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Our KTLK-Version - 1 CH 35(pg 144)Ashu's Legacy (Page 91)

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Originally posted by waves

Libra what a sweet surprise indeed! Your descriptions are so vivid that it seems to leap out of the page.ClapClapClap
Turags- waiting to read yours now. Hats off to you two.Hug

Big smile i know...but my fingers are not able to keep up with my thoughts...Wink 

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Originally posted by Mehek25

Libra, that was the sweetest  update I have ever read...Clap
Loved every bit of it...
Beautiful emotions and sentiments so well depicted...
The realisation of becoming first time parents was perfectly shown...Day Dreaming...
Thanx dear for making my day with such an emotion-packed update...
Waiting for more...Hug
Thank you. I am so glad u enjoyed the baby surprise. I honestly believe that's it's possible to have the best of both worlds. So in our ktlk, ashu gets what's he wants and so,does nidhi. I don't think that one has to be at the expense of the other.
Libra IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by waves

Libra what a sweet surprise indeed! Your descriptions are so vivid that it seems to leap out of the page.ClapClapClap
Turags- waiting to read yours now. Hats off to you two.Hug

Thank you for the compliments. I like it that u can enjoy my long descriptive chapters. When I write I see it all happening and that's the why I like to show u all the same thing. Even when I read books, all the characters come alive for me. I actually loose myself in every book I read. So I am glad I made this come alive for u too.

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Hello Turags and Libra,
Thank you for the FF, enjoyed it. I used to watch TV KTLK and get frustated but now, open one of the chapters and read and feel happy. Thank you once again.

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Originally posted by Anjani9

Hello Turags and Libra,
Thank you for the FF, enjoyed it. I used to watch TV KTLK and get frustated but now, open one of the chapters and read and feel happy. Thank you once again.
So happy that our ff gives you pleasure. Thank you a lot for the appreciation.

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Hi Everyone..here is Chapter 28 for you. but firstly, my special thanks to Libra for being the costume designer of this chapter and nini for helping me out with the song selections for the Sangeet of Ranganath and Anji. Hug

and this chap also contains a link so like the previous one, please right click on the link, open it in a separate tab, click the play button and continue reading. Needless to say, comments welcome. Smile

Chapter 28: 

Both of them are too busy savouring the feeling of being with each other in their "home" finally to even talk and disturb the sense of peace evading every cell of their being. After a few minutes, or is it a few hours?? they draw apart and with arms around each other explore each and every corner of the house. Every room has a strange blend of tastes in colours, interiors and even the furniture like the study room has a perfect work table along Ashu's favourite chair and also a rocking chair which is Nidhi's favourite. Walls all over the house have a bit of modern art and a bit of scenic classical paintings so varied but mixed together they looked beautiful and unique in their own way. Just like both of them. And one side of the wall in the living room is all reserved for AshNi pictures starting from their individual ones to their engagement where Ashu was putting the ring on her finger to sangeet dance photo graph where Ashu was behind Nidhi and she was having arm around him and both were smiling and looking at each other, another one from their honeymoon in which Nidhi was sitting on the jeep and had her arms around Ashu who was standing in front of the jeep. In the middle of all these snaps was a little larger one of their wedding which had AshNi along with the whole family. Nidhi stares at the whole collection in awe and delight. Ashu puts his arm around her and says, "you know who did this? Rohan! We were all running around for the interiors and furniture and all he said was not to put anything on this wall. He didn't even show it to me until it was completely done." Nidhi is moved to tears by that. What is that guy made of? Why does he value this friendship so much? Whatever doubts she had previously about his coming back, there are none now. Meanwhile Ashu gets a call from Dr Gupta, the cardiologist at KGH. He is a great doctor and Ashu's senior by a few years. 

Ashu ' hello Dr Gupta.

Gupta ' hello Dr AShutosh. Are you busy now? its not an emergency call so I can talk to you later if you are in the middle of something.

Ashu ' no no nothing like that. Tell me.

Gupta ' I just thought I'll call up and tell you that your selection of your life partner is superb.

AShu ' ji?? (Dr Gupta was one of the few people who was openly displeased about Ashutosh marrying Nidhi. )

Gupta ' Nidhi didn't tell you? there was a case at the hospital today. A person of 55 was brought in with cardiac arrest. Nidhi did the resuscitation and kept him alive with her quick thinking until I took over. At one stage I was ready to give up on the patient as he was not responding but she just kept pushing me to give another try and neither did she give up nor allowed me to give up. Now the patient is in the ICU and we are hoping for a complete recovery.

Ashu ' that's great Dr Gupta! That's indeed a good news.

Gupta ' I know. And if it was not for Dr Nidhi, it wouldn't have happened. Ashutosh, I was there since the time you joined KGH fresh out of college. Nidhi today reminded me of you. the same determination and the same dedication. Sometimes she even uses the same words that you use while dealing with patients and their kin. You see it one way, she is your polar opposite but you see it like this, she is your shadow. Woh tumhari parchaai hain Ashutosh. Initially I was a bit sceptical when both of you got married. I thought the age diiference kit toh baat alag but you guys have nothing in common. But today I called to tell you that I was wrong. She will be a great partner to you in ways that actually matter in life. So I am telling you what I didn't tell you on your wedding day. "Congratulations on your marriage Ashutosh!"

Ashu feels so proud of his wife that for a few seconds he can't reply. Then finally he just says, "Thank you Dr Gupta. Thanks a lot!"

