya. How would she control herself? How would she handle herself? What would she do?
Slowly, the two sister-like friends entered the house Maanvi had been familiar with in the previous years of her life. Jeevika asked her whether she would like to go back and not meet anyone but Maanvi said there had to come a day when she had to face Virat and his family again. That day had to be today. She had gathered the courage and daringness to face Virat's family-and today was the day she was going to prove herself in front of them, no matter what she had to sacrifice.
Maanvi told Jeevika she wanted to meet them, NOW. Jeevika called their names one by one.
Jeevika : "Viren ji, Maa, Chachi, Chachu, Shlok, Bua ji, Dada ji, Vi-vi-virat''
On mentioning the last name, Jeevika's voice trailed off. It was only the matter of seconds before the whole family arrive down stairs. At first they only caught glimpse of Jeevika however, when they saw Maanvi standing next to her they were all left speechless. Virat came down last with Priya standing by his side.  
Virat: Honney vaali bhabhi! He called enthusiastically.
However, within the blink of an eye his enthusiasm turned into dread. She had not changed. Not a single bit. She had that same beautiful and bubbling face, that same smile, the same long and shining her. She was the same girl he had known during the college years, Maanvi Chaudary. His wife was standing in front of him. Next to him was his girlfriend. He had the same reaction as Maanvi. What now?
Viren was the first one to take a step in and greet Maanvi. At the point where Maanvi had been taken out of the house he was the only one who had thought nothing was Maanvi's fault. He had always supported her like a younger sister. Viren was nothing but happy to see his to be wife and her best friend standing side by side.
Viren: Maanvi! He said rather cheerfully!
Maanvi pushed aside her troubling thoughts and responded happily.
Maanvi: Ab tho mein aapko gija ji bulaongi! Meri behen jaysi friend key saath shaadi jo honney vaali hai aapki! Likin philhaal aapko throra der intizaar karna pareyga. Vo kya hai na'mein aagayi hoon issiliye Jeevika ka saara dhyaan merrey upar hoga.
Jeevika, Viren and Maanvi laughed. Dada ji appeared from upstairs. You would expect him not to but he was extremely happy to see Maanvi. Maanvi had always supported dada ji and at this elderly stage of his life had always given him a shoulder to lean on. Maanvi smiled as she saw dada ji come down the stairs. A crystal tear slipped down, through the cover shielding her eyes and preventing them from crying.
Maanvi: Dada ji? She cried with happiness, feeling and emotion.  
Dada ji: Maanvi! Merri laadli! Aa'merrey paas aa.
Maanvi bent down and touched dada ji's feet. He told her to get up but she did not until she made sure the tears had stopped flowing from her eyes. Dada ji meant the world to her just like Jeevika. Maanvi also loved Maa (Vanshika) a LOT! She went and took her blessings. Ever she had married into the house, Vanshika had treated Maanvi as her own daughter.
Maanvi: Maa! Maanvi called with all the excitement and love she could possibly have inside herself!
Vanshika: Maanvi! Meri Maanvi! Bilkul vayssi hain tu! Vahi muskaan'vahi hassi'vahi khubsurath cheheyra ! Merri Maanvi'Merri aangan ki parri. Meri beti. Merri bahu !
Everyone froze as soon as the word bahu escaped Vanshika's mouth.
Priya: Bahu? Bahu kaun?  
Maanvi turned around to face Virat and Priya. At first her heart sank seeing another girl next to Virat. She had obviously understood that Priya was Virat's new girlfriend. Maanvi tried to act as normal as possible even though the face of her husband was straight ahead of her. Despite the fact that they had been separated for one year, Virat had never asked Maanvi for a divorce. Maanvi obviously loved him so she did not even ever think about divorcing him with the hope that they would once again meet and fall in love. Another tear was about to escape her eye when she controlled it telling herself to be the normal, bubbly girl she was!
Maanvi: Bahu nahi beti. Beti keheya mujhey!
Priya: Likin aap hai kaun?
Maanvi: Kyu Virat ne aapko merra naam nahi bathaya ?
Virat was overwhelmed. Whether he was overwhelmed with happiness or sadness he did not know. He was just overwhelmed. Maanvi had said his name, in front of him. All his wounds inside his heart seemed to have healed. Virat had always believed that he had forgotten Maanvi and no longer loved her, but now that she was standing in front of him, he realised he had proved himself wrong. However, he tried to reassure himself that he loved Priya. Maanvi was his past, Priya was his present'one of them was his future.  
Priya : Kya hai inkaa naam Virat ? Priya said snapping Virat out of his thought process.
Virat : Kya ? Huh ? Mujhey nahi patha.
