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Our KTLK-Version - 1 CH 35(pg 144)Ashu's Legacy (Page 78)

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Posted: 08 July 2012 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
Fantabulous !!! Everything was so awesomely written... How did u get such fantastic gift ideas Girl !!! 

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Originally posted by GoodOne

Fantabulous !!! Everything was so awesomely written... How did u get such fantastic gift ideas Girl !!! 
Thank you.
Everything I write is based on current or previous tracks. I try to use them only. If you  notice everything is from our own show. Some scenes  I like so much I try to incorporate according to the  chap and some things I didn't like, I try to put a different spin on, I try to write what I would have liked to have seen in the show. So it's .all there, just in a different  way. Thanks for  the appreciation.

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Originally posted by Libra

Thank you everyone of you, for such lovely comments on my chap. I am so glad you liked it. Made my hard work pay off. I hope that our story will keep on living up to everyone's expectations.
Can't wait to read turags chap now.Big smile

i know you are waiting for my chap with great enthusiasm Libra...don't think i didn't notice that you passed on "the scene" wala ball into my court now...Tongue 

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I am short of words...DUMBSTRUCK...  It seems You have known each of these characters so well...Libra...any appreciation to both of you is far too little... I would have loved to see these in the KTLK  by KP...But I am thankful that we have such wonderful writers like both of you to entertain us... Love to both of you...


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Originally posted by Remya77

I am short of words...DUMBSTRUCK...  It seems You have known each of these characters so well...Libra...any appreciation to both of you is far too little... I would have loved to see these in the KTLK  by KP...But I am thankful that we have such wonderful writers like both of you to entertain us... Love to both of you...


thank you Remya...Hug

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Hey Turags Smile Your version of KTLK is SUPERB Clap And is any day better than the senseless, boring one that is aired on television Smile

You write sooo welll and can any day give KAMLEsH PANDEY a run for his money !!!!!Big smile
Plzzz continue Embarrassed Cant wait to read the next chapter Embarrassed

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Originally posted by ZedZee92

Hey Turags Smile Your version of KTLK is SUPERB Clap And is any day better than the senseless, boring one that is aired on television Smile

You write sooo welll and can any day give KAMLEsH PANDEY a run for his money !!!!!Big smile
Plzzz continue Embarrassed Cant wait to read the next chapter Embarrassed

thank you so much for saying that...looking at the current track, CVs sure could use our help...Wink LOL...my chap will be out tomorrow before noon (ist)

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Ok my friends, here is chap 26 for you...i want to say something before you start reading it. please start your read only when you have a little time in your hands. this chapter can't be read in a hurry. ok? and i tried something new in this one. while reading, at one point you will find a link. Please right click on the link and open it in another tab and if you have headsets, please plug them to your ears, click the play button and continue reading the rest of the chapter. and as always, comments most welcome..Smile

Chapter 26: 

Anji interrupts their hug saying "sirf hug se kaam nahin chalega Jeejaji..you have to dance for this song." Ashu is about to object when she continues, "you remembered and asked to play Nidhi's fav song and now make it even more perfect for her. Come on Jeejaji please! Think of it this way, na..if you both start dancing, me n Dr Ranganath also will get a chance to dance together for the first time." Ashu could not refuse that request. Nidhi and Anji remind him of Armaan and himself and whenever he saw Armaan and Nidhi together these days, he felt, given enough time, he and Anji also could become like that. The idea of having a sister is a great temptation to Ashu. He pats Anji's cheek affectionately, nods his head and turns towards Nidhi. He extends his palm up and Nidhi places her hand in his with delight on her face. "Come on Doc! Let everyone see YOU dance and ME stumble and shuffle along with you." Nidhi laughs at the obvious awkward way he said that and asks, "why do you say that?" Ashu ' "don't you remember the dance during our sangeeth? I was more worried about me falling flat on my face and taking you along with me." Nidhi laughs aloud for that and says, "don't worry. I won't fall and I won't let you fall either." With that both of them take the traditional waltz positions and start their dance. Everyone makes space for them by moving into a circular shape and Nidhi guides Ashu along the dance too mindful of his still healing knee. Though Ashu knows he is Nidhi's husband and touching her is completely ok, he still feels awkward for having his hand around her waist in front of the whole family. While a part of him enjoys the feel of her in his arms, another part is conscious of all the stares..some smiling, some indulgent and some openly delightful.