Ashu puts the phone down and comes back to his wife and hugs her. She pouts a little.

Nidhi ' who was that you were talking to for so long?

Ashu ' Dr. Gupta. He called to tell about the cardiac arrest patient who is now in ICU and is recovering well.

Nidhi ' Oh Really!! That's great.

Ashu ' you didn't tell me you saved a life today.

Nidhi ' I didn't do much. Dr Gupta handled all that. I was just helping out a bit.

Ashu ' but that's not what he said. He told me everything that happened. Nidhi, I am so very proud of you. of what you did today.

Then as if getting a sudden idea, he tells Nidhi to wait there and goes inside his study and comes back carrying a rectangular box. He gives it to Nidhi.

Ashu ' you know Nidhi, soon after I cleared my MBBS Baba was so happy that he went and bought this steth for me. I have carried it all these years. Now I want to pass it on to you. its yours.

Saying that, he gives the stethoscope to Nidhi. Her face lights up in delight and she hugs it to her chest and removes the box and takes out the steth, puts it to her ears and starts checking Ashu's heart beat. He laughs at that. This child like Nidhi should never go away. Years down the line he should still see her laughing and busy with her mischief making driving him wild with her crazy acts and enrolling their kids into helping her out. God! He would go insane but wouldn't be willing to trade a second of it. 

After exploring the house, both of them end up sitting in the hall on the sofa and Nidhi has her head on Ashu's shoulder'her most fav place in the world and Ashu is playing with her fingers looking pensive. Both were tired after the hectic day and the day that had started cloudy had turned into rain and Nidhi suddenly turns her head towards Ashu and says, "come lets get wet in the rain." Ashu - are you crazy? No. you will get cold. And its not good in this condition. Nidhi - oh come on, don't be a spoil sport and talk like an old man. Ashu - old man or spoil sport but I am not going to come. Nidhi says then ok you stay here but I am going out to get wet in the rain. Ashu ' Nidhi..no..wait..don't run like that. The ground might be slippery. She slows down a bit after hearing that but goes outside and stands in the lawn stretching out her arms to the world around her and rises her face to the sky above her. Her eyes are closed in sheer pleasure of the experience and drops of rain are sliding off her face on to her neck. Her lips are trembling from the cool breeze accompanying the rain and in no time her dress loses its battle with dryness and joins the wet wet rain. Happiness gives Nidhi's feet a new rhythm and she whirls and twirls in the rain on the grass.


And suddenly all the movement stops and she becomes still as a melodious sound filters through. She turns and finds Ashu on the portico away from the rain playing violin for her. Just for her. Like that day so long ago. And just like that day, Nidhi loses herself to his music. She goes into a traditional waltz position and starts her dance with her imaginary partner. She carries on her waltz around the trees and Ashu keeps playing the music lost in her dance, lost in her passion, lost in her. Both of them forget everything else..the rest of the whole world disappears leaving these lovers to their love. Nidhi is completely lost in his music and her feet take a life of their own just as his fingers seem to have a life of their own. Her waltz carries her to Ashu and around him she whirls and whirls and finally falls on his back and hugs him from behind. His shirt is getting wet wherever she is hugging him but neither of them cares. Her hands start their journey and trace a path from his shoulders to his chest and finally wrap themselves around his waist. At the touch of her lips on his back, Ashu stops playing and drops his hands to his sides. One holding the violin and the other holding the bow. He tilts his head back and closes his eyes as if to savour and devour the experience. Nature continues its rain dance but for the two lovers standing in the shaded portico, desire and need for each other takes over and drowns them in its flow. 

After don't know how long, Ashu turns towards Nidhi, puts aside his violin and cups her face in his hands. He pushes back her wet hair from her forehead and looks at her lowered eyes, wet blush stained cheeks and trembling lips.  He bends his head until his lips are almost touching hers and says "Nidhi.." she pushes him away before he could say more and runs inside. By the time Ashu enters their bedroom, Nidhi is drying her hair in front of the bathroom mirror. They stare at each other in the mirror and Ashu closes the bathroom door and leans against it still looking at it. Nidhi ' a ji, what are you doing? Ashu doesn't reply. Just keeps advancing until Nidhi is stuck between the mirror cabinet and 6ft hard male body. He puts his hands on her waist and pulls her to him and turns along with her towards the shower stall. And before Nidhi could ask him what he is doing, he turns on the shower. Hot water gushes through the shower and drenches them both in seconds and fogs up the mirror but he just keeping looking at her. Then suddenly pushes her to the wall and cups her face in his hands and says, "Nidhi, you love me, don't you?"

Nidhi ' what kind of a question is that?

Ashu ' you love me, don't you?

Nidhi ' yes I love you very much Dr Ashutosh

Ashu ' you love only me, right? Just me, all of me, the way I am?

Nidhi ' Ashu, what is this? I love you, only you, all of you, just the way you are and I will love you till the day I die and after that too.

Ashu ' and you miss me when I am not with you, right? You wait for the moment when you can see me again, right? You don't regret anything, do you? (his hands rest on her stomach where their child is residing to make his question clear). Nidhi closes his mouth stopping his words.

Nidhi ' why are you asking me that? I feel I am incomplete when I am not with you. you complete me, my husband. I am not half alive without you. I feel ALIVE only with you. and regret? Why would such a horrible thought even enter my mind? It's the most precious gift God has bestowed on me after sending you into my life.