Virat was acting as if he had never met Maanvi. In other words, he was trying to act as normal as possible. He was*trying* to control his emotions but it was not really working!
 Virat: Mujhey kaysey patha hoga? Kya hai aapka naam? Virat questioned whilst trying not to look Maanvi in the eyes.
Maanvi: Dada ji, Maa, Giju aur Jeevika di ne tho itni baar mera naam kaha! Aapko sunay nahi detha hai kya-CHEP?!
Virat: nahi ded footiya'zaada bakwaas math karo.  
Priya looked from Virat to Maanvi. She was confused. They seemed to have only just met as strangers and they were already calling each other names. Virat saw her confused look and tried to be as disciplined as possible. The problem was the equation: Maanvi + Discipline = Craziness! The two just did not work together. Yet, he still tried to act *normal!*  
Virat: Kya hai aapka naam, Maanvi ji? Virat enquired putting emphasis on the fact that he had called her, Maanvi ji !
Maanvi was now back in her bubbly mood. She too could not interact with Virat as if he were some strangers. They knew each other too well to do that. Whenever Virat and Maanvi confronted each other before and after marriage, no matter how serious the situation was, they always turned it into an entertainment show. And nothing had changed even after a year of their separation.
Maanvi: Aap sure hai ki aapko mera naam nahi patha?
Virat: Sure hoon. Ab upkaar karkey aap batha dengey aap ko koy kasht hoga kya? Zaada der kijye gaa tho TRAIN CHOOT JAYEGI.
Maanvi: Clearing her throat. Mera naam'.Aanchal hai!  
Virat: Aanchal? Dekho tum jhoot math bolo?
Maanvi: Arrey yeh kya baath hui? Mein aapko apna bathaari hoon aur aapko mazaak sujhra hai. Meinney kaha na, merra naam Aanchal hai. Vaysey bhi'aapko tho mera naam nahi malum thaa'tho aap yeh kyu keherey hai ki mein jhoot bolri hoon?
Virat: Dekho Maanv-'.
But Priya did not let Virat complete his sentence. She believed that Maanvi's name really was Aanchal.
Priya: Hey Aanchal! I'm Priya. And I'm Virat's girlfriend. After Jeevika merri bhi shaadi honney vaali hai iss ghar mein.
Priya's words should have affected Maanvi but they did not. When Maanvi was in her bubbly mood no one could let her down. Virat stared her in the eye but Maanvi was determined she would not be impacted by anything that happened today.
Maanvi: Hey Priya! Actually merra naam Maanvi hai (she said glaring at Virat), mein bas mazaak kar rahi thii! Mein US sey ayi hoon merri pyaari Jeevika di key shaadi kilye! Vo kya hai na'ki mujhey bhi English bohoth acha sey aatha hai! Likin India ka native language tho Hindi hai na? Tho Hindi mein hi bolna chaheyeh! Kyu Shlok? Maanvi said winking at her Junior Dada ji.
Shlok: Ha Priya. Hummarey desh India mein zaadey sey zaadey insaan Hindi bolthey hai. India mein over 50% population Hindi boltha hai-
Maanvi: Bass merrey gyaan key encyclopedia! Ab chup bhi jo hao nahi tho tumharrey gyaan dethey dethey TRAIN CHUT JAYEGI! Maanvi said repeating the mention of the TRAIN which Virat had done a few minutes back.   
There was an awkward silence. A few minutes later Jeevika broke it.
Jeevika: Accha chalo Maanvi'tum merrey chalo. Kal shaadi hai aur-
Maanvi: KAL? Arrey ha baba hai! Kal shaadi hai. Chalo, chalo! Accha ek minute di. Mein chaachi aur chachu aur '. bua ji sey bhi miloo.  
Maanvi went and said a good hello to Chachu and Chachi. Finally she came face to face with Swamini Bua. Swamini froze trying to make it seem as if there were no one standing in front of her. Maanvi bent down to take the aashirwaad of Swamini Bua. Obviously, being the stuck up lady she was Swamini did not react. She just left the area and went into her room.
Maanvi: Kab taq suchayi sey bhageyngey bua ji? Maanvi thought to herself.
Maanvi and Jeevika were just about to leave when Priya called her name.
Priya: Maanvi?
Maanvi: Ha?
Priya: You're from the US right?
Maanvi: Ji ha!
Priya: Kya kaam karthi ho tum US mein?
Maanvi: Mein shaadi ki organiser hoon.
Priya turned to Virat.
Priya: Oh Virat! Merrey jaan! Kya hum aapni shaadi Maanvi sey arrange karva sakthey hai? Actually meinney suna hai ki US marriage organisers are very talented. That's why!
Virat and Maanvi both went numb. Maanvi was all okay until Priya had asked this question. Organising her husband's marriage with someone else, what could be more painful? Before she could hear Virat's response, she grabbed Jeevika di's hand and they both exited the house.   
Alrighty guys! There's part two for ya! Hope you enjoyed it! :D x 

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guluna Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2012 at 8:54am | IP Logged
so interesting yr superb plz pm me when u updateBig smile

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superb update!!

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