His gaze falls on Anji and he stops his dance in mid-step and goes to her, takes her hand and brings her to Ranga and puts her hand in his and shows them the dance floor. Nidhi and Ashu stand back as the second couple take over the dance floor. Just then the music changes from slow to a fast salsa. Both of them were too excited to be dancing together for the first time that they set the dance floor on fire. Everyone is clapping and having a grand time including Rohan and Ashu is standing beside him. He turns to Rohan and says, "why are you not dancing? I thought all 3 of you love to dance." Rohan smiles and says, "sir, it's a bit difficult to dance without a partner." Ashu looks at Nidhi and says, "our dance is done. Now why don't you go and have fun. Both of you go and join the dance floor. Come on, go guys!" Rohan hesitates at that but Nidhi likes the idea and pulls him to the dance floor and they join their movements to the fast music. Both of them quickly catch on each other's steps and lose themselves to the dance. CV observes the dance and looks back at Ashu as if to gauge his reaction. But Ashu is clapping along with others and smiling at the joy that he sees in his wife. She really did love to dance. CV breathes a sigh of relief reassured that his son in law doesn't misunderstand his daughter's friendship. When the dance was coming towards the end, Nidhi makes a fast turn and Rohan catches her after the twirl. In that moment all his love for his friend is there to see in his eyes. Eyes that are filled with a kind of longing that went beyond just missing his friend all these days. And in that split second before he recovers and hides his expression, Nidhi realizes that Rohan had lied to her when he said he mistook his friendship to be love. Rohan is still in love with her. Her step falters and she stops her dance. "I am done and beat. Can't dance anymore. Thank you Rohan." She gives him a small smile and comes back to her Ashu and gives him a one armed hug. Ashu returns the gesture and smiles back at her.


Ashu ' that was great Nidhi! Really! You and Rohan make great partners.


Nidhi ' me and Rohan dance well but YOU are my partner.


Ashu laughs at that and says haan yeh toh hain..looks like in this life you are stuck with this non dancing partner.


Nidhi ' not just in this life Dr Ashutosh..from here on in every life that both of us will ever have..i am yours'ONLY yours.


Ashu ' Hey Nidhi, I was just joking. What happened? Why are you taking so seriously?


Nidhi doesn't know how to answer that. Ashu respected Rohan a lot. And she doesn't want to say anything until she knows whats going on here. She has just tackled a Mallika and doesn't need a male version of her in her life. She needs to think this through. After the dancing and music, everyone make their way inside the house for dinner and chatting. It is here that Shyama approaches Ashu. "jamai babu, will be at home tomorrow morning? Woh kya hai ki we all want to come and invite you formally for Anji's wedding."


Ashu ' aunty, you are calling me jamai babu and on top of that saying you want to invite me. Whats this? Why do I even need an invitation? In fact, I think me and Nidhi should help you out with all these arrangements. Forget about the inviting me. Anji is not getting married with our best friend and her jeeja beside her.


Shyama looks overwhelmed by that and has tears in her eyes. BB joins them and says, "yes. that's true. Yograj, you said you were going to go and see the wedding hall and talk to the caterer tomorrow morning, right? I will also come with you. I just heard Ranga's parents saying that they want a traditional Bhojpuri food during the wedding and I can help you talk to the caterer." Col.Verma gives a happy smile and nods his head. Dr. Mathur had called him by name for the first time. Looks like his Nidhi is changing everyone around her. Ashu asks Shyama if he could be of any help. Anji comes pulling Nidhi along with her and says,"Jeejaji, I am going to give invitations to my friends tomorrow and the day after. Please aap mere saath aayiye na. I can also show off to my friends that I have such a handsome Jeeja." Ranga also joins the conversation. "Anji, what are you saying? Dr AShutosh will distribute my wedding cards?" Ashu ' who says I am going to distribute YOUR wedding cards, Dr Ranganath, I am going to invite people for my saali's wedding. So you keep quiet in this. Anji, you come to the hospital tomorrow evening around 5 and we'll go directly from there. I'll make sure there are no appointments after 5. Anji by this time is almost jumping with joy. Shyama aunty asks Nidhi to accompany her to the shopping and talking to the purohit. Armaan joins the already chaotic chatter and says "there is latest wedding collection in my fashion house. Anji, your wedding dress will HAVE to come from there. And yours too Ranganath." Solanki and Rohan make plans to go and talk to the photographer and wedding decorator the next evening. DB pushes herself into the middle of all this and says, "woh sab baad mein, first I have to see what kind of a ring my damaad got for my bachchi" and she pulls Nidhi's hand and looks at the ring. The diamond in the middle was shining out and to Ashu, looked almost as beautiful as the hand wearing it. DB squints and looks at the ring and says, "Ashutosh just the other day I was thinking after the wedding Nidhi didn't get to buy any jewellery. I want to take you aside and suggest you buy something for her. But you did it without my prompting. Mujhe bahut achcha laga." Ashu gives an embarrassed smile. Thank God he didn't left Nidhi's gifts in the car and didn't bring them here. DB would have one look at the photgraph and start naming the kids.