Ashu ' then say you love me..keep saying it'don't ever stop saying it..i want to hear you saying it, screaming it when I am loving you. look into my eyes and say it. Say it Nidhi.

All the while his lips are dragging all over her face and neck. His hands are restless on her body. Its as if he is battling with himself. He knows Nidhi is his and loves only him. But when he heard Dr Gupta praising her ability as a doctor, he felt so happy and proud and along came the thought that with his pregnancy and child Nidhi's professional life would be compromised. Is she really happy with this pregnancy? Had she wanted to wait for some more time before having kids? Agreed that he is 42 and its high time he thought about having children of his own but she is only 24. she didn't complete her internship yet thanks to him firing her without any reason. What will happen to her career?  She wants to do her M.S and HE wanted her to do M.S. but is that all possible with a kid on the way? He knew his thoughts were crazy but once they entered his head they would not leave him alone. When he saw her running into the rain and dancing with joy, the tight band he had around his heart for the last hour just broke away. Destiny brought them together and he would hold on to her come hell or high water.

Nidhi is at a loss as to why Ashu is behaving this way. Where did the doubt come from? Have I done anything to make him question my love? Is HE regretting the relationship? How do I reassure him? How to make him believe that he is the only one for me? That this child is all the more precious because its his? So she worships him with her body. Takes away his pain and gives him pleasure that literally blows him away. And later in bed, wrapped tightly in his arms, her thoughts still keep wandering'"what caused this? What made her husband ask for reassurance?" 

Next day morning Ashu wakes up to the sound of Nidhi retching in the toilet. He runs inside and holds her head while she gets everything out, then helps her wash her mouth and brings her back inside. As soon as she sits on the bed, the bell rings. That day is the haldi ceremony and chaos has begun earlier than Ashu expected. God why did he ever think this was a good idea!! He tells Nidhi to sit down and goes to answer the door. Its Anji and her family along with Rohan and CV and DB. Rohan is carrying a bag with him and the rest are bringing in flowers and other items required for the haldi ceremony. Anji and DB are already shouting for Nidhi to come out soon and help them with everything. Now what to do? Nidhi doesn't want anyone to know and here is everyone hell bent on involving her in every aspect of the wedding. Ashu looks helplessly at Rohan. Rohan gets out a 7Up can from the bag and gives it to Ashu. "yesterday Nidhiji was feeling sick in the hospital but this helped her with her nausea. So I got a few cans Dr Ashutosh. I'll leave them in the refrigerator for her." Saying that he moves to go inside. Ashu goes inside their room with the can and finds Anji and DB are already there and Nidhi is brushing her hair. All 3 turn towards him.

DB ' arre Ashutosh, why are you drinking that so early in the morning? You don't have any tea coffee in the house yet?

Ashu ' no no DB..this is not for me. I thought I'll give it to Nidhi.

Anji ' Nidhi? Why Nidhi? Nidhi likes only coffee in the mornings and usko toh waise hi 7Up pasand nahin..she drinks coke na?

Ashu ' yes but I thought she might try it today'

DB ' but why are you giving that so early in the morning? She has to have coffee then bfast. What has happened to you doctor?

By then Ashu is fumbling and embarrassed and in a very uncomfortable situation. he can neither give them the correct answer nor move away without answering them. Nidhi is enjoying the scene too much to interrupt and save him. then just as if to add more spice, BB enters the room with some oranges.

BB ' Nidhi beta, I got these for you. they are fresh in the market and are very tasty too. Hiraman hand picked each and everyone of them. have one of these right away.

Armaan is right behind BB and he is carrying a veg basket.  ' Nidhi, see I got these fresh baingan on my way here. HK will make them for lunch ok?

By then DB and Anji were giving all 3 people really very strange looks.

DB ' whats happening here? Ashutosh you are giving her cool drink so early in the morning that too in this weather, aur aap Mathur saab, you want her to eat oranges NOW? Armaan, Nidhi hates baingan. Why are telling her to eat something that she doesn't like? All 3 are in a fix now and helplessly looking at each other and Nidhi is dying holding back her laughter. She finally decides to help them out a bit. "DB, we are going to serve these drinks to the guests this evening so I wanted Dr ashutosh to get one for me to check out. And I told BB yesterday that I wanted to eat oranges so he got them today and raat ke menu mein Solanki uncle wanted Baingan sabzi so Armaanji got that one too. DB and Anji get convinced and the rest of the 3 breathe a sigh of relief. Then Anji hurries up Nidhi to get ready for the haldi ceremony and Nidhi moves to go along with DB and Anji. Ashu holds her back and says you guys move on we'll join you. Anji, thinking AshNi want some time alone for some romance, gives them a naughty look and leaves along with others. As soon as the door closes, Ashu makes Nidhi sit and gives her the drink. She literally snatches it up from his hands and starts drinking. After gulping it down for a bit, she sits back with a smile and says I feel so much better now. Ashu ' you should have told me that this is helping you with nausea. I would have got it for you myself. Nidhi is about to reply when the door is given a cursory knock and Shyama walks in. Sorry Jamai Babu for walking in like that. But everyone is here for haldi and no one knows where anything is kept. Nidhi, you need to come right away before a riot ensues between HK and DB. Nidhi rushes out along with Shyama. Ashu is left sitting there feeling that he won't be able to see much of his wife again today.

His feeling proves correct. Soon after that the haldi rasm begins and the women gather to put haldi for Anji. She wore a beautiful white  net lehenga with silver beads a white diamond necklace and matching earrings. Silver colored bangles and white bindi. Since Nidhi is also married now, she is given an active part in the whole ceremony and wore a beautiful, white net sari that had pink flowers embroidered on the pallu and the pleats were embroidered with white colored roses. The border of the saree was done with white and silver pearls and beads. The blouse she wore was a beautiful sea green done with the same roses that were on the pleats. She looked beautiful with a pearl choker and long pearl earrings.  And mangalsutra and a green and pink bindi. On her hands she wore matching bagels that were white pink and green and Ashu wore a  simple white and sky blue Kurta pajama with white chappals! With a light blue  and white sole. Anji is made to sit outside in the lawn in a small dias kind of a thing and the lawn was all decorated with flowers and stuff. Women start singing and dancing and Shyama aunty begins the rasm by applying the haldi to a very blushing and happy Anji. Then DB takes over and then later its Nidhi's turn. Nidhi does a lot of masti with Anji by applying haldi all over her face and hands and both friends hug and smile at each other. Rohan is busy taking pics with his phone camera and keeping an eye on Nidhi. Haldi paani comes from Ranganath's residence and DB and Shyama aunty feel relieved and happy that everything went on well without any hiccups. Nidhi goes inside to get something from the kitchen and Armaan stops her and hands her a plate with parata and pickle in it and orders her to sit and eat and he doesn't want his niece inside to go hungry. BB gets her orange juice and says since she didn't eat the oranges, Hiraman made the juice and she HAS to drink it. Ashu comes and asks what is going on and if Nidhi is feeling dizzy or sick again. CV walks by when all this is happening and gets a confused look on his face. Dr Mathur, why are you all crowding Nidhi like that and forcing her to eat and drink? Agreed that she is your naathin but she is grown up and married and she'll take care of herself and will eat whenever she feels hungry. Don't pamper her too much. And you AShutosh! Ab itna laad pyaar karoge toh woh aur bhi bigad jaayegi'waise bhi Nidhi kissi ki baat sunti hi nahin. Rohan comes in saying, "Nidhiji, I got the 7Up for you. want to drink some?" CV starts shaking his head and goes away muttering "pata nahin yeh shaadi Anji ki hain ya Nidhi ki!" and everyone is left looking at each other. The rest of the day and function progresses in the similar fashion with Nidhi trying to get in some fun and work done for the upcoming wedding and Ashu, BB, HK, Armaan and Rohan taking turns in trying to get her to rest. By evening they were all driving her up the wall and bewildering the rest of the family. DB finally thinks to herself, "I used to worry about my bachchi coping up her home and married life responsibilities..now I have worry about everyone in her sasuraal spoiling her like this. Dekh rekh toh teek hain magar yeh log toh kuch zyaada hi kar rahe hain." Late evening everyone is ready to go to their respective homes. The next day morning is mehendi and evening sangeeth. Ranga's father finally gave his ok for the joint sangeeth and that gave a special extra glow to Anji's already post haldi glowing face. Nidhi just sat down on one of the chairs outside on the lawn. She suddenly felt drained out and exhausted. These days it was always like that'bouts of energy followed by bouts of tiredness followed by bouts of nausea. She felt like she was on an emotional pendulum. One moment full of joy and the next least bit of disturbance brought tears. First trimester shuru hua bhi nahin teek se and she is ready for it to be over and move on to the second trimester where things would settle down and she would feel like a normal person again. And she is having a real hard time keeping the news from her Baba and the rest of the team. Finally exhaustion catches up with her and she goes off to sleep on the chair with her head tilted to the side. 

And that's how Rohan finds her. Her position looks uncomfortable to him and he thinks she'll end up having a kink on her neck if she sleeps like that. With a smile, he makes a move to go and change her position but suddenly checks himself. No. I am not the one who should be doing that. And he goes in search of Ashutosh and finds him talking to the decorator for the wedding mandap. "Dr Ashutosh, Nidhiji fell asleep in the lawn sitting on a chair. I think you should take her inside now and make her lie down properly. Her position looks quite uncomfortable." Ashu thanks Rohan but when Rohan is about to move away, Ashu puts a hand on his shoulder and stops him. Rohan looks at him questioningly and Ashu looks as if he wants to say something. Finally he just looks at Rohan and gives him a tight hug and pats him on the back and leaves. He conveys his respect, gratitude and understanding with that one hug. 

Ashu manages to wake Nidhi up and bring her inside. But she is so tired that she is almost sleep walking and just falls on the bed and goes off to sleep again. Armaan brings in some daal and rice and tells Ashu to feed her. Ashu knows its not good to sleep on an empty stomach so he gently wakes her up and spoon feeds her amidst her grumbling that she doesn't want to eat. One spoon inside her mouth wakes her up and her mouth literally starts watering seeing the daal chawal. She sits properly and starts eating with gusto. Ashu laughs at the way she is eating her least fav food. Finally the plate empty, Nidhi looks up and says "ha ha hasiye! You must be feeling pretty proud that your kid has really taken after you and loves all your fav foods. But watch out for the next one. that one will eat only burger and drink only coke." Ashu has seen the scan, heard his baby's heart beat but on an emotional level it was still sinking into him that between him and Nidhi they have managed to create another being. For a person who was a loner initially by force and later on by choice, its just too much at once. As if God has suddenly decided to give all his blessings and boons in one single go. AShu is pulled out of his thoughts when his Nidhi puts a hand on his beard rough cheek and makes him look at her.