Everyone takes leaves and go off to their respective homes. Armaan needs to go to Mumbai the next day so he goes to his own house to pack and get ready for the early morning flight. Ashu, Nidhi and Baba reach home and Nidhi tells Ashu to go into the room and that she will follow. She goes into the kitchen and gets some milk and some medication and goes to Ashu. She gives the tablet and milk to Ashu. "but my course of meds are all done. Whats this now?"  Nidhi ' "that's a pain killer. You think I don't know that your knee is hurting you now? You really thought you could hide it from me? Chup chap dawah leejiye and drink the milk also. I know these pain killers give you acidity and the dinner tonight was spicy enough as it is." Ashu pulls her into a tight hug and kisses her forehead before taking the medication and the milk. Nidhi says she'll go and check out if Baba needs anything and will be back and tells him to get changed. Ashu stares into space after she leaves. Since his childhood whenever he was ill, he either took care of himself or ignored the illness as long as he could. Even when he had Armaan and Baba, he never liked to tell either of them of his problems. Now he has a wife who without him saying a word understood what he is feeling and what he needs. She took care of his needs before he himself became aware of them. for a man like him, it was as if his barren deserted land was being turned into a beautiful garden full of life and love.


Nidhi goes to check out if BB needs anything and finds him settling down for the night. She wishes him good night and BB calls her back. "Nidhi Beta, I want to tell you something. Ever since I got angry and sent your mom away, I felt as if I had failed as a father. And then Ashu came into my life. But after a few years, I realized I had this alzheimer's and didn't want to burden him so I left him. Once you found me and again brought Ashu back into my life, I was feeling even more of a failure in the role of a father. But today you made me realize that I can still be a good person. I may have failed before but I can try now and be a good father and grandfather and father in law. thank you Nidhi beta. Thank you so much for giving me back hope in my life." Nidhi smiles and hugs him. By the time she wraps up her conversation with her nana and gets back to the room, she finds Ashu in his white kurta, on the bad'fast asleep!! Poor Guy! His work at the hospital and tonight's party and the knee pain have taken their toll on him. Pain medication has taken effect and sleep took over him. She also gets changed for the night and takes up usual place with her head on his chest and goes off to sleep with a smile on her face.


Next day's daylight falls on Nidhi through the curtains and she gets up rubbing her eyes and looks around her. Ashu is already up and she could hear him moving around in the bathroom. The bathroom door is left open and Ashu is getting ready to do his shaving. she goes inside still half asleep and wraps her arms around him and hugs his back. "Good Morning Doc!" "mmm'" Ashu smiles at her mumble and turns towards her and cups her face. "you are still sleeping? I didn't know you have the habit of sleep walking.." Nidhi ' "I was asleep but missed my pillow and that woke me up." He knew she was referring to him and that made him happy. Married for such a short time and already, it has become a habit for her to sleep on his chest. Nidhi ' what are you doing? Ashu ' what does it look like I am doing? I am shaving. Nidhi ' but why are you shaving? I wanted to ask you this for a long time. Why did you take off your beard? I so loved it. You look really like Dashing Dr Ashutosh with the beard. Ashu ' Dashing Dr Ashutosh? I thought I look like Devdas Dr Ashutosh. Nidhi ' no. I am saying you look dashing. Come on please..its such a small thing I am asking you..get back the beard na. I want to see how it feels on my hands and how it would feel when you kiss me and how it will tickle me when you are' Ashu ' ok ok..waise toh my beard grows pretty fast and that's why I shave everyday. But Nidhi, what will I tell people? Everyone will ask why I am back sporting a beard. Nidhi ' that's your problem. If you want you can tell them my wife wants it that way. Ashu rolled his eyes at that but didn't shave for that day. Both of them get ready and after having bfast, leave for the hospital.