Nidhi ' what happened?

Ashu ' nothing. I was just thinking how come God decided to be so kind to me all of a sudden.

Nidhi ' is that all? Tell me the truth.

Ashu ' of course that's all I am thinking. Why do you ask?

Nidhi ' last night..in the shower..you'

Ashu gets up and moves away from the bed and goes to the window and with his back to her tells all about his thoughts and fears of the night before. About her career and the baby and her increasing resposibilities..everything. in the end he adds, "Nidhi, it suddenly sunk into me last night what this child is going to do to your profession. Its not even a planned baby. I got scared Nidhi, that you might regret this or resent me in future..if I had let you do your internship without firing you so unfairly during that time, you would have at least been on the verge of completing it by now. and despite all that I did to you, you came to my house after we broke up and told me to move on the same way you have moved on in your life. I know you lied to me about that. I saw you going out and standing near the tree and crying your heart out. Are you doing the same thing now? Pushing aside your own feelings for the sake my mine?  "

His sentence stops when he feels her arms wrapping themselves around him and hugging his back. "please Ashutosh! Don't ever say something like that again. The reason I said about moving on that day was because Dr Mallika said, "You knew that this relationship wont work out, but you still encouraged Ashutosh...and today you decided to call it quits...you may have moved on but Ashutosh is shattered" I felt so guilty for being the reason for your pain. And that guilt made me say those things. I love every fibre of your being and a part of you taking a life and growing inside me makes me the happiest person on this earth. And as for my profession, this is not the age where women are sent into confinement as soon as they start showing. I can work almost till the 9th month and by then my internship would be complete. Once the baby is born and I get settled down, I can prepare for my MS in parallel from home. That would enable me to stay with our baby during the early months. And once I get a seat and join my MS, the baby would be a little older and you are there to help me out during all this, right? And waise bhi, I don't think either of us will even get a chance to hold our baby properly once he makes a debut. Between our fathers, DB and Armaan and Rohan, we would be grateful if we get to see him at all."

Ashu finally laughs at that. 'ha'woh toh hain. And why do you keep saying "he"? its going to be a girl. So it's a "she".'

Nidhi ' no its going to be a boy and he going to look exactly like you and drive all girls crazy with his brooding looks and killer smile.

Ashu ' no Nidhi. Its going to be a girl who has your eyes and nature. And that's it. That's final.

Nidhi ' says who?

Ashu ' says me.

Both laugh and hug each other. Doubts extinguished once again and harmony restored once again. 

Next day morning everyone gets ready for the mehendi ceremony at Ashu's place. Dolak is being played and Anji is wearing a green and pink salwar and is all set. Priyanka, Deepika and other common friends of Anji and Nidhi arrive and start on their masti and as to how to put in Ranganath's name on her palm, each suggestion more weird than the one preceding it. Nidhi makes sure HK and CS have everything they need in the kitchen and joins the function with BB calling after her to finish her bfast and Ashu has had a 7Up can attached to him since the day before. She sits beside Anji and starts laughing and clapping along with others. A beautiful design takes shape on Anji's palms and next they start on Nidhi. Since she has taken off that day and the next, Nidhi is happy to get her hands decorated again. Soon both her hands are filled with intricate floral design and she is busy chatting and teasing Anji. Armaan brings her a glass of juice and forcefully makes her drink it. Honestly these 4 are driving her bonkers! Anji says "wah aur mere liye? Dulhan mein hu woh nahin Armaanji!" Rohan gets juice for Anji and Armaan gives him a thankful look. Ranganath's mom comes to bless her daughter in law and give a shagun. By lunch the whole mehendi function is all wrapped up and Sangeet preparations are well on the way. Nidhi is discussing with Anji and trying to decide as to what to wear for the function when Ashu comes and asks if she had her lunch. She says no and she'll have later. Ashu just shakes his head and goes into the kitchen and gets a plate filled with roti and sabzi and some sweets. He gives it to Nidhi and tells her to eat. She looks at the plate and back at Ashu and smiling mischievously shows her Mehendi filled hands indicating that she can neither hold the plate nor eat by herself. Ashu rises his eye brow at that and sits beside her. Taking a piece of roti along with the sabzi he brings it to her mouth and feeds her. Anji smilingly looks on at the scene before her. Dr Reserved Introvert feeding his wife in front of everyone! Ashu sees her looking and gives the next bite to Anji. Surprise makes her open her mouth and Ashu puts it in her mouth and smiles at her. "you have to eat too. We can't have the bride fainting away at her own sangeet na." Shyama aunty walks in and battles her tears at the scene in front of her. Both her daughters getting equally pampered and taken care of. 