Rohan is already at the entrance when they reach KGH. Ashutosh asks him, "you are waiting for someone Rohan?" Rohan ' yes sir. We have ordered a new board for KGH and they getting it in a truck. I just want to make sure they unload it carefully and carry it to the top floor without any problem. Ashu ' what board? Why do we need a new one? Rohan ' yes sir, but the current one is just at the entrance gate. No where else. I want one to be put on the top floor and it has illuminated lights for it and its two sided. The name of KGH then would be visible from far without any difficulty. Ashu ' everyone knows where KGH is, why do we need to'??anyway, that's your problem and your decision'I am very bad at this PR thing Rohan. I just don't like any major changes that's all. Don't mind me. I am off now. You take care of this. And he leaves. Rohan says hi to Nidhi and Nidhi also smiles back at him and moves to go inside.

Rohan stops her and asks, "what happened Nidhiji? You are not talking to me properly since last night. Is everything ok?"

Nidhi makes sure they are alone and no one is overhearing them and says, "why did you lie to me Rohan?"

Rohan ' Lied? Lied about what Nidhiji?

Nidhi ' you said you mistook your friendship and sympathy for love. But that was a lie, wan't it? I saw it in your eyes last night. Rohan, I want to know the truth. Why are you back again?

Rohan ' Nidhiji, I am sorry I made you uncomfortable last night. Believe me, that was not my intention. I came back for one reason and one reason only. Aap ki dosti Nidhiji. That for me is more valuable that any other feelings that I might have. After everything that has happened to you after your marriage, I can understand your mistrust. But please Nidhiji, I respect Dr Ashutosh and I know that for you no one else exists. I promise you that my feelings, whatever they are, will NEVER come between our friendship. I swear it to you Nidhiji. Please just trust me this once.

Nidhi looked at him for a long time and then gave him a smile. A genuine smile. "ok. I trust you on this. And I am sorry for doubting you." they smile at each other in relief and shake hands and Nidhi walks inside the hospital.


As she signs in and nears the paediatric ward, she sees the nurse Janki Bai having a hard time with one of the children. He was about 4 yrs old and crying non stop for his mom and dad. Nidhi goes near and asks what the matter is. Janki bai replies that he is one of the kids who was brought in after the accident. Both his parents are admitted with multiple fractures and their relatives have been informed. They are expected to come some time today but the boy, Nitin, wants his mom and dad and is not taking meds and has not eaten anything since last night. Nitin sees and recognized Nidhi and comes running to her and hugs her legs. Nidhi lifts him up and hugs him properly and takes him inside the ward. She puts him on the bed and starts talking to him about his school and his friends. The rest of the kids seeing their Nidhi Didi come and form a circle around her and ask her to tell the titli wala story again. Nidhi smiles at that and says "one condition. Nitin should first eat something and take his meds and then only I will tell the story." All the kids coarse him to eat his bfast and Nidhi later gives the medication and starts on her story. She makes the rounds in the ward administering dosages and injections to the rest of the kids while continuing with the story. Ashu is walking in the corridor and peaks in at the scene before him..the same Doc telling the same titli raja story. Except that now Titli has become this Raja's Rani. He laughes to himself and moves away. After the story ends, she moves to leave and go to another ward but Nitin catches hold of her dupatta and follows her. She tries to tell him to sleep but he doesn't leave her and she ends up having him as a shadow for the rest of the day. He doesn't make any fuss but neither does he leave her dupatta. Lunch time arrives and Nidhi along with Nitin enter Ashu's cabin to have lunch. Ashu had already sent an sms to her saying he is hungry and has ordered their lunch from the canteen. Ashu looks up when Nidhi enters and smiles at the sight of her with the kid. Nitin has his thumb in his mouth and looks at Ashu. Nidhi introduces them to each other and Nitin becomes shy and hides his face in her dress. Lunch arrives and 3 of them sit to eat. Nitin sits on her lap, has a few bites of roti and goes off to sleep on her shoulder. Nidhi is unable to eat with him sleeping and seeing this Ashu starts feeding her from his plate. Her eyes smile back at him and she opens her mouth for the next bite and bites his finger along with the roti. "aaouch!! Nidhi!"

Nidhi ' oh God! I am so sorry. I swear it was not deliberate. Galti se ho gaya. Here, let me see..