Rohan is in charge of the sangeet decoration and he really out does himself. Everything is decorated in a beautiful blend of gold and maroon silk and chiffon decorative curtains and cloths with silver lights acting as borders. The lawn itself is made as a stage for the dancing while chairs are placed at an angle where everyone gets to enjoy the show. Guests start arriving and everyone in the house is running around to get last minute preps done and get ready. Anji is wearing a heavy lehenga with blue silver and pink beadwork. The blouse had 3/4 length sleeves matching the lehenga and the body of the blouse was  a blue brocade. The dupatta was also shaded to match the lehenga  done in the the same .beadwork. She wore silver pink and blue bangles and a dark pink bindi. The was a blue aquamarines and white gold  with diamonds. Nidhi is wearing a beautiful olive green form fitting lehenga that had heavy, gold and orange and green  beadwork, the dupatta was a double shaded orange and olive green crepe with the same embroidery on the borders and light embroidery of orange and green and gold  flowers throughout the middle. With that again she had matching bangles of gold orange and green. Bindi is a dark green and gold. The jewelry is an emerald necklace with emerald chandeliers. And Ashu is looking pretty handsome in the simple golden colored silk churidar suit. it was topped by a burgundy and gold stole, and on his feet he wore simple gold colored jootis.

Ranganath, wearing a black Pathani suit with red and gold embroidery, and black and gold jootis and the ensemble was topped of by a black and red stole comes along with his parents and a few of their relatives from village. About 30 of them total including most of the doctors and interns from KGH and that makes Solanki fume some more. no one brings some many people to Sangeet and all that. Shyama and CV tell him to keep quiet and welcome the guests. Solanki reluctantly does as he is told. Rohan takes over the conducting and also as the DJ for the evening. He takes the mike and welcomes everyone. "Welcome everyone! Aap sab ko Anji aur Dr Ranganath ke sangeet may, mein, Rohan, swaagat karta hu. Kal yeh pyaar ki jodi no:2 shaadi ke bandhan mein saat janmon tak bandhne wale hain. So come on friends! Lets all wish them the very best of luck in our own way..in our own special musical way." Everyone claps and cheers Anji and Ranganath. Both of them look at each other with a blend of happiness and shyness. Ashu and Nidhi are standing to a side almost sticking to each other and holding hands partly enjoying the function and partly lost in the memories of their own sangeet. CV calls Ashu and he makes a move to go but Nidhi holds on to his hand and refuses to let go. Since they are so close to each other, no one can see her holding his hand. All they see is CV is calling Ashu and AShu not moving from beside Nidhi. He tries to extricate his hand but she refuses to let go and turns to him and says loudly "kya hua? Jaayiye na..Baba aap ko bula rahe hain." Ashu feels uncomfortable first but when he notices Nidhi's naughty look, he gets a glint in his eyes and says equally loudly, "tum pehle mera haath toh chodo na..kab se pakad ke baiti ho." Nidhi blushes wildly and leaves his hand and everyone around them laugh including CV. Music begins and first song is started by Rohan himself. 

Dholak mein taal hai, paayal mein chhan chhan 

Hoye, dholak mein taal hai, paayal mein chhan chhan 

Ghoonghat mein gori hai, sehre mein saajan 

Jahan bhi yeh jaaye bahaarein hi chhaaye 

Yeh khushiyaan hi paaye mere dil ne dua di hai 

Mere yaar ki shaadi hai, mere yaar ki shaadi hai  

Armaan takes up from Rohan and starts with 

Mehendi lagake rakhna doli sajaake rakhna

Lene tujhe o gori aayenge tere sajna 

And he pulls Ranga along to dance with him and Rohan. Unlike at Nidhi's sangeet, Rohan's laughter and dance lightens and brightens the whole atmosphere some more. Nidhi goes and drags Shyama aunty and DB for the next dance. Shyama feels shy and awkward but Nidhi and Rohan force her and DB on to the dance floor. 

Meri banno ki aayegi baraat ki dhol bajaoji

Mere ladoo ki aayegi baraat ki dhol bajaoji 

Then Shyama catches hold of her samdhan and brings her too all the while she is shying away and protesting. But she gets encouraged by everyone and even Ranganath's father gets into the festive mood and signals her to go ahead and when Ranganath asks him, he also joins his wife. 

Pardesiya yeh sach hain piya sab kehte hain maine tujh ko dil dediya

Mein kehti hu tu ne mera dil leliya 

Ashu tries hard to control his laughter when he sees Ranga's dad trying to imitate the Amitabh step for the song. Armaan gestures BB to join the dance and he refuses. He goes to Ashu and both Armaan and Ashu push BB and CV and Solanki for the next item. Nidhi and Rohan and Anji cheer a "go go" at them. 

Maahi ve maahi ve that's the way maahi way

Tere maathe jhoomar damke tere kaano wali chamke hain re mahi way

Tere haathon kangna khanke tere pairon paayal chanke hain re mahi way 

Anji blushes and runs and hugs her father at the end of it. Then it's the turn for Nidhi, Priyanka, Deepika and a few other interns from KGH. 

Banno ki mehndi kya kehna 
Banno ka joda kya kehna 
Banno lage hai phoolon ka gehna 
Banno ki aankhen kajraari 
Banno lage sab se pyaari 
Banno pe jaaoon main waari waari 

Ranga joins them and takes over

Ho ho, oh oh, ho oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh 
Banno ki saheli resham ki dori 
Chhup chhupke sharmaaye dekhe chori chori 
Yeh maane ya na maane main to ispe mar gaya 
Yeh ladki haai allah, haai haai re allah

Not to be outdone, Anji starts her version 

Babul ki galiyaan na chhadke jaana 
Paagal deewana isko samjhaana 
Dekho ji dekho yeh to mere peechhe pad gaya 
Yeh ladka haai allah, haai haai re allah

Nidhi runs and pulls Ashu for the dance and as usual he back away and refuses. Nidhi pouts and runs back to continue. Her feet are almost flying off in trying to keep up with the music and Rohan stops his dance and goes to Ashu and gestures Nidhi as if asking him to make her stop. Ashu has also begun to get worried. This girl seems to have forgotten that she is having a baby inside her. Honest to God he wanted to tie her up to the bed for the next upcoming months and just thinking of her delivery makes him break out in cold sweat. In the current situation he could think of only one way to stop her without creating a scene. Suddenly all music stops and they hear a single word 

Waada raha.. 