And she takes Ashu's finger and sucks on it. Desire strikes him like lightning as soon as he sees and feels his finger in her mouth and Nidhi recognizing that look feels a little shy. Suddenly there is a cursory knock on the door and Dr Yash, in-charge of paediatric dept,  enters the cabin. AshNi spring apart and Dr Yash looks equally taken aback. "I am so sorry I didn't know BOTH of you were here.." Ashu ' its ok Dr Yash, have a seat. Want to join us for lunch? Yash ' no thank you Dr Ashutosh, I don't have the time right now. Actually it's a good thing both of you are here since I need to talk to you both. I am leaving for the medical camp in an hour. Ashu ' what medical camp? Yash - oh you didn't know? The PR company that KGH has hired is conducting medical camps at various villages. Doctors from KGH along with the interns will be going to these camps. The whole program will be for about 2 weeks and the first batch is leaving today. Only the basic depts. have been chosen..like Gynaec, Ortho, eye, paediatric and general health. So Dr Ashutosh, you are exempted. Ashu ' that's a great idea. God knows how many villages are there where there are no doctors or hospitals. You all can do the check ups and if required can shift the patients to KGH. Yash ' "that's the general idea. But now I have a problem in my hands. Dr Priyanka is supposed to accompany me in this trip but her mother in law fell down and hurt her back. She can't come and I can't force her in this situation. I need another intern asap." And he looks at Nidhi. "me?" Yash ' yes Bhabhi..i mean yes Dr Nidhi. You are my only option now. I know it's a short notice but can you do it? Ashu intervenes and says "yes of course she'll do it. You don't need to hesitate some much Dr Yash. She is your intern now." Nidhi ' yes sir. Dr Ashutosh is correct. I'll go right away and pack and will be here before 4. ok? Yash thanks them both and goes away. Nidhi looks at Ashu and finds him looking at her. Both their gazes hold the pain of parting even though it would be only for 3 days. Both of them suddenly seem at a loss for words.  Finally, Nidhi says, "I will put Nitin in the ward and go home and pack and come. Ok?" Ashu  nods his head. He won't even be able to accompany her home as he had back to back appointments. He wanted to clear his calendar from 5 o' clock as he promised Anji that he would accompany her to invite her friends and told the receptionist to schedule all the patients before 5. Nidhi leaves the cabin and both of them look at the closed door of the cabin from both sides with heavy hearts and sad faces.


Nidhi rushes home to pack for her camp and finds out the BB left with her Baba to help out with Anji's wedding arrangements and only HK is at home. She explains the situation to him and rushes into room to pack. Her mobile pings signalling an sms. Its from Ashu. Message goes like this ' only one pair of comfortable shoes, no bangles, no sarees, no extra jewellery and NO more than one carry on luggage. Nidhi pouts seeing that sms and replies ' Jo Hukum Jahapanah!! She can imagine Ashu's laugh at her reply and that brings a smile to her face. She packs the most comfortable salwaars of hers along with some jeans and nightwear and at the last moment opens Ashu's side of the ward robe and takes out his yellow tshirt and adds that one in her bag pack. After making sure she has all her toiletries, she zips up her bag pack and puts on her canvas shoes and sends an sms to Anji explaining the trip and leaves. Its almost 4 by the time she reaches KGH again and everyone are getting ready to leave. She runs and goes into Ashu's cabin but the nurse tells her that he is in the OT. Nidhi has tears in her eyes. First time she is leaving him and she doesn't even have the chance to say a proper "bye". She wipes her eyes fast, takes out her scarf from her bag and wraps it around the arm of his chair, takes out a pen and scribbles something on the white paper on the table and leaves. Dr Yash and the rest of the staff are already at the van waiting for her and she puts in her bag. Rohan comes in front of her and says, "Nidhiji, I will keep coming to the camp everyday to oversee everything and take care of the press coverage. So I'll see you again and when you are coming back day after tomorrow, both of us will come together in my car. Ok?" Nidhi nods her head and gets inside. Until the hospital is out of sight, she keeps looking at it in hope of seeing her husband.


Ashu completes his surgery and tells the intern to suture the patient and rushes into the main hall area and asks the receptionist about Nidhi. Rohan comes at that time and tells him that they have left about 20 minutes back. Ashu closes his eyes in despair. He so wanted to meet her and hug her one more time. She hadn't even eaten her lunch properly. He goes into his cabin and is about to sit, when he notices the scarf on his arm rest. It was a mixture of all rainbow colours'her scarf..Nidhi had come here to see him and he was not there. He grips the scarf tightly and rubs his face on it. "Nidhi! I already miss you Nidhi" he opens his eyes and his gaze falls on his notepad. There in bold letters are the words written to him by his wife. "Ashutosh! I already miss you!" same thoughts and same words from both of them. he grips the scarf again and pushes it inside his trouser pocket and tries to move on with his work. Anji walks into the cabin a little after 5 just as Ashu is winding up for the day. She takes one look at Ashu's dull face and volunteers to postpone the invitation program. Anji got Nidhi's sms and could understand Ashu's moodiness. Ashu says, "no no Anji. we will definitely go today. I even cleared my appts. There is not a lot of time left either. Its just that I was in the OT when Nidhi was leaving and didn't get to say bye." Then both of them determinedly get cheerful and leave for the card distribution. By the time they wrap everything and give out all the invitations, its almost 9 in the night and ashu drops Anji at her home and Anji forces him to have dinner with them. "I know you Jeejaji. Nidhi is not there so you'll probably skip your dinner. Come inside now." And Shyama aunty and Anji force feed him dinner that night. Through out the day Ashu keeps trying to call Nidhi but gets the message as "out of coverage area" and this frustrates him to no end. He finishes the dinner and says bye to Solanki family and comes home. When he is just about to go inside, he gets a call. Thinking its Nidhi, he hurriedly answers it. It is Rohan. "Sir, its me, Rohan. I just wanted to convey that Nidhiji has reached the village safely." Ashu ' but Rohan, I have been trying to reach her for such a long time'" Rohan ' I know sir. That's why I am calling you. actually the village doesn't have network connectivity. I am just back in Lucknow after overseeing everyone's accommodations and things like that. Nidhiji tried calling you several times too. She was trying so desperately that she climbed a small hill over there in hope that there might a signal. Finally she gave up and asked me to convey the message to you." ashu gets really disappointed but thanks Rohan and disconnects the phone and goes inside the house. BB is there waiting for him.


BB ' card distribution all done beta?

Ashu ' yes baba and anji made me stay back at their house for dinner too.

BB ' its ok Ashu. Hiraman gave me your message. He told me about Nidhi's med camp also. It will be a good experience for her.

Ashu ' yes baba..but there is no network connectivity in that village and I couldn't talk to her. I was in the OT when she was leaving and didn't say bye either.

BB ' don't worry. Its only for 2-3 days na. day after tomorrow by this time she would be here with us.

Ashu nods his head and says goodnight and goes inside his room to change and try and get some sleep. The room feels empty without her in it. Nidhi, with her lively chatter and pouting expressions and passionate hugs. Nidhi, with her laughter and weird sense of humour, her fierce defence of him and their love. Nidhi'his wife'his better half. Ashu sits on the bed and takes out her scarf from his pocket. He kisses it and leaves it on the pillow and goes to freshen up and change. The phone is ringing by the time he comes back and he goes to answer it. The caller id says unknown number and he gets a questioning look on his face and says "hello" "Dr Ashutosh!"

Ashu ' Nidhi! Hi! Where are you calling from? Rohan told me there is no network over there.

Nidhi ' ji. That's why I came near the post office and am calling from there. (Then her voice changes. Becomes soft and sad) how are you Dr Ashutosh

Ashu ' am ok Nidhi. How are you? I didn't even get a chance to say bye before you left

Nidhi ' you were in the surgery na. I  understand. Did you have your dinner?

Ashu ' yeah. Anji and I went to invite her friends and later I had dinner at their place.

Nidhi ' knee must be hurting with all that strain. Did you put on the brace? Did you take the pain med?

Ashu ' its ok Nidhi. Its not hurting that bad. Yes I had the brace today and Anji made sure I didn't strain myself. Waise toh we went to give out the invitations but she seemed more intent on introducing me as her Jeeja.

Nidhi smiles at that. "achcha suniye, this is a pay phone and the line will get cut after 3 mins. But I will call you again if that happens ok?

Ashu ' ok. How is the village?

Nidhi ' ok. Very basic. Some people don't even have proper houses. We have been given an old school as a base and some class rooms have been converted to accommodate the check ups and some as a place for us to sleep. But I miss you.

Ashu ' I miss you too Nidhi. I have your scarf with me. It will keep me company until you return.

Line gets cut but immediately rings again. They continue their conversation

Nidhi ' even I have something that will keep me company until I get back to you.

Ashu ' what is it?

Nidhi ' mein kyon batau?

Ashu ' ok'mat bolo..

Nidhi pouts at that ..aap na bilkul old hain..romance karna aap ko nahin aata. Ashu laughs at that. He just loved to make her angry and see her pouting lips. He always felt like kissing those lips and take away the anger.