Nidhi turns and finds Ashu standing a few feet away his hand out stretched towards her. 

Waada raha pyaar se pyaar ka ab hum na honge juda

Yeh meri dhadkanein sunraha hain khuda 

She walks towards him and both of them do a slow dance as the song continues 

Chaahe tujhe iss kadar mera dil tumko nahin hain pata

Yeh meri dhadkanein sunraha hain khuda 

Everyone cheers and claps at them and Ashu finally pulls her away from the dance floor to where HK was ready with a glass of milk. Ashu makes her drink the milk and sit back for sometime. "ab bus! Yahaan se hili bhi toh tumhe meri kasam hain Nidhi! Doctor said its ok to dance doesn't mean you get to do bhangra like that." BB comes and sits beside Nidhi and tells Ashu that he will make sure Nidhi takes rest. And anyway, the party is almost over. In the meanwhile Ranga along with his friends starts on another song as the grand finale. 

Tere ghar aaya mein aaya tujhko lene

Dil ke badle mein dil ka nazraana dene

Meri har dhadkan kya bole hain sun sun sun 

Saajanji ghar aaye saajanji ghar aaye

Dulhan kyon sharmaaye saajanji ghar aaye 

And Anji ' Ranganath's Sangeet ends on that high note!! 

The day of the wedding dawns bright and clear and by afternoon AshNi's house resembles that of a combination of a flower market and a restaurant kitchen. DB is busy shouting at everyone about everything, CV and BB are talking to caterers, Ashu and Rohan are busy with decorators and Armaan running around and getting everyone's dresses and sherwani's for the evening, Nidhi and Anji are trying out their accessories and outfits. Her morning sickness that day is a constant companion and she is having the devil of a time hiding it from everyone. Ashu is trying his best to give some time off for Nidhi and allow her to sit in one place for a few minutes but since it's the day of the wedding, its an uphill battle for him. Finally, he just pulls her along with him and takes her to their room and locks the door. He gently pushes her on to the bed and tells her to lie back for a few minutes. Nidhi does as he says with a sigh of relief and closes her eyes. But opens them again as she feels ashu's lips and beard tickling her tummy and kissing it.

AShu ' sorry my princess..i know you also must be tired along with your mom. But what to do? Aaj aapke mausi ki shaadi hain. So please this one day be a good girl and don't trouble your mom and make her throw up too much. Ok? Just this one day. I promise you from tomorrow onwards, you will be the first priority to not just me, but each and everyone of us. Go to sleep now ok? When you grow up a little bit more, I will tell you a story about a lonely King and a butterfly. Ok? You are dad's girl right? So apne baba ka kahan manogi na? good girl!

Nidhi gives him a tremulous smile and pulls his head on to her chest. They stay like that for a few seconds and Ashu lifts his head and kisses her forehead and tells her to relax for a few minutes and leaves. As soon as he comes out of the room and closes the door, he is met by Armaan. "Ashu, Nidhi is ok? Yaar she made us promise not to tell anyone until after the wedding but we are having a real tough time doing that while making sure she is taken care of. Just now DB stopped me and asked why you had dragged off Nidhi into the room woh bhi din mein itne logon ke saamne. She thinks you should control yourself more" then looking at Ashu's face full of horror and embarrassment bursts out laughing. Wahan Anji ki shaadi hain lekin yahan Ashu ki band bajgayi. 

Wedding is also to be held on the lawn of their house so the decorators are busy with getting a traditional mandap and chairs for the guests to sit ready and done on time and Rohan is directing them. evening approaches and everyone is ready and waiting for the baraat. Anji is hopping with excitement and nervousness and Nidhi is trying to calm her down and get her ready on time. Her wedding lehenga  was a ver heavy red  silk with heavy gold green and red beads and gold diamant work. The dupatta was a same rich shade of red brocade with the same heavy bead and diamant work. The blouse also red and green with full length sleeves that had the same designing as the lehenga and dupatta. She wore gold green and red bundles and dark red and green bindi. Her jewelry was a heavy polki set with huge chandelier earrings with emerald and ruby beadwork, that matched her many Tikka and Nath. Nidhi is wearing a while wild form fitting lehenga, with veryheavy multicolored embroidery on the the 3/4of it's body and then a lighter version of the design on the rest of the lehenga. The body of the blouse was a very rich purple and gold brocade with 3-4  sleaves the same as the lehenga. The dupatta  was a beautiful dark pink with a heavy purple  and  gold zari border and the middle was embroiders similarly like the lehenga.  For jewelry she wore a gorgeous dark purple amethyst and polki set with matching bangles of purple pink and gold and a purple and pink bindi and shyama aunty is getting everything ready for dwaar pooja and the formal welcome of all baraatis and DB is running after Panditji just to make sure he doesn't miss out on anything. Ashu, wearing another of Nidhi's selections, a beautiful  navy blue raw silk  sherwani with a golden colored dhoti and on his feet he has navy blue and gold jootis and a golden colored stole with a navy blue border, is outside welcoming guests and as most of them are either doctors or anji's friends whom he had met when he went along for the wedding card distribution, he is comfortable in doing that. The sound of band baaja signals the imminent arrival of baraat and everyone rushes outside to see the dulha. Ranganath is looking dashing in his wedding sherwani of white golden brown with burgundy and gold beadwork, and a burgundy churidar, and this was accessorized with a pair of burgundy and gold jootis and a bugandy and gold stole on the shoulders. Ranga also wore a beautiful, maroon and gold pagdi that was topped off by a ancestral jeweled kalmi that was attached to the pagdi. He comes on a ghodi and his parents and other relatives are dancing along, ahead and behind the ghodi. Shyama welcomes her son in law in a traditional way and everyone enters the lawn area where a section had a dias and 2 decorative chairs to accommodate the jaymala event. Nidhi, Priyanka and other friends bring Anji on to the dias and both the couple are given garlands by Ashu. Just as they look at each other and smile, a fight ensues between Solanki and Ranga's father as to who should put the garland first and why the dulha should not bend while doing that. Both Anji and Ranganath get worried and Ranganath holds both of Anji's hands, pulls them up and puts the varmala on himself and immediately puts the varmala that's in his hands on Anji. Everyone laughs and claps at that and the fight between samdhis stop mid way as they realize the event is already done. 