Ashu ' ok ok Nidhi..batao please what is it that you have that's mine?

Nidhi ' waise toh I can say that aap ka dil mere paas hain aur maine usse bahut sambhalkar rakha hain. But this one is something other than that. You guess na.

Ashu ' how can I guess like that? Give me a hint at least

Nidhi ' ok. Its on top of me right now.

Ashu ' WHAT? And he laughs at the way she said that. Then something strikes him. He says hold on and opens his ward robe and searches for something. When he doesn't find it, he looks at his phone, shakes his head ruefully and says "Nidhi I know whats on top of you now. You took my t shirt didn't you?"

Nidhi smiles shyly and says "ji"

Ashu ' Nidhi, the next 3 mins are almost up I think. Go and get some sleep. Tomorrow you'll not have time to breathe properly. I have been to lots of such camps. You get to learn a lot but it involves a lot of hard work. So it's a great opportunity for you ok? You are under Dr Yash and you'll meet uneducated parents who don't want their kids to be treated with our medicines or even vaccinated. You have to be patient with them and council them. show them the pictures of children who are healthy and who are suffering due to delay in vaccination. Ok? Take care of yourself.

Nidhi ' you too. Don't skip meals when I am not there. Say my hi to Baba. Goodnight Patidevji!

Ashu ' Goodnight my wife. Sleep well.

Nidhi ' I don't think that's possible. I don't have my pillow with me.


 There is a smile along with a hint of sadness in her voice.


Both of them put the phone down and Nidhi goes back to the camp. But her thoughts are all with her husband. she remembers him coming after her to Kerala and trying to talk to her Baba, accepting her decision even though it was killing him, him playing violin just for her at his home and later over the phone, his tangible pain when he drops her home after she assists him during the surgery of Jeevan Sandhya patient, his "hey doc I am back" over the phone as soon as he regains consciousness after his accident, his embarrassment when DB asks about kids, his smile at the airport when her baba stops her and asks her to go to him. His look of delight on the day of their wedding when he sees her on the roof top, him trying to touch her while they were watching the movie with Armaan and feeding her pop corn and what followed when she went after him into their room.


 Ashu at home is similarly lost in thoughts of her. He remembers the valentine's day when she had asked him to put the necklace on her..that first hesitant touch, their first hug in Kerala'how he had felt when he saw her running towards him and hugging him..he couldn't even move for the first few seconds. His heart and body delighting in feeling her against him for the first time., her coming to his home and telling him to move on and then later going out and crying (he had seen it), her spontaneous hug the day before their engagement..he could not even return her hug as the feel of her had sent a jolt of electricity running through him..her eyes shy and downcast on their first night before they were rudely interrupted..their titanic pose during the jeep drive on their honeymoon, Nidhi saying "Hug me" after her DB makes the rude comment on his age and leaves, and finally, his NIdhi fulfilling his wish of seeing her in the moonlight. God Nidhi! I miss you. 

Lost and lonely coz you're the only one
That knows me and I can't be without you


Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai

Lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali - Hai meri
Lagne lagi har saans bhi khaali (lost and lonely)
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere (lost and lonely)
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere (lost and lonely)
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere (lost and lonely)
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere (lost and lonely)

The next couple of days drag by for both of them. works keeps them busy during the day hours and AShu is also helping Solanki during the evenings with the wedding preparations and making sure he doesn't get upset over anything Ranga's parents say, but with sunset their need to see and be with each other surfaces. Ashu wanting to fulfil another of Nidhi's crazy wishes has stopped shaving and starting sporting a stubble again. Baba is the first one to notice this. "Ashu, you didn't shave yesterday and you didn't shave today either. What happened beta?" then he smiles and says "Nidhi is supposed to be back today evening or night. You have no need to become Devdas." Ashu doesn't know what to answer and gives a awkward smile and goes off to the hospital. Rohan is about to leave for the village. He had already promised Ashu that he would bring Nidhi back with him and drop her at home safely no matter what the time. And with each day that went by, Ashu's respect for Rohan just grew. His value of friendship is above everything. Even his own heart. He sees Ashu coming in and stops to wish him. "sir, are you not feeling well?" Ashu -  I am perfectly fine Rohan. Why do you ask? Rohan ' "no sir, woh aap ne shave bhi nahin kiya toh maine socha.." Ashu ' no its nothing like that. Just wanted to grow back my beard that's all. He gives a slight smile and moves away. And that was the beginning of an embarrassing day for Dr Stone Heart. Colleagues and interns either enquired or teased him about his beard and he finally just started glaring at anyone who asked anything about it. "God this Nidhi!! She gets some crazy idea into her head and I end up as being the butt of jokes at KGH." But he can't wait for the day to end and for her to come home.


Nidhi is equally impatient for the day to be over. She worked under Dr Yash for the last 2 days and learnt a lot about mal nutritional kids and how to treat them and how to handle cases where vaccines were completely neglected or ignored. Like Ashu had adviced her, she counselled parents who vehemently argued against vaccinating their kids. Dr Yash seems very impressed by this young doctor who not only won the heart of Dr Stone Heart but also most of the kids in the medical camp. Although their work gets hampered by the press and their constant interruptions and questions, they get everything wrapped up by 7 that night and leave for the city and their respective homes. Nidhi accompanies Rohan in his car. She is wearing jeans that day along with Ashu's tshirt. As it was too long for her, she tucks in the shirt but still the sleeves reach her elbows. She looks kind of funny coz most of them could guess that she was wearing a man's shirt and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whose shirt it was. Rohan and Nidhi continue to chat all the way home and he stops at a dhaba and both have dinner there. But Nidhi is too anxious to get back home and literally gulps down the food and hurries up Rohan. She tells him he can have noodles once he drops her and gets home if he feels hungry. It was almost 11 by the time they reach AshNi's house. Rohan ' Goodnight Nidhiji. Dr Ashutosh will be waiting for you. you go now. Nidhi ' probably not. He goes to sleep early and try as he might he can't stay awake for long. Early to bed early to rise kind of a person. Rohan ' I am willing to bet that he is out there in that hall sitting and waiting for you. go and check out. Nidhi ' you really think so? Rohan ' I have been seeing him the past 3 days Nidhiji. He is missing you a lot. And there is no way he would go to sleep knowing you would be home any moment. Nidhi ' ok lets find out.

And she takes out her phone and calls Ashu's number. He picks up before it actually starts ringing. "Nidhi how far along are you?" Nidhi ' about 10 metrs. Ashu ' what? Nidhi laughs and says come out and see for yourself. She looks at Rohan and says looks like I lost the bet. Rohan smiles and wishes her goodnight, backs his car and leaves. She just turns towards the house when the door bursts open and Ashu walks out into the portico. As soon as they see each other, everything and everyone is forgotten. Both their faces light up like 1000 watt bulbs and Nidhi runs towards him before he could take a single step. Realizing she is not going to stop he braces himself and opens his arms to receive her. When she is close enough she goes airborne and launches herself into his arms with a cry of delight. Ashu stumbles a little on his knee, balances himself and twirls her around with her and hugs her tightly.  He puts her down and looks at her to his heart's content. Nidhi touches his beard and rubs her palms on his cheeks in delight. "Oh thank you Dr Ashutosh! You did it for me, didn't you? thank you so much. You look just sooo hunky awesome!!" Ashu laughs and says "Hunky Awesome,huh! Not bad." They hug each other again and collect her bag pack and go inside. Nidhi ' baba asleep? Ashu ' yes. he wanted to stay awake but was too tired. So I told him he could meet and greet you tomorrow morning. You want to eat? HK made something in case you came home and got hungry. Nidhi ' no. don't want anything. We had dinner at a dhaba on the way home.

Both of them reach their room and Nidhi collapses on the bed with a sigh of relief. That's when Ashu actually notices what she is wearing. The sight of NIdhi wearing one of his shirts sends desire slamming through him. Ashu ' Nidhi, what are you wearing? Nidhi looks at him with a mischievous smile and says, "jeans and shirt. Why? You don't like it?"

Ashu ' I love it but that's my shirt na.

Nidhi ' haan..toh?? I can't wear my husband's shirt?

Ashu ' you can but now I want my shirt back.

Nidhi ' ok I will go and change and give you back your shirt

But before Nidhi could get up, Ashu is on top of her and pulls her hands and imprisons them on top of her head. No. I want my shirt right here and right now. Nidhi chuckles and says if I don't give it? Ashu tightens his hold on her hands and says then I'll take by force. Nidhi ' no you won't. ashu ' oh yes I will. Both roll on the bed playfully and Ashu pulls her until she is lying on top of him. All the laughter vanishes as the separation of the last 3 days takes its toll on them. and by the time Nidhi finally gives back his shirt, Ashu has lost interest in taking it back and is busy showing her how his stubble would tickle her in all the right places. 

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