From there they are taken to the mandap and Panditji performs a small pooja before the kanyadaan. Solanki and Shyama come forward and place their daughter's hand in Ranganath's and do the kanyadaan. It is a very emotional moment for all 3 of them ' Anji and her parents. Nidhi puts a hand on Shyama's shoulder and wipes her tears and shakes her head as if to say "no crying today." Shyama nods and smiles back at this daughter of her heart. Next panditji announces gathbandhan. Ranga's father again speaks up saying it should either be done by dulha's sis and jeeja or dulhan's sis and jeeja. Since Ranganath is their only son, Anji's sis and jeeja should do it. Solanki is about to argue back when CV stops him and calls Nidhi and gestures her to take over. Nidhi searches for Ashu and on not finding him near the mandap goes running for him. He is at the dining area making sure everything is ready for the guests to start their dinner soon after the marriage. She pulls him along and asks him to hurry up. "whats wrong Nidhi? Whats happening?" Nidhi stops and turns towards him and says "gathbandhan karna hain and according to Baba and Ranga's dad, hum dono ko hi karna hain..now come fast." Ashu hurries along with her and comes on to the dias and both of them stand behind Anji and Ranganath. Nidhi takes Anji's red chunar and Ashu holds Ranga's pink dupatta and both of them together tie the gathbandhan. Ashu tightens the knot and makes sure it doesn't get untied. Anji looks up at Ashu and with a smile Ashu pats her head and moves away. Everyone gets up for the pheras and Ashu puts his hand on Nidhi's shoulder and Nidhi opens her palm so that he can also take the flower petals and bless the couple while they do the saat phere. DB sees this and tells CV, "on the day of Nidhi's wedding I cribbed about getting a dulha who is so much older than my bachchi. But when I see them now, I think job hi Bajranbali karte hain bahut soch samjhke karte hain. Ab bus Nidhi ki godh bharjaye mujhe aur kuch nahin chahiye." CV smiles and nods. Once Panditji declares "phere sampan", both the bride and groom sit and Ranga's mom extends the sindoor and sikka to Ranganath. Nidhi is beside Anji and moves her nath and Ranga puts sindoor in Anji's maang. Panditji extends the mangalsutra and Ranganath takes it and puts it around Anji's neck. Both of them look at each other and Anji lowers her eyes in shyness. Ranganath bends a little and whispers in her ear, "aap sharmaati huyi aur bhi pyaari lagti hain Anji." Then they are startled and pulled apart by everyone clapping and wishing them. both of them get up and take the blessings of all the elders and Anji comes to Ashu and is about to touch his feet when Ashu stops her and pulls her into a hug instead. He puts on a serious face and tells Ranganath, "Dr Ranganath, aaj se hamari saali sahiba ke aankhon mein ek bhi aasoo nahin aana chahiye and that's completely your responsibility." Ranganath smiles, "ji Dr Ashutosh." Anji turns and hugs Nidhi and both the friends look at each other, smile, laugh and hug some more. the newly married couple move to take blessings from BB and Nidhi tells Ashu, "I can't wait any more. lets tell our news now." her face is glowing with excitement and happiness and that special glow that women get when they are pregnant and to Ashu it's the most beautiful face he has ever seen.




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parmarA IF-Sizzlerz

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hillarious chap turgs and libra,thank you so much.and the grand wedding i enjoyed each and every movement of ranji's wedding.ashu,armaan,bb,hk's care for nidhi remembered me my father when he was alive and he got the news of my baby,he always called me beta are you all right?have you ate properly. ashni's love is the beyond the boudry.love you bothClapClapClap

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Sujatha.rao IF-Rockerz

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Great going, Suja...a nice detailed description of the rituals, costumes etc...

I particularly liked the way you brought in Ashutosh's insecurity in wondering if Nidhi might feel trapped by the baby and their relationship...and his genuine desire to see her grow professionally...and yes, like you have said, it is not a Herculean task...but a balance that can be attained with a lot of mutual understanding and support from the extended family too...

Hope the issue is handled with the same maturity on the show too when the time comes!